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October 4, 2013

Briefly On Ezell

Filed under: Football,Police Blotter,Scandal — Chas @ 7:48 pm

Just because, it seems that I should at least say something….

I don’t know.

It’s not like the details from the charges filed based on the complaint make this any clearer. I know what Tyrone Ezell is accused of doing, but there is nothing reported as to what he said happened, other than claiming innocence on the charges.

This is a domestic dispute that will be a he-said/she-said. The police arrived afterwards so they only see the aftermath and the statements taken from the involved parties.

Nothing about this is neat and tidy. I doubt the hearing — if/when it finally happens — will clear this up any more than the allegations in the complaint.

I think Coach Paul Chryst adopted the wait-and-see on this matter for the simple reason that it is too messed-up to draw a clean conclusion. Do you suspend him because he was with his father to confront the person believed to have assaulted his sister, and it all went south? Do you even let him play if he is alleged to have punched a woman in the face in the midst of this?

The only thing that has me truly surprised is that this has been unknown and unreported for over two months.

Well at some schools child rape is never reported. At least this ‘incident’ came out. But I’m surprised it took so long as well. At least Pitt doesn’t operate with a broom and a rug.

Comment by TX Panther 10.04.13 @ 8:04 pm

for now he will play and stay on the team at least
till oct 16.

Comment by FRANKCAN 10.04.13 @ 8:08 pm

Man. Trouble just seems to find some people…. Ezell continues to shine in the wrong light.

Comment by Todd Gack 10.05.13 @ 12:39 am

Off topic, but wide point spreads in today’s games.
Not much to watch. President’s Cup should be interesting. Hope the Panthers are getting healthy and staying out of trouble (back on topic) this weekend.

Let’s Go Bucs!

Comment by gc 10.05.13 @ 8:18 am

I will be very interested in how Clemson reacts to the Carrier Dome. FSU should club MD.

Comment by Frank MD 10.05.13 @ 8:23 am

It’s actaully really important that Clemson and FSU win today. This is the season where the ACC can start to turn around its reputation as the “Almost Competitive Conference” (at least in the eyes of SEC and Big 10 fans). Our out of conference record is pretty good, but Clemson, FSU and Miami need to win they games they are supposed to win in-conference in order for this to happen. Would love to see Clemson get a BCS title shot this year. Or FSU for that matter.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 10.05.13 @ 8:48 am

This one might end up just like the Graham, Street altercation with a Pitt student, that occurred last year. No hard evidence one way or the other, might result with slap on the wrist, maybe some community service, no suspension from the team. That’s my prediction.

Comment by Dr. Tom 10.05.13 @ 8:50 am

PSU getting thumped.

Comment by Frank MD 10.05.13 @ 2:04 pm

Dr. Tom – there was very ‘hard’ evidence in last season’s attack on a student by Street, Graham and Pitts. Devin Street punched the guy in the head. They disputed it at first but acknowledged in a later court date that it happened.

The fact that the student chose not to press charges helped our three players an awful lot but I was still dumbfounded that there was no public ramifications levied on those players at all. I’m convinced, and I hate to say it, that our opponent being ND the next game after the charges came to light had something to do with them skipping off Scot free. IMO a loss of a start or a quarter suspension, something minor but tangible, would have sent a better message.

If you remember all the players were sentenced to community service to allow the charges to be waived.

The whole incident did have somewhat of a silver lining as Devin Street has been very proactive in his leadership responsibilities toward the rest of his teammates. Of course his being a SR and looking at his draft-ability factors in but whatever the reason he’s done very well off the field since then.

Comment by Reed 10.06.13 @ 7:04 am

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