May 14, 2014

ACC Discovers Italics

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No one really gets too worked up over conference logos. It doesn’t carry the emotional weight of a school logo. In the end they all just seem like corporate branding exercises.

Apparently the ACC is updating its logo, where the primary change is with italics.

Then there is this color scheme version.

I don’t know if they are keeping the new color scheme from the blue and white, but I don’t disapprove.

I mean, sure they could go with more of a yellow rather than a gold. Perhaps even make the blue more of a royal blue rather than that bland navy-ish blue.

And while we are at it, maybe make the logo script.

And another thing, it’s not “Atlantic Coast Conference.” Nor should it be called “A-C-C.” No this is Acc. Pronounce it that way and don’t lose the identity.

Doesn’t matter much to us, we don’t put it on the field anyway.

Comment by Dan 05.14.14 @ 7:50 am

So this morning ESPN has this article about the conference scheduling drama in the ACC:

link to

I think this is a great idea. It’s guaranteed to make the ACC the butt of Power 5 jokes.

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.14.14 @ 8:27 am

Tony, I agree, since we only are scheduled to play most teams in the other ACC division once every 6 years (or is it more?), I have no problem with it.

Comment by wbb 05.14.14 @ 8:33 am

Well, I’d rather play NC St. or Wake Forest than Akron or Toledo.

Does sound silly initially, but after thinking about it, why not?

This also may be being thrown out there, as a push, to move some AD’s thoughts and votes, to a 9 game schedule. Yes, they confirmed 8 at the meetings, but that can be changed anytime, at the very least, at next years meetings.

Comment by Dan 05.14.14 @ 8:55 am

Agree Dan, who wants to wait another 12 years before hosting Florida State again.

Hardly seems like a conference for football when you’re only playing half the conference that often at home.

And very hard to buildup any kind of rivalry(animosity) as well with any in the Coastal Division.

Comment by Emel 05.14.14 @ 11:59 am

ACC needs to: get it’s cable channel going, convince NCAA to allow open scheduling (no divisions) and permit championship game, tell ND in or out (if no get UCONN), and have annual rotating FB and BB championship sites.
I think I said enough.

Comment by Frank MD 05.14.14 @ 12:51 pm

“This prompted discussion at the spring meetings about scheduling fellow ACC teams as nonconference opponents in future seasons. Some possible future ACC “nonconference” games could pit Miami against Syracuse, Duke against NC State, and Clemson against Virginia.”

That is absurd, non-con games against conference opponents.

Just go to a 9 game schedule and stop the non-sense.

Comment by Emel 05.14.14 @ 1:15 pm

@TonyinHouston, maybe not the butt of so many jokes. Take a look at this. Big Ten talking about doing it too, and they already have a 9 game conference schedule. Smells like money. I don’t know how. Someone once told me, follow the money!! LOL

link to

Comment by Dan 05.14.14 @ 5:16 pm

The only logo change I care about is when Pitt goes back to the script!!!! Do it!!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 05.17.14 @ 7:02 pm

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