November 6, 2015

Come Early for ND-Pitt or Else

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No. Really. It might be a very good idea to get an early start tomorrow. Traffic will be an issue.

Which means despite Saturday morning’s Veterans Day Parade and Pitt tailgating starting on the North Shore at 7:00 a.m., PennDOT is closing the inbound Parkway West from 9 p.m. Friday until 10 a.m. Saturday. That’s three hours after the tailgating lots open and a half hour before the parade starts.

“This is a critical concrete pour tonight and Sunday morning on the bridges in Carnegie,” Cowan said. “So we are allowing the contractor to continue until 10 a.m. However, if they finish early, which they are anticipating they will, we will reopen the Parkway West early.”

In downtown Pittsburgh, the Veterans Day Parade will mean the closing of Liberty Avenue from The Point to Grant Street. With the Pitt-Notre Dame game sold out, fans are going to be looking for downtown parking spaces. Pittsburgh Operations Director Guy Costa says football fans can still get across the Golden Triangle to the North Shore.

“We will have police officers at the intersections to allow pedestrians to cross over to get on the other side of Liberty Avenue,” Costa said. “No vehicles, but we will allow pedestrians to cross.”

Get an early start.

The following detour will be in effect:

Inbound (eastbound)

· Motorists will exit I-376 at the I-79 south (Exit 64A) interchange towards Washington
· Follow I-79 south to the Carnegie (Exit 57) interchange off-ramp
· At the end of the off-ramp, turn left onto West Main Street
· West Main Street becomes Mansfield Boulevard
· Turn right onto Chestnut Street
· Turn left onto East Main Street
· East Main Street becomes Noblestown Road
· Turn right onto Mansfield Avenue
· Turn left onto Greentree Road
· Greentree Road becomes Wabash Street
· Turn right onto South Main Street
· Turn right onto southbound Route 837 (West Carson Street)
· Take the ramp to East I-376/North I-279 onto the Fort Pitt Bridge
· End detour

I don’t think this can be repeated enough. Seriously, plan to get to the game early.

Let me echo Chas sentiments. Get here early. I would park at Station Sq and take boat over. $20 total $50 for Domers!

Took me almost 2 hours to go from airport to S Hills and I know every back road there is.

Don’t believe that The Pkwy West will be open at 10 am or earlier. Cop told me more like 11am.

Pittsburgh roads suck!

Pitt 16 ND 54

Comment by Dan 72 11.06.15 @ 7:55 pm

After further review on my earlier statement that we will cover I am changing my stance. ND 31 Pitt 16

Comment by Upittbaseball 11.06.15 @ 7:58 pm

Got to the UNC game early, watched some warm ups, then the band. They also brought out the ’56 Sugar Bowl Team. It was outstanding. The band was great. I would recommend the experience to anyone like me that usually arrives late.

Would be a new experience fot the team to come out to a packed house.

Comment by gc 11.06.15 @ 8:14 pm

If we were playing in Oakland these issues would not matter.Downtown sucks and northside worse— oh and the Penguis are playing sat. also.Hope we surprise the Domers and make it all worthwhile.

Comment by pitt 60 11.06.15 @ 8:21 pm

Agree UPitt. ND not only better on both lines but 5 star athletes at every position. Only way Pitt wins is if this is mafia game of the week.

Comment by Dan 72 11.06.15 @ 8:28 pm

Dan72 – their QB is a 4 star as is the Pitt 1st and 2nd string QB’s.

Talented teams get beat by teams with heart & desire.

Dominate the domers. No let up from the first kick.

Pitt wins 28-24


Comment by Erie Express 11.06.15 @ 8:42 pm

I want to believe but I need to see more.Pitt on the short end of the stick, 31-24.

Comment by PittPT 11.06.15 @ 8:52 pm

Chris Peak said it best yesterday on his telecast:

Pitt needs to run the ball more to get the O jelling. QO has a 5.6 ypc and C.James is at 4.9 ypc.

If we run effectively, that will open up the field for passing.

Chaney can pass in future years when he gets his players in the mix. Right now our line, TE’s, full backs and tail backs are built to run. T.Boyd’s success depends on our run game getting going.

Pitt needs to gain over 200 yards on the ground to win vs nd.

Peak also mentioned that Chaney gets bored with the run and only wants to pass. We can’t win that way because this current team was built to run. Even without Conner.

Sorry, but that is what many of us have been saying. I was fearful of Chaney changing the O to a passing scheme too soon when he was hired. We are living it – let’s get back to our strength tomorrow and dominate the domers.


Comment by Erie Express 11.06.15 @ 9:05 pm

I’ve been saying that for over a month now

Comment by wbb 11.06.15 @ 9:30 pm

Give Ollison 25 touches, he is 6’2″ 237 pounds and physically mature!!!!

Comment by Midwestbias86 11.06.15 @ 10:18 pm

Love Texas Tech and Duke getting points.

ND -9.5 now.

Comment by Upittbaseball 11.06.15 @ 10:45 pm

Off topic, but recent discussions focused on vintage or alternate uniforms. For me, my wish would be for Pitt to come out wearing the tear away unis with mesh torso showing shoulder pades, etc. with butterscotch helmets displaying the script. To me, that would be way cool and would draw so much attention on the national level. So much cooler than the contemporary efforts with big name companies. Added to that, I have always advocated for a live black panther at games ala Georgia’s bulldog, LSU’s tiger. Get the Pgh Zoo to hook us up. So intimidating. Yes… I understand the true panther is of the golden variety, but black is kickass and fits. If half the schools can add black to its unis when unwarranted, then we can add black to our panther…….albeit a black leopard is where it looks the part. SI had it right with Hugh. Always believed it.

Comment by ck 11.06.15 @ 10:49 pm

Off topic but Eric Hyle in Trib opines on Ped State wanting to renovate the 107 atrong stadium and Temple wants a new OCS even though they are in a 13 year old stadium they share with the Eagles. Apparently they want hundreds of millions. Don’t scoff, Philly gets most of state money for everything and Ped State the rest because of corrupt pols, Be ready to loudly object or demand equal monies. Pitt 24 ND 21 – may not happen but I will never pick the Domer phonies.

Comment by rkb 11.06.15 @ 11:00 pm

Pitt will be 1-0 after tomorrows game. Look, we have to win the trenches….usually. The defense needs to win this game for us and I think this is the game that we win the turnover battle 3-1. Turnovers create short fields which is good for some points, but bad for time of possession.

Kelly would love nothing more than to run up the score and he will do so if given the chance. To me, Kelly often out thinks himself, but always seems to be in striking distance even when things go horribly wrong. For wbb and emel, I played a simulated game in the culdesac and Pitt wins 28-27. Also, for wbb and emel, a culdesac is like a paved road, circular in its form. I beat the kids playing for ND who were 9 and 10 years old respectively. It was a dominating performance by the defense! Usually, I put everything on the trench play. Tomorrow, it will be the defensive line and 3 or 4 LB’s that win this one for the good guys!

Let’s play bigger than we are, faster than we thought and smarter than our opponent. Epic battle. Pitt wins and we get 4 commitments!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.06.15 @ 11:00 pm

Pitt needs 200 yards rushing and be +2 or more on turnovers to win. Our D has to stop their run too. A tall order, but possible.

Comment by Jackagain 11.06.15 @ 11:06 pm

ND 45 Pitt 16

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.06.15 @ 11:10 pm

I HIGHLY recommend taking Rt 60 for the parkway west detour. You get off the parkway on 79 north, go 1 exit to Rt 60 south, follow that to the West End Circle, go around the circle to the West End Bridge, & over to the North Shore. There will still be traffic, but it will flow better than the posted detour which has a buttload of lights.

Comment by Nick 11.06.15 @ 11:25 pm

If Pitt played in Oakland there would be a traffic nightmare for every game. Traffic sucks for a basketball game. The Pens game tomorrow is in Calgary.

Comment by Nick 11.06.15 @ 11:28 pm

Well Temple is struggling to beat SMU and yet barely lost last week to the Domers. Good sign for us!
N D. 27
Hope springs eternal!!!! LETS GO PITT!

Comment by pittman4ever 11.06.15 @ 11:33 pm

I can never predict a Pitt loss – it just isn’t in me. I think we run it down their throats all 4 (FOUR) quarters, we win TOP, and take aways. But, the big thing is, for the first time in decades, we get the refs!! Sort of a ….wait for it …… A
“Domer Homer”!! We win 31-28

Comment by Savannah Panther 11.06.15 @ 11:36 pm

The refs were actually fair for the last Pitt-nd game. After they tossed Tuitt for targeting I yelled out that ACC refs must cost more than the Big East ones did. It got a pretty nice reaction considering what happened in south bend the year before.

Comment by Nick 11.06.15 @ 11:58 pm

New QB + new coaches = unpredictability & volatility. Pitt 45 ND 17. Or Pitt 12, ND 8. I can dream until tomorrow, can’t I?

Comment by CA-Yinzer 11.07.15 @ 2:29 am

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