February 28, 2016

2pm CBS.

I’m on DVR delay. Ironically enough for “Blue and Gold Day.” No, not a Pitt thing. Cub Scouts. I’m looking forward to it. Really. Why would anyone think otherwise? Just because I’ve spent the better part of the last week begging trying to talk my wife into going without me? Nah. Just wanted her to spend some quality time with the boy without me getting in the way. Totally altruistic.

Duke has almost everyone back after some injuries. Plus, sophomore Ted Cruz lookalike, Grayson Allen did not get suspended by the ACC for intentionally tripping an opposing player a second time in the last week.

It will be interesting (or terrifying, depending on your perspective) to see how Pitt comes out for this game after the Louisville loss. Pitt lost a close, winnable game at Miami and followed that up with a completely miserable effort against UNC. So, how do they come out for this one?

As I have been saying all season, Pitt has no chance if Jamel Artis and Mike Young aren’t showing up for this kind of game. Even then it will take at least a third player to step up for Pitt.

A win all but clinches things for Pitt in the NCAA Tournament. A loss hardly dooms them, but they have to beat both VT and GT on the road then. GT has looked competent in recent games and VT is a very different team at home. Neither would be gimmees.

James Robinson will be the primary honoree before the game for senior day. I guess the three graduate transfers will at least receive participation awards.


Great day here in tally…

The Noles humiliate the Irish. ..played 18 this am in 72 degree weather. ..and pitt finally showed up.

Comment by Tallahassee panther 02.28.16 @ 5:54 pm

Every year a few teams peak at the right time and create chaos in March Madness. Why not Pitt? I like the fact Pitt has some older players that, while they may have struggled at times this year, do know how to play. They crash the boards like nobodies business. That aggression, with a little better D, and some hot shooting – with the extra pass, is a recipe that just may be coming on at the right time. Go Pitt.

Comment by Kukumaluku 02.28.16 @ 5:58 pm

Great win Pitt!!! That’s the way to beat DUKE…. Together.. So happy for them. Nice beat down and no one got tripped!!!

Comment by Mona 02.28.16 @ 6:01 pm

So, there’s no way to watch a replay of this game if it’s not DVR’d? Seems kinda silly of CBS or ACC to not have games available for replay. I’d be willing to pay for it.

Comment by panther94 02.28.16 @ 6:21 pm

HUGE win for the team, Wednesday’s game might be more important, can’t have bad loss’s this time of year

great to see the PETE Lit again!!, fun game to watch

Comment by Keith 02.28.16 @ 6:22 pm

Best Senior Day Ever! So happy for the guys especially JR. First total game of the year, offense, defense, rebounding, assists. Total team effort.

They did it with Mike Young only playing 17 minutes. Jamie stayed with Luther and Jeter going down the stretch because they were getting the job done. Improved play from Luther, Jones and Maia has this team looking better. Artis with the most clutch shots, but everyone had at least one.

Really great to hear the Pete roar, there were a good contingent of Duke fans, luckily we didn’t hear from them that often.

Don’t want to hear about Duke being tired and hurting. That is what most teams experience this time of year, that don’t have one and dones.

Need to not let down with two to go on the road.


Comment by gc 02.28.16 @ 6:52 pm

Maia has been the star of the senior transfers, he has really been coming on. Smith has faded hard with the emergence of Jones, and Ododa never really got going, and still looks a little lost out there.

Duke wasn’t as big as they looked in warm-ups and their big guy (Plumlee) was held to ZERO points, by Young, Maia, Jeter and Luther. WOW!

Comment by gc 02.28.16 @ 6:57 pm

Pitt played great in a nationally televised game…amazing…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.16 @ 7:00 pm

I predicted a Pitt win over Louisville but I kept my mouth shut today.

Comment by Frank MD 02.28.16 @ 7:04 pm

—I’m telling ya, there’s some kind of Narduzzi- Factor at work here. How often does Pitt have a great win AND a sunny, beautiful day (on Feb 28th no less) for Junior Day????

—When Sheldon Jeter made that 3-pointer, I knew Pitt was going to win. You like Jeter from the foul line in, but he should not be shooting from 3. (BTW, the 3-ball he made today made him 4 for 19 on the season and 2 for 11 in conference play, the lowest percentages on the team…)

—If I were an official, I would call a Tech on Jamie every time he’s out on the floor – to me, what Jamie does is just ridiculous. Maybe Pitt needs to shorten that media table and give Jamie more room on the sideline.

—How ’bout Luther and Jeter coming off the bench and shooting 9 for 13 between them. Yikes.

—Seems to me that when Jamel Artis is cookin’, this team is pretty good.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 02.28.16 @ 7:18 pm

Raferty’s Jerome reference was not a studio shot but was of Jeter’s dunk. It can be seen at:
link to

Comment by Joe Bro 02.28.16 @ 7:19 pm

Not many Junior days have a game like that and the O-line dancing at halftime. Don’t think those kids will easily forget today.

Oh and DeJuan Blair was here.

Comment by gc 02.28.16 @ 7:25 pm

Hahahahahahahaha…. so funny. I log on to read the comments out here on this game and of course I see all that junk at the beginning. The worst of worst non Pitt fans out here. These folks that just bring down a whole room… and then the Panthers shut them up! Love it. Please take your negativity elsewhere…. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Comment by Pantherman 02.28.16 @ 7:31 pm

It was very satisfying to watch Luther put a hard foul on Allen, a little taste of his own medicine.

Comment by gc 02.28.16 @ 7:35 pm

Some very straight up remarks from Duke:
link to

Comment by Joe Bro 02.28.16 @ 7:37 pm

When this team plays aggressive D and attacks the rim – both for intial shots and rebounds — they are a good team. Artis in particular needs to stay dialed in and aggressive. Don’t need to tell Luther and Jeter that. Jeter has bad luck with the ticky tacky calls but he is always aggressive. Right now, Luther and Jeter need as many minutes as possible.

Great win. Take care of business in the next two and roll into the post season with some big Mo.

Comment by Carmen 02.28.16 @ 7:45 pm

Pantherman +1

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.16 @ 7:52 pm

Tossing you can refer to me by name. As far as Reed’s piece I think that gives merit to what some of us Said all along.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.16 @ 7:57 pm

That was kick ass!

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.28.16 @ 8:09 pm

Look, let’s be smart about this. We aren’t as good as we played today and Duke is not as bad as they played. I doubt we continue to shoot lights out at the start of a game like that again, but i can hope for a repeat.

The biggest game is on 3/2. We need to beat a good team, but one we should beat.

Someone mentioned that there wer a lot of Duke supporters in the stands. You could actually hear that a bit during the first half, but it died off in the second half after the 15 minute mark.

The doubters were not only upitt although he fell on the sword. He didn’t have to. We have not played an exciting brand of bball all year and this was our first big win. Timing was great. This was not slog ball. It was physical ball and Pitt was not soft mentally or physically. When they play soft, they lose. We should be excited about the potential of the team, but cautious about their immaturity. A coach earns his stripes preparing them for the next two contests. Physical or fizzical! Don’t fizz out, out phys!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.28.16 @ 8:26 pm

We just easily beat a team from start to finish that is loaded with high end players. I think the only thing we lost in the entire game was the opening tip…Hello NCAA Tournament, my name is Pitt. Shall we dance?

Comment by HbgFrank 02.28.16 @ 8:53 pm

Mike Krzyzewski on James Robinson: “What a great representative to this program and this city, everything.”

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.16 @ 9:13 pm

Upitt – I was having a convo with you. It was obvious. The difference between you and Reed is that Reed doesn’t actively root against Pitt or Pitt players. We disagree often … It’s why he thought I was speaking to him but Reed actually wants Pitt to be successful.

Hey btw did you see Pitt won? Apparently Vegas trumped what you saw on paper … let me guess … Instead of celebrating a victory you’re annoyed and will retort with do it in March?

2-2 lifetime against Coach K. Not too shabby.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.16 @ 9:48 pm

I guess I’m getting a hair cut

Comment by TX Panther 02.28.16 @ 9:53 pm

I am going to smile as I go sleep tonight.

No predictions of future results or performances. I’m just happy to see a big win at the right time.


Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.28.16 @ 10:38 pm

Way to go Pitt! I missed the game because of family commitments and couldn’t find a replay, so I listened to it. A distant second, but I still got the feel for how the game went. What a win for the Panthers. Keep rollin’!


Comment by panther94 02.28.16 @ 10:47 pm

great win for Dixon and his players. Keep it up. If this group gets too cocky, we might be in trouble.

Comment by Tony77019 02.28.16 @ 10:59 pm

Line being even today makes me want to put down about a million on the Dukies. Is that legal? Ok, how about just a couple hundred thousand?
Comment by TVax 02.28.16 @ 9:28 am

Hey Pantherman, ever hear of reverse psychology?
Plan is to threaten to bet a million on every game in the big tournament….final four here we come!!!!!!!

H2P!!! and glad for JR’s senior day. If I recall correctly, the last several years of senior days did not end well for Pitt.

Comment by TVax 02.28.16 @ 11:24 pm

Pitt it Is,
Not me! I was just responding to the 4:13 comment that talked about us in the Final 4. That would be great but unfortunately I don’t see it happening.

Comment by pittman4ever 02.28.16 @ 11:33 pm

Feeling guilty about sitting in the stands with 7 mins left and the game almost in hand and me and friends agreeing that Pitt will find a way to lose.
Its been so hard being a Pitt fan, but today it was glorious.
Crowd and particularly the Zoo were outstanding. Hope the FB recruits and especially the Pine Richland QB had a great time. If we could just figure out how to bring that to the FB home games.!!!

Comment by Taxing Matters 02.28.16 @ 11:43 pm

If yinz don’t mind me asking, Upittbaseball and TVax, did you end up literally betting $$ agin the Mighty Panthers (at least for this one awesome game)? Just curious.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 02.29.16 @ 7:21 am

I did not, when something like this comes up and I think I have a sure thing, I have been way too conservative to risk much. It seems to happen all too often in the NFL over the past few years and occasionally in college football, this year I can’t recall any.

I saved myself a couple of hundred thousand, maybe a million, so if I get together with any Blather group in the future, I can take care of at least one round….and still help pay for SOME of my 3 kid’s educations. HAHA.

Comment by TVax 02.29.16 @ 7:49 am

Last big bet I won was Nova over G’town many years ago when I barely could afford to bet anything. Thanks Harold Jensen, et al.
I really don’t wager often, this one was intentionally reverse psych which for me hasn’t often worked out either.

I’m just glad this seems to have cemented a bid. One CBI championship in my lifetime is enough.

H2P!!! Mona should be proud. Now let’s get on a little roll and then surprise someone and at least get to the second weekend. I will keep my reverse psych weapon ready to use again then.

Comment by TVax 02.29.16 @ 8:01 am

I have read the slog ball comments all year, I just don’t see it. Pitt is playing a different style now then when they where in the BE. That was a damn fun game to watch.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.29.16 @ 8:55 am

Didn’t get to see the game live. This is the first game all season I’ve watched end to end on DVR even knowing the outcome. I had to see the guys do it for myself.

Great game. Love the way they came in and played after a disappointing self-inflicted defeat against the Ville. But, if you can’t get it up for a great game on Senior Day against a ranked opponent on national TV, then you will never go far.



Comment by Pitt Dad 02.29.16 @ 9:09 am

In regards to slog ball … Those that complain about slog ball really don’t watch a lot of college basketball. There’s a reason for all the rules changes this season … It was an NCAA problem. Not a Pitt problem. The sport just evolved into slog ball because the NCAA is so slow at adapting the game. The rest of the world changed and CBB stayed the same.

Eventually they need to move to international rules so basketball is a uniform game up and down the ranks.

But back to my point of slog ball … chew on this (and yes I know its’ efficiency):

Ken Pomeroy ?@kenpomeroy 18h18 hours ago
Pitt has never had an offense outside the top 50 under Dixon. Five times his defense has been outside the top 50.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.29.16 @ 9:25 am

VT can tie us in the ACC standings if they beat us Wednesday. Team must get ready to play like they did Sunday. H2P

Comment by Frank MD 02.29.16 @ 9:42 am

How did we have so many recruits in yesterday taking pictures of jerseys and the locker room and not get a single leak of our new uniform??? Wouldn’t you think we’d show the recruits to get them excited?

Comment by Giraffe 02.29.16 @ 9:53 am

I don’t really understand the slog ball discussion. I had absolutely no problem with Pitt’s style of play when they were beating the likes of UConn, Georgetown and Syracuse in the old Big East. They played tough defense, stood up people on their cuts and worked the ball to get good shots. Pitt made their opponents play defense. Actually I would look at other teams that would rush and throw up bad shot as undisciplined run and gunners. But I like good well executed basketball. I loved watching the great interior passing of those teams. I also loved watching the Pete Carrill Princeton teams. I appreciate good basketball whether it’s an attaching up-tempo team or a precise half court offense. In yesterday’s game one of the most enjoyable plays was “the give and go” where Luther passed back to Robinson going to the hoop.

Comment by Justinian 02.29.16 @ 9:59 am

Justinian – There was no slog ball yesterday, it is a myth perpetrated by a select few who probably don’t watch hoops often, or worse don’t understand it. That was our old style years ago, and frankly I don’t mind it if we’re successful, but it’s not a style we’ve played this year, so its a moot point. That said, I don’t think Virginia fans are complaining about it.

By the way, let me state the obvious: Having one more really strong player on this team, Ryan Luther, has really added a lot to the team as a whole.

Comment by 1618mt 02.29.16 @ 10:11 am

Slog ball was just the go-to complaint when we lost. Typically, when we didn’t win it was because we’d go on some crazy scoring drought or no one would be able to get open on the last few possessions. But I always took the good with the bad in that regard…”live by the slog ball, die by the slog ball”. How many times did we obliterate good teams by holding them under 60? It’s just like any team that tries to win w/ defense, sometimes your D-line is going to embarrassed by superior athletes, sometimes your talented pitchers will blow the game because the other team’s bats are hot. When you base your team identity around defense it can be very frustrating when you lose.

Slog ball is not applicable to this team. In fact we could have used a good bit of slog ball mentality in some of our losses.

What an awesome win yesterday, very alleviating. The defense was outstanding! Lots of hands in the lane when Duke was driving. Even if we get half of that going forward we can be very dangerous. I’ve definitely thought most of this team’s problems were mental.

Comment by tacocat 02.29.16 @ 10:48 am

Slogball is what the name completely implies: A made up term with strong derogatory implications and therefore used only to put down those who use it. It is never used when a team is highly efficient on offense and tough as nails on defense. In other words it is never used when it is working…only when it is not. It implies a team that has no talent and thus thugs its way around on defnese and passes ad nauseum on offense in the hopes something will happen.

And while I admit it is probably a good term to use in-the-moment when Pitt is struggling to make their pass-heavy/use the clock offense work, I have never understood its use as a blanket statement as a Pitt bball putdown. Frankly (and I m not even a Pittsburgh native!) I have felt that Pitt bball in all its slogballness is classic Pittsburgh..low scoring, tough defense, disciplined offense. And (see Virgina 2015) slogball can still work. Not sure if can work all the way to the championship….but hey, I think when you get to the final 8 or 4, talent tends to rule the day and Pitt or VA have not had a ton of elite talent.

Comment by DD 02.29.16 @ 10:53 am

What I consider slog ball is using as much clock as possible on each offensive attempt. Trying to keep the game close and winning at the end. I haven’t seen that in some time.

While it was a great game yesterday, it was only one game, when everything went right, yes down to the referees.

Jamie would never admit it, but we just shot the ball better than Duke. He will always focus on defense and rebounding, which were great, but what made it a route was that we made our shots and they didn’t.

The early great start got everyone into the Zone. The other positive was that we answered every run that they made with a better one.

Unfortunately, I don’t buy Jamie’s pitch that we are getting better at the right time. I think we had a really great game, played extremely hard and shot better for a full game than we have all year.

I will be just as uncertain about the outcome of the next game as I have been for every ACC game this year (except Boston College).

But for now, basking in the glory.

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 11:04 am

I never got into the to “slog” or not to “slog”.

If Pitt beat UCONN 50-49 and was ranked #4 in the country, I was just fine with it.

Never pulled that card out the past couple years when we have not been as good as those 03-10 years.

The one thing I detest however, and does not seem to be happening as much this year or lately, is over and over again the past few years,

there were times where our offense seemed predicated to pass the ball around until 5 seconds were left on the shot clock, then sloppily have someone off balanced run half way to the rim and through up some crazy lob ball for the basket.

Now, I know that wasn’t our offense, either the players weren’t running it properly, the opponents defense effected our offense, lot’s of things,

but I did see it happen ad nauseum, and that’s what pissed me off.

Comment by Dan 02.29.16 @ 11:26 am

Reading this board sometimes one would think Pitt’s hoops is scraping bottom of the barrel and lucky to even be considered a tourney team….
..A little perspective…Yes Pitt has 8 losses but only one ‘bad’ loss..and a number of good wins besides Duke yesterday…Syracuse twice, ND at South Bend and even FSU on road is a good win.
There are teams that are projected as #1 seeds that have 6 losses right now…If you are top seed with that many losses they almost all have to be losses to lessor teams right// Heck the number 1 team in all of college hoops has 4 losses.
So yes not Dixon’s best team, but it’s not as far off pace from rest of college hoops that many on this board seem to think they are.

Ron Cook shows how little he watches college hoops with his comment today that Pitt has to win another game to get in tourney. I think he watches 4 college hoops games a year and they are Pitt games where he gets a free courtside seat and free meal. PG would be better off sending the Movie Critic to write an article.

Comment by milobloom 02.29.16 @ 11:31 am

@milo, I’ve been questioning Dixon this year over the last 3-4 years teams, but I will say, when this team is hot and focused, they are very good.

They could be a team that in the dance, could easily win the first two and be in the Sweet 16.

If they focus and are pumped up and hitting on all cylinders.

I’m cringing thinking about VT and GT. Who is showing up?

I’m cheering for them to keep the momentum and take care of business. Win the last two, win a game or two in the ACC tourney and I’ll be pumped up for the big dance.

We’ll see shortly, we’re down to the nitty gritty.

Comment by Dan 02.29.16 @ 11:37 am

Actually, I didn’t buy Jamie’s argument about us getting better either, but the fact is pretty clear right now that’s he’s right. The question is why. Stats are important, but a lot of how a team plays is mental, and we’ve obviously gotten some mojo back. But I also wonder how much adding one quality player to the rotation may have helped the team as a whole. Time will tell if we can maintain it. I still think we need to win one more game to stay in the field (regular season or ACC tournament).

Comment by 1618mt 02.29.16 @ 11:39 am

No doubt Luther’s emergence has helped, but the real difference maker is Artis, great games vs Syracuse and Duke, awful game vs Louisville.

JR’s scoring has also made a difference since his 6-19 performance.

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 11:43 am

Thought we might hear from Emel, he must be enjoying Monday morning in NC after that one.

Also wbb missing in action.

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 11:48 am

@milo – spot on. I’ve said several times that some on this board overestimate how good the rest of college hoops is, especially this season. Pitt’s a jump shooting team that doesn’t play great D so they’ll be streaky … that’s the biggest reason for the up and down season.

Playing your best ball going into the end of the season is ideal so hopefully we’ll have some carry over. I’d really like to see an ACC tourney run. I miss the pride Pitt had in the big east tourney.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.29.16 @ 11:50 am

Pitt is off the bubble on CBS’s bracket..and expected to be a Lock on ESPN Bubble trackers tomorrow so they don’t have to win another game to get in tourney.

If they split he last two I wouldn’t be too worried especially since NC State is a bad matchup for Pitt and two road games with ACC tourney right around the corner won’t be easy. But would really like to see them get to Friday or Saturday at ACC tourney.

@Dan.agree about focus and hot..though 30 other teams this year are saying the same thing…Pitt is going to have to get a little luck with their matchups in the tourney.

Comment by milobloom 02.29.16 @ 11:50 am

Milo – I think the challenge is the team can be Jekyll and Hyde. You never really know which team will show up.

I also am dissapointed by the lack of exposure the team get Nationally or locally. They just beat Duke (Yes we know Duke was tired, tough part of schedule, etc.) the fact is they beat them and by a lot. Is the National Media hesitant backing Jamie b/c as soon as they do we lose to a team we shouldn’t? I have no idea but like the Steelers, when we won Super Bowls it is all about where and when you are peaking. Maybe finally we are peaking when we need to and that takes us deep in the tourney. I think Pitt wins the next 2 games but as a gambler there is always a let down after a big game. I think we beat VT but if spread is 8+ I may put money on VT just b/c a let down game. Pitt should win and then beat GT convincingly. I sure hope trusting Jamie pays off.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.29.16 @ 11:52 am

And like I wrote yesterday Pitt if Pitt can win it’s last two games…it has a very good shot at getting double bye in ACC tourney…though did take Louisville dropping out this year to have a chance.

Comment by milobloom 02.29.16 @ 11:54 am

Yes, Artis is the big gun. But Jeter has also provided instant offense when he’s on the floor. Robinson has been playing well and the emergence of Luther has made a big difference. Luther just does a lot of little things well. I agree with the comment someone made that Jeter and Luther need to be on the floor, as much as possible. I also think that Jones has been contributing a lot when he’s in there. The Panthers have been playing a lot better. Let’s hope they bring their “A” game to Blacksburg, because the Hokies won’t be a pushover.

Comment by Justinian 02.29.16 @ 11:55 am

@Uppittbaseball..totally agree with “I think the challenge is the team can be Jekyll and Hyde. You never really know which team will show up.” but there is not one team in college hoops that doesn’t say the same thing.. You don’t think Duke fans are saying same thing this morning after yesterday’s game after they jsut won 6 of 7 …If NC actually comes to play nobody is going to beat them..but they don’t …how frustrating do think NC fans are with their 6 losses.

Comment by milobloom 02.29.16 @ 12:00 pm

Matchups are still the key. We have struggled against quality big men every time and against point guards that can get to the hoop, or make a lot of threes.

I do agree with UPitt that after an emotional game like that when everything went right, easy to let down on Wednesday. Will tell us a lot about whether we are truly getting better.

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 12:03 pm

NCST and Purdue are the perfect examples, not great teams but their combination of Big Guys and Guards just crush us. Luther has made us better, best example is Louisville, but is it enough?

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 12:12 pm

The Panthers never looked like they were going to let Duke back into the game yesterday, even when the refs called the technical foul on the Pitt bench giving them an easy couple more points to catch up. This team played balls out for the entire game and never took their foot off the gas. A very, very solid performance.

All of the football recruits at the Pete, had to have had a blast! The Oakland Zoo gave them a sense of what they can expect from our students once they bring a winning program to Heinz Field. When we start knocking off the Oklahoma St.s & penn states on our schedule, then just watch the enthusiasm build. Pittsburgh will support a winner. Consistent winning solves many problems.

Hail to PITT!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.29.16 @ 12:18 pm

One of the more entertaining points of the game was watching Duke go into a zone – and watching Pitt just cut it up. Have to give JD credit – he knows how to beat a zone.
Also extremely entertaining to watch the many Duke clad in the crowd just sitting on their hands. Duke was never in the game. Their fans had come out expecting an easy win. Instead, the game was about as close as those pre-conference games that so many of you complain about because of the lack of competition. Maybe we should drop Duke from the schedule and replace them with . . .? Time for those Dukies to put those black and blue Duke b-ball shirts back in the closet – deep in the closet.
Finally, at the end of the game, the Pitt clothing shop was jammed with fans buying gear. Sweet.
Oakland Comet.

Comment by Oakland Comet 02.29.16 @ 12:38 pm

Yes a a team with a Strong PG and a Bad Ass Center are usually the ones that give us issues.

I will admit I was VERY wrong yesterday! VERY!

JR stepped up and Luther is proving he not only belongs but is becoming really good.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.29.16 @ 12:39 pm

As one who thought Luther should have got a redshirt this year, I could not have been more wrong. But who knew he would become our best all-around big man this quickly. Three point shots, tip ins, driving to the hoop, passing from the key, and overall physical play. Amazing!

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 12:40 pm

GC – Yeah, I’m not sure anyone would have predicted Luther blasting onto the scene like this… It’s everything about his game: hustle, tenacity, passing, perimter shooting- he’s been a real spark and has given the team much needed depth down below. And look at his shooting percentages over the last 2 games… He’s defending well too, learned how to stick his chest out to keep his man from backing him down. Despite his shooting numbers, I thought Chris Jones played a nice game yesterday as well…

Comment by 1618mt 02.29.16 @ 12:51 pm

I don’t care whatever kind of BB they play as long as we win. H2P

Comment by Frank MD 02.29.16 @ 1:22 pm

1618, Chris Jones starting and getting most of the minutes has made a big difference, mostly on defense, but he can score sometimes. Made some important shots and passes yesterday.

One thing I did get right was calling for both Jeter and Jones to start and play more minutes.

Jamie has been smart to start Maia and let him play physical and take the early fouls. Jeter takes more dumb fouls than anyone else, so smart not to start him.

I would say Luther has earned a start, but no more home games so it doesn’t really matter as long as he gets his minutes.

Really good to see Jamie willing to keep Young on the bench in favor of Luther and Jeter. They were getting the job done. Young a team player, and no pouting from him, he will be ready on Wednesday.

Comment by gc 02.29.16 @ 1:44 pm

Artis especially, and Young, Jeter, and JR as well to a less degree but definitely stil there, all can be “low energy” and when a few of them show up like that we get prone to being on the recieving end of 12-0 runs.

Luther is kind of a smack in the face to them I think…”(smack), hey, WAKE UP!”

Comment by DD 02.29.16 @ 2:26 pm


You are correct…the timing of a team getting hot is a huge factor. Pitt’s confidence has to be incredible after the last two games. They know they can play with anyone.

Dixon is getting just enough bench play to keep guys fresh also.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.29.16 @ 3:29 pm

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