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August 27, 2016

I can’t even bother to work up some requisite outrage over a dumb name, a likely dumb trophy and corporate sponsorship.

The Pitt vs. Penn State football series will be tagged as the Keystone Classic presented by Peoples Gas as announced Friday by both institutions. The first meeting in the newly dubbed series will occur Saturday, Sept. 10 in front of a capacity crowd at Heinz Field 12 p.m. – ABC or ESPN). The Panthers are also scheduled to play at Penn State Sept. 9, 2017 in the second meeting of the four-game series that will continue in 2018 and 2019.

“We are extremely excited about renewing this great series and grateful to have Peoples Gas on board as a presenting sponsor,” said Pitt Athletic Director Scott Barnes. “The Pitt-Penn State matchup will serve as a marquee game of the early football season and I know our fan base will be out in full force for the matchup. This has been a great collaboration by the two institutions both in scheduling the game and securing a corporate partner.”

Pitt media rights holder IMG worked closely with Penn State media rights holder Learfield to secure Peoples Gas as the presenting sponsor of the series. The partnership includes Peoples Gas’ corporate mark embedded in the series logo as well as various branding, social media, activation and community assets. In addition, both schools are working with their licensing partner CLC on creating a line of merchandise featuring the Keystone Classic logo.


I mean, it’s no Friends of Coal Bowl, but what is?

Honestly, the only surprise is that this didn’t get announced sometime this past spring so they could plaster the logo everywhere and start selling merchandise sooner. It seems amazing to me that this didn’t get announced until mid-afternoon on a Friday, 15 days before the actual game.


First of all just because they are calling it this doesn’t mean you have to call it anything other than Pitt-Penn State. Nor are you compelled to buy  branded gear.

When the Backyard Brawl returns for a couple games and it is inevitably “presented” by Cabela, Gander Mountain or some fracking trade group, I’m not going to worry about calling it anything but the Backyard Brawl.

Second, this is more money coming off the game. That’s fine. Anything that makes continuing the series on a regular basis more attractive should not be discouraged. Since money is a big motivator, how does this do anything but help?

Is it kind of useless? A bit of window dressing? Unnecessary?  Of course. The idea, though, that this sort of thing cheapens the game and the history. That is just being silly.

so, is People’s the official gas provider of Pitt or PSU?

Comment by wbb 08.27.16 @ 11:40 am

You won’t catch me buying any merchandise for this.

Btw, I know it’s a bit immature, but every time I hear Peoples’ Gas, I snicker a bit.

Comment by panther94 08.27.16 @ 12:07 pm

Can always tell who fan supports by the order of the schools names in referring to this game. The only good I see in this is if it brings more money to both schools as the only thing that drives the Dairy College is the dollar, and if it’s big enough bucks they may continue playing the game!

Comment by JoeKnew 08.27.16 @ 1:02 pm

If it keeps the series alive +1

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 08.27.16 @ 1:55 pm

Cant wait for this game. Flying up from Texas. Was at the last game. Will be at this one. It will always been known as the Pitt/Penn State game to me. No meaningless trophy or corporate sponsorship will change that. But I am surprised it never had a name like the Backyard Brawl. Thats an awesome name.

Comment by TX Panther 08.27.16 @ 2:28 pm

The Pedo Bear will be coming with me along with a suitcase of Joe Knew shirts.

Comment by TX Panther 08.27.16 @ 2:30 pm

I jest but this game takes on a slightly new meaning given the creepiness that went on in the Valley over the past 30 years.

Comment by TX Panther 08.27.16 @ 2:31 pm

How many joe knew shirts will be spotted at game is an important side issue. Any predictions?

Comment by Steve 08.27.16 @ 11:00 pm

For fun I looked at the story on the Pitt and Penn State pages, Pitt page pretty much made fun of it picks ok keystone light ect. Penn state page basically just said Shitt on Pitt and talked about how classless the Pitt fans are. It was pretty telling especially with all the outrage they are showing over a Joe knew t shirt that I’m pretty sure next to no one bought.

Comment by Dacs 08.28.16 @ 12:30 am

@TX Panther, I decided NOT to attend that game simply because of the emotionally charged atmosphere that will be created by those cult members mired in their denial. I could easily imagine me getting into some trouble that weekend so best to watch that one at home.

If I had been going however I was going to have my own T shirt printed up up that read, “Hit the Showers penn state” on one side, & on the other side, “don’t drop the soap” while wearing a Soap on a Rope around my neck inscribed with “WE R ?” And that’s why I’m watching that one from home come 9/10! LOL!

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.28.16 @ 7:31 am

Nice Dr. TOM!

Comment by PittPT 08.28.16 @ 8:39 am

BTW, Chas, glad you are back! Will Justin be returning ?

Comment by PittPT 08.28.16 @ 8:40 am

link to

Can Pitt join college basketball’s blue bloods?

Comment by NickC 08.28.16 @ 9:50 am

Really great to see the Blather community posting under a story filed by Chas. Welcome back.

Comment by Brian 08.28.16 @ 12:15 pm

The 2nd installment of the Keystone Classic, could have this byline.

KeyStone Classic II: Showdown at Creepy Valley.

Comment by Emel 08.28.16 @ 3:14 pm

Pitt has a better chance of being a blue blood in football. Pitt has a good chance to be like Nova. That’s all we can ask for.

Comment by TX Panther 08.28.16 @ 6:48 pm

Where can I get a Joe Knew T shirt.—-If Pitt can stop Barkley the PS hurry up/spread and their wide out they are ours.—I also would like to see James Conner’s cleat tracks all over the white jersey of Givens one of the two turncoats that decommitted Pitt and went to State last year.Givens is a starting D lineman for State.Hate the Keystone classic logo.It is all blue and white except for Pitt. It looks like a nitter design.Who ever accepted it from Pitt better go get their eyes checked. IT SUCKS.It will be like posting a PS logo in Heinz field.

Comment by Pitt60 08.28.16 @ 8:56 pm

I actually like the fact that Pitt stands out in that logo. It’s the first thing you see.

Comment by panther94 08.28.16 @ 10:26 pm

I had deleted you from my home page.
Now I have to change everything back.
But, I forgive you.
I’m sure this Blog takes a giant commitment
and is mostly a labor of love, but what else,in life, could be more important then

Comment by Tackle Made by Hugh 08.29.16 @ 7:36 am

The Pitt Prevent Pedophilia Bowl

Comment by Jackagain 08.29.16 @ 8:55 pm

You can either thank the “tracking trade group” for historically low energy prices or contribute the money you don’t spend on energy to Pitt or be thankful that someone was willing to fork over cash for the naming rights.
I have to say that the stuck in 1960 mentality is the least appealing trait of the Western part of PA.
Every tradition was new at one time.
God Bless Pitt!

Comment by SFPitt 08.30.16 @ 4:01 am

One would think, that if a game is good enough to get naming rights, it’s probably good enough to play every year?

And contrary to what someone posted awhile back, neither team is locked into scheduling after 2019. Pitt and Penn St. both have openings at this time.

Not to mention cancelling some series, to make it happen, but neither do.

Now, if the ACC would go to 9 games, then we would be locked in a couple years where we already have three teams scheduled.

Still……pay Richmond or Marshall off to get Penn St. on if need be when the time comes.

link to

Comment by Dan 08.30.16 @ 12:02 pm

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