December 2, 2013

Fine I’ll do this quickly. The column by Dejan Kovacevic is a classic, “I’m just asking questions,” thing. It is meant to provoke debate and little else.

“Wow, that’s a hard one. Not sure how to answer,” Jamie Dixon was telling me Sunday after practice at the Pete. “I mean, what we have going is smaller and quicker, and it does change how you play. And some guys individually have stepped up. But Steve’s a great player. I don’t know.”

Hmm. So maybe the notion isn’t all nuts.

Right. Because Coach Dixon was going to say something that would denigrate the present team by saying he wants another player. Of course not.

Would Dixon take Adams back now? He simply smiled at that. Of course he would.

But he quickly followed up, “We loved having Steve, but you move on. I like this team we have. I like it a lot.”

That’s about as far as you will get from Dixon.

Pitt is not “better” without Steven Adams. They are different. As Dixon says, they are smaller in the frontcourt. They also can stretch defenses with guys like Artis and Young able to step out and hit 3s.

With Adams they would be even better on defense, because the interior defense would be huge. Pitt would still be able to run in transition. Adams was not some slow, lumbering big man. He could run almost as well as Talib Zanna.

Which is better? That’s really where the debate lies. A more traditional team with as big a frontcourt as possible, but not as much shooting range from the 4 and 5. A team that is effectively with two power forwards that can step out from beyond seven feet.

The only other sure thing if Adams was still at Pitt. The Panthers would have been ranked going into the season with Adams.

After that you start fantasy land regarding players and their development with or without Adams.

The only thing worse than this is the message board tripe “asking” if perhaps other players were jealous of Steven Adams last year and froze him out of the offense. Not based on anything except what appears a serious dislike/blaming of Tray Woodall, since Lamar Patterson and James Robinson are still playing.

I thought Patterson let the team down much more than Woodall last year; in fact, I firmly believe that not only was Woodall the best player last year, Pitt wouldn’t have made it to the NCAA without him.

Remember, he had to play the 2 last year (primarily) and Robinson was inconsistent (as most frosh are) once the league began. Also, Adams was a work-in-progress last year and never could have been a reliable primary option.

Comment by wbb 12.02.13 @ 9:18 am

The current Steve Adams, the one playing meaningful NBA minutes and making them count, is not the same Steve Adams that we had at Pitt. Anyone who watches the OKC Thunder knows that for a fact. He’s already a much better basketball player than he was, but to think he would have made the same jump having stayed is preposterous. He spent an entire summer working out with elite-level NBA talent and goes up against two of the ten best players in the NBA on a daily basis. For all the flak that Kendrick Perkins gets for being a sub-par professional basketball player, I’m pretty sure that having to box him out every day is a hell of a lot tougher than doing so over Dante Taylor. And, when Russel Westbrook is feeding you the ball off an ultra aggressive basket penetration, you’re in a much better position offensively than when Tray Woodall begrudgingly tosses you the ball five feet off the low block. Apples and oranges, guys. You play up to the talent level around you, and Steve Adams is a perfect example of that idea.

Comment by MikePITT 12.02.13 @ 9:45 am

^^ Just to be clear, my reference to two of the top ten is obviously Westbrook and Durant, not Westbrook and Perkins. Just added the point about Perkins as an additional thought.

Comment by MikePITT 12.02.13 @ 9:47 am

I guess, but they sure look better early, than last years team at this point.

I have no stats, no facts, just the eye test.

Actually, much better.

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 10:13 am

PSU at 7:30 PM on ESPNU Tuesday. Beat them badly.

Comment by Frank MD 12.02.13 @ 10:27 am

Our offense last year was painful to watch. It doesn’t really matter why because it isn’t coming back and we can’t fix it now. The combination of a stronger more mature Robinson, with a thinner more mature and active Patterson, along with a better shooting more confident Cam Wright works. They are very efficient and assists dwarf turn overs. They quickly find an open shooter and are shooting a good percentage. They have more scoring options and can hit the 3. They rebound about as well and seem to play better all around defense. Although they don’t have a lot of size inside, they are quick and physical. They are the best foul shooting team at Pitt in a generation. The pollsters have made a mistake discounting this team based on Adams leaving. We might well be a top 10 team now and we are as likely to win the ACC as we are to finish 6th to 9th as projected. This is a very good Pitt team.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 10:28 am

Dejan and Cook are absolute jerkoffs.

that is all.

Comment by NOPE 12.02.13 @ 10:32 am

Can anyone help me with my memory. I think we used to play Penn St in hoops every year but they ended the series because they were getting beaten too badly. I remember a 40 or 50 point win back in the Carl Krauser era.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 10:42 am

Is it to early to love to hate Penn State again?
the football teams meet 3 years from now but I
know I’m ready to rekindle the rivalries Bad Blood.

Comment by Tackle made by Hugh 12.02.13 @ 10:43 am

@Tackle made by Hugh, Nothing to rekindle for me as I have continued my distaste for the Nittanies throughout the years. Bad Blood is a kind way of putting how I feel towards the “shower friendly” folks at State College.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 11:04 am

Dejean is pretty much a hack, especially when it comes to basketball.

I think the reason why this year’s team looks better without Adams is because a lot of last year’s team has gotten better. This would have happened even with Adams around.

MikePITT, going along with what you said, NBA teams actually view being in college for 4 years as a negative because players can pick up bad habits that don’t work at the higher level. Like you said the summer working out with professionals is why Adams is so much better. With Adams being so new to the game, he really needed all of that working out. The rules in college that limit the amount of practice just wouldn’t have let it happen.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.02.13 @ 11:11 am

@Chas, You call “tripe” questions concerning player jealousies and interaction. I don’t think such suggestion is insignificant at all. Don’t you ever wonder how the 5 year developmental players feel about the one and done superstars that roll in for a one year visit and leave multi-millionaires. Woodall’s roommate and best friend was limited to a backup role by Adams appearance last year. Is it such a stretch to suggest that some of our offensive woes might have been due to jealousies or at least poor interaction? It seems to me that it is perfectly plausible to assume part of the reason last years team never jelled was related to team chemistry. The fact that this group doesn’t seem to be having the same problems with what was expected to be less talent seems to reinforce that suggestion too. If you know something about the personalities involved that would dispel that contention I would appreciate you sharing it, but to just call it tripe seems kind of condescending. Isn’t logical imagination welcome here?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 11:54 am

Jeff Saragin has us #4 in the country with predictably horrible SOS (305).
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.02.13 @ 12:02 pm

@Tackle made by Hugh, short answer, you’re late!Just got the memo this morning, “penn state still SUCKS”, just looked at your statistics and you’re way behind on the hate-o-meter, so step up your disgust and focus your animosity towards the nittany liars. You’ve got some catching up to do.

Remember, we don’t necessarily have to play them annually to hate them continuously!

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.02.13 @ 12:18 pm

For what it’s worth… an excerpt from today’s Trib Review story in which Jamie is asked about the controversy swirling around Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin.


Did Dixon think Tomlin knew what he was doing?

“Oh, no, are you kidding?” Dixon said. “No one’s that clever.”


All you have to do is watch this Vid of the event to realize how “clever” Jamie can be at avoiding the truth when necessary.

link to

Comment by PittofDreams 12.02.13 @ 12:37 pm

Penn St won in 2000 74-88 at State College,we won by 30 in ’01, 22 ’02, 27 in ’03, 13 in ’04,and 37 in ’05 when they decided to seek out softer opposition.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 12:42 pm

I am also impressed by Dixon’s new wrinkles on defense. His extended zone is excellent against three point shots. His man to man has always had hedging, but now it includes traps.

This team is simply fun to watch. Their teamwork on defense and offense is great. Their sum seems to be greater than their parts.

Comment by Howard 12.02.13 @ 12:45 pm

With our quickness and lack of size underneath, shouldn’t we try pressing?

Comment by alcofan 12.02.13 @ 12:51 pm

Not buying it. Adams is a better defender & rebounder than Zanna. Zanna could get minutes at 4 plus backup Adams & Young would still get his share of minutes. Pitt wouldn’t have Artis, but they would be better with Adams. The team is playing well & Artis is a good get so I’m still happy.

Comment by Nick 12.02.13 @ 12:59 pm

@nick, Although most would rate Adams a better defender you are wrong about rebounding. Adams didn’t outrebound Talib they were about dead even. Zanna was definitely a better scorer and free throw shooter. Zman runs the floor better too. I think Zanna has done a great job defensively in the zone which never worked with Adams. Your argument doesn’t hold water IMHO.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 1:17 pm

@NOPE, what’d Cook say that has your ire???

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 1:22 pm

@NOPE, what’d Cook say that has your ire???

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 1:22 pm


Cook constantly hates on Pitt. just constantly, whether BBALL or FB..just a smug prick who only gives them attn when they lose.

Ive been around him at local taverns in the North Hills and he exudes douchebaggery.

Comment by NOPE 12.02.13 @ 1:27 pm

quickness – where ?

Dixon is not a press coach – and does not have a press roster

( Pitt: defense – rebound – efficient on offense )

(Newkirk may be one kid that can be labeled ‘quick’ – but it is relative

Comment by anonyz 12.02.13 @ 1:28 pm

Foxsports just put us 23rd in this weeks power ratings. That is the first time I have seen us in any top 25 this year. I think we are a top 10 team and think we will be ranked top 10 by mid January when we visit Syracuse.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 1:39 pm

Louisville has some success with the press and VCU has even more. I wonder if we would be any more effective defensively if we did press though. We seem to do well enough in that area. I do really like to see us running more and hope that trend continues. We seem do that well and with a guy like Newkirk developing there might still be more upside.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 1:48 pm

@TonyinHouston – SoS means little at this time of year as I think you implied. According to Kenpom (link to, Alcorn State has the toughest SoS but they are currently ranked 346 out of 351. Playing teams like Pitt out of conference helps the Alcorn States of the world.

Happy to see Kenpom has us as #3 so far (only ACC team in his top 10). Much left to do.

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.02.13 @ 2:01 pm

Ok, he may be that. I thought maybe you heard on the radio what he said, and he was completely correct.

With the biggest scandal in college football history, hitting the coaches, hitting the administration, sanctions, dropping recruits, no bowl games etc. etc. etc.

Pedo is still ahead of Pitt’s program.

He’s absolutely right.

That’s how bad Pitt football is. I thought they’d crumble, and when the series would renew in a few years, Pitt would be able to rip off 4 straight easy wins.

Not only do they look half decent, they have one of the best qb’s in the country, as a freshman, recruit penalties have been dropped, and the bowl ban will probably be dropped this winter.

With all of that incredible turmoil, their program is still in better shape than ours, and it’s not even close.

A damn shame. Sickening.

@NOPE, to your point, I don’t know the guy, maybe he is an arrogant, smug, ass. Just thought those comments were what got you.

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 2:26 pm

The new polls are out and 2 loss Duke holds in the top 10 of both polls despite there best win being the home overtime victory against Vermont. Equally silly is North Carolina barely hanging around 25 after losing again to UAB. Syracuse is in the top 5 of both polls off of rep not performance and Virginia having lost there only real game against 2 loss VCU still is getting more votes than Pitt. The ACC is starting to look like an over ripe cherry just waiting to be plucked. Even putting these 4 pretenders ahead of us that still leaves us 5th not 6th in the ACC. We can play with any of these teams and will beat them at home. This is going to be a great year. We are so fortunate to be sneaking into the conference when every significant contender is way overated.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 2:40 pm

I love the optimism here & hope it continues. Whoever recommended the WQED HCJD interview thank you! Please check it out. I have not been a complete HCJD supporter over the years – my biggest complaint has been offensive tempo & ez buckets off of our D. That said, hard to criticize a coach that preaches hard D & an unselfish team first mentality. He’s our man & he needs all of our support to break through in March. I distinctly remember as a kid Boeheim being racked through the coals for “wasting” opportunity after opportunity in March, until he finally punched his ticket. no reason why it can’t happen here too. DJ, CW, JN can get from foul line to foul line as well as anyone in the conference. JR is developing the keen sense of when to push & when to wait for the lanes to be filled. I wish SA the best & am looking forward to see this group go. H2P

Comment by ptbreezeb 12.02.13 @ 2:52 pm

@ NOPE, It is OK, you’re amoung friends, no need to beat around the bush utilizing vague platitudes to answer the question. Don’t sugar coat it, how do you really feel about Ron Cook?

“exudes douchebaggery”, thanks for the laugh!

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.02.13 @ 3:03 pm

Dr. Tom:

RE: Your post at 12:18 PM.

Thanks for the laugh….

Comment by xfmrman 12.02.13 @ 3:19 pm

I think the criticism of Cook and Kovacevic is off base. The Trib writer wrote a homer Pitt article about how much we love Heinz Field. Both writers have questioned the direction of Pitt’s football program just as it has been questioned here.

Be thankful that there is a vestige of press in Pittsburgh that doesn’t quiver or grovel at the feet of Nordenberg and Pederson.

Those of you who are voicing criticism of the recent work by these two are pretty much full of it.

For example, what has particularly impressed you about the way Pitt started the NC game? The Miami game?

Even ESPN lists Pitt and Syracuse as bowl free agents. As Dokish has pointed out, Pitt uses access to information as a big stick to control the local press.

There’s so much more they are scared to cover. Congratulate them when they write the truth.

So I assume those of you who are critical are happy the press didn’t report the loud booing Pederson received at the Florida State game.

You can’t have it both ways.

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.02.13 @ 3:30 pm

Always impressed with the basketball IQ on this site.

My thoughts on the press…I have always had pressing teams. You have to run that distance on the floor anyway, why not defend every inch. As long as the turnovers outweigh the physical toll, it’s a great strategy.

Until this team, JD has not had the “horses” to press. This team is deep and seems quick. I say “seems’because until Pitt faces a good D1 backcourt we will not know.

Comment by Dan 72 12.02.13 @ 3:34 pm

To bad Pitt cannot get the press ratings because we are not in the top 25 but let that get the team mad.

Comment by Frank MD 12.02.13 @ 3:54 pm

Agree w the IQ comment totally! And so glad we are over the HCJD didn’t “utilize” SA. After all hard to criticize a coach that starts a “project” freshman vs Michigan at the Mecca before the Holidays and 7 months later the kid is running up and down the court w Durant & Westbrook. Get over it. HCJD did the kid a solid all the way around. Brought him over, got him in a prep school for a couple of games, put him under the bright lights and told him to sign on the line that is dotted. And on the other side of the coin, he addressed a weakness – brought back slice (who coached more on the bench this weekend then I had seen an assistant do in years, imploring his guys to wake up because Duq wanted it – I LOVED SEEING IT) and reloaded his gun w players. Now he’s allowing pushing the ball and is playing zone too! I guess the only complaint we are down to is he doesn’t press!!! (he hates cheap fouls & his 2nd most reliable ball handler under pressure is LP, until JN develops, maybe thats his logic?)

Comment by ptbreezeb 12.02.13 @ 4:01 pm

@tonyin Houston, We never get any real hardline news out of the local media concerning the basketball team. I think the writers and the media reps at Pitt have a firm hand on what gets said. Basically they are a poor extension of the cheerleading squad. There is more hard news discussed on this site each week than is printed in either local paper over the course of a season. There is never any legitimate criticism of Dixon or Peterson. If we had a free press how could that be? I think the local sportswriters are actually just dupes.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 4:02 pm

I watched Louisville try to press against North Carolina and thought it was a bad strategic move. Teams that press risk allowing easy scores on the back end. I thought Patino gave the Tarheels too many easy buckets. Our defense has been reasonably successful so far this year. I like to watch good pressing teams as the pressure is fun and fast, but I wonder if we would be any more successful. If Dixon thought it would help wouldn’t he have tried it by now? There is even a possibility that it hurts us like it did Louisville. I say stick with what we are doing and let teams more desperate for defensive success do the experiments.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 4:14 pm

ptbreezeb, This is the perfect example of what gets discussed here and never shows up in the paper. You make a great point ,Slice is a Godsend, whatever they are paying him he deserves a raise. The perception from all angles is the guy has returned to bail out our recruiting, has stabilized the bench and helped with player development. On the day he came back the recruiting and transfer scenario looked bleak, 6 months later we look buff at guard ,decent at forward and pointed in the right direction at center. See any articles in the paper about Slice lately. Is that because the writers haven’t noticed or because the Pitt braintrust hasn’t yet told them it’s ok to say it. Remember last year when Adams was shooting 40% from the foul line. He had a serious hand injury that still has never been reported in either local paper. The local media is a joke.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 4:28 pm

I heard on the radio that Uchebo had practiced and might be available to play as soon as the Penn State game. I don’t know what type of game he brings but his potential is supposed to be NBA. He is way bigger than anyone on our roster and could be a major contributor by ACC time. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying he has game. What I am saying is he has plenty of size and if he brings any game with it that will solve the center question for the next couple of years as he is a sophomore.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 4:37 pm

If we had a news media that did their job then we would know all about Uchebo, his injury status and the likelihood of him contributing this year. Don’t hold your breath waiting to see anything like that in the newspaper. Lord forbid they do their job when they can ask important questions like would Dixon like Adams back?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 4:55 pm

@ptbreezeb, it just seems everything’s better with Slice. Recruiting news, articles on Pitt, etc. etc.. Glad he’s back.

@spirit, I do try to pay attention, but I’m at a loss at the moment, is Uchebo grades, transfer rules, or maybe bad knee or ankle???

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 4:57 pm

You just answered me with your post!!

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 4:58 pm

How about Mostella?? 2nd half of year??

You are right, only place I’ve even heard his name is on here.

You know what, I can’t honestly say that, I really only take a quick glance at the PPG and Trib on their mobile sites, very once in awhile.

I get most of my Pitt news on here, and football and basketball recruiting news, on here and rivals and scout. That’s about it.

Comment by Dan 12.02.13 @ 5:01 pm

Mostella is at Notre dame Prep (same school as Adams 2 years ago). He started out slow in his first game but led the team to overcome a 20 pt deficit with 31 points, most in 2nd half. e looked to be a bit overweight but expect to be in shape. He is taking an online standardized test to see if he can qualify for 2nd semester.

Thus, maybe the topic of this shouldn’t be if the team would be better now with Adams … maybe it should be would it be better if Mostella is added

Comment by wbb 12.02.13 @ 5:32 pm

Dan, I am 61 and I don’t tweet but my son tells me that the best place to find out about Mostella is twitter. In the Dixon era I never remember a single player beginning his season 2nd semester but I guess anything could happen now a days. He seems anxious to join the team.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 5:43 pm

@Wbb, Since you opened the door, How would feel about a 2nd semester Mostella dropping in and playing right away?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 5:48 pm

FWIW, I think the addition would hurt the chemistry at first, not sure if it would help in long run.

BTW, this was from a Rivals write-up a week ago:

Mostella hopes to be at Pitt soon

If four-star shooting guard Detrick Mostella has his way, he’ll be on the campus of Pittsburgh sooner than later. A native of Alabama and a member of the class of 2013 who spent his senior year in Indiana and originally signed with Oklahoma State, Mostella is currently at Fitchburg (Mass.) Notre Dame Prep.

Looking a little bit out of shape, Mostella got off to a slow start for Notre Dame. But, in the second half the explosive guard took the game over as his team completed a 20 point comeback. Finishing with 31 on 10-25 shooting (he started 1-13), Mostella showed ability to get wherever he wanted with the ball and to make shots from deep. He has a tremendously explosive first step and is extra bouncy around the rim making him very tough to contain.

Ranked No. 53 in the class of 2013, Mostella will remain in that class for now. Mostella told that he is finishing up an online course and taking his standardized test one more time in hopes of gaining eligibility for the second semester at Pitt. Whether it is this season or next, Mostella will absolutely need to add strength but as long as he can handle the change in physicality he has the tools to be a very productive scorer in the ACC.

Comment by wbb 12.02.13 @ 5:56 pm

@wbb, Thanks for the scoop, you are obviously way too informed to work for either Pittsburgh paper. My guess is Dixon would never upset the applecart that late in the season unless he were coaching a trainwreck like the team 2 years ago. I don’t remember any academic non qualifiers being recruited either so my guess is this kid can flat out play. Sounds to me like next year we have a good chance of being 4 good guards deep. Was someone saying maybe we should press?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 6:13 pm

Patterson was just named ACC player of the week. Great accomplishment for a great young man. Congrats Lamar

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 6:24 pm

This is the first I’ve heard that Uchebo might play, and possibly as soon as Tuesday! He’s been practicing with the team, so he probably has learned Pitt-style defense.

As much as I like Mostella’s athleticism and three-point shot, I worry that he hasn’t learned to play Pitt-style defense and would hurt team chemistry.

Comment by Howard 12.02.13 @ 6:57 pm

Dr. Tom! You the man! I despise no no no loath PSU! And actually even more now cause they seem to be better at football during one of the worst sports scandals ever! Hate them! I hope we destroy them by 50! And I do feel this team is quick! Watch the explosiveness of Wright and Patterson the the bucket. They are playing with confidence right now and clicking on both ends of the floor. I like this team too! Can’t wait til ACC play! I like our chances! And NC has lost two already! Look out for Pitt!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 12.02.13 @ 6:59 pm

@Howard, Pictures don’t do Uchebo justice, he is one huge human being. He looks like he could rebound by just standing in the middle and looking mean. He is that intimidating.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 7:01 pm

tweet about Uchebo on Dokish twitter site yesterday:

Nate Barnes ?@NateBarnes_TPN 1 Dec
#Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon said Joseph Uchebo is making progress, has done some “minimal live work” in practice.
Retweeted by Chris Dokish

Comment by wbb 12.02.13 @ 7:12 pm

@wbb, If we have a weakness it is we lack a little muscle inside. 10 minutes a game of a decent defensive presence and solid rebounding from this kid would be worth a lot. Maybe I am dreaming but everything else seems to be falling our way, why not?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 7:25 pm

They’ve picked up 3/4 court a few times this season. Just like the zone, it won’t be the main course but we’ll see Dixon toss it out there every once in a while. The press creates chaos at both ends of the court and I think it’s safe to say that Dixon likes to see his Pitt teams play with control.

The biggest positive I’ve seen this season is the superior interior passing and getting points on the “bunnies”. The last two Pitt teams have been lacking in these areas and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have been two of the worst Pitt teams. Zanna still flashes the hands of stone from time time tho.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.02.13 @ 8:32 pm

I’m not a big fan of twitter either, but you can get useful info if you follow the right people. I learned today that Pitt went to Jamil Kamara’s high school & set up a visit with him tonight.

Comment by Nick 12.02.13 @ 8:56 pm

Haven’t read all the posts, but feel I need to put in my two cents.

Never thought Pitt played smoothly with Adams. He had very limited shot ability. Never shot well outside of his comfort zone.

I never liked the idea of the team always trying to force the ball inside to him. Nobody looked happy about it, including Adams.

Obviously you can’t teach being 7 feet tall. Also I’m sure he would have improved this year.

This year’s team is better than last year’s bunch. The team would be even better having a 7 foot center, but playing the type of offense we are presently playing. We look fast and smooth!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 12.02.13 @ 11:57 pm

I thought last year’s team kind of was sacrifical to the development of Adams, since JD was pretty much convinced that he was coming back next year. Sleepy actually had more ppm and rpm, however, in fairness, that team wasn’t going far no matter who was playing center … and Adams has the higher upside.

Comment by wbb 12.03.13 @ 7:58 am

Last night I ran into a man I haven’t seen since high school (over 40 years ago). We went through grade school and high school together, boy scouts,little league etc. Really enjoyed reminiscing with him . Then, the moment he told me he had graduated from PSU. I left.

Comment by Classof69 12.03.13 @ 7:59 am

Great info guys. Like I said, why look elsewhere, when I get the best Pitt info right here!!!

Comment by Dan 12.03.13 @ 9:54 am

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