March 16, 2014

Brackets get announced at roughly 6pm on CBS. ESPN gets to take control of the conversation at 7pm.

It seems like there are two deserving #1 seeds (Florida and Wichita State) and then flawed #2 (and #3) seeds that will see  two of them in 1 seed spot to be prime targets for derision (Virginia, Michigan, Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Villanova, Wisconsin, Louisville, Iowa State and Syracuse).

Still don’t see the ACC getting more than 5 bids. T.J. Warren is the best player in the conference, and I look forward to him going pro. But I don’t see his NC State squad making the field when they took that long to realize they needed to let Warren score while the rest of the team does everything else.

Pitt will be a 9 or 10 seed by just about any projection. But then again, we know how those things have worked for Pitt before.

I’m kind of hoping Pitt is a 10 seed rather than a 9. I just think this group will respond a lot better with more of a sense of disrespect.

Right now Lunardi has us as a 9 in Orlando playing St. Joe’s for the right to play the winner of Florida (ugh) vs. Wofford to go on to Memphis.

Palm has us as a 10 in Buffalo playing Baylor in a pod with Nova and American for the right to go to MSG.

I know which one I would prefer.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.16.14 @ 4:22 pm

Joining Harris on the all-tournament first team were teammate Malcolm Brogdon, Duke’s Jabari Parker, N.C. State’s T.J. Warren and Pittsburgh’s Talib Zanna.

The all-tournament second team consists of Virginia’s Akil Mitchell and Anthony Gill, Duke’s Rodney Hood and Amile Jefferson, and Pittsburgh’s Lamar Patterson.

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:03 pm

Well, a 9-seed in the South, playing Colorado.

Comment by Lou 03.16.14 @ 5:03 pm

What did I tell you …. Pitt got screwed ad it got itself to blame because of the non-con

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:04 pm

In Dayton ?

Comment by Dan 72 03.16.14 @ 5:04 pm

Florida as #1, and Kansas as #2 in the South. Pitt has a tough road.

Comment by Lou 03.16.14 @ 5:05 pm

The south is loaded, if you ask me.

Comment by Mailman 03.16.14 @ 5:07 pm

In Orlando….crap. No chance vs Fla We should beat Col but Our usual awful brutal draw to get the best team in basketball if we get by the Buffalos

Comment by Dan 72 03.16.14 @ 5:07 pm

Pitt will be playing in Orlando.

Comment by Lou 03.16.14 @ 5:08 pm

Well……can we channel jimmy v and the 83 wolf pack?

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:08 pm

Tough draw for Pitt. Colorado is a good team and well coached. The reward if they get past them: Florida. Wow.

Now I really wish Pitt was a 10-seed.

Comment by Chas 03.16.14 @ 5:11 pm

LOL…again, the Sekection Committee couldn’t have screwed Pitt any more. I would rather us be a 13 seed somewhere.

Comment by Jackagain 03.16.14 @ 5:11 pm

It wasn’t going to matter anyway let’s be honest. It’s March and it’s Dixon we are talking about. The Buffalos aren’t bad to be honest.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 5:12 pm

for the 5th time or so, the NCAA is sending Pitt a message and JD just doesn’t seem to get it.

Not only are we not in Buffalo, we get to play the best team if we win. Wake up, JD

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:13 pm

Gators could win it all. Good coached team and balanced.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 5:13 pm

I think I would have rather had the road of the 10 seed here…

Comment by Dacs 03.16.14 @ 5:14 pm

Wbb – I agree. Want a better draw then win more games and play a remotely competitive non con.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 5:14 pm

Colorado best player is out-but they are still very solid. I like Pitt and I honestly feel playing unc and Duke preps us well for the gators

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:15 pm

Upitt, you really are a dark cloud. Why do you even hang out here?

Comment by Lou 03.16.14 @ 5:18 pm

Rarely do we get good draws on this Sunday. Once again nothing has changed. Playing the top team in the country, Florida, in Florida – provided we first beat Colorado. Oy vey

Comment by pittman4ever 03.16.14 @ 5:20 pm

Love coach k ripping the a10 but apparently NCAA wasn’t listening. VCU and Dayton higher seeds than they should be

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:20 pm

Lighten up Lou! Enough already

Comment by Dan 72 03.16.14 @ 5:21 pm

Yeah. We got screwed. I hope the guys enter with a chip on their shoulders.

Florida’s two losses (KU and Wiscy) are also two of their lowest scoring games. So that has to be the plan.

I still have faith in our guys.

On with the show.


Comment by Pitt Dad 03.16.14 @ 5:21 pm

St Louis a 5?!?! What garbage

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:23 pm

Our noncon scheduling is the problem, year in and year out it bites us in the ass

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 5:24 pm

Go NC State

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:24 pm

Just curious. If Pitt got the #9 seed and a tough draw because of their non-con sked was weak. Explain how top-10, American Conf. Champ Louisville got dropped to a #4 seed?

Comment by Chas 03.16.14 @ 5:25 pm

Mass a 6?!? What is with the A10 love? Pathetic

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:25 pm

Doug Gottlieb is a tool, he just likes to stir controversy, he doesn’t add a thing!

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 5:27 pm

Louisville got totally jobbed-apparently NCAA hates them more than us.

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:27 pm

Hey, we play the hand we’re dealt. Pitt can stay with Florida provided they beat Colorado. Why sneak into the sweet 16 when you can make some noise. Let’s quit bitching.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 03.16.14 @ 5:28 pm

FL is best team in the nation, TN Stokes & Maymon were tough inside and lanes were open, TN got transition baskets. If we get past CO (and finally beat a higher seed) Pitt will need a perfect game to beat FL who will have a home game. Even yesterday we had several minute scoring drought, we have one every game. Can’t vs FL. Donovan will try to take Lamar out. Tough, tough position. Miracle to get to 16.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.16.14 @ 5:28 pm

It would sure be nice to beat UCLA in the third round, the very year after they dumped Howland!

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 5:28 pm

It appears breaking up the Big East is getting paid back on Pitt, Lville, and the entire ACC. The love for a10 and big least is really ridiculous. Vcu, St. Louis, Dayton, mass, creighton all over seeded

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:30 pm

Pitt gets screwed again !!! Not only do we get the overall #1 but we get to play them at home

Comment by Chick 03.16.14 @ 5:30 pm

I think Pitt will be favored over the. Buffs and if we are lucky enough to play Fla, we will give them all they can handle. Gators are a low scoring defensive team (Pitt actually averages more points per game than Fla.) hey we’re in. That’s about all any of us could hope for

Comment by Dan 72 03.16.14 @ 5:30 pm

Who knows what spured lville to be seeded number 4

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 5:31 pm

Now GW gets an equal seed as us…unreal

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:33 pm

Chas, LVille got screwed for same reason as Pitt .. weak non-con. They played UNC and Kentucky and that’s it … everyone else was junk

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:33 pm

UConn took our spot

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:37 pm

How tough was Syracuse’s non-con? How well did they play down the stretch? How many conference tournament games did they win? And yet they got a #3 seed?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.16.14 @ 5:37 pm

I’m not so sure Florida would be happy playing Pitt in second round. Pitt will show up..,

Comment by MariettaMike 03.16.14 @ 5:38 pm

Pitt can beat Florida. I’d much rather face them than Arizona or Louisville.

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 5:39 pm

If the A10 gets more teams in sweet 16 I’ll eat a lot of crow but I agree with coach K- there is no way that league and ACC are equal.

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 5:41 pm

Don’t mind this bracket… much better than the Mid West. One game at a time and if we do get past Colorado, we have nothing to lose against the Gators. ACC much deeper than the SEC.

Comment by Pitt fan from Canada 03.16.14 @ 5:41 pm

L’ville non con was weak and although the old big east had 5 ranked teams the non con is what they care about. Pay attention Jamie. Even with shitty non con L’ville deserved a 2-3. Kentucky really got shit on. They are good.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 5:41 pm

The best way to thwart the disrespect is just win.

Comment by TonyinHouston 03.16.14 @ 5:42 pm

If you are following the obligatory outrage over the seeding as it has happened on twitter, no one is really happy.

My feeling is that this is the result of a very flat year as far as teams. As I said, there were only two #1 seeds I was sure of. After that, it was a crap shoot. That goes throughout the seeding. Lots of teams with lots of flaws.

Pitt was projected as a 9 or 10 seed. That’s what they got. They may have a tough draw, but at least they didn’t get stuck in the Midwest bracket.

Comment by Chas 03.16.14 @ 5:43 pm

I live 10 mins from the Amway arena in Orlando and will be there. I would love to sit in the Pitt section. Any ideas on how to get those tickets? We will be in the bars on Church St across from the arena beforehand if anyone is around. I’ll pick up the first round.

Comment by OrlandoPittAlum 03.16.14 @ 5:44 pm

Wichita State is the team that really got screwed. They have to beat Kentucky then Louisville. No way is Louisville just a #4 seed.

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 5:44 pm

I actually like a matchup vs. Florida. They are similar to Virginia. Florida wasn’t challenged in a weak SEC. But, they are still very good. First, take care of Colorado.

Comment by gdodson 03.16.14 @ 5:46 pm

So the NCAA selection chairman is the Wake Forest AD, I guessed he was pissed we beat them soundly this year!

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 5:49 pm

what time does PITT play on Thursday? I will be in Orlando to watch my son play baseball and would love to catch the game.

Comment by Pittpup84 03.16.14 @ 5:50 pm

The Buffs are essentially a one man team, play good D and out rebound them by a healthy margin then get fired up for the Gators.

Comment by Pittastic 03.16.14 @ 5:50 pm

I just looked up the computer rankings:

Pomeroy has Pitt ranked 18th, Colorado 64th
Sagarin has Pitt ranked 20th, Colorado 55th
Massey has Pitt ranked 20th, Colorado 37th
Moore has Pitt at 17th, Colorado 71st

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 5:54 pm

the big question … will Pitt finally do something on Thursday that hasn’t been done in the Howland-Dixon era, beat a higher seed?

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:54 pm

Before we look a head, Colorado is a #8 seed. We’re the underdog. One game at a time. Let’s worry about Florida after the Colorado game.

Comment by MariettaMike 03.16.14 @ 5:55 pm

Let’s shock the world!

Comment by Old School Panther 03.16.14 @ 5:56 pm


I hope so because the odds are with us

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 5:56 pm

Howard, just shows you how meaningless those ranking are when it comes to NCAA seeding.

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 5:57 pm

Wake Forest AD had the last laugh and Pitt get’s screwed……again! NC State is big winner here. A play in game that they will win and a later date with Michigan.

Comment by Justinian 03.16.14 @ 5:58 pm

@Justinian, I read the bracket for NC State differently:

1. Play-in against Xavier.
2. First Round against St. Louis.
3. Second Round against Louisville.

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 6:03 pm

I’m confused why people think we got screwed in our seed and location. Of course it’ll be basically a home game for Florida. That’s how it works with the one seeds…by design. And look only as far as SMU to see what the committee thinks of, shall we say, subpar non conference scheduling. 9 seed feels about right with their resume. And yes, I’m a die hard Pittsburgh fan.

Comment by Ryan 03.16.14 @ 6:05 pm

The break up of the big east is showing in these brackets there was a trickle down effect in other conferences allowing mediocre teams to get more wins.

Florida trounced a terrible SEC, Georgia was the third seed in that league(puke). I’m not saying Pitt beats Florida but I wouldn’t be shocked either. Go Pitt!!!!!!!

Comment by Steve h 03.16.14 @ 6:06 pm

Orlando. I may be in. I will drive up from Lauderdale. I hired 20+ Gators in last 2 years so we may all come up.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 6:11 pm

@Upittbaseball, who will you be cheering for?

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 6:14 pm

It’s all about RPI. Not sure why NCAA acts otherwise. Pitts RPI was hurt by home losses not the nonconference.

Florida is tough. But hey they gotta lose some time.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.16.14 @ 6:14 pm

Howard – who a I put money on.

Keep it up smartass

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 6:17 pm

Pittpup, Yes if you’re there anyway, get tickets and go. I was in Winston-Salem visiting my daughter this weekend and we drove to Greensboro for the ACC tournament and had a great time. After Pitt beat North Carolina, a lot tickets became available. Joking with all the other fans was a lot fun. Even standing in line at restrooms the banter was a riot. After the Pitt game, we put on NC State shirts to root against Duke. I kept my Pitt hat on. The NC State fans loved it. It was nice crowd and everyone loved us. I just wish that Panthers were the team playing in the final.

Comment by Justinian 03.16.14 @ 6:17 pm

Archie will beat OSU and his old coach Thad and they beat Cuse. You heard it here first.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 6:18 pm

@upittbaseball. I’ll cover your round but not for any Gators. Even though my wife is one too.

Comment by OrlandoPittAlum 03.16.14 @ 6:18 pm

Orlando. I got all the rounds. It’s a business expense. LOL. We are building Dr. Philips and Orange Bowl project.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.16.14 @ 6:21 pm

Upitt OSU stinks, I agree and that would be great don’t know if the Flyers can beat the orange

Comment by Steve h 03.16.14 @ 6:23 pm

For those of you working on your bracket and specifically your final 4 pairings ….keep in mind that Pitt has been the “king makers” of final four teams losing to: Butler, Nova, OK State, Wichita State, UCLA…..all who advanced to the final four.

I would put Florida in the final 4!

Comment by Dan 72 03.16.14 @ 6:24 pm

Howard, I guess my multi-tasking skills aren’t good as they should be. Trying to watch the show, type………..and of course thinking, at the same time, may be asking too much.

Comment by Justinian 03.16.14 @ 6:25 pm

Justian thanks for the great perspective. My son plays at 8:00 am and I should be able to be there, but I got to plan. This will be one to mark off my bucket list!! Pumped up!

Comment by Pittpup84 03.16.14 @ 6:27 pm

Do we know yet what time the game is on Thursday?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.16.14 @ 6:32 pm

My take like gdod above and maybe others, I like the placement. We will be prepared for a team we should beat and not that Florida can’t prepare for their second game(us), but it isn’t a few days of prep and needs to be split with Colorado and us.

If we lose to Colorado, I drink or medicate heavily for a few days. If we get to Florida and lose, I drink or medicate less but stay tuned to the brackets and wonder what could have been done differently. If we get past Florida which right now I give about a 30% chance, it is all downhill to the Final Four and Upitt’s place.

Looking at Colorado’s resume, I couldn’t care less, but shouldn’t Pitt be the 8 seed?

Comment by TVax 03.16.14 @ 6:33 pm

If we can get by Colorado we get the opportunity to upset the number 1 team in the country. What could be better than that. It is a no lose situation.

Comment by gc 03.16.14 @ 6:33 pm

Fun matchups actually. Love that OSU plays UD. OSU has been dodging that game for years.
Our game will be interesting. Come out and play aggressively.

Comment by Sfpitt 03.16.14 @ 6:36 pm

TVax and gc, Great posts! What the hell, win the 1st game and figure we have nothing to lose. Go get’em Panthers.

Comment by Justinian 03.16.14 @ 6:40 pm

Colorado’s RPI is 32. Pitt is 39. The Committee still relies heavily on RPI in its seeding. It is more important than non con and wins and losses against top 50 etc. those tend to be tie breakers not primary seeding measurements. Then there is the subjectivity or “eye test” that also is used to break ties.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.16.14 @ 6:44 pm

Dick Vitale looks horrible, is he ok health wise?

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.16.14 @ 6:45 pm

It wasn’t the noncon. It was the lack of quality wins during the season. Lots of close loses don’t improve seeding. Pitt is seeded about right based on RPI — but I sure wish they were a 10 and on the other side of the bracket,

Comment by velvil 03.16.14 @ 6:48 pm

I should clarify. It’s not just break ties. The other factors are used to adjust seeding, like what the Committee did to put VA as a 1 seed, even though their RPI was higher than 3 or 4 other teams. They seemed to be rewarded for winning their conference season and tournament and an overall body of work that met the eye test. That is what the Committee should do.

Comment by TMGPanther 03.16.14 @ 6:56 pm

Both Cbs Sports and ESPN ranks team from 1 to 68. Pitt is 31 (CBS) and 20 on ESPN (not bad.)

Here is what ESPN says about Pitt (pretty spot on) … Pittsburgh will play close games. It’s all the Panthers do, really, whether it is matched up against Virginia or Miami, Syracuse or Florida State. The Panthers still look alluring on paper: They don’t turn the ball over, rebound well and create points off assists as well as any team in the country. But they will play close games. They can’t help it. In the tournament, one close game is all it takes to go home in a hurry.

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 7:07 pm

Is the point of the tourney to see how far we can go before losing, or to win it? Because to do that Pitt will have to be equal and better to Florida, and every other team they play. So in that sense, all the griping and I Told You So’s about non-con scheduling and seeding is pointless. Because if you don’t win it all, what difference does it really make if Pitt loses their first, second, or third game. Be good enough, and the opponent shouldn’t matter. That is how Pitt’s players should be thinking too.

Comment by JCE 03.16.14 @ 7:12 pm


Let’s beat CU then seize the opportunity to beat Number 1.
Good news we are playing in the eastern time zone!

Let’s go Pitt!

ACC gets 6 teams in the Big Dance!

Comment by JR 03.16.14 @ 7:16 pm

JCE, it depends who you are. The majority of the field have lttle chance of winning it all.

A small or mid major is only hoping for that one upset. Then the next level (Pitt this year) is hoping to make a long run into the 2nd weekend this year, it would help recruiting. Finally, there is about a dozen that have a chance to win it all.

Very rarely does a nobody (George Mason) make the Final 4, but teams like Butler, VCU and Wich State backed it up by having great multi-year runs.

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 7:20 pm

Beat CO. That is number one. Then chance to beat Fl.

Comment by Frank 03.16.14 @ 7:20 pm

More proof, of us nearly always getting screwed by the Selection committee of numbnuts.

NOT ONLY do we have to play the OVERALL NUMBER 1 seed, but we also get screwed in the locale.

That’s what you call a DOUBLE screw job.

Congratulations NCAA Selection Committee, you’ve truly outdone yourselves !

p.s. and we also got royally screwed on the Robinson no call in G’Boro. was sitting behind that basket and he was hit so hard he ended up on the floor. Only thing positive about that, was we didn’t have to spend a Saturday nite in Greensboro. Not exactly NYC.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 7:23 pm

Pitt didn’t get screwed. What happened is what we all feared: they played themselves UP to a #9 seed by beating UNC. Actually, the dilemma of being an 8/9 seed is something I’d like to see the NCAA address, but I’m sure they wont. The only worse seed is a 16.

So Pitt has an opportunity to finally beat a higher seed. I don’t like having to play Florida next, but hey Pitt has absolutely nothing to lose.

I have no beef with #1 seeds staying close to home, but am bothered that a stumbling team like Syracuse that played no one non-con other than an over-rated Villanova, still gets a #3 in Buffalo. And of course Duke is in Raleigh. Duke is always protected to the Sweet 16.

I have no idea why UMass is in the field, let alone a #6 seed. 6 A-10 teams, all over seeded. Surprised Duquesne didn’t get a bid.

Comment by Iron Duke 03.16.14 @ 7:24 pm

Beating a higher seed is one thing Iron Duke. Having to play the OVERALL # 1 SEED in florida is something else all together !

Is a screwing, get real.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 7:30 pm

Iron Duke I too have been miffed with the A10 love-have no clue how mass vcu and stl are seeded higher than us and GW same as us-makes zero sense.

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 7:31 pm

@Iron Duke – all good points.

I’m not sure that a 9 beating an 8 really counts as beating a higher seed. A 9 beating a 1 would be great.

And I don’t think Louisville got jobbed at 4. I think it helps their path to the Elite 8 at least.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.16.14 @ 7:36 pm

The bracket’s here….no times yet though. I guess it depends on the playin games.

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.16.14 @ 7:36 pm

No doubt that Syracuse gets good seeding/locale year after year. But face it, Pitt has to improve its non-con.

Comment by wbb 03.16.14 @ 7:37 pm

Emel, what seed were you expecting? Going into this weekend, some projections had Pitt in a play-in game. Pitt got moved up, don’t see how that is getting screwed. All 8/9 seeds are screwed more or less.

Who cares if Florida is #1 overall? That means little. Pitt would have their hands full with any of the top seeds. They way they play to their competition, they’ll have their hands full with Colorado.

And I’d much rather Pitt be in Orlando than Spokane. I’ll take Eastern time zone any time, especially since we never, ever leave it during the season.

Comment by Iron Duke 03.16.14 @ 7:39 pm

According to Basketball Power Index, Pitt and Kentucky were the top 2 teams that were ‘underseeded’.

Villanova a 2 seed is an utter joke, coming out of a much watered down BigEast where your 4rth place team(xavier) plays in a play-in game and had not Providence won their tournament, they most likely don’t even get in. So you get a 2 seed in a league with only 3 teams in the tournament ? And who was routed not only once, but twice by the 2nd place team, both by over 20 points.

Some sort of sick payback by the Committee for the BigEast losing most of it’s better teams ??

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 7:40 pm

Typical Pitt fan reaction on here.

I am certain WSU last year and Butler 3 years ago were so intimidated by having to play a #1 seed. Oh… the thought!

upittbaseball in the construction business? Who would have thought since he is a tool.

Comment by John Ramella 03.16.14 @ 7:43 pm

The West Brackets is by far the weakest bracket of the 4.

Creighton getting put out there as a 3 seed is also a joke…. comparing the other 3 seeds. (Syracuse, Iowa State & Duke)

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 7:44 pm

How is Pitt getting screwed exactly? Did anyone saying actually thought Pitt was higher than an 8 or 9 seed. When your and 8 or 9 seed your going to play a #1 seed…we couldn’t of gotten Virginia since in our conference so would WState or Arizona been much of a difference….and they always seed the higher seeds close to home. At least we have the advantage of playing a west team in the East Coast.

Comment by milobloom 03.16.14 @ 7:46 pm

You guys that think Pitt is getting screwed have some sort egocentric syndrome about Pitt….Pitt’s a middle of the pack tourney team this year…as if the committee even cares about Pitt to send them ‘a message’.

What actually is good though is for the first time in Dixon era I actually think Pitt is underseeded. Its what happens when you have players hurt during the year that are healthy come tourney time. The seeding is based on entire year and not just how team is playing at end of the year.
Look at Michigan State….they’ve been banged up all year and got a 3 seed because of some mid season losses..but now that they are healthy you have to consider them the favorites in the East.

Comment by milobloom 03.16.14 @ 7:54 pm

@Iron Duke ….agree with on UMass….Umass was #6 seed in the A10 tourney and also a #6 in NCAA….and they lost to the #3 seed in A10 tourney…that one doesn’t make any sense.

Comment by milobloom 03.16.14 @ 7:58 pm

NCAA is lazy and they just seed basically on RPI alone. So according to the NCAA Novas two blow out losses to Creighton are basically the same as Pitt’s losses to UVA. I’m not even sure why they even bother have a committee.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.16.14 @ 8:08 pm

Looks like 1:40 on Thursday…

Comment by thestumper 03.16.14 @ 8:21 pm

Pitt/Colorado at 1:40pm Thursday on TBS.

Comment by Mailman 03.16.14 @ 8:25 pm

Midwest bracket is tough – includes:

Wichita St

Comment by notTimGrgurich 03.16.14 @ 8:56 pm

As is par pitt is screwed bye the match up i dont mean the first game if we win we have to play Florida the best team in the field of 64
dont tell me that they are not out to get us every year i dont belive you.
every year we get the worst match ups even if we are a one seed they fix it so we cant move on yes i belive that.

Comment by Frankcan 03.16.14 @ 9:10 pm

I haven’t really paid much attention to Florida this year. Seems odd that the overall #1 seed comes from a conference that only put three teams in the tourney. How good could the competition have been with only three tourney caliber teams?

Not really worried about Colorado. I’ve seen them in person and watched them several times. They lost their best player mid season and have improved, but lost by 20+ to Arizona twice in the last month. They are worse than we are from behind the arc and don’t shoot the ball particularly well in general. I’d be surprised if we didn’t win by double digits going away.

Comment by CNorwoodAZ 03.16.14 @ 9:24 pm

Did you see espn big east segment on wvu getting in!?!?! Hilarious!!!!

Comment by John 03.16.14 @ 9:41 pm

I guess I think a little different. We beat CO then we get a shot at the #1 to try a big upset. Might as well lose to the best but maybe not. First get by CO.

Comment by Frank 03.16.14 @ 9:43 pm

The time’s up on the calendar: 1:40pm Thursday:

link to

Comment by Howard 03.16.14 @ 9:43 pm

First, congratulations to the Panthers o the selection and for the blatherites to continue the bball journey for a bit longer.

Second, Pitt didn’t get screwed in the bracket. Study it and see. College basketball fans got screwed and here is how. The committee is trying to “save” college bball and will show you that when the media hypes several small conference teams (not big 5 conferences) make the sweet 16. In order for them to ensure sweet 16 appearances, they needed to manipulate the brackets so that 3-4 teams in the alleged weaker conferences play each other, thus assuring a sweet 16 appearance and all the media hype that goes with it As an example, there is Connecticut, Milwaukee, st. joe’s and Villanova in the same pod. The winner goes to the sweet 16. It is a guarantee for a small conference team making it. Pretty slick by the committee. Then, look at the Midwest. Same thing with St Louey,Loueyville, manhattan and an unknown in the same pod. Result : some team not in the big 5 conference advances to the sweet sixteen. Creighton is set up to dvanceto the 16 too!

Just looking at things differently than others. The seed fix was in. I like Pitt more as a 10 or 11 than a 9 or 8 for sure. But we are a 9 and they won’t change despite our protestations. So let’s go win the first one. Florida reminds me athletically of florida state, but with better guards. Let’s not get ahead of the tourney.

Carpe’ Buffaloes! Good luck to everyone with their billion dollar bracket!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 03.16.14 @ 9:53 pm

lol John….that was funny…the Deliverance banjo music.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 10:03 pm

Pitt has had trouble with teams with good Point Guards. (witness even Youngstown State)

So what do they (the committee) do ?

Only match us up with the team that has the very best PG in the country. Scottie Wilbekin.

And some sort of sick joke, he’s named Scottie.

Yep 3 ways a screwing and the 4rth is Scottie.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 10:07 pm

What’s even more funny about UMass being a 6….is that Duke gets to play them in that bracket. (provided Umass even beats the play in the team)

So a pretty easy rout for the Dookies to the Sweet 16.

And even though Duke is only a 3 seed, they get their first 2 games virtually at home. (Raleigh)

That is really a farce. Weak opponents and 2 home games.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 10:14 pm

Syracuse while definitely sagging coming into the Dance. Losing 5 of their last 7 including 2 to ACC bottom feeders, BC & GT. And one and done in the ACC Tourney.

No matter they still get their first 2 games virtually at home, in Buffalo.

So ppl say we didn’t get screwed, sorry when you see this kind of stuff every year for the Cuse’s and the Dukes of the world.

So in this context ….we got screwed….again.

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 10:19 pm

On a positive note, since Colorado’s star player was injured, they have been a very average team.

The epitome of average at 9 wins, 9 losses.

So we should be able to handle them, one would think.

Game is also early afternoon at 1:40 and we’re kind of used to playing early now.

So 2 good things there !

Comment by Emel 03.16.14 @ 10:31 pm

Pitt is a 6.5 point favorite according to vegas against Colorado. That is a good start, but well within the free throw margin of a typical contest, the way we shoot those alleged freebies!

Florida may actually play tight in the second game. They will have an advantage with crowd support, but again, the vegas oddsmakers have put them well in front as the team to beat. The expectation is a national championship. Let’s see how that goes, but first, the Mork and Mindy’s await.

About Duke seeding. It works both ways. Noone on here complained when Pitt got to play at the civic arena as a 3(?) seed. I was there for those games and it was a blast….and an advantage! Get a better seed. Big wins on the road this year should help the panthers perform well.

If upitt actually goes to the game, he could cheer the team on and negate 10 florida fans….or…nah, not going there! lol
Carpe’ Buffaloes.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 03.16.14 @ 10:37 pm

Good lord… The whining and complaining about refs and now our seed is driving me insane! It’s all a part of the game! Good teams overcome and win!

In the tournament, you’re going to get a good team in the second round no matter where you’re seeded. Nothing to cry about.

I don’t think Florida can be all that excited to play us if it comes to that…

Good posts @milobloom

Comment by Pitt2Cali 03.16.14 @ 10:45 pm

Pitt can win these first two games. Florida is no dynamo

Comment by Fred 03.16.14 @ 11:03 pm

I would rather play a one seed tough win or lose than be the 1 seed and go home early.

We have to beat CO to get to Florida. “IF” we get there our boys will give the gators all they can handle and “IF” we come out on top it will be HUGE and history making and something none of us will ever forget.

So here’s making history!

We should all be happy for the team and proud that they put themselves this position. A couple of weeks ago many people here thought this team would be in the NIT.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 03.17.14 @ 12:29 am

If Pitt can get to the round of 16 I really like final four chances more than ever since 2008.

Comment by John 03.17.14 @ 5:22 am

So on Friday, there were people on this site saying that UVa wasn’t really that good.

Now I’m reading that Florida can be easily beaten and is no dynamo.

What NCAA BB are you people watching?

Comment by wbb 03.17.14 @ 6:32 am

Well, our Panthers are certainly exciting. We can just as easily win the first 2 as we can lose the first. Let’s see what happens – Let’s Go Pitt!!!!

Comment by pittman4ever 03.17.14 @ 6:46 am

It’s a good thing I doubled up on Kleenex stock with all the whining and crying about how Pitt got screwed.

All Pitt needed to do was win ONE more game against the one of the better teams (Cuse, Syracuse, Virginia, Duke) on the schedule and they probably get a 7 They didn’t.

A case could be made that Pitt should have got an 8 seed, but the end result of playing a #1 in the 3rd round would be the same.

Comment by pghFred 03.17.14 @ 6:54 am

We all know that Pitt can play with anyone and keep it close. For Pitt to advance into the sweet 16 they will have to play their best basketball of the season which means limiting mistakes and making their free throws — especially in last two minutes of the game.

I’m convinced that Pitt can make it to the sweet 16. Will they do it, that’s the 64 team question.

Win or lose, Pitt is it! Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 03.17.14 @ 6:55 am

You can’t tell me that Pitt is seeded correctly when they are a 6.5 point favorite on Thursday and when they would be favored against nearly every team up through the 5 seeds. But it is what it is. It’s what happens when the NCAA relies on a flawed system like the RPI. It’s a system that has Pitt with a nonconference RPI of 8. But whatever to make any noise you are going to have to beat a good team eventually.

wbb, I said I wasn’t impressed by UVA the first time around on Friday. But I have to admit tey’ve gotten better since then. They are like those early Pitt teams in 2000s, just beat you down on D and don’t let you make mistakes. Just like those Pitt teams I think if UVA gets down big or runs into an unbelieveable scorer they will lose.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.17.14 @ 7:05 am

@Wardapalooza…you don’t understand how teams are seeded in the NCAA’’s not based on how teams are playing on March 16 but based on their results the whole season..if was based on how teams are playing on March 16..the top seeds would include Louisville and Michigan State.

If the tourney was selected the day after we lost to NC State and were 2-5 in last 7 games with the 2 wins in OT against bottom ACC team, would you make the same claim?

Pitt is seeded exactly where they should be for how the tourney is selected…that said they are playing more like a 3 seed which is good thing…I have always thought being under seeded can be an advantage. Dixon’s team have almost always over achieved in the regular season and thus always seem to be over seeded in the tourney.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 7:20 am

UVA is good…but Pitt isn’t very far behind them.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 7:21 am

As far as Duke playang at home..committee has always said they are trying to make sure the first (or second as they like to call it now) sites sellout so they’ll put teams seeded 1 thru 4 or maybe even lower if possible close to home as possible..also to limit the travel for fans and the teams as much as possible.

Next year games are at the Consol Center in Pittsburgh ..with Regionals in Cleveland and Syracuse….We really want Pitt to have a good season next year to get those sites.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 7:26 am

milo, I understand seedings. Seeds are based very highly on RPI. My whole point is that relying on the RPI is just dumb. Louisville is a 4 seed because their RPI is 18 or 19. By nearly every other metric besides the RPI Pitt is a top 20 team and Louisville is a top 5 team. Both seeds are wrong.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.17.14 @ 7:41 am

Haven’t viewed the blog in a few days, so this may be redundant, but a few points:

Despite playing the third games in 3 days, versus VA playing only 2nd game in 2 days, really nice job against VA, continuing the streak of playing well recently, should give us momentum heading into the dance.

Actually, no gripes about the seeding here. Obviously, these Panthers are much better than a 9 seed, but seeding is based on overall body of work, not how good a team is. You never know what can happen in a tournament situation, but at least we’re here, thanks in large part to the miracle in Clemson. And IF we should get by Colorado, who wouldn’t want a shot at the #1 team? Arizona wouldn’t necessarily be an easier matchup since they have really good size inside.

Really happy with the growth of Newkirk.


Comment by 1618mt 03.17.14 @ 7:57 am

From’s Basketball blog region previews:

“Florida’s path to the Final Four is littered with possible pitfalls in teams that certainly can’t match the consistency of the bracket’s top overall seed — Billy Donovan’s team hasn’t lost since Dec. 2 — but all of them have experienced success in spurts. The winner of Colorado-Pitt could challenge the Gators in the third round. Pitt’s Lamar Patterson is the kind of dynamic threat who could ruin dreams.”

“Five Players to Watch :
Lamar Patterson, Pitt: Every year, someone emerges in the NCAA tournament who puts together a stretch of otherworldly performances that lead to unexpected results. Patterson could be that guy this year. Earlier this season, Patterson was in the national player of the year conversation. He’s scored 24 points or more in seven games this season.”

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 8:14 am

OK, let’s Pittfall them after taking care of Colorado.

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 8:35 am

@TVax – I was wondering who would make that comment first.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 8:47 am

I can buy that maybe Syracuse and Duke get some cushy seedings.

Pitt getting screwed?? The committee really takes that much time to think about Pitt???

I think that’s actually great for Pitt, if a bunch of national people are that pre-occupied with Pitt.

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 9:09 am

You guys worrying about Florida??

I’m thinkin’ it’s Pitt vs. Mount St. Mary’s in kind of a backyard brawl!!

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 9:12 am

I’d be up for a home and home with Mount St. Mary’s, make a Gettysburg extended weekend trip out of it!!

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 9:13 am

Here’s a nice article from The Winston Salem Journal about Pitt at the ACC Tournament this past weekend.

link to

Comment by Justinian 03.17.14 @ 9:17 am

@Justinian, really, really nice article.

A ton of respect!

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 9:22 am

I welcome the opportunity to remove the never have beaten a higher seed monkey from our back. We need look no further than Colorado and focus our attention on winning this game.

Pitt has been beaten twice in the last 3 years by 9 seeds that advanced to the Final 4. What better place to start from than a 9 seed.

If we can beat Colorado we will have nothing to lose, as no one will be picking us to advance. It is such opportunities that yield the most respect. When our boys are at their best there is no team that they cannot beat.

Everyone is saying Wichata St got the tough 1 seed draw. I think Florida did. If we beat Colorado they won’t be coasting into the Sweet 16.Our kids are capable of making them earn it.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 9:36 am

Coach Dixon just said on The Fan that “Mike Young has been playing with a fractured bone in his back for the past 2 month” and that he admired for the freshman for playing through the pain.

Thus, I would hope with proper treatment and rest, we will see a much improved player next year.

On that note, Pitt had its first spring practice yeaterday and Adam Biznowaty is still not practicing due to his back … PC seem to indicate that it is more precautionary but obviously back issues can be troublesome.

Comment by wbb 03.17.14 @ 9:38 am

I see where the Harris kid from Virginia got the MVP award for the ACC tournament. It is usually the practice to give these awards to a player on a championship team. Talib Zanna was the most valuable player in the ACCC tournament this year however, with all due respect to Mr. Harris.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 9:45 am

I don’t know. I almost like the fact that they are playing Florida. If they continue to play like they did in the ACC tourney, they will beat Colorado handily. If they get some breaks for a change and Florida isn’t on the top of their game, I think they have a really good chance of beating the Gators. And that would be huge to beat the #1 overall seed.

So I’m choosing to see this as an opportunity, not a screw job. Like the boys hanging at the Gas n’ Sip drinking beer and eating funyons with no girls anywhere: I’m choosin’ it. (Bonus points to whoever pulls the movie reference, without using the Google machine!)

Comment by Carmen 03.17.14 @ 9:55 am

Two days ago we were rated a Pick ’em against Virginia. That tells us how the Vegas experts rate our team. Yesterday the selection committee awarded Virginia a 1 seed and us a nine. It seems to me that these two groups hold widely different opinions of how good we are.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 9:55 am

Zanna did make first team and Patterson made 2nd team ACC tourney team which is pretty good for a team that lost in the Semifinals.

@Wardaplooza…Understand your gripe is with how they select the teams which not going disagree..however that’s not really Pitt getting seeded wrong since all teams are held to the same process…and if assuming that is the case almost every year (with a few exceptions) Pitt benefited from the same process by being seeded higher than they would of been if didn’t process used.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 10:02 am

@Spirit, wrong wrong wrong!!

If we happen to beat Colorado, a few on here will resort to the……

“we only beat a higher seeded team once”,

“Colorado really shouldn’t have been considered a higher seed”

“Dixon hasn’t got to a Final Four, he sucks”.

Know what you’re dealin’ with brother!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 10:05 am

Pitt has overcome a lot this year. Dixon has taken a ton of heat here but he seems to have again given us a team that exceeded expectations. Considering all the obstacles it might have been some of his best work.

I was glad to see NC St. get in the dance. They are a talented young team and were getting a lot of the unfair disrespect we often have to endure.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 10:07 am

It was just a few weeks ago I saw people saying Pitt was getting disrespected by being an 11 or 12 seed, or maybe even have to play, in the play in game.

Hell, even on the bubble, and may not make it.

Now, we get bumped up to a 9 seed, and people are “after” us????

I’m cornfused!!!

Comment by Dan 03.17.14 @ 10:07 am

This has been an awesome season for JD and team. Anything that happens in the tournament is icing on the cake. I hope they win the first game, I want to see them play Florida.

Good to read some football articles again. I noticed in the post practice interviews a few players complimented the new S&C coach. Garner and Jones both said they got faster in the offseason.

Comment by notrocketscience 03.17.14 @ 10:17 am

@Milobloom, I saw us play 1 seeded Virginia twice. Zanna sprained an ankle the first time or we win and we ran out of juice in the 2ns half playing on our 3rd day in a row or we would have beat them twice. No system to pick teams is going to get it right. I think the process would actually be controlled best by gambling experts in Vegas. Of course that will never happen, but they would do way better than the current system.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 10:17 am

@Carmen – It’s “Say Anything” but I don’t remember the funyons.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 10:24 am

We are a 4 or a 5 seed playing as a 9. Our BPI is 13 but the committee uses rpi. Colorado is a 33 to our 40 rpi. Yet we are a 6 point favorite in Vegas though. I guarantee the mobsters know more than the committee.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 10:25 am

Pitt Dad wins. They didn’t say Funyons, but they are sharing a bag as they tell Lane that he needs to find a girl that looks just like Diane Court, nail her, and dump her.

Comment by Carmen 03.17.14 @ 10:48 am

The difference in competence between the NCAA committee and odds maker in Vegas is understandable. The odds makers do a much better job because being wrong costs them money. The NCAA selection committee doesn’t have to worry about anything because they have nothing to lose, with the odds makers, their jobs depend on their accuracy.

Comment by Justinian 03.17.14 @ 11:07 am

Justinian, That’s a lot like our government works.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 11:10 am

One of the big stories this year is Newkirk’s rapid improvement. Zeise notes a significant improvement in his defense in his PG Blog today. He writes:

“early in this game they were having some issues matching up with Virginia’s guards and he went in and did a great job of shutting down a lot of that penetration. That is something he could not have done early in the year…”

link to

Comment by Howard 03.17.14 @ 11:17 am

talk about unrealistic snobbery:

link to

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 11:19 am

@Spirit…If you would use the odds maker I agree you would have seedings fit more to how teams are playing at the at the end of the season…but that is not what they are trying to’s how you play for the whole season..if they used the odds makers you might as well just start the season in Feb since those would be the only games that would matter.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 11:30 am

How do Florida fans feel? They are the number 1 overall seed and they have to play a 3 or 4 seed caliber team in the second round. I am sure they’re bitching louder than we are

Comment by Boubacar Aw 03.17.14 @ 11:30 am

milo, you are correct. The seeding is based on the entire season and not who the committee thinks are currently the best team. And both Lousiville and Mich St deserve a 4th seed more than a 1 seed.

I take no issue with the 9th seed. I’ve been merely pointing out that with a win, we have to play THE highest seed in the tourney practically in their back yard.

And the reaso for it, as has been the reason in the past, is that our non-con leaves so mcuh to be desired … and the committee has made that plain in the past.

Comment by wbb 03.17.14 @ 11:43 am

link to

I hope Florida players read and believe it.

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 11:50 am

There are no easy roads in the Tournament. Bring on Colorado and go on from there!

Comment by HbgFrank 03.17.14 @ 11:58 am

From a Florida board:
“I really don’t like the potential Pitt matchup. I know they historically don’t do much in the tourney, but they have the exact time of team that can give us issues. Very similar to UT.”

“If we get by Pittsburgh, I like our chances (assuming our FT shooting and slow starts don’t cost us). That Pitt/UF game is the one some are already circling with interest.”

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.17.14 @ 12:13 pm

If several sources say Pitt is maybe the 30th to 30ish best team in the tourney, how in the hell did we get this seed? Also, I don’t understand the noncon argument. Our noncon stunk but the ACC is in my opinion one of the top 3 conferenences in the country…if you play in a super hard conference you don’t play a stacked noncon…if you play in a crappy conference like the A-10 you should play a harder noncon to build your rep.

Comment by AJ 03.17.14 @ 12:16 pm

Colorado had some nice wins this year…
Kansas, Harvard, Stanford….

But keep in mind most of Colorado’s best wins came before Dinwiddie went down.

Comment by Snala The Panther 03.17.14 @ 12:19 pm


I just checked out a Florida blog. They’re not complaining. They’re just thrilled with an overall #1 ranking. But I did read this comment which notes that Pitt is one of three 8-9 teams that is clearly under-ranked:

“I think in general the 8,9 seed line is wayyyyyy too strong. There are 3 teams (Pittsburg, OKst, Kentucky) that are very strong there.”


Comment by Howard 03.17.14 @ 12:20 pm

I mean… yeah, Florida is 32-2, but how good can the SEC be in basketball? They got, what, three teams in the tournament? Maybe I’m just looking for reasons to be optimistic, I don’t know. Yes, I know Florida has a senior-laden squad and has done quite well in the tournament the last few years.

I know it was back in November, but Florida only beat in-state rival FSU by 1 at home.

I think Pitt will definitely be in the game at the last television timeout.

Comment by Mailman 03.17.14 @ 12:37 pm

Initially I was upset about the seeding but I’m with the majority of the blog. It is what it is. Deal with it.

As for Florida, let’s not look past Colorado. I know we’re a 2 to 1 favorite to beat them but let’s take care of that piece of business first and then try to take out the overall number 1.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 12:51 pm

more on selection committee conspiracy theories:

link to

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 12:54 pm

Colorado is 9 and 9 since Dinwiddle was hurt..biggest win without him was a road win at Stanford.
Don’t want to take them lightly but if Pitt plays the same it has the past two weeks they should win.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 12:59 pm

When you’re a football conference, you make signs like this for your basketball tournament.

When you make signs like this for your basketball tournament, people make fun of you.

When people make fun of you, you stomp on their basketball team.

Don’t make fun of the dumb SEC, they might stomp on our basketball team.

(acknowledgement to DirecTv)

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.17.14 @ 1:35 pm

Good stuff on the conspiracy theories…rigging the seed to get the matchups that would draw more TV viewers and sell more tickets I can totally believe. (Doing so just to screw Pitt I don’t buy).

I hadn’t realize Louisville will play at Indy if make Regionals…in that case they did Louisville a favor placing them 4 in the MidWest

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 1:40 pm

One of USAToday’s seedings the committee got wrong.

5. Colorado as a No. 8 seed
Since Spencer Dinwiddie’s injury, Colorado has been an average team. He will not be back, so I felt they were closer to the bottom of the bracket. Early season results may have played a part in this seeding decision.

Comment by milobloom 03.17.14 @ 1:41 pm

Ky should have beaten Florida yesterday. They overcame a 15 pt 2nd half deficit and owned them the last 10 minutes of the game. Ky had a chance to win with the ball and 9 seconds to go but fumbled as they drove to the basket. Fla was very lucky to win!

Hope we get there. I like our chances

Comment by Dan 72 03.17.14 @ 1:54 pm

Zanna will be the key – be rested and be healthy everyone. Every player knows their role.

MYoung’s back injury hasn’t seem to have harmed his game, maybe slowed even better progression. Anyone know any details – when it happened, what it affects mostly, etc.?

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 2:06 pm

Koolaid drinkers out in full force today

Comment by Chick 03.17.14 @ 2:10 pm


As we have learned from sad experience, #1 seeds often lose in the early rounds. So, if we handle the Buffalos, we will see what happens next. It is the fun (and agony) of the tournament. It is not Kool Aid. It is looking forward to what may happen.


Comment by pmdH2P 03.17.14 @ 2:33 pm

I don’t understand some of the complaints about
our seeding, particularly since we’ve played so well on the road.

Myself, in the middle of winter, I’d rather visit
Florida than Buffalo NY any day of the week!!

Comment by Classof69 03.17.14 @ 2:40 pm

nate silver at 538sports gives pitt a 14% chance of beating florida. seems kinda low for a one game scenario; if they played a 5 or 7 game series, 14%(or lower) makes sense. i’d say pitt’s odds of pullling the upset are about 1 in 3. assuming we take care of business vs buffs.

Comment by scott 03.17.14 @ 2:47 pm

I believe that Florida is going to beat us so severely and so completely, the carnage will be epic. Our boys bloodied bodies will be strewn across the court like wounded soldiers. The cries of our women will be heard rising from the rafters long into the night. Merciful death will come but for the fortunate few; the rest left to languish in agony…

…. or maybe Colorado beats us and Jamie takes the guys to Disney World :-)

There… I said it :-) :-) :-)

Comment by thestumper 03.17.14 @ 2:49 pm

TVax, he has been running down the court with a stiff back for a while now.

Dixon said that he has been playing with a fractured bone for over 2 months, yet he he never complains. Obviously, it is something that he can play with but it also may be limiting his game, like his jumping ability.

According to Zeise, Young plays the best low post defense on the team (including Zanna), and people may not realize how the defense suffers when Artis replaces him.

Young obviously had issues guarding Jabari Parker and TJ Warren, guys that play both inside and on the perimeter… but then, so does just about everyone else.

Comment by wbb 03.17.14 @ 2:52 pm

I think playing in the hostile crowd might actually help Pitt focus in Orlando. I’d say two of their best performances all year were the essentially road game against UNC in the ACC tourney and the game up at the Cuse. Pitt also came out really strong against UNC at the Dean Dome until foul trouble got them.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.17.14 @ 2:58 pm

Don’t know if anyone posted this already or people are aware of this.

Florida has 3 seniors on their team that have been to 3 straight Elite 8’s. Those seniors are three of their 4 best players.

We’re going to have to play our best game of the season to have any chance of beating a team with that kind of NCAA Tournament experience.

First things first though, can’t overlook or play down to the Buffs. As we have a tendency to do with some teams. Would prefer we play uptempo against them, as 1 blown possession, bad call (JR’s layup) or turnover can kill you in a slogfest.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 3:06 pm

It might be a nice touch to not have to overcome the refs for a change.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 3:07 pm

Stump, “The cries of our women will be heard rising from the rafters well into the night”

Does that happen a lot when girls smell you breath?

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 3:17 pm

He DOES run fairly upright and rigid looking but I thought that was just his normal stride.

Neither Florida nor Colorado is big, hopefully he can GO 100%. Looking at his minutes, no pattern of change in minutes, shots, etc.

We need JR to be that other scoring weapon he has asserted himself into being the last 2 games. JA stepping up would be nice, but that hasn’t seemed to have been happening with the minutes he has earned.

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 3:18 pm

I believe we can should beat CO. FL has a lot of Pittsburgh fans and hope some show up. My bracket will have Pitt moving out of FL to wherever the next NCAA stop is. Why not?

Comment by Frank 03.17.14 @ 3:21 pm

I think Colorado is the team that ought to be complaining about the pairings. Seriously I think we win this fairly easily. Looks to me like Stanford II.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.17.14 @ 3:24 pm

For a team that lost their best player many weeks ago and had no chance of returning (Dinwiddie), and then going 9-9 over their last 18 games, Colorado should feel fortunate they even got in the Dance.

And as a #8 seed ???

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 3:31 pm

Rankings out,

The Coaches Poll has us at #29.

The AP writers don’t like us at all. 0 votes
While Virginia is #3, a team we lost by 3 pts twice. A team we most likely beat had the correct call been made on JR’s layup.

Even Western Michigan & NC Central got 1 vote a piece.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 3:36 pm

Apparently the “subtle” sarcasm was lost on some people, even with the ‘smiley faces’….

Worst case scenario – The Colorado game gives me an excuse to drink on Thursday afternoon. We lose in unspectacular fashion and life goes on. I’m only bitter about it for a few days and can enjoy the rest of the tournament without any stress.

Best case scenario: We find a way to beat Florida and roll into the field of 16 and I got to drink non-stop from Thursday afternoon through Sunday night.

‘Meh’ scenario: We beat Colorado and lose to Florida, and I’m hungover and angry on Sunday. History suggests that this may be the most likely outcome as a life long Pitt fan.

I’m just having fun with all the desperation and the cries of injustice :-) Well, that and some of the less-than-realistic expectations. Donovan has been here before – so have most of his players. If Florida brings their A-game we have to play perfect basketball…. and that might not even be enough.

And if they’re close enough to smell my breath… I already got what I came for :-)

Comment by thestumper 03.17.14 @ 3:38 pm

@stumper – Agree on most everything…..but if we play perfect basketball, we beat any and every team in the tournament.

Lets get by Colorado and then go have fun on Saturday. I think they need to wear the DJ headbands like in the first Clemson game.

Just had a flash in my mind of JD with the headband on for warm-ups.

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 3:55 pm

Watched a good bit of the UK/Fla. game

There was some serious shot blocking going on by Kentucky’s Willie Cauley Stein(7 footer) which shut down the middle and got Kentucky back in that game after being down by 15 points, 37-52 with about 10 minutes to go. Florida went about 6 minutes in scoring only 2 points.

Before that Florida had no trouble whatsoever in getting to the rim.

We would have to clog up the middle as Fla. goes strong to the rim.

Oh and they full court press. Which is our big Achilles heel.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 4:18 pm

The odds makers bracket: (hover over the team)

link to

Comment by Jackagain 03.17.14 @ 4:19 pm

Last night on one of the Sunday Night TV Sport shows, they asked Mark Madden and one of the other pundits what they thought of Pitt and it’s chances.

Both admitted that they had not watched a college BB game all year, before or after they gave their “expert” opinions. Only in Pittsburgh, LOL.

The difference between winning and losing for Pitt, is shooting percentage, Patterson has to shoot well as does one other guy, take your pick, Newkirk, Robinson, or Wright. When this happens, as long as Zanna is getting his Lay-ups and Boards, we can beat anyone.

The problem is, it doesn’t happen often enough, and then we are usually in a close dogfight.

And I have watched all of the games.

Comment by gc 03.17.14 @ 4:30 pm

@Jack – so Louisville is the favorite by their formulas?

Comment by TVax 03.17.14 @ 4:39 pm

Football practice interviews on the Pitt Site.

Both KK Mosely and Ronald Jones interviewed. Great to have them back. Hope they do well after paying their dues.

A lot of favorable mention of the new strength guy.

Comment by gc 03.17.14 @ 4:40 pm

Manassah Garner down 20 lbs, going to play WR.

Comment by gc 03.17.14 @ 4:41 pm

Coach Martin TN not a good game coach, poor decisions v FL Sat. 90 seconds left down 4 he doesn’t foul immediately, let’s FL burn 30 secs before fouling. TN had 8 min FG drought and he should have called TO & set up a play 4 mins in. Think he’s gone unless they have a good run. TN fans disgusted, McRae & Stokes had the kind of game necessary to beat FL. Cam probably on Scottie. We have to play ahead of them, they are w/o question best SEC defense, stressed by Donovan. They will double Zanna when he’s got GBE ball and seal perimeter and cuts. They’re rarely out of position.

All moot if we don’t get by CO, if we do FL is a huge task.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.17.14 @ 4:46 pm

Judging Florida bc they play hoops in the SEC is ludicrous. They are a very good team. Great Coach. Been there before and are balanced.. The Gators are legit and that is obvious with the #1 ranking.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.17.14 @ 4:59 pm

@ Old School

Well we better be prepared for their press, as in throwing over the dang thing instead of throwing into an immediate double team. Was pulling my hair out watching that continual madness against the Holes in a game that shouldn’t have been that close.

Or we’ll get pressed off the court.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 5:02 pm

What was up with Patterson standing on the baseline during the press?

Comment by gc 03.17.14 @ 5:08 pm

Dunno gc….they were all too bunched together which led to easy double and even triple teams.

I was screaming my head off for Lamar to throw it to mid-court instead of to JR. Or even the home run pass, all the way down if there’s a guy open.

Plus if you noticed they threw some really slow passes, when they did get it over halfcourt which allowed UNC players to catch up and prevent the 3 on 3, 2 on 1, etc.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 5:18 pm

If we beat Colorado does anybody know what time we would play Saturday?

Comment by Lou 03.17.14 @ 5:18 pm

ESPN Tournament Challenge (as of 5:30pm today)…

Upset watch

There are two 9-over-8 games picked by a majority of brackets so far:

• Pittsburgh (72.5 percent) over Colorado
• Oklahoma State (67.6 percent) over Gonzaga

Interestingly, Pittsburgh is a more popular pick than two 5-seeds (Cincinnati, Saint Louis) and three 7-seeds (UConn, New Mexico, Texas)

Comment by Mailman 03.17.14 @ 5:20 pm

^ the 3 on 2,

Florida’s press is a lot better than UNC’s. As UNC only uses it when they are far behind. Which isn’t often. Florida uses it as part of their game plan.

Donovan is a Pitino disciple having played for Providence in the 1987 Final 4, and of course Providence played with the press.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 5:28 pm

@ mailman
I think Pitt is getting a huge % based on all the talking heads on ESPN. From the bracket programs I’ve seen, they pretty much ALL,,,are picking us in that game.

Some even ‘talking up’ both Lamar & Talib.

IKR hard to believe.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 5:45 pm


I don’t have any hair left after football season let alone basketball

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat!! 03.17.14 @ 5:56 pm

haha WLAT.

Yea any opponent punt returns were cause for cardiac irregularity.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 6:09 pm

Hoping we can play with the same attitude we had in ACC tourny-gotta have a sense of urgency

Comment by John 03.17.14 @ 6:17 pm

Last 5 games Nuke has played:

34 minutes NCSU
20 minutes Clem
24 minutes WF
28 mins. UNC
27 minutes UVA

Kind of interesting how his minutes have increased twofold in the last 5 games.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 6:25 pm

Cam is a potential liability in press, Newkirk, JRob & Lamar should handle the ball. Throwing Newk to the lions but he can adjust if he sees film and JD implements combination break outs and break backs. If Z ankle is OK he could be a weapon. Artis scares me in FL game, Donovan will attack him immediately. Tough spot, need Cam for D and boxing and rebounds but he’s not suited to break a press. Dixon will need some brilliant moves.

Comment by Old School Panther 03.17.14 @ 6:26 pm

Before we all get carried away with how to play Florida, Pitt has to get by Colorado. I’m not so sure we should be taking this game lightly. Hopefully, the players are taking it one game at a time.

Comment by MariettaMike 03.17.14 @ 6:26 pm

Agreed. Kick CO’s ass then we can speculate. Some of what we need to do in FL we’ll work on in CO. This is a two game prep but played one at a time

Comment by Old School Panther 03.17.14 @ 6:29 pm

Pitt is the clear favorite over Colorado because Colorado isn’t a tournament team without their starting PG. Pitt losing to them would be bad.

Pitt wouldn’t have prepared for press against UNC. Pitt would get one day of practice against press for Florida which hopefully would help clean up the spacing mistakes. Key will be to get stops on D to prevent them from setting up the press

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.17.14 @ 6:37 pm

Quess which team located in the boonies of central Pa is playing in the CBI.

Comment by PITT-cocks fan 03.17.14 @ 6:41 pm

Quess which team located in the boonies of central Pa is playing in the CBI.

Comment by PITT-cocks fan 03.17.14 @ 6:41 pm

Does it rhyme with ‘Dead Mate’?

Comment by Mailman 03.17.14 @ 6:47 pm

If we get into uptempo against the Buffs it could/would be a run-a-way win. imo

Some examples: (only looking at games since Dinwiddie got injured)

Utah beat them 75-64
Az beat them 88-61
ASU beat them 72-51
Wash beat them 71-54
UCLA beat them 69-56
Az beat them 69-57

They did win a few high scoring games but those were mostly against the dregs of the Pac 12. Wazu, USC and Wash.

They kept the score low in 1 win recently over Pac 12 dreg USC (59-56), Cal & Stanford both by identical scores of 59-56 as well. Strange.. all 59-56.
In their last game they got routed by 20 by Az, although it was a 3 pt game at halftime.

Their leading scorer is 6’10” 245 lb. Josh Scott who goes for 14 ppg & 8.5 rpg. Pretty good player shoots it 51% FG and 80% FT.

Again if we can score in the 70’s or close to 80, this should be a rout. If it goes to slogball, could be a nail biter.

I’d prefer we play uptempo.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 7:04 pm

My biggest issue is that IF AND I SAID IF, Pitt beats Florida (in my mind Colorado is a bump in the road) then I have to deal with firat, sedating the wife adequately enough into allowing me fly to Dallas, then I must match shots with Upittbaseball at Twin Peaks while not dissing him off enough so it ends up with me having no place to stay while in Texas, all the while not losing focus on rooting Pitt onto victory while in the Final Four. $hit life is complicated.

Some might say Pitt got a bum deal in seeding, I say, “beat Florida then make your airline reservations for Dallas”. Can’t wait to meet Upittbaseball in person and give him $hit face to face! (all in good fun of course)

Comment by Dr. Tom 03.17.14 @ 7:16 pm

James Johnson has been fired after only 2 years as VT’s men’s BB coach. Two years and gone hasn’t been done in 40 years in the ACC! Record was bad but you could see the young kids playing hard for him. Will his players walk, including PG Wilson who Blatherites had taken notice of as he was a local Pgh. area kid. AD had been in town for a month. VT MBB could be bad for years. He better have a big name hire in his pocket. Hail to Pitt! UPone

Comment by UPone 03.17.14 @ 7:21 pm

lol Doc

I believe we would end up in Memphis for the Sweet 16 should be fortunate to get out of the first weekend still alive.

So everyone will be fighting for rooms at the Peabody Hotel unless you’re a frickin duck.

So first Beale Street and some blues after Orlando and before Dallas and The Men’s Club, Twin Peaks.

Comment by Emel 03.17.14 @ 7:25 pm

Colorado is a very young team.
They start 1 freshman, 3 sophomores, and a junior. They go 7 (maybe 8) deep. Their bench is 2 sophs and a frosh. They have another freshman barely sees the court.

Comment by xfmrman 03.17.14 @ 7:46 pm

Beaver County Times has a nice feature on Durand Johnson (“Coach” Johnson):

link to

Comment by Howard 03.17.14 @ 9:36 pm

Just got word from Pitt ticket office that I have tix to Colorado game. See you on Church St in Orlando starting at 11:30 before tipoff. Weather predicted to be Sunny and 75.

Comment by OrlandoPittAlum 03.17.14 @ 9:46 pm

Wake has scheduled s news conference Tuesday to presumably fire their embattled MBB coach! Bzdelik had lost the Wake faithful months ago despite beating UNC, Duke and ND (x2) this season. Their recent blowout loss to our Panthers may just have caused their administration to give up on him! H2P! UPone

Comment by UPone 03.17.14 @ 10:49 pm

Nice promo piece on Pitt Footballs Spring S&C.
link to

Comment by Dr. Tom 03.18.14 @ 6:11 am

Thanks Doc. Good video.

Comment by notrocketscience 03.18.14 @ 6:24 am

Well, Wake fired Dino Gaudio a few years back even though he had a good record and his replacement has done nothing but lose.

Va Tech fired their coach after only 2 years, in retrospect, maybe Seth Greenberg wasn’t so bad.

Comment by wbb 03.18.14 @ 6:59 am

Here is Gaudio’s record at Wake

2007–08 Wake Forest 17–13 7–9 T–7th
2008–09 Wake Forest 24–7 11–5 T–2nd NCAA 1st Round
2009–10 Wake Forest 20–11 9–7 5th NCAA 2nd Round
Wake Forest: 61–31 27–21

I assume he was caught with the AD’s daughter or something

Comment by wbb 03.18.14 @ 7:03 am

wbb, Gaudio was fired because of his late season performance that was straight from the AD. The AD was saying how mad he was because Gaudio’s 2008-2009 team was ranked 1 in the nation before falling apart and the Final 4 talk by Gaudio got his hopes up too much.

By the way Gaudio’s incoming recruiting class was 6th in the nation.

When he was fired people were saying Wake is a great job with lots of talent and it will be easy to hire a new coach to take the team to the next level.

Comment by Wardapalooza 03.18.14 @ 7:38 am

I think our kids will crush Colorado.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.18.14 @ 8:36 am

Doc – Emel – I will be ready… If we beat UF I’ll pay for your flights…HAHA

Comment by upittbaseball 03.18.14 @ 9:05 am


Not my flight? I am crushed. However, if you pick up my bar bill at Twin Peaks and any other charges I incur there, we are good.


Comment by pmdH2P 03.18.14 @ 9:21 am

PMD – I don’t need to let you know I got your flights… Your my favorite on here so that is a given. Emel is right as Twin Peaks is nice but if we are opening this up to Strip Clubs then Twin Peaks will just be the appetizer. LOL.

PMD – Where do you live? PA? Take care my friend. Baseball needs to wake up. We aren’t in Kansas anymore. By the way anyone in for FIU and Miami for Football? Or Baseball in Miami?

Comment by upittbaseball 03.18.14 @ 11:01 am


We are sort the Ying and Yang on here. I am (perhaps) too optimistic at times and you can be a “dark” force. But. we both want the best for our team.

Am a Pittsburgher originally. Then lived in central PA for many years and now in western VA, near the WV border. Mountains. Boonies. Beautiful, but remote. About two hours in different directions to UVA (Charlottesville) and VT (Blacksburg).


Comment by pmdH2P 03.18.14 @ 11:11 am

While I was out to lunch I had the car radio on The Fan 93.7 fm. I was offended by the morons on the show, Ron Cook and Andrew Filliponi. They were discussing a Sports Illustrated article that showed pictures of famous alumni of the schools that had made the NCAA Tournament field. Filliponi asked Cook who he thought was among Pitt’s photos. Cook guessed, “Jonas Salk.” Filliponi said , “am I supposed to know who that is?” Cook responded ,the guy who invented penicilan.” What a couple dim wits .

Someone please let these morons know what Jonas Salk did. Salk was a legitimate hero who refused to enrich himself while saving and improving the lives of millions of children. He did his job so well that dorks like these two don’t even know who he is.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.18.14 @ 12:35 pm

PMD – Pretty down there. Especially around Blacksburg. Take care buddy.

Comment by upittbaseball 03.18.14 @ 1:21 pm

Sooo, I want to hear anyone/everyone’s pick to win it all and Final Four. 2 versions would be fine, picks with your head vs. “intuition”. Intuition would be who you feel is going to get on a roll due to recent play or seed or location or whatever.

Or maybe your upsets early or who you see overachieving in the first few rounds even if they don’t win it or even make Final Four.

Me: head picks are MSU, Zona, Louisville, Syracuse with MSU winning it all.

“Feel” picks are Virginia(the roll continues up to MSU), WSU, Wisc., and of course Pitt(IF they don the DJ headbands).

Early losers I think and hope include, ‘Nova, OSU, Florida, Zags, St. Louis, UMass, UNC and Iowa State.

Early upsets: NCState, SF Austin, Tenn, Dayton.

Watch this entire list be AWFUL. I gotta say, I really don’t have a feel for this year’s field like I have at times in year’s past.

Comment by TVax 03.18.14 @ 2:04 pm

Ranking of tournament coaches by basketball achievement as a player:

link to

Jamie is #15 (1 ahead of Boeheim)

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.18.14 @ 2:29 pm

Spirit, I heard that as well, and I immediately emailed the show with a correction. Of course nobody replied. I can only listen like 10-15 minutes at a time,hoping for some Pitt discussion, because they drive me nuts. Cook is just a curmudgeon who I doubt ever played a minute of any sport at a high level and Filiponi is so fixated on trying to be a contrarian that he doesn’t seem to realize that he sounds like a complete imbecile.

Comment by Carmen 03.18.14 @ 4:53 pm

Worthless….cause without looking it at, I guess Danny Manning of Tulsa would be #1.

Billy Donovan also played in a FF. But Manning won one and was the MVP.

Don’t we at Pitt know all to well for we had beaten those Jayhawkers earlier that year in the Rainbow Classic or the previous year.

Comment by Emel 03.18.14 @ 5:57 pm

Doc – Emel – I will be ready… If we beat UF I’ll pay for your flights…HAHA
Comment by upittbaseball 03.18.14 @ 9:05 am

First we got to beat Colorado.

Pitt is 0-4 in 8/9 games.

Time to get off the schneid.

Comment by Emel 03.18.14 @ 5:59 pm


I don’t know why Pitt fans don’t deluge The Fan with emails, phone calls, etc and get those 2 morons fired.

Cook knows damn well who Jonas Salk is, he’s just trying to belittle any Pitt achievements.

The idiot from Syracuse is…well…just an idiot from Syracuse. When they get beat in the Tourney, time to rub that in his face. The little geek.

Comment by Emel 03.18.14 @ 6:04 pm

That Vinnie guy is another idiot no nothing.

Comment by Emel 03.18.14 @ 6:05 pm

You know I quit listening to any of those types of radio programs.

First off the programs are at least 50% commercials.

And 2nd off, they have less knowledge than just about everyone on The Blather except trolls from Pedo State & WVcc. Well that might be a tossup.

Thirdly they are what amounts to SportsRadio trolls when it comes to anything Pitt. F’em and don’t listen.

Non participation will eventually kill ’em.

Comment by Emel 03.18.14 @ 6:19 pm

Jamie has to be feeling some pressure this week. He might be claiming to be the underdog but unfortunately the expectation at this point seems to be, beat Colorado and at least give Florida a game.

I have watched 4 seasons hoping to see Talib Zanna develop into his potential. There were times I doubted it would ever happen. Now that he is facing possibly the final game of his career I really appreciate the monster game against UNC because it validates the hope many of us had for him. 22/19 ain’t shabby by any measurement. Blair had a few big number, big games but Talib’s numbers are better than anything I remember Grey doing against a top team.

There were a lot of talented players on display and they can brag about the Jabari’s and the Innis’s but Talib had the best individual performance in Greensboro by far.

If Lamar can get his groove back and Talib can stay this focused we might be able to put on quite a show in Orlando.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.18.14 @ 7:20 pm

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