June 7, 2014

The offseason for coaches isn’t simply about recruiting and going to AAU events and camps. It’s about getting out in the community and speaking. Whether it is something very worthy like a school that helps those with special needs. Or heading out on the alumni club circuit.

For Coach Jamie Dixon the other thing that needs to be settled is finding a new assistant coach.

Dixon arrived at the breakfast only eight hours after returning from a Nike coaches event in the Caribbean. He said it was a pleasant trip, joking he didn’t even mind that Florida coach Billy Donovan was on his return flight.

Thursday was a busy day for Dixon, who said he planned to interview two candidates for the coaching vacancy on his staff created when Barry Rohrssen left for Kentucky.

Well, at least that situation is getting closer to resolution.

Hope Jamie finds someone that will contribute some quality recruiting and complement Jamies coaching abilities. Don’t mind that it takes time.

Very unlike Frankcan to not be lamenting our recruiting at this time. I’m hoping for the best but worried about him. Chas, maybe you could send him an email.

I understand this is a big weekend for Pitt Football Camp. Nothing in the papers. Also I did not see anything about Henderson in the PG. Par for the course.

Hope we get some verbals this week.

Summer hoops starts at the end of the month, I am sure DJ won’t be ready, but what about CJ? How extensive was the hand surgery? My guess he won’t be ready either. Looking forward to seeing the new guys.

I went to only two Kentucky Derbies, and saw two Triple Crown Winners. What are the odds? How fast time goes by. Big Race today.

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 8:23 am

I got the sense from the newspaper article that Jamie hadn’t a clue about his audience.

Bad form, in my opinion.

Comment by steve1 06.07.14 @ 9:01 am

gc, I watched in person Affirmed and Secretariat win the Belmont. Likely the same two for you.

Comment by steve1 06.07.14 @ 9:05 am

Affirmed and Seattle Slew

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 11:09 am

Pitt offered Tre Tipton at its prospect camp yesterday. He is a 6’1″ 170 lb wr/db that will likely play wr in college. Has some lower offers, Mich st & Pitt offered this week.

Comment by Nick 06.07.14 @ 11:48 am

Wish I would have seen the great Secretariat live. Must have been quite an experience Steve. Affirmed was amazing because it raced against Alydar which would have won the triple if not for the great Affirmed. Unfortunately I bet on Alydar.

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 1:10 pm

Avg Pitt coaching search has to be 3-4 months.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.07.14 @ 2:18 pm

I’m hoping we see history today. I really enjoy horse racing, most sports have changed so much over the years, not so much with the ponies. I was not even quite 2 when Affirmed won triple crown, so I’m really looking forward to this race. Hopefully going to hook up California Chrome with a couple long shots and win a few bucks. Any suggestions?

I feel bad Paul Chryst has to miss event honoring his father. Shows how important these camps are, that he is willing to miss it.

What QB’s are we recruiting? besides the kid Dokish mentioned that will be at camp. This class has to at least have one QB, and hopefully not just someone for sake of depth.

Comment by Pap76 06.07.14 @ 2:43 pm

I like Chrome and did not bet on the Belmont after my Preakness and Derby near misses. Unsure of the traditional Belmont cocktail.

Comment by Frank MD 06.07.14 @ 3:26 pm

according to a tweet I just read, this 3-star 6’4 QB from Philly area just committed to Pitt

link to

Comment by wbb 06.07.14 @ 4:03 pm

here is the tweet

Alex Hornibrook @alex_hornibrook
Very excited and humbled to announce that I have committed to play football at the University of Pittsburgh
Retweeted by Sam Werner

Comment by wbb 06.07.14 @ 4:07 pm

Guess what, gc? Shmuck that I am, I bet against secretariat!

Comment by Steve1 06.07.14 @ 4:07 pm

gc… do you, or anybody, know that Chris Jones indeed had surgery on his hand? He had it wrapped for most of the season so it wouldn’t be surprising if he indeed needed surgery but, I have not heard anything for sure one way or the other?

So, do you know for sure?

Comment by Zaratoughda 06.07.14 @ 4:23 pm

Zara T, I don’t know, but my understanding was that he definitely needed surgery and was toughing it through the season because he already used his redshirt. I would be very surprised if he didn’t have surgery, but can’t confirm any details.

steve1, the Belmont being significantly longer than the others is a different race, but Secretariat was a different horse. Can’t wait to see what happens today, does Chrome have the stamina to win the long one?

Great to hear we got a QB. Hopefully he will have two years to develop while while Voytik sets some records.

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 5:05 pm

PG reported on March 25th that Jones would need off-season surgery to fix his thumb.

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 5:09 pm

here who JD allegedly interviewed yesterday, and where there is Smoke …

link to

Comment by wbb 06.07.14 @ 6:53 pm

Interesting wbb, sounds like an up and comer, which won’t make many happy on this board. However, the list of guys from Detroit is impressive and he is from the tri-state area.

Chrome’s owner had a meltdown. Some of what he says may be true, but he showed little class, embarrassed his wife. Maybe he did explain why no Triple Crown since the seventies.

Comment by gc 06.07.14 @ 7:11 pm

Would have been better had he gone on that rant prior to the race. Looks real bad. Actually, the wife poked him from behind and told him to hush! He responded to her that he didn’t care.

The bigger arse was Bob Costas who tried to make a story of the dejected chrome owner by reporting on his rant. In a classy move, the owner of the triumphant horse replied, no comment. Costas was a butthead. Nothing like congratulating a guy and talking about the accomplishment instead of the garbage he was yapping about. At least his eye looks like it is healed.

Perhaps we sign a few horses this week.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.07.14 @ 7:27 pm

gc, some data: Only one of the runners who finished in front of Chrome today ran in a Triple Crown race.

One in one race, the KY Derby.

Comment by steve1 06.07.14 @ 7:31 pm

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.07.14 @ 8:20 pm

Upittbaseball, do you know more than Coach?

If so you should be Coach.

Comment by steve1 06.07.14 @ 8:31 pm

Steve1, Unfortunately the ship has sailed on Chryst awhile ago. Now it is just a matter of waiting it out until the search is on for a new coach. Again, I hope I will eat these words, but I don’t think so.

What I want is a recruiter!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.07.14 @ 10:15 pm

Thanks wbb for the link to the biography of Marlon Williamson, one of the coaches that Dixon may have interviewed. I like what it says about him. Especially this paragraph:

“He was a four-year letterman at Youngstown State from 1999-2003, serving as team captain during his senior season. As a starting point guard, he averaged 8.1 points, 4.9 assists and 2.2 steals per game en route to being named to the Horizon League’s All-Defensive Team and Youngstown’s team MVP.”

Comment by Howard 06.07.14 @ 10:57 pm


Thanks for the link on Williamson. Any idea who the other interview was. Not too impressed, While Detroit does produce some legit D1 talent, not sure how desirable of a destination Pitt is for a kid from Detroit. Only one year as a D1 assistant, feel we can do better.

As for the Alex Hornibrook verbal, I am ok with it. A 3 star kid, good size, and the kid definitely has smarts.

While him and Bertke are not stud QB’s by any means,I think both can be successful if the offense is built the way Chryst seems to want to build it. A good O Line and quality depth at running back, and I think both would be asked to manage the game, be accurate, and keep turnovers to a minimum, both seem more than capable to do just that.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a stud 4 or 5 star QB added. I think right now where Pitt is as a program we are going to see a lot of 2 and 3 star kids. But if these kids want to be here and are coachable that can take the program fro winning 6 games to winning 7,8, and even 9 games. And then you can start landing some of these 4 and 5 star recruits.

Upittbaseball and Old Pitt Grad who expect a top 5 class at this point is completely unreasonable and unrealistic. We have seen 2 and 3 star kids play as freshman the last 2 years play and contribute. There are programs that win with these type of kids. while from a pure talent standpoint they may only be 2 or 3 stars, but heart, smarts, and hard work can be a blueprint for success. Coach Chryst seen this work 1st hand at Wisconsin. Let’s give the guy a chance and get behind these kids. It beats being so damn negative all the time.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Pap76 06.07.14 @ 11:04 pm

Until Pederson goes, we can expect 2-3 stars with an occasional 4. Pederson doesn’t support the sports teams. I am shocked he remains employed given the performances of our major teams. Perhaps the new Chancellor will see through his charade. Not holding breath.

Pitt has been ranked between 35-45 in final team performance rankings for the last three years. You cannot expect top 10 recruiting classes when the performance is between 35-45. We recruit how our record says we should recruit.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.07.14 @ 11:26 pm

OPG, do you prefer some mustard or a little Texas Pete on those HCPC rants before you eat them? Coach happens to represent ideals that Panther fans expect their team to exhibit, tough, intelligent and no quit despite any odds! Secretariat was the most dominant athlete I ever saw1 Hail to Pitt! UPone

Comment by UPone 06.07.14 @ 11:52 pm

Just win baby, WIN.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.08.14 @ 5:38 am

@those who think HCPC will be canned in a year tor two–IMHO, as long as there aren’t a rash of player off filed scandals, and HCPC doesn’t leave on his own for a better job Pederson and Co. will be satisfied with Pitt being ranked in the 35-45 range while winning 6-8 regular season games. I don’t see any expectations to consistently do any better coming out of the athletic department. All they want is a clean and somewhat competitive program. If they occaisonally get slightly more than that it won’t be intentional.

Comment by pitt1972 06.08.14 @ 6:41 am

I agree with the assessment. Unless the new prez is intent on building a top program and all of the concessions and shortcuts that go along with that these days, Pitt will say a Top 35-40 program with the hope of becoming a Top 20 program in certain years. But the thing is that that may not be an unwise position.

You guys have to understand the 2 main limitations that Pitt FB has to deal with:

1) Western PA is not even close to being the prime HS recruiting area it was during the last 70s, and

2) it shares a city with pro teams that are the primary concern of its citizenry; further, the NFL team it competes with is an icon. Pitt will always be 4th on the food chain when it comes to local fandom and media coverage. Also, there too many local Pitt alums who prefer being at einz on Sundays instead of Saturdays.

3) Pitt is a small school compared to the likes of PSU and OSU which has nearly 3 times the enrollment, which computes into exponentially the number of alums to support the program.

If Pitt can contend with the possibility of being a Top 20 program in most seasons, I think the Pitt admin would be overjoyed.

Comment by wbb 06.08.14 @ 7:22 am

… obviously the ‘3’ main limitations ..

Comment by wbb 06.08.14 @ 7:26 am

“Out of the mouth of babes” Tre Tipton, prospect from Apollo Ridge (tiny school in Armstrong County) quoted in the PG, “Pitt is definitely coming back up” Speaking of the image renaissance over the past two years. Even the kids were aware of how bad the management effed up with Haywood and Graham.

Tipton said “The local recruits, even a few of my friends are seeing Pitt as a big place they want to go now. A while ago it wasn’t a place to go”


Chryst is building a program, the foundation being character kids with brains. Imagine that in collegiate athletics! It won’t happen overnight, but don’t forget how low we sank and how long we have been down. It will take even longer to do it the right way. Stay the course.

Comment by gc 06.08.14 @ 7:58 am

I wasnt aware Chryst wasnt allowed to recruit 4 and 5 star guys? Just 2-3 stars that ivy league and the Mac wants. Coach them up Paul. It saddens me this is where the program is at this point. Keep it clean, no arrests and win maybe 6 games and all is good.

Maryland AD??? louisville AD? Please come to Pitt. I mean every time I turn on the TV your teams are playing in the finals in basically every sport. Wrestling had a good season at Pitt. Name another sport we were average in??? Maybe Basketball. I dont blame fans for not going or supporting the product Pederson puts out there. Throw in the Heinz fuels disaster and there you have it. College Football is about the college town and the bars and eateries and people on campus. I have been to many SEC and ACC stadiums and the atmosphere is where it is. Not playing at a stadium 6 miles away with no personality or college atmosphere. Get on a bus to go to a game is a joke. Wait till attendence is announced this year for that schedule. No wonder everyone gets better and more committed except us.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.08.14 @ 9:52 am

Jake Trotter forgets about Pitt, Temple
It’s always Happy in the Valley
By: Jake Trotter

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, it’s the same.

The state of Pennsylvania loves its state university. And it’s the state university that brings Pennsylvanians together.

In Big 12 states like Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa, loyalties are divided between two schools.

But Pennsylvania, with a population four times those states, is all about the Nittany Lions – making Penn State one of college football’s most wondrous settings.

“The environment around the university is like no other,” said Nittany Lions guard John Urschel, who, already with a master’s degree in mathematics, taught calculus to Penn State undergrads while playing football.

Best of Penn State
Big 12 reporter Jake Trotter traveled to State College, Penn., during Week 12 to experience Big Ten football for a weekend. He recounted the best of the sights, sounds and tastes from his experience. Blog »

Elsewhere, students might not even bother attending games such as Penn State’s visit from Purdue. In Happy Valley, they camped outside in freezing temperatures the night before in Nittanyville to get the best seats.

It wasn’t just football that had the campus buzzing the night before: Hockey, women’s soccer and women’s basketball games were all taking place around Beaver Stadium. The parking lots overflowed. So did the sidewalks.

Those in town who didn’t go to those games were in downtown State College just off campus filling up its iconic bistros like the Allen Street Grille and the Corner Room.

Or they were in line at the Berkey Creamery, waiting to get ice cream at the largest university run creamery in the nation.

“It’s a Penn State tradition to come and get your ice cream,” said Nancy, a Penn State sophomore who works at the Creamery, which once served President Bill Clinton, the only person on record allowed to mix flavors there.

The grandest spectacle of them all, and the reason why so many descend upon Penn State these fall weekends, is the tailgates before football games.

On game days, State College famously becomes the third largest city in Pennsylvania. And hours before the Nittany Lions took on Purdue, fans from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia flocked to the lots surrounding Beaver Stadium.

“It’s like when the Pied Piper plays the music, and all the mice rush to it. All the kids show up. All the parents of the kids show up. It’s a way to reconnect.”

Luigi Puglia, Penn State fan

But not just fans. Fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters. Cousins, uncles and aunts. The Penn State tailgate is almost like a weekly family reunion.

“It’s like when the Pied Piper plays the music, and all the mice rush to it,” said Luigi Puglia, who hosted one tailgate this year that went 142-people deep, reeling in family and friends scattered across Pennsylvania and beyond. “All the kids show up. All the parents of the kids show up.

“It’s a way to reconnect.”

The Penn State community has been through a lot the last three years. And those wounds still cut deep. But that has hardly stopped the campus from being a tie that binds.

“Even after everything that happened,” said Ken Constanble, Puglia’s neighbor in suburban Philadelphia and a regular at his tailgates. “All this is just like it was.”

Hours after Penn State beat Purdue 45-21, the lights around the stadium remained bright. The tailgates carried on. The family reunions did, too.

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.08.14 @ 10:45 am

… and this whole, great iconic atmosphere at State College was preserved by the school president, the security chief, the director of athletics and the legendary coach at any cost; and meanwhile, two dozen victims living within the county limits can never enjoy this great atmosphere throughout their entire, scarred lives.

Comment by wbb 06.08.14 @ 11:07 am

You’ve equivocated, not equated.

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.08.14 @ 11:11 am

Now that the wave of nausea I felt while reading that elephant dung pile of an article has passed, I will admit to agreeing with the Pied Piper analogy, and Jimmy Franklin is playing the role of the Piper. How long until Berkey Creamery names a flavor after him? Fudgey Franklin.

Comment by Iron Duke 06.08.14 @ 11:19 am

Sam Werner of the pg reports the commit of Alex Hornibrook
and provides little or no detail about the kid such height,
weight, arm strength, etc. Werner is terrible!

Comment by JR 06.08.14 @ 11:38 am

JR. All you need to know. Lafayette and Colgate offered him a scholarship. Need any more info? I dont after looking at the list of offers or lack thereof. Have a good Sunday!

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.08.14 @ 11:44 am

I am not sure why “All you need to know… is Lafayette and Colgate offered him a scholarship.” I am not sure of the relevance. The relevant point is who didn’t offer him one. Schools that aren’t D1 powers offer kids they never have a shot at. The question is, are there any legit D1 programs that DID offer him?

Not denying the validity of the underlying point. Just challenging the poor logic used to make it.

Comment by kanyon40 06.08.14 @ 12:10 pm

Aaron Donald had a pretty impressive list of offers.

Comment by Nick 06.08.14 @ 12:20 pm

When Penn State loses at home, the streets in Happy Valley are EMPTY.

This is unlike other Schools (e.g. Wisconsin) where Win or Lose… the Students and Fans Party On.

For the most part, even Pitt Fans make it a point to Party On after a loss at Home. But, then again we’ve had a lot of practice.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.08.14 @ 12:47 pm

Alex Hornibrook commitment… OK.

Hopefully Chryst can land a Second and even a Third QB at least as good as Hornibrook.

No more Freebecks. Freebeck me once, shame on you…

Comment by PittofDreams 06.08.14 @ 12:54 pm

I believe that the difference between 4 and 5 star recruits and 2 and 3 star recruits is equaled by intelligence and desire. Granted the higher stars have more athletic ability but FB is a team sport. A high star with the two attributes above is what the pros desire greatly (ei. Oliver Luck, Brady, Fitzgerald, etc,).

Comment by Frank MD 06.08.14 @ 2:12 pm

To Upittbaseball:

You missed the point.

Comment by JR 06.08.14 @ 2:52 pm

TonyinH, my editor doesn’t work on Sunday

JR, at least Werner reported the commitment which cannot be said of the Trib

Comment by wbb 06.08.14 @ 3:39 pm

link to

Is this what it takes to win a championship?

Comment by gc 06.08.14 @ 4:41 pm

Ditto wbb @ 11:07! Sorry Trotter but the “Chip Hilton image,” @ Pedo U is dead and buried nationally! Hail to Pitt! UPone

Comment by UPone 06.08.14 @ 4:46 pm

JR, here’s what you get from the Trib about PSU’s latest commit who just committed today, meanwhile, I don’t believe the Trib still mentioned anything about Hornibrook

Chris Adamski ? @C_AdamskiTrib

Yes, Myles Hartsfield had a scholarship offer from Pitt, the 12th PSU ’15 commit to have one (per Rivals). None of Pitt’s have PSU offers.

Comment by wbb 06.08.14 @ 6:56 pm

“Yes, Myles Hartsfield had a scholarship offer from Pitt, the 12th PSU ’15 commit to have one (per Rivals). None of Pitt’s have PSU offers” hit it right on the head. HCPC is 0-12 against Franklin. 0 and freakin 12. And this is only year 1. I see no sign of this ever changing. Do you really think Tyler Boyd would have picked Pitt if Franklin was recruiting him? Hell no. If Franklin collects all the tri-state 4-stars..Pitt has nothing left but the pray and hope 2s and 3s.

Building a program blah blah blah…6 and 6 till the day I die 45 years or so from now. Let the mundane continue.

I cannot figure out why I continue to have hope year after year. Why I keep coming back thinking this is the year my Alma Mater is going to rock it on the center stage. Only to see…”We Got One”…and he’s a 2-star! Uhhhgggg.

Oh well.. 40 minutes till Game of Thrones.

Comment by opitt 06.08.14 @ 7:24 pm

Opitt – I feel your pain. Coach em up and diamonds in the rough is all we here. JR – I was just trying to be funny. I understood your point. I was just making my own.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.08.14 @ 8:17 pm

Upittbaseball…Joe D in disguise. Give HCPC a F’n chance. This coach is the real deal. I’m so F’n tired of the negativity on this site.

Comment by The Hagen 06.08.14 @ 10:19 pm

It appears that Kareem Ali, a CB who went to the same school in Jersey as Adonis Jennings, will make a verbal commitment on Thursday. He will decide between Maryland and Pitt. Most seem to think the Terps will be it. Surprise, surprise. He’s rated *** or **** on the scouting sites.

Comment by Mailman 06.09.14 @ 12:05 am

Hagen 3rd year already. Should we wait till year 5/6 of 6-6 records.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.09.14 @ 12:08 am

I didn’t know so many people posting on this site were former coaches with years of experience evaluating talent. Your expertise and knowledge is impressive.

If you are going to say PC sucks, be fair and call out all the coaches that suck at Pitt. How about the baseball coach that lost to a bunch of shit teams this year.

Comment by notrocketscience 06.09.14 @ 5:59 am

I agree. If Pitt has 2 more 6-6 records or worse, then it is time to let him go. Otherwise, considering the disaster this program has been since 2011, be patient.

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 6:39 am

Anyone who knows my posts considers me a Pitt Koolaid drinker most of the time, but opitt just put a spotlight on the recruiting facts so far for 2015 and the reality check that it requires of us Pitt faithful exposes HCPC’s inability to close the deal on blue chip recruits, period.

You can rationalize the circumstances and even complement Chryst’s coaching abilities to get the most out of what he has to work with concerning lower rated HS players, but irrespective to all of that, recruiting great players coming out of high school and getting them to COMMIT to your program is an essential ingredient to building an elite program that has the ability to reload it’s talent year after year.

The chant of “give him time” may still be valid for the results that HCPC will produce on the field of play for this season, and I think he will be OK in the eyes of most Pitt fans if he can post an 8-4 regular season record. Given the easier schedule this season, that shouldn’t be a major surprise and in fact he really needs to surprise some people this year because as I see it, the blue chip kids who are making decisions today on where they are going to spend the next four to five years playing football while getting a college education are mostly deciding that it will be somewhere other than the University of Pittsburgh. That is bad news for Paul Chryst’s tenure here at Pitt anyway you cut it because recruiting is the life blood of any successful program and you cannot develop a dominating program year after year with classes that are filled with kids that are all projects and/or diamonds in the rough.

As much as I hate to admit it, Franklin has done exactly what he said he was going to do at his initial press conference when he accepted the pedo state job, DOMINATE the recruiting scene and own PA. Coach Chryst better figure this recruiting thing out pretty quick because right now he is getting owned by Franklin and if he fails to bring in a lot more talent at key positions like QB, LB and D Line this year or next, at the latest, this program is going to remain mediocre going forward, with little chance of rising to the next level.

Very discouraging facts but true none the less.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.09.14 @ 7:55 am

While I agree that Chryst’ recruiting needs to get better and he is off to his usual slow start, I am not concerned about Franklin. PSU has always and will always dominate Pennsylvania. So far the only loss to them has been one lineman who never considered Pitt and was to choose B1G school no matter what.

Even in the glory days of Wanny recruiting, PSU always got theirs. Even in the Majors/Sherrill era, PSU had theirs.

Sure, Chryst needs to do better, but it has little to do with Franklin.

Last year’s recruiting class wasn’t bad, especially if James and Jennings pan out. it’s very early, let’s see how he finishes this year.

I’ve said all along we need more quality at linebacker and D-End, if he does not get a few this year I may join the naysayers.

Comment by gc 06.09.14 @ 8:21 am

Note that Franklin has three things going for him right now:

1) Most of the top prospects in PA this year are in the eastern part of the state

2) It is a good year also for New Jersey, and Rutgers’ program has become a near laughingstock

3) Due to the recent issues at Ped St, Franklin can promise most of these recruits immediate playing time … and in front of 100K crowds

While he is off to a flying start, it remains to be seen how it all translates on the field … and as it has been shown the past 2 years, PSU pretty much has 6 wins just by showing up.

Pitt’s best route is to reel off a couple of winning seasons. With its schedules this year, it has a chance.

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 9:32 am

On one hand, many are saying PA is not a FB player hot bed any more, so why the big deal that PSU is getting these not so good anymore PA players.

Wait until they play the games to be critical.

Comment by Frank MD 06.09.14 @ 9:35 am

Western PA used to be the primary rectuiting area for much of the 20th century … however, with population gains in FL, Tex and Cal and the decrease in WPa accordingly, this has changed drastically in the last 30 years.

Not only has Eastern PA caught up with W Pa, NJ has also. Further, for the past several years, Ohio, which has nearly 1M people less than PA, produced nearly twice the amount of D1 recruits.

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 9:46 am

It’s Monday and another week has passed with no word from Frankcan….. Frankie please come home.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.09.14 @ 9:46 am

I follow the CFL and was reading articles about the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ training camp which started last week and this made me throw up in my mouth, “PLAYS OF THE DAY:

Today’s mock game provided plenty of excitement and big plays on both sides of the ball. Second year quarterback Tino Sunseri found receiver Rob Bagg who tip toed to stay in bounds deep in the corner of the end zone.”

When did Tino ever make a high octane, big play for us?

Comment by AJ 06.09.14 @ 9:51 am

Boxed 8,9,11 for 6 bucks in the Belmont exacta and won $170 on my half a ticket. Chrome never had a chance, the distance, the surface, and the fresh competition was more than most horses can overcome. Horses going for the triple are the surest loser in in racing. Didn’t help that he had go 4 wide either.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.09.14 @ 9:52 am

AJ, to name one, he made a great throw to Felder (I believe) in the left corner of the end zone vs Rutgers … he also made a handful of others his senior year (21 TD passes … but of course, the anti-Tino rhetoric was so thick here, people seems to only remmeber the bad

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 10:26 am

Did I read that Yahoo/Rivals player rating on our new QB correctly ?

He’s rated the 27th best QB in PA ?

While I hope he’s another Zip Zorn lefty QB, seems like a stretch. 27th, that’s all we can get these days.

It’s a very good thing Toad recruited Voytik or Trey Anderson or true freshman Adam Bertke would be our starting QB this season.

These guys need to pick it up and with this easy schedule this year we need at least 8 regular season wins.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:27 am

What I do remember is Pitt never coming from behind to win a game from 2010 to 2014.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:28 am

FWIW, while PSU indeed has a great recruiting class on paper, only one comes from what is considered as prime recruiting area for Pitt … Jenkins at Baldwin.

All others come from the mid-Atlantic area which is prime PSU. PSU’s big competiton here comes from the likes of Rutgers, Maryland, UConn and maybe Syracuse … as I said above, the stars are aligned

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 10:31 am

@Frank MD, well played my friend, well played!!!

Comment by Dan 06.09.14 @ 10:33 am

@Frank MD, always wondered. Are you a doctor or do you live in Maryland?? Just curious.

Comment by Dan 06.09.14 @ 10:34 am

21 TD passes against the likes of Gardner Webb, Youngstown State, Buffalo, Temple, Uconn, USF & Uconn and Rutgers is no great shakes.

Quite possibly, the most pathetic Pitt schedule EVER !

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:37 am

The whole argument about the unfairness of running FRESH Horses in the Belmont lacks REAL BASIS when you consider the reality of the situation.

Yes, California Chrome got beat by what was likely a fresher pair of legs. But if you look back to the Preakness, he was also starting to get passed as he headed to the finish.

The argument that horses should be required to run in both the Derby and the Preakness in order to be eligible for the Belmont FAILS to explain how other horses have lost the Derby or the Preakness, but went on to win both the Preakness and the Belmont.

The PRIME EXAMPLE here is Afleet Alex who was upset at the wire in the Derby only to win GOING AWAY in both the Preakness and the Belmont.

It would be a CRIME TO CHANGE the rules at this point.

Simply stated, it takes a TRULY GREAT Horse to win the Triple Crown… and what better test of GREATNESS than to beat FRESHER albeit LESSER horses.

Chrome just wasn’t cut out to get the job done.

A Very Good Horse, but NOT Great.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.09.14 @ 10:42 am

Never heard of Jake Trotter. But to write that fluff piece on Pedo State, guy has to be an a-hole.

Left a foul taste in my mouth after only reading a few lines.

In fact I think I need to go throw up !!!

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:43 am

Just more of the famous EMEL anti-Tino rhetoric. Here is what Tino did against the best 5 teams Pitt played that year:

09/15/12 Virginia Tech
W 35-17 28 19 67.9 3 1 180.98
10/05/12 @ Syracuse
L 13-14 33 25 75.8 0 0 156.96
10/13/12 13 Louisville
L 35-45 37 28 75.7 2 0 158.68
11/03/12 @ 4 Notre Dame
L 26-29 29 19 65.5 1 0 124.40
11/24/12 Rutgers
W 27-6 39 21 53.8 2 0 119.67

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 10:47 am

All good points POD.

Not a great horse. It wasn’t like he was nosed out at the finish. He finished 4rth or 5th.

The Chrome owner might not have won the KD or Preakness had Tonalist, Commissioner and Medal Count raced in the other two. So that’s the other side.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:49 am

As for Chryst vs Franklin…

Outside of the Quarterback situation going into this year… not concerned about recruiting. Like the caliber of kids he’s bringing in whatever the Stars.

Do believe Chryst has a KNACK for identifying Diamonds.

The REAL QUESTION… “How many WINS in 2014?”

With the Coaching Staff IMPROVED OVERALL from a year ago… the time has come for Chryst to show himself capable of putting together a SOLID WINNING SEASON.

If that happens and the new Coaches prove their mettle… the RECRUITING can only GET BETTER.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.09.14 @ 10:52 am

lol wbb

Not going to argue about Tiny. Those stats look fine. What were they in the 4rth quarter (crunch time) of those games ?

If I’m anti-Tino, does that make you pro-Tino ?


Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 10:53 am

Yes, someone has to be

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 11:05 am

Are are we still stuck trying to RE-WRITE history?

Tino was HORRIBLE in the Second Half against Notre Dame.

Until now, I had managed to put it completely out of my mind thanks to a GALLANT PERFORMANCE and WIN by a Quarterback named Savage.

Thanks for the reminder.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.09.14 @ 11:09 am

Can’t wait to hear how good Tino was, in about 20 years.

Oy Vey !

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 11:17 am

I’m shocked we don’t get a ton of 5 stars with the great fan support Pitt has.

Comment by Nick 06.09.14 @ 11:18 am

It helps if you don’t judge by a SINGLE comment on a SINGLE day in June… but rather put things into the context of the countless comments by Regular Contributors over the course of a couple or three years.

Also helpful in drawing conclusions as to the level of fan support is considering the fact that many of the “Regulars” here are SUPPORTING Alumni and Season Ticket Holders.

Unlike INHABITANTS of the quote unquote “HAPPY VALLEY,”… for the most part, Pitt Fans are about KEEPING IT REAL… during Good Times and Bad.

It’s what makes us “US”… and them “THEM.”

Comment by PittofDreams 06.09.14 @ 11:41 am

Considering the bumbling & stumbling of the football program over a vast majority of the last 31 years that has increased to even higher levels since 2010, PITT still has pretty good support.

Now you wouldn’t know that if your main source of info is from the Pedo-Gazette or the Trib or the nitwits on Pgh. radio & TV. But we do.

And they really hate that !

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 12:04 pm


(that has increased to even higher levels of ineptitude since 2010, PITT still has pretty good support)

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 12:07 pm

I’ll be interested to see what tickets sales are this year. Last year with a home schedule that included FL St, UNC, ND and Miami .. and the 1st year in the ACC, Pitt averaged nearly 50k. This wasn’t close to its best years (03, 09 & 010) but decent.

This coming year has Iowa, Va Tech, Duke and GT .. a little less attractive, but has 2 legit crowd-pleasers in Boyd and Conner … so it wioll be nice to maintain that level

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 12:39 pm

Nick – If you want to blame someone blame Pederson. He makes what???/ 600k to do nothing???? Blame the guy who gets paid way to much not fans who have been let down year after year because of his idiotic decisions.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.09.14 @ 1:26 pm

Hi Dan

I am retired in MD after many engineering years with the Federal Government. Still a very loyal Pitt, Steeler and Pirate fan.


Comment by Frank MD 06.09.14 @ 1:36 pm

Good for you Frank. Like I said, just curious, knew it was one of the two.

I have several nephews and their wives and little ones live down there, so I get down often.

Germantown, and Potomac.

I hate to say this, but they are Penn Stater’s!!


Comment by Dan 06.09.14 @ 1:54 pm

PSU people here a lot but I do see a Pitt shirt often. We have 2 Giant Eagles in Frederick.

Comment by Frank MD 06.09.14 @ 2:34 pm

ESPN Power Index has Pitt at #41 (PSU#46),
our top 8 opponents – UNC (19), Miami (26), Va.Tech (35), Iowa (37), Duke (42), GT (47), Syr (55), UVA (61).

Comment by markp 06.09.14 @ 2:37 pm

Pitt fan support will flourish when the product Pitt puts on the field is entertaining to watch. Last season IMO, Pitt became fun to watch again! Donald was a phenom, Boyd did a fantastic Fitzgerald imitation, Conner became ordained “the Hammer” by Musberger during the ND win and this whole bunch of newcomers stepped it up enough to bring home Pitt’s 1st bowl win in three try’s, and that was an exciting come from behind victory that our freshman QB put together in the final quarter to give us a winning season, not too shabby!

Just win then watch the casual Pittsburgh college football fan step up to the Heinz Field ticket windows come game day. This city WILL support a winner, so just win baby, WIN!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.09.14 @ 3:10 pm

2015 hoops offer:

6/7/2014 – 2015 PF Dererk Pardon (6-8, 215, 2.5?) committed to Northwestern. – Per Link

Not a big loss at all, imo. Northwestern hoops is pathetic.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 4:01 pm


You are correct sir.
I don’t blame anyone not wanting to go see Pitt play from say……2010 to 2013. With you know who !

Could you ?

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 4:10 pm

Dr Tom I would add that with the exception of a simply phenomenal national-championship Flordia State team, Pitt had a chance to win every game it played. A few breaks and we would have won 8 or even nine games. This team is young and already competitive. It will be a real pleasure watching it mature into a winner.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.09.14 @ 4:11 pm

Hey does anyone know if Joe Uchebo, is participating in PITT’s summer hoops league ?

He of the gimpy knees.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 4:13 pm

@ Emel – Hornibrook is the 27th best player. Rivals database is down but Pitt.247 ranks Hornibrook as the 3rd best QB in the state. Right behind Shurmer and Brumbaugh. You could argue that Hornibrook is on the same level as Brumbaugh though, but he just plays in an offense that doesn’t feature as much passing. That being said, it makes you wonder what is causing the coaching staff to not have offered Brumbaugh at this point?

Anyway, glad we got Alex. My uncle coaches Lacrosse at Malvern so kind of a weird, so I guess I’m only about 3 degrees away from this particular recruit!

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.09.14 @ 4:19 pm

Oh ok Atlanta…..that sounds a lot better.

Thanks for the info ! :-)

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 4:38 pm

Hornibrook is also 6’4″ and 210 lbs. If Voytik is decent, Alex won’t smell the field for three years.
Plenty of time to develop.

Twelve freshmen played last year, how many will play this year? Jennings, James…

Comment by gc 06.09.14 @ 5:24 pm

Sounds good gc. We redshirt Horni in 2015, and he’s a redshirt freshman backup in 2016, Voytik’s senior year.

Then he has 3 years of eligibility left. Kid has nice size.

Comment by Emel 06.09.14 @ 5:46 pm

Brumbaugh is 6’3 1/2 and has big numbers, started as a soph but for some reason does not have a lot of offers. He may not have a great arm maybe but seems to be very productive

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 6:29 pm

ATH Quadree Henderson (Wilmington, DE) will make his decision tomorrow night at 8:30. It’s between Pitt and Boston College.

Comment by Mailman 06.09.14 @ 7:43 pm

Forgot to mention that Henderson had offers from WVU, Clemson and Nebraska, as well. But it comes to the Panthers and the Eagles. Projects as a slot receiver, I do believe.

Comment by Mailman 06.09.14 @ 7:48 pm

here is a market strategy for you, and another example of the plight of urban schools playing in an NFL city

link to

Comment by wbb 06.09.14 @ 7:57 pm

I’m predicting a nice run of commits here in the coming weeks…

Quadree Henderson, Kareem Ali Jr., Neal Nelson, Tre Tipton, Tony Pilato, John Petrishen, Sekai Lindsay…and ultimately, Jordan Whitehead…Am I missing anyone?

Comment by Gordo 06.10.14 @ 1:16 am

Rangers 0-3. Oy vey.

Comment by steve1 06.10.14 @ 6:09 am

Ali would be a major get, supposedly a Maryland lean. Is Whitehead even considering Pitt?

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 6:16 am

ESPN has Derek Pardon as the #31 PF, not otherwise ranked in their top 100. From Cleveland.

Not sure why we are out there offering players like this. Come next year, we will still have 2 years left with Young, Artis, and Jeter and 3-4 years left with Luther.

Sometimes it seems like we give out offers but otherwise don’t pursue the player or let them know we are not really interested. So, the player goes somewhere else and it LOOKS like he rejected us but in truth, we really were not going for the player.

We simply got no time availale at PF for the next two years at least. If we were to bring in Cheick
Diallo, we COULD move players to either side (Young to C, Artis to SF) to fit him but I am not sure that that would be such a good idea as it would adversely affect team chemistry.

IMO, would be better to go after Briscoe (SG) and Papagiannis (C) where we have slots available that they could fit in. But, it seems like Dixon has a penchant for PFs.

Actually, not sure it is all that wise to go after one-and-doners at all. Kevin Ollie proved you don’t need them to win a NC (I think his highest rated was around 100 coming out of HS) and they are here and then gone after one year.. which doesn’t do much for team chemistry.

Comment by Zaratoughda 06.10.14 @ 8:04 am

@Steve1, I expected more (as I’m sure you did also) from the Rangers last night. What the hell was that??

Never over, but………

Comment by Dan 06.10.14 @ 8:26 am

@steve 1 – I know. The Kings just flat out look better than we do in every phase of the game. And luck has been on their side. Still, it’s not over yet.

Go Rangers!


Comment by Pitt Dad 06.10.14 @ 8:29 am

Gordo, I like your list, hope something starts happening soon.

Zaratoughda, I agree, one and dones more trouble than they are worth, unless like Kentucky, you can get several each year.

Comment by gc 06.10.14 @ 8:36 am

As I predicted a month ago I see that Sterling is now going to fight the NBA and not sell his team. No matter how wrong his statements were the NBA isn’t going to be able to force him to sell his property. Not only has his privacy been violated he wasn’t given any opportunity to defend himself. This is America and no matter how wrong you are you have a right to speak your mind. He was and old rich guy trying to get laid by a slut who was using him for his money. That makes him a stupid slice of slime but it doesn’t mean the media and their dupe commissioner can deny him his rights. Why do some people get a pass on bigoted statements and others get crucified. The whole mess is a huge over reaction.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 9:52 am

The liberal suck up media loves to hop on a guy like Sterling because they resent his wealth. He made the mistake of being way too successful. They feign being so irritated by his racist statements when what really bothers them is that he doesn’t conform to their slant on integration. This is America and just because it has become fashionable to join the jolly embrace of equality across racial , gender and even homosexual fences, that doesn’t mean everybody has to go along with the prescribed program. I am more concerned with his rights being trampled by the mass condemnation the media has generated than any harm done to blacks by his statements. Seriously how much damage did this asshole really do? He was trying to get laid by a bimbo 50 years younger than him in the privacy of his home. Clinton did way worse and he is a media darling.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 10:08 am

just for sake of argument (not that I rteally give a damn) …. Isn’t Sterling’s WISHY-WASHY actions the bane of conservative thought?

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 10:54 am

sos22, the 1st amendment guarantees that a person is not arrested for his opinion (except treason, etc) .. and that’s it!

If I call my boss a slut on Facebook, I may not be arressted but I certainly can (and probably should) be fired. The NBA has its own governing body (the owners) who votes on the entry of all of its owners .. it’s its own country club, so to speak.

I won’t argue that there is hyprocrisy in the NBA, and even more telling, is Sterlling’s previous racial record which went checked by the NBA, however, they apparently also have the right to sanction one of its own.

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 11:02 am

corection … Sterling’s previous racial record went UNchecked by the NBA ..

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 11:04 am

PA rules help to diminish football talent pool by disallowing spring practices and restricting regular season to nine games. Y’ll who live in the region would know better, but it seems allowing private schools to compete in the WPIAL may be a factor (private schools not allowed in Texas UIL divisions). These may be minor issues but they contribute.

Same with hoops Our high schools play about 30 regular season games depending on how many tournaments they schedule pre-UIL divisions. By the time high school PA hoops play begins, our teams have played five or more games.

Seven-on-seven ball is a big deam right now.

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.10.14 @ 11:19 am

deal not deam

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.10.14 @ 11:20 am

Wow this kid is massive (and apparently hungry)

While Jaryd Jones-Smith is raw, his size is something that cannot be duplicated. At spring practice, it was reported that he used last season to grow to 6’8″ and 330 pounds. That is a massive human being and according to many, one of his strengths is his wing-span and athleticism.

I predict Biz gets moved to Guard !

Comment by Emel 06.10.14 @ 12:08 pm

gc, Pitt Dad:

1)Lundqvist has to be his super-human self but he’s been only human.

2) Quick HAS been super-human

3) The Kings are HUGE.

4) The breaks have clearly favored the Kings. (the non-interference call in game 2 especially)

5) The Kings are HUGE.

Comment by steve1 06.10.14 @ 12:59 pm

Dan, please see above!

Comment by steve1 06.10.14 @ 1:01 pm

wbb, It ain’t no club it is a multi billion dollar business, and I bet when it is all said and done they can’t make him sell the team. Making a bigoted comment to some slut in your own home isn’t like he abused black folks. You would think someone actually was hurt here. The media sensationalized this so they could show how sensitive they are to bigotry. How about the hypocricy of the NAACP who were about to award him a second lifetime achievement award. They’d embrace a snake for 20 bucks. He still owns the team and he isn’t going to sell, and there isn’t anything the NBA can do to make him.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 1:04 pm

why do you always blame the messenger? The guy kept company with a young, probaby wild lady less than half his age who apparently totally resented his attitude and made him pay big time. He is responsible for both (1) his viewpoint and (2) the company he keeps.

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 1:16 pm

She was no lady and he is an idiot but that doesn’t change the fact that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Lifetime ban and sell your 2 billion dollar company.Then get raked over the coals by every form of media known to man. Seriously where is there any justice here. Black people were more harmed by him not giving any more money to the NAACP than by anything he said.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 1:39 pm

2 billion dollar company? Do you have any idea the profit he would have made for that price tag? By all accounts, the pending sale was WAY overpriced … or in other words, the rich get richer.

And it’s his fellow m(b)illionaires who allegedly will vote him out.

Lastly, doesn’t his opinion just enable people like you .. who respect people with money no matter what?

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 1:56 pm

The tax man cannot wait to see Sterling.

Any recruiting tidbits?

Comment by Frank MD 06.10.14 @ 2:04 pm

They can vote and the media can scream and the players can complain but this is America and he has rights too. He is also rich so he has the wherewithal to protect those rights. Get used to him owning the Clippers because he isn’t going away. He wins in a court of law all day long.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 2:16 pm

No argument here. The best lawyers usually win but what hurts, is that these wins set legal precedents

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 2:22 pm

The Sterling thing is a complete mess.

It is clear that the NBA owners have the ability, based on their by laws, to vote him out and require him to sell. He can certainly challenge this in court, but most of the legal opinions I’ve read believe he will lose. Bottom line, when he bought the team he agreed abide by the by laws. The by laws allow the other owners to vote him out with 75% vote.

I think Cuban raises the more interesting question, which is SHOULD they vote him out? He’s right, it would put them on a “slippery slope”. If you toss Sterling for making reprehensible PRIVATE comments to a whore, can you toss someone for expressing other unpopular or politically incorrect views? What about expressing anti-gay marriage sentiments, could that be considered homo phobic? Would that be grounds for removal? Where does it end? The answer appears to be, “wherever 75% of the owners say it does”. Exception becomes precedent, precedent becomes policy. Cuban makes a good, but unpopular, point about setting precedents like this.

I have no doubt that the owners would vote him out in a heartbeat. It is good for their business to have him out. Period.

However, at this point it won’t come to a vote of the owners. Sterling’s wife had him declared mentality incompetent, she took over the family trust, she has the right to make decisions about their assets and she sold the team. So if Sterling wants to sue someone, he needs to sue the family trust (ironically, since he is a part of the trust, he would be suing himself?).

Even considering the tax implications, he is going to make out like a bandit. He’s selling a team that had been valued at $500m for $2b. Saying “no” to that deal would be further proof of mental incompetence.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 06.10.14 @ 2:59 pm

Boubacar, I disagree, I say he isn’t going to sell and they can’t make him. I say he wins easy in court because his privacy was violated and he didn’t break any law.

Comment by spiritofsection22 06.10.14 @ 3:31 pm

I forgot to mention one other interesting legal note.

In the agreement to sell the team, Sterling’s wife indemnified both Balmer and the NBA against any lawsuits that Sterling might file. So really, he is in essence SUING HIMSELF.

The guy really is mentally unfit. He should just shut up and take the money. He could buy an unending supply of Viagra and hookers and live out the last few years of his life in bliss.

Instead he’s going to piss away his money on lawyers. and trust me, lawyers can spend it a lot faster than hookers. Or so I’ve been told. Thankfully, I don’t have much personal experience with either. :)

Comment by Boubacar Aw 06.10.14 @ 3:40 pm

Sterling would have had a better chance fighting the NBA than he does fighting his wife. Unfortunately for him, that’s where the fight is now.

Here’s a good summary from CBS of where things are with the whole Sterling Saga:

The Donald Sterling saga is far from over. Shelley Sterling and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer have already agreed to a sale of the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion and the NBA has agreed to let the transfer of ownership of the team replace the process of removing Sterling as the owner of the team. After Donald Sterling gave his support to the deal and abandoned a $1 billion federal lawsuit against the NBA, it looks like he’s now going against the sale.

Sterling has pulled his support of the sale of the franchise to Ballmer and is now re-pursuing his lawsuit against the league, according to his lawyer Max Blecher. From the Associated Press:

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has pulled his support from a deal to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and will pursue his $1 billion federal lawsuit against the NBA, his attorney said Monday.

“We have been instructed to prosecute the lawsuit,” said attorney Maxwell Blecher. He said co-owner Donald Sterling would not be signing off on the deal to sell.

The $2 billion sale was negotiated by his wife Shelly Sterling after Donald Sterling’s racist remarks to a girlfriend were publicized and the NBA moved to oust him as owner.

The lawsuit alleges the league violated his constitutional rights by relying on information from an “illegal” recording that publicized racist remarks he made to a girlfriend. It also said the league committed a breach of contract by fining Sterling $2.5 million and that it violated antitrust laws by trying to force a sale.

The NBA’s unwillingness to revoke a $2.5 million fine against Sterling and a lifetime ban from the league seems to have spurred the reversal of his blessing toward the sale. This isn’t likely to keep the sale of the franchise from going through, nor did NBA commissioner Adam Silver seem very concerned with a potential lawsuit when he addressed the media before Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

This is just yet another reversal of course and overall waste of time in Sterling’s attempt to delay the inevitable.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 06.10.14 @ 4:03 pm

spirit, you also predicted Terry Smith would lose in court, he didn’t, the case was settled. Same thing that will happen with this one. But at least it gave you a chance to take another shot at Clinton.

This has become a case of rich folks fighting over money. I could care less.

How about some recruiting news?

Comment by gc 06.10.14 @ 4:20 pm

This is meant for Hagen and all the rest of the guys who “demand” the comments on the football team be positive. Guys, there really has not been alot to be positive about football since Wannstedt won 9 games.

Yes, Chryst is the real deal. He is just not the right deal for Pitt in the 21st Century or for recruiting; too much holier than thou. Academics, character, and then athletics last, just won’t cut it. We had a coach like that going back about 6 coaches ago. It didn’t work then either!

You can wish all you like for a bunch of diamonds in the ruff. It just doesn’t really happen in the real world. You need to sign 4 and 5 star players first then hope they develop.

Chryst, right now, is like dying of cancer. You know what is going to happen, but you keep hoping against hope!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.10.14 @ 7:46 pm

welcome to the fold Quadree .. always nice to get a 3-star from our first state

link to

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 7:50 pm

Quadree Henderson has committed to Pitt.

He projects as a slot receiver for the Panthers. The final decision came down between the Panthers and Boston College.

Scout: ***
247: ***
Rivals: ***

Highlights: link to

Other Offers: Boston College, Clemson, Nebraska, Rutgers

Comment by Mailman 06.10.14 @ 7:51 pm

Also had an offer from the sheep lovers from across the border.

Comment by Mailman 06.10.14 @ 7:51 pm

speaking of character …. there are some nice pictures on Twitter showing Shelden Jeter and Mike Young working with kids at Pitt BB camp.

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 7:54 pm

more on Quadree … apparently Boyd played a key role

link to

Comment by wbb 06.10.14 @ 8:01 pm

@ Old Pitt Grad.

Wanny won 10 games in 2009 and 9 in 2008.

While I agree with your sentiment, we have to have some hope.

Cause without hope, there’s no sense in any of us being here.

And with that hope we have to hope, that lightning will strike twice in the same place. We were a dead program in 1972 and lightning struck.

Hope it happens again before I shuffle off this rock.

Comment by Emel 06.11.14 @ 8:21 am

Guess I should have included, no sense in any of us being here….other than the trolls who come to get their rocks off.

Comment by Emel 06.11.14 @ 8:23 am

Thoughts of shuffling off the rock not uncommon now.

I see Chryst going to some major bowl games in the future but don’t see participation in the college football final four. No one aggressive enough in Pitt administration to make that happen.

I see the new chancellor being pretty hands-off athletics. We’ll be dealing as much or more with the Cornhole.

Jamie has a much better chance of making the Final Four than HCPC, but even that’s a long shot.

Okay, did I troll???

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.11.14 @ 11:29 am

lol Tony

Nope you aren’t considered a troll. We know who they are….and you ain’t one.

Agree JD has a much better chance, since he’s had us close.

Football not so much :-(

Comment by Emel 06.11.14 @ 12:27 pm

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