February 21, 2014

Recruiting Goes Early

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One (and everyone has their personal favorite) of the reasons for angst over Head Coach Paul Chryst’s recruiting strategy has been the slow start to recruiting. Early verbals were few and far between. While other schools were pulling those early commits, Pitt was waiting. Appearing to get left in the dust.

Not this year. It’s not yet March, but Pitt has 3 verbals for the 2015 class. Offensive lineman Alex Paulina kicked things off in January. They added a TE at the end of January and now a linebacker.

The theme with them all is that they are Western Pennsylvania recruits. Three of the top-ten recruits in Westertn PA based on one ranking. If you care to make overarching declarations then it could be seen that the coaching stability and Coach Chryst’s approach to recruiting is starting to bear earlier fruit. At least locally as the players and coaches in the area have come to know and be familiar with him.

We know Chryst isn’t going to come out and try and glitz, glam and dazzle recruits. He’s not going to push. He is going to be himself and let the players and their families make the decision. At this point, though, he has been establishing real relations with the local coaches and players that will be seniors this fall. Now they are much more comfortable with what he is doing and there seems to be a lot more desire to play for him and Pitt.

At least at a local level.

The newest verbal is Kevin Givens out of Altoona.

Altoona coach John Franco said Penn State, West Virginia, Michigan and Michigan State also have shown interest, but he added the Nittany Lions didn’t want to offer a scholarship until Givens met coach James Franklin. His scheduled visit to Penn State was postponed last weekend by inclement weather.

Givens, rated a three-star prospect by, had offers from Pitt, Boston College, Temple and UMass.

“The (Pitt) coaching staff has been great to him,” Franco said. “He related to them very well.”

Franco labeled Givens, 16, as a “project.”

“He doesn’t get it yet, but when he gets it, look out,” he said. “He has a great frame (6-foot-3, 235 pounds) and can easily put on 30 pounds. He is a great worker in the weight room.”

Givens can play defensive end or outside linebacker, Franco said.

Givens envisions himself at outside linebacker in Pitt’s defense.

“They use their linebackers rushing from the outside,” Givens said, “and that’s where I feel I play best. They showed me schemes and film, and I felt I’d fit in perfectly.”

“I just need to learn technique to become a complete overall player,” Givens said. “I feel all of my coaches, recent and past, have helped develop me into the player I am.

“They [the Pitt coaches] told me just to keep on working hard. They can help get me where I want to go. The sky’s the limit for me.”

The Panther coaches aren’t the only ones that feel that way. Western Pennsylvania talent evaluator and seven-on-seven travel team organizer Ayo Fapohunda felt Givens was being very under-recruited and mentioned him in the same breath with former Penn State star LaVar Arrington.

“After watching his highlight tape from his junior year, not only are we ready to crown him top LB in the state, but also believe he may be one of the most intriguing prospects in the country,” Fapohunda wrote in his blog a month ago. “With offers only from Pitt and Temple, don’t be surprised to start seeing Givens receiving some major D1 attention from the likes of Ohio State, Alabama, and of course nearby Penn State once staffs refocus on class of 2015. With the size, speed, and strength that all coaches are looking for, Givens has to be one of the better looking linebacker prospects we’ve seen in this area in years.”

At this point Givens is a consensus 3-star recruit. If he is as promising as indicated, there will be other schools coming at him. It is nice, though, for this staff to land a very promising player on the defensive side so early.

The other early verbal was tight end Nick Bowers from Kittanning.

He was selected as the Leader Times Player of the Year in 2013, shortly after receiving his first college scholarship offer from Pitt in December when he visited during one of the Panthers’ bowl game practices.

Kittanning coach Frank Fabian said he believes Bowers will remain committed to Pitt throughout his senior season.

“He’s a quiet kid. He’s never going to be the type to go on TV with a bunch of hats in front of him when he makes his decision,” Fabian said. “I think it’s important for him to stay close to home and play in front (of his family). Plus, the way coach (Paul) Chryst uses his tight ends (fits Bowers). You put all those pieces together and it seems like a no-brainer to him.”

Fabian said Bowers played last season at 220 pounds and added 15 during off-season workouts.

“He’s looking like a different kid. He’s always worked hard, but this is the first year he’s really hit the weight room,” Fabian said.

During the past season, Bowers was named Class AA Allegheny Conference offensive player of the year and first-team all-conference as a wide receiver and inside linebacker. Kittanning (9-1) won its first conference championship since 1976.

His star rating is 3-star from a couple sites and unrated/unevaluated at this time from a couple others. does list him as the #12 TE nationally (and the best in Pennsylvania).

In the signing day presser, Coach Chryst conceded that the QB situation was a “little light” in terms of depth. At the same time he denied that there was any goal of pursuing someone from the JUCO ranks or pursue a graduate transfer.

That seemed a bit on the open-ended side. Especially since the question was centered around bringing someone in by spring practices. No plan in place, but if it so happened that a graduate transfer QB wanted to look, well there’s no way he would be at Pitt in the spring practices.

Sure enough, a week after signing day, former USC QB Max Wittek  had Pitt on his list of schools to check. That said, Texas looks like the school to beat for his services.

I’m really starting to warm up to the Chryst style. Low-key, straightforward, minimum of hype and pressure, maximum of integrity and honesty. I would think that would play well with many recruits, families, and HS coaches.

OTOH, I guess it would turn off many hot-shot recruits who want to play in what they perceive to be a brighter spotlight than Pitt can provide. Franklin, Meyer, etc. I’m sure will “steal” many such kids away and people will pile on PC for being a stodgy, unaggressive dimwit.

To each his own.

Paul Chryst isn’t the most scintillating, exciting guy in the world and I don’t know how successful he’ll ultimately be. But I’m proud he coaches my alma mater.

Comment by BATR 02.21.14 @ 8:56 am

Chryst isn’t going to bullshit people. As his teams achieve more success, I think people will appreciate his style more. Yes, there are a lot of high pressure recruiters out there that may promise the moon the stars. But if your a smart kid, you’ll develop a bullshit filter. The used car salesmen routine doesn’t always get the recruits to sign on.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 9:15 am

You Kool-Aid drinker make take exception here .. but I believe one of the things that PC and staff needs to fix is relations with the Beaver Valley area schools.

While I have no issue with the way PC handled R Shell (he had no other choice IMO), here are few other actions under his short watch:

– Blackhawk QB Chandler Kincaid was told to look elsewhere (could have been a good choice if there wasn’t a shortage, plus it isn’t good PR to do this to a commit)

– there was the Todd Thomas (Beaver Falls) issue last summer when the new DC decided to demote him, and then after the dust all cleared, took his good old time to bring him back to 1st team .. like he was trying to fool everyone that Thomas wasn’t one of our best players

– the non-use of Juantez Hollins (Aliquippa) last season was despicable. Hollins rarely got on the field until late in the season due to injury, yet when he played he proved to be as good or better than the other OLs

– the recruitment of Dravon Henry (Aliquippa) in a big position of need, who was ignored through much of last summer and fall. The Kool-Aiders here may scoff at his mom, but Mike White at the PG who knows the Aliquippa staff very well, said that it was his mom who was pushing hard for Pitt, yet after the final back-to-back visits by WVU and Pitt … the decision to go to WVU became unaminous.

Anyone who follows WPa football knows that the Beaver Valley is talent rich almost every year … the top area HS candiadte for 3 years now is from the BV. From Ditka and Medich to Revis and Baldwin, BV has provided Pitt with a wealth of talent over the years.

Now, PC visited the Aliquippa staff last month and also paid J Whitehead of Central Valley a visit recently … so he appears to be making amends.

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 9:38 am

wbb, If that’s indeed the case, than they have more work to do. I wasn’t aware what went wrong in the Henry instance. I know the year before, with Robert Foster of Central Valley, that they had mom on board, but he chose Alabama. You have to develop and maintain good relationships with high school programs in your backyard. The western PA high schools remain the schools where Pitt has the highest probability that they will get the kids they want. It’s always tougher to get kids from other parts of the country.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 9:56 am

wbb, point taken in all the examples you list, and you’re right that PC & staff need to keep pushing on specific areas like the Beaver Valley that Pitt simply can’t afford to cede to another school.

But nobody really knows the deal with Henry & his mom, do you think? Interpersonal relationships and one person’s perception of another can be mighty complicated things and who knows what really turned him & mom toward the Hoopies? Even if they themselves tell us what they didn’t like about Pitt, is that really the ground truth?

I’m just saying that in the long run, over a larger sample size of interactions with recruits, I’m increasingly hopeful that PC’s style reels more recruits in than it pushes away. We shall see.

Comment by BATR 02.21.14 @ 10:23 am

wbb, good post – PC may not have a Beaver County issue, but from the outside looking in, sure seems like he does.

Western Pa is a bit light in D-I talent in the 2015 class vs. 2014, but still great to get 3 of the Trib’s top 5. It is also refreshing to see some early commits when last year we had basically nothing until June.

Whitehead would be fantastic, but it doesn’t sound promising – again reinforcing wbb’s point.

On the other hand, this appears to be a big talent year for Eastern Pa. Recruiting from Harrisburg eastward is a bigger challenge for HCPC & Co. Wanny did well, but not much since.

And Franklin won’t make it any easier. Those kids are programmed early on that PSU is the end-all beat-all, not to mention competition from other Big 10 schools, Syracuse, Notre Dame, etc. Pitt has some work to do out east.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 10:23 am


The veteran coaches added recently
should boost the on field performance.
Slowly the foundation is being built.
Spring ball around the corner!

Go Pitt beat FSU!

Comment by JR 02.21.14 @ 10:28 am

wbb, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although, I am one of the few that might have left Shell come back, if he was willing to take sufficient punishment and make amends. In hinesight, I agree that Chryst made the right call, although I think we lost Rev George because of it.

I complained about the lack of use of Thomas all year, and Hollins as well.

I think the Shell and Thomas situation played into Henry’s decision.

Hopefully Chryst and Co. can reverse the trend, as you say, there is always talent in the Beaver Valley. However, Chryst needs to hold the line to insure that the players are capable academically, and have character and will fit the culture that is being built.

What I like most about Chryst’s process is that we seem to be going after kid’s that fit the mold regardless of the star system. Only time will tell how many of these kids that are considered projects will have an impact. But I was watching a show that reminded me that the Steelers picked Tee Martin ahead of Tom Brady so there is much more to evaluation of players than the stars.

Comment by gc 02.21.14 @ 10:33 am

gc, After Tony Dorsett, the most talented running back that I saw at Pitt was Brian Davis from Washington, PA. He came in and showed power and speed as a freshman. However he didn’t go to class and he was gone the following year. You can only give players so many opportunities, if they refuse to do the work or abide by the rules, then you have to say good bye. Yes, my inclination would probably have been to give Shell one more shot, but I probably don’t have all the info. In defense of Chryst’s decision, you can’t have a player, for whom the rules don’t apply, or you will lose your team.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 10:47 am

Justinian, I agree, and Davis was good, but McCoy reminded me a lot more of TD.

Comment by gc 02.21.14 @ 10:50 am

I don’t know anything about Shell or Henry personally, but if one or both would be a detraction to the team, then Pitt is better off without them in the long run.

And regardless of ‘star ratings’, Conner is an outstanding young back, and in my opinion outperformed Shell as a freshman, which goes to show you, never let any one individual take precedent over a program, there are a lot of good players out there.

Thomas & Hollins, yeah, I didn’t understand their lack of use. Thomas was clearly our best linebacker, and plays hard too.

Comment by 1618mt 02.21.14 @ 10:53 am

There is no current evidence right now that Henry is a distraction (or detraction.) Just because a guy decides to go elsewhere doesn’t render him (or his mom) a trouble-maker or a poor player … even if he goes to WVU.

All I know is that whatever House said in the visit apparently really turned off Henry’s mom towards Pitt

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 10:59 am

If I may interject an interesting basketball note…in last night’s Duke v. UNC game the teams shot a combined 7-31 (22%) on 3-pt FG’s. Against Pitt this year they shot a combined 19-39 (49%).

Duke’s Andre Dawkins who was 6-7 vs. Pitt was 0-3 last night. UNC’s Marcus Paige who was 5-6 vs. Pitt was 1-5 last night. Is Pitt a lousy 3-pt defending team, or just really really unlucky?

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 11:01 am

It will be interesting to see how Shell does at WVU. He’ll probably refuse to play at road games, since that would take him away from his kids.

Comment by 66Goat 02.21.14 @ 11:12 am

ID, I think a little of both. From what I saw last night, UNC was playing pretty good defense. However, from the Duke game the other night at home vs Maryland, I watched Duke (including Dawkins) miss wide open shots the entire night … it made me sick.

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 11:14 am

wbb- I didn’t say Henry was a detraction, but given the way the recruiting process was handled, one has to wonder. Also, it’s common for young stars to want to be treated a certain way, and maybe some of them are not a great fit for Pitt’s program right now- this may or may not be the case with Henry. I don’t think we draw any negative conclusions about him, or about Pitt for not ‘getting him’.

goat- I felt Shell was a good back for Pitt, and I suspect he’ll be good for WVU. I do like Conner better though.

Comment by 1618mt 02.21.14 @ 11:21 am

WBB, I find little to fault you on your thread. But you left out one important fact, Henry and Shell were friends. When Pitt would not take Shell back is when Pitt lost all hope of gaining Henry. I agreed with the staff not taking Shell back.

Comment by joel 02.21.14 @ 11:24 am

Shell was known as a prima-donna while in high school; I have not heard anything bad about Henry

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 11:24 am

With all the hoopla about Rushel Shell had coming in, he didn’t show the illusiveness of Ray Graham, Dion Lewis, or Shady McCoy. He was more of a straight ahead power runner at this level. I like James Conner better. He’s a better power runner without the baggage.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 11:33 am

I think I see a somewhat different take from wbb, whose opinion I respect, as to WPa recruiting and the BV. I see PC spreading a much larger net in WPa than in the past. I see signings by players at Bethel Park, Mt. Lebo, Canon Mac, etc. that Pitt hasn’t seen much of in the past. The best players from some of these schools seemed to find their way to PSU more often than not.
I completely agree that its a grave mistake by PC to ignore or let great relationships erode in the BV, however there is only so many hours in a day and restrictions on recruiting time. If taking time to establish or improve relationships at schools which have great talent in addition to BV means less time in the BV area, I don’t disagree with the strategy.
As for the QB reference, lets stop kidding ourselves, Bertke is more than likely not going to be ready and it a huge mistake to go into the season with only two QBs one of which is very small, prone to injury and frankly not built to fit into PC/Rudolph’s system. They desperately need a transfer or a JUCO that is “playable” to back up Voytik and without one I will be holding my breath every time Pitt snaps the ball on offense next year.

Comment by Taxing Matters 02.21.14 @ 11:38 am

@Iron Duke – I think everyone seems to have their best game against us which I would attribute to our bad luck. Or we elevate everyone’s game. Or both.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.21.14 @ 11:41 am

One of my favorite coaching stories aid about John Wooden. Coming into his senior year Bill Walton went into Wooden’s office and said, “I was MVP last year and we won the national championship and I a senior. I think I deserve the right to have long hair and a beard if I want.” To which Wooden replied, “Bill you’re absolutely right. We’ll miss you.” The next day Walton came in clean shaven with a hair cut.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 11:42 am

Since Penn State is going to own PA, Pitt’s football recruiting in PA is a moot point.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.21.14 @ 11:49 am

Justinian… you’re right about Davis being the MOST talented behind Dorsett, as far as RAW athletic ability goes.

As a reminder… for those that might question this.

link to

Truth bet told… Davis was actually a BETTER High School Back than either Dorsett or McCoy. If you ranked them, it would go Davis, McCoy then Dorsett. Keep in mind how small Dorsett was.

However, the success attained by Dorsett and now McCoy show how much FOCUS, HARD WORK and DETERMINATION play into success not only in the NFL but also at the D-1 College Level.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.21.14 @ 11:50 am

I saw Brian Davis at Pitt Stadium in a game against Boston College, I thought to myself, this guy is like Dorsett, but with more power. He was an incredible talent, but he didn’t have his head screwed on straight. After he flunked out of school, the Pitt coaches got him a tryout with the Cleveland Browns, but he walked out after a week.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 12:03 pm

Recruiting is sometimes a crap shoot in my opinion. Yes you can prostrate yourself and get someone but in the long run it plays to be honest and more so with the parents. It was easy for me to make a decision on which college but for athletes it is another story. A pampered kid can get disillusioned very quickly once practice starts and thus never reach his potential.

Comment by Frank 02.21.14 @ 12:10 pm

Taxing – good point, Chryst is making inroads at some of the suburban schools where Pitt has not done well recently. And though the BV always appears to have the most talented kids, it doesn’t always pan out that way.

Of 32 active NFL players from Western Pa, I count only 4 from Beaver County – Revis, Baldwin, Tommie Campbell (yes he is playing for the Titans), and Paul Pozluszny. Doesn’t mean Shell, Foster, Henry, won’t make it, but they are not a sure thing and Pitt has to cast a wide net.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 12:10 pm

Taxing Matters, All of Western PA is important …Pitt has always gotten great players from the suburbs – from Gateway to Western Allegheny and from North Allegheny to Clairton … it’s just that the BV is too important and the recent issues there is troubling to me.

On the other hand … Jamie has Jeter (Beaver Falls) coming in this year and Rowan (Beaver Falls/Midland) coming in 2 years

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 12:14 pm

good post

@wbb, don’t disagree with your statements. I would add, listening and watching the dynamics of that henry press conference, that more than list minute visits was going on… she went out of her way to trash Pitt… and she did all the talking at his press conference.. and then he was making statements trying to keep the bridge built to Pitt… just look at the body language in the one picture everyone throws up from that presser as well.

anyway, the kid unfortunately for him did make a mistake I would say objectively. Best of luck to the young man.


Shell…. who? Seriously, the kid was a mess and he blew his own head off after endless attempts to help him. He was part of what turned out to be an amazingly screwed up locker room we all came to learn in the Spring… deep seated issues in the program that must have consumed much of Chryst’s energy.

Great job cleaning that all up. Now forward.

The recent coaching moves, etc. show that Chryst was paying attention to what wbb/others have been outlining… and great to see someone react, adapt, change.

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 1:06 pm

wbb, I agree that ALL of western PA is important. There have been some programs like Gateway and North Hills that seemed to send more kids to Penn State or elsewhere. Pitt has had good connections over the years with strong programs like Woodland Hills, Aliquippa, and Clairton. This year Pitt got players from Mt. Lebanon, North Allegheny, Bethel and Upper St. Clair. Despite what everyone says about our local talent not being as good as once was, Pitt has better chance with local athletes than they do with players from outside the area. There are still a lot of talented players in Western PA. That’s why recruiting locally remains extremely important. They can throw wide nets, but they absolutely have to GET as many of the best W PA players that they can get.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 1:07 pm

Sterling Jenkins is the top rated OT in the state at 6 foot 8 300 pounds and if we get him that is great.
But who i want is Tony Pilato 6 foot 7 296 pounds
OT i would rather have him then jenkins.
Pilato also plays basketball and they say he can really move has good feet that sounds like a great LT in the makeing to me.
Just how i see it but who knows give me both.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 1:09 pm

Iron Duke,

Defenses actually aren’t able to do much against 3P%, they can only limit the amount of shots. Read here to find out a bit more on this:

link to

Comment by Patric 02.21.14 @ 1:09 pm

Pitt will get it’s share and don’t discount the ACC helping with money and a real conference. Pitt needs to expand its presence and certainly the middle states and Florida are key. As to the Beaver Valley, Pitt will continue to offer the recruits who they feel fit the program and have the ability to play at a div 1 level. When Pitt demonstrates they are the real deal on the field, then the issue of Pitt recruiting will be more about establishing new relationships than Beaver Valley

Comment by chethejet 02.21.14 @ 1:33 pm

There is always work to do in recruiting WPa. Note that while many perceive PC doing a good job in the suburbs, Pitt lost Chase Winovich from Thomas Jefferson who is coached by ex-Panther FB player and has been good to Pitt (Nix and DeCicco brothers), Nicholson from Gateway, Apke from Mt Lebanon … and would have lost the 2 biggest recruits to PSU (Johnson & Boyd) if not for the sanctions.

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 2:02 pm

Recruiting sites are so funny scout has the TE who commited to us rated the lowest out of are 3 commits but 247 has him as the best of are 3 commits
but a different site has the 3 of them as part of the 10 best in the state so we are doeing well.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 2:44 pm

for those of you who likes good athletes (and who deosn’t)PittFB commit named Section BB of the year
link to

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 2:55 pm

Wbb yes Jaquaun Davidson will be are forth QB this year and if we have a lot of hurt players on are BB team he can play BB and save us.
i think he will be a great one before he is done glad we have him.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 3:17 pm

Breaking News (according to The Fan) — unconfirmed but … WVU expected to hire Tom Bradley as DC.

Again, this is unconfirmed at the moment

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 4:10 pm

@wbb… wow! that would be a bold move. A good move as well. Damn hillbillies still got some moves left…

… so now we know who is the HC next year once Holgy finally blows his last gasket??? Bradley?

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 4:27 pm

@@frankcan…. yeah that is why all those recruiting sites are bulls$%^. the 4 and 5 stars are obvious anyway to anyone with a brain who would watch them play…

… everyone else… 2, 3, maybe 4???

These recruiting site guys sit in their basements and throw darts at the wall to rank most kids… while they google search all day and watch Youtube videos… haha…

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 4:32 pm

found this on Bradley and WVU…. link to

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 4:42 pm

If that’s true about Bradley, it’s a good move. He can recruit and he has 20 years of western Pa connections.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 4:43 pm

A draft site i go to says steelers will trade big ben this year i dont think so but thought i should post it any way.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 4:45 pm

Bradley and Gibbson… hate to admit it but that puts them back in WPA for sure. Although still think kids will think twice when considering where they go play.. and who the play.

hey some nice last posts by folks on the other thread before this one kicked off… @taxing matters..

@gc… you know you are right about the rivalry thing… here I am talking about WVU and I don’t want to play them anymore (for recruiting reasons)… meanwhile not even thinking about the teams we actually play… interesting…

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 4:50 pm

What’s the over-under for the post count on this thread? 😉

Comment by Jackagain 02.21.14 @ 4:50 pm

The Steelers have no QB backup – maybe draft the kid from UCF – similar to Ben – but I doubt it about Ben

Comment by Frank 02.21.14 @ 4:50 pm

“It is nice, though, for this staff to land a very promising player on the defensive side so early.”

Givens is far from being “landed”….he’s more like on the hook…..a barbless hook at that. Wait ’till the big boys come calling first and then see what happens.

Comment by Jackagain 02.21.14 @ 5:00 pm

Wondering if Bradley was hired as “head coach in waiting”. That worked so well for them last time.

Comment by dinosaur 71 02.21.14 @ 5:11 pm

Pedo’s and inbreds…..what a combo.

Should produce some more than interesting results !


Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 5:27 pm

@frankcan… yeah unless something is going on behind the scenes I believe the Steelers when they say Big Ben stays for his career.

hard to get a real franchise QB.

If they dump Ben then they dump some of the other $$ veterans are really do rebuild the team since the new QB will need a few years…

hum… deepest draft in history… wonder what kind of picks you get for big Ben….

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 5:33 pm

“The 57-year-old Bradley would become the most experienced member of the West Virginia defensive staff, having served 33 seasons under Joe Paterno at Penn State—and even spending a four-game stint as interim head coach when Paterno was fired late in the 2011 season. Bradley was an assistant on two national championship teams, three Big Ten champions and coached in 26 bowl games.”

Had to post this, since it’s always great seeing JoePedo and the word ‘fired’ in the same sentence.

Also cause this article from the Bumpkin MetroNews is inaccurate(go figure). Pedo State only has 1 Big 10 Championship. The other two were co-champs and they had to be ‘vacated’ along with all their wins for 2005 & 2008, for letting the pedophile Sandusky continue to rape little boys and covering it up.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 5:35 pm

Guys, the horse is out of the barn.

When Chryst didn’t take back Shell (plus loosing the other 20-22 players on the team – never mind Thomas), he screwed PITT’s recruiting basis in Western Pa. period!

Now it is going to take a bunch of years to get it back and only after Pitt has a new coach.

Chryst’s only chance is if he starts winning a lot. He won’t! There is not enough talent on the team.

I’m sticking with basketball, westling, baseball, club Lacrosse, and frisbee for my Pitt fix. Wish they could come up with a varsity Lacrosse team.

Tired of disappointments waiting for football to make itself right.

You know something, it’s really not that hard to develop a good football program. Heck even Syracuse is tired of fooling around and is getting better.

Money and recruiting that’s it.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.21.14 @ 5:37 pm

This is also great.

link to

Scroll down toward the bottom where “Championships by Head Coach” is listed.


(as at the bottom of hell)

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 5:39 pm

@ Old Pitt Grad

PITT & Cusey are never good at the same time thruout history or very rarely.

It’s imperative that we don’t let them get back on their feet and surpass us.

The last 2 years the games have both been 1 point games. (17-16) & (13-14)
Obviously both games could have went either way and sort of highlite that this series is close to shifting one way or the other again.

As Pitt has dominated the last decade, but Cusey did the previous decade and a half.

We can only hope that the ACC needs/wants BOTH of them to be strong teams to reach more TV sets in the North. Cause I know they would love to get a stronger ACC football beachhead in NYC.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 5:53 pm

checked my draft sites donald is a first round pick on both dallas at 16 on one and san fran at 30 on the outher.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 6:00 pm

I heard on the way home that WVU promoted Gibson to DC.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 6:14 pm

Tom Bradley is a Hoopie. He has just been hired by Holgie to revive their defense.

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 02.21.14 @ 6:16 pm

Bradley just wants to get the awards for frequent flyer miles.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 6:32 pm

Tom Bradley is named associate head coach at WVU. He will run the defense and Holgie the offense. Desperation move if I’ve ever seen one

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 02.21.14 @ 6:36 pm

wonder who made the hire? Holgy or Luck??

ehm… think Holgy isn’t having flashbacks to when he came in with Stewart??? lol….

Do think it is a good move in some ways, but that is really if WVU trying to regain the past… i.e. strong presence PA etc…

… yet when you think about it their future is to the south and west… in an offensive conference…. so this move is not forward thinking.

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 6:43 pm

right Pittscript

A Ped State type defense will get run over in the pass happy spread offense Big 12.

Or I should maybe have said ‘will get passed over’.

That defense might have been sufficient in the archaic big 10, not so much in the big 12.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 6:47 pm

I believe even (c-usa) Houston’s spread offense even put up 600 yards of offense on Bradley’s defense in their rout of State Pedo in Bradley’s last game as HC.

It will be worse for them on a weekly basis in the Big 12. lol

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 6:52 pm

I’d like to thank wbb for taking what is a rare positive post on Pitt FB recruiting and largely turning it into a rehash of stories that have been beat to death on this site.

Comment by HbgFrank 02.21.14 @ 6:53 pm


… hey post up with some info and opinion and turn the stream back to recruiting…

On the LB Givens I think all the BS by folks that Ped State hadn’t offered, wasn’t good enough…. is blah blah blah BS.

This kid is going to blow up next year on Defense and we will all be sweating if we can keep him!

Ped State might have 3 4 stars whatever… that is all past momentum carrying forward.

Chryst has to start from a dead stop…. no, actually from running in reverse given the toxin nature of the locker room…. and look what he has accomplished.

The Inbound 2014 recruiting class is strong and teeing up nicely for 2015…

… just need to rack the W’s and things will start to rock’n roll.

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 7:01 pm

@Patric, thanks for the KenPom post Re: 3-pt defense. I suppose it’s logical that limiting shots is the key against good shooting teams, but Pitt beat Maryland by 20 when they hoisted 25 threes, and beat Tech when they put up 22. So its probably fine to let poor shooting or cold shooting teams keep on firing. I don’t understand KenPom’s comparing stats before and after December 4th. that seems a bit wishy-washy.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 7:07 pm

HBGFrank, are you talking about the Beaver Valley recruiting or Tom Bradley being hired?

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 7:10 pm

wvu hires a d coach

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 7:26 pm

I’m talking about the fact that Chas put up a post about a positive recruiting story for this coaching staff and three comments in we see the phrase “kool aid drinkers”.

Comment by HbgFrank 02.21.14 @ 7:32 pm

Bradley will not be the DC he will coach the line
Gibson will be the DC.
as i read this it seams they think bradley will be a big help in recruiting PA and NJ i wonder if it will be eastern pa or western were he does best.
will he hurt us or Franklin ?

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 7:36 pm

I can’t believe Tom Bradley is only 57. It seemed like he was at Ped St. since Rip Engle.

Comment by Iron Duke 02.21.14 @ 7:38 pm

HBGFRank, where have you been the past 2 days? We talked about the recruitment of Givens very POSITIVELY! This is old news

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 7:52 pm

new FB commit .. and a position of need

link to

Comment by wbb 02.18.14 @ 2:09 pm

HBGFrank, see above from THREE DAYS AGO. Now go back and look at all the positive remarks posted by me and others about Givens and how the staff has been more proactive this year.

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 8:03 pm

Emil, ACC needs to capture the NYC basketball hearts and minds before football.

ACC needs to set up a long term basketball champion tournament commitment in one of NYC’s arenas, soon.

With Rutgers on board next year, I do expect the Big Ten to be thinking in that direction.

In the meantime, I will miss the Garden.

Good way to the NYC college football heart is to tie up the local Yankee Bowl at least short term.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.21.14 @ 8:12 pm

@ OldPittGrad

I think the ACC has NYC for basketball already, with Syracuse. They are easily the preeminent basketball school in NY, NJ and the whole Northeast. Heck the last decade or two, the whole nation.

As soon as MSG can ditch the BigEast’s contract they will.

With Syracuse, Duke, UNC, PITT, Louisville, would you expect anything less.

Syracuse is scheduling one game a year in NYC for football as well. Last year it was Pedo State.
This year it’s Notre Dame at Met Life. They have plans to do that every year. These games are more important than 40,000 at the Pinstripe 4rth tier bowl game.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 8:22 pm

caviat. One of the preeminent basketball schools in the whole nation the last decade or two.

And them being #1 or #2 for most of the season this year and in the Final 4 last certainly adds to that preeminence.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 8:25 pm

Duke is also very popular at MSG, probably moreso than any NE school other than Syracuse, including St. John’s.

Comment by Emel 02.21.14 @ 8:28 pm

good PR (tweet) for PC especially if Tom S makes it to the NFL

Ken Laird ?@Ken_Laird · 5h
QB Tom Savage high praise for #Pitt coach Paul Chryst: “Unreal. 1 on 1 mtgs watching film, he made it fun. Made me love the game again”

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 8:38 pm

nice article on incoming lineman, Dintino

link to

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 8:40 pm

wbb, you should start your own site.

Comment by steve1 02.21.14 @ 9:04 pm

I’m liking PC more and more. I think once we start winning more games and as he keeps getting to know the local High Schools, things will just keep getting better!

Fellow Panthers, I started an auction business last year with my wife and we have been holding monthly sports auctions. We also have been advertising on this site prior to each auction (our ad is frequently on the side of the blather page above. Check out our auction that ends tomorrow (Saturday):
link to

Comment by dishman 02.21.14 @ 9:58 pm

Both of my sons are Syracuse grads. There are an awfull lot of them around NYC. Syracuse was the most painful loss for the Big East Conference no doubt about it. The Catholic schools didn’t really care about the rest of what was going on.

Not too sure the Big East will be pushed out of the Garden for the Tournament, which is what I’m talking about.

There are a lot of St.Johns, Seaton Hall, Providence, Georgetown, and Vilanova grads around the City. Plus a bunch of the BE teams are playing good ball right now including the new additions from the midwest.

No, I think the ACC needs to look to add another tournament in the City, not be a replacement for the BE.

Yes, ACC has a bunch of big name teams which should make it easier to set up a tournament. A conference campionship in NYC every year for the best conference in the Country.

I would love to get the Garden. It is a National mecca. I sure would like it done before Maryland and Rutgers are too settled in the Big Ten.

The ACC has already taken a shot loosing Maryland to the Big Ten. It reminded me of the days we lost Miami, VT, and BC in the Big East. I started thinking; not again!

Emel, football wise you are right, the only college teams NYC cares about are Syracuse and ND.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.21.14 @ 10:03 pm

Emel, I added ND. I know you didn’t bring them up. Of course, they help in basketball in NYC too. I do hate them so!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.21.14 @ 10:12 pm

A tournament in New York City would be great even if it isn’t in Madison Square Garden. It would be a smart move by the ACC. Unfortunately the ACC is a North Carolina-centric conference and I think the tournament will remain in Greensboro, NC. Fore me that works out just fine because my daughter lives nearby. So I can make the trip and catch ACC hoops.

Comment by Justinian 02.21.14 @ 10:13 pm


yeah you have been bring a ton of great stuff lately… even though you are always making substantive contributions. Thank you.

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 10:13 pm

@frankcan…. About Bradley, I don’t know… the more I read the details the more confusing this seems. A guy like that to be a position coach? Gibson as DC? how does that dynamic workout…. so now Gibson and Holgy are looking over their back.

Also you just have to think WVU is no longer a midatlantic school that can recruit there…. they are dustbowl school… I just don’t see PA and NJ kids playing for them over time.

Yeah, and Franklin’s world is getting more crowded… all ghosts of Christmas past haunting Ped state moving forward… haha… Johnson at OSU and Bradley at WVU.

Comment by Pittscript 02.21.14 @ 10:21 pm

Tom Bradley is from my old HS. Always a straight good guy but got caught up in the PSU scandal. ACC will explore NYC and I think Bradley Center best chance. Its not MSG but both arenas love Cuse and ND. Hope Pitt gets an annual game there.

Comment by Frank 02.21.14 @ 10:43 pm

All i know is if we keep signing big hogs on the OL i will be on top of the world it all starts with the OL.
Sign at least 3 good ones a year and i wont bitch of course a few good DE wont hurt my mood at all.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 10:43 pm

Pitt should have locked up Bradley we should have hired him to coach are DL it would have hurt penn state if he was recruiting for pitt.
and it would have kept him from hurting us in recruiting and he is a great coach but of course we are not smart that way.

Comment by Frankcan 02.21.14 @ 10:52 pm

Bradley to WVU and now western PA recruits as well! And why wouldn’t a Pa or NJ kid want to play against Texas, OU, Ok St, Baylor and Texas Tech in a full Mountaineer Field? I know they want to play against Duke and North Carolina.

Comment by A-wild 02.21.14 @ 11:07 pm

frankcan, while I agree Bradley would help recruiting, I’d have to believe this is the reason why he hasn’t been hired until now

link to

He’s not necessarily guilty by any means but it’s pretty toxic

Comment by wbb 02.21.14 @ 11:12 pm

Good for Tom Bradley. Pederson wouldn’t give him the time of day. Glad to see he’s landed a good job.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.21.14 @ 11:26 pm

Pitt listed on ESPN web site as “having work to do” for NCAA Tournament.
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.21.14 @ 11:29 pm

Chryst is a moron and some of you guys think he is going to be this awesome coach. I see him as a decent OC. Sorry but he is boring and has no personality. If we want atability we got it cause no one will call to take him out of pitt. He interviewed for 4 jobs and never got any of them. Then Pederson and his great coach hiting prowness hired him after 0-2. Pile on me but he doesnt even get above a D+ in my eyes. House is a terrible hire as is the strengtg coach who was never a strength coach. He just hires yes sirs.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 12:46 am

Tony. He will destroy House for kids. Way to have insight Paul. Be happy you handed a DC job to a guy who doesnt deserve a DB coaching role.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 12:48 am

Another vote in the TOM BRADLEY column…

… Bradley shoulda been the hire over incompetent Matt House,last year.

Continue to question Chryst and the approach he takes hiring his staff :-(


Comment by The Truth 02.22.14 @ 6:50 am

In this morning’s Post-Gazette, Tom Bradly was announced as the West Virginia Associate Head Coach and Tony Gibson as defensive coach. Yes, I would have liked to see Pitt give him a chance, when they were looking for a defensive coordinator, but that didn’t happen and it’s water under the dam. Too bad. I understand the reasons why, but to me it was missed opportunity.

Comment by Justinian 02.22.14 @ 7:30 am


Glad Pitt didn’t hire Bradley. Also by all accounts he is a decent guy so happy that he got a second chance. However
He is not assistant but associate head coach. The ttile indicates he ranks higher than Gibson his boss. Stay
tuned this has the potential to be a repeat of Stewart/Horgy

Competition for recruits will make all local schools better.
Plus the star rating system is flawed. PC is doing it his way.
Also not many positive comments on the blog about the recent
coaching hires. Instead too much focus here on the negative point of view… usual.

Comment by JR 02.22.14 @ 8:31 am

@Upittbaseball.. I know Chryst actually was offered the Purdue job and turned it down.

Texas offered to double his salary to become there OC and he turned it down.

I think Jerry Jones wanted him at one point as their OC.

What other 3 HC jobs did he interview for?

I get it that he is not the most dynamic personality, but i think this Job appealed to him, and he wants to be here( unlike your boy Todd Graham). Coupled with that, he is learning as he goes, and learning from his mistakes.

Sorry, but ” moron” is a bit harsh, and just not true….

Comment by Pap76 02.22.14 @ 8:53 am

Chryst has changed the recruiting procedures left long term lower level staffers go two new positions ,not coaches,also upper movement by ad,maybe before new chanc.,alot off peeps caught off guard watch quiet guys that play dum

Comment by Paul Shannon 02.22.14 @ 9:10 am

Pap – A source with knowledge of the interview process said Sunday morning Cristobal had emerged as Pittsburgh’s No. 1 choice.

According to a published report Sunday afternoon, Cristobal was offered the job late Saturday, presumably after Chryst’s interview.

Chryst has interviewed this month with officials from Illinois and Kansas but wasn’t the leading candidate at either school.

Illinois eventually hired Tim Beckman from Akron. Kansas hired Charlie Weis, who was the offensive coordinator at Florida.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 9:10 am

What’s with the Chryst hate?
The sweatshirt, the ‘moron’ comment. Every post: vitriol?
Why? What am I missing?
Admittedly, I loathed Graham and every post, starting with his hire, spoke of my animosity toward him. But I am just not getting the hate for Chryst.

So enlighten me, please.
And by the way, hate Pederson all you want.

Comment by gas 02.22.14 @ 9:14 am

From my observations, Paul Chryst strikes me as an easy book to read. He is unpretenious, honest, sincere, possesses a typical blue collar work ethic, and seems to hold genuine concerns for the best interests of his players while at the same time prioritizing the importance of the team concept over the individual’s personal nuiances when there is a conflict of interest between the two.

He also possesses some attributes that are to his own disadvantage as well however, seemingly surrounding himself with a support staff that has been assembled through mostly previous personal relationships rather than conducting far flung searches for coaches that have the most experience or who present with the best resumes, although this may be changing based on the results of his most recent hires.

But this is the profile of the guy currently running the show, like him or not. The key question that remains to be answered is, “can a guy like Paul Chryst be consistantly successful in getting the top tier HS athletes committed to playing for the Panthers in the future”? This will be the key to the always essential bottom line in sports, which of course is, WINNING!

Which brings us to a catch 22. Because the most important factor that will attract top level talent is exactly the same factor that possessing such top level talent will produce, WINNING!

So over the next couple of seasons for HCPC to become as successful as he can be here at Pitt, this essential equation is quite simple. Pitt must WIN!

This season is a turning point in Chryst’s tenure. He has finished clearing out the disenchanted malcontents from the locker room and he is in the process of filling the roster with kids that see the world in the same way he does. Guys who appreciate the benefits of hard work, who understand that teamwork trumps giving exceptions to talented prima donnas and who possess a “show me” mentality of walking the walk on the field rather than wasting energy in just talking the talk off of it.

IMO, this is a pretty good basic formula for success, IF you can get those talented athletes into the program who hold those same attributes and can produce results in the near future.

Success breeds success. And in major college football that is defined as WINNING, PERIOD!

I sincerely hope that Old Pitt Grad’s declaration that Chryst won’t win is just so much prognosticating BS, but only time will tell after the results of this coming season have been tallied. But one thing that I do know is that Pitt has to win at least eight games this season and go to a decent bowl game to keep the momentum going that was initiated by the must win victory that the Panthers brought home from Detroit in December. There is no other way around it, HCPC must win and this year is the opportunity to do it.

I sure hope that Chad Voytik stays healthy because the QB position is the glaring weak link in this team for 2014. How goes Chad is how goes Pitt this year.

Long live Voytik and Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 9:19 am


Chryst had talks with Illinois and Kansas. Not sure if it ever got to an actual interview. even if it did he is not the 1st guy to interview for a job and not get it.

He was offered the Purdue job and turned it down.

I have read several times where Chryst was not just going to take a head coaching job, just for the sake of being a head coach, and was content to stay OC in Madison.

Which to me means Pitt appealed to him, and we have a guy who wants to be here.

Will his tenure here ultimately be successful? Time will tell. Me personally, I see a guy learning as he goes and learning from his mistakes.

I am not a Pitt or Paul Chryst apologist and have and will continue to be critical of both when warranted. But to call the man a moron and act like this is the only job he could have had, just don’t think either is correct….

Comment by Pap76 02.22.14 @ 9:27 am

@ Pap76, one must consider the source.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 9:30 am

I have been reading how these kids transfer from one school to another so that they can play (mostly QBs). We lost a couple based on this and a few other unfortunate circumstances. I guess they feel that they should all start but really the cream rises under competition not because no one else is around. I think Chryst tried to get another QB. Maybe there is a diamond in the rough out there that we will stumble across.

Comment by Frank 02.22.14 @ 9:35 am

With Terry Smith and Tom Bradley now recruiting western Pa for the Hoopies and Pedo’s, Chryst and the boys will have to step their game up.

Although I don’t think Joe Rudolph, who I am assuming as a Belle Vernon native is our primary Pa recruiter, is no slouch.

And I think the new additions to the staff will help us in recruiting other areas. Florida? Please?

Hail to Pitt!!!!

Comment by Pap76 02.22.14 @ 9:41 am

IMHO, a brilliant hire by WVU, Bradley along with Gibson gives them two guys with excellent relationships and recruiting track record in WPA.

Pitt will now have to compete with strong opposition from WVU, PSU and OSU. Chryst is up to the task. We will continue to get our share.

WVU has probably avoided becoming irrelevant in WPA with these moves, and got some pretty good coaching prowess in the process. They could hire Bradley because the so called taint, really doesn’t matter to them. The media and their fans won’t be all over them like they would have if Pitt would have hired Bradley.

UPitt woke up extra angry this morning, didn’t you get any last night? LOL

Keep those early verbals coming!

Comment by gc 02.22.14 @ 9:53 am

Pitt baseball walloped Butler to run their record to 3-1.

Play again today and tomorrow in tournament in South Carolina.

Considering what he has to work with and where we are located. Joe Jordano is a hell of a coach, maybe the best the university has…

Comment by Pap76 02.22.14 @ 9:55 am

Gas, I just think he is arrogant hidden in a aww shucks Im a humble midwest guy. The stuff he does and lack of making moves that make sense speak to Im doing it my way Im the boss. Thomas situation and hiring lackluster coaches and terrible in game decisions.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 9:57 am

Doc. He wasnt even offered the Pitt job first let alone the other jobs. Smug wanted Mario Cristobal.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 10:00 am

It is funny how realignment has us recruiting locally against two other conferences and teams that we no longer play on a regular basis. So we have recruiting rivals and we have playing rivals.

It looks to me that Chryst is casting a wider net and recognizes we must recruit nationally, while getting our share locally.

Comment by gc 02.22.14 @ 10:01 am


Chryst is arrogant “hidden a aww shucks I’m a humble midwest guy” way? I don’t see that.

And while i do think he is a good coach, Todd Graham’s not so hidden arrogance in a Yee Haw! Everything is bigger in Texas way doesn’t seem to bother you.

So what gives?

Comment by Pap76 02.22.14 @ 10:08 am

Just like the line in the classic old movie “The Graduate”, Dustin Hoffman gets some advice from the wise old businessman “remember one word, PLASTICS”, in the world of college football recruiting, that word to remember is “F L O R I D A”.

Hopefully our new coach hire can help out in beating the bushes down there in his hometown state for recruits.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 10:10 am

Hey Joe D….er upittbaseball. Get with the program. Its clear to see that Chryst has improved in every area year over year. Your hate is killing my Saturday morning vibe.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 02.22.14 @ 10:13 am

Seems like a contradiction of terms, doesn’t it, moron and arrognant?

I’m attempting to imagine the look of an arrogant moron. But then again, we could also devote some time to ponder the validity of the oft memtioned phrase, “it takes one to know one”.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 10:18 am

Dr. Tom, have you ever thought about taking your show on the road? You crack me up.

The Three Stooges new movie, starring Curly as the “Arrogant Moron”

Comment by gc 02.22.14 @ 10:24 am

Upitt, by saying Chryst wasn’t Pederson’s first as an argument against Chryst aren’t you kinda saying Steve Pederson was right about something?

Not sure what’s the deal with all Chryst bashing right now. I’m not a huge fan of him but I think this offseason was solid minus the strength hire.

And who the heck cares about Tom Bradley? He’s a guy who never has existed outside of PSU and had no ambition to even try to. Let’s see how well he recruits without having the PSU Joe Pa machine behind him. PSU has recruited just fine without Tom Bradly even with all the drama around the program. So I’m pretty sure it was more PSU than Tom Bradley. I could do a decent job recruiting at PSU.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.22.14 @ 10:35 am

I like Tom Bradley but as Wbbs link above reminds us, it’s hard to totally disassociate him from the monster of PSU.

More interesting to me is how this hire might impact PSU recruiting. PSU was once the only power conference school in the PA – NJ area. Now you have Pitt and Cuse in the ACC, WVU in the Big 12 and RU in the Big 10. Franklin has to recruit against those schools and OSU, Mich, ND, and even another new Big 10 foe MD (more money for coaches and recruiting) for the top talent in PA. After all of his bold predictions about dominating PA recruiting, if he does not deliver, then he becomes nothing more than a carnival barker for the PSU circus.

Pitt must also recruit in the same environment as PSU. So, to see Pitt have three early verbals from solid local kids is encouraging for me.

Comment by HbgFrank 02.22.14 @ 10:39 am

Dr. Tom…

Good analysis.

However a few attributes that cut to Chryst’s core that might help people better understand the way he is and the way he operates.

1) Chryst is extremely SELF-ASSURED. He totally trusts himself and does not base any of his decisions on what anyone thinks or says.

2) While not the most gifted guy when it comes to VERBAL COMMUNICATION… Chryst is extremely ANALYTICAL. This is what helped make him such a good OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR and so good when it comes to calling plays on the fly in the heat of a game.

3) And lastly… something that goes un-noticed, but at his core Chryst is a GAMBLER. Something also that plays into his abilities as a Play Caller.

If you consider these attributes, I think people will see how they have played into some of the different things he’s done since he became Head Coach.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.22.14 @ 10:41 am

Oh, and Chryst’s Achilles Heal.


Comment by PittofDreams 02.22.14 @ 10:49 am

Oops. Of course I meant HEEL.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.22.14 @ 10:53 am

Mr Bradley had a lot easier sale when he was selling Penn St. … When it is all said and done most of these kids aren’t headed to the NFL and are left with having to find a job when and if they graduate. If two young men walked into your office and wanted a job, one with a degree from WVU and one from Penn St who are you going to hire. Other than the study of inbreeding, moonshine or tooth decay what can really be learned in Morgantown.

Comment by spiritofsection22 02.22.14 @ 10:55 am

Doc, Say what you want. We won 6 games last year. Koolaid is replacing flouride in your practice. You are working yourself off the Twin Peaks VIP list fr our final four run. I will stand by my stance on Chryst. He doesnt have the DNA to EVER win more than 8 games as a HC.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 11:06 am

Dr Tom, I think the weak link is the defense and special teams. I am already assuming we will have decent quarterback play.

Comment by spiritofsection22 02.22.14 @ 11:07 am

I think it is about time for people here to totally ignore upittbb. This is becoming JoeD all over again. “Moron” was the final straw.

Comment by PetePitt73 02.22.14 @ 12:07 pm

all this stuff about Chryst not having personality is Bull S$%^.

People who say that have not actually listened to:

1. the man when he is talking to his players and team.
2. every freak’n parent, coach, and kid who talks about him (whether they come here or not) and that says it all (check the links in other posts).

Oh… personality… like Graham, Holgerson…. Franklin…. ???

Typical self perpetuating BS that just because folks say it, and this guy is not “mr. Interview”… Negative Nancys need torepeats it.

Does not help Pitt that is for sure.

Comment by Pittscript 02.22.14 @ 12:24 pm

Chuck Noll was a lousy interview too.

Comment by gc 02.22.14 @ 12:34 pm

Guys,he’s pennstatebasebaeball like mommy and daddy. Ignore him and he’ll go away

Comment by Chick 02.22.14 @ 12:45 pm

Another lawsuit against Pitt in the Haywood hiring case. Thank you Steve Pederson. You truly are an idiot.

link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.22.14 @ 12:56 pm

@ Upittbb, and I’m the Koolaid consumer? Pitt basketball making the final four should always be the ultimate goal but based on the injury sustained to DJ, the downward spiral of the team’s record as they compete against the elite of their SOS and the fact that their tourney history is lackluster at best, it will require some really good luck on that Final Four bet that you’re vested in. But hey, what the hell, since I’m a glass half full kind of guy when it comes to Pitt sports, I’d be the last one to discourage you from mainlining that Pitt basketball Koolaid that’s running through your veins, Upitt. And BTW, don’t let anyone run you off, cause I enjoy the banter with you way too much. you keep providing me with a ton of material to work with. LOL!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 1:28 pm

The whiner on here must have played baseball at Pitt prior to Mark Jackson coaching when the team blew. Thus his frustration.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.22.14 @ 1:28 pm


yes precisely with your link above. Excellent article. That is the precise ‘smoking gun’ with Bradley that underscores a fundamental fact.

first, how does an ex-coordinator hang around a program for over a decade? Where else has that ever happened? sandusky

second, the first incidents in 1998/99 into 2000 were known by everyone in the program… don’t tell me they did not know… police reports and all with the mother making a fuss.

ok… now years…. years… go by and this guy is still around the program and he is regularly…. regularly… showing up with boys to ‘horse around’… and then take a shower.

Come on… sorry, any significant person in the program… I.e. Bradley…. who had eyes + brain… had to have sense things.

three… now add Wbb’s article that clearly shows Bradley was tuned into what might be going on.

Sorry. Absolutely no reason to go there and hire this guy… particularly with 2 trials at least still open.

WVU is doing this out of desperation one, and two I just don’t see their future trying to recruit kids in PA or to be a defensively minded type program. That is not the conference and world they are part of now.

Comment by Pittscript 02.22.14 @ 1:38 pm

Upittbb again, I probably don’t belong on the VIP Twin Peaks list anyway, I’m not that important. Just let me tag along with the rest of the first string guys and I’ll just sit in the back and observe, kind of like my routine when the guys get together in Myrtle Beach for our annual golf outing. One night we always end up at Crazy Horse to appreciate the results of the various plastic surgeons across the nation. I just like to watch from a far!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 1:43 pm

I hate wasting energy discussing Chryst. Let me get this straight, he recently interviewed for the Kansas and Illinois job and we kept him? When did he interview for the Purdue job? Was there any proof he really got an offer?

I would be hard pressed to believe any body would offer anything to Chryst.

Pitt has really fallen. We are now a low level third tier football program; low MAC level at best. I don’t think we could beat Eastern Washington on their red turf.

Dr. Tom, forget about 8 wins. Not going to happen; certainly not with Chryst unless we join the MAC. I was going to add the AAC conference, but we couldn’t win there either.

Sorry Atlanta Panther, I unfortunately speak the truth.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 1:51 pm

Old Pitt grad you speak like a cranky, uninformed reitree who has lost his grip on reality. I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

You said: Pitt is low MAC level at best
Pitt did: Deafeat the MAC champion in a bowl game (with freshmen as the primary contributors)

Actions. Speak. Louder. Than. Words.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 02.22.14 @ 2:06 pm

The Hoopies hire Bradley who probably knew what was going on with Sandusky(how could he not), unless he was one of the 3 monkeys. And somehow this gets turned around with PC.

Look…. I’ve been as critical of PC as almost anyone, but this is ridiculous.

He’s brought in two excellent coaches in Troy Douglas and John Settle and a third that could blossom into a very good coach in Lewis. Well Lewis might actually be a good coach now, he just hasn’t been on the ‘A’ circuit yet.

Next year is a key year, as I would think 8 wins in the regular season, with that schedule, is the lowest number acceptable.

After a couple seasons in ‘neutral’ it appears the program is lurching forward !

Comment by Emel 02.22.14 @ 2:06 pm

and Pitt beat the MAC champ with a backup QB playing the entire 2nd half.

Comment by wbb 02.22.14 @ 2:13 pm

Doc – you save money that way for sure. The back line is cheaper on the wallet. Whoever asked about Jackson haha. I played for him and loved him as a coach. We did make the NCAA’s under his watch. That with zero support from Athletics Dept.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 2:15 pm

Spirit, it’s not the quality of play that makes the QB position the “weak link”, it’s the lack of depth. I think that Chad is going to prove that he is well equiped and fully prepared to take on the QB starter role. It is the potential for injury for such a mobile QB like him, who has demonstrated in our bowl game that he’s not shy about tucking the ball and using his feet as another offensive weapon that could end up being problematic if he gets dinged up.

Anderson is pretty much it, if that happens, and although the kid probably knows the frickin playbook inside out by now, I’m concerned about his field presence after only toting around a clipboard for a couple three years. It may take some time to knock the rust off and that could spell trouble in the win-loss columns for Pitt if he is forced into starters role.

I also think that the Pitt Faithful are going to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of play from the defense this year. I think that Troy Douglas is going to install a different mindset and a more aggressive style of play in the secondary than we’ve seen before, and I see House as continuing to mature into the role of a more competent DC as he continues his learning on the job training.

Finding somebody that can fill the huge holes left by Donald and Ezell will be the issue on the DL, but I think that we’ll find a couple guys who are up to the task. Remeber these two names for future reference. I predict both will come on the scene this season to make significant defensive contributions, Tyrique Jarrett and Luke Maclean. We’ll see.

I’m also so very happy that Chryst has finally assigned a specific coach to be responsible for the special teams play. Last year we STUNK on STs and it cost us at least one game against UNC. At least this season we’ll have somebody to direct our angst towards if we continue to play like $hit on special teams, but it would be hard to imagine that we couldn’t improve some from last years pathetic performances with an actual coach at the helm for ST preparations going forward.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 2:15 pm

Potato Paul Gray Sweatshirt 1/2 off now through October. You guys take stuff to seriously. The only person I woukd fire ASAP is smug Steve. Chryst gets next year to win 8 games as our schedule is very weak. If not I would move onward. Dixon has 5 years to make a final four and if he doesnt then he can go to TCU.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 2:18 pm

Hiring the ex Pedo coach by a guy clearly on the hot seat in Hooterville is clearly an ‘Act of Desperation’.

And Bradley was obviously ‘desperate’ for a job as he was and still is ‘radioactive’.

That’s how desperate both Holgorsen and Wvu are.

Maybe Scrap (lol) can help keep Holgorsen out of Hotel bars. Although Scrap wasn’t too successful keeping little boys out of the Pedo State showers.

Comment by Emel 02.22.14 @ 2:27 pm

@ Upittbb, plus you don’t end up still smelling like a French whore on the first tee the following morning from way too many lap dances the night before. LOL for sure!

@ Old Pitt Grad, you need a laxative, you just need a good $hit to improve your attitude. As Atanta Panther said, let the facts speak for themselves. If Pitt did nothing more last season than kept North Carolina’s Ryn Switzer out of the endzone on TWO, AS IN TWICE, punt returns for frickin TD’s Pitt has an 8 win season LAST YEAR, while playing tons of untesting Freshmen on both sides of the ball.

At my advanced age, I’m glad to report that I still have my longterm memory intact, so don’t be surprised when I call you out on your $hitty attitude prediction come January 2015 if/when Pitt posts an 8-5 for the season.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.22.14 @ 2:27 pm

Need to re-focus on basketball, Clemson at 8-6 is only a half game behind us in the standings.

Game tomorrow is at 6 pm. Now that’s an odd start for PITT, but the ACC has had games on Sunday evening for a while now.

Huge game for the Panthers, we’ve got to win and win convincingly !

Comment by Emel 02.22.14 @ 2:42 pm

Wow, The Tarholes put up a C-Note on Wake Forest.

105-72. Yikes

Clemson beat GT 63-55 and are 8-6.

Miami clobbered BC by 27.

And at halftime ND and UVA are tied 30-30.

Comment by Emel 02.22.14 @ 2:46 pm

Looking over the Florida State roster, these guys should be nicknames…..the Skinnies, not the Seminoles.

3 of their top 5 players don’t even weigh 200 lbs. haha

Even one of their big guys is a stringbean.
6’9″ Okaro White is 204 lbs. avg’s 12 & 6

They do have two 7 footers, but they’re both stiffs. Boris Bojanovsky goes for 5.7 & 3.7 in 20 minutes. The other one is a real load at 7’1″ & 290 lbs, Michael Ojo. Avg’s 3 & 3.5 in limited minutes. Ojo is from Nigeria. Maybe him and Z have eaten here:

link to

Bon appetit ! lol

Comment by Emel 02.22.14 @ 3:07 pm

Emel, Could you pass the ketchup please?

Comment by spiritofsection22 02.22.14 @ 4:00 pm

OK… What 40 time for Devin Street tomorrow?

Comment by PittofDreams 02.22.14 @ 4:54 pm

Pitt leading in Baseball 1-0 in the 4th. Here is the link to watch it:

link to

Comment by Pantherman 02.22.14 @ 5:04 pm

Anyone know how many season football tickets Stevie has sold for next season?

Florida State has 8000 new applications…
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.22.14 @ 5:08 pm

Line for tomorrow’s FSU game just posted. Pitt -8.5

Hope they are right!

Best to Tom Brady. Wish he was on our staff

Comment by Dan 72 02.22.14 @ 5:26 pm

Yea, we could use his wife as recruiting tool

Comment by wbb 02.22.14 @ 5:39 pm

Nice play by Casey Roche in right field to throw out the runner at the plate. Pitt holding a 2-1 lead in the 5th.

Comment by Pantherman 02.22.14 @ 5:42 pm

4-2 Panthers in the 8th

Comment by Pantherman 02.22.14 @ 6:13 pm

I like the hires i can see the light at the end of the tunnel sign me up i am a kool aid drinker welcome me Dr Tom i have seen the light glory glory i am reborn we are moveing on up to the east side 8 wins next year 9 the year after.

Comment by Frankcan 02.22.14 @ 6:46 pm

Pitt wins 5-2. Nice 4 – 1 start to this year. I think this team will be very competitive in the ACC.

Comment by Pantherman 02.22.14 @ 6:56 pm

@pantherman… thanks for the update on a sport like baseball. Good to hear they could be competitive too with ACC.

So overall Pitt’s first season has not shown us as not fitting or being ‘out of our league’.


Comment by Pittscript 02.22.14 @ 7:36 pm

I’m convinced that all the Pitt haters that show up on all the websites by one name or another are 1 guy, at most 2 who have ocd to the max and have only one agenda…sh*t on pitt

Comment by Gordo 02.22.14 @ 8:05 pm

Dr. Tom, please, please where are your professional manners!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 8:07 pm

Dr. Tom, and all the others having trouble seeing problems with the football program, remember few of us have bad things to say about basketball, baseball, westling, or the other sport Pitt plays.

We used to be a factor in football. We hardley get a good football mention any more. PSU was down. WVU couldn’t find a conference that wanted them. What a shame. A wasted opportunity.

I hate to be such a realist. Make believe is less painful.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 8:18 pm

Atlanta Panter, do you suffer from blog rage?

Please watch your respected elders and learn how they handle themselves.

I would hate to read about you shooting/running over someone at a filling station.

Please settle down!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 8:29 pm

Old Pitt Grad,

you say “I’m sticking with basketball, westling, baseball, club Lacrosse, and frisbee for my Pitt fix. Wish they could come up with a varsity Lacrosse team.”

Then you go on to say “I hate wasting energy discussing Chryst. Let me get this straight, he recently interviewed for the Kansas and Illinois job and we kept him? When did he interview for the Purdue job? Was there any proof he really got an offer?
I would be hard pressed to believe any body would offer anything to Chryst.

Pitt has really fallen. We are now a low level third tier football program; low MAC level at best. I don’t think we could beat Eastern Washington on their red turf.

Dr. Tom, forget about 8 wins. Not going to happen; certainly not with Chryst unless we join the MAC. I was going to add the AAC conference, but we couldn’t win there either.

Sorry Atlanta Panther, I unfortunately speak the truth.”

Why don’t you follow your own advice and stop talking about it? Seriously, pittcritic, joe d, anonymous or whatever you want to call yourself

Comment by Gordo 02.22.14 @ 8:30 pm

Gordo, thanks for your comments and advice. My reasons for my remarks about the football program stem from fustration.

In my view, I’m watching the value of my old Pitt degree decrease every year. It’s just like the Feds printing 60-80 Billion each month and watching the value of my net worth decline with it.

I don’t even put Pitt head covers on my clubs any more! Last time I wore a Pitt shirt (in NJ at granadson’s game) was told by an X Pittsburgher how much he hated Pitt.

Frankly Gordo, I’m feeling shame for the old school. We should be doing so much better.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 8:52 pm

so let me get this straight ,,, because the FB program is down, the value of your degree decreases! That is without question THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER READ ON THIS SITE … and that’s saying something.

Of course Harvard, MIT and Cal Tech are indeed all FB powers, so maybe you have something.

Comment by wbb 02.22.14 @ 9:38 pm

Speaking of Pitt wrestling, we clinched the outright ACC Dual Meet Championship with a 22-12 victory at North Carolina. Pitt’s first ACC Championship their first year in the league.

This football team is moving forward. How quickly some forget about all the turmoil the coaching changes caused. We finally have someone with some football wisdom who wants to build a program the right way. J,M&J! Shame for our school? How soon we forget how much we recently were set back by all that manure.

Comment by JD 02.22.14 @ 9:46 pm

If football is down, Pitt’s brand is down. Brand is both athletics and academics. So your degree is diminished a bit in theory. It’s all about perception. When I tell someone I went to Pitt, the first thing associated with the school is athletics. That’s what’s on the TV. People view the academics as good but no better than Baylor, A&M or UT. Many think highly of TCU and SMU given they are privates. So sports really does define your school and hence your degree. We need a strong football program for a strong school identity. Academics and athletics go hand in hand.

Comment by TX Panther 02.22.14 @ 9:59 pm

I repeat …That is without question THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER READ ON THIS SITE … and that’s saying something.

Harvard v Alabama

Comment by wbb 02.22.14 @ 10:04 pm

Pitt is not Harvard or Bama. It can use all the help it can get to distinguish itself. Having a good football program can get you noticed and can help attract quality students interested in a well rounded college experience. Football provides some good national marketing for your school. My degree is worth more when people respect my alma mater.

Comment by TX Panther 02.22.14 @ 10:20 pm

Baseball will not finish .500 in ACC League play. If we winn 30% of the ACC games we have done well. You guys that think we will be competitive do realize how good the ACC is in Baeball?? Next to SEC and PAC12 it is to close to say which is the best. Let me repeat if we win 3 out of 10 games in ACC Jordano should get a raise. Beating USC Upstate or whoever that is is not Clemson, UNC or UVA or FSU in Baseball.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.22.14 @ 10:26 pm

TX Panther, you said it better than me.

wbb we an’t ever going to be a Harvard, MIT, Cal Tech, or even Carneige Mellon.

So we better tie our selves to a good sports program if we expect positive national recognition.

Wbb how did ND become the hot Catholic school to attend? My god they are in the middle of nowhere!

If the Pitt alumni demanded more, instead of make believe hoping, maybe the administration would really do something for us.

Wbb, I believe you are also guilty of blog rage. You guys have got to learn to take it easy. Heart attack time!

Wishful and positve thinking is a good thing. That’s how you start your own business and make money. People like being around you. All good stuff.

BUT YOU HAVE TO BE REALISTIC or it’s not really there.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.22.14 @ 10:43 pm

So all the calls in ACC basketball when Duke’s playing go Duke’s way??? Syracuse finds out the hard way. You have to appreciate Boeheim:
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.22.14 @ 10:46 pm

And those who write on this blog and others that in order for Pitt to achieve more in football, alums have to put up the money – well, you’re probably wrong. Pitt’s got $17 million coming its way soon – enough to give the AD good borrowing power. Show your good faith, and the alums will follow.

Through the years it hasn’t been the alums going through cycles of de-emphasizing athletics, firing decent coaches, etc. So to get the alums to have trust and open up – and Pitt needs money from all its alums even if the amounts are small – we don’t have the Koch boys to help us.

The Pitt AD & department have got to open up the wallets and go on a campaign to emphasize athletics – at least as much as they do UPMC.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.22.14 @ 10:55 pm

Don’t see where all the gloom and doom is coming from regarding Chryst and the football program.

If Chris Dokish is correct, Chryst has been given the funds he needs to hire decent assistant coaches which it looks like he is doing.

Our recruting needs to be better but it could be a hell of a lot worse. Johnny Majors II proves that point.

We beat Notre Dame, Syracuse and Bowling Green. Those three wins buy Chryst some good faith and some time.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.22.14 @ 10:59 pm

This is what happens when we start averaging 800 posts per article.

Chanting….Chas….Chas….Chas! Need more articles. The current pace promotes infighting since we can only repeat the same comments without sounding like fingernails on a chalkboard. For those under forty, a chalkboard is….nevermind. It is a larger ipad with information on it.

So I repeat…chas, chas, chas. Feed the masses!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.22.14 @ 11:13 pm

OPD and TP, I repeat .. that is the dumbest thing I’ve read here.

Are you going to tell me that the value or even the perception of an Alabama and Auburn degree is higher these days? That the value of an SEC education are higher than the ACC or B10 these days? Are you going to tell me that the champion SEC schools’ education is valued higher than Vanderbilt’s?

Are you going to tell me when Pat White brought WVU to 2 BCS wins and 3 Top Ten wins that a WVU degree was valued higher than Pitt’s?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 6:58 am

$17 million buys a lot of bubble gum.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 7:07 am

Not saying that. But in Pitt’s case, we get more national respect when we win in football as opposed to when we open another hospital. Winning breeds success in all things. It’s contagious. People become more involved, talk more about their school and open up the pocket books when they feel good and are having fun. Memories are constantly being built. History evolves and is written. When you think of it that way, it’s not stupid. Just a different perspective. I wear my Pitt colors down here with pride. I wish more people would notice and stop and talk one day. I could give them my passionate elevator pitch on Pitt. Your Pitt degree means so much more than the paper it’s written on. We’re all ambassadors to our school. When Pitt football wins, we all win. That’s why it’s important.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 7:16 am

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 7:24 am

If you aren’t proud of your University of Pittsburgh degree because the football team is average then shame on you and please don’t tell anyone you went to Pitt.

Success in sports has zero to do with the value of a degree. Employers are more concerned about the schools reputation for the profession they are hiring. Is Pitt a good engineering school, is Pitt a good medical school, nursing, business, etc.
No company is hiring based on the schools win loss record in major sports.

Pitt has an awesome reputation as an educational institution and I am damn proud to say I went there and wear the colors.

If wins and losses are impacting you’re everyday life, like making you ashamed to wear a Pitt shirt, you need to seek help. Seriously, you are stone cold f-ck nuts.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.23.14 @ 7:50 am

Once again, TP, in the past few years, did you think the value of an LSU, Alabama, Auburn or FSU degree was enhanced … seriously?

Did you think the same of WVU from 2005 thru 2008?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 7:51 am

I’m not talking those schools. I’m talking Pitt. And our Pitt degree has been tarnished over the past few years. That’s why it’s important for Chryst to succeed and have our support while holding him accountable for wins.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 7:54 am

So you’re saying Pitt became a much better academic institution from ’76 thru ’82, but was diminished greatly through much of the 90s?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 7:58 am

This might be one of the most ridiculous arguments I’ve ever read on here. The suggestion that athletic success or failure directly affects the value of an institution’s degree is idiotic.

The only thing athletic success brings is added exposure and marginal upticks in application volume. The academic and practical value of the degree isn’t influenced in the slightest.

Comment by ECH 02.23.14 @ 8:08 am

ACC Tops academically —

link to

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:13 am

I can make the argument that athletic success can damage the image of a college.

In recent years, I hear and read comments all of the time about low standards of the SEC.

In the 80s, Georgetown, which was valued as a great law school was highly criticized for prostituting its standards by allowing in students who normally wouldn’t be accepted.

Nowadays, since the hiring of Calipari, do you think UK’s academic image has increased?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 8:18 am

Not rocket. You need to live in the real world. Your school is seen on TV because of sports. I don’t talk about my former profs or the courses I took while doing business and entertaining. My connections are made through how people perceive things and see value. And it’s based on recent history seen on TV and read on the internet. Not some arbitrary academic ranking.

They know nothing on how good an engineering school Pitt is relative to others. And they don’t care. They do know we lost to NC the other night. I can talk Pitt to anyone who knows sports. The conversation turns awkward when I begin discussing SAT scores or the number of Rhodes scholars.

When I hire and it’s down to two equal candidates, I do look at the degree as a factor. If I can’t talk sports about your school, guess who doesn’t get the job.

I find it amusing that some of you think that Pitt is some nationally recognized school based on academics alone. Maybe in your circles in your world but when I travel for business my contacts associate the school with sports. As an example, When I say Shady attended Pitt, their eyes get brighter and we make a connection. He’s my fantasy back, I’m an Eagles fan and they’d be nothing without him, he represents his college school well, etc.

We need a good sports program to obtain sustained respect. Shit I don’t even know what athletic programs are good anymore at Pitt and I graduated in 92. But I do know our football program has stunk and so does the rest of the nation. And businesses down here don’t make special efforts to recruit Pitt grads. Maybe a Harvard grad but Pitt PLEASE. Academics alone won’t cut it.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:19 am

TX Panther, so you would hair an Alabama alum in lieu of a Vanderbilt alum?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 8:24 am


Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 8:24 am

Well wbb let’s drop football. Apply for Ivy League membership. And then Chas can start a new blog talking about grade point averages and how our Math team stacks up against Yale. It’s finding the right balance that matters. And some schools like Michigan and Stanford don’t compromise standards.

Serious question- do some of you bloggers post on academic sites extolling the virtues of a Pitt degree or do you just come on this blog to slam sports and not try to do anything about it but continue to bitch and moan and disparage different perspectives that contradict your beliefs.

Again your degree is more than a piece of paper. It’s how people perceive it in the full context.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:42 am

TX Panther — I can assure you that blue chip companies look at academics before athletic prowess. Regardless of how good Pitt’s football team is GA Tech’s engineering school is looked upon as the cream of the college crop. Would I hire a Tech student over a Pitt student, it depends on the student. I could care less that Shady went to Pitt when I’m looking to hire an Electrical Engineer. Today’s top executives went to prestigious academic schools where a ticket to a football game costs $7.00.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 8:48 am

All else equal, probably Vandy only because I despise obnoxious Bama fans. When I hire, it’s based on experience and accomplishments. When I look at the degree, it gives me a chance to talk sports.

My Pitt degree is more a reflection of how Pitt is perceived today. Not how it was 25 years ago. That’s why it’s important for Pitt to excel in both academics and athletics. The nation sees your school through the sports prism. It doesn’t look inside the classroom.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 8:53 am

The year after Virginia Tech played for the National Championship, they recieved 2 1/2 the admission applications than they had before. The popularity and perception of a university is linked to its athletic programs. Stanford and Duke are able to have both good atletics and strong academics. Pitt would no doubt become more popular with more success on the playing field. Actually admisnistations realize this, but how well they do, depends on success and committment in a lot of areas.

Comment by Justinian 02.23.14 @ 8:54 am

MariettaMike-I’ve been to Marietta and surroundings many times. I lose all respect for the GT engineering dept if I found out their grads designed the Atlanta highway system.

Comment by OHowIHateOhioState 02.23.14 @ 8:57 am

The school whete someone goes means little to me. It is the person that is important. I have hired over 120 people over last 2 years. In the South and some places in the North or North West where we have locations the attention the school has bc of football makes a big difference. I have seen it a lot in interivews. You guys that think Pitt is Harvard are clueless. The folks we hire and those in hiring look no different at Pitt Grads than we do VT, PSU, Clarkson, Michigan Texh, Alabama, UF, FIU or any of the 50 more we recruit from. Pitt out of SW PA sorry to say unless you are a doctor or lawyer isnt known except for the success football or basketball has. I would love you guys to attend some interviews in the South. Football talk is 25% of the interview and I think it is great as it breaks the Ice.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 8:58 am

Are all you guys a bunch of engineers, lawyers and doctors where specialized programs matter and a masters or some other advanced degree is a pre requisite for your career?

Your degree might get you started but it doesn’t help you finish. Your school brand helps you with establishing relationships and networking. When I meet other alums I don’t talk classroom, I talk sports. Guess I’m not a geek. Have fun building your Lego set.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 9:00 am

The perception of a university is enhansed by their signature athletic programs football and basketball. People connect with that success and students are drawn to the schools that they follow. Alumni and fans support the schools with strong athletic programs.

Comment by Justinian 02.23.14 @ 9:05 am

Justinian — Maybe students with average grades would be swayed by a college football teams won/loss record but the smart students know better and are the ones who get the scholarship $$. Georgia’s HOPE scholarship program has improved GA’s higher education standards. UGA’s academic ranking did not improve because of their sports programs.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 9:07 am

Upitt, that kind of says it all” Football talk is 25% of the interview in the south” Not so much in NYC, LA, Chicago, or San Francisco. LOL

Real cerebral discussion.

Is there a basketball game today?

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 9:07 am

@ gc — Not all southern companies…

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 9:18 am

@ gc — game today? Yes, Pitt is an 8.5 point favorite.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 9:22 am

GC. The same talk is in our locations in NW and and SW and NE. We are in construction and hire const mgmt and engineers. The interview is fun and casual. Not a bunch of dorks sitting around talking stupid shit that doesnt matter. Do you have any idea what Construction school runs construction in all of Florida. Or in Texas? Well it is UF and Tex AM. Proud football schools. Make fun of the South all you want but look at growth charts. The South and Texas are getting everyone from the NE cause people are sick of the liberal bs and unions and high housing costs and quality of life.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 9:23 am

Marietta – i also hit GT and those kids are book smart and soft. Wouldn’t last a week in our world. They are all design stay in a room all day. I forget you are so much cooler than everyone else.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 9:25 am

Obviously there are some degrees that stand out, Harvard Law, Wharton Business, MIT Engineering, but in my career, all that mattered was having the degree. Frankly after that it was all personal performance and being at the right place at the right time. There was no pecking order based on where you went to school.

As much as we joke about WVU, I know several extremely successful businessmen that went there.

The most brilliant guy I ever worked for went to Howard, don’t think they had a football team.

If you need your college degree to soothe your ego, or have a good football team to make you feel important, you might want to seek counseling.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 9:29 am

@ UPitt… — Dont pick on GA Tech, afterall the top football award is named after a Teckoid — it’s called the Heisman. And I wouldn’t call Bobby Jones a softie.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 9:31 am

UPitt, at least I know where you are coming from.

Big macho construction guys, much testosterone, manly talk about football. I get your frustration with Pitt. Too many girly men. LOL

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 9:42 am

Let’s finish this discussion by this ….. until Marietta posted his link above, I had no idea that Alabama ranked as highly as 78th academically.

True thoughts ….. Did any of you think they were ranked that highly?

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 10:28 am

Marietta Mike, Even the strong students are drawn to strong althletic programs. The more admissions applications a university recieves, the more selective they become. Pitt has become more popular in the last 15 years and subsequently the GPA of incoming students is much higher. In PA we don’t have system where in state students are guaranteed admission. It’s a competive world in college applications and shools want the highest student profile possible for their university rankings.

Comment by Justinian 02.23.14 @ 10:35 am

Bama has a good Engineering program and I beleive MBA program. WVU has good mining. Marietta – just what I saw there. Smart kids but not well rounded you know. Gc, this isnt anout manly construxtion guys its just about book smart only gets kids no where. It is more than just gpa. Its social, work history, leadership and work ethic. Not just where ones diploma reads. As far as constition managewnt degrees. The beat in us in no order are uf, txam, auburn, vt, boise state and az st and cal poly SLO

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 10:38 am

Marietta – we will be building the falcons stadium so monthly visits there if you want to walk the job and talk about our pitt experiences.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 10:39 am

If Pitt were a company, it would definitely be in the Forbes 100. We have several nationally ranked programs, rank very high in research dollars, and are sitting on a multi-billion dollar endowment. Pitt does very well for a quasi public university located in an urban setting. I for one am quite proud of this University. I am as passionate as anyone on here about winning and losing, but I have to say that I never connected the value of my degree with the success of the men’s FB and BB teams. I grew up in a ND family and live in the heart of PSU country, so I hear tons of crap from both of those camps every time Pitt loses and crickets when we win. For that selfish reason, and because I am a die hard fan, I hate it when we lose. Win or lose, my degree will always hold value and the true way to make it worth more is to move up from the number 58. National Championships will not make that happen…Isn’t that right No. 77 Alabama and No. 97 Fla State?

Comment by HbgFrank 02.23.14 @ 10:42 am

If you hire an individual for a professional job based on their ability to talk sports over their professional knowledge you’re an idiot. That is the funniest most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.23.14 @ 10:56 am

While we are all except for a few proud of our University and want desperately for our sports teams to excel, we know what putting them on too high of a pedestal can do. Covering up for a pedophile, castrating a bull, getting recruits laid, paying players, having an alleged murderer on your team, gang rapists.

I hope our school continues to keep in perspective and values athletics, but not to the detriment of it’s reputation.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 10:59 am

Notrocket – that isnt what i said genius. Maybe you may want to read it again. I said it shows someones social abilities and breaks the ice. No need to comment I dont read your shit anyway.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 11:02 am

Sports exposure improves numbers of higher scoring applicants which improves overall ratings and perceptions. Read this:

link to

and decide if this college president is correct in his views. TexP is correct in the fact that “perception” is driven by what you see and hear about a school, and you only hear about sports.

Is a Pitt engineer better or worse than a Georgia Tech engineer when graduating? What’s the perception – is it based on sports and school songs and loyalty – or some rating in some magazine? Just askin’

Comment by CompLit 02.23.14 @ 11:05 am

Upittbaseball – are you with Hunt?

Comment by PITT it IS 02.23.14 @ 11:14 am

Baseball takes on Fordham today. Should get ‘W’ and finish off a nice weekend in South Carolina.It was mentioned previously that a win over USC Upsate doesn’t mean much. That is incorrect. That is a team that knocked off Kentucky this year. These smaller schools in the South are strong baseball schools. To win two out of three at Coastal Carolina and pick up this win at USC Upstate are very nice wins. You need to remember this team plays the first 3-4 weeks exclusively on the road or at neutral sites.

Place this website in your favorite places. You will be able to follow this sport daily and in most cases find live video or audio of every game.

link to

Comment by Pantherman 02.23.14 @ 11:26 am

Starkey asks the really big question facing Pitt basketball:
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.23.14 @ 11:35 am

UT wanted Pitt in the Big 12. That cache goes far in Houston. UT didn’t want Pitt primarily because of its athletic success. It wanted Pitt as a solid academic partner.

Don’t forget – word of mouth counts too.

Comment by TonyinHouston 02.23.14 @ 11:39 am

Yep PFL… It is true that Soccer and Volleyball were out of their league in the new conference and football was middling at best, but Basketball, Wrestling,Baseball and Softball are already where they need to be and the future is bright.

Comment by Pantherman 02.23.14 @ 11:42 am

The whole football team is down makes my degree worth less is so stupid. So let me get this straight if you had a really qualified woman candidate that hated sports you wouldn’t hire her? I really feel bad for some of you that base the worth of your education on sports results.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.23.14 @ 11:49 am

I find this thread very amusing. The exact same conversation was going on last year on a Yale class listserv as to whether the de-emphasis of sports over the last 20 years had hurt the Yale “brand”. Substitute Yale for Pitt in each post above and the conversation was identical.

I don’t know if this helps but I find it terribly amusing.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 11:57 am

@ wbb, why in the world would you shorthand Tx Panther’s handle as TP? I think that’s pretty $hitty,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,, I knew you’d get sooner or later!

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 12:04 pm

what is the record for Pitt’s varsity chess team so far this season?

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 12:07 pm

25% of an interview on sports. Fine hiring practice.

Your sports career is over. There are other things in life.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.23.14 @ 12:17 pm

Pitt Dad, It’s a different dynamic with the Ivy League schools. You go to school there because of the academics, and if your athletic abilities help you get in, all the better. At Princeton 1/4 of the student body are involved in college athletics. Also Harvard and Princeton field more athetic teams than any other universities in the country. The big difference is that they do not generate the big money the major conference schools recieve. None the less, the Harvard alums want to beat Yale.

Comment by Justinian 02.23.14 @ 12:18 pm

Pitt is it. No they are the CM on it. You in the business? We did Florida Marlins with them and the JV Partner Moss.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 12:22 pm

TonyinHouston, nice link to Starkey’s article. A lot of truth in it. Takes a lot of time to build credibility. How many years did it take UConn to break through?

The big names are always going to get their share. Many others fighting for the rest.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 12:36 pm

@Justinian – I agree that it is a different dynamic. I was merely pointing out that Yale alums have been dealing with the same frustration as Pitt alums (at least some on this board). The former Yale President cut athletic admissions from 18% to 13%. And the alumni, especially the athletic alumni, have been furious and vocal about it. Using almost the same tone and language as posters on here have used.

They talk about hiring athletes before other qualified candidates. They talk about Yale’s status being diminished by lack of sports success – both in football/basketball as well as other non-revenue sports.

Athletics and their alumni generate huge dollars for the University endowment. It may not be gate revenue but it actually means more in the long run. Total giving to Yale runs almost half a billion dollars a year.

My only point here is that the conversation is the same.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 12:40 pm

If anyone believes the academic rankings are true, you don’t understand the academic ranking process. Academics rankings are manipulated by the universities and the public doesn’t even know better. My word folks, that is the reality. People believe them because they want to, not because they’re accurate.

When I review a list of resume’s, I do look for Pitt graduates and than Duquesne when the backgrounds and transferable skill sets are similar. Institution is not the end all. When calling on customers, I definitely look at their respective backgrounds to find commonality. It is easier to call on someone from Pitt and Duquesne than from PSU. That is what opens doors, the relationships. Taking it a step further a discussion between managers that come from a successful collegiate sports team, leads to another link in the relationship. So yes, institution attendance and sport success is important. I hang with several Yale and Harvard grads. When they interact, the Yalee’s stick together and they definitely talk sports, typically, football, lacrosse, rowing and basketball. They are equally yolked with great sports again, the common discussion point. They don’t say we are number one and you are number 4 academically because they know the rankings are manipulated. Hell, one of the programs is eliminating testing in classes because it just doesn’t matter. Test taking is manipulated just as much due to peer pressure on professors. The professors get ranked by their students so grade inflation than leads to higher professor rankings which leads to higher graduation rates, which leads to higher academic rankings…. It’s a farce and the masses continue to believe the propaganda. That is why your donations should go to athletics (where you can actually see an improvement in performance), versus to the institution that has been manipulating you for years under the guise of top tier academia. I love Pitt and the education, but these institutions have changed from those of higher learning to corporatization and getting the money!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.23.14 @ 12:45 pm

@ Justinian — To clarify, because of the HOPE scholarship, top high school students who would go out of state now attend GA schools. Because of this program it is nowich harder to get into UGA or GA Tech because the top GA students are staying in state for free tuition. Once in school a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA to maintain their HOPE scholarship otherwise they are hopeless (pun intended).

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 12:47 pm

@dhiffdaddy — I concur. I have friends who went to Stanford who wouldn’t make it through Pitt. In Stanford one can drop a class the last day of the course. So, if a student didn’t like getting a C in a course they simply take the course to the last day, drop the course and repeat. Pretty cool huh? Of course the tests are the same… 😉

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 12:53 pm

Appreciate JD’s prior acknowledgement of our ACC Dual Meet (regular season) Champions 22-12 victory @ UNC yesterday! Wondered if anybody else had caught the score. Pitt wrestling is on the rise! Best of luck @ VT for the ACC Wrestling Tourney!
As noted in this blog, we have a great deal to be proud of as Pitt grads. Would not invalidate anyone’s reason for pride in their school. Sports are fun but in my book nothing comes close to that little vaccine that Doc Salk whipped up and bravely first tested on himself! The number of deaths and maimed he and his team saved from polio world-wide is mind boggling! Hail to Pitt! UPone

Comment by UPone 02.23.14 @ 1:19 pm

FWIW, I was never THE boss but participated many times in a hiring decision, and can tell you that only one time was there any discussion about the college a candidate graduated from .. it was about a person who graduated from an online college (it wasn’t Phoenix, think it was Southeastern or Southwestern) but the quality of sports program had never been an issue,

Comment by wbb 02.23.14 @ 1:29 pm

Anyone have any feel for how Pitt will play against the ‘Noles? Pitt is favored by 8.5 points but we know how that goes.

Hail to Pitt! Beat the Seminoles!

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 1:58 pm

This game tonight is about as must win as you can get.

At home, and after a weeks rest, losing is not an option.

Hopefully Jamie worked on things that needed work and Patterson and Zanna healed up.

Pitt baseball down 7-2 in 7th to Fordham.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Pap76 02.23.14 @ 2:21 pm

Wow, Stupid has a new definition.

While successful football etc. may raise the awareness of schools with kids…. children… immature humans of young age.

The fact is, pure and simple:

For the quality, high SAT score students, with real parents who are successful and educated, that academically aspiring universities want…

…. you know, the kind of student that goes on to a great career and thus enhances the reputation of his/her university… thereby raising the value of the degree…

that student and their parents don’t give a S$%^ about the football program.

I mean get real.

Never in the history of this country, at all of the workshops for parents, private counseling ,etc. for colleges… has there ever been a discussion about football and how to choose your college.

Just like the “top 10 party schools” helps a university, so does sports… ie. for immature students looking for what is cool.

– It’s average SAT scores, GPA etc, out of state students, statistics that drives up school rankings.

– Its quality of the professors/research/grant dollars.

– It’s how well the graduate are view by their employer surveys.

Pitt continues to improve its prestige, and the value of our degree, by continually raising these statistics.

… 25% of interview is about football. Wow. If that is an engineering firm you work for tell me what bridges you build so I can stay away from them…

… I know what the water cooler talk is at your company… “yeah man, if I didn’t get injured in high school I would have made the NFL.”

As for Pitt degree not well respected in SE… No S$%^… really? Just like anyone who comes to Pittsburgh with a SEC degree… etc. runs into the same thing.

Man I never would have thought that in Alabama they have an affinity for Alabama and Auburn Degrees… I mean… here in PA we don’t talk about Pitt, PSU and Temple…????

Pitt is now a highly ranked university. Pitt Main campus is surprisingly hard to get on to. A Pitt degree is a piece of real estate with increasing equity and value.

I have read some really F$%^’d up comments hear since yesterday.

Chas step up with some sports posts man.


Comment by Pittscript 02.23.14 @ 2:26 pm

Brand people. It’s all all about brand. Some of you do your Pitt degree a discredit. Pitt needs to excel in both academics and athletics. This pissing contest on one another started when some blogger dared to say that his degree was worth less today given Pitt’s mediocre performance in football. If you look at the big picture, there is some truth to that statement. It’s a perspective shared by others and supported by facts. Don’t call a Pitt grad stupid for saying that. Reserve your comments for some grad that deserves it. Spout your vitriol towards a Hoopie or Nitter. Panther Nation needs to stick together. Tomorrow after the Pitt win, I fully plan on rubbing it in to a dickhead FSU grad in the office. Academics doesn’t afford me that relishing opportunity.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 2:34 pm

I just turned on the NFL combine channel and saw Street catch a pass. I missed Savage throwing and related comments if that happened. Did anyone see it. Interested in what they had to say about Savage.

Anyway, where is the game day thread?

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 2:41 pm

@dhuffdaddy, most of your post is about something all together different… engaging people in the marketplace as we sell and engage in business. Yes awareness of sports and personal interests are important. I partner with PSU guys and WVU guys. I don’t need to give them crap and they don’t give me crap… we have mature, peer, business relationships.

your skepticism of rankings is not unfounded nor your statement about college and marketing; yet they are tangential to the argument by some here that football success = value of degree.

I work around the world guys. Seriously, the inferiority complex of Pitt degree is misplaced. Pitt is a top 100 institution in world by all ranking systems. It is well respected in most professions and by other academic institutions. And it is constantly getting better.

Comment by Pittscript 02.23.14 @ 2:43 pm

Pittscript. You live in a world of academia it is apparent. If it makes you sleep good at night beleive what you want. Try leaving Pittsburgh once in your life for a national opinion. Kids pick colleges for many reasons but a big one is the total expeience. Before you want to act like an expert go to an ACC school or an SEC school campus on Saturday. Actually go there from Tuesday on bc guess what genuis the hotels are sild out and big alumni is there spending money. On Tuesdays. Not show up friday night on the north shore. Lets get on a bus and go watch a game. A campus experience. So until you actually leave the burg and see how other places do it this converstions cant go forward. The same little company that talks about football in an interview gave almost half a million to these schools and has rev of 1B. You guys amaze me that know it all but never leave Allegheny County.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 2:44 pm

Kendrick Perkins out for Oak City, Steve Adams in. Thunder down 12 vs Clippers.

Comment by alcofan 02.23.14 @ 2:53 pm

@ Upitt

LMFAO…. Ok buddy. You clearly know who I am and what I do.

You write as if your horizon never rose above the sports locker room so interesting you talk about limited horizons.

I have been in many, many places around the world and choose to come back and live in Pgh.

Too many “Pitt fans” here write as if you have not been back to Pittsburgh in the last few years either.

@ upitt, You have an inferiority complex about your university that I simply do not share.


Comment by Pittscript 02.23.14 @ 2:57 pm

Johnny football raised nearly one million for the university the year after he won the Heisman. Name me an academic program that can do that based on one 20 year olds results. I picked Pitt over Pedo State. If you believe the academic rankings, State Penn still kicks Pitt’s butt in the years since I graduated despite Nordy’s best efforts. Does that make me stupid? What’s the easiest way to become nationally recognized? It’s by winning in football or basketball. Sorry to burst your elitist academic Pitt bubble but if Pitt won the Heisman and championship in the same year, they would collect more money than if Pitt found the cure for Alzheimer’s.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 3:23 pm

While sports can enhance a University’s image. It is relatively meaningless in the big scheme of things. How much has Stanford’s competitiveness in football changed anything.

While NCAA Football and Basketball are immensely profitable and popular, the vast majority could care less. Albeit, this may not be true in the South, hence our friend’s from Texas passion on the subject.

I doubt any consideration is given during the Rhode’s scholarship review process, or admittance to Law or Medical School, although it might be taken into consideration in Dixie.

I guess it is difficult living in SEC land where talking about football is a lot like comparing the size of your….

I think Pitt Dad is right, the discussion is amusing.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 3:23 pm

Here in the NYC/LI area, where my car has several Pitt stickers on it, I have parents come up to me all the time asking how to get their kids into Pitt. Believe me, they’re not asking about the football team.

As a parent member of PART I used to do college fairs and college days for Pitt at High Schools in the area. Kids were aware of Pitt sports but both parents and students wanted to know about the academics and about financial aid – Pitt has been very generous to NY area students with academic scholarships. They like the idea that Pitt is at the higher levels of D1 sports but that’s not, in general, what makes them want to get in.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.23.14 @ 3:37 pm

Disagree Script on rankings. Until one is in a position to manipulate the system and see how it really works in academia, most won’t understand. Stats that have significance on rankings but not intellect…..a high school senior that carries a 4.4 QPA on a 4.0 scale. Only in academia! If it is a 4.0 scale, that should be the max. Don’t give me a bunch of crap about how much more advanced or difficult the classes are. I was in them. I know what it is like to get a 4.2 on a 4.0 scale and actually wrote a paper in AP English about the numeric impossibility. Do you believe an athlete can give 110%? I don’t. You can give maximum effort of 100% and work down from there. Sorry.

All -Many think that George Washington University is highly respected academically right? They were recently de-listed by USNews for manipulating data that effected their ranking. I am telling you they are not alone and every year, several schools get busted. Us lawyers bust them when a student gets out and can’t find a job and sues based on lack of employment opportunities when the stats indicated 98% employed 6 months post graduation. Dig deep and you find stats are manipulated to get students on campus. These statistics are not auditable, by anyone. This should put an end to how great any institution is when relying on ranking.

Pitt is great because of the people that went to Pitt and have become success stories. Get our heads out of the sand and take rankings for what they are….debate materials but other than that….nada! I love the passion we have for protecting whatever the ranking is, but let’s be realistic.

That is why sport is so important. There is a ranking at the end of a sports season based on what you did on the field for a season. You aren’t supposed to manipulate results. Those that do should receive sanctions from the ncaa for whatever that institution is worth.

link to

Chas…get some football content or we are going to bust. Hope you are well! Let’s Go Pitt! Big wine tonight.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.23.14 @ 3:37 pm

Disagree Script on rankings. Until one is in a position to manipulate the system and see how it really works in academia, most won’t understand. Stats that have significance on rankings but not intellect…..a high school senior that carries a 4.4 QPA on a 4.0 scale. Only in academia! If it is a 4.0 scale, that should be the max. Don’t give me a bunch of crap about how much more advanced or difficult the classes are. I was in them. I know what it is like to get a 4.2 on a 4.0 scale and actually wrote a paper in AP English about the numeric impossibility. Do you believe an athlete can give 110%? I don’t. You can give maximum effort of 100% and work down from there. Sorry.

All -Many think that George Washington University is highly respected academically right? They were recently de-listed by USNews for manipulating data that effected their ranking. I am telling you they are not alone and every year, several schools get busted. Us lawyers bust them when a student gets out and can’t find a job and sues based on lack of employment opportunities when the stats indicated 98% employed 6 months post graduation. Dig deep and you find stats are manipulated to get students on campus. These statistics are not auditable, by anyone. This should put an end to how great any institution is when relying on ranking.

Pitt is great because of the people that went to Pitt and have become success stories. Get our heads out of the sand and take rankings for what they are….debate materials but other than that….nada! I love the passion we have for protecting whatever the ranking is, but let’s be realistic.

That is why sport is so important. There is a ranking at the end of a sports season based on what you did on the field for a season. You aren’t supposed to manipulate results. Those that do should receive sanctions from the ncaa for whatever that institution is worth.

link to

Chas…get some football content or we are going to bust. Hope you are well! Let’s Go Pitt! Big wine tonight.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.23.14 @ 3:37 pm

Duff – wine tonight? I’m in and a win.

Script – I was incorrect on you being a Yinzer and not traveling or getting out of burg my apologies.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 3:48 pm

I agree. Pitt is great due to its people. It’s fans, alum, students, profs and anyone who works there and supports the university. However, It’s what you make of your degree that defines you. The perception of your school is framed by both academic and athletic success. One cannot lose sight of that fact. We need both to be strong. Unfortunately, the overall sports program has been diminished by Smug. Our brand has suffered. And brand equals degree.

And chill out. Chas is enjoying this bitch fest while sipping on some fine bourbon.

Comment by TX Panther 02.23.14 @ 3:49 pm

@ Upittbaseball — Sure, I’d like that and if you have time, bring your golf clubs I’ll take you to my club and you can meet some of my SEC / ACC buddies. The new Falcons stadium is going something to behold.
Marietta – we will be building the falcons stadium so monthly visits there if you want to walk the job and talk about our pitt experiences.
Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 10:39 am

Comment by MariettaMike 02.23.14 @ 4:00 pm

@upitt…. no problem. sorry I got a little sharp there…

I hear Duffdaddy and don’t disagree necessarily.

bottom line, I do think this thread shows an insecurity about Pitt and it’s place in the world.

Pitt has been an institution on the move up for many years. when we all went there (I take it most of us have gray hair of some sort) Pitt was behind Ped State and was a mid-ranked school overall (although has always had some highly ranked programs).

Today Pitt is even, if not slightly ahead, of PSU from any measurable perspective. Pitt is top tier (not elite).

The quality of student on Pitt campus is top notch and getting into the ACC had a lot to do about our academic strength.

It’s like the new rich guy having dinner with the blue bloods. Nordy has really done us well and the new Chancellor looks good.

Sport will never be what defines Pitt (unlike the SEC and SE so sorry for you folks living in that world because it will be tough around the water cooler).

And come back to the ‘burgh in the summer if you have not been lately. Place is amazing these days.


….and now tonight the Basketball team starts its late season push and positive momentum heading into the tournament!!

Comment by Pittscript 02.23.14 @ 4:20 pm

Sorry guys as well. Having some issues at rhe homestead. I will not take it out on my blatherites. Marietta – no problem. Still a few months out but man is politics slowing that job down. Script – safe travels for work and I agree burg is awesome in summer.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.23.14 @ 4:24 pm

Heading to the Pete. It’s time to open up a can of whoop-ass. Apologies to the academicians.

Comment by gc 02.23.14 @ 4:25 pm

Look i lived in the Burgh for 35 years in VA, for 2 in AZ 18 and Bama for 2 and came back to western pa years and years ago. and that and one dollar will bye me a cup of tea so lets get back to football talk.
did savage throw good to day how was his foot work
was he on target i missed it info please.

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 4:27 pm

Seriously all the pessimism about the state of Pitt Football.

Since when was Pitt so GREAT… outside of the OLD, OLD DAYS and the time span running between Dorsett and Marino years?

Without naming names, those who “PINE” for the Days of Yore are fantasizing about a PITT FOOTBALL POWERHOUSE that NEVER EXISTED.

Even in the Marino Years, with one of the BEST QUARTERBACKS and TEAMS you could hope for… they never got the job done. The DISAPPOINTMENT matches the DESPAIR of the 80s and 90s.

Chryst has begun piecing together a system that he envisions will position Pitt as a PERENNIAL Top 25 Program that makes a run at Top 10 every four years or so.

If it happens, it’ll be the first time.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.23.14 @ 4:33 pm

Now if Dixon could only get the “Top 10″ Part down.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.23.14 @ 4:36 pm

Sorry PofD, those days did exist, abet many many years ago. The coach was Sutherland and the team was unbeatable. That’s not dreaming, that’s just history.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.23.14 @ 4:57 pm

You guys still at it!

Wbb, give it up! You made your points and I totally disagree. (Notice no personal insults.)

TX Panther, besides speaking the truth, you also write well; good points – clearly stated.

Pitt Dad, looks like you did recruiting for Pitt out on the Island. Good for you and the University. In my part of NJ, the kids considering Pitt are the ones intersted in the writing program or offered scholarships. The vast majority do not consider Pitt at all. The average kid around here even has Rutgers low on their list (our State U); which is a 50’s school. That’s about where Pitt fits right now, around 58 nationally.

I realize ratings are all over the place and really don’t mean much unless your school is rated in the top 10!

I went to Pitt when it was private. The money came for the Mellons and the other main Pittsburgh industrialist(all graduates). The University was rated in the 40’s. The medical school was rated in the top ten (remember Salk). Litchfield promised to have Pitt an Ivy league school in ten years. There were beautiful drawings of new campus additions in Panther Howl. Our football team was #3 in the nation. We played only other nationally known teams; UCLA, Wash, ND, Miami, PSU, Cal, Syracuse and etc. every year.

Then the school went belly up!

We play basketball now.

Got to check my 23 and me results

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.23.14 @ 5:20 pm

DONALD pushed up thru up 225 pounds 35 times to day he is second so far the NFL has got to love him

Comment by Frankcan 02.23.14 @ 5:23 pm

Forgot to mention in the 60’s, two of my fraternity brothers flunked out of Pitt ended up at PSU and graduated. Another after flunking out went Westminster and later became a Pitt dentist.

I think we were a better academic school back then.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.23.14 @ 5:27 pm

I am upitt. I am with Skanska. Who are you with? We came in second I think on Falcons. I’m not in our sports group. I run our national healthcare.

Comment by Pitt it Is 02.23.14 @ 8:24 pm

Dr. Tom…

No need to apologize.

I think “OLD, OLD DAYS” pretty much covers the Sutherland years 1924 – 1939.

Those teams posted some good records. Although at the time it was mainly SPOILED RICH KIDS who got the chance to go to college. The TOUGH BLUE-COLORED GUYS would come along later.

But as good as they were, the Sutherland Teams were BEATABLE or at least TIE-ABLE.

Sutherland NEVER had a PERFECT SEASON at PITT. 9-0-1 was his Best. There was the ONE ROSE BOWL Win, but also THREE ROSE BOWL Losses.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.24.14 @ 12:10 pm

Still, I would consider the Sutherland Years as qualifying as Pitt Glory Days.

Not quite on par with with Woody Hayes and Ohio State. But I am open minded.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.24.14 @ 12:14 pm

Is PSU still under scholarship restrictions? How many can they offer for 2015? I hated seeing Bucholtz and Cooper go to them.

Comment by Rex 02.24.14 @ 3:55 pm

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