September 5, 2016

Reminder, this is a noon game because the Pirates are assholes who somehow think not even considering moving their game time will generate more fans to support them.

“We have not asked MLB to consider rescheduling our [Sept.] 10 game,” Pirates vice president of communications and broadcasting Brian Warecki said in a statement. “We are instead very excited about what should be a full and fun weekend on the North Shore. In addition to the baseball and football games on Saturday, we will have dueling Pitt and Penn State University Days on Friday night [Sept.] 9 in order to give the great Pitt and Penn State Pirates fans the opportunity to show their school pride on Friday night as well.

“Working together with Pitt, the SEA and ALCO Parking, we will ensure that Pirates fans have access to the North Shore and reserved parking well in advance of our 7:05 start.”

Be sure not to give the Pirates any money this weekend.

The hoped for dominance of Pitt’s D-line took a significant hit with DE Dewayne Hendrix’s injury that may be as bad as a broken foot. Coach Pat Narduzzi in today’s press conference did not say what kind of injury Hendrix suffered, but claimed that Hendrix could play this week.  He also said LB Elijah Zeise is day to day. This, despite both players being in walking boots on the sideline in the second half of the Villanova game.

Narduzzi is a tight-lipped coach when it comes to injury status and availability of players leading up to the games. Probably more so, this week.

In that vein, Narduzzi also announced a media blackout. Players and coaches wouldn’t be available during the week. On top of that, even the brief window the media is allowed to view practices  — nothing like gaining the insight from watching offensive linemen stretch — has been closed.

Great. Just great. I find coach paranoia such a ridiculous thing. Wanting to control everything. I swear it creates a bigger distraction around a program than the distractions the coaches claim to want to eliminate.

You will have the Pitt fans that will be fine with it (while later complaining about the lack of coverage), because they are loyal fans. Pitt comes first and whatever the coach/program does is going to be supported. Or because they feel that the local media is constantly negative/unfair to Pitt, so screw them.

I just find the whole thing silly and a bit of a waste. It’s not like the players weren’t asked about PSU right after the Villanova game. Heck Narduzzi himself acknowledged that as soon as they got into the locker room after the game, they were ready to talk about the game for this week.

By the time Narduzzi reached the podium Saturday about 15 minutes after the win, he said Penn State already had been brought up in the locker room at Heinz Field.

“Yes we did. Our guys will be ready to go,” Narduzzi said. “It’s an intrastate rivalry and they’ve got a good football team. It will be a battle to play for the state of Pennsylvania.”

So… let’s talk about it.

I’m on the “don’t give a f***” team. After the drama the PGH media generated this week in recruiting, I like the smack down. Even if it is a by-product of paranoia … still fitting.

I also think this does serve a purpose. It’s telling his team that even though this is an OOC game, it’s real and it’s important. If Pitt’s going to be competing for championships like PN says they will, they’ll have to learn how to play with the pressure of big games. This is part of it and adds to the big game feel. Paranoia or not.

This paranoid approach certainly does lend some credence to the “conservative” game plan conspiracy theory of the Villanova game.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 09.05.16 @ 2:55 pm

To officially kick off hate week I’ll limit it to two words JOE KNEW!

Comment by Steve 09.05.16 @ 3:04 pm

I think not letting the kids talk to the media can lead to them being too tight. It’s sending a message that this game is more important than it has to be. Yes it’s big, huge in fact. But as a coach he should relaying to the team it’s just one of 12. Every game is big, etc…

Also agree with your sentiments on the Pirates Chas. Forget that this is a floundering team playing its way out of the playoffs, it’s still 1 of 162 games. This is Pitt Penn St…period. This game deserved a better start time if possible. The Pirates should have at least looked into if it was logistically possible to swap times. Although let’s not forget Pirate CEO Frank Coonely is a PSU grad.

So was Richie Walsh fed bad information again? If we are to believe Narduzzi it sure doesn’t sound like a broken foot.

Comment by Pap76 09.05.16 @ 3:17 pm

Completely agree with the media blackout … just shut up and play football.

Comment by xkegroller 09.05.16 @ 3:47 pm

Forget the Pirates. Heinz field will be packed. Pitt needs
to win this game. Had a nightmare that we started 1-3!
Pitt was not very impressive vs. Nova. Wish we would stop
playing these teams. MAC should be the bottom end of non
con games

Comment by JR 09.05.16 @ 4:22 pm

If Hendrix did break his foot, then HCPN will come off as an AHole …. if he didn’t break his foot, then Richie is an AHole … once again.

On BB front, Pitt got a commitment from 3-star 6’10 Terrell Brown

Comment by wbb 09.05.16 @ 4:24 pm

I saw Zeise get a cheap shot clip early in the game that wasn’t called. Pissed me off too…

This PF recruit cheered me up some though…

link to

Comment by Jackagain 09.05.16 @ 4:36 pm

Is there a big game this week? Pirates must be in the playoffs. Is that what you guys mean?
May be why Hendrix seemed a little slow. Although it came at the end of the game when most left Allen Edwards got in for a few play – the man is fast. Wonder why he is not in favor.

Comment by rkb 09.05.16 @ 6:03 pm

rkb – Allen Edwards will see some action at DE against the pedos. If Hendrix is hurt, and day to day as HCPN indicates, then we’ll need the next man up. Right now there are four DE’s who are healthy.

Price and Blair start, with Folston and Edwards as the back-ups.

Maybe we see a FR or 2 if some of the DE’s are unproductive.

Comment by Erie Express 09.05.16 @ 6:21 pm

After sh8tting the bed against the lowly Brewers and getting creamed by the Cardinals 12-4….the Buccos won’t be drawing much of anyone come Saturday.

Nutting’s clowns should have taken a course in common courtesy, knowing that Pitt and Pedo State haven’t played since 2000.

Comment by Emel 09.05.16 @ 6:31 pm

My and I’m sure a lot of other’s hate level would have been greatly,….well, greater with a 8pm game.

I usually don’t have much hate going on before say 6pm. That’s just me.

Comment by Emel 09.05.16 @ 6:34 pm

I am so sick of Pitt getting short shrift from the professional sports oriented media in this town I want to scream. The Pirates are just greedy and hog the stage until October when all baseball should be over by labor day as it used to be.It’s a boring slow game that is only good for putting you to sleep. I have not begun to hate yet,JOE KNEW.

Comment by Pitt60 09.05.16 @ 7:41 pm


Why would Narduzzi come off as an ass? Narduzzi isn’t going to release that info until he has to because of PSU has to prepare a game plan.

Narduzzi is using the classic ‘lower body injury day to day’ terminology that most successful coaches utilize.

The guy knows what he is doing, keep your opponent guessing.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 09.05.16 @ 8:03 pm

My wife and I will be in Virginia Beach on Saturday. Is anyone (Pitt fans) getting together at one of the local watering holes there to watch the game? We’ll watch it regardless but it would be more fun with a bunch of Pitt fans. The alumni site doesn’t list any game watches in Virginia Beach. If you know anything and can let me know on here by tomorrow (Tue.) night, that would be wonderful. I’m old and low tech, especially so when away from my desktop. H2P OPFM (Old Pitt Fan in Maryland)

Comment by OPFM 09.05.16 @ 8:36 pm

If Hendrix broke his foot, he isn’t ‘day-to-day’ and he becomes a liar. There is a difference in not saying anything and being a liar.

Comment by wbb 09.06.16 @ 6:13 am

Going to be a dull week at work, my mind will be in Heinz Field. Weather is looking great, I’ll be tailgating by 8am.
Penn State sucks!
link to

Comment by Justin 09.06.16 @ 7:24 am

While I didn’t like the media blackout for all of fall camp, I think the idea of no distractions this week is a good idea.

This game could not be more meaningful unless it was for the Coastal, or ACC Championship, maybe not even the Coastal.

FYI, there are a lot of bones in the foot, some more critical than others. Also different types of fractures. There are also difference tolerance levels to pain.

Comment by gc 09.06.16 @ 7:54 am

Last year our offense was dominant for the second half of Duke and the first half of Louisville.

Other than that it was fits and starts, much like Saturday.

With both teams keyed up with max adrenaline this week should be a war. You never know what will happen in a rivalry game. It is what makes college football so great.

A middle of the road ACC team vs a middle of the road B1G team, but still huge for both.

Really a sad testament to one guy that this game has not been played for 16 years. This and the scandal is what happens when a guy gets bigger than the game. Even now they can’t move past him.

Comment by gc 09.06.16 @ 8:09 am

As I’ve gotten older, the need for bloviating talking heads has become just about nil.

Someone in the press yesterday, on Twitter, said, “ya but you fans don’t want just the games, you want us”.

Actually, no. Other than the Blather here and Reed’s POV, I actually only do the games.

Kickoff, puck drop, jump ball and first pitch.

That’s all I need at this point.

Hell, I don’t even have Gameday on that often anymore.

The NFL?? Don’t even turn the tv on till 1:00.

You want to talk about bloviating morons. Anyone here listened to any NFL pre game crap the past few years??? Have a vomit bucket handy.

Closed practices? Could give a rat’s ass.

Only thing that matters, is just win the game.

Comment by Dan 09.06.16 @ 8:45 am

I am with Dan on this one. Press reports and the bias opinions of the amateurs on THE FAN got lost in my rear view mirror years ago. Don’t waste time on the labor pains; just show me the baby.

Comment by wally 09.06.16 @ 9:33 am

Since little to talk about due to the blackout, how about Bball? Stallings under the radar picks up a 6’10” kid. Still needs 3 more, hopefully guys that can help right away, since we lose a whole lot.

Did we learn anything from the summer league? Very few reports this year. How did our guards do?

Comment by gc 09.06.16 @ 9:37 am

Can anyone explain why I get ads for women’s underwear on this site. While I enjoy looking at it, I have never bought any, and it is unlikely I ever will.

Comment by gc 09.06.16 @ 9:40 am

after watching the numerous football games this weekend, i’m worried about our qb position. peterman can neither beat you with his arm or legs. serviceable is not going to get it done.

Comment by goalie44 09.06.16 @ 10:40 am

Here is what I am hoping is going on and why Pitt looked the way they did on Saturday. Mike Gottfried, whom I happened to like and root for, coached for big games. He admitted after he was let go at Pitt that he had full time coaches whose job was to exclusively scout Penn State. He beat them twice (ND twice). I sorta think Narduzzi has viewed this game as his Super Bowl. He knows what a win will do for his long term plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out they game planned for Penn State for most of the Villanova prep. Narduzzi does not lack self confidence and I think he thought he could beat Villanova in a sandlot game and knew his defense could probably win the game itself. I was at Pitt when Majors was hired and one of the first things he focused on was the students. He came to our fraternity house multiple times himself. He fired us up and treated us with respect and asked for our help as a 12th man. Narduzzi is cut from the same cloth. Make no mistake, when it comes to the football program, Barnes is along for the ride. Narduzzi is the boss. And I love it.

By the way, Bloody Mary bar at 8 sharp in Green 22 if anybody is there that early.

Comment by wally 09.06.16 @ 11:11 am

The Pirates stink anyway. Incredibly boring too. I’m surprised the players’ parents even go to their games.

Comment by 1618mt 09.06.16 @ 11:53 am

To me beating PSU isn’t as high a priority as finally winning a big game in front of a sold out stadium at home. Don’t care if it is ND, FSU, anyone that fills the stadium.

Don’t send a sold out stadium home disappointed!

…well, except the PSU fans.

Comment by notrocketscience 09.06.16 @ 12:26 pm

I can’t get passed the weak offensive line play last Saturday. It’s my guess that Peterman will be under pressure all day long from the PSU defensive front. I expect he’ll throw a couple of picks this week and the turnovers will make the difference. As much as I hate to say it, if I were betting on this game i’d take the points and PSU.

Comment by jrnpitt 09.06.16 @ 12:27 pm

Love the basketball commit. I big man is always good to get. If he has a perimeter game he has to be somewhat athletic.

Comment by notrocketscience 09.06.16 @ 12:28 pm

Dan, agree, NFL pre-game is frightfully stupid…makes college game-day look like the PBS Newshour. Part of the continuous dumbing-down of American culture.

Comment by Matt N. 09.06.16 @ 1:09 pm

Not sure why so many are down on Peterson…thought he looked pretty sharp for game 1, and they didn’t even really let him cut loose. He’s fairly mobile, has a quick release, and strong enough arm — nobody will mistake him for Elway, but so what — and most importantly, makes good decisions more often than not. He’s good enough for us to win 9-10 games if our running game shows up.

Comment by Matt N. 09.06.16 @ 1:12 pm

Peterman, my bad.

Henderson is the real deal — get that boy the rock 10-15 touches a game.

Comment by Matt N. 09.06.16 @ 1:15 pm

Matt N., I agree with you about Henderson. I was happy to see Conner return to the field last week. But IMO he was in no way the “player of the game”. That honor should have gone to Henderson by a long shot. I’m not sure we would have won the game last week without him.

Comment by jrnpitt 09.06.16 @ 1:29 pm

you people are too offensive; player of the game has to be a defender ….. either Jarrett or Whitehead IMO

Comment by wbb 09.06.16 @ 1:43 pm

NFL is already arriving here in Denver for the Thursday nite kick-off. That means nothing to Panther faithful. Can’t wait to watch the Panthers devour the P@ssies.
The hate is building – not only did Joe know, but the PSU admin knew – that’s why they caved so quick to any NCAA or other’s penalties. The statue should be melted down and re-molded into McQueary, he’s the only hero in this! Certainly not Bradley or Schiano.

The Pirates screwed us – no money this weekend, no money at all (from me!).

Comment by giffer in Denver 09.06.16 @ 1:48 pm

jrnpitt — yep, very cool to see Conner but he’s got rust to shake off…who could blame him?!

I’m thinking we might see some jet sweeps and short crossing routes for Henderson vs PSU this weekend…and more paydirt!

Comment by Matt N. 09.06.16 @ 3:37 pm

Richie Walsh of KDKA tweeted Hendrix’s injury… That’s way when I wrote about it I said it “looks like” because I don’t believe anything 100% on Twitter.

Game ball goes to Henderson and Jarrett on defense IMO. Conner had a 3 ypc average and yes, he scored twice but Henderson set up a TD for us and scored one.

The coaches, especially Narduzzi wants things both ways – he uses the media like crazy when he wants to get HIS ideas out there then when he’s faced with tough questions or any pressure at all he starts getting really snarky with the press. Some of his press conferences and like being with a teenager.

Comment by Reed 09.06.16 @ 4:30 pm

Even though the players for both teams have no idea about the depths of this rivalry they will feel it in the stadium on Saturday. The atmosphere will be like no other Pitt game played there. The players will feed off of the crowd and the rivalry will then be in full throttle.

Comment by HbgFrank 09.06.16 @ 7:11 pm

Good ole Richie, I wonder if he saw Sean Miller walking around campus this week.

Comment by Kenny Powers 09.06.16 @ 7:24 pm

An acceptable shirt for PSU game/

“Success With Honor??”

Comment by John the Listener 09.06.16 @ 9:13 pm

link to

“Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi took responsibility for headset problems that plagued the team in its season-opening win Saturday against Villanova.

Twice after the game he voiced his frustration regarding communication problems with the headsets used to talk to his coordinators in the booth.

“I’m going to pound my head on this podium right here and see if I can address it that way,” Narduzzi said Monday. “I did a poor job. I know it’s been a problem for a year now. I blame myself for not getting it fixed earlier. That’s my fault. Hopefully it gets fixed. Coaches coach. Players play. Officials officiate. I guess our phone guys have to do the phone guys’ job and try and get it corrected.”

He said the team will replace them completely by Saturday against Penn State if need be.

“We’ll do whatever we have to do. If we have to get a whole brand-new set we’ll get a whole brand-new set,” he said.”

Comment by NickC 09.07.16 @ 2:00 am


that’s the way 99% of pro coaches of any sport are. they are defensive when their decisions are challenged. he is no different than anybody else.

Comment by goalie44 09.07.16 @ 1:01 pm

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