September 3, 2013

That Was Less Than Ideal

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I’m going to skip the self-pity over “same old Pitt.” And the tired stuff about how once more on the big stage at home, Pitt was a mess. Even if I hadn’t decided that when I got up this morning, Ron Cook writing that column clinched it for me.

My ire and disappointment is mostly reserved for the defense. I expected issues on the offense, but the defense was a wreck. From the TV perspective, the coverage was incredibly soft. DBs playing far off the receivers and giving them a cushion that gave Jameis Winston easy throws. During the game, writers up in the press box kept noting that the issue was that the linebackers were not in position.

That does seem to be a large part of it.

The defense, especially the secondary, played very passively tonight. They allowed Seminole receivers to get plenty of separation in the middle of the field, particularly on medium routes. Cornerback K’Waun Williams said after the game that the plan was to play off because Florida State ran a lot of crossing routes, but that puts pressure on the linebackers to pick up in coverage, and that unit struggled with its coverage.

Teams like Duke, Virginia and Syracuse don’t have the same athletic ability as Florida State, so maybe we’ll see a change there with a more aggressive approach. But I thought one of Pitt’s strengths last season (maybe their biggest strength) was Williams and Lafayette Pitts playing physical man-to-man coverage, and we saw very little of that tonight. A few guys talked in training camp about new coordinator Matt House‘s defense being simpler and allowing the players to “play faster,” but tonight it looked like a lot of guys got caught out of position and Florida State took advantage of that.

This was bad game planning with the personnel/experience they had. As athletic as guys like Bam Bradley, Anthony Gonzalez and Todd Thomas are. The first two are not experienced enough to be put in the position to have to make those plays all game. The strength is with the DBs and linebackers were and are a clear weakness, and instead the DBs were told to lay back and let the linebackers do more to contain the pass.

I can get that you do have to gameplan against the tendencies of an offense, but you have to know your own defense. The weak unit on the defense are the linebackers. Everyone knows it. Offenses will try to exploit it, the defensive coaches need to minimize it. I’ve been critical of the hiring of Matt House as DC from the beginning, and reading this does nothing to lessen the criticism. The fact that there was no adjustments at the half, makes it even worse.

That doesn’t excuse the players. There was a lot — a lot of poor tackling. Going against a physically better team, Pitt was trying to hit more than tackle. That’s still a veteran defense and they know better.

“They beat us in a lot of phases,” Pitt coach Paul Chryst said.

Pitt’s defensive failures were discouraging for a team that returned eight starters on that side of the ball. Chryst gave credit to the Seminoles’ athletic playmakers.

“The common denominator was you got some good players making plays,” Chryst said. “We can say we have to tackle better, but yet they ran through some tackles.”

Yes, but it’s easier to run through tackles when they are arm tackles.

That the D-line struggled to get pressure was frustrating but not completely shocking. FSU has an excellent O-line and a mobile quarterback. That the D-line was able to get penetration at times was at least encouraging. And despite how athletic Winston is, he was contained in the pocket most of the game.

Over on the offense. Could have been better. Tom Savage is lucky to have only 2 interceptions in this game. He was what I expected. Big arm and slow reads. I’m not as down on the offense because the struggles there were expected.

Despite the strong start, Savage struggled much of the game, showing some signs of rust from a three-year layoff from competitive college football.

Before Monday night, Savage had not played since his sophomore year at Rutgers in 2010.

For as comfortable as Savage looked on the first drive — when he was 3 of 4 for 51 yards — he never settled down after the first interception.

The Seminoles defense also pressured him relentlessly and finished with three sacks.

Savage wound up with 15 completions in 28 attempts for 201 yards and the lone touchdown. He threw two interceptions.

“I think the first game back, I got a little antsy, stared down some receivers,” Savage said.

A little bit.

Devin Street is out there working harder than any other receiver on this team. Manasseh Garner looked good out ther. Tyler Boyd is — if possible — better than advertised. The biggest criticism being that he wasn’t used enough.

The elite receiving recruit out of Clairton, whose first touch was an electric 18-yard slice through the line on an inside handoff, might have been most capable of providing exactly the jolt to bring one of those chaotic or unpredictable somethings. But incredibly, he’d touch the ball just one more time the rest of the first half.

For a 23-yard gain, no less!

Final tally for Boyd was two catches for 26 yards — one an acrobatic effort near the sideline — and 54 yards on three rushes. But his four second-half touches rang hollow in light of Florida State already having soared ahead by three touchdowns.

This was the wild card Chryst needed to play with his initial hand, and he held it far too long.

I asked the coach if we can expect to see more of Boyd after this: “Yeah, I mean, absolutely. We’re trying to find ways to … he’s a good football player. I was impressed with the way he handled everything.”

Boyd had a similar response to the same question: “Oh, definitely. I think I did everything I could do. I could have made more plays, but I made just enough to do well.”

If you noticed, Boyd was also inserted into kick returns in the second half.

The running game was a mixed bag. It was frustrating to see Pitt attempt to run up the middle with little effect. Especially when it was clear that Pitt had better chances of moving the ball on the ground by getting to the outside. The O-line was able to get more cracks to run through away from the middle.

I was actually surprised to see in the box score that Isaac Bennett (9-35) and James Conner (9-34) had nearly identical numbers. Conner looked like the stronger runner in the game. Malcolm Crockett has already fallen to 4th on the RB depth chart.

On a team that barely has a junior class — only 10 juniors and redshirt sophomores available — no real surprise that lots of freshmen saw action in the game.

The busiest was running back James Conner, who gained 28 yards on his first five carries after missing a week of practice at the end of training camp with a shoulder injury.

Wide receiver Tyler Boyd touched the ball three times in the first half, but he had no receptions. He gained 18 and 20 yards on sweeps during Pitt’s two scoring drives.

Boyd also returned a kickoff 35 yards.

The others: Kicker Chris Blewitt (one extra point and two field goals), tight end Jaymar Parrish, who had an impressive block on Boyd’s second carry, linebacker Matt Galambos, defensive end Shakir Soto, defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett, defensive backs Titus Howard and Terrish Webb, tight end Scott Orndoff and running back Rachid Ibrahim.

11 freshmen in the game. Definitely more than expected, and a couple more are likely to have their redshirt removed at some point. Last year, only two freshmen saw action during the season.

So, if there is a silver lining to the shellacking with all the recruits on hand to witness. They also saw lots of opportunity for early playing time — and that it would be given.

The impact of Tyler Boyd highlights the NEED for this program to not miss on the high-level local prospects. Unlike FSU that fishes in a very deep talent pool, there are truly only a handful of top level kids like Boyd available to Pitt. This is where Chryst really needs to earn his stripes. We CANT miss on the local kids. Just cant do it and expect to bridge the talent gap anytime soon.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 7:32 am

No pass rush and defenders that can’t cover did not account for all of Winston’s success, he is that good. Once the train got rolling down the track we could not stop it. Did not see hear of injuries which is very good.

Savage completed some nice passes against a very good possibly great team. Also made some dumb mistakes, mainly threw late. Timing should improve.

Cook and Smizek are assholes.

Recruiting must get better. Need bigger, faster kids.

Hugh Green and Ricky Jackson in their prime would have helped.

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 7:47 am

FSU is GOOD. If they play as they did last night, they will be playing in a BCS game for sure. Winston is all that was advertised, excited to see him play some more games and show the PITT game was not a fluke.

Their defense looked a lot faster than ours. Offensive line actually played surprisingly well considering our expectations. Savage is lucky to come in and have weapons like Street and Boyd. Street is so consistent and Boyd looks like a bigger Tavon Austin. Kid should be a huge asset and get a ton of PT throughout his career.

Comment by Todd Gack 09.03.13 @ 7:48 am

GC – The reporters reported what 99.9% of American’s witnessed last night and you are mad at reporters?

Blame anybody except the players and coaches who were embarrassed on national tv for how many years in a row?

By the end of the 3rd quarter 1/2 the stadium was gone except the FSU Fans.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 8:08 am

I agree that FSU is good. But let’s wait and see before we put them in the national championship game.
When you take a step back and look at this game and realize that Pitt played 11 true freshmen against FSU and didn’t lose 72-0 – well that’s kind of surprising to me. I know the outcome is frustrating and disappointing – especially after the start as I couldn’t have been more pumped after that first drive. But this team is young and they will improve. They took their lumps against a really really good team. At least they didn’t lose to an FCS team – like a couple programs did this weekend – most of whom were expected to have better years than Pitt and 1 was preseason ranked.
Let’s not overreact after 1 game. Granted the defense looked pretty week against the pass. I thought the LBs would be better this year but I don’t feel good about that unit at all after last night. Surprised Hendricks didn’t show up anywhere last night – he was invisible.

Comment by JJ 09.03.13 @ 8:08 am

Am running on 3 hours sleep this morning. Stayed till almost the bitter end and drove back this morning. It will pay dividends later in the season opening with against a strong and talented team like FSU. I know a lot of us are frustrated right now but hold off on condemning this team. Wait till the end of September and see if we are making improvements. Proud Panther! H2P!

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 09.03.13 @ 8:16 am

Well, we have our Dog(House)! What a terrible D last night. What was with the cushion oour corners gave all night? Even Tino (sorry had to work him in) could have had a good night against that. Either our DBs are horrific or Matt House can’t adjust and call a game. I’d much rather see the DBs up and press and occasionally get beaten than to play 15 yards soft all night…come on.

Comment by Pitt it IS 09.03.13 @ 8:31 am

Bring on Voytik. If you’re going to grow as a unit and over time it is the only sensible thing to do. We all want instant success, I know I do. But let’s face it, this group is a couple of years away from potential greatness.

Comment by Bobby 09.03.13 @ 8:34 am

If Jimbo wasn’t a great guy didn’t know Chryst he could of scored at will. They could of hung 50 on us so it is what it is.

The level that you saw in person is what the Clemson and SEC shows every week. Florida State is good will finish in Top 12 but Clemson would beat them by 14.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 8:34 am

You know what? It’s good to get that game behind us. PITT is not going to play that poorly all season and we’ll get wins also. But, yes, FSU is really that good and that fast just as we all knew they would be.

For all the crap out there – the LBs killed me with their play – there are some things to look forward to. Boyd obviously is one. Conner is going to be a good RB for us and our OL is going to be OK.

Street and Garner are quality kids and our TEs will be good also. That leaves our QB…

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised at Savage’s performance last night at all. It was almost exactly what I expected from him. Any sort of pass rush forces his hand as he’s a slow decision maker and too slow moving to avoid a rush. Hence his not taking a sack and throwing INTs. He hit his dreaded career 53% completion rate almost on the nose.

What did surprise me was Savage’s absolute Sunseri-like performance on the deep throws. I was kind of shocked at how inaccurate he was on them as that is his by far his biggest strength. I think that will come around that though as will his overall play even if just a bit. It was obvious he’s been nervous as hell all week and that lasted all game last night.

Get New Mexico on the field, beat them and start over. That’s how seasons go. There is a lot of football to enjoy left.

Comment by Reed 09.03.13 @ 8:42 am

From an “in person” perspective, it was too.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 09.03.13 @ 8:42 am

Based on what was witnessed last night, the prognosis is not good.

The bad news is Savage will continue to be susceptible to interceptions and sacks.

Worse than that, Chryst’s choice to run the defense Matt House will risk losing the confidence of his players as he continues to prove himself unqualified in comparison to Dave Huxtable now doing his thing at NC State (See the Wolfback’s 40 to 14 win against Louisian Tech).

As to what comes next…

Look for Voytik to get his chance in the next couple of weeks. My concerns with his ability or lack thereof to pass the football suggest this will not be a panacea. However, Chad will get a deserved opptortunity to show whether he is a winner.

As for House, what can be done? Chryst mitht come to realize his mistake and practically if not officially involve John Palermo more and more in governing the defense as the season goes on. Unfortunately, while Palermo might help he too will show himself to be incapable of scheming defenses and motivating players along the lines of what could be expected from a seasoned proven Defensive Coordinator like the boforementioned Hustable.

The good news is Tyler Boyd is really good at running the football… and Blewitt will continue to make it.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.03.13 @ 8:45 am

CHRYST is to blame he hired house he could have had any nummber of good DC but he gave the job to house
are D stinks house sucks.
chryst bigest weakness is that he wont hire a coach
unless he is a friend of his or friend of a friend
he should have hired the best coach out there
and he did not and it might cost him his job in the end.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 8:45 am

Guys – Honest question. What did Connor do or any RB do that excited anyone? The only person I was impressed with running the ball was Boyd.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 8:51 am

@Upitt I thought Connor showed some quickness for his size. But really, didn’t get all that many touches to gain a clear picture of his abilities.

I surprised so many are pleased with the play of the O-Line. From my seat in Sec 111 i thought the Gs played really soft. FSU has a good front, but I dont think I can remember one play where a G got to the second level.

Ultimately, I think last night is a perfect refection of what 3 years of chaos will do to a football program. We saw inferior talent, a lack of execution, and a lot of young players.

A work in progress people, a work in progress.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 9:04 am

House not calling an aggressive game with blitzes and press coverage was a huge disappointment. For a freshman QB playing first game, I would have expected House to provide some crazy looks on D to try to confuse Winston. Included would have been getting our best pass rusher Price roaming around as a stand up rusher from various positions. None of it. if they played aggressive and gave up some big plays, fine. the announcers were pointing it out – “FSU just ran the exact same play three times and pitt corners are still 10 yards deep..”. We even had 10 yard cushions on 3rd and 3! wtf?

Simplifying the defense was not to get the players to play faster, it was done so that an inexperienced coach could have some ramp up time!

Comment by pittfan92 09.03.13 @ 9:05 am

No surprise that PITT lost. D-line extremely over matched. Worse part is PITT has to wait an extra week to play again. Review the film, make corrections & put this game in the rear view mirror ASAP! The strip on helmet looked good. Hail To PITT. Better days ahead this season.

Comment by DC33 09.03.13 @ 9:10 am

We need to get Antholy Gonzalez off the field and play Toddy Thomas. Gonzalez is a converted QUARTERBACK playing linebacker and that is never good. The defense looked confused all night with many of them looking over to the sidelines for the play call up until the ball was snapped, you could tell that they were confused. Hope that we can get that worked out.

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 09.03.13 @ 9:13 am

Can’t disagree with anything said…defensive stunk,,,why they didn’t press the receivers once in a while to keep them honest is baffling…they were giving so much cushion out there that any of us could have completed 25 of 27…

FSU’s offensive line is massive and just manhandled the smaller Pitt D-line

Wish they would have used Conner more…the platooning kept him from getting into any kind of groove

Boyd…a star is born…needs to become a greater part of the offense

Granted, New Mexico is not FSU but lets see if there is improvement between now and then…

Hang on though…think it is going to be a bumpy ride…


Comment by Leaseman 09.03.13 @ 9:13 am

Gloom and doom. That is all alot of people see on this board.

Comment by oklahomeboy 09.03.13 @ 9:13 am

Not surprised by the score because it’s pretty much what I expected. We saw two programs in two very distinct places. FSU was ranked 11th in the country going in for a reason and had generated some buzz as a darkhorse contender as a national title game participant. Pitt was a mediocre team last year that is still building its program under a second-year head coach, and playing an incredibly young lineup. FSU was deeper and better. No real shame in that.

I saw some things that I liked and some things that I really didn’t like. Bud stuff first…

1. The defensive scheme. Not to take anything away from Winston because he played a terrific game, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve ever seen corner and safety play that soft. It looked like House’s entire gameplan for the DBs was reduced to “just don’t let them get behind you, OK?”, and as Chas noted in the thread, it forced the LBs into coverages they aren’t equipped to handle.

I don’t think it’s as much as reflection on the players – Williams, Pitts and Hendricks are good defensive backs. I think it’s a horrible reflection on the coaching. House in particular deserves the criticism he gets for this. It seemed horribly simplistic and as Chas also noted, it demonstrated a lack of familiarity with your entire unit – LBs especially. That’s unacceptable. As DC this year, he HAS to know his entire defense and plan accordingly.

2. Savage. Tools are there and I didn’t feel the old sense of dread that I felt through three years of Tino every time he dropped back. But it was still tough to see him make some of the mistakes we were told in advance that he tended to make. Seemed to have a real problem looking off the safeties. Hopefully that gets better.

3. Pass protection for Savage. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good. Trying to figure out how much of it was “FSU’s defense was good” versus “Pitt was bad” and I’m leaning more towards the former. Let’s see what happens over the next few games. One thing to watch: better passing blocking from RBs that stay in protection.

4. No pass rush by defense. Again, this seemed scheme-related as opposed to a reflection on the players. FSU brought a very veteran offensive line, and that played a role as well. Just didn’t see much of it from Pitt at all. I can understand being worried about playing contain, but even still it seemed horribly passive and it made Winston’s day too easy.

What I liked…

1. Tyler Boyd. Holy hell, is this kid going to be fun to watch. Josh Yohe from the Trib put it best on Twitter last night – Boyd seldom ever lined up at wideout at Clairton. Wait until he gets the hang of this.

2. James Conner. Holy hell, is this kid going to be fun to watch. For a kid that was recruited almost exclusively to play DE at this level, I thought he handled himself well at RB. He looks capable of filling the Shell’s role well.

3. Garner, Holtz and Orndoff. Tough matchup for them last night, but it’s not tough to see what this attack could do against lesser teams. One subtle thing that stuck out to me – for a kid who was playing high school ball at this time last year, Orndoff did a nice job blocking. Speaking of which…

4. Jaymar Parrish. As a former high school fullback, seeing him throw a couple of really solid lead blocks warmed my heart. You will do well here, son.

5. Playing the younger kids. Chryst deserves his fair share of criticism for some things, but I like the fact that he plays kids based on performance and not seniority. 11 or 12 true freshemn seeing the field last night says a lot about the depth on this 2013 roster, but it also says a lot about the potential talent going forward. I loved seeing Conner in there. I loved seeing Parrish at FB. I loved seeing Bam Bradley on defense.

6. Recruiting. I’m hoping that seeing this sort of thing from the younger kids resonated with at least some of the recruits who were there. 2013 may be a tougher year than we’d like it to be for this program, but what happens in 2013 is relatively insignificant for these recruits. It’s not tough to see that this could get significantly better in 2014 and beyond.

Comment by Stoosh 09.03.13 @ 9:17 am


I think Conner will combine with Bennett to wear lesser teams down. For a kid that was playing high school football at this time last year, I thought he looked pretty good. Hit the line with good speed and little hesitation, which is what I want out of my backs in a system like this, especially when my back is 6’2″, 230.

I want to watch him over the next few games because camp reports suggest he’s decent out of the backfield as well. May have more opportunities to do things against New Mexico, Duke and Virginia.

Comment by Stoosh 09.03.13 @ 9:22 am

Stoosh – As a recruit I would of been thinking no wonder many folks jumped out of this program. Last night was embarrassing simply put. Do you think these kids would sit at the other top schools? No they will play wherever they go.

The reason our defense was ranked so high last year people is because we played only one good team. Don’t tell me Notre Dame is good. They were beaten like 3rd graders against real talent. Not the Big 10 losers. We were ranked high on Defense b/c we played Youngstown State (I know we lost) and Gardner Webb. Not to mention the terrible teams from Big Least. We played one good team last year and that was Louisville.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 9:28 am

Should not go unmentioned…

As some predicted… James Connor is already a BETTER COLLEGE runningback than Rushell Shell with a bigger upside.

Going forward, expect to see Connor being the starter and getting the majority of the carries over Bennett and the others.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.03.13 @ 9:35 am

The single most improvement for a football team comes between the first and second games.

I think FSU is a candidate for the best team in football and we were going to lose no matter what we did. Having said that, I agree with Smizek (for only the second time since we agreed on the rehire of Danny Murtaugh in 71)that if you are going to lose, don’t do it passively. Go for it, press the FSU recievers (you cannot get beat any worse) play Boyd every down, even on defense (kidding)..I’ll bet he could have covered Greene!

Still like Chryst and think that Savage will be fine at QB, like the offense, like the talent on defense if they are put in a position to win, but think anything more than 3 wins is a stretch for this team.

Last but not least, can we just not get “embarassed” again on the national stage!

Loved SP getting roundly booed at halftime.

Hail to Pitt…

Comment by Dan 72 09.03.13 @ 9:40 am

I disagree that FSU is that good. We gave them game that was nothing more than a pitch and catch. Any decent team would have sacred at will against that atrocious defense. FSU will lose a few games mark my word. I’ve never seen a defense lost liked we looked last night. Simply unacceptable in a big game like this…

Comment by DJS 09.03.13 @ 9:40 am

The single most improvement for a football team comes between the first and second games.

I think FSU is a candidate for the best team in football and we were going to lose no matter what we did. Having said that, I agree with Smizek (for only the second time since we agreed on the rehire of Danny Murtaugh in 71)that if you are going to lose, don’t do it passively. Go for it, press the FSU recievers (you cannot get beat any worse) play Boyd every down, even on defense (kidding)..I’ll bet he could have covered Greene!

Still like Chryst and think that Savage will be fine at QB, like the offense, like the talent on defense if they are put in a position to win, but think anything more than 3 wins is a stretch for this team.

Last but not least, can we just not get “embarassed” again on the national stage!

Loved SP getting roundly booed at halftime.

Hail to Pitt…and one more time for Beano Cook’s sake “Same old Pitt”!!

Comment by Dan 72 09.03.13 @ 9:40 am

DJS – Clemson would beat them by 14. LSU and Alabama by 25

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 9:43 am

We were beat by a better team and a hot QB. Defensive schemes will change with new opponents. Here are some things to be excited about;
Our QB has an arm, he even overthrew a long ball.
We have playmakers in the offensive skill positions.
Our young offensive line held their own in their first game together.
The defense was physical up front.
HC PC seems to have the sideline under control.

I look for 7 wins this season with a solid team by the end.

Comment by end of an era 09.03.13 @ 9:46 am

FSU plays Clemson 10/19 in South Carolina. Let’s see what happens. It should be a fun game to watch comparing Tajh Boyd and Jameis Winston.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 9:47 am

You guys thinking Connor is Tony Dorset have me confused. Maybe I missed a few plays but I saw nothing to remotely get overly excited about. To say he is better than Shell is a little premature and I didn’t like Shell.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 9:52 am

dont be mad at ron cook he just listed the facts
pitt stunk the place out on D

if more writers would tell the truth on how bad pitt
has become insted of thinking of a free lunch at pitt

the school might have to put some money into the football and make things better

more writers need to hold pitt AD and outhers feet
to the fire then maybe things will change.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 9:59 am

How far we have fallen. Now it’s okay to only get beat by 25 when it could have been 50 because we are improving or wait till next game or Chryst has the sideline under control? We have been beaten over the head with the mediocrity hammer and now we are starting accepting it with a smile. Sick to my stomach.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 10:00 am

Overrating FSU like people overrated YSU last year after that dreadful loss. It’s just excuse making. After the YSU game you would have thought Pitt was playing the best FCS team ever. But they ended up being 7-4.

I’m glad some people are finally realizing that’s yen a recruiting class filled with 2 and 3 stars from the North isn’t going to cut it in the ACC.

You can’t give credit to Chryst for playing the young guys when he chooses to play 23 year old Savage for the entire game at QB.

Comment by Wardapalooza 09.03.13 @ 10:07 am

Connor runs too upright – which will get him killed at some point this season.

We have no running backs worthy of a division 1 scholarship and it will be the downfall of the program this year.

Comment by John Ramella 09.03.13 @ 10:09 am

stop with the kool aid house is no DC we will be lucky to win 2 games this year
you all used to yell becuse dave was a bad game day coach well house is no game day coach he made no changes at all and so stop with the koolaid.
and it is all on chryst he hired him to be the DC
there were better DC out there but we cant hire the best becuse he is not a friend of a friend or from wisconsin what bull .

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 10:11 am

Anywhere else that actually cares about athletics and Pederson would be fired!

The best part is the few kids that are good from up north are also being recruited by FSU! You think hearing the FSU chant in the 3 rd quarter made them think man I want to be at Pitt. I feel bad for Boyd. Chryst is clueless and is 6-8 as a HC and most teams he beat were terrible.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 10:18 am

Spot on Frankcan.

Upittbaseball, he’s 6-8 with 5 embarrassing losses. Good point about recruiting. Shai already moved Pitt down. It’s not getting better.

Comment by Wardapalooza 09.03.13 @ 10:22 am

Great comments by Stoosh, as always.

I agree with Chas, as well. The defense is talented and experienced enough to tackle, but they didn’t. At the same time, the DC did not put them in position to make stops. Not nearly enough pressure on the QB. Not nearly enough contact with WRs at the line. O’Leary somehow wide open every play. No aggression in play calling. House had a rough start and it is difficult to envision him redeeming himself to the people who typically comment here.

I think the offense will be fine as it develops. Lots of credit to Street who played really hard.

Pitt will compete with most teams in the ACC, I think– just not the likes of FSU this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the time off.

Comment by A 09.03.13 @ 10:24 am

Mr. Al Morgan was the groundskeeper, maintenance guy at TJ when I graduated in 83′. He also lined the fields. He was about 75 years old. I assumed after 30 years he had passed away.

However, after seeing the Pitt logo on the center of Heinz Field, I realize Mr. Morgan is still alive. Hope you’re doing well!!!

What to do, what to do about the ACC logos at the 20 yard lines. Should we have blue with a gold outline, or gold with a blue outline for our ACC logo.

Wait, I know, don’t even bother putting any ACC logos on the field. Genius!!!!

The game?? What’s to say about that.

Thank you’s I guess to Coach Fischer (sp), thanks for not putting 70 on us.

I do feel bad for Coach Fischer. Think of all the crap he has to go through today, over 30 recruits high school resumses and game films that were slid under the visiting teams locker room last night.

I spilled my pitcher of kool-aid last night and I don’t have any more packets left.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 10:31 am

Did you catch the announcers comments on how many players FSU has drafted annually? It’s in the double digits. They are either one of the top 4 or 5 teams in the country or Alabama came in and put on FSU uniforms. This doesn’t excuse things that could have been done differently by both the coaches and the players, e.g. when you hit someone in an attempted tackle and he doesn’t go down, wrap up and hang on. Pitt will improve significantly. There isn’t a team on the schedule that is even remotely as strong and talented as FSU. However there aren’t many (if any)really weak teams on the schedule either. We are likely to win some that are surprises and lose some that are surprises too. It’s all part of a young team’s development. The young players will get better and I have a feeling that Savage is going to have some very good games before this season is over. HTP!

Comment by OPFIM 09.03.13 @ 10:34 am

Don’t tell me I’m doom and gloom either. I’ve been drinking kool-aid for years, every year it’s the same friggin thing.

Also, I drank some kool-aid about recruiting.
Hoping it well get better and better.

**The star system is arbitrary, and you can not always go by the star system, I know that. However, the notion that you can “coach” up a bunch of 2’s and 3’s to play against a bunch of 4’s and 5’s is absolutely ridiculous.

“oh, give me 2’s and 3’s with heart”.

Ya, go ahead and take that team, I’ll take a team with 4’s and 5’s and I’ll kick your ass all the way to the woodshed, then I’ll kick it again.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 10:35 am

Ron Cook may very well be an arsehole.

I got a nickle for anyone that can show me that he said anything in his article that was not true.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 10:38 am

I’d fire House today. Give him severance.

Next, I’d sit down Savage and tell him I will help him get some looks in Free Agency next year but I’d play the FUTURE or at least our best shot at a future. You can’t start every f ing year with a new QB. Be smart Paul!

Dan I saw the field it looked like 5 5th graders were giving a bucket of paint. Might as well put the ACC banner on the river bank. Who makes these F ing decisions. Oh wait nevermind.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 10:39 am

Dan – I just spit out my coffee.

“oh, give me 2?s and 3?s with heart”.

Ya, go ahead and take that team, I’ll take a team with 4?s and 5?s and I’ll kick your ass all the way to the woodshed, then I’ll kick it again.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 10:40 am

Did anyone else notice that when Van Wilder Jr. went out of the game, the announcers started talking about how he had rehabilitated himself from “several run ins with the law”. Pitt is not going to tolerate those kind of players at this point (and maybe never).

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 09.03.13 @ 10:41 am

At least we can all agree that Tino should go eff himself.

Comment by PittMW 09.03.13 @ 10:46 am

Pittstadium – You know who brings up that kind of stuff. Teams that get their asses kicked. Don’t go there please. We lost because we are inferior and our coaches are inferior. This isn’t about thugs and being above the law, etc.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 10:48 am


Some of those recruits – particularly the elite ones – certainly will think along the lines that you mentioned. They won’t want to be a part of what’s happening at Pitt and I can’t say I entirely blame them. Elite kids are being courted by programs that can promise immediate national title shots and gameday atmospheres that come with being the biggest team in town, in most cases. Pitt can’t deliver those things at this point.

If you’re going to acknowledge that, though, you also have to acknowledge the other side of it.

The fact is that there are and there will continue to be recruits – elite ones – who recognize this program for what it is. There are kids who will see a program attempting to forge itself into a contender in a power conference over the next two, three or four years, and they’ll realize they can be a big part of that. There are some who will WANT to be a big part of that. This is the best thing Pitt can sell to these kids right now. Not every elite kid necessarily wants to go to Alabama or Florida or “name iconic program here”; some want to forge their own way or make their name at another program.

There’s proof of it on this roster. Tyler Boyd, JP Holtz, Scott Orndoff, Dorian Johnson. Boyd had ACC, Pac12 and SEC offers. Holtz and Orndoff had offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin. Johnson had offers from Ole Miss, Ohio State, VT, Nebraska. These kids were all national-caliber recruits at their respective positions. They’re all here.

Pitt can get these kids, but they have their work cut out for them and as I said, what’s going on here as compared to more relevant programs isn’t going to be for everyone. Given their current spot on the national landscape, it would be premature to expect Pitt to win all of these battles.

Pitt’s best chance is to identify those recruits – particularly the elite-level recruits – with whom that does resonate. Identify those kids that responded favorably to some of what they saw last night, saw what could eventually be and build on those kids.

I’d also like to see them supplement that by zeroing in on areas that produce the speed and athleticism they’ll need to run with some of these ACC teams. I’d like to see greater focus on the southeast and the coastal regions (Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas). Look at these kids who may have been under-recruited or find kids who are periphery targers of SEC schools. Not saying anything new here. There are good players who will be receptive to playing time here, as opposed to being scout team fodder elsewhere.

Comment by Stoosh 09.03.13 @ 10:54 am

Ron Cook loves to bash Pitt, he had to mention all the bad losses over the last 10 years. No need to talk about ND or Cinci. Ancient history as relevant as Tony D and Hugh Greene were to this game. This is the guy that defends Paterno, not sure if he knew he had a pedophile with keys to the locker room.

Did anyone really think we would win?

How many Pitt players would start for FSU? Maybe Donald, anyone else? Not even close. How many would make the two deep?

Pitts could not cover #80, period, no matter what scheme was played. Do you think Anyone of our players could hold #1 on the line. That’s a joke, he was bigger, faster and more agile than anyone we have. No one could cover #35, Gonzalez got his jock handed to him every time.

I don’t know if House can coach, but Foge Fazio wouldn’t have done any better yesterday.

It is going to take Chryst at least three years to turn it around, if he can. Turning on him already is not going to help.

UPitt, Pitt fans are hurting over the loss, seems to me you are enjoying yourself way too much. Were you doing the Tomahawk Chop last night?

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 10:55 am

Stoosh – I agree. Those kids are all local and that helps. I think the kids gravitate to Russell Shell’s and what happened there and many see that as wow wha’ts going on at Pitt. We need to get the 2 and 3 stars from South Florida to supplement the Boyds of the world. I’m with you..

GC – LOL – I was on my couch..I’m just sick of us being terrible. Nationally and where I work people think we are garabage b/c of the coaching fiasco and that we shit the bed every national game. Just sick of it man.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 11:01 am

Graham was a sleeze ball but he would be winning here if he had his guys playing his system. He’s got AZ St. ranked like 26th.

His system would work in the ACC. Just my 2 cents. The Big 10 system doesn’t work.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 11:05 am

Don’t look now, but next year is Chryst’s 3rd year.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 11:06 am

Quit being reasonable Stoosh. Don’t you know that you are supposed go off the deep end today????

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 11:08 am

after the game shai McKenzie did tweet that Tyler Boyd had a good impression and “they are missing one dimension” talking about PITT…so that seemed positive

Comment by rhyno527 09.03.13 @ 11:11 am

And I’ve had Chryst’s back, and I guess I still do to a point. I’ve always said, every coach gets a few years to prove himself. Well, time moves quickly, a few years will already be upon us.

Next year, it will be another new quarterback to start again, blah, blah, blah, blah.

No, I didn’t expect us to win. I also didn’t think a deer in the headlights would have a better idea of what to do, than our defense did all night.

Winston’s good, maybe great, maybe he’ll go pro in two years.

Taking nothing away from him, when you are throwing to receivers cutting across the middle with no one within 10 yards of them in any direction, I mean, c’mon.

Pitch and catch with the nephews on the street.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 11:13 am

Being at the game, that Famous Jameis is accurate but I don’t belive PITT made any defense adjustments. Boyd couldplay for any program in the country so I’m glad he choose us. I going to stay positive and see what we do against talent closer to ours.

Comment by Pittastic 09.03.13 @ 11:13 am

ECH – You are right to an extent but I’m not going to find myself being 45 years old saying…Stay positive were close let’s wait till next year. I for one and glad the writers spoke the truth. To get the results Paul is getting we could easily pay someone 1M.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 11:16 am

Very true. We aren’t paying Chryst or our AD ridiculous money for mediocre results on the field and three star recruits. Chryst however is on a longer leash than Stevie. Stevie’s leash is cut after Nordy retires hopefully. Cut so that he can go back home to shuck corn. Probably the only thing he is good at.

Comment by TX Panther 09.03.13 @ 11:21 am

@Upitt As for Smizik and Cook, I am hard pressed to think of any other major college football athletic program that gets constantly grilled the way Pitt does by the Post Gazette. It’s uncanny how any mention of anything positive seems to elude these guys. Not to mention the constant drumbeat of caustic doom from those two clowns just feeds into the bomb-throwing portion of the fan base. It’s one thing to make commentary in fact. It’s another thing to to have a distinct agenda…even if it’s just their “shtick”.

I don’t think anyone can comfortably say we are “close”. Again, this program has been in complete chaos for three years. By evidence of 11 freshman playing last night, I’d say that Chryst is trying to build some sort of consistency for the future. Either you buck up for the long haul, or go buy some Alabama swag and “Roll Tide”.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 11:27 am

ECH you are makeing a joke right there is no silver
lineing we suck on D house sucks.
next year is nummber 3 for chryst how many should he get if we keep playing like this 10 stop with the koolaid
if more writers and fans would bitch more maybe
things would change for the better.
but you koolaid drinkers dont help to make things change.

to many of you every year say it will be all right
give them more time the AD has you all were he wants you bitch more and people would start to listen your way nothing gets better.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 11:30 am

@FRANK Who said anything about a silver lining? We ate a giant shit sandwich last night. But after three years of the mess that has been Pitt football, you guys need to temper your expectations.

Think about it…a long tenure of Wanny ball highlighted by frustrating loss after frustrating loss, the fiasco that was the Wanny-Haywood-Graham-Chryst merry-go-round, a gazillion arrests, wildly different schemes and therefore a mess of talent on the roster. My God, this is a 5 year project at minimum.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 11:35 am

My only concern with PC’s decision at QB are that he maybe wasting time with a one and done QB. Why not roll with Voytik from last year and get him the experience he needs. If he doesn’t play this year your going with a first time starter again next which is what you have with Savage right now and Tino mentallity every year he started.

Comment by Pittastic 09.03.13 @ 11:39 am

@ FRANK As for your “if more writers and fans would bitch more maybe things would change for the better” statement…what planet have you been living on the past 20 years? Sweet Jesus, that’s all you ever hear is bitching and moaning. I swear, the Pitt fan base is it’s own worse enemy. Most of the fan base just perpetuates the small time attitude and stereotypes it bitches about.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 11:40 am

@Pittastic Since Chryst had no problem playing 11 Freshmen last night, one can only assume that he thinks Savage gives the team the best chance to win. I’d say that speaks volumes about Voytik more than Chryst.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 11:43 am

Thought the fan base was fantastic. Practically filled Heinz field. Didn’t leave with a downpour and lightning. Filled it up.

People been talking at the office for the last two or three weeks getting pumped up for the game.

I mean, nevermind.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 11:47 am

Chryst is in his second year but this his first recruiting class and he played 11 freshmen. That should tell you where we stand. The cupboard was close to bare when he got here.

No one answered my question about how many of our guys would start for FSU? We have lost two full years of recruits and our senior class is not deep, but you guys want Chryst to turn the program around yesterday.

To play in the top ten, you need ten players of Boyd’s caliber every year. You also need Juniors and Seniors on the lines. It will take time.

Firing Pedersen would make us feel better but it would have no impact on the current state of affairs. Firing Chryst would set us back at least another 4 years.

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 11:49 am

Frankcan == If you don’t see improvement & a 3-1 record by the end of September storm the Cathedral.

Comment by DC33 09.03.13 @ 11:50 am

This may sound crazy but I am far less concerned about the offense than I am the defense. House is a disaster at DC and has zero business being in that position. There wasn’t one adjustment made the ENTIRE game! The offense will be fine I think. Another issue I see is we aren’t bringing in any quality defensive players. I hope we get some because that D needs it!

Comment by Shawn 09.03.13 @ 11:52 am

@ Gc not one of our players would start for FSU.

Comment by Shawn 09.03.13 @ 11:54 am

@ECH You may be right but if he’s buiding for the future it seems he’s setting himself up for failure again next year with a first year starter. PC probably feels he has time on his side, another 3 years or so. Like I mentioned before, we played FSU which no doubt has better talent. I would say PITT should be beat everyone else on the schedule except ND and Miami. Trying to be positive.

Comment by Pittastic 09.03.13 @ 11:54 am

@Pittastic Let me frame it this way: I don’t think ANY coach feels they have time on their side. They can be canned in a heartbeat, and they all know it. If Chryst evaluates the situation and Savage gives his team the best opportunity to compete, than that’s the deal. Would he be setting his team up for additional failure feeding a less capable Voytik to the dogs after FSU had pinned their ears back?

I would be shocked if we don’t see Voytik get some significant snaps this year. But it wasn’t going to be last night (barring injury). And it probably wont be for several weeks, except in mop-up duty. (if we are fortunate enough to have mop up time available)

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:00 pm

Thank you Shawn

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 12:01 pm

I’ll still be at the New Mexico game, as I’m sure a lot of you guys will be, along with the other 15K to 20K die hards.

The casual fans, that don’t have ties to Pitt in some way, or have been a Pitt fan since childhood, eh, not so much. They want a winner, or at least a great game even if we lose in the end.

We don’t have a massive alumni like Texas or PSU, Pitt has to count on the casual sports fan in Pittsburgh and W.Pa.

Just because we live and breathe with Pitt athletics, doesn’t mean these people do. Can’t be mad at them. They’ve got lots of things to do, if Pitt’s winning, “hey, let’s go to the ball game Saturday”. If not, not even in their mindset.

They don’t understand “it takes time”, nor do they have too. They’re not that tied into it. They like a winner, and that’s their deal.

So, after last night, I would imagine I will be getting acquainted with 35K of my closet yellow friends again in a couple weeks.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 12:03 pm

Two things to mention about the defense.

First, this whole “we need to tackle better.” Please. What is the difference between an arm tackle and a real tackle? One step. Our defense was missing tackles because most players were either a step out of position or just a step slower. You cannot do anything but arm tackle when the closest you can get yourself to the ballcarrier is 2 feet away. So unless we get faster or the opposition gets slower, we will continue to see a lot of arm/missed tackles.

Second, did we look small or what? For all that we apparently have added size, we still look very small. Our linebackers especially looked like boys amoung men.

Comment by DD 09.03.13 @ 12:04 pm

Don’t worry, Stevie boy will have them announce it at 53,451.

Just pretend.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 12:05 pm

You go with the guy that gives you the best chance to win now, not next year. There is no next year for the seniors.

However, if Savage does not correct his mistakes, we will see Voytik sooner rather than later.

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 12:05 pm

Dan, sad but true on both counts.

Even yesterday, minus the students and the FSU loyalists. 30,000 Pitt fans tops.

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 12:10 pm

So House sucks and Chryst hired him so that means Paul’s judge of coaching talent……………………….is a bit off.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:11 pm

Firing the AD would change the culture and Pitt’s overall athletic mission immediately. But the new Chancellor will end up making that decision. And given that Pitt continues to lay turd after turd on the national stage, look no further than the one constant in all this. And it’s not our coaches that’s for sure. However, I still can’t stomach the shit sandwiches Pitt serves up. Maybe they would taste better with some fries and slaw.

Comment by TX Panther 09.03.13 @ 12:11 pm

We can’t even put the ACC Logo where the other 100% of the ACC puts it.

As a side note, FSU played like 6 true freshman and 1-2 RS Freshman.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:12 pm

Oh, and 1/3 of the students gone by halftime. Early classes.

Comment by gc 09.03.13 @ 12:13 pm

I was going to say 40,000, but I won’t quibble with you gc.

But that’s the reality. the Pitt fanbase is 30-40,000 strong. Period.

Why people get up in arms because the stadium isn’t over-flowing is silly.

Now, as stated above…win some games and the stadium will fill up. Have PROLONGED success and that 30-40,000 slowly grows.

When you have a small student body, this is what you get.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:14 pm

TX Panther – Let’s go watch Allen play this week or next. They get 17k fans at wait for it……….A high school game!

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:14 pm

in a way you are right chryst should get 2 more years but if we are no better at the end of next year.
the AD must demand that he make changes on his coaching staff he must demand that he hire the best asst out there and stop with the wisconsin coachs that he is frends with.

he must hire the best coachs even if he does not know them .
and if he wont let him walk.

i dont think people bitch enough or make enough noise i think that is becuse not enough people really care like we do if they did things would change.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 12:15 pm

@TX What happens when the next AD is more like Oval Jaynes and less like Tom Jurich?

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:16 pm

@FRANK Good Lord, the LAST thing I want is Steve Pederson telling Chryst who to hire on his staff. I wouldn’t trust his ability to screen personnel talent as far as I could throw it.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:18 pm

ABP – Anybody But Pederson

I’d take a homeless guy off Forbes. With a hot meal, shower and haircut he would already be more qualified than Pederson.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:18 pm

@Upitt That’s dumb.

Funny, but dumb. And that’s the point when it comes to the bomb throwing mentality of the fan base. You rail against Pitt not being serious about athletics and yet you try to thinly veil comparing Allen Texas high school football and a guy off the street as an AD.

How serious are you really about Pitt athletics?

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:21 pm

Am I correct in recalling that we have a top 25 pro-style QB recruit (Bertke) coming in next year? Will he redshirt or is it possible HCPC is thinking of going with a true Freshman QB considering what he has coming back in Voytik/Anderson?

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 12:22 pm

i will say this if we lose 2 of the next 3 he should
go with voytik it is the way to go.
so he is not a new QB next year who wants to go with a new QB every year let him play if we are out of it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 12:22 pm

ECH I DID NOT SAy for peterson to hire them i said he need to tell chtyst to hire the best coachs that are out there and drop the asst that are there now like house.
no more friends of friends or wisconsin coachs just hire the best at there jobs who ever they are.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 12:29 pm

@frank Agreed. My fear is that financial constraints are the majority of the problem when hiring assistant coaches.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:35 pm

At this point, Oval is looking better than Stevie each day.

Comment by TX Panther 09.03.13 @ 12:35 pm

Isn’t it the AD’s job to help remove those financial constraints so Pitt doesn’t hire another inexperienced coach because he was cheap? I’m talking House.

Comment by TX Panther 09.03.13 @ 12:37 pm

ECH – I’m not being funny. That’s how bad Peterson is. Keep sending him your funny I’m not. Allen Tx does get 17k a game. There have been less at Pitt games. Pederson will say attendence was 30k but I see ghost fans. That’s how sad we are.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:37 pm


Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:38 pm

ECH – How serious are you if you keep making excuses for our AD, Coach and Players and accepting mediocrity?

Pitt Dad – Berkte played in Ohio in the lowest classification!!!!!!!!! What will the Southern Defenses do to this kid who grew up throwing in a pasture.

link to

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:41 pm

More of the same….Look at who recruited this kid? Nobody except MAC rejects.

Get a Jameis! Go Sell yourself Paul, whether you like it or not your personality sells to no one.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:43 pm

@TX You are high. Do you want to line up Oval Jaynes’ and Steve Pederson’s hirings/firings, fundraising and facility advancement? Lol

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:45 pm

What has Pederson built? The Peterson’s gave a shit ton of money. Pete is nice. What else is? The Baseball, Softball and Soccer complex is a joke for the ACC. Why? B/C they went cheap again. Pederson is terrible.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:46 pm

I forgot the almighty Pederson picked up the phone after UCONN wasn’t allowed in the ACC. Man he is employee of the year.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 12:47 pm

Like I’ve been saying no one ever said there was a financial constraint with the DC hire. It Pitt was being cheap and Chryst didn’t get his top guy, then I’m sure it would have leaked out. If you remember, that coaching website that tracks interviews never had any listed for the Pitt DC job. How can you know how much it will take to hire the guy without even talking to the guy?

Comment by Wardapalooza 09.03.13 @ 12:52 pm

Agreed to many points.

I don’t think it’s anything to be mad or sad about, or embarrassed.

It’s what we are, you can’t even argue about it.
You can’t be mad or embarrassed by the size of our alumni.

I hate this cliche, but it is what it is. It’s a finite number.

For sell outs or over 50K-55K, we need ND, PSU, WVU or a top ten team coming in.


Pitt being a top 20 or top 10 team itself. That’s when you get the casual fan to come down to the games.

I begrudge those type of fans nothing. I’ve done it myself with the Pirates. I had only faintly followed them the past 5 years. Just got to the point that it wasn’t even fun talking badly about them.

Past couple months, watched almost every ball game.

If that’s a bandwagon jumper, fine, I’m good with being called that. I can’t follow 5 sports teams (Steelers, Pens, Pirates, Pitt FB, Pitt BB) %100 of the time. Who can???

Well, that’s what we count on at Pitt to fill up the other 25K to 30K seats. Some other teams fans and locals who want to see a win or a big game.

Will winning consistently solve everything. No, we’re never gonna get 100,000K fans to a game.

Reality says, even winning, hard to get to 60K-65K for games other than mentioned above.

But, if you’re a top 15, top 20 team, dare I say in the top 10, then you actually get 45K-50K for Virginia and UNC and NC ST. etc. etc.

That may not sound so great, but Heinz looks a lot better with 45K-50K actual bodies, than it does with 23K.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 12:55 pm

@TX yes, I agree that the lack of money available for coaches is on Pederson and Nordenberg.

@Upitt I’m not offering excuses. I’m offering realistic context. You can choose to ignore the reality if it helps your standup career.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 12:58 pm

Actually, one of the things I mentioned is embarrassing.

Maybe other places do it too, I don’t know.

But announcing the number of tickets sold, as the attendance of warm bodies actually being at the game is ridiculous.

Saving face?? Whose face?? Everyone in the stadium knows it’s a farce. It’s like an inside joke, it’s a punchline. Stop doing that.

It actually eggs people on to keep talking about it and laughing about it.

Attendance: The number of people attending an event. Announce the ATTENDANCE.

Or, make the pa address as, “the number of tickets sold”.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 12:59 pm

Pitt’s got talent on D — Bradley and a few others look like gamers to me but they clearly had a bad scheme…not that impressed by Winston really…had all day to throw and has a shaky looking release and his ball wobbles. Ugly start but like last year, I think our D will get better through the season…pissed but not overly worried.

Comment by Matt N. 09.03.13 @ 1:01 pm

ECH and Dan – LOL. Good Stuff.

Dan could do a stand up piece on Pedy’s attendance #’s

Oh well…What’s Emel say Oy Vey?

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:03 pm

this is true if you are chryst all you have to do is let the story leak out that pitt is going cheap
with the asst hires and there would be a cry cheap cheap and pressure would be brought to bare.
and he would get his money.
so i dont think it was money it was chryst and his hang up of not wanting a coach who he did not know
or a frend did not know or the fact he was not from wisconsin.
you should allways try to hire the best and he does not do that and that may be his down fall in the end

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 1:05 pm

@UPittbaseball – I was just going by his rankings (something that seems important to people on this site) – link to

I’d rather have the kid from Central Catholic who is going to FSU. Maybe he will reconsider after last night.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 1:06 pm

Matt – LOL. Impressed with anyone on our defense is a head scratcher.

You are right about Jameis….He is overated for a RS Freshman. I mean he had one incompletition. His ball is ugly your right. I favor Tino and Savage..They throw a beautiful ball usually to the other team in fact. LOL you can’t be serious. The kid is a Stud. Our defense made him look better but for a 19 year old he is badass.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:06 pm

Dan – Gotcha – I am happy with the kid from Fort Lauderdale. He plays against the speed and plays big boy football.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:08 pm

If you look at the recruits Chryst is getting for 2014, the argument about stars aside, you’ll see that aside from the Linemen he is recruiting speed. That is what killed us yesterday, FSU was faster in the open and quicker on the inside. Hell, their OL was quicker than our DL. Every one of us knew that when we accepted the ACC invite we were going to get faster opponents right away, especially at the ‘skill positions’.

The reason I like Conner is that he did some of what I saw him do in practices and scrimmages. He’s a big, strong kid who is much faster and quicker (see above) then you would think. We’ll see a lot more of those nine yard runs we saw in the 1st quarter last night as the season goes on. I also like Bennett and think they will both get carries but agree that Conner will probably take over the RB1 role in the future. Wouldn’t have said that going into camp but now I will.

Everyone wants the backup QB and it started 25 minutes into our opening game. At least the fans surrounding me stated that case rather loudly. I tried talking with one guy about Voytik’s progress and he was so frustrated and angry I though we we were going to start mixing it up. But what I’ve learned about college football since I have settled down and really started following it is that nothing is as it seems on the surface.

The same PITT fans who are calling for Voytik to start on the sole basis of his youth will not stop complaining about PITT’s losses if that is what the switch does – regardless of what benefit it may bring at the position in 2014. I get that Voytik is young, believe me I’ve watched him in practices and scrimmages and have said on here that he is truly at a rsFR’s pace.

Personally, I think we’ll see a lot more INTs down the road than Savage had last night if we throw Voytik in there now. I won’t hesitate to say that even though they whooped our ass 100%, had not those two INTs in our territory in the first half been thrown, both of which were in PITT territory and directly led to FSU TDs, then we are possibly at 14-10 at the half, maybe 21-10 … but still a whole different story. Wishful thinking I know but it does point out the importance of holding onto the possession of the ball.

Not drinking the “kool aid” but I’m not about to throw in the towel on this season’s team based on a loss to a Top Ten team. We have 10 more games to go.

Comment by Reed 09.03.13 @ 1:15 pm

@UPittbaseball – if you are going to talk about Famous Jameis, at least get it right. He won’t be 19 until December 30th. (Great tax planning on his parents’ part.)

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 1:16 pm

We knew (and so did everyone else including, I’m assuming, HCPC) that Savage was an interception machine before he even got out of Rutgers. I think I posted that the other day. So, if HCPC is playing him, imagine how unimpressive the other QBs are.

The next guy always looks better. He hasn’t screwed up in a game yet.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 1:18 pm

Reed – I love you man but North speed isn’t South speed. We need some recruiters to live in Florida/Georgia/SC.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:24 pm

Reed what i said was if we lose 2 of the next 3 then put voytik in if we are out of the race why
not get next years QB ready not saying he is better but what is gained bye staying with savage
if we out of it and heading for a 5 win season.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 1:24 pm

Oh, my whole diatribe, actually that’s to forceful of a word, my ramblings did have a point.

And certainly overstating the obvious.

Wow, they had a big oppurtunity last night. Huge.

Didn’t even have to win. How about 41-27, 35-17, 49-35??? Anything like that at all.

Actually not even the score. As someone asked before, no, I didn’t expect us to win.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be “toyed” with like that though.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 1:25 pm

Dan – The problem though is to light a fire sometimes you have to pull a guy so he gets his head out of his ass.

Savage made 2 stupid plays. Actually 3 stupid plays one DB dropped a wide open INT.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:25 pm

I went. I watched. I suffered.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 09.03.13 @ 1:36 pm

Positive – Blewitt looked great. You guys were right about him. Hope he can have confidence going into the Fall up there with open end zone.

Did our helmet color change? It looked more mustard/baby poop colored to me?

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:37 pm

Positives, ya, there were a few now that i’ve vented.

Tyler Boyd. Special player.
The crowd. Thought it was electric. (for ahwile).
Think the running game can get better and will.
Savage can fire the ball. His reads and mobility???

And one for fun. As a guy who campaigns for Pitt script, after seeing all of the bozo uniforms the past couple years, I guess I should be thankful that Pitt at least still has a recognizable “college” uniform without some crazy scheme.

I could do without the blue pants, but the gold helmet with Pitt script and the blue jersey look good. Along with the traditional stripes on the pants.

So, I guess if Stevies not gonna go backward, at least he hasn’t gone over the top forward and made our uniforms look like some futuristic nightmare.

p.s. It was a pleasure to watch Georgia and Clemson, two top teams, with traditional uniforms on.

Ya, it’s ticky-tacky and I’m nuts, but I can’t stand watching games where you can’t even tell who the teams are. Most teams were the same for 40 years (modern adjustments and equipment adjustments certainly made), but you always knew who was playing. It’s not an age thing either, it’s a tradition thing.

Funny, how most of the top 30 or so teams (sans Oregon and maybe another), don’t need to go to a gimmick uniform.

I wonder how much in sales they actually make. Is it really worthwhile to sell your soul?? Also, not talking about a “one time” unif, talking about teams doing a wholesale change.

Like Maryland. Ok, when those pieces of crap came out, maybe they sold a few thousand to the young crowd and some alumni. Now they crapped the bed as per usual on the field, wonder how many they are selling now?

I always enjoy watching a team come out in bozo uniforms and lose. Oregon State Saturday night. Was LMAO, I guess trying to compete with Oregon. The uniforms look even funnier when they lose.

Regardless of my venting, see ya Sept. 14th.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 1:44 pm

Dan – Did you call our baby poop colored helmets gold? LOL

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 1:46 pm

no one gave me a yes or a no so i ask once more if after 6 games if we have just 2 wins and it looks like we will be 5 and 7 or worse do we go with voytik.
so he can be ready for next year or do we stay with savage i say we go with voytik not becuse he is better but he wont get better on the bench and we need to be ready to go next year.
what say you all.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 1:54 pm

Pitt used to recruit well in the south. The difference then was that the coaches they hired had ties to the south and could get a few kids to come north (of course they were coming north to an elite program). Hate Toad Graham all you want, but for southerners, football is a way of life. Toad realized quickly that football wasn’t the be all and end all for Pitt. As soon as he knew it, he left. Without those recruits, Pitt is only going to be good, and not great. Good won’t fill the stadium. Good won’t win many BCS games. Good is not going to convince many of the elite local recruits to come. And the cycle will continue.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 09.03.13 @ 1:57 pm

@Frankcan – if he’s playing behind a weak O line, all that will happen is Voytik will get shell-shocked. Playing on his rear end won’t get him ready for next year unless the game plan is for him to spend next year on his rear end as well.

I truly think none of the guys on the current roster will be our starting QB next year. Voytik will play if Savage gets hurt. Period. Or in mop-up (unlikely though that may be).

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 1:58 pm

Ya, I thought they looked good in the lights.

Actually, allthough I cheer for Pitt script, I have always said, allthough not Pitt script, the Pitt block letters does look very collegiate.

At least it’s not Panthersaurus or some new scheme he has in his head. LOL

I think he has bigger fish to fry right now than the uniforms though.

Allthough, maybe not. Maybe our worst fear. Everything is just A-OK in his and Nordy’s mind.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:00 pm

FSU moved up to number 10 in both polls. YVW.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 2:00 pm

All you guys complaining on here about attendance and leaving early and did not attend the game have no right to say anything. I drove 4+ hours put my wife and young daughter up in a hotel and took my older son to the game and sat till the bitter end and cheered on my Panthers. Then got 3 hours sleep and am working today after driving back. All yinz complainers are like a bunch of Pittsburgh Dads as fans.

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 09.03.13 @ 2:06 pm

@PF in Hoopieland – were you referring to me? I don’t recall complaining at all.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 2:09 pm

We live in Texas Hoopie – A little further than 4 hours LOL

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 2:10 pm

Ya, he did. Probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but that first one was a real momentum killer. Deadly.

I still think he can have New Mexico and Duke.

If he hasn’t progressed and still throwing picks left and right, then I agree.

I hope we don’t keep him in there all year just to keep him in. We did that before.

If Voytik is going to be the qb next year in all probability, and this year doesn’t look like it’s going to be that great regardless of who plays, then why not let the next guy play 5 or 6 games.

It would be silly not too.

If they think he’s best for the position right now, then I think he should get a few games.

However, even if he is still “best” for the position at game 4 or 5 or 6, and we are stinking the joint up, why not give your guy for next year some time.

If you’re gonna stink the whole year regardless of who your qb is, then give your qb of the future playing time.

Maybe they’ll win some games and still have a decent year.

I’m just saying, if that does happen.

I don’t know enough about practice to call that now.

Unless Voytik was right on his heels. Were they that close, or was Voytik still in la la land with the offense??? Was he way behind him.

Lose to N.M. and Duke, better be thinking about doing something.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:15 pm

Reed i read what you posted but saw nothing abought
the D players aside foget the players for now
what did you think of the job house did i saw nothing that makes think he will be a top notch DC
what do you think.
i think he is in over his head i think he will have to lurn on the job and that is not fair to the team or us
he should never have got the job.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 2:20 pm

I know you’re not talking about me. I haven’t missed a home game in quite awhile, and usually go to an away game, and a couple of years went to two away games.

Going to Navy, we were thinking about Duke, but now have a wedding.

A damn acquaintance wedding!!!!!! Family, close friends, friends. You don’t need to invite acquaintances to your wedding!!!!

On top of it, they’ve been fighting the whole time they’ve been dating. We’re gonna give 100 bucks, and they’ll be divorced before next summer!!!

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:21 pm

Plus, I know a lot of the guys on here, are from Texas, Cali, Fla.. I wouldn’t expect them to be flying in for New Mexico.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:22 pm

lol Dan.

I’ll be in Annapolis too. Should be a great day…Navy Homecoming.

Comment by ECH 09.03.13 @ 2:23 pm

Funny how chatting stimulates memories.

Last game I missed was a great one. Pitt-USF in 2008. They were in the top 10 and we upset them.

Was at a funeral.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:24 pm

I get your point though hoopie. I myself was just talking about what our attendance is.

I think it’s an agreed upon thing for the most part.

20K+ die hards, 10K-15K Pittsburghers, and there’s your core 30K to 35K.

If we win, or a rival or big time team comes in, we get 50K-60K or even a sellout.

I even said, I don’t feel we need to be embarrassed at all. We don’t have 500,000 alumni.

I think the die hards at the games and on here, are as good as any fans. There’s no question. People on here have as much passion as anyone.

We don’t have the numbers. We just don’t.

We have to win. That’s it, we have to win.

Anyhow, that’s all I was saying, perhaps someone else said something negative????

Remember, we have some older fellas, and some fellas with some illness’ that can’t make the games.

Sincere Kudos to you for the drive. You are a die hard.

Comment by Dan 09.03.13 @ 2:32 pm

I counted 18 freshmen

Comment by Savage the Savage 09.03.13 @ 2:51 pm

FRANKCAN – I think the ‘bright line’ for 2013 is a .500 or better record so that we can break the two year losing record streak. That is for recruiting. Three years of losing seasons is tough to bounce back from.

So – yes, if we are guaranteed a losing season I’ll say Chryst puts in Voytik to get him ready for 2014.

BUT, let’s not give up on Savage just yet. Next game he won’t have the “1st game back” factor that he experienced last night and he is a QB who has done some good things in his career… he just isn’t ever going to be the star some PITT fans wanted, but that doesn’t mean he won’t win games for us.

We saw some of his talent with that 1st drive where he went 3/4 and a TD. That was a good bit of work and he can do that against lesser opponents certainly. But, he let that INT get to his head and he needs to be able to put those things aside.

Plus, and I really believe this, he’ll come back with that deep ball. That is his bread and butter and once he completes one of them I think he’ll get in the groove.

So, everyone had a bad day last night in truth, but that isn’t going to be the case. Remember, we got whooped by YSU and Cincy at the beginning of last year and PITT fans were sure we completely sucked. Well, be lost to a very good team this time and we’ll get past it and start to win games.

I’ll be ecstatic if we win seven games in this initial ACC year and think we can do it with a few breaks. I certainly don’t see us winning less than five.

Comment by Reed 09.03.13 @ 3:10 pm

“And despite how athletic Winston is, he was contained in the pocket most of the game.”

True enough, however when you’re able to sit back there in the pocket, with minimal to NO pressure and have a clear field of vision to WR’s and TE’s that are wide open, there was no reason for Winston to break containment. He did break containment very easily the one time he scrambled in from 10 yards or so for a easy TD.

I wouldn’t count to much, shall we say, we actually have tight coverage in the secondary against another opponent and their QB is forced to scramble, that we can hold containment in the pocket. Not with Durham, Murphy & Price. All 3 were basically non-existent and if not undersized (Price) then not athletic enough to compete on this level.

The DE’s and as you noted the LB’s (who I’ve noted way back when) are the big big problems with this difference. Unless we’re playing a vastly inferior opponent (see New Mexico) nothing will help this group but game experience as neither Bradley, Gonzo, Durham or Price have much at all. Murphy does but it hasn’t seemed to help him much.

After New Mexico, this group will be continually exploited by any smart OC. And House doesn’t seem very capable at the moment of devising anything that an experienced DC might be able to.

If that isn’t minimized it will be a very long season.

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 3:17 pm

i’ve come to the sad conclusion, pitt will never return to the glory days of the 70’s or 80’s in my lifetime. the landscape of college football and the mission and priorities of the university makes it virtually impossible. i feel sorry for those who never got the chance to witness a national championship, heisman trophy winner, or a hall of fame quarterback. just like the service academies of the 40’s through the 60’s or duquesne basketball of the 50’s, i think our (pitt) best days are behind us. sad..

Comment by goalie44 09.03.13 @ 3:20 pm

Offensively as I noted last night, the score of the game after 1 quarter was 14-10. PITT was clearly in the game. After the 1rst quarter the offense scored 3 points in 3 quarters.

For as much as Chryst is supposed to be an offensive guru, I didn’t see much any or any adjustments at all to the adjustments FSU made on defense after the 1rst quarter.

And what struck me as very odd, was on Pitt’s 3rd series, after moving the ball very well the first 2 series in the air and on the ground, PC decides on our on 20 yard line mind you. To put Rachard Ibrahim into the game to replace Connor/Bennett at RB. That to me made no sense at all to me and PITT promptly had a 3 & out and somewhat killed our momentum.

Anyone care to tackle that one ???

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 3:28 pm

@ goalie44

I think you might be right sir.

Those teams were led by Southern Head Coaches who could bring in talent and speed from the deep South. Seems to me if we can figure out the formula, the maroons in charge could as well.

DW was the closest we got to that era. That was all killed off, according to some, by one stupid SI article that focused on one specific time period at Pitt, by the author of that hit piece to make PITT look as bad as possible. Perhaps he was put up to write that article by our friends over in Creepy Valley. As they knew their program was under investigation and in fact a Grand Jury had been convened and testimony already taken. All that turmoil of course meant PITT couldn’t capitalize on Pedo State’s misfortunes.

I’m going to do a little research and see what I can come up with. I just find it a little too strange that PITT was put into so much turmoil, at the exact same time that Pedo State became known to the country as Pedo State.

And then all of a sudden they want to play us again. Which was of course announced after DW was forced to resign.

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 3:42 pm

Graham was a sleeze ball but he would be winning here if he had his guys playing his system. He’s got AZ St. ranked like 26th.

His system would work in the ACC. Just my 2 cents. The Big 10 system doesn’t work.
Comment by Upittbaseball 09.03.13 @ 11:05 am

Graham’s system is working bigtime in the ACC. His former OC(Chad Morris) at Tulsa has been the OC at Clemson the last 3 years. (well this is MOrris 3rd season) Clemson’s resurgence has coincided with Morris’s arrival. Morris had won several HS state championships as HC in Texas before hooking up with Graham.

We got stuck with Calvin McGee and Tinny the Fraud so we didn’t see the spread offense run correctly. Teams with less talent, like Texas Tech and Nevada recently, can compete by using the Spread.

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 3:47 pm

BC tried to play power pro-set football in the ACC, it worked for a couple seasons when they had Matt Ryan at QB.

It hasn’t worked since he graduated (2007). BC has become a doormat. (2-10 last yr., 4-8 year before that)

My advice to PC would then be: Go Find another Matt Ryan !

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 4:05 pm

Am I correct in recalling that we have a top 25 pro-style QB recruit (Bertke) coming in next year? Will he redshirt or is it possible HCPC is thinking of going with a true Freshman QB considering what he has coming back in Voytik/Anderson?

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 12:22 pm

I’m thinking you mean the kid from Florida, Wade Freebeck who’s playing at a large classification HS in Florida. The Bertke kid is playing in the lowest classification in Ohio. Of course who knows, Boyd played at a Single A school (Clairton).

Comment by EMel 09.03.13 @ 4:16 pm

@EMel – perhaps. Either way, my point is the same. Maybe HCPC is looking at whoever plays this year as expendable (lack of talent) and he’s going to start a true freshman next year.

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 4:22 pm

voytik was a 4 star QB and came in second or so in
the big time QB camp so why would chryst start a freshmen next year.
that would not add up voytik has not even played yet
and you want to bench him based on what lets try to keep it real.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.03.13 @ 5:44 pm

@FRANKCAN – I generally respect your comments and certainly see what you’re saying. Which leads me to the question, if he’s so good, why isn’t he playing in front of a two-time transfer who, until last night, hadn’t taken a snap in 3 years?

Comment by Pitt Dad 09.03.13 @ 7:03 pm

Ok we now know enough to predict the future. Pitt will win between 4-5 and 7-8 games, unless there is a huge disaster like all 3 quarterbacks being injured. Ok flush with this success here is another prediction, this one with a guarantee: This winter there will be very cold weather with snow in Northern Michigan and there will be an outbreak of potholes in Western Pennsylvania. All this micro analyzing and if only the coaches/players had done such and such is driving me to drink (not such a bad idea–might be time for a toddy.) We’ll know by December how the team developed and how the coaches did. I plan to enjoy the ride and if it has a lot of sudden ups and downs that’s why we ride the Thunderbolt! (If its still called that-haven’t been back to Kennywood in a while.) Let’s go Pitt! H.T.P.!

Comment by OPFIM 09.03.13 @ 8:19 pm

I’m praying that Fsu will play for a national championship and Winston is nominated for the heisman because I can’t think of it any other way without getting an aneurism! If Chryst doesn’t turn it around and we have another subpar year and next year is just the same, I feel there will be some dark days ahead. But lets assume the noles are great, yeah it was embarrassing but it wasn’t a division game and most thought we would lose anyway. Gotta beat New Mexico, then at Duke, who is no pushover but should beat, then UVA. Should be 3-1 by the end of the month!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 09.03.13 @ 8:58 pm

Five mentions of Tino on this thread. Savage almost threw as many picks in one game as Tino threw all of last year. Had the FSU DB not dropped a “perfect” pass, Savage would have thrown a pick for a touchback and the score would have been 41-10. The most honest, thoughtful appraisal of Savage on this thread was by Reed (who consistently challenges people on this board with much needed reality). Savage also badly underthrew a deep ball to Street down the sideline in the second half. The defender caught up to it and deflected it. Street clearly frustrated.

Had Tino had that kind of performance in a big loss people on this board would have been all over him.

The defense, both in terms of scheme and execution, was terrible. However Savage clearly hurt the team with two really bad throws that led to short fields and FSU touchdowns.

Comment by Barvo 09.04.13 @ 5:16 am

were is Wbb hope he is ok

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.04.13 @ 9:14 am

Barvo – how much do I owe you for saying that?

I think what it is is that because of my semi-formal relationship with Chas and The Blather I have an open invite from PITT to practices, scrimmages and also the press box during games if I want. That gives one access to actually seeing these kids in action, vice just reading about them in the news, and also being able to get into some discussions with guys who are at every PITT football event.

Because this is a blog there really are no constraints, real or imagined, on our writing by the PITT administration. I’m not sure the ‘normal’ beat writers actually have that freedom to be critical if needed.

However, what I find interesting is that sometimes if we write something on here about a player that isn’t 100% positive other fans think we are really down on that kid. I see that with my opinion of both Savage and Voytik at this point when I’ve been saying that Savage is basically an average QB and that Voytik isn’t ready to be a starter in college. Everyone wants a star at that position though and I can understand that because I want one too.

Bottom line? We’ll see better play from Savage in the future then we did on Monday night, but he’ll have his ups and downs. I still contend that by mid-season we’ll all be wishing we had that offensive PRODUCTION out of the QB position that we had last season but nobody wants to hear that.

Comment by Reed 09.05.13 @ 5:40 am

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