March 20, 2014

No games in front of Pitt, so barring a power outage the game should start on time.

1:40 pm on TBS.

I’m either DVR delayed or secretly watching the game at a bar while technically at work. Either way, that means you won’t be hearing much from me.

I do expect a close one. I wish the Buffs was more hateable. I like Colorado and their coach, Tad Boyle. He’s done an amazing job at a place where there has been even less historical success than at Pitt. This is the first time they have ever made the NCAA Tournament three straight years. It was 50 years ago from the last time they went in consecutive years.

Both teams will be emphasizing defense and rebounds. Similar philosophies and all.

The issue for Colorado is offensive efficiency. They turn the ball over a good deal. For Pitt, it usually comes down to the shooting. Not just from outside but are the shots going when they get close to the basket.

I think we’ll know in the first 5 minutes which Pitt team showed up today. Important for their confidence (and mine!) to start well. H2P!

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 12:10 pm

I am DVRing. So, I need to go dark soon. Will be back tonight sometime. Blue and gold boxers on.


Comment by pmdH2P 03.20.14 @ 12:20 pm

Streaming from phone seems to be working well… hopefully it doesn’t cut out!

Comment by Benzene 03.20.14 @ 12:34 pm

Online stream here: Don’t download the player though.

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 12:41 pm

Nice start.

Comment by Mailman 03.20.14 @ 12:45 pm

Great start

Comment by Steve h 03.20.14 @ 12:45 pm

Defense looks great

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 12:51 pm

Yes a great start, they need to stay consistent the entire game

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.20.14 @ 12:51 pm

Well, this is going well… Hope we don’t let up ala the UNC game.

Comment by Pitt2Cali 03.20.14 @ 12:54 pm

Just keep feeding Talib. Looks like he has the stomach for it.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 12:56 pm

Blow Out!!!!!!

Comment by Steve h 03.20.14 @ 12:59 pm

Got to make the bunnies.

Comment by Yeti 03.20.14 @ 1:00 pm

You really couldn’t ask for a better start.

Comment by Mailman 03.20.14 @ 1:00 pm

Looks like they aren’t calling anything in this game.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 1:00 pm

What happens when Patterson warms up?

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 1:00 pm

Did I hear correctly that Zanna is sick or was that another player?

Comment by Yeti 03.20.14 @ 1:01 pm

Pretty evident Pitt was under seeded

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.20.14 @ 1:09 pm

Anybody think maybe the ACC was tougher than advertised?

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 1:09 pm

this is boys against men right now. 11 year old boys.

Comment by deepelemblues 03.20.14 @ 1:09 pm

Now we know why Dixon preaches defense.

Comment by Pitt2Cali 03.20.14 @ 1:12 pm

Deep… Is Ped St. playing? 😉

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 1:13 pm

no so thankfully the only pummeling will be taking place on the basketball court and not in the locker room

Comment by deepelemblues 03.20.14 @ 1:13 pm

annnnd deepelemblues with the slam!

Comment by Benzene 03.20.14 @ 1:15 pm

Holy crap. Beat down.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 03.20.14 @ 1:19 pm

Dayton beat tOSU!

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.20.14 @ 1:20 pm

The luckies go down bye bye tOSU

Comment by Steve h 03.20.14 @ 1:20 pm

Sweeeeet….Dayton won. Another overrated B1G team goes down…

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 1:21 pm

alright this is fun….uptempo we kick ass

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:21 pm

Had Dayton in my bracket…another big joke team goes down…#2

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:22 pm

Looking good. The crazy thing is that despite the score, I’m upset every time we don’t get the ball.

Comment by Justinian 03.20.14 @ 1:23 pm

The BIG10 was supposed to be so great two teams gone and the tourney just started

Comment by Steve h 03.20.14 @ 1:24 pm

Hint to the Selection Committee…when a team loses twice to Ped State they’re not a 6 seed.

Of course TV ratings are all that really count…

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 1:26 pm

I wonder what Donovan is thinking about the Saturday matchup right about now?

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 1:28 pm

wowza..that was our best half of the season

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:29 pm

Hilgrove and Groat having a great time broadcasting this one so far.

Comment by Panther Pride 03.20.14 @ 1:30 pm

makes you wonder how good the PAC 12 is, don’t think they play PITT type of defense out there

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:30 pm

That might have been our best half…. ever.

Comment by thestumper 03.20.14 @ 1:31 pm

Z has 16 pts already
Wright has 10
Lamar has 8
JR has 6 assists

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:33 pm

Panthers kickin’ ass and taking names!

Comment by Leaseman 03.20.14 @ 1:34 pm

right stumper…when was the last time against a real D1 team we were up by 28 pts at the half

But in The Dance…this is awesome

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:35 pm

Go Pitt! Go Archie! Now Albany just needs to beat thr Gators. LOL

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.20.14 @ 1:36 pm

That was awesome. Keep up the intensity on D & put this one away comfortably.

Comment by Nick 03.20.14 @ 1:36 pm

And I know it’s cliche, but I literally think you could have found a bunch of <35 guys in the stands that would have played a better 1st half for Colorado. Exactly what do you say as a coach at halftime… down 30?

"Alright guys, we, uh, need to ummmmm…. actually play basketball and, ummmm…. you know what, f*ck it…"

If this beating continues in the second half, I will concede that the people here bitching about the seed might have had more of a point than I gave them credit for :-)

Comment by thestumper 03.20.14 @ 1:37 pm

Anybody have an internet link for Hilgrove & Groat….

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:37 pm

Keep the hammer down!

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 1:37 pm

Randall should get plenty of PT in the second half. Rest Zanna! Same with Young.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 03.20.14 @ 1:38 pm

Been following Pitt BB for over 30 years and can’t recall a performance like this in the tournament…they usually always play down to their competition…it’s quite enjoyable!!

Comment by Leaseman 03.20.14 @ 1:38 pm

Announcers were so damn busy talking about that putz from CU..they missed Derrick Randall’s ONLY 3 point play of the season…Go Derrick

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:40 pm

What might have been with a healthy DJ and no ankle injury. Zanna is a man possessed.

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 1:40 pm

CU is gonna have to come out pressing so this should be good practice for next game…keep pushing the ball !

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:41 pm

Blowout is awesome because the team will be really rested for Saturday. Ever since the miracle at Little John the team has been completely different. 4th straight good performance by the team.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.20.14 @ 1:42 pm

Leaseman, with the caveat of, there is still another half to play, you are totally right: so different from so many Pitt Tourney games in the past.

Comment by DD 03.20.14 @ 1:43 pm

Per Bill Hilgrove, Pitt’s 28 pt halftime lead is the largest in NCAA tournament history.

Comment by Nick 03.20.14 @ 1:43 pm

What a great half. I think we ALL needed that!

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 1:45 pm

Methinks the wrong team was considered a bubble team.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 03.20.14 @ 1:46 pm

Bill Hillgrove commented that after the Virginia game, Terry Holland came to them and said, ” You guys certainly didn’t get calls today.”

Comment by Justinian 03.20.14 @ 1:47 pm

Wow! Buffs spirit looked broken. It will be interesting to see how they come out of the locker room.

Can you listen to Hilgrove and Groat online?

Comment by CalvinHobbes 03.20.14 @ 1:47 pm

Wardapalooza, yes…I think if we can actually somehow make it to the sweet 16 this year, then it will be the year of the Miracle at Little John. The turning point! For a team looking really deep in the dumps for the 3 weeks before that.

Comment by DD 03.20.14 @ 1:48 pm

Hilgrove just said this is the biggest NCAA half time lead in history. Hard to believe with all the 1-16 games.

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 1:48 pm

lol how did bill cowher get this Time-Warner cable gig ?

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:49 pm

I tried to get the 93.7 the Fan online and it’s a national show, not the Pitt game.

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 1:50 pm

TV guys just called Pitt’s offense a well oiled machine. When’s the last time you heard that??

Comment by dinosaur 71 03.20.14 @ 1:52 pm has the game live streaming

Comment by Coach Ditka 03.20.14 @ 1:53 pm

Buffs did not come out strong in second half. Looks like they are just going through the motions.

Comment by Yeti 03.20.14 @ 1:53 pm

The NCAA smartphone app works really well if you have a cable provider.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.20.14 @ 1:54 pm

Z says,,,get that crap outta here

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:56 pm

where was that foul on patterson?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 1:56 pm

yea The Fan never has the Pitt games streaming…sux

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 1:59 pm

A little sloppy these last few minutes. Going to take a quick shot, have to make it Cam Wright. He still has that tendency to go up meekly here and there. Same with Young. Crash the rim, gentlemen!

Comment by Carmen 03.20.14 @ 2:01 pm

we’re only up 29…i might have to start drinking :-)

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:01 pm

both teams playing like they want it over !

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:08 pm

Pitt has 16 assists….CU..3

Pitt has 10 steals (that’s got to be a season high)

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:09 pm

Just got out of a meeting. Love the score.

Comment by Caw Miller 03.20.14 @ 2:10 pm

Think Colorado would mind doing the full-court press so we could get a little extra practice against it?

Comment by Hank the Tank 03.20.14 @ 2:13 pm

Jones resembles Lamar a little especially on that left handed layup

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:16 pm

Question is: Why haven’t they pressed? Basically the coach has given up. There is almost no way to come back from this kind of deficit without pressing. Amazing.

Comment by Carmen 03.20.14 @ 2:17 pm

LP and JR both having rough days shooting. Should we give them some more shots to see if they can work out the kinks?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 2:18 pm

Now Albany beats FLA and we are set.

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 2:18 pm

Right guys no press….weird….maybe their coach didn’t want to lose by 56 pts. haha

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:21 pm

The entire Colorado team has thrown in the towel.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 03.20.14 @ 2:22 pm

Better that Lamar shoots bad today. Percentages always even out.

Spread will be Florida by 5ish eh?

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.20.14 @ 2:23 pm

Good idea, Hank.

Comment by Caw Miller 03.20.14 @ 2:23 pm

Jones is just not that tall.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 2:26 pm

Blood but no foul?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 2:29 pm

Friendly Fire

Comment by Hank the Tank 03.20.14 @ 2:31 pm

Uchebo with the deuce

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:31 pm

That was Big Joe’s 2nd basket of the season !

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:33 pm

Pitt may be under-seeded. Colorado belongs in the CBI.

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 2:35 pm

@Hank – ah. Thanks. I missed that.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 2:35 pm

Hoping that Randall just had a bloody nose. Need those back-up minutes for Zanna. Uchebo not ready to face the likes of Fla. And I know he’s had major knee issues, but I can’t fathom how Uchebo’s legs could be so scraggly.

And Cincy better turn that thing around. Need that for my bracket.

Comment by Carmen 03.20.14 @ 2:35 pm

wow Jones is doing his Lamar impersonation

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:35 pm

Save some of these buckets for Saturday, boys.

Comment by Jeff 03.20.14 @ 2:38 pm


Comment by Mailman 03.20.14 @ 2:40 pm

Jones was on fire…4-4 FG 8 points, he even nailed the long 3 pointer that didn’t count cause JD wanted to get Ko into the game

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:41 pm

And we hit my point target of 75-80 points ! Yes

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:42 pm

Bring on the reptiles.

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 2:44 pm

Off the snide, great win.

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 2:44 pm

Pitt bench nearly outscored Colorado’s top 3. Wow.

Very impressive game start to finish.

On to the next one.


Comment by Pitt Dad 03.20.14 @ 2:45 pm

That’s so great for Lamar & Z to get a big NCAA Tourney win…after the last couple years.

And everyone got to play !

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:46 pm

Yep gc…off the schneid in a big big way …woohoo, woohoo, woohoo Let’s go Pitt !!!

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:48 pm

Do not want to bring anyone down at all but JR and Nuke were each 1 for 6 from the field. Hope they were just saving if for Saturday…..on to Florida.


Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 2:50 pm

Maybe the Marmadukes can be the first 16 seed to beat a #1.

Although if we play like we did against UNC for 30 minutes and today’s first half, we could give Florida all they want.

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 2:54 pm

Great win! Bring on the Gators.

I don’t think the Panthers are at the same level but they have a chance. All you can ask for.

Comment by notrocketscience 03.20.14 @ 2:57 pm

The TV announcers repeatedly metioned the biggest lead ever – I’m thinking that Hillgrove meant the biggest halftime lead ever FOR PITT…what a display, even though Patterson’s shot had one of its off days he didn’t have his careless turnovers and had some great passes.

Harvard looking good, maybe Albany can pull off a miracle…hopefully we can make Florida pay for their press. Go Pitt!

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.20.14 @ 2:59 pm

Has ESPNU shown the Pitt press conference yet?

All I see is this commiseration of Ohio Fake’s Kraft.

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:01 pm

WOW!!!!!!! Hail to our Panthers and coaching staff! UPone

Comment by UPone 03.20.14 @ 3:01 pm

When I wear my work clothes to watch the game, we win (today, vs WF, vs NC).

Saturday I’ll have to pretend I’m at work

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.20.14 @ 3:02 pm

@keyboard – isn’t that what you do every day anyway?

LOL just kidding.

Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 3:07 pm

Amazing Pitt only had 3 turnovers.

And forced CU into 17 !

Can’t remember the last time we EVER had only 3 turnovers..

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:09 pm

Our first win against a higher seed and it’s a record win. Sweeeet….

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 3:11 pm

Anyone know a way I can see a replay of this game?

Comment by panther94 03.20.14 @ 3:12 pm

The Panthers were wearing their work clothes today…

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 3:12 pm

Florida is pressing Albany….

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 3:15 pm

ESPNU just said….Pitt press conference coming up shortly.

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:15 pm

I thought PITT played a 2-3 zone from the start and
that’s what got us started.
Post Gazette has them playing a man to man.
Was I wrong on what I saw?

Comment by Tackle made by Hugh 03.20.14 @ 3:16 pm

@Tvax, where’s the drumroll and cymbal crash when you need it!

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.20.14 @ 3:21 pm

@Key, keep up the good work!

Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 3:29 pm

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 3:29 pm

Cincy just went down…

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 3:30 pm

Albany leading Fla…at the 10 minute mark

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:31 pm

We got some good pub on the ESPNU press conference, although they cutoff JD…schmucks

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:32 pm

5 perfect brackets left after the Harvard win…..

….out of 15

Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 3:34 pm


Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 3:35 pm


Comment by TVax 03.20.14 @ 3:36 pm

refs are starting to call all the fouls against Albany…still tied

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:37 pm

I predicted this blowout. With Colorado an eight seed and Pitt a nine, I knew Pitt’s had something to prove and was pi$$ed about given no respect. I content both Pitt and Colorado were seeded improperly. Now, Pitt can turn everyone’s pool upside down. Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 03.20.14 @ 3:39 pm

I work in downtown Orlando (I look at the arena from my office) and had tickets to the game but couldn’t get out of work obligations, which really, really sucked!

I did watch the majority of the game from my computer and…wow! Pitt was certainly clicking on all cylinders. I’m ecstatic about the win, and an added bonus was that we got to keep the starters minutes down and the reserves got some good pt. You never know when we may need someone likes Jones.

I’m sure Florida will run away from Albany eventually. They will press and we will have to be ready for it.

Comment by JAM05Pitt 03.20.14 @ 3:43 pm

That was fun but that is are one win and now were done just hope we play well.

Comment by Frankcan 03.20.14 @ 3:45 pm

Haaaaaaarvard beats Cincy

The dreaded 12/5 game

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:50 pm

To further clarify…apparently pitt set the largest margin of victory ever for a 9 over an 8, and if that last basket would not have gone it would have been the largest 8/9 margin ever

link to

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.20.14 @ 3:52 pm

Dunno about you MariettaMike, but I certainly did !

Based on CU scores and the way ‘they’ want to play.
We need to speed up the tempo of the game. They will want to play slogball, will JD allow it ?

I think we can blow them out, ala Wake, Clemson or UNC (for the first 30 minutes)Standford & Texas Tech, if we get that ball off the boards and push it in transition.

Comment by Emel 03.19.14 @ 5:44 pm

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:54 pm

Got to toot my own horn(which really isn’t my style)… since I’ve been told by some I know nothing of bball.

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 3:57 pm

Loved this …..Dixon has the boys believing and playing well. One game at a time…bring on the Gators!!!

Comment by Pitt fan from Canada 03.20.14 @ 3:58 pm

The Marmadukes making the Floridians work, they were huffing & puffing. And that Christine Leahy is very hot !

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 4:01 pm

Now that Zanna is healthy and has found his groove this team has the potential to be a complete team capable of playing high caliber basketball as in one of the top ten teams in the nation. Virginia is a final four team and if not for a gutless non call Pitt VA goes overtime. Pitt wasn’t the team it is now and played the then #1 team to what should have been a win in Pittsburgh. It’s an injustice to the sport that one of the top ten teams through politically influenced seeding is required to play another top ten team in the round of 32.

Everything we’ve done this season has been leading up to this FL game. We have to try to stay ahead of them, if so we can win.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.20.14 @ 4:05 pm

Emel — I was so sure of the blowout I didn’t even watch the game. I went golfing and saw the final score when I went into the grill room and celebrated by ordering a cool one. Bring on whomever.


Comment by MariettaMike 03.20.14 @ 4:06 pm

49 seconds of Dixon after the game:

link to

Comment by Howard 03.20.14 @ 4:07 pm

Pitt is feeling it’s MOJO as of late and I expect that they’ll come to play tomorrow. I expect another ACC Tourney Wake Forest type result.
And they’re going to need all the MOJO they got for the Gators.
Comment by Dr. Tom 03.19.14 @ 1:15 pm

Well, that worked out just about the way I figured it. Let’s hope they can keep all the Mo in their Jo come Saturday when the really heavy lifting begins.

Hail to Pitt!!!!!!

Comment by Dr. Tom 03.20.14 @ 4:11 pm

40 seconds of Dixon talking to team after the game:

link to

Comment by Howard 03.20.14 @ 4:11 pm

right Old School Panther.

BPI had us #13 and a 4 seed.
Kenpom has us at #13 as well.
Massey has us at #18.

As I was saying most of the year, the AP writers had it in for us. Computers don’t lie, but ppl with political motivation do. That’s a fact Jack

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 4:12 pm

@ MM

Golf…..i like golf too, but really. You missed the biggest blowout win in Pitt NCAA history not over a 15 or 16 seed.

And Pitt’s first win ever in the 8/9 game.

Shame on you ! haha

Comment by Emel 03.20.14 @ 4:15 pm

Emel: I recorded the game. Besides it’s not over. If the reptiles beat Albany they will have to play their best game to beat Pitt.

Comment by MariettaMike 03.20.14 @ 4:17 pm

For a NCCA tournament game JD and the team looked ready, relaxed in a business like sort of way. I’ve seen them very uptight in these conditions before, but not today. In the past I think they had to overcome their jitters & anxiety first and then overcome the opponent. Not today. If they play with this poise and resolve and the basketball lords of karma start to even the score we can beat FL.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.20.14 @ 4:28 pm

Josh blew another lefty layup. He has to learn left release. Jamie went with starters initial 7 mins; he didn’t want to disturb the mesh. Good read.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.20.14 @ 4:31 pm

Zanna, 26 minutes Patterson 28 minutes, the old men should be well rested.

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 4:41 pm

Stay loose Panthers, Saturday you have nothing to lose against the best squad in the Nation and EVERYTHING TO WIN! No pressure. Play like it’s a pick up game in the park on Saturday.

This Panther squad has come up short but ever so close in all of their games against the elite competition this season. Could Saturday be the day that David nails Goliath????
Gouge the Gators, Hail to Pitt!!

Comment by Dr. Tom 03.20.14 @ 5:11 pm

Florida is going to win but they are flat. They’ll be up for us after what they watched earlier today.

Comment by Iron Duke 03.20.14 @ 5:11 pm

Did anyone else just hear the “Lets go Pitt” cheers at the Albany game?? Great game today. Cannot wait for Saturday
Anyone know what time we are playing?

Comment by Dan 72 03.20.14 @ 5:12 pm

Dan, times should be announced tomorrow morning. CBS wants to set up the best ratings they can.

Comment by KeyboardKev 03.20.14 @ 5:24 pm

Only concern I have is in the paint. If we shoot well from the outside then lookout.

Comment by Frank 03.20.14 @ 5:27 pm

ESPN brackets says noon Saturday

Comment by Steve h 03.20.14 @ 5:27 pm

I am PROUD of my Panthers!! H2P
(and for all you ‘haters’ out there, I will say the same after Saturday’s game!)

Comment by giffer-in-Htown 03.20.14 @ 5:33 pm

Florida beat Albany by 12….just like we did earlier in the season.

Yeah, Dan….I heard that too :-)

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 5:35 pm

Yeah, I don’t see any time set yet…

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 5:36 pm

Gotta play physical and keep the pressure on Florida. They have played very right lately and have escaped a few times.

Comment by John 03.20.14 @ 5:56 pm

A few comments:

Looked at Colorado’s blog and they all really handled the loss well, most were just happy to be in the tournament. They acknowledged they weren’t the better team, but also acknowledged they played a terrible game, but are looking forward to next year. People from this blog should take some advice from them about how to handle losing lol.

On the other hand the florida people are not happy with how their team played at all today, and not happy with how they have been playing recently. While some of them are concerned about PITT, the majority seem to think PITT is the same type team as FLA, just without the ability to shoot the 3. So they are confident they’ll just pack it in the middle and make pitt try to shoot from outside and take the W.

Excited for Saturday..enjoy the games today and tomorrow gentlemen

Hail to PITT

Comment by rhyno527 03.20.14 @ 6:17 pm

when was the last time Pitt peaked at this time in the year? I like it!

Had a big project due today (of course) and didn’t get to see it but recorded it .. glass of red and the remote … aah!

Comment by wbb 03.20.14 @ 6:24 pm

This is probably the best site for watching the games online:

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.20.14 @ 6:46 pm

@rhyn527…10 years ago this blog would of handle a loss the way the Colorado blog is handling it. Winning for a decade plus set the bar higher.

Comment by milobloom 03.20.14 @ 7:05 pm

“The Univ of Pittsburgh is never intimidated by anyone. Not in academics. Not in basketball. Not in football. Not in anything,” – Cam Wright 20-March-2014

Comment by BATR 03.20.14 @ 7:05 pm

I’m guessing game time will be after 5:00 on Saturday.. the past few years they’ve only had one game on CBS for the first two games and I’m betting those will be the Buffalo games since Raferty and Lunquist are at that site. I’m hoping I’m wrong since plans Saturday night right now.

Comment by milobloom 03.20.14 @ 7:08 pm

If your Florida you can’t be happy about playing Pitt in 2nd round….If your 1 overall seed you should only have to play at worst 32 ranked team in second game…Pitt is playing like a top ten team right now.

National media now saying what a tough task Florida will have to get to Sweet 16….If would of read this blog they would of known that on Sunday when the brackets came out…that’s what most on this blog were saying then.

Comment by milobloom 03.20.14 @ 7:11 pm

Milobloom, I still feel way Pitt was playing in the ACC tournament, that Pitt should have a 6 seed. I found myself rooting for Albany to pull the upset. They actually were staying with Florida until their point guard got kneed in the head and was out of the game. That’s when Florida started to distance themselves. I just hope Pitt plays well on Saturday. There are not tomorrows if they lose.

Comment by Justinian 03.20.14 @ 7:28 pm

It was obvious to me (and probably to most of us) that Pitt was better than a 9th seed … but that’s not the way the system works.

Comment by wbb 03.20.14 @ 8:02 pm

The element of surprise is gone for Saturday. Bet FL is in the film room even as we speak.

Zanna tired in the second half vs. VA, won’t be a problem on Saturday. Don’t remember anyone upping their game at a better time.

Refs let them play today, hope we get the same guys on Saturday.

Defense has not looked this good for years.

Comment by gc 03.20.14 @ 8:19 pm

We have not nearly reached the apex yet my friends. Better believe Pitt is in the film room right now!

One of the most enjoyable Pitt wins I have seen in the tournament. Well oiled machine damn right!

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Gordo 03.20.14 @ 9:36 pm

That was a real nice win for the Pitt Team today. Come out strong and keep the pressure on. So does Pitt attack the full court pressure? Yes, absolutely. Does anyone feel differently?

We might actually get their big guys in foul trouble if that would occur. Could come down to foul shots. Felt bad for ncstate tonight. Terrible foul shooting cost them the game. Let’s go Pitt. Carpe’ Gators!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 03.20.14 @ 10:33 pm

Pitt played well and dominated the Buffs as I anticipated that they would, however I don’t agree with those that said the Panthers “never played better”. The defense was smothering but we missed waaay too many bunnies in the opening minutes.

The best game that I witnessed the Panthers play this season was their 1st win against Clemson. It seemed like everything was going in for the Panthers in that game!

If they had been finishing the shots on so many of those fast breaks and take aways yesterday they could have been up by 36 or so at the half. That was actually how dominant Pitt was on defense! So there is STILL room for improvement and it will probably be needed tomorrow against Florida to pull off the win.

This team is peaking at the perfect time however. The Panthers confidence has to be sky high right now after that ass whoopin they put on Colorado.

My suggestion for Dixon tonight is to take our boys out for a nice relaxing dinner at some Cajun restaurant and order a round of gator bites appitizers for all so that they get a taste for gator meat in preparation for tomorrow, because tomorrow Pitt shocks the World MFers!!!

Hail to Pitt! Flatten Florida!

Comment by Dr. Tom 03.21.14 @ 5:23 am

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