April 21, 2014

Pitt Adds a Late Local

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Curious to say the least, but Pitt has added a new member to the 2014 recruiting class.

Cameron Johnson is a local kid. He goes to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Which is apparently in Coraopolis. He was the Trib player of the year. He’s had a significant growth spurt in the last year.

Johnson started his junior season as a 6-foot-2, 165-pound point guard. He now stands 6-6, 185, and can play almost anywhere.

β€œI expected to grow at least some in high school because my parents are tall and my mom grew late,” said Johnson, whose father is 6-8 and mother is 5-11.

β€œIt’s allowed me to play more positions, that’s for sure. I’ve always stuck to point guard and shooting guard. Now, I can fill in at small forward and power forward. That’s what schools like to see, a guy who is versatile and can play multiple positions.”

He may be up to around 6-7 or 6-8 at this point. His father, Gil Johnson, played at Pitt from 1988-90.

Johnson is not a rated recruit. He has strong academics so he had schools like Rice, Penn and Columbia after him. Late in the recruiting season schools like Stanford, BC and Virginia have been sniffing around him.

I don’t know what to say. It’s intriguing because he has had such a surge in growth. A 6-8 combo guard sounds very, very tantalizing. No doubt he is a project and will be redshirting.

The other thing this does is raise the question of from where is the scholarship is coming?

Even assuming Detrick Mostella never makes it to Pitt (a reasonable assumption), Pitt is already at the limit.

Guards: Newkirk, Robinson, Wright and Jones (4)

Forwards: Johnson, Jeter, Luther, Artis and Young (5)

Center/Forwards: Randall, Uchebo, Haughton and Doorson (4)

That’s the 13 scholarship limit and Cameron Johnson makes 14. Is someone transferring/being forced out? Is there a member of the incoming recruiting class that won’t have the academics?

I don’t know. My knee-jerk guess might be Joseph Uchebo. Pitt added two bigs to this class and Uchebo was not able to do anything on his surgically repaired knee this year. I don’t know if there is a medical waiver that might come into play, or something else. Like I said, this is just a guess at this point.

Let the rampant speculation commence.

Per Dixon Haughton is only going to play Center–no PF. It sounds to me like he is expected to start and be the man defending the paint and blocking shots.

As Johnson needs a year or two to get stronger per Dixon, also–he is definitely, I expect, going to redshirt.

Both signed LOIs per the official site so, IMHO, Pitt is done with bringing in anyone else for the class of 2014.

IMO, Uchebo gets a medical hardship to bring the roster down to the NCAA limit of 13. I truly doubt they bring in any more 2014 players or run anyone off. The only real need is for a center who is an offensive threat on anything more than putbacks. I don’t think there is anyone out there left that fits that bill.

Comment by pitt1972 04.21.14 @ 8:26 pm

@UPone, Here’s how I figure it:

1. Dixon will play the best defenders. Artis can improve, but he is not yet good at defense.

2. Jeter is good and can play the “4”. He may take Artis’ minutes.

Comment by Howard 04.21.14 @ 8:29 pm

OLSH ! OLSH! I’m a proud father of 4 OLSH grads.

Comment by alcofan 04.21.14 @ 9:51 pm

Foster played in AL spring game. Caught a few passes (1 TD). Finally may play this year.

Comment by Frank MD 04.21.14 @ 9:51 pm

Johnson is a great free throw shooter.

Comment by alcofan 04.21.14 @ 9:53 pm

@steve 1 and Emel – that year Sean Miller was hurt he had the same surgery I had had in high school – extra cartilege around the ankle joint restricting ankle movement and causing fatigue and pain. It effectively gives you a broken foot for six weeks and then a long time to build up stamina on it. I had both feet done, I can’t remember what Miller did.

From what I remember, him missing that year really hurt what could have been a very good team.

Comment by KeyboardKev 04.22.14 @ 6:45 am

Darrell Porter took over as point guard and did fine and had decent numbers (assists). However, the following year when Sean returned, you can see a much better offensive flow and halfcourt offense.

Comment by wbb 04.22.14 @ 7:26 am

i grew an inch reading this

Comment by paul shannon 04.22.14 @ 10:15 am

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