February 23, 2014

Open Thread: FSU-Pitt

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This isn’t Pitt’s final home game but it is the last one on a weekend. Hence, time to honor the seniors Lamar Patterson and Talib Zanna. Fifth year seniors who already have their undergrad degrees and have been taking graduate level classes this year. And both who needed this eight-day break to try and get closer to healthy.

ESPNU at 6 pm for the ACC Sunday night game. Carter Blackburn and Dino Gaudio will be the announcing duo.

All games are crucial at this point. As disappointed as the outcome has been in a lot of the games in the second half of the ACC conference play, Pitt is still firmly in the NCAA Tournament. It may be hard to believe when we tend to only look at Pitt, and what they haven’t done. But when you look at the other 31 conferences and start looking at their records. Their wins. Their losses. You realize Pitt is not on the bubble discussion because they are solidly in the Tournament.

At least right now. The Panthers can absolutely play themselves to the bubble if they struggle with this final five-game stretch. The final three of four being on the road.

But at the moment, the focus is entirely on the Seminoles.

Dixon said Hamilton is underappreciated because his teams usually are not flashy.

Instead, they win with great defense and rebounding while playing hard and as a team. He also said a lot of schools likely could learn from Florida State, which won the ACC tournament title in 2012.

That’s because the Seminoles have stuck with Hamilton through some tough years.

As a result, Dixon thinks, Florida State always is competitive and winds up fighting for the postseason.

He also said coaches don’t stick around as long as Hamilton has unless they know what they are doing and are successful. He always has admired the job that Hamilton has done.

Coming into this season, Florida State had the third-best ACC record since the 2005-06 season behind North Carolina and Duke. The Seminoles also had the third-most regular-season wins among conference members in that span.

“I thought … when I was watching some of the game film and they had his record and how long he has been there, I said, ‘Wow, he has been there a long time,’ ” Dixon said.

“Then, I sort of laughed because I remember we played against him my first year and so that means I’ve been around a long time as well.”

It also helps that FSU doesn’t place nearly the emphasis on basketball as they do on football. But really Hamilton has had a solid career. He had the ill-fated sojourn to the NBA as the coach of the Washington Wizards when Michael Jordan plucked him from the Miami Hurricanes, but  otherwise has been a solidly successful college coach.

Hamilton’s quick success at Austin Peay led him to Kentucky, where he developed a reputation as the top recruiter in college basketball. From Kentucky, he accepted head coaching positions rebuilding basketball programs at schools better known for football — Oklahoma State, Miami and Florida State. Between stints at Miami and Florida State, Hamilton coached the NBA’s Washington Wizards for a season.

The ACC’s second-longest tenured coach, behind Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, Hamilton has guided Florida State to a school-record four consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. Since 2005-06, Florida State is the third-winningest program in the ACC, behind Duke and North Carolina. He led Miami to its first postseason appearances in 31 years and led Oklahoma State to its first consecutive postseason trips in more than three decades.

“I’ve always been excited about taking rebuilding jobs that needed a little fixing up,” said Hamilton, a college coach since 1971-72. “I tell people I’ve been scratching and clawing, clawing and scratching, my entire career.”

For Pitt it has been a lot of work to fix some things over the last week plus.

“For us, it was good, it was needed because we had so many games in a row,” Dixon said. “In the Big East, we had two sort of bye weeks or open days where you don’t play, but in the ACC we only get one and you don’t know when you are going to get them.

“Ours just happened to be in the latter part of the year, but we obviously needed it. We needed to practice. We hadn’t practiced enough given the situation. It is good and it was effective for us in terms of health, too, as some guys needed some time off, and that was important.”

Dixon said Lamar Patterson (thumb) and Talib Zanna (ankle) were able to practice this week but had a few days off after the North Carolina game that helped them get back close to full strength.

He said the only player who wasn’t able to practice was little-used reserve Joseph Uchebo, who got hit in the jaw in the first part of practice Tuesday and is day to day.

Dixon said the practices were a little shorter but intense. He said there was some progress in addressing the defensive and rebounding breakdowns that have hurt the Panthers, who have lost four of their past six games.

And getting the freshmen to be ready to keep going.

One concern for Dixon was the fact that the freshmen hit a “wall” because the college season is so much longer than the high school season.

Pitt relies heavily on four freshmen and will need all four to play at a high level if it is going to continue to improve and have success in the NCAA tournament.

Dixon said he addressed the fatigue factor with his four freshmen — Chris Jones, Jamel Artis, Michael Young and Josh Newkirk — this week. He basically told them that now is the time when they will have to be tough enough to fight through injuries and tired legs.

“We talked to the freshmen, I think they played well and obviously they are getting a lot of minutes because of the injury to Durand [Johnson]. Across the board they have played well,” Dixon said. “At the same time, this is the longest year they had ever been through already at this point. We have talked to them about the fact that this is where we need discipline and commitment going down the stretch.

“They can’t be tired, they can’t be sore; those are things they have to overcome. You can’t let it affect you. They may be there but it can’t diminish your effort or focus.”

To say nothing of the frustration when your shots aren’t falling.

I actually expect a decently paced game. Florida State wants to play strong defense, but they aren’t as stagnant as Miami or Virginia on offense. There will be opportunities for Pitt in transition.

This game is huge for Pitt. We are as rested as we will ever by. The Vegas line has moved 1pt to -9.5,always a good thing.

I think Pitt either wins all 5 remainging games or falls apart and loses 4 or all 5 and goes to the NIT. So what’ll it be guys!

I cannot watch the game at home as I am traveling by car on business all evening but I will be watching on my I Phone and I pad at stops. Look forward to everyone’s passionate comments and basketball savy viewpoints. Please let us score tonight!! Please.

Hail to Pitt!! Go get em Panthers!

Comment by Dan 72 02.23.14 @ 5:38 pm

On TV and where?

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 5:58 pm


Comment by Mailman 02.23.14 @ 6:01 pm

That was NOT an offensive foul.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:09 pm

Are we EVER going to get calls at home?

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:10 pm

Rough call on Zanna, especially on Senior Night!

Comment by JAM05Pitt 02.23.14 @ 6:13 pm

That’s a blocking foul but Talib’s was a charge? Give me a fucking break.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:28 pm

Not seeing the benefit of the 8 day break so far. Once again Pitt letting an inferior team gain confidence.

Hope Robinson is ok.

One of the quietest conference game Pete crowds I can recall. Even the Zoo is subdued. Sunday night game …meh.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 6:30 pm

Dixon earn your freaking 2M a year. This is crazy.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:31 pm

This pollack for FSU is atrocious

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:32 pm

Young looks like a young version of that guy who used to play for the Knicks. He would fight a lot. Anyone know his name? Charles Oakley?

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:35 pm

Tons of contact under our basket and no calls. Calling every ticky tacky one against us. WTF?!?!?!?

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:35 pm

This team is so slow and will be better when the entitled ones (Patterson, Zanna and Wright) are gone.

Comment by cas myzlinski 02.23.14 @ 6:38 pm

One word for Pitt thus far…F-L-A-T

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 6:38 pm

27-19 Double Yoi.

We *cannot* lose this game or it’s safe to say a full-scale collapse is underway.

Yes, I’m panicking.

Comment by BATR 02.23.14 @ 6:38 pm

Well.. this isn’t going well.

Comment by Mailman 02.23.14 @ 6:39 pm

What’s wrong with the Panthers??? 19 points at (almost) halftime? That’s like a junior high school game!

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 02.23.14 @ 6:40 pm

And no basket on that last call? I swear I do not know how they are calling this game.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:40 pm

Pitt needs to just play. They look too tight. Jamie should just let them play basketball not run a play.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 6:41 pm

Horrid basketball. Unless they turn this around real quick they’re playing themselves out of the NCAA.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.23.14 @ 6:41 pm

Zanna soft as ice cream

Comment by Old School Panther 02.23.14 @ 6:41 pm

I just threw up. Dixon excuses have to stop.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:44 pm

Zanna hasnt even broke a sweat look at him.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:45 pm

Way to go robinson. First shots i saw him make all year.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:49 pm

How do you let that guy be wide open at the last second? That’s not on JD. That’s on the guys on the floor.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:50 pm

Once again, being owned that by the buzzer beater!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 6:51 pm

Dad – i agree but you have to put it on Dixon as he is the coach. Bench they guy the rest of the game.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 6:52 pm

Lamar’s injury is a killer. He can’t shoot, w/o Lamar we have limited offense. If healthy Lamar would at least offset Miller.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.23.14 @ 6:52 pm

This team hasn’t been any good since Lamar started getting all his pub. Coincidence, I wonder.

Comment by cas myzlinski 02.23.14 @ 6:52 pm

Then you’d be benching Young or Zanna as they were the only guys close to that shooter.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 6:54 pm

Worse than Pitt’s offense has been their D. FSU has 37 points and had many many wide open looks. It could be worse than a six point deficit.

Also, Pitt is so timid about pushing the ball. At least twice had numbers on the break and pulled back. As much as they are struggling to get the ball inside on the half-court set, they need to take advantage of transition opportunities.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 6:55 pm

Jd teams are the most inconsistent teams year after year.
Talent difference? I don’t think so.
Coaching philosophy? I do think so. Fuck the guaranteed 20 wins(for personal reasons). Coach like You don’t have a guaranteed job.
I suspect Pitt will win this one, but they are boring……..

Comment by frankarms 02.23.14 @ 6:56 pm

If you can’t shoot 40% from the field you may not win another game. Dixon needs to stop recruiting 6′ 6″ slashers and start recruiting some shooters

Comment by Chick 02.23.14 @ 6:57 pm

Losing our home court advantage, we use to come out and jump all over teams and be up 10 at the 1rst TV timeout.

After over a week off, disappointed in that. And losing at the half.

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 6:59 pm

Emel….our homecourt adv sucks lately…if you’ve been there the past few years it’s’s the same ppl that go to fball games..and we all know that theres know atmosphere at Heinz Feild

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:02 pm

“clang, clang, clang went the trolley”

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:03 pm

Pitt has 7 turnovers already…Z having more turnovers (3) than points (2).

Got to step it up, both he and Lamar. All these guys look kind of lackadaisical today.

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:03 pm

I love watching JD look like he’s gonna take a shit the whole game….I want Pitt to win every game they play…but I do not like him..and we as a basketball program have slowly but surely lost our mojo….

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:04 pm

Actually, that’s not true, we’ve had several air balls also, those certainly aren’t clangs.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:04 pm

@ Keith, no I can’t make it to the games since I live in the Carolinas, but yea I can see it’s only the students making any noise at all. The rest is an opera crowd.

No spirit in the rest of the place including section 22. lol

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:05 pm

Pitt needs to step up the defensive effort beginning now.

Gae will be won or lost at the free throw line! Gotta step it up and transition them. Slow play won’t necessarily do it…Let’s go

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.23.14 @ 7:07 pm

Doesnt matter. Bench whoever and dont play favorites.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 7:08 pm

Keith, I have to disagree. The student crowd is better for hoops, but not the rest of the crowd. Football crowds may be thin, but they are at least enthusiastic, especially given the mediocrity of the program. The crowd at the Pete is much older and more buttoned-down, with an air of sophistication and privilege.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:10 pm

wtf is wright doing…2 turnovers in 4 minutes

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:14 pm

We are playing like DoDo!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 7:14 pm

i don’t see the point of going to the games if you’re not going to get involved….that’s part of the fun of attending…get into, get loud and try to energize your team to victory.

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:16 pm

What has happened to Cam Wright??!! Get him off the floor! He needs a [bleepin’] skirt. He can’t fight through a screen. He goes to the hoop like a big freakin’ baby. I can’t take it any more. Give Jones those minutes. He looks much more confident. Wright is nothing more than a detriment at this point. He’s driving me crazy. Please, Jamie, get him out!

Comment by Carmen 02.23.14 @ 7:16 pm

I will defer to you x and o guys, afficionodo’s, experts…….

Where is Jameel Artis?? I saw him come in, drive to the hoop, get fouled, and made his free throw.

One caveat in your answer…..Please don’t tell me about his defense, it couldn’t be any worse than what I’m watching now.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:16 pm

that’s 5 or 6 trips down the floor trailing by 6 we didn’t score…if we lose it’s this period of the game.

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:19 pm

How is that not a foul??!! He blocked it from behind and got a ton of body. These refs are the worst I think I’ve ever seen.

Comment by Carmen 02.23.14 @ 7:23 pm

get that sh*t outta here…..these guys get swatted so much

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:25 pm

Did you say you would rather talk abought football i dont blame you i am out of here.
I will check in when game is over i cant take it.

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 7:25 pm

Just give me free throws that go in!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 7:25 pm

Dan, I agree Artis needs to play more.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:26 pm

please recruit some studs……

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:26 pm

nice shot wright…lol

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:28 pm

fsu has scored 5 points in the 2nd half….and we’re only TIED,,,,,unbelievable

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:29 pm

Free throws…

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:30 pm

2 in your face…facials….weak

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:32 pm

Notice FSU starts getting to the rim again as soon as Randall comes in.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:32 pm

We look tired.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 7:33 pm

If Pitt is playing Im taking the under ever game. We be a millionaire in 1 season.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 7:33 pm

Iron Duke…I respectfully disagree….the rest of the building is dead…period!!….it has been for a few years now…old money = zero spirit and college kids need that…go to a Kentucky game…and there going crazy when they play a DII team!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:33 pm

this is tough to watch…somebody kick start these guys….they are literally sleep walking thru this game

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:33 pm

We shouldn’t look tired…we’ve had 7 days to prepare for this game…coaching!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:34 pm

We’re getting FTs but we’ve already missed 8 and some of those were the front end of 1 and 1s. That is a big reason why we’re losing as well.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 7:35 pm

Your team takes on the personality of your coach…boring and tight

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:35 pm

Ojo looks like he could eat Z’s head…

link to

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:36 pm

Can Uchebo possibly be any worse than Randall and why is Michael Young on the floor ?

Comment by Chick 02.23.14 @ 7:36 pm

ummm, I see were going to the “wait till there is 3 seconds left on the shot clock offense”.


Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:36 pm

Michael Young…can only get better…thank god

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:37 pm

if we lose this, game was lost in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half, they literally ‘layed down’ and we did nothing but get it to a tie game

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:38 pm

Emel…agreed…fsu should be up by 10

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:40 pm

jones bailed us out of another…wait till the end of the shot clock…jd special

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:40 pm

They are 9 for 9 on FTs. We’ve missed as many as they made. At least 3 (4?) were front end of 1 and 1s. I understand not being able to score sometimes but not hitting FTs? Unacceptable.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 7:40 pm

This is sickening to watch

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:46 pm

yep this is who Pittsburgh is…struggling to beat a scrub team

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:46 pm

How does that thumb injury effect Lamar’s defense and passing to imaginary people??

Something wrong with that kid, he looks out of it and uninterested.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:47 pm

The Zoo is in shock.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 7:47 pm

Right now Lamar is killing this team. Pull a Rollie yank the starters and play the kids. At least they play with effort.

Comment by cas myzlinski 02.23.14 @ 7:47 pm

Keith, isn’t that what I said?

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:48 pm

Shooting 34%. 61.5% on FTs.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 7:48 pm

@ Keith,
what I meant is that Pitt had a chance in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half to go up by 10 as FSU only scored 5 points in 10 minutes.

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:48 pm

Ken Pomeroy is jamming forks into his eyes right now because of all the inefficiency!!!

Comment by dallas mike 02.23.14 @ 7:49 pm

I disagreed that football crowd is the same as the hoop crowd. Except for the Zoo, hoop crowd lacks enthusiasm. At least the regulars at the football games are into it, all 17 of us.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:50 pm

team is getting worse as the season progresses…haven’t we seen this before

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:51 pm

Thomas gets to push off and we get the foul? Gimme a break

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 7:51 pm

lol Iron Duke …18 when I come up to Pittsburgh

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:51 pm

Pitt’s doing everything they can to get into the NIT at the end of the season.

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 7:52 pm

iron duke….I was just saying that the college kids need support and the rest of the arena is dead..thats all…..go to the game…and cheer!!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 7:52 pm


Comment by CNorwoodAZ 02.23.14 @ 7:52 pm

Almost need to sit Patterson. He is that bad.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 7:52 pm

Pit will not win this game because FSU is 99% from the FTL and we can’t make 75%.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 7:52 pm

Pittbaseball I agree with you for once Dixon needs to go

Comment by Chick 02.23.14 @ 7:53 pm

lol did we get lucky there. lamar with the redemption

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:54 pm


Comment by CNorwoodAZ 02.23.14 @ 7:54 pm

come on dixon dream up something different on defense, like how about a 2 man ball trap if the ball gets on the sideline

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 7:55 pm

Typical pitt team……gets as good as it can get by game 15 or so and regresses from there. Teams with better athletes get better. How many times do we start a possession with a fast break then wind up taking a jumper with the shot clock running down

Comment by Taylor 02.23.14 @ 7:55 pm

Ahh, I see we’ve now refined our offense to the “wait until 1 second is on the shot clock”.


Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 7:56 pm

Lamar was late on that backbreaking 3.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.23.14 @ 7:59 pm

Quick, better get our 3 point shooters into the game!!!! lol

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:00 pm

hey finally with 1:50 left…we extend our defense…brilliant

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 8:01 pm

The usual excuses is Dixon doesnt get as good of players well that is on Dixon the CEO. We went all in on hoops and they have the money and support. This is not acceptable at 2M plus a year.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:02 pm

pitt playing our way to the ‘bubble’ if we’re not already on it

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 8:03 pm

Dixon needs to go? Yeah, in 9 more years. But wait until next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.

Thank you, Cyanide Steve.

Comment by PO'd Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:03 pm

say what you will about lamar…but he’s are ONLY real player

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 8:03 pm

Whatsamatter Pitt? You guys tired or something?

Comment by BATR 02.23.14 @ 8:05 pm

Pederson destroyed the entire program except wrestling.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:05 pm

Stick a fork in game and season-no leaders at crunch time. Under Dixon seniors get perks whether they deserve it or not. Next year will be worse.

Comment by cas myzlinski 02.23.14 @ 8:05 pm

Where we go from here?

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:07 pm

Someone tell robinson he is 5’10 and 99% of the time he drives it is a disaster.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:07 pm

Slice looks like a mortuary owner from Transylvania.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:08 pm

FSU + 9 looks great now.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:09 pm

Let’s be charitable now fellas. 8 days off isn’t really enough to get rested and ready to play a mediocre team.

Comment by BATR 02.23.14 @ 8:10 pm

Well, now Pitt has a bad loss to go with no good wins. Sorry, this one is inexcusable.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 8:10 pm

I know Durand Durand is out. I know Patterson has a fairly significant thumb injury. I understand these things. But you cannot keep doing the same things and expect different outcomes. Dixon is a one-trick pony. It’s excruciating watching this team play right now. It’s making me miserable. NIT.

Comment by Carmen 02.23.14 @ 8:10 pm

Words you NEVER want to hear uttered: “Talib Zanna for three…”.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 02.23.14 @ 8:11 pm

Zanna for three, priceless. Now we’re playing tee ball-everyone goes home with a trophy

Comment by cas myzlinski 02.23.14 @ 8:11 pm

at least lamar got his average

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 8:11 pm

From here, we go at least 4-5 more years wallowing in mediocrity, it would appear. At least until his buyout becomes something manageable.

Comment by PO'd Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:11 pm

5 straight losses is a possibility. That kills NCAA.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:13 pm

Why are we fouling this is over.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:13 pm

Well that was painful to watch….

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 02.23.14 @ 8:16 pm

Flat?? They’re not flat, this is the way they’ve been playing for quite awhile now.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:17 pm

@Old School, we are already on the bubble. Even two more losses kills the NCAA, maybe one more. Starting to wonder whether I even care if we limp into the tournament anyway. Who needs even more humiliation? The World’s Most Boring Basketball Team, brought to you by the University of Pittsburgh.

Comment by BATR 02.23.14 @ 8:18 pm

Season over…

Comment by Pitt it Is 02.23.14 @ 8:18 pm

Goes to show you what the RPI is worth.

A pile of dog crap.

They have Pitt #14?? 14th best team in the country??

Their formula is a bunch of shite!!

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:19 pm

Wow. I got nothing. 8 days off, a chance to regroup, get healthy, keep your season alive and this is what you come up with?

Looked like an NIT team.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 02.23.14 @ 8:20 pm

are you blocking my posts again ????

Comment by Emel 02.23.14 @ 8:20 pm

Surprisingly Patterson was making 3’s late on just one pass. Dixon is over complicating this team. Just bring the ball down court make a pick, shoot and hit the boards. And practice FT shooting.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:20 pm

C.B.I!! C.B.I!! C.B.I.!!!

Jamie, I’ve been a defender.

Gotta say, you’re wearing thin on me.

Not only is the team losing, they’re absolutely no fun to watch.

I thought we got rid of that monkey a month ago, but we’re right back where we’ve been the last 3 years.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:21 pm

Can we finally agree that this chappy stretch is on Dixon without all the JR apologists getting defenaive? If your team can’t shoot ree throws and can’t make layups year after year after year, that is on the coach. Period.

Comment by htp123 02.23.14 @ 8:21 pm

FSU is a 71% FT shooting team. They shot 87% tonight. If they shoot their average. We win. Add in that if we shoot our average on FTs, we definitely win. I’m sure all that is on JD as well. (For those who need help, I’m holding up my sarcasm sign on that last sentence.)

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 8:22 pm

The season is over. Pitt will not win another game. We have all seen this act before! December champs. March chumps. It is impossible to play any worse. Fsu is mediocre at best.

Comment by Dan 72 02.23.14 @ 8:23 pm

Hyperbole above with the CBI stuff.

We definitely should make the NIT!!!!

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:23 pm

Marietta. I agree. They interviewed FSU coach and he is freaking chill and relax. Showed no symptoms that he was going to blow up and over control the situation. His kids played free. And FSU isnt even that good.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:23 pm

I feel sorry for this Pitt team as they look lost. They are trying to get Dixon’s plays going but are afraid to improvise when the play does not work.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:24 pm

Pitt Dad. It is on JD. Same thing every year over and over is on him. I know, I know, we can never ever have a better coach than JD. His inability to improve himself and his tactics is what frustrates me.

Comment by htp123 02.23.14 @ 8:25 pm

At least the NIT field should be interesting. I almost would rather see them go nowhere, because based on what we’ve all seen lately, it would really suck to fold up in the first round of a second class tournament.

I’m still not in the “fire Dixon” camp – I’d hate to see what douche bag would get the job next.

Comment by thestumper 02.23.14 @ 8:27 pm

Now some good news Gil Brandt said Tom Savage really stood out in the passing drills and was the best QB of the 2nd group boy does he have a gun for a arm said Gil.

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 8:29 pm

I would take Archie miller over Dixon on potential alone. Dixon is done.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:29 pm

@htp123 – Jamie improved FSUs FT shooting by 16% (a 22.% improvement)? Now I AM pissed.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 8:30 pm

“Slice looks like a mortuary owner from Transylvania.”
Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:08 pm

LOL….good, this team a good burial.

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 8:30 pm

Sorry Pitt Dad, it is on JD.

He’s the coach. He makes the final decision on what players to bring here. He calls the offense, he calls the defense.

He calls the practice, he calls what goes on during practice, what needs worked on, what they need to improve on.

He brought the players here. So, if it’s on them, then, it’s on him.

I gave him great kudo’s when we were #1 and in the top 5 for a couple years, and made some sweet sixteens and an elite eight.

Our style and our play over the past couple years stinks. STINKS!!

If I gave him the team then, then, I must give him the team now.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:30 pm

It’s tough being negative on a team that I love. This team can still win out but they need to play desperate. Bring the ball down court and shoot before 20 seconds are left on the clock. And practice FT shooting. Jamie can forget about intensive practices. Just teach them simple pick and rolls and how to get finish bunnies.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:31 pm

I’m not on the “fire Dixon” wagon either.

But, he’s losing me more and more each game and each year.

Don’t bitch at me, most on here will tell you I’ve been a Dixon defender.

You had a week off, and this is what you came up with???

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 8:32 pm

Painful. Still love our team and Dixon. At least in basketball we are considered a national player.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.23.14 @ 8:34 pm

PittDad. You can make all the excuses you want for him. Your choice. You are a true Pitt fan and I have no beef with you….but he has lost this team. They don’t even seem like they hear him screaming at them every second any more. Pretty quiet here tonight. My section is normally pretty loud but you could have read a book tonight.

Comment by htp123 02.23.14 @ 8:34 pm

Please….please….all of the JD supporters give me a reason to have a positive outlook….This program has gone down hill for the past three years…I don’t care if he’s a good guy..and saves ppl in a wrecked car….give me W’s and players that can put the damn ball in the basket…No one can convinece me that he’ll ever be as good as what Ben Howland left him with!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 8:35 pm

@OPG Pitt “a national player”? Well, maybe, but barely. More and more, we’re a national joke, a boring team that routinely collapses late in the year and becoming absolutely infamous as Tournament chokers.

Comment by BATR 02.23.14 @ 8:36 pm

This team has been sliding since the Clemson game. Just tough watching a team that has no zip and Dixon once again seems unable to recognize this team is not clutch enough to win close games.

Comment by chethejet 02.23.14 @ 8:37 pm

Pitt played better vs. Syracuse and UNC, and I had hoped that Patterson and Zanna were getting healthy and that with 8 days off they would come out refreshed and confident. Instead they were the opposite. At home no less. On Senior Night.

I am more patient with Dixon and this program than most, and I am at my wits end. This now feels like a continuation of the last two years. I guess our expectations for this team were raised too high when they started strong in conference. Still trying to figure out where that team is that thrashed Clemson by 30.

So when does spring ball begin? 😉

Comment by Iron Duke 02.23.14 @ 8:38 pm

I don’t even see us making the tourney if we win out?!…we have ZERO good wins….and we now have a bad loss….JD sucks..his style sucks..his inability to change his offense sucks…and the constipated expression on his face that he has for two hrs sucks!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 8:39 pm

@htp123 – I’m not making excuses for JD. I’m just pointing out how sometimes it’s the little things – teams getting hot on FTs or 3s – that lead to our losses. Pitt is a good team, not a great one, and has little margin for error.

That being said, thanks for representing at the game tonight.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 8:44 pm

Dixon will have better teams next year and the year after becuse he will have better players.
dont give up on him but we should not be in the NCAA play off this year we are not good enough may be the NIT it will be a joke for us to get in this year .

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 8:52 pm

I content one shod never pass on an open shot; if the shot is missed so be it. Pitt passed on many open shots simply to run the clock down oy to take a poor percentage shot.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:54 pm

My wife feels sorry for me, she made me a White Russian.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:57 pm

You guys know how many times I heard next year on this blog?

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:59 pm

You guys are idiots have you even looked at who is on the bubble and how bad the bubble is this year? If Pitt wins 2 of the last 4 they are probably in. The bubble doesn’t occur in a vacuum. And a lot of you are over entitled babies who think Pitt basketball is entitled to being ranked forever. It’s like the crowd at the game today. No one showed up and who ever did decided not to cheer. There were empty rows in the student section. Tell me how the heck is the team supposed to play with passion in that atmosphere. Literally no excuse for such a no show against a solid FSU team. The lack of home court advantage is solely on the fans being so lame.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 9:05 pm

Wardapalooza….the Committee looks closely how a team is playing going into the Tournament. Pitt is a train wreck right now.

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 9:08 pm

It’s not JD’s style that sucks. It’s the ACC’s style. The ACCis the worst offensive conference in America. Pitt wasn’t really passing up open looks tonight or slowing down the game they were just missing shots. FSU slowed down the game and went to a burn like offense the second half. Watch some games before you make stupid cliche filled criticism.

Bottom line Pitt is playing a lot of freshman and will probably still make the tournament. Pretty solid in a year where you lost your best shooter to injury.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 9:09 pm

Just got home, some observations, there must be midterms going on, the zoo was only 75% filled and they were quiet. Very odd when you realize how important this game was.

IMHO, this game was lost by Lamar Patterson, I know he made the last 16 points, mostly when the game was pretty much over. He completely stunk out the joint for most of the game.

For a while Jamie had all four freshmen in and I was thinking maybe they can pull this out, no in comes Patterson and Zanna, who were ineffectual most of the night.

One thing for sure the refs call way more fouls than in the past, is it the ACC, the new rules, or both? It really doesn’t matter, we have to make our foul shots. They killed us at the line.

I don’t know what it looked like on TV, but the reffing looked bad live.

Funny we are getting the results I expected before the season started, the cake non-com and early ACC success really fooled me/us. This team is not that good.

I said that Patterson’s game disappeared at Syracuse and against VA. It resurfaced late against Miami and disappeared again.

If he doesn’t turn it back on, we are done.

One other footnote, Robinson had a leg injury, he is hurting, but gutted it out.

Always easy to blame the coach, but Patterson is no longer in the hunt for ACC MVP.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 9:11 pm

Patterson is in the hunt for a job in the Japanese League…

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 9:16 pm

Jackagain you are wrong. NCAA looks at overall resume fist and foremost and they rely heavily on RPI. After loss tonight Pitt’s RPI will drop to mid around 30s low 40s. Pitt wins out RPI will be low 30s or 20s. Pitt also has a lot of road games. Road wins help RPI more and don’t hurt RPI as much so if Pitt goes 2-2 their RPI will be in 30s and will be in.

I still can’t get over the crowd tonight at the Pete. Beyond disgusted.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 9:23 pm

You should be able to play with passion even if there are no fans in the seats. You don’t play for the fans. Where is the pride?

Comment by gdodson 02.23.14 @ 9:25 pm

The team didn’t get blown out or anything. They just couldn’t shoot. Nothing to do with pride.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 9:28 pm

Pitt gets some of the worst bounces off the rim at the most critical times this year. That said, we are not good enough to have a bad bounce break our back. Prime example was the fsu three that made it 58-52. The shot clock was about to expire. The kids chucks up the three, hits the rim, rolls around it….and drops. Game set match.

The next stretch is critical to getting on a 4 game run, followed by a w in the tourney and Pitt will be on a 7 out of 10 streak going in. Enough to get in. I question the basketball iq of the players. Zanna trying a three is a prime example. First one of the year attempted for him!! Bad timing, wrong person with the ball in the wrong area of the court.

Can’t teach iq at this level. They either need to have it already, or need to sit the bench and watch. This is why the PC recruits will do well. They “get it”. So to the Pitt team….”I ain’t quittin you”!! Get back on your horse and play balls out from this point forward. Need to get on a roll. I don’t want a new coach. I want a coach that is teaching these kids about transition and not running the same doggone play every time. It don’t work. We should not be hearing the Pitt crowd counting down the timeclock nearly every possession.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.23.14 @ 9:28 pm

Patterson was 8 for 21 and 4 for 11 for threes. Most of his scoring came late. He is the only guy on the team that can score, when he is off, so are we.

Our weakness underneath the basket is killing us. Since Zanna’s injury, he can’t make a layup. Young and Artis just aren’t big and strong enough against 7 footers.

No easy baskets for us. As usual they tomahawked and alley-ooped us too many times.

We need a big man for next year BAD.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 9:29 pm

The half court offense is ridiculous. Play around on the outside, wait until there is 8 seconds left and heave something up. Offensive rebounds turn into blocks or turnovers. Zanna and Young had lots of chances and in most cases did nothing, and when Zanna gets fouled in clutch time, forget it.
Maybe baseball is worth watching!

Comment by Jimbo 02.23.14 @ 9:29 pm

I tried cheering for Pitt and making noise when FSU had the ball and only amused a couple pleasant youngsters in the section…Oh, and yelling at the refs, and whining because Zanna didn’t box out more than once.

Live, it looked like the refs called every touch foul on Pitt outside the paint – we couldn’t keep a body in front of their guards – but let FSU bang everyone underneath, and let them double dribble, walk, and charge. But no sour grapes here.

The game was lost when at halftime Zanna and Lamar had a combined 6 points. Zanna had many many opportunities to go up on one touch and put it in and tried for hesitations all night – maybe this was because of the early charge.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.23.14 @ 9:31 pm

@gc – thanks for the report. Yeah, the officiating was awful on TV too. And the crowd sounded quiet and I saw lots of empty seats. Dino Gaudio still saying what a tough place the Pete is for visitors. Must have been in the script. It can be that way again but it isn’t right now.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 9:33 pm

The Committee wipes their collective read-ends with the RPI stat sheet.

link to

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 9:33 pm

wardapoloza…..sounds like your pissed?!..and you should be…but your pissed at the wrong person

pitt has lost 14 home games in the past 3 years….14!!!!…we have zero mojo at home…we have a lazy, uninteresting style of offense

btw….our beloved coach has NEVER…EVER beatn a team with a higher seed in the tourney

This program has slowly inched toward the middle of the NCAA pack

go ahead and try to convinece 18 year old kids to come play defense and maybe get a shot or two without being scared as hell!!

Your allowed to be happy with JD…go ahead…..I’m not….I’ll be happy when and if he changes his style…or is out of here!!

and I guarantee we lose the 2016 5 star guy!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 9:35 pm

@KeyboardKev – also what was a charge on us was a blocking foul against us at the other end. Happened a few times. Nevertheless, until the last 2 minutes we had many more FT attempts than they did. And failed to convert. Missed at least 4 times on the front end of 1 and 1s. So, despite the poor officiating, we still didn’t make the most of our chances.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 9:36 pm

Pitt isn’t waiting for 6 seconds to chuck up a 3 that goes ‘clank’because that’s the game plan…the problem is that they can’t get inside with penetration or with passes, and every team that plays us knows this now.

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 9:38 pm

Jackagain, that article proves my point. It’s saying NCAA needs to stop using the RPI and use things like KenPom.

Keith, style of play arguments are such BS. Pitt played a much worst style if basketball 10 years ago but I doubt you or anyone else cared. And the players don’t look scared. They are up and down cause a lot of them are freshman. Artis had a big plays against the Cuse. But was down other games. Making the tournament 90 plus percent of the time ever isn’t middle of the pack.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 9:45 pm

Looking at the schedule ahead I see Pitt going 2-2 if they’re lucky…maybe 1-3. 2-2 would give Pitt 4 wins in their last 11 games. That’s a formula for the NIT anyway ya slice it…

I hope at least everyone here acknowledges the fact that the Pete is no longer an advantage for this current team. NCST is licking their chops…

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 9:49 pm

wardapalooza….your “a lot of them are freshman” is BS too!!’s almost I don’t look at them as freshman…and jones is in his second year…and if JD would play newkirk more, he’d be a lot better….look…..we can bitch and argue about whatever…the fact is..for the past three years we’ve been losing ALOT of games…and the only thing that hasn’t changed is our coach…so all fingers are pointed at him?!?!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 9:55 pm

and his pathetic tournament record!!!

Comment by Keith 02.23.14 @ 9:56 pm

Ward, step away from the koolaid keg before you make me think you are smug or dixon himself.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 10:16 pm

So are some sunny side glasses you’re wearing! You define the Dixon Diehards.

Hail to Pitt.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.23.14 @ 10:18 pm


Keep the calculator out. Making the tournament 90% of the time minus this season if this team doesn’t have a transformation – no, more like a transubstantiation. Keep those prayers going.

I keep reading people who are saying “if the team wins out.” How in the hell is that going to happen based on Miami, Virginia Tech, and Florida State? Did Dixon’s boys think they were just going to show up and win?

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.23.14 @ 10:23 pm

It seems Pitt has no chemistry like they had earlier in the year. Or maybe they have become deflated after the close losses.

Comment by Frank 02.23.14 @ 10:48 pm

@Ward, are you kidding me? Blaming the fans? I’ve heard it all now!

Let’ hope the NCAA doesn’t use the simplest test of all. The eye test, because if they actually see this team play, they will not want them anywhere near a tournament site!!!

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 10:50 pm

Finally in a hotel room. I will never drive and watch Pitt again. Screaming at my IPAD. Got to listen to Hillgrove and Groat on XM Radio. What a cluster fuck Pitt has become. The worst of all Jamie Dixon traditions has hit us again.

I am not going on a fire Dixon rant but I simply cnanot understand when year after year Pitt starts strong and ends in misery in late Feb and March, he doesn’t try someting, anything, different. For God sakes, there are good HS teams that would give Pitt a game now. I think after 9 years, every team has figured out Pitt’s 1-4 offense and every pass and cut off of it.
Everyone has seen our hedges on defense.

Jamie’s stubborness to try anything new and different is going to get him fired one day.

This just isn’t a losing team now, it’s an ugly losing team that is beyond painful to watch.

So here is my solution. Start Newkirk at PG for the rest of the year. Move JR to the 2 or sit his ass on the bench. Ditto’sP Patterson if he has another stretch like the first half today. Zanna is still obviously hurt so you cannot run any form of a zone on defense or we cannot get any boards. As long as we are using 8 players, why not try some backcourt pressure…maybe a 3/4 court trap just to speed up the possesions.

Year after year we have seen the same thing. Someone said it earlier …the only thing that has stayed the same is the coach.

Comment by Dan 72 02.23.14 @ 10:57 pm

@Keith, absolutely. Mustafa Heron. Top ten player now, article on rivals or scout said at the rate he’s playing, he’ll be a top 3 in the country player by 2016. He signed because his Dad is friends with slice.

After watching this crap for a couple years, I’m sure his Dad will tell him to go play at Duke or Kentucky.

Think about it, why would any player with ball skills want to play in some stagnate system.

Agreed, doubt we keep him.

Comment by Dan 02.23.14 @ 10:59 pm

You know who else are Kool Aid drinkers like myself? National reporters who get paid to cover college basketball. But hey I’m the wrong one while you guys are right. Even though you constantly say wrong things like Artis and Young should shoot threes more.

I don’t go around praising everything Dixon does. But he’s the best Pitt could have. Taking a Pitt team to the tournament consistently and having really good teams every couple years is really good especially considering his hone recruiting base is Western PA.

Pitt lost a lot one year. The Birch year. Pitt didn’t lose a lot last year. They were a 6 seed (they had to be higher cause of NCAA Not a great year. But not even close to terrible or losing a lot. This is when you guys are no longer based in reality.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 11:01 pm

I am a Pitt fan and would rather they not make the NCAA tournament than play like they played tonight against a mediocre team. If Jamie accomplishes anything the remainder of this season it is to improve it’s FT shooting. That should not be too hard to accomplish.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 11:01 pm

why do you talk RPI if we get in we lose the first game we play do you want to get in just so you can say we got in agein.
we suck it makes no difference wheather it is becuse we play freshmen or not we are not very good
look i dont want a different coach becuse as ben said before the next coach might be worse at least this one wins 20 games a year.
but to tell the truth as the season goes on i wonder if he can really coach or should i say he does not know what to do when things go bad he lose his cool and the team loses there cool i dont know what i mean but i dont like how things go every year it is the same shit may be dixon should go and we could bring back the man who UCLA just fired who was are coach before dixon i am so upst i cant even think of his name.

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 11:09 pm

Dan were you at the game? Heron is isn’t switching. That’s just stupid. Never mind the fact that Slice played basketball with his father, basketball recruits rarely switch.

Pitt seasons don’t routinely end in misery. That’s such overreacting nonsense. Pitt had plenty of good finishes in Big East Tournament. Losing in NCAA tournament doesn’t mean you finished bad.

Dan72, yeah James Robinson is at fault and needs to be benched and replaced with a freshman who at times is erratic. That sounds like a great way to win.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 11:11 pm

Pitt doesn’t suck. They aren’t the best team. But they certainly don’t suck.

You know who sucks? Teams like Boston College and Wake Forrest who fired coaches that were making NCAA tournaments. Their we can do better attitudes sure did them well.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 11:17 pm

Don’t count on Mostella ever getting here…he has yet to pass the NCAA Clearinghouse. He can re-apply in the Fall but I think Pitt is hoping for Eubanks instead now.

I wouldn’t count on either though…

Comment by Jackagain 02.23.14 @ 11:20 pm

This team will not be better next year, his recruiting class next year is a zero. Heron and Rowan will not come to Pitt. Dixon will never change he must go or this program will never compete in the ACC

Comment by Chick 02.23.14 @ 11:22 pm

May be we should change if we could get Ben Howland
that would be ok. it might be better then dixon Howland is also a proven coach it would not be a big gamble.
he need a job and he can get to the final 4 something dixon cant do and he recruits better players then dixon and knows how to use them.
dixon needs a rest.

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 11:41 pm

Just finished watching on DVR…

Tough loss, but not unexpected. This team is really struggling right now. Could be injuries, could be freshmen, could be other teams are getting lucky as shit against us. It most certainly is not because Jaime Dixon is a poor coach. That’s a joke, and your opinions will be considered a joke if you jump on that bandwagon…

There’s not a coach in the country that doesn’t respect what Jamie has done at Pitt and the disrespect that he gets from some of you is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Every program in the country struggles at some point… Could be a few games, could be a few seasons, could be a few decades… We’re struggling right now but there’s no reason to abandon ship… Jamie will right the ship. It maybe not this year, it maybe not next… But I think he’s earned the chance, and your respect for what he’s done for this program.

Comment by Pitt2Cali 02.23.14 @ 11:50 pm

OMG the Panthers season is over! Fire Dixon immediately! The sky is Falling!

Comment by Gordo 02.24.14 @ 1:04 am


You don’t seem to grasp that Dixon is paid well to recruit and win. What’s pathetic is his team’s effort last night.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.24.14 @ 3:28 am

Unlike the football team, which has limitations, there are not for the basketball team. Not to make excuses for the football program’s mediocrity, it can and hopefully will be better. But I don’t think there is any way football could ever compete regularly for national championships.

But the basketball program with the facilities, fan base, and conference it is in can win a national championship. The only disadvantage is the lack of local talent, but it takes a lot less players to field a basketball team.

So, it is frustrating, watching this program regress. I’m not ready to fire Jamie either, but it’s obvious this program is stagnant right now, and Jamie needs to adjust….

Comment by Pap76 02.24.14 @ 4:47 am

Jack’s point is correct, we cannot get the ball inside, we cannot shoot over the defense and our opponents know this. We have horrible spacing, we get clogged, ball screens aren’t crisp, they’re a traffic jam. Recently been lots of comments about Dixon not wanting egomaniac, me first kids but what we don’t have now, seldom get are deadeye shooters and those kids do have egos. Other coaches can handle those kids without breaking them down, don’t think you can win without them. Dixon has limitations on the program based on what? His deficiency? Shooting the ball is one of the 4 basic elements of the game. Not just one shooter, at least two on the floor at all times. Dixon eschews what you need to win. I’m still dumbfounded at his failure to see Jer Dixon trap v Nova just when Sam had the same look in his eye he had when he took over the OK State game; or his failure to pull them off the line v Butler. We’re all flawed, some overcome them. With Dixon we’re still waiting.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.24.14 @ 6:18 am

I hope I’m proven wrong, but from what I saw today, especially after an eight-day break, I don’t think this team can win two of the next four; plus a game in the ACC Tourney! And to think there are fans out there who think that free throws do not determine the outcome of basketball games, both college & pro…tell that to Gilbert Brown and Dwight Howard!

Comment by Stanley Schweiger 02.24.14 @ 7:25 am

A couple of observations from last night:

1. The Pete was dead. I don’t know if it was the odd start time, the less than full Zoo, the recent slide, or the polite senior ceremonies prior to tip, but the arena was flat. There were few moments when the crowd got into it, especially the Zoo.

2. I’m convinced that Karl Hess gets paid by the whistle. Though, I wouldn’t mind if the quick whistle was consistently applied. I have noticed a palpable difference in the emphasis of what is called by the refs that frequent the ACC. To me, it seems like any hand check on the perimeter is going to get a whistle while the physicality in the paint is a crap shoot.

3. Call it lost mojo, call it lack of confidence, call it lack of talent…but this is a collection of players that just can’t finish consistently. For the guys who want to skewer Dixon at every turn, at some point players have to knock down shots. We pass up good open looks on the wing, miss jumpers and floaters at the elbow, leave points at the rim, and fail to hit free throws. Sorry, that’s execution. Yes, Dixon is responsible for the results, but players need to score the ball. The scheme is getting good looks…you gotta have guys that will knock em down.

4. Another frustrating night. I can’t believe I’m saying this after the 15-1 start…but this doesn’t look like an NCAA tourney worthy team.

Comment by ECH 02.24.14 @ 7:40 am

Here is why I doubt Dixon and don’t consider him to be an elite coach: He has never shown the ability to make adjustments. Just keep doing the same thing and if it doesn’t work, then so be it. Patterson is what he is right now. He has a bad thumb injury (which comes from a very reputable source). It’s not going to get better this season. He desperately needs to make some adjustments on offense that respond to that reality. Running the same 1-4 set ain’t gonna do it. They had a week off and all we got was more of the same. Speaks volumes in my book.

Comment by Carmen 02.24.14 @ 7:50 am

I was against bringing in Adams from New Zealand because I though there were plenty of qualified players in the States Jamie could have offered scholarships to. Now Pitt is paying the piper for Adams’ once-and-done year at Pitt. Hopefully, Jamie learned his lesson. It takes time for players to play as a team. Because of Adams, Pitt lost several players who would be contributing at Pitt today but are playing for other schools. Just my observation.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 02.24.14 @ 7:58 am

Carmen – guys have to hot the shots i agree but theae are Dixons guys he recruited to be hitting those shots. My final four party is dying a slow death.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.24.14 @ 8:49 am

@Pap76, excellent post!

Comment by Dan 02.24.14 @ 10:15 am

I am not one of the fire Dixon bunch, but am frustrated that he never seems to adjust to anything during a game. Even though it was senior night, he needed to bench Patterson and Zanna.

This probably needed to be done earlier in the season to show his freshman he has confidence in them. They are always in an out so quickly, they never get the feel the flow of the game or develop any confidence in their play.

Patterson has been notoriously pathetic in first halves of games. Other than Syracuse when he came out strong. It has to be a mental thing. He was terrible last night.

Zanna got his 11 rebounds but again missed bunnies, foul shots and was ineffective offensively.

Comment by gc 02.24.14 @ 10:30 am

@Ward, I was not at the game. I am a season ticket holder and yesterday was a rare miss for me, for a conference game.

I’ve seen a lot of people, like me, with the same comment. “we’ve been Dixon supporters and defenders, but something’s wrong”.

Ward, we all love Pitt. It’s nice to be loyal.
Loyalty is a great thing.

So is honesty though.

Comment by Dan 02.24.14 @ 10:57 am

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