November 6, 2013

So this is a nice addition to the future football schedule.

Pitt and Oklahoma State will play a home-and-home football series during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, the schools announced today.

On Sept. 17, 2016, the Panthers will play at Oklahoma State in Boone Pickens Stadium.

The Cowboys will visit Heinz Field in Pittsburgh the following season on Sept. 16, 2017.

I do like that the dates of the games are 9/17/16 and 9/16/17. But then I’m a little tired and at this point easily bemused.


That means Pitt’s non-con for 2016 already has Oklahoma St., Penn St. and Villanova. There’s one more game to add, but two major conference opponents on the non-con is already more than most programs do in a season.

Hope that by 2016 Coach Paul Chryst has the O-line in place to do what he wants to do on offense. Otherwise it could be a scary time with the Cowboys.

As for that other team in the Big XII

Meanwhile, there has been little movement toward a resumption of the 104-game Pitt/West Virginia series that ended in 2011 when the schools announced they were leaving the Big East.

Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson, speaking Wednesday on TribLive Radio, said talks with West Virginia are not dead.

“Oliver (Luck, WVU athletic director) and I are friends,” Pederson said, “and we will keep talking about these things. If there is a way to engineer these things, we will try to do that.”

Of course. Naturally. No, there’s no foot-dragging.

Ok, so we must have the advantage because first it’s my son’s birthday, then, the next year, it’s mine. No doubt we win! Good addition to the non-con.


Comment by panther94 11.06.13 @ 11:19 pm

Anyone old enough to remember Boone Picken’s role in the acquisition of Gulf Oil by Chevron?

Comment by Joe Lawrence 11.06.13 @ 11:33 pm

With the other teams on the slate in those years, that’s some big boy football. The kids being recruited now will be upperclassmen.

Well, perhaps HCPC can use the strength of schedule to land some big palookas.

Comment by Joe Lawrence 11.06.13 @ 11:39 pm

I was probably like 13, so I’m old enough to remember, but not old enough to have cared at the time.

Comment by panther94 11.07.13 @ 12:28 am

You need to beat these marquee programs or else all you are is a patsy on their schedule to pad their wins.

Comment by TX Panther 11.07.13 @ 6:42 am

Last night Steve Adams had 9 rebounds in twenty minutes vs DeJuan Blairs 3 bounds in 19 minutes.

Comment by alcofan 11.07.13 @ 7:28 am

Pickens claimed he would have kept the Headquartets in Pittsburgh.

Comment by alcofan 11.07.13 @ 7:29 am

It is easy for Pickens to say that as he is driving off into the sun set whith piles of cash. He wanted to make a quick buck and he did. It was corporate raid job that is all.

Comment by Pitt Flunky 11.07.13 @ 7:49 am

Oak City kept Thabeet on the bench against Blair and the Mav’s. Guess he didn’t want him to get tossed.

Comment by alcofan 11.07.13 @ 7:54 am

I’m a big fan of this scheduling any big opponent in order to avoid playing WVU ever again. The schedule is looking pretty tough.

Blair has been putting up pretty good numbers now that he is getting more playing time with the Mavs. Adams also go in the head of the Mavs by being physical and got Vince Carter thrown out of the game. If after the first Pitt game last year you would have told me that Adams would be putting up numbers and playing meaningful minutes in the NBA next year I would have said you were crazy.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.07.13 @ 7:59 am

Anyone think it odd that we schedule a team with a sex scandal? What is Pedey thinking?

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 8:22 am

Plus with a bankroll from a guy that helped the corporate slide of Pittsburgh. Ef Pickens and the horse he road in on.

With all the teams to pick, this really sucks.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 8:25 am

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 8:28 am

Let me get this straight, we are allegedly cleaning up our program to do things the right way, but it’s ok to play the poster child for win at all cost?

Smug Steve, you’ve done it again.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 8:35 am

Toto, we’re not in the Big East any more. That’s a scary schedule, besides OSU there’s Clemson, Miami and penn state,,,,,oh my!

I sure hope that Coach Chryst has his troops all wearing their big boy pants by then because if not, it will be an ugly farewell for HCPC if he proves that he can’t compete with that schedule after 5 years at the helm of the Panthers.

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.07.13 @ 8:44 am

Pitt will be able to compete.

Comment by MariettaMike 11.07.13 @ 8:47 am

0-1 in each of those seasons…

Comment by Pitt it IS 11.07.13 @ 9:10 am

Thanks gc for that background on Oak St.

Comment by alcofan 11.07.13 @ 9:23 am

Oof, road games at Clemson, Miami, and now Oklahoma State. Should be an interesting season in a few years…

Comment by Greg 11.07.13 @ 9:51 am

gc, if you are going to not play teams based on morals then Pitt shouldn’t play any big time program. They are all dirty. Certainly shouldn’t be playing ND with what happened to the video kid.

Dr. Tom, if Chryst is still coach in 2016, then the team will be ready to play. Him being coach then means he got all his stuff in order and turned into a decent coach.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.07.13 @ 9:52 am

I don’t know, maybe some of the “win at all cost” will rub off on us.

How about, win at some cost??

How about, win at just a little cost??

How about, win at a teenzy weenzy cost??

Nah, we’ll be 6-6 for the rest of my life.

I’m well aware of that.

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 9:57 am

T Boone had a 100 million dollar note due or something close to that on a bunch of wells in the gulf.
He led a hostile takeover of Gulf. He made more than enough to pay his lenders and forces the sale to Chevron.
Took a tremendous number of jobs and some very smart people away from PGH.
Gulf had thousands of people in labs around here that were multi degree type people.
If here today it would be a fortune 100 company.

Comment by kman 11.07.13 @ 10:00 am

Ward, so it’s ok cause they all do it?

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 10:10 am

I like it, but it would have been better to get these guys up here in mid-late November. Let’s see them play in real football weather.

Comment by 2$Chuck 11.07.13 @ 10:10 am

My opinion is to the contrary about Coach Chryst. I feel that with the turmoil that the program has endured prior to hiring of Chryst that the current administration gave him the dictate to first clean up the program while providing the appearance of coaching stability going forward. Then, secondarily to rebuild the program in Coach Chryst’s image of what a big time football program should look like.

In so doing, I’m “speculating” that this administration is going to be very lenient in demanding that Chryst produces a winning program sooner rather than later, simply because they realize that such an undertaking, even if done successfully, will take years to mature and bear fruit.

Therefore, I think as long as Pitt doesn’t produce consecutive season debacles like a couple 2-10 seasons in a row that he won’t feel any heat about keeping his job until the entire team are all his guys, which at the earliest is the 2015 season.

The 2016 season is then the “make or break” season for him, IMO, considering that penn state comes back on the schedule then as well as these other big boy programs that we’ll play then as well.

So Chryst will still be here in 2016, unless he unilaterally has decided to move on prior to then, but all of his free passes for season records will have been used up by then. He ends up with a mediocre 6-6 season in 2016, especially if he loses to penn state and I think that we will be waving goodbye to him.

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.07.13 @ 10:12 am

Gentlemen, all this fuss over a sex schedule that occurred many years ago? I’m talking about both our out-of-conference opponents in 2016.

Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 10:32 am

Where do I get season tickets for that “sex schedule” that you refer to, wbb?

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.07.13 @ 10:45 am

An addendum Dr. Tom: Yes, Chryst may be given a little more time before the proverbial Pitt ax falls – as it always has on its football coaches – but diminishing attendance at Pitt’s rent-a-stadium, inevitable if mediocrity persists, will make it much more difficult for Chryst and Pederson to dodge ouster – depending, of course, on whoever becomes chancellor.

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.07.13 @ 11:27 am

It just seems odd that we fire our coach for an SI article, but we schedule a team with a more damaging SI article. Yet we consider a coach toxic, that has not been named or accused in any alleged wrong doing.

Getting players laid as part of a recruiting process is prostitution. Hardly something to joke about, as is ignoring or worse covering up pedophilia. The guys trying to avoid going to jail are not laughing.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 11:41 am

gc, my point was that you can’t pick and chose opponents based on what they have done. All FBS teams are dirty. Do you really think that Ok. St. is the only school where recruits are introduced to womena and those women happen to hook up with them? Is it morally right? No. But Pitt is in the FBS so they play FBS teams.

Dr. Tom, if Pitt misses a bowl game this year and next year, I don’t see how Chryst is coach in 2015 let alone 2016. But you might be right because Pitt admin doesn’t actually care about fielding a winner.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.07.13 @ 12:05 pm

Ward OK State took it to a new level. The article was written in September. There are 50 other schools that we could have picked. All schools have crossed the line a little. OK State ignored the line completely.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 12:40 pm

If the recruiting and the coaching isn’t stepped up BIGTIME, 2016 could be a repeat of 1996.

The idiots loaded us up with the likes of Ohio State, Miami, Notre Dame, & Va Tech among others.
Some scores that year were: 0-72, 0-45, 6-60, 7-55, & 0-34.

Pity the next coach who ends up with the MAC lineup of players. Like Johnny did in Majors 2.

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 12:41 pm

If Pitt is indeed trying to clean up it’s supposed image that DW was fired for. Again all supposed.

Why in the hell are we playing a school that covered up the raping of little boys for over a decade that reached the highest levels of that school and the trials are still going on.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’re playing a football factory, win at all cost, scumbag, as bad or worse academically as WVcc, some glorified community college known as Oklahoma State.

Yea all of this makes sense. yea right .

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 12:46 pm

Again now, the story that was thrown out there, was Pitt’s football program was ‘out of control’ off the field. Therefore DW has to go and the program has to be cleaned up.

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 12:50 pm

21 players of Florida’s 2010 team were arrested at least once

FSU starting RB James Wilder Jr was arrested 3 times nut has never been suspended

for the same offense, OSU starting RB was suspended while Pitt FR QB Chapman was expelled .. the difference being the Columbus girl who made the charges, dropped them (I’m sure it was solely her decision)

Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 1:06 pm

Guess we shouldn’t be playing Miami or North Carolina either??

C’mon. There are hundreds of thousands of people associated with just about every university.

From people working there, to people working in athletics, to people that live in the university’s city, fans that went there, fans that just cheer for the school, to alumni, to students etc. etc.

And we’re gonna hold the whole place and everyone associated with a university accountable for something, that, what was it, 10 or 20 coaches (just guessing) or boosters did???

I’m not condoning it. Whoever did wrong, should get fired, and if there is something criminal, send them to jail and throw away the key as far as I’m concerned.

But, we’re not gonna schedule teams because of what a very few did??

No thanks, glad to see us scheduling a big team, from a different part of the country, and I look forward to the games.

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 1:06 pm

In the infamous SI article that allegedly got DW fired, these facts were presented:

– Seven percent of the players in the preseason Top 25 — 204 in all (1 of every 14) — had been charged with or cited for a crime, including dozens of players with multiple arrests.

• Of the 277 incidents uncovered, nearly 40 percent involved serious offenses, including 56 violent crimes such as assault and battery (25 cases), domestic violence (6), aggravated assault (4), robbery (4) and sex offenses (3). In addition there were 41 charges for property crimes, including burglary and theft and larceny.

• There were more than 105 drug and alcohol offenses, including DUI, drug possession and intent to distribute cocaine.

• Race was not a major factor. In the overall sample, 48 percent of the players were black and 44.5 percent were white. Sixty percent of the players with a criminal history were black and 38 percent were white.

• In cases in which the outcome was known, players were guilty or paid some penalty in nearly 60 percent of the 277 total incidents.


Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 1:12 pm

Emel, I don’t agree regarding PSU. Scheduled before the news of the scandal broke, traditional rival. PSU received punishment. All involved are dead or have been fired. We should play them.

OK State paid players and got recruits laid so that they could have a better football team. Never punished, as far as I know. Other than bad press.

It just seems wrong, if we are taking a stand against poor behavior, that we would pick OK State.

Makes wbb’s theory on why Wanny was let go more plausible. The SI story was just cover. Pedey had ulterior motives. Or is it ok to condone the bad guys as long as we wear the white hats? I say no.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 1:12 pm

Miami and NC are in our conference we have to play them. If they were not, I would not schedule them.
Why reward cheaters?

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 1:18 pm

Good facts wbb, makes the case that all universities should clean up their acts. Are we to condone criminal behavior for winning football games?

You can’t fix a problem unless you take a stand.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 1:21 pm

Pitt has obviously not condoned cheating for 30 years!!!!! LMAO!!!

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 1:45 pm

@ gc

SP and Pitt had to have known there was a Grand Jury investigation of Pedo State, well before the ‘news broke’.

Heck the AG or the asst. AG was a Pitt grad ! lol

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 1:53 pm

Agree with your deductions & wbb’s, though on ‘ulterior motives’ concerning the removal of DW.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if SP or someone connected to him, leaked some info to SI.

Making Pitt the posterchild for that article was ludicrous, considering what’s going on in some of these football factory programs. And somebody at somebody’s or some organization’s behest made that happen with SI.

Wouldn’t be the first time. We’re talking big money business here(college football) and there are no holds barred.

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 1:58 pm

gc, like you point out Miami and NC are cheaters. Pitt chose to associate itself with those schools by joining the ACC. The only real stand to make is completely dropping out of FBS atheltics. Otherwise you are just talking about different degrees of the same stuff.

Literally no one will view Pitt negatively by choosing to play Ok. St. No one said “Oh I can’t believe Syracuse played PSU this year.” That’s simply not how it works.

The Wanny thing is simple. Pederson wanted Wanny gone. The team has an off stepback year, which gives Pederson a crack. Pederson sees the crack then presents all of the off-field issues to Nordy. Nordy never athletic crazy says geeze this sucks we need to fire him. If Wanny had won the big east or had more than 7 wins that last season he isn’t fired. Lack of winning did him in more than anything.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.07.13 @ 1:59 pm

We have big money ppl below us at Wvcc, and to the east of us at Pedo State and even to the west of us in Columbus.

The last thing any of them want is Pitt returning to it’s latest glory days of 1972-1983.

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 2:02 pm

Seems more than odd to me (and always did) our program got destabilized right before all this stuff went down at Pedo State, Wvcc and even Ohio Fake. All 3 brought in new coaches at about the same time.

When did that EVER happen before. NEVER !

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 2:06 pm

@Wardapalooza, absolutely. Do we really need to go into DW’s poor record at Pitt?? No big bowl games. Couldn’t even win the weakest of the weak conferences 1 time??? One year out of 6 in the top 20.

Yes, yes, I know, he had the best 3 year span in 30 years. Wow, burnt toast looks good compared to a loaf of moldy bread too.

DW was a fantastic Pitt guy. The End.

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 2:07 pm

And I’m not being flip about DW being a fantastic Pitt guy. He bled blue and gold. It wasn’t happening under him. He had 6 years, were we supposed to give him 12???

P.S. the handling of his firing was appalling and should have been grounds for the firer to be fired. Couldn’t agree more, would find few and far between that wouldn’t agree that his end was handled pathetically by SSS!!!

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 2:10 pm

Actually, Wanny would have been an ideal A.D. instead of SSS.

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 2:13 pm

How many times has PITT finished the season ranked in the Top 20 in the last 30 years ?

If you guessed twice, you were right.

How many times has Pitt finished the season ranked in the Top 15 in the last 30 years ?

If you guessed ONCE your were correct.

I’ll take the burnt toast over a bowl of jello.

At least burnt toast can be serviceable by scrapping it off. A bowl of jello is always a bowl of jello. haha


Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 2:30 pm

If the Bowl of Jello ever wins 10 games at PITT, I’ll buy everyone on this post today a beer.

Comment by EMel 11.07.13 @ 2:32 pm

Wanny won the Big East in 2010

Comment by Nick 11.07.13 @ 2:38 pm

What followed after Wanny’s firing is a once in a life time set of circumstances that only happens to Pitt. So glad I’m a Pitt fan.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.07.13 @ 3:01 pm

Nothing was ‘leaked’ to SI as everything in that article was public knowledge. That article’s basis was to review the ALL of the preseason Top 25 teams and look at ALL of their player’s arrest records. PITT happened to come out on top. If it was going to be a “hit” piece on PITT it would have saved the authors six months of research.

They didn’t find out anything that you couldn’t have found yourself. That article wasn’t pointed directly at PITT at all but the fact that PITT led all the teams and had those four major incidents that were already publicly known got the headlines.

You guys need to go back and look at the timing of those four violent incidents and then at the timing of when the SI authors reached out to PITT administration for an interview regarding the fact that PITT was #1 on that list. That interview request happened in mid-December of 2010.

Also notice this telling public statement by Nordenberg and Petersen in that article: “We have publicly acknowledged the unacceptable number of off-the-field incidents involving members of our football program during the past season. We have addressed these with the appropriate sanctions and spoke out against such behavior.”

Gee – wonder what those “appropriate sanctions” were the referenced? Could it have been the decision to fire DW? Yeah.

All that was the final nail in the coffin for DW, his firing was building before that article was being written.

We can and have talked for years about this but you all conveniently forget one thing. This isn’t the first time PITT fired a HC that was at or near the peak of his success at PITT. The coach prior to DW was also fired after the best season we had in 20+ years.

Gottfried was fired after a 7-3-1 bowl season also. It is pretty obvious to see that the PITT administrations don’t look at only W-L records when deciding to sh*tcan someone – other factors are as important if not more.

Keep on believeing that all this was some sort of personal vendetta between SP and the HC and that Nordenberg was led by the nose to fire DW. It is patently ridiculous and pretty demeaning to the Chancellor. DW and the circumstances surrounding the players and the program in 2010 led to that firing. PITT wasn’t going to let all of that go by without major changes.

It ain’t all about football at PITT fellas – as we have seen time and again.

Comment by Reed 11.07.13 @ 3:20 pm

@Nick, Wanny won the Big East in 2010???

Surely, you jest.

Oh, you mean the year we lost to UCONN and got embarrassed on our home field to WVU???

And somehow, the BE declared us co-champions of the BE????

Co-champions with, you guessed it, UCONN and WVU?

LOL, shhhhh, it’s less embarrassing if it’s never spoke of again.

The only thing worse, is someone on here said that the Ath. Dept. had co-champion tee shirts and hats made up and passed them out to the team. I’m still chalking that up to urban legend, even for SSS!!

Certainly, no one in their right mind, even at Pitt, would have sunk so low, as to make up a co-champion t-shirt and hats, where the teams you tied for the championship, both whipped you.

That must come from the school of thought of “Everyone’s a winner, everyone get’s a trophy!!!” LOL

Let’s quietly pretend we weren’t talking about this shameful period, and maybe it will just go away on it’s own!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 3:25 pm

Sounds like a line from a movie.

“some things are better left unsaid, and Pitt being 2010 co-champ of the BE is one of them”.


Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 3:27 pm

Reed, Pitt has its best season in 20 years in 2002, not 2004. Pitt merely won a 4 team tiebreaker in a watered-down 7 team league in 04, giving them an undeserved BCS spot. I’ll grant you the 02 team was better than any of Wanny’s teams, but then his last 3 teams were better than what we saw for 30 years.

I have no evidence that SP leaked info to SI or anyone else as others have contended, but I have heard directly from a couple of sources that there was a big riff between SP and DW, in no small part to the slashing of the recruting budget and the low salaries budgeted for his staff. And despite this, SP had very high expectations for DW’s teams.

Fact is that it is the department manager’s job to lobby the Board for more money in his dept, yet SP showed little support. But isn’t it something how SP was all of a sudden able to get his boss to come up with another $600K+ after the Heyward embarrassment????

Lastly, too bad all this great criteria that SP claims is in place for recruiting, wasn’t used by SP himself when (1) he hired a guy with a mistress and (2) then hired a guy less than a month later who claimed that he (TG) knew coming here was a mistake to begin with.

SP spent $2M on a rush hire without proper vetting …. AND HE IS STILL HERE!!

Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 3:57 pm

Just posting to get in the EMel action as I like beer.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 11.07.13 @ 4:10 pm

@wbb, if that’s true, and it sounds very plausible, the SP is more of an ass than I thought.

“here, we’re cutting salaries and budgets, but I want you to win 2 more games a year”.

That’s ridiculous. But, you’d have to ask why is the chancellor doing that to the AD and the sports programs??

I mean, it’s not even debatable, it’s been shown time and time again, and you can google it, good athletic programs actually bring in more money for the university, not just the a.d., the university as a whole. Applications skyrocket. Don’t know why an administrator or chancellor wouldn’t embrace this concept.

I mean, who’s Nordy trying to be, Harvard, Yale or Princeton??

If that’s the case, then come out and tell the faithful, we’re de-emphasizng sports.

Also, I’m very pro academics. Academics and athletics sit side by side at many, many great schools across the country. They are not mutually exclusive, so anyone out there, spare me with the “Nordy’s job is academics first” argument.

We all know that. I would guess most of us on here take pride of what Pitt has become academically. What many are upset about, is the fact that many schools have both, why can’t Pitt???

Actually, quite perplexing if you really think about it.

Comment by Dan 11.07.13 @ 4:21 pm

I’m excited about the 2016 and 2017 seasons, it’s a great schedule for Pitt. Lots of great opportunities on the national stage. 2016 is when HCPC’s current contract ends, but coaches are usually extended of let got the year before the contract is up. I suspect that will be the case here, he’ll either let go at the end of 2015 or shown himself to be a quality HC. Personally, I expect the latter, but I know I’m in the minority. I’m glad we’re not giving the trash down in Morganhole the time of day.

Comment by PittHW 11.07.13 @ 4:27 pm

Dan, It was pretty much public knowedge that

– the recruiting budget was cut in 09 (only 2 FL recruits in 09 and 0 in 010),
– Wanny had the backing of some big boosters
– Wanny and staff were lowest paid in BE, and
– SP was paying Heyward a $1.4M salary but was able to all of sudden pay $2M to Fraud, just to bail his ass of the hook

And BTW, how about the fans? .. look at the large ticket drop from 010 to 011 even with the fast talking salesman?


Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 4:32 pm

I believe this line has been used on this site in recent weeks, but when discussing SP and the conspiritorial way in which many think he opperates I would suggest this:

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”

Comment by PittHW 11.07.13 @ 4:33 pm

Wbb, you don’t need to shout. Has any other AD been loudly boo’d by their own football fans? And, at a ceremony celebrating the retirement of the numbers of a beloved player?

But he is not called on the carpet, he just got a raise and contract extension. Is Nordenberg clueless or does he just want to slap the mouth of the loyal fans?

Send him back to Nebraska, oh yeah they don’t want him.

Who really got us in the ACC? Not Steve, it was Boston College’s, blackball of UCONN.

How much would really be donated to the Athletic Department if not for seat licenses?

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 4:57 pm

Stubhub has 1656 tickets available down from over 2100 a couple of days ago. Prices dropping.

May not be a home field advantage for us.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 5:06 pm

gc, The Board is primarily concerned with the bottom line, thus with the increased ACC revenue, they will stick by the AD … obviously, winning at Pitt takes a back seat

Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 6:46 pm

Unfortunately that has been true for a long time.

Nebraska dumped him when he made a shambles of their program. We give him a raise and a contract when he does the same to ours. Go figure.

Comment by gc 11.07.13 @ 7:29 pm

I have some info on Pedey and Nordy that will blow your mind. My source is very close to them. I will leave it at this. Smug will absolutely be here for bare minimum 5 years. The 5 year extension is only part of it.

Comment by Upittbaseball 11.07.13 @ 7:59 pm

Nobody on here. unless they’re SP or connected to the BOT knows for sure things weren’t ‘leaked’ to SI.

Saying that they do know and they know for certain that they weren’t ‘leaked’ is pure horsehockey.

In the words of Col. Potter. lol

SP had to hate DW for ‘undoing’ his Pittsburgh redo of the uniforms and the moniker for ALL Pitt sports teams. And for getting rid of beloved Dinocat which is still to be found on the bball uni’s and prolly somewhere, however be it so small on the football uni’s.

Comment by EMel 11.08.13 @ 12:28 am

Little ole previously forlorn Baylor, layed the wood to annual powerhouse and cheater Oklahoma.

Baylor who hasn’t the 100th tradition of Pitt can somehow hire a competent HC and staff, but somehow we can’t.

The Baylor Bears of Waco, Texas. lol

Comment by EMel 11.08.13 @ 12:31 am

Comment by wbb 11.07.13 @ 4:32 pm

That is pretty hysterical. Me thinks something is not kosher in this arrangement. Ya think !!!

Comment by EMel 11.08.13 @ 12:38 am

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”
Comment by PittHW 11.07.13 @ 4:33 pm

Ahhh yes….that might indeed explain then the rollout of …..Obamacare. lol

Comment by EMel 11.08.13 @ 12:40 am

There is nothing you could say that would blow my mind when it comes to their relationship. Regardless, the Pitt athletic department remains a laughingstock. Pitt is using the Pirates methodology over the last 21 years. Low budget, get money from the rest of the league and screw your fans, your students and your alumni. But the consolation prize is that you get bigger money from your league and you pay the league back by being a whipping post. that’s why I don’t pay any more.

Spill the beans upitt. I won’t tell like steve told on wanny. lol

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.08.13 @ 12:40 am

@ upitt

I think I heard the same thing. We’ll have to share notes over Daiquiri’s in Shreveport. lol

Provided Bashful & the dwarfs can rile up the troops enough to cough up 2 more wins.

Comment by EMel 11.08.13 @ 12:43 am

Hey fellas, I’m intrigued now, if you so feel like it, . Won’t go anywhere but my mind.

Actually any gossip about Pitt is like gossip about the Bob Newhart Show. There’s only a few of us left who care!! LMAO.

Pitt 27 Notre Dame 17

We get a bone thrown our way once in awhile. Just enough to lure everyone right back in, until the UNC, Syracuse, Miami kibosh kicks in to destroy us once again.

Then spring will come, and all will be good…..

Comment by Dan 11.08.13 @ 8:47 am

Oh, SSS, still gettin’ his way on one thing.

Cringe everytime I see a commercial for an upcoming game or an announcer talk about it.

Pittsburgh!!!!!! SSS really endoctrinated the sports networks.

For you youngsters, you never heard Pitt called “Pittsburgh” once, in the 70’s, 80’s and most of the 90’s.

EVER!!!!!! The name Pittsburgh wasn’t associated with Pitt at all. I mean, night and day, black and white, wasn’t even considered. You said “Pittsburgh”, someone was talking about the Steelers, Penguins or Pirates.

There is was last night, every commercial. Sat. 8:00 PM, Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh.

I’ve thought about this over time, and I thought, well, maybe it’s not just SSS stupidest idea of all time.

But I’ve heard commercials for games with Ole Miss vs. someone, and they do not call them Mississippi.

They are called Ole Miss, formally for lack of a better word. That’s who they’re known as.

So, the dinocat may be gone, but SSS still sticks a knife in me often, when I hear someone in the college football world call us Pittsburgh.

They must not have all received the memo that it’s Pitt again, even after all these years.

Comment by Dan 11.08.13 @ 8:54 am

You know, seeing his personality and what he hasn’t accomplished, I could just picture SSS for those first couple years when dinocat and Pittsburgh were installed.

I say this without one iota of kidding in my blood.

I would bet, those first couple years, if an announcer slipped, and said “Pitt’s ball, 2nd and 8 at the 30″, SSS was on the phone to ESPN, ABC etc. etc.

“hey, “Bob So and So” was calling the Pitt-UCONN game and he called us Pitt, please handle that”.

Watch ESPN 2 Saturday night for Pitt vs. Iowa.

Guaranteed he was on the horn to the powers to be, “you put a graphic up that said Pitt”!!!!!

I know guys and old bosses like him, I’ll guarantee he did that. I don’t need prove, the more I think about him, I know he called the networks anytime anyone said “Pitt” on the air.

I don’t need proof, I know it. Bet it.

Comment by Dan 11.08.13 @ 9:01 am

You can’t protect or enhance a brand you never had. Pittsburgh was/is taken. Pitt is not. Pitt can be a brand.

Pederson is a brand associated with program failure. C’mon upitt, spill da beans.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.08.13 @ 9:35 pm

You boys still reading this one??? Nordy has a agreement that Smug is guaranteed employment for 5 years and the new chancellor has to approve upon being hired. It is in addition to buyout. He locked him up for 5 years and Board is on the same team. I will share my source if we make it to Shreveport but im very close to this person and they are in the know. High up the foodchain source.

Comment by Upittbaseball 11.09.13 @ 11:20 am

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