December 2, 2013

Fine I’ll do this quickly. The column by Dejan Kovacevic is a classic, “I’m just asking questions,” thing. It is meant to provoke debate and little else.

“Wow, that’s a hard one. Not sure how to answer,” Jamie Dixon was telling me Sunday after practice at the Pete. “I mean, what we have going is smaller and quicker, and it does change how you play. And some guys individually have stepped up. But Steve’s a great player. I don’t know.”

Hmm. So maybe the notion isn’t all nuts.

Right. Because Coach Dixon was going to say something that would denigrate the present team by saying he wants another player. Of course not.

Would Dixon take Adams back now? He simply smiled at that. Of course he would.

But he quickly followed up, “We loved having Steve, but you move on. I like this team we have. I like it a lot.”

That’s about as far as you will get from Dixon.

Pitt is not “better” without Steven Adams. They are different. As Dixon says, they are smaller in the frontcourt. They also can stretch defenses with guys like Artis and Young able to step out and hit 3s.

With Adams they would be even better on defense, because the interior defense would be huge. Pitt would still be able to run in transition. Adams was not some slow, lumbering big man. He could run almost as well as Talib Zanna.

Which is better? That’s really where the debate lies. A more traditional team with as big a frontcourt as possible, but not as much shooting range from the 4 and 5. A team that is effectively with two power forwards that can step out from beyond seven feet.

The only other sure thing if Adams was still at Pitt. The Panthers would have been ranked going into the season with Adams.

After that you start fantasy land regarding players and their development with or without Adams.

The only thing worse than this is the message board tripe “asking” if perhaps other players were jealous of Steven Adams last year and froze him out of the offense. Not based on anything except what appears a serious dislike/blaming of Tray Woodall, since Lamar Patterson and James Robinson are still playing.

Dr. Tom! You the man! I despise no no no loath PSU! And actually even more now cause they seem to be better at football during one of the worst sports scandals ever! Hate them! I hope we destroy them by 50! And I do feel this team is quick! Watch the explosiveness of Wright and Patterson the the bucket. They are playing with confidence right now and clicking on both ends of the floor. I like this team too! Can’t wait til ACC play! I like our chances! And NC has lost two already! Look out for Pitt!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 12.02.13 @ 6:59 pm

@Howard, Pictures don’t do Uchebo justice, he is one huge human being. He looks like he could rebound by just standing in the middle and looking mean. He is that intimidating.

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 7:01 pm

tweet about Uchebo on Dokish twitter site yesterday:

Nate Barnes ?@NateBarnes_TPN 1 Dec
#Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon said Joseph Uchebo is making progress, has done some “minimal live work” in practice.
Retweeted by Chris Dokish

Comment by wbb 12.02.13 @ 7:12 pm

@wbb, If we have a weakness it is we lack a little muscle inside. 10 minutes a game of a decent defensive presence and solid rebounding from this kid would be worth a lot. Maybe I am dreaming but everything else seems to be falling our way, why not?

Comment by spiritofsection22 12.02.13 @ 7:25 pm

They’ve picked up 3/4 court a few times this season. Just like the zone, it won’t be the main course but we’ll see Dixon toss it out there every once in a while. The press creates chaos at both ends of the court and I think it’s safe to say that Dixon likes to see his Pitt teams play with control.

The biggest positive I’ve seen this season is the superior interior passing and getting points on the “bunnies”. The last two Pitt teams have been lacking in these areas and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have been two of the worst Pitt teams. Zanna still flashes the hands of stone from time time tho.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.02.13 @ 8:32 pm

I’m not a big fan of twitter either, but you can get useful info if you follow the right people. I learned today that Pitt went to Jamil Kamara’s high school & set up a visit with him tonight.

Comment by Nick 12.02.13 @ 8:56 pm

Haven’t read all the posts, but feel I need to put in my two cents.

Never thought Pitt played smoothly with Adams. He had very limited shot ability. Never shot well outside of his comfort zone.

I never liked the idea of the team always trying to force the ball inside to him. Nobody looked happy about it, including Adams.

Obviously you can’t teach being 7 feet tall. Also I’m sure he would have improved this year.

This year’s team is better than last year’s bunch. The team would be even better having a 7 foot center, but playing the type of offense we are presently playing. We look fast and smooth!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 12.02.13 @ 11:57 pm

I thought last year’s team kind of was sacrifical to the development of Adams, since JD was pretty much convinced that he was coming back next year. Sleepy actually had more ppm and rpm, however, in fairness, that team wasn’t going far no matter who was playing center … and Adams has the higher upside.

Comment by wbb 12.03.13 @ 7:58 am

Last night I ran into a man I haven’t seen since high school (over 40 years ago). We went through grade school and high school together, boy scouts,little league etc. Really enjoyed reminiscing with him . Then, the moment he told me he had graduated from PSU. I left.

Comment by Classof69 12.03.13 @ 7:59 am

Great info guys. Like I said, why look elsewhere, when I get the best Pitt info right here!!!

Comment by Dan 12.03.13 @ 9:54 am

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