July 30, 2013

Now What About Tra’von

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In something of a surprise the Trav’on Chapman case has resulted in some real jail time stemming from a guilty plea.

Former Kent Roosevelt star quarterback and University of Pittsburgh freshman Tra’Von Chapman pled guilty to a charge of attempted assault on Monday afternoon in Portage County Municipal Court.

Judge Barbara Oswick accepted the plea and ordered Chapman to spend three days in jail, pay a $200 fine, 40 hours of community service and must report to adult probation Aug. 2. Judge also issued a no-contact order, which prohibits Chapman from speaking to the victim or her family.

“Attempted assault” is a class 4 misdemeanor — the lowest classification for misdemeanors in Ohio. That’s why I was surprised a first-time offender would get any jail time. Technically the the judge can order jail time but it is also for no more than 30 days under the Ohio Revised Code (Sec. 2929.24(A)(4)). But, according to the stories, Chapman was sentenced to 90 days with 87 suspended.

Of course, Chapman was also ordered to fulfill 40 hours of community service and it seems the court suspended 20 of that by his working 20 hours with his old high school football team this summer. So, yeah. I really shouldn’t think too much about the details of the sentencing.

The question for Pitt fans is that there becomes the question of what happens to Chapman at Pitt.Will he be allowed to return? Is he dismissed from the team and school?

The facts remain that even the “attempted assault” happened. That it was committed towards a woman.

A “suspension” of a full year would seem like a possibility. The issue would be whether that would really be a true consequence. Chapman was already headed for a redshirt season. If he was completely barred from practicing and working with the team that would give it some teeth. He would be another year behind at that point with a more likely chance that Voytik would have the starting job in hand — possibly for three years. But it still is a question of whether that is sufficient.

Is it simply black-and-white that he must be dismissed? It would be easier for Pitt and Paul Chryst to do that. It sets a clear line. There wouldn’t be a lot of debate. Not much of a public explanation would be needed on that path.

But eventually letting him return? That would be hard. That would be something requiring a public explanation. There can’t be hiding behind vague statements and pretending to hide behind privacy laws.

It’s one thing to completely ignore/avoid/refuse to answer questions about Rushel Shell and his desire to transfer then trying to come back. That is annoying and frustrating from the sense that we are curious and would like to know.

This is something else. This absolutely would need an explanation. Words with real thoughts behind them rather than platitudes and spin. And it would have to come from Chryst. Not from the AD. Not from anyone in the administration. This is Chryst’s football team. It would be his decision to bring him back. He would have to stand in front of people and actually explain the decision and reasons behind it.

Is he willing to do that? I don’t know. He’s not comfortable in front of a crowd. He certainly likes to guard his words carefully. Chryst was able to avoid even bothering with a “no comment” last night because he was in transit from his trip to Bristol, Connecticut for ESPN media appearances.

He can’t avoid it too much longer, and it is assured that he will want/have to make a decision and public comment this week. No way he wants this to be hanging over everyone’s head when training camp begins next week.

Gone Gone Gone

Comment by Yup 07.30.13 @ 7:33 am

If PC is consistent with his discipline this is a simple decision. Dismissed! This is a conviction with a jail sentence – not good for the team going forward.

Comment by DJS 07.30.13 @ 7:36 am

Didn’t we fire a coach for the same thing. Bye Bye TC!!! sad that these talented kids with so much potential throw it away.

Hopefully he will rebound somewhere and get it together.

Comment by Jason 07.30.13 @ 7:48 am

Chryst can’t pass on this one. The one thing this team needs is consistency. We have it in a second year coach, now let’s extend it to the message being sent to recruits, players and the Pitt community that this kind of an action is and will not be tolerated. Move on.


Comment by Pitt it IS 07.30.13 @ 8:01 am

Does “consistency” have to mean “zero tolerance”?

Comment by JCE 07.30.13 @ 8:05 am

This one is a real head scratcher. Up til now, Chapman appears to have been a model citizen. Enrolled early. Said all the right things. Something must have gone real sideways that night. Truly don’t know what to make of it.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 07.30.13 @ 8:23 am

Zero tolerance would mean kicking a player off the team for something minor like pot possession (which we KNOW has happened and didn’t result in anyone getting kicked off immediately). But a guilty verdict for attempted assault of a woman? There’s no middle ground here. Chryst kicked off 2 players for merely getting arrested. Granted, those players were habitual problems and it was the last straw, but perception is reality.

If Chapman stays, the general public will perceive this as special treatment. Chapman is a more valuable player than Carswell so he stays even though he was convicted. It doesn’t matter if behind the scenes there are extenuating circumstances, what matters is the facts presented to the public.

Players 1&2 arrested, not convicted, for drug related offenses: kicked off the team. Player 2 convicted of attempted assault on a woman, gets time in jail: only suspended.

It can’t work like that. There’s already a bit of an inconsistency with Eric Williams and Carswell kicked off the team while Mosley-Smith is still here. I know why (Carswell and Williams were repeat offenders, Mosley-Smith was a 1st time screw up) but the public doesn’t.

As Chas said, if the punishment isn’t a permanent removal from the team, Chryst needs to publicly explain why Chapman is still here or the public will perceive it as favortism.

Comment by Justin 07.30.13 @ 8:24 am

I believe in second chances, but not third chances. This is Chapman’s first offense. He’s a kid. I would not be upset if he was heavily disciplined, sat out for a year, etc. then brought back on a short leash.

Comment by Caw Miller 07.30.13 @ 8:26 am

First offense. Pleaded guilty. Not his normal behavior. Enrolled early. Deserves second chance.

Too bad Pitt missed on Hooker.

Comment by Frank MD 07.30.13 @ 9:01 am

He hit a woman! 18 years old or 50 years old there is no excuse. Zero Tolerance. I’ve been in situations that got heated and have been hit. You know what I did? I walked away and left. No excuse, hell he did it in his parents home. Maybe he is a great kid and made a mistake but he has to learn that life lesson elsewhere. Part of maturation.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 9:05 am

Justice for Tra’von! (whatever that means in this instance.)

Comment by Jeff 07.30.13 @ 9:20 am

Can we all lighten up a bit? This judge was out of line with the jail sentence.

As Chris Rock said “I would never hit a woman…but I understand”!

Comment by Dan 72 07.30.13 @ 9:37 am

Zero tolerance is the only policy for men who beat women. Yes it is a sad circumstance for this young man and the woman he beat. This young man needs to take a year off from football to get the counseling he needs to prevent this from ruining his life completely some day (just ask a former Pitt coach about that). I predict the following will be heard someday on the radio: “Chapman takes the snap and hands off to Shell over the right side of the line.”

Comment by HbgFrank 07.30.13 @ 9:38 am

Caw Miller I agree with second chances as well. But to the general public, Carswell and Williams were 1st time offenders and they were kicked off without any conviction. If players are kicked off for merely being arrested and a player who’s convicted of attempting to assault a woman sticks around, it requires a public explanation from Chyrst.

There’s no way Chapman stays without a thorough explanation unless Chryst wants to look inconsistent.

Comment by Justin 07.30.13 @ 9:44 am

Hitting a women, man or child doesn’t matter as much as assault is assault. This isn’t an easy one for PC but it really should be right?

I don’t want to see him go but the reality is that you can’t have two different set of rules. Players charged with drug possession (or whatever it was) and dismissed from team and not reinstated even after charges are dismissed vs. player convicted of crime AND required to serve time.

Btw- statistics show that Black males are sentenced to harsher penalties for same crimes adjusted for economics and other demographics. This case may be another of those examples. The studies dont lie.
The Kids did wrong and will pay a price but as a first time offender he shouldn’t be serving time for this one and certainly not given a 90 day sentence.

That being said this should be an easy decision for PC. Don’t forget about Wanny’s SI article.

Comment by Pitt Fan in Atlanta 07.30.13 @ 9:48 am

Frankly, I’m surprised Chapman wasn’t kicked off the team immediately.
All the facts were there, etc.
Can’t even have a 1 year suspension. That is no different than a red shirt year and he gets full paid scholarship. Most fans (women especially) won’t stand for that.

Steve Williams was kicked off the team in October 2012 by Chryst for the same type of incident Chapman had. Chryst didn’t even wait for court proceedings.

Now you know why Chyrst brought in 2 QB’s. He showed his hand on the matter as I said before.
Chryst will wait until Chapman is out of jail to announce because he wants face time with Chapman. So, it will be 3 days before we hear anything I suspect.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.30.13 @ 9:52 am

Agree with Pitt.Dan83. Chapman is gone. If not then PC got some “splanin” to do. Hate it but can’t have two set of rules. The kid will land on his feet some place. Hopefully will learn from it.
Only wild card is that I would have thought that PC Was in on the plea iscussion from a stand point of how Pitt would react. If not then PC isn’t as close to these kids and families as one might think.

Comment by Pitt Fan in Atlanta 07.30.13 @ 10:06 am

One size does not fit all. The kid deserves
a chance. He is not an upper class man
living with dope dealers. He should sit
out this season as punishment. Think
Elliott Spitzer, Andrew the Weiner, Bill

Comment by JR 07.30.13 @ 10:17 am

Unfortunate situation. Tra’von has talent. However; he made a costly mistake that has PC between a rock & a hard place. From a purely Panther prospective PITT has 2 QB commits & Voytik also has talent.

Comment by DC33 07.30.13 @ 10:19 am

Well that solves it. JoeD wants him gone.
Imagine that.

I’ll take the opposite viewpoint then and say he should be given a 2nd chance, in that America is a 2nd chance country. This isn’t Nazi Germany (yet) or Soviet Russia where you f*ck up once and your life is ruined.

And this person is still a kid basically and kids more than anyone else need to be given 2nd chances. Have we all become Holier than Thou
frickin Saints on here.

Think back to when you were 18-19 years old, none of you f*cked up.

I still think he had a lousy lawyer btw.

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 10:20 am

@ JR

Excellent points. Spitzer got a gig on CNN after his little affair with hookers as the Chief law enforcement officer of the State of New York (AG), Weiner is running for Mayor of NYC and Clinton gets 100k a speech and is looked upon as the sage of the Democratic party after taking advantage of a very young lady in the Oval office.

All of these slugs got 2nd chances, but this 18-19 kid doesn’t ?

And I’m quite certain that the 3 above did a little hair pulling, don’t ya think !

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 10:27 am

We may have screwed up in our youth, but we were not on a full paid Pitt scholarship and in front of the media.
The national media and womens group will have a field day if Chapman not kicked off the team.
This is not the type of offense that gets a “2nd chance”. He will have to go elsewhere to get his 2nd chance.

Chryst has to stay consistent with discipline, otherwise, he will have locker room problems down the road.

I can’t see how people can justify saying Chryst is cleaning up Pitt football and turn around and say Chapman should get a 2nd chance. Then so should about 10 other players who were pushed off the team in one way or another.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.30.13 @ 10:29 am

each case is unique. blanket discipline is not good. the coach doesn’t need to give a detailed explanation IMHO.

Comment by nw pa pitt fan 07.30.13 @ 10:33 am

Kids deserve second chances if politicians and preachers are given them. But yes Chryst will have to explain why this is different and what the rules or conditions are for this second chance.

Comment by TX Panther 07.30.13 @ 10:34 am

should have added:

This isn’t Nazi Germany (yet) or Soviet Russia where you f*ck up once and your life is ruined.
Unless of course your connected with the ruling hierarchy. (see above for examples)

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 10:34 am

EMel as i said before i think you are right 90 percent of the time.
but not now he must go gone to bad but it must be.
also i wont be talking to you all for several days
my daughter broke her hip i must go to ohio to take
care of her. till her husband gets back from a work
related trip.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.13 @ 10:36 am

Emel – Getting drunk, getting in fights with other guys your age and or other stupid stuff is not beating up a little girl in your parents house. No one is acting holy just speaking our opinions. Beating up a young gal is totally different and shows his character. one time or not in my opinion.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 10:37 am

The best part is this kid never took a snap at Pitt and has done zero for the program. It’s not like he is an All American QB who is in the Heisman race.

Go Bucs

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 10:39 am

To Pitt fan in Atl: I would think that PC would want to appear as unbiased and objective as possible, leaving the decision making to TC/his family/his attorney and the judgement to the court. If he got involved in any significant way, I think it looks like PC’s decision would be based – at least in part – on how this all panned out and not based as much on what TC actually did. I don’t think it’s about how close PC is with his players. I’m sure he wanted to help TC out quite a bit but he’s got the whole team to consider. I understand, however, that my opinion is contradicted by the fact that he wasn’t immediately dismissed by PC and was only suspended. As for that, I’m at a loss.

Comment by imsteviemac 07.30.13 @ 10:41 am


Getting jail time in exchange to pleading guilty to the lowest class misdemeanor… after performing community service… tells you there’s more to the story.

The fact that a plea bargain was involved tells you there was evidence that this was more than just a case of “attempted” assault.

Likely the victim suffered some sort of injury supporing her claims and the initial charges of assault and unlawful restraint.

By allowing a plea to attempted assault, the judge and the victim seemed to have both agreed to refrain from totally destroying Tra’von Chapman’s future and leaving open the possibility of redemption and the possibility of salvaging his college football career.

Chapman will get his second chance… just not at Pitt.

Comment by PittofDreams 07.30.13 @ 10:46 am

If I would have hit a woman at that age I would have left the country. Not because of the law, because of what my dad would do to me. LOL.

Almost everyone f**ks up when young but where is the line drawn? assault, murder, drugs…I have no idea.

Comment by notrocketscience 07.30.13 @ 10:49 am

Look at it another way.
I read previously they had pictures of the girl with bruising, etc.

It is very odd Chapman is going to jail even for 3 days. So, it must have been severe.
How long is probation? 1 year? Actually he has to ask for permission to leave the state when on probation I believe.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.30.13 @ 10:52 am

Perhaps we could keep things in better perspective.
The post reads that he was accused of “attempted”
That does not sound to me like he “beat up” anyone.
While I tend to agree that he should be dismissed from the team, I believe a little clarity is in order first!

Comment by Classof69 07.30.13 @ 10:52 am

PittofDreams makes an interesting point. When you plead guilty, you’re generally pleading to a lesser charge to avoid the possibility of a stricter punishment. Basically a 100% chance of a minor punishment is better than an 80% chance of a severe punishment.

I also think this goes beyond youthful stupidity. Hopefully this was a one time mistake and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt there. I had my fair share of stupid decisions as a college student and I never had a run in with a cop (other than traffic tickets) beyond “keep the noise down at the party” and “make sure this drunk guy gets home safe.”

Victimless crimes like underage drinking, pot possession, etc. are things you can give a guy a second chance for. Not hitting a woman. Society doesn’t tolerate it.

Comment by Justin 07.30.13 @ 11:02 am

Sorry to hear that Frankie.

Hope your daughter recovers well.

Have a safe trip brother !

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:03 am

Here’s someone on the WVU – Cincinnati Bengal – Ohio State Penitentiary career path, and you want to de-rail it?

Comment by 66Goat 07.30.13 @ 11:04 am

I just wonder what these comments would be like if say…..Chapman was our returning QB who had performed very well and just was coming off leading Pitt to a 10-3 season and a big Bowl win.

I just wonder :-)

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:05 am

For clarity…

Chapman was facing charges of one count of assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, and one count of unlawful restraint, a third-degree misdemeanor.

By agreeing to grant Chapman a plea to just attempted assault, it would seem that both the judge and the victim displayed some compassion knowing that any conviction was going to forever stain Chapman’s character and cost him his scholarship at Pitt.

Comment by PittofDreams 07.30.13 @ 11:10 am

We canned a coach for assaulting a woman…before he was convicted. For everyone on here talking about giving people second chances, where were you then? There also need to be consequences in life as well. Tough situation to be in – that no one would want to be in, but Chryst can’t turn his head on this.


Where are some good stories about pending camp?

Comment by Pitt it IS 07.30.13 @ 11:10 am

He will get a 2nd chance. Hell, in this country anymore, people get 15th, 16th and 17th chances or more.

It does not mean that Pitt has to give him the 2nd chance.

Look at Shell, and a few people saying Pitt was destroying him. He’s got a scholarship at WVU.
If he keeps his head straight, he’s already back on his way.

This fella will be playing football somewhere, and on scholarship.

Chryst, Pitt, cleaning house?? Beatin’ on a girl and jail time……gotta go.

Comment by Dan 07.30.13 @ 11:17 am

@ Pitt it is

Surely your not going to compare a 46 year old man assaulting the mother of his child to one teenager pulling the hair of another ?

And the Head Coach of college team is not comparable to a kid a few weeks removed from High School. imo

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:23 am

Both of those incidents occurred in the State of Ohio. Perhaps we’d be wise to avoid that state from that now on. Add in the losses to Toledo, Ohio, Bowling Green and even an Ohio D2 team, YSU and that even reinforces the idea.

Trayvon was recruited by PC btw.

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:34 am

If we’re going to be truly consistent then.

KK Mosely-Smith (or whatever) gotta go as well.

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:36 am

“Both of those incidents occurred in the State of Ohio. Perhaps we’d be wise to avoid that state from that now on. Add in the losses to Toledo, Ohio, Bowling Green and even an Ohio D2 team, YSU and that even reinforces the idea.”

And even more damning … wbb lives in Ohio!!

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 11:44 am

Dallas Mavs sign DeJuan Blair

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 11:46 am

It’s all your fault then wbb !

Cleveland Curse or whatever. lol :-)

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 11:54 am

I said that long ago that KK should be kicked off the team.
To use Chryst terms, he is consistently inconsistent regarding discipline.
Can’t have different set of rules and discipline for different players.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.30.13 @ 12:01 pm

Emel, an adult male that assaults a female is the same no matter what the age. This is what the reports said:

“Chapman allegedly assaulted a woman at his residence on Friday, April 26. According to a criminal complaint filed in Portage County Municipal Court by Kent police, Chapman “pulled the hair of (the alleged victim) and grabbed her around the neck, leaving marks.” He also allegedly prevented her from leaving the scene of the alleged assault, according to Kent police.”

I have a daughter, and the thought of a 6’2″, 200 LB teenager pulling her by the hair and grabbing her around the neck is enough make me understand why he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for this “attempted” assault. Any man who hits a woman once, will do it again unless they get the counseling they need. Hopefully that is a part of his sentence. He will get a second chance, it will just not be and should not be at Pitt. The WVCC would seem to be the perfect landing spot.

Comment by HbgFrank 07.30.13 @ 12:05 pm

HbgFrank – If I saw a kid doing that to my daughter I’d be looking for a shovel. I’m with you.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 12:11 pm

Yea, well the only question then is: is a 18 yr old kid who would have been in High School had he not enrolled early at Pitt in January of 2013. Is this kid an adult male ?

Yes and I know he can go fight in Afghanistan, Iraq (I’m assuming we still have troops in the Green zone, if not other bases) or whatever next middle east country we stick our noses in.

However in ALL 50 states you must be 21 to legally drink alcohol.

1)I’d still like to know what this girl (teenager) was doing at his house ?
2)What was she doing there…. alone ?
3)Did her parent(s) know she was at his house alone? And if so did they condone it ?
4)And what did she do to prompt his aggression ?

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 12:26 pm

None of us know what the locker room atmosphere is, though we can speculate. However, the HC has to represent not only the players on the field, but off as well. For any consistency, Chapman has to be let out of his scholarship. To not do so smacks in the face of ADSP and Nordenberg, not to mention the situation HCDW left us with. I am all about Chapman getting a second chance, I just don’t think it should/ will be at Pitt.

Comment by TheBigA 07.30.13 @ 12:32 pm

Emel the question and response was about second chances, not age discussion. you cant be serious about those 4 questions.

Comment by Pitt it IS 07.30.13 @ 12:36 pm

Something I saw at the beach this past week comes to mind when I read the plea and the accepted punishment for Chapman.
My wife happened to see a “rescue group” relocating a freshly made sea turtle nest one morning while walking the beach. Evidently the nest was too close to the surf and fear was that high tide would wash it away. So we took our one son on a walk one afternoon to show him the location of the nest and explain what the turtles do. I noticed on the staked off area containing the relocated nest was a sign that stated how it was unlawful to disturb a sea turtle nest and/or harm any sea turtle, egg, etc. Max fine of $100,000 w/ up to 1 year in prison. Now I understand that is the maximum penalty by law – but just think about that for one minute. Chapman puts a beatdown on his girlfriend and gets 3 days in jail and $200 and some community service. He most likely won’t be back on the team. How is this so? How is a sea turtle more valuable than a human life? I agree with HbgFrank above. I guess my whole point is that our society is really going downhill and seeing that sign this past week made me think about how twisted things have gotten.

Comment by JJ 07.30.13 @ 12:48 pm

Chas and me and other NE Ohio Pitt fans should have drove down to Kent (about 45 minutes) and settled the matter with this girl …. we have failed.

link to

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 1:02 pm

… should have ‘driven’ down to …

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 1:03 pm

Let’s hope those sea turtles grow up to be strapping QB prospects.

Comment by steve1 07.30.13 @ 1:07 pm

Chas – i have to disagree with your thought that we ‘shouldn’t think too much about the details of the sentencing.

Two things happened here.

First was his violence toward this women and, perhaps even more importantly, his “unlawful restraint”. Why is the restrain more important maybe? Because it shows that he did it with a purpose in mind and that it lasted past a moment of passion or anger. For Chapman to have kept that girl in the apartment meant he had to proactively physically stop her from leaving. The judicial can understand a flash of anger and striking out – that happens a lot. But to then coldly keep someone against their will is a whole different story.

Secondly is the fact that EVEN WITH a plea bargain down to a misdemeanor 4 charge of “attempted assault” he still got a huge sentence for a first offender with a 90 day jail term. That means that what actually happened was as bad or even worse than what was reported IMO. I’m thinking had this gone to trial on the original charges he may well have served a year or more in jail. It is that serious. Remember, just bargaining down by the prosecution doesn’t negate the actual illegal actions Chapman took – we tend to forget that and just look at the final judicial outcome.

Suspending those 87 days doesn’t wipe that off the books but holds that jail time in abeyance as long as he meets all the conditions of his parole/probation. That is a huge sword hanging over his head and means that at practically anytime he can be made to serve out those three months in any legal indiscretion.

Caught underage drinking on a Saturday night? “Go To Jail, Do Not Pass Go”

What that means to Chryst and the team is that you really can’t depend on his being around like you could for any other player. Other players might get arrested at a party, given a summons and get put in the doghouse for a while – but the team can’t rely on that with Chapman. It is out of their hands really. Again – that unserved 87 days is the 500 pound gorilla in the locker room if he gets reinstated.

I think he has to be dismissed and truthfully can’t see any alternative for Chryst.

Comment by Reed 07.30.13 @ 1:25 pm

Man EMel – you just shocked me with your four questions. I can’t believe that you are alluding to the fact that this girl gets choked, slammed against a wall and unlawfully restrained from leaving by Chapman, a young man way bigger and stronger than she is I’m sure, and somehow you feel she is to blame for it happening.

Talk about blaming the victim here – you just did that in spaces. Sorry – that is well past the bounds of decency in my book.

Comment by Reed 07.30.13 @ 1:31 pm

Even if Chapman is the next Oliver Luck both on and off the field, OTHER than this single incident, he still has to go. The next program can play the rehabilitation card, Pitt cannot. And I take no joy in that conclusion.

Comment by Iron Duke 07.30.13 @ 1:55 pm

As for football. Very early lines.

Florida State -10 1/2

O/U 47

Comment by Dan 07.30.13 @ 1:57 pm

This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

Comment by gc 07.30.13 @ 2:01 pm

10.5 honestly ain’t bad all things considered. If we come out swinging we’ve got a chance, but we really need to take the first shot. Otherwise, we’ll sit and pray we only lose by 10.5.

Comment by MikePITT 07.30.13 @ 2:06 pm

I love the Panthers but that line is WAY to low. This looks like a Sucker Bet. I’m telling you the nation will go heavy FSU and that line should move but like someone says you make money early in a college football season. Even though they lost a lot of good players one would think they should win by 11. Just doesn’t feel right.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 2:43 pm

@Upitt, Mike, ya, first thing I said when I saw it was ‘Holy Cow’, that ain’t bad.

Early, early. I know that. Just thought I’d put it up there to let everyone know, it’s getting closer and closer to kickoff.

I would have figured 16 1/2 or so. Def will go higher as people put the cash on FSU.

Please, no Cincinnati, with the guy going up the middle on the first play!!

Comment by Dan 07.30.13 @ 2:49 pm

I got caught underage drinking the very same night Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while on acid … june 12th, 1970 …. I was 17 and didn’t even get my name in the local paper.

No jail time … just plead guilty and had to pay $35, and I turned out OK … well maybe not.

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 3:06 pm

Pled guilty, check
Received jail time, check
Fined, check
Ordered to complete community service, check
“No contact order” issued against him, check
Placed on adult probation, check
Dismissed from Pitt’s football team, check

Going, going, gone, so gone, so long.:(

Comment by Dr. Tom 07.30.13 @ 4:06 pm

Speaking of decency:

“For the defendants though, the stakes are high: These are old men facing prison sentences where they’d be known as Jerry Sandusky’s enablers. And the challenge remains considerable.

There are still all the emails, the notes, the meetings and the lack of action. There was still, as Gary Schultz’s long-time administrative assistant Joan Coble described, a shady special file containing info on Sandusky’s 1998 investigation that Schultz placed in a locked drawer of a cabinet in his office under strict orders for it to never be opened.

Schultz “mentioned to me he had a new folder for Jerry Sandusky,” Coble testified. “He told me not to look in that file. It came out of the blue. His tone was very stern … I just remember thinking, ‘I wonder what Jerry has done?’ ”

No one would see that file, or know what Jerry had done, until it was far, far too late.”–former-penn-state-coach-says-joe-paterno-faulted-school-administrators-in-sandusky-response-021853266.html

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 4:08 pm

@ Reed

Wasn’t blaming her, don’t put your interpretation of what I posted please.

Was raising a few questions any good defense lawyer would raise.

According to the Ohio law link Chas posted he only should have got 30 days not 90 for a 4rth degree misdemeanor. This judge as many of them do, do not even know how to interpret their own state law. Shocking !

“(4) For a misdemeanor of the fourth degree, not more than thirty days.”

Regardless I can live with whatever decision PC makes. He recruited him, he can deal with him as he sees fit.

Comment by EMel 07.30.13 @ 4:17 pm

I think the question Chryst will ask himself is whether Mr. Chapman is a “Pitt man” anymore, whether he is the type of student athlete that is best to represent the University, to develop and act according our motto, which includes the word “virtus” and implies character, and courage. Minor drug offenses with suspect evidence are one thing, assault of women is another. There is precedent with our prior coach. Notwithstanding the sentence, he should be dismissed. I know he is a talent and this might have been in characteristic of him, but the nature of the offense is what justifies the action by Chryst. Had he been found innocent, he stays. A guilty plea is not a verdict, but it is a conviction.

Comment by A 07.30.13 @ 5:08 pm

Suspend him for one season. Have him enroll in anger mgt as part of his contrition. He has no margin for error.
Then, if he fulfills these conditions, he is reinstated.
By then, his punishment will have exceeded what the laws of Ohio mandate by 400%.
We are a nation of laws and society demands that debts be paid.
But once paid, freedom is restored.
That’s how I see it.
That’s what I would do were I PC.

Comment by Sfpitt 07.30.13 @ 5:25 pm

amazing that there are those that assume that because the sentencing was toughter than expected that “he must have done more or there must be more to the story”. Could it be that the judge over sentenced him? History has proven that a person like TC is more likely to be over sentenced. Not 100% sure that he was but I woouldnt be so quick to assume that there is more to the story.

That being said PC has an easy decision in my book. One set of rules for the team. Jail time and you lose your scholarship.

Comment by Pitt Fan In Atlanta 07.30.13 @ 5:27 pm

Suspension for 1 year is not a punishment.
He was going to red-shirt anyway.
Remove his scholarship and suspend for 1 year. If he stays and pays for school, then he has a shot of earning a scholarship just like any walkon.

But, I’d kick him off the team and he can go elsewhere for his second chance. That’s just how it works these days.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.30.13 @ 5:40 pm

Officially less than 1 month till college football kicks off.

Thurs. 8/29 6:00 PM N. Carolina v. S. Carolina

Many good games throughout the weekend. Games on every night, including Sunday.

Some duds of course no one will watch, but you get that the first couple of weeks. Many big ones though.

Including one Monday Sept. 2nd, Labor Day Night!!!

Here’s the tv schedule for most of the year.

link to

Comment by Dan 07.30.13 @ 6:13 pm

Interesting, I enjoy looking at the schedules of the teams as well as the tv schedule.

I would have thought I would have known this, but, Pitt v. Miami is Thanksgiving friday???

Many of you probably already knew this. I missed picking up on that.

Love it!

Comment by Dan 07.30.13 @ 6:26 pm

Chapman will be released from jail at 1:30 p.m. Thursday and immediately will begin serving his community service at the Portage County Corn Festival.

Read more: link to

That s(h)ucks

Comment by steve1 07.30.13 @ 7:06 pm


Posted earlier then gone for the day. So to some responses to the comments.

The one thing I have learned the longer I have written this blog is just how little I know at times. Things that have been black-and-white have long blurred.

As I said, dismissing Chapman is easy from the outside. It “sends the message.” It draws a clear line. Everyone in and out of the program knows there’s no special treatment for a kid who Chryst recruited. It’s nice to (re-)claim the moral high ground. And considering the climate in college football with the post-Aaron Hernandez and holy-crap-look-at-all-the-arrests-on-that-Florida-squad-that-Urban-Meyer-had talk it makes sense.

At the same time, the difference between the college and the pros is that it is more than a contract for services. When you recruit these kids you are making promises to them and their parents that you are essentially taking part in raising them to full adulthood. If your a coach and your word actually means more than a sales job, then this is not a simple decision.

I purposefully did not speculate on Chapman’s future and Chryst’s decision because I simply do not know. That’s why if Chapman is allowed to return to Pitt there needs to be more of an explanation from Chryst on this one. He can’t simply ignore the question.

First, what he was charged with is not something to base anything. Overcharging by prosecutors is far too common to presume based on what is charged to what is reality. I’m not diminishing the seriousness of the situation. I’m simply stating that the charges are not the truth any more than an acquittal for someone else means true innocence.

Second, I absolutely mean that I (or many others) should not read too much into the details of the plea. From my own brief legal career and my wife’s ongoing, the one thing that I am certain is that judges have a tendency to make stuff up and rarely get called on it. They don’t always know (and in some cases ignore) actual sentencing guidelines. There is no real recourse if she did screw up on the guidelines. No lawyer is going to piss off the judge by appealing say the 90 day sentence as not proper when most of it was suspended and a pissed off judge might take the suspension off the 27 days. In the end 72 hours in local jail, 20 more hours of community service and a year of probation is not worth arguing finer points of 60 additional suspended days in jail with a judge who has discretion to make it worse.

You may have a point on his attorney not serving him well. The delay because she had a conflicting court date from the previous month could reasonably be considered why Chapman took this plea (and why this is the best deal offered by the prosecution).

Chapman was absolutely suspended from Pitt (school and team) while the case remained unresolved. Taking a plea by this court appearance was the only way the matter could be resolved before the start of camp on Monday.

That said, this is pure speculation and conjecture based on the timing. Not truth either.

Finally. If Chapman is dismissed from Pitt. My money is on him getting his second chance at Purdue. His father was the WR Coach at KSU with the new HC at Purdue.

Comment by Chas 07.30.13 @ 7:54 pm

Thank you EMel for a voice of sanity. Also anyone familiaar with the American “justice” system knows often an “accussed offender” is forced to plea bargin by his defense attorneys even when innocent because the the state has unlimited resources and the accused offender accussed often for reasons of the accusser has limited resources.
Wake up boys as Elizabeth Warren said at the Democratic convention “if you think the system is rigid against you you are right.”
Trying not to be to political U.S. is the most punitive country in the world. We incarcerate more perople per capita than any country in the world.
Something to consider.

Comment by pittisit 07.30.13 @ 8:06 pm

There wouldn’t be a second chance in my house. I hope Chryst runs his house the same way. We’ve all screwed up along the way. When you get caught, you pay the price and learn a lesson.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.30.13 @ 8:24 pm

just to be clear as well. he did not hit anyone nor was he accused of striking anyone. He kept the person from leaving.

4th degree misdemeanor means just that… way, way down the food chain.

I am tired of “zero tolerance” and edicts by adults involving anyone particularly kids. It is a Cover Your Ass strategy now that people in responsibility use to just apply the rule and move on… it is actually a way now that schools, universities, everyone tries to wash their hands of a situation.

If you are going to be real to these kids… they are kids… then you are going to have a relationship with them and treat their situation for what it is …. and only the coaches, player and parents know what it is.

The fact Chryst did not get rid of him right away means they are taking all things into consideration and that it is not cut and dry… or he would not be with the team.

Just like the one kid of the 3 from the apartment with the heroin deal.

The legal system is a meat grinder and once you get caught up in it your screwed by and large… so Chas and others are right we can read into the details…

Comment by Pittscript 07.30.13 @ 8:31 pm

EMel – Thanks for fighting this one out for me.

What part of “lighten the F up” do you folks not understand????

Comment by Dan 72 07.30.13 @ 8:37 pm

I guessing you “second chance” guys don’t have daughters. Put your hands around my daughter’s neck leaving a mark, you’ve used up all your chances.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.30.13 @ 8:56 pm


During the hearing, the court heard from a Penn State spokeswoman who described reporters’ inquiries in 2010 and 2011 into past investigations of Sandusky’s behavior and about top university administrators being called to testify before a grand jury.

“I didn’t know what a grand jury was,” said Lisa Powers, the university’s director of public information. “I only knew it as something that happened with the mafia.”

Read more: link to

Comment by steve1 07.30.13 @ 9:20 pm

He pulled her hair, choked her enough to leave a mark and then didn’t allowe her to leave and that’s just being a kid. Whether you have kids or not how is that just being a kid to some of you. I’m with you pittstadiumshuffle. He can get his 2nd chance elsewhere.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.30.13 @ 9:25 pm

Comment by wbb 07.30.13 @ 9:54 pm

I’m interested in what visiting ACC fans think of the Pitt game day experience off campus. I guess we’ll get our first taste with FSU. I hope their fans have a good time and have a chance to tour our campus and not just walk around the North Side or downtown. I’m curious as to what traditions each school is known for. In Texas it’s certain chants or yells along with the hand symbols or signs. And of course the beautiful women in short shorts and great tailgate BBQ. Oh to be just a few years younger…well a lot of years.

Comment by TX Panther 07.30.13 @ 10:48 pm

can’t have ur cake and eat it to..u all are so quick to say dismiss him but at same time want a winner on the field ..Texas A&M made an exception on Manziel and look what he did last year..u got to pick and chose ur battles.all depends on talent..a clean program does not usually mean a winning program

Comment by Tsingtao44 07.31.13 @ 12:09 am

Chas –
Great follow up commment. You provide great insight and counter points to all of our arguments.

Comment by Pitt Fan In Atlanta 07.31.13 @ 12:26 am

Chas – are you assuming that the sentencing was based solely on the 4th degree misdemeanor of attempted assault? Was the ‘unlawful restraint’ charge dropped? I wonder about that because it looks to me that it might not have been but the media is only writing about the more recognizable and titillating assault aspect. If it wasn’t then maybe that component allowed the 90 day sentence.

I 100% agree with you that what is charged isn’t necessarily what happened and that that is the case in almost every trial. On the other hand being sentenced to even 30 days in jail is no slap on the wrist – that is serious business.

In my experience, and I’ve had a lot with younger sailors being arrested and tried while I was an Investigating Officer and sometimes acted as their representative in court on the more minor charges, first time offenders with clean records almost never get jail time unless whatever happened was pretty bad. Incarcerating someone isn’t a decision made lightly as that is something that sticks for a lifetime. That judge didn’t have a mandatory sentencing involved with this. She could easily have sentenced him without that 30 days / three days in jail but obviously thought that the seriousness of his actions made that necessary.

Which begs the question of what are the laws in Ohio regarding expungement? Can Chapman have this arrest, verdict and sentence expunged down the road. One would hope that is the case and in my research it looks like it might be.

Emel – sorry if I over reacted but it sure looked like those questions would be a smoke screen as to the facts of what actual violent actions Chapman took against this girl and an attempt by an attorney to turn the tables.

I’ve said before that those actual actions are what PITT and Paul Chryst need to base the ‘stay or go’ decision on, not what the judicial system’s charges or verdict was. What Chapman actually did that day in that apartment, and how that stacks up according to PITT’s athletic department and PITT’s football program’s internal rules and standards should be the only thing that matters as far as PITT is concerned.

I content that, for an example, had this case been thrown out due to some legal technicality and Chapman walked away scot-free PITT still should take disciplinary actions against him… the State of Ohio and PITT are to completely separate entities.

Anyway – the Trib’s Jerry DiPaola seems to think there is a chance Chapman returns. Granted this is written from the perspective of what Chapman is hoping will happen.

link to

Comment by Reed 07.31.13 @ 5:03 am

Trib Review reports that Tra’von Chapman is hoping to rejoin teammates next Monday after he finishes a three-day jail sentence for his plea to ATTEMPTED assault.

Paul Chryst has yet to comment. But, got a feeling when he does, Tra’von is not going to like what he hears.

Undoubetedly, Chryst and Pitt Admin and their attorneys are huddling as they try to sort through how to handle a very awkward and unfortunate situation, worsened in light of the comoplications presented by the Haywood firing.

Chapman’s high school coach would like us to think the judge was just trying to teach a harsh lesson by ordering the quarterback to jail.

However, the fact that jail time was required at all tells you it’s not just a lesson, but puunishment warranted by the nature of the offense. And due to the fact that Chapman and his attorney agreed to a conviction at all makes the case that there was strong evidence supporting the victim’s claims that it was a violent assault and not just an attempt at assault that took place.

The argument can be made that Chapman deserves a seoond chance.

Just find it impossible to believe that Chryst is going to see that second chance coming at Pitt.

How could it?

Comment by PittofDreams 07.31.13 @ 6:14 am

Reed, I think the point Chas was trying to make is that judges all have their own agenda .. ” the one thing that I am certain is that judges have a tendency to make stuff up and rarely get called on it”.

I know I sound like a sexist but don’t think for one moment that the fact it was a female judge may not have had a significant impact on the sentencing.

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 6:24 am

TX Panther, an N of 1, but an NJ neighbor girl who will be a Soph at Pitt told me yesterday that she’s counting the days (21 yesterday) ’til she’s back on campus.

She’s got her season ticket and she loves the gameday stuff. Especially, since she’s smallish and slight, being picked up and tossed around the student section!

An aside: We held a Freshman student sendoff event Sunday. When they were asked if Pitt is a football or a basketball school the results were pretty much 50/50.

Comment by steve1 07.31.13 @ 6:38 am

I’d sure like to hear the opinions of Carswell, Williams and Smith on this matter. Lets review, a “third party” who utilizes their apartment to sell dope, gets them arrested because of their association with the seller. However, all charges are subsequently dropped against them. No convictions, no jail time, no records.

Carswell and Williams both get kicked off the team immediately, just like that, and K. K. Smith still remains suspended with his neck still on the chopping block perhaps.

Now we have a contingent debating the the future of a CONVICTED player, who is currently sitting in jail for a crime, that NO MATTER HOW YOU CUT IT, IS NOT VICTIMLESS, and he gets the benefit of a doubt, and a chance for a get out of jail free card????????

If Chapman remains on this team, then these guys should really feel like they’ve been victims of hypocrisy.

Comment by Dr. Tom 07.31.13 @ 6:41 am

I’ll respectfully disagree with your assertions.

“Chapman’s high school coach would like us to think the judge was just trying to teach a harsh lesson by ordering the quarterback to jail.”

Which you assert is false based on the punishment? And that they took the plea is evidence that it was “violent assault?” How is any of that evidence that your perspective on this is the reality? It is how you are viewing the information.

This was never felonious assault. It was a charge of assault and unlawful restraint — both misdemeanors. I’m not trying to diminish the serious nature of the whole thing, but I do wish to keep this in perspective.

Per the follow-up trib article:

“Chapman, who traveled to Pittsburgh to speak to Chryst the day after his arrest, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of attempted assault. He was charged initially with one count of assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, and one count of unlawful restraint, a third-degree misdemeanor.”

The exclusion of the other charges in the plea makes it reasonable to presume that both charges were dropped for the single guilty plea. Otherwise, my god, he really did hire a lousy attorney.

As a class 4 misdemeanor is the lowest classification for a misdemeanor in Ohio, it is expungeable in time.

I have a daughter and son so spare me that. A “if you don’t have a daughter you don’t understand” claim is right up there with “well, if you don’t have anything to hide you don’t need to worry about [insert intrusive, unwarranted surveillance technique here].”

All you are doing is reducing it to raw emotion and payback.

Finally (for now at least), let me toss this out there. If there need to be consequences for Chapman is dismissing him from Pitt the best approach or the one that makes us feel morally better?

Say he is dismissed from Pitt. Since he enrolled early, he does have to transfer. Assuming he ends up at Purdue — or anywhere. Yes, he sits a year. But he does get to practice and work out with the team. Maybe get work with the scout team. By the next season he is ready to go.

Now, say Pitt lets him remain but suspends him for the year. No practice with the team. Not part of workouts. Not being on the sidelines for the games.

Which seems like the bigger punishment? Which might actually make a greater impact?

Comment by Chas 07.31.13 @ 6:44 am

Dr Tom, the only argument I can offer in the Williams/Carswell/Smith situation is that we do not have all the information that the admin have. For all we know … (and this is purely hypothetical) Smith may have called the auhtorities because he didn’t want this pusher around anymore, which may be the reason he left the apartment in the wee hours when the raid occurred.

I personally am for 2nd chances depending on the gravity of the situation and I beieve every case is a bit different.

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 7:01 am


Typically, community service is used as a lesson to first-time offenders… jail time as punshment.

There’s no question that the judge was well aware that any conviction for Chapman was going to mean a permanent stain on his character and jeopardize his Pitt scholarship.

If it was just a lesson that the judge was trying to send, it would seem that a conviction and some community service would have been ample enough.

No, in this case the judge believed the punishment in the form of jail time was also warranted and supported by the nature of the offense.

And the fact that the offense didn’t rise to the level of a felony merely reflects that the victim was not seriously injured and that a weapon was not used. It does not suggest in any way that she was not the victim of a less-than-serious violent act as viewed by the court.

Comment by PittofDreams 07.31.13 @ 7:16 am

At the end of the day who really cares. This kid hasn’t taken one snap. He is unproven and is in trouble before adding zero to Pitt. The rules are the rules. Follow the law or don’t but there are consequences.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 7:40 am


Chapman is not needed this year. Savage starts, Voytik is a good backup. Next year, however, the depth chart is Voytik, Chapman, Trey Anderson (who can never be expected to play in a game that matters), and 2 true freshmen.

If Chapman goes, we have a RS Soph who has no competition to start and no one who can be trusted to play if he gets hurt. That’s a terrifying proposition. That’s the worst QB situation we’ve had since Stull was backed up by Bostick and Kevan Smith in 2007. We saw how that turned out.

If Chapman goes, I’d expect a very strong effort to get a 5th year senior transfer or a juco in this class. A 5th year senior buried on a depth chart would love a chance to fight for a starting gig.

I may start digging through BCS depth charts to find a RS Junior 3rd on the depth chart.

Comment by Justin 07.31.13 @ 8:28 am

@ all who say ‘cut his end off’….

my point is we don’t know all the facts other than the press. If it is as brutal as you all assert then he will be gone.

If the circumstances around him, this young woman, and Chapman in general are more complicated and nuanced then it is great we have a coach with the balls to not just hang up (easiest thing to do) but work through the situation.

Heyward situation is a perfect example! At the end of the day the woman did not want charges pressed, immediately try to undo what she did by calling the police…. and he was never convicted of anything.

Heyward situation was also complicated if anyone remembers the facts.

it was convenient for Pitt who could then fire him right away… because they already had buyers remorse and had realized it was a mistake to hire him in the first place.

PC is handling this correctly…. which is why I will support either decision which I hope will come with an appropriate explanation.

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 8:31 am

plenty a judge in this country… particularly local county level judges are down right scary in terms of lacking judgment, etc.

I like the fact Chryst did not take the easy road and cut him weeks ago… it comes down to a face to face meeting where he could very well cut him… to his face (and his parents I assume).

that is a man in action…. not a ball-less university administrator as there are so many of today…

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 8:38 am

UpittBB, just what ‘rules’ are you referring to?

It is much more of a posture or attitude, than set and/or written rules.

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 8:50 am

Can’t have your cake and eat it too???

You mean to have a winning program (8,9,10 wins a year, pretty consistent top 25 appearances, half-decent bowls), you have to have players that get into trouble???

Interesting. Then why don’t we just chuck it all, and go U. Miami circa 1980’s. Take everyone. Give everyone 10 chances. Who cares.

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:00 am

Sadly, there does seem a correlation between bad behavior and being successful.

USC (2), Miammi and OSU (1 ea), LSU (1) and UF (2) have all won titles last decade and have had their share of player issues, including some sanctions. PSU floundered in the first part of the decade but when the player indicents increased, they had 2 Top 5 finishes (05 & 08).

Even at Pitt, they had their worst off-the-field year at the end their best 3 year run in 3 decades … although some first year, non-contributors were part of it.

I’m certainly not implying that you cannot succeed with quality people .. I’m just making an observation.

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 9:18 am

Wbb – Rules as in don’t get arrested and beat up women. If you get in trouble with the law then you are breaking rules. Yes, there are levels where you have to look at the bigger picture but putting hands on a women isn’t one of them.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 9:22 am

Interesting. Some questioning posters thoughts about being to tough on the kid and not knowing all the facts.

Then, in the very next sentence, condemning the judge for being unfair.

I would guess the judge knows more facts about the case than any of us, no???

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:27 am

Dan, again I copy from Chas’ post above …. ” the one thing that I am certain is that judges have a tendency to make stuff up and rarely get called on it”.

Judges, like everyone else, have agendas

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 9:33 am

Good feedback. In my day it was more of a football school and I’m sure most of the old timers would say that as well. I guess the student perception is a nice balance but football as we know pays the bills. I love the tradition these ACC schools have. I won’t miss some fat, toothless, hillbilly girl being tossed around Heinz. Looking forward to seeing some southern and Pitt tossing. That didn’t sound good did it?

Comment by TX Panther 07.31.13 @ 9:37 am

Amazing how some don’t equate being ordered to jail on a first offense as saying something about the seriousness of the crime based on the evidence as presented by the prosecution.

Comment by PittofDreams 07.31.13 @ 9:38 am

@wbb, lol. Ya, good observation. Sad though.

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:45 am

@wbb, sure, judges have agendas.

I understand that.

But, to come on here (not you), and say that

“you posters don’t know all the facts, and yet you want to cut the kid”, basically saying the posters are wrong and shouldn’t be commenting like that…….

and then to turn around and exclaim themselves, “the judge is wrong”, is very hypocritical.

If we don’t know all the facts and shouldn’t condemn the kid, we should also not condemn the judge, for the same reason, we don’t know all the facts.

And guidelines within the law, are more often than not, just guidelines. Even if they’re not supposed to be. Even if it’s a law that a judge has to do this or that. How many times do we see judges and politicians not go by what the law is, that is sitting right in front of them in black and white.

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:53 am

Actually, to me, this just good ol’ banter until the season comes, because………

I’m good with the coaches decision either way.

I personally think he should be done. But, I have enough trust in HCPC, that if he feels he’s worthy for another shot, then I will be fine with that.

This other stuff is just bs’ing on a blog, which is fine, but, the coach will have the final say so, and I’m good with that.

Only caveat, got to watch out for “he was convicted of assaulting a girl”.

That terminology, however way it is conveyed, jumps right out to the public, cuts right through the newscast and the paper, and gets peoples attention quickly.

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 10:04 am

I’ve done a 180 on this…the kid should play this year. Suspend him a couple games and move on.
I watched a story on Clemson’s Sammy Watkins. He got pulled over, found pot in the car and some pills. The coach states he is a great kid, made a mistake, he took responsibility for his actions, apologized to the team, coach is proud of him, all kids make a mistake, blah blah blah. Total PR crap. He missed two games.
Chapman’s situation is NOT the same but it made me realize that this is college sports today. Every school deals with this BS and they almost never throw kids off the team. The kids all get tons of chances.


Comment by notrocketscience 07.31.13 @ 10:06 am

What we don’t know is what transpired, was she his HS sweetheart who went nuts over his dating someone else in college and started coming after him or what! We know what he did, but we don’t know why.

Comment by markp 07.31.13 @ 10:26 am

My belief is Chapman and KK have
not been released due to extenuating
circumstances. For instance perhaps
these guys met w/PC admitted their mistakes
and asked for mercy. Rather than the
Shell tactic of asking intermediaries to
intervene for him with PC.
Have compassion and have confidence
PC will do the right thing.
PS any comparison to Chapman and
Haywood is obsured.

Comment by JR 07.31.13 @ 10:51 am

The number of folks here who are willing to brush off an assault against a woman is amazing! Says a lot about our society as a whole.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.31.13 @ 11:02 am

Chapman’s deal just went down. It would have made no sense for Chryst to pass judgement prior to the criminal case being resolved.

However, now would be the time for a public statement from Chryst.

Although reinstatement at this point would seem to be an impossibility… one possible option might be to put off a final decision until Chapman successfully completes probation.

Even then, it would be hard to see how Chryst could possibly allow Chapman to rejoin the team given Chryst’s image as a no nonsense disciplinarian committed to building a team of high character student-athletes.

And even if that is the case, Chapman might not want to wait it out, especially if he is presented a guaranteed opportunity to play at another school.

Comment by PittofDreams 07.31.13 @ 11:10 am

I (like I often do) go back to the Jabaal Sheard incident, where he, in the presence of police, threw a guy through a glass door. He did no jail time and to pay damages, but that was it.

Sheard is a person who would have passed Stevie’s recruiting criterion with flying colors, graduated in 4 years, was team captain (elected after the incident), and is very well liked and respected here in Cleveland.

Same for Adam Gunn who als had a bad incient, yet was granted a 6th year of eligibility ad left here with a master’s degree .. and from what I read, was very well like by the coaching staff, and never seen as a problem.

These are kids .. these things happen. Of course, serious incidents occur but unless we are there, we really don’t know exactly what happened.

Now a I have a question for eveyone .. if Pitt beats FSU and on national TV, Savage, in his excitement, says the ‘F’ word … should he be suspended for game or 2?

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 11:37 am

Does anyone know…

What if this was not CHapman, but some non-scholarship, regular student that committed the same crime? Does the student get in trouble with the university? I doubt it unless it was on campus. Same should apply to Chapman.

Comment by notrocketscience 07.31.13 @ 11:53 am

if the Assistan Dean of Economics is caught moletsting a boy on campus, does the college president and chief security officer take appropriate action?

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 12:03 pm

I’ve been around a lot of judges. And I won’t go into details, but these ppl are certainly not beyond reproach. Far from it.

Right in Allegheny County there have been several judges forced from the bench in the last 20 years.

And these judges do have to run for re-election every so often.

Hey and just by chance I just did some checking on our Judge Oswick.

She just happens to be running (for the first time) for re-election this November, 2013.
After being appointed by Gov. Bob Taft in 2005 and winning a term in 2006.

Not saying this sentence has anything to do with the other. Am I’m not saying it doesn’t either.

link to

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 12:11 pm

@Pitt Stadium Shuffle
Hold on just a second. First, assault is assault regardless of the victim. Old people, young people, etc…so I disagree with one crime being worse because the victim is a woman.
Next, this isn’t a sexual assault and that type of crime does carry harsher pentalties. Your distinction of women implies that this was a sexual assault. It was not.
Now…I’m not brusihing off anything. First, I let the criminal justice system do its job and candidly, it has worked. He is being punished far more harshly than the crime to which he admitted requires.
Next, people seem to overlook something here. Chapman admitted his crime. How many times do you see people (like the creeps in State College) who all run behind stacks of scapegoats and legalities to avoid pinishment? the list is endless.
So “yes”, I do encourage and deliver some mercy to those who admit mistakes.
Chapman could have done what any number of people do and hide behind technicalities, invoked 5th amendment rights, etc…
Lastly, unless and until I hear the real victim (not you and not me) argue tjhat the criminal punishment is not enough, then I am going to conclude that she too see more opportunity for a productive life and the scarlet letter everyone wants to put on people for committing a crime.
Like it or not, it is a low level misdemeanor and he will have paid his debt to society.
if you want to ban everyone from everything because you don’t feel the punishment from the criminal justice system was not enough, good luck getting someone to cook your meals when you dine out….it might take longer than you expect.
Sorry, but in no way is a vote to not banish Chapman in any way synonomous with accepting violence of any kind…women included.

Comment by SFPitt 07.31.13 @ 12:13 pm

Furthermore I wonder what our Judge Oswick would have sentenced Chapman to had he say:

Been a QB at Ohio State.

Or stayed at home to be the star QB at Kent State.

If you don’t think politics plays into to all this crap, you’re very naive.

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 12:15 pm

link to

Urban Meyer has to be the biggest sleaze in colle FB. 1st, he makes this statement AFTER no charges were filed. 2nd, guaranteed this girl was ‘influenced’ into dropping the charges. There is no doubt in my mind.

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 12:15 pm

Well said and thought out SFPitt.

These sexist arguments(and others) are all based on bringing ppl into an emotional state, almost a western lynch mob mentality.

Which was just used in the Martin/Zimmerman farce to incite race riots thruout the country. And that ploy is still being played.

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 12:21 pm

What we don’t know is what transpired, was she his HS sweetheart who went nuts over his dating someone else in college and started coming after him or what! We know what he did, but we don’t know why.

Comment by markp 07.31.13 @ 10:26 am

DePaulo of the Trib wrote in his piece today, it was Chapman’s former GF. First time I’ve read anywhere that info. I surmised it, but until DePaulo’s piece it wasn’t in any print piece I read.

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 12:31 pm

@SF Pitt,

I’m guessing you are an attorney. I’m not, but I work for a bunch of them. I have no problem with our justice system, even with all of its imperfections. I’m also far from making decisions on an emotional basis as someone else implied (I’m an engineer). But, when choosing representatives of an organization, which is what all of our student athletes are when they put on a uniform, certain actions are not to be tolerated. A male assaulting a woman is one of them. Kids do a lot of stupid things that we have to turn into teachable moments. Let Chapman move on to a fresh start. Just not at Pitt.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.31.13 @ 12:48 pm

Well if nothing else these discussions we all have shows; we aren’t a monolithic block of blue & gold wearing morons. :-)

Unlike some other institution in Penna.

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 1:16 pm

Emel, last I checked, there were NO race riots following the Zimmerman/Martin case. There were a lot of peaceful protests and a few where some people got arrested for getting out of hand. I know facts are pesky things, but they are kind of important.

Comment by Carmen 07.31.13 @ 1:16 pm

My bad Carmen.

typo* it should have included “potential race riots”.

Here’s where it “got out of hand”. And whether you want to say these incidents were based on race or not…. is up to you.

link to

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 1:27 pm

Good point SF Pitt and others…

@ the lynch mob

It’s easy to be self righteous and make blanket statements that involve other people’s lives. We have these symbols people want to hold up so they can make us feel morally correct…

… so if it was guy… or a black guy, or someone else he “assaulted” then that’s different… but because it was a woooman… oh, wait, now we are dealing with something really evil here.

1. he did not assault anyone and that is not the misdemeanor… 4th degree misdemeanor… he was convicted for.
2. nothing sexual of any nature was implicated.

So the point myself and some others are making is simple.

we don’t know the real facts and we cannot infer them from newspaper reports NOR from how prosecutors and judges decided to act.

I trust PC to look at the human details involved with this young person and make the appropriate decision.

It’s easy to just ‘lynch’ someone as a symbol to something and move on… people feel nice and self righteous.

If the kids actions were that bad, then cut him.

If there not then be a responsible adult and educate the young man.

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 1:29 pm

Dear Lord – Please offer this blog something of importance to discuss. Talking about a kid that has never taken a snap and is easily replaced with a Juco QB is wearing. Good Bye Travon, good luck at your next stop and I hope you learned a valuable lesson. Next topic please? Let’s dicuss the kicker Blewitt? What QB is better? Our wonderful off campus stadium that has a feeling like you are at a company picnic with gimmicks.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 2:02 pm

Oh and Dear FSU – Please bring up your smoking hot girls when you come to play and show these gals in Oakland the way you are supposed to dress at football games.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 2:03 pm

I guess one person’s incitement to [potential] race riots is another’s freedom of speech and highlighting the scary impact of unnecessary laws that incite people like Zimmerman to pack his gun as he follows some kid because had the temerity to wear a hoodie.

Comment by Carmen 07.31.13 @ 2:06 pm

link to

So you get a visual of my point.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 2:21 pm

Which “Justice for Tra(‘)(y)(v)on ” Campaign

are we referring to ???

This is getting confusing.

Oh Chas… blog topic …..please !

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 2:27 pm

Where are those girls at Pitt?

Comment by TX Panther 07.31.13 @ 2:33 pm

Warchant Cowgirls. That’s my new team for 13’!!!

I could easily be persuaded into doing the chop!!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 2:33 pm

na, na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na na!!

boom, boom, boom, boom…. boom, boom, boom, boom

na, na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na na!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 2:37 pm

Expectation are low, no doubt about it. Feldman at CBS Sports has us picked dead last in the Coastal. Five out of seven is the highest spot we get.
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 07.31.13 @ 2:37 pm

hey, Upitt saved the day and has this blog going in the right direction now….

… how about links to pictures of ACC female fans/cheerleaders in all of these wonderful southeast locations???

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 2:38 pm

here you go….

link to….0.0..1ac.1.20.img.IXOMa3cBQkY

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 2:42 pm

Hey, don’t just gloss over the cartoon Georgia Tech girl, if you look closely, they managed to put a thong on her!!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 2:51 pm

Talk about firing people. The coaches and the Cheerleaders and Dance team all need fired. They are in no way shape or form ready for the ACC. We are almost as bad as the uglies from Duke.

Great Link Pittscript!!!

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 2:54 pm

Wow. Now everyone loves women. I knew you guys had it in you!

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.31.13 @ 2:56 pm

@Stadium Shuffle
Not wanting someone as a rep of an organization is much different than brandishing those of us who would keep him as “brushing off” crimes against women.
Used to practice law but don’t anymore so you are correct on that, but if laws are only for lawyers then there are really serious issues waiting for all of us.

Comment by SFPitt 07.31.13 @ 2:58 pm

It was going to be said sooner or later…

Pitt has MAC level cheerleaders…they need to pick up the recruiting!

Comment by notrocketscience 07.31.13 @ 3:00 pm

Just got my September 14 Pirate tickets. Harder to get than Pitt-NM tickets.

Comment by Frank MD 07.31.13 @ 3:04 pm

More like D3 level cheerleaders and outfits.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 3:05 pm

thanks Upitt… although i have to tell you those FSU coeds…. wow.

yeah, now here is where I am totally not a koolaid drinker and a total pessimist… Pitt has DIII level talent with it comes to chearleaders and “golden girls”…

… and here is where you DEFINITELY have to recruit in the southeast…. LOL…

… funny (perhaps) story… growing up my dad and his buddies always had the binoculars and wanted to see the golden girls at half time (dorsett era +-)…. I would always look through them for the 10 seconds they gave me the binos…

… and I would think to myself… “what is the big deal here?”…

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 3:07 pm

You know who is to blame at the end of the day????????? Smug Steve Pederson obviously. I’m still looking for a positive with that guy.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 3:10 pm

Some things you can trust the star system in!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 3:16 pm

Pittscript – Funny how we change right? At that age you are more interested in playing with GI Joes and dirt and then you hit 15 /16 and all you think about are girls….. LOL

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 3:24 pm

C’mon Upitt. I know Coach K is a pisser, but, that one from Duke in the middle of the page is cover girl pretty!!!

I mean, I haven’t seen the rest of the squad, so maybe they bring down the overall rating of the rest of the class, but it looks like Duke landed a 5 star there.

Sure, if the rest of the team is 2’s and 3’s, they’re gonna have to rely on smiles and personalites and be hard workers, but she may bring some other big time recruits with her.

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 3:32 pm

Dan – I lived in NC for a hot minute and the folks in the Southeast always laughed at the gals at Duke. Look at a Duke basketball game and even the girls that go there are dogs. Granted they are very smart but not so much in the looks dept. I will go check out the one you are talking about. Haha.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 3:49 pm

@upitt…. lol… yeah, but even at that age I could tell there was nothing really to look at through the binos…

it’s good ol’ Pitt and definitely stodgy and traditional in the whole band/cheerleader area…

… yeah, definitely think SP sorry a$$ taste is ruining that aspect of the game day as well.

Comment by PittScript 07.31.13 @ 3:51 pm


Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 3:58 pm

Dan link to

In other news I used to hang out with the Duke Cheerleading coach when she was at Pitt. Small World I tell you!! She was on dance team.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 4:01 pm

Dan – See what I mean… Look at the gals…Probably make 400k once they graduate but they aren’t winning Ms. America anytime soon.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 4:02 pm

Anyone else on here only able to get two Navy away game tickets? Ticket office told me it was a sell out of Pitt’s allotment.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 07.31.13 @ 4:02 pm

Yikes, point taken. I mean for a co-worker or neighbor, ok, but not a cheerleader.

Looks like mine has graduated and moved on!!

@PittStadiumShuffle, we’re going to the game, don’t have tickets yet. Got my season tickets, but did not get Navy, because we weren’t sure we could make that weekend.

It usually is pretty well attended by Pitt fans when we play there.

Maybe we could have Pitt make a bowl and play it in Annapolis???

We’re just gonna do Stub-Hub, which will be more money, but we won’t get that gouged for Pitt-Navy.

So, my poor answer is, I don’t know about the 2 ticket limit. LOL Helps a lot eh??

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 4:23 pm

StadiumSchuffle – I purchased my tickets in May on the Navy site – since it’s homecoming I figured they would be hard to snag.

Comment by markp 07.31.13 @ 4:55 pm

Only 2 for me too, PittStadiumShuffle. I requested 11!

Comment by steve1 07.31.13 @ 5:21 pm

Paul Chryst takin’ in the Pirates game tonite directly behind home plate……

Comment by WorkinOnMyPittness 07.31.13 @ 6:27 pm

and next to a good looking girl

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 6:36 pm

With Keller Chryst!!!!

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 6:36 pm

His daughter I’m sure.

Comment by Upittbaseball 07.31.13 @ 6:37 pm

if Keller is there as a recruit, it is a violation .. but if he is there as a nephew, then he is fine

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 6:45 pm

Urban Meyer has higher standards than Chryst.
Had RB Hyde been charged, Meyer stated he would have been dismissed from the team. Instead, the victim didn’t want to pursue so case was dropped. Hyde got a 3game suspension instead.

Betcha OSU booster took care of the victim.
Where were the Pitt booster for Chapman case?

link to

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 07.31.13 @ 6:55 pm

Keller is a Stanford verbal. Those pipe dreams have faded into memory.

Comment by Dr. Tom 07.31.13 @ 7:00 pm

Nice link PittScript

ACC is also a big talent upgrade in the Cheerleader, Dance Squad area.

Although ESPN cameraman always seems to have the habit of finding the chubster on the Pitt squad.

I knew them all when I was at Pitt and that was one thing they were back then, thin, thin, thin.

And the squad won the Cheerleading championship one or two years.

The UNC cartoon one is a hoot.

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 7:04 pm

ambivalent about the chapman saga. have to trust hcpc. hope he makes a statement though.

mostly glad that the conversation has changed.

think during the glory years pitt had terrific cheerleaders. think they were in the limited finals most years. even think they may have won 1 year.

we have lots to recoup.

need a big time band too

pitt script– bring it on

let’s make heinz field the place to be.

and please bring it on hcpc. i want to enjoy my kool-ade.

and let’s go pirates. 3-1, top of 3rd. can’t do more popular spellings. sorry. i’m old and don’t care much about technology. i’m often at trusted other’s tech persuasion.

and i liked the discussion on alternative cable/dish/hulu/netficks.

keep calm.


Comment by pittkeith 07.31.13 @ 7:25 pm

Anyone from DFW interested in the upcoming Pirates vs Rangers game in September? I finally got a Pirates hat after all these years. My old one had those silly Stargell stars.

Comment by TX Panther 07.31.13 @ 8:38 pm

it appears that PC and crew has left in 7th inning of a 4-4 game. Not very good PR

What if Clint Hurdle leaves a tied game after Sweet Caroline?

Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 9:02 pm

@wbb, not making excuses, could it have been because of curfew he has to check on or something related like that??

Larry Foote was on the Fan today, and said he left after the 1st game yesterday because of curfew.

The guys on the Fan, asked if he was joking, he said, “oh no, no joke, curfew is for real”.

Just a thought on why they left possibly??

Plaxico was on too, talking up the Buccos.

And……….Raise it!!! Just beat the Cards for the 4th straight time. Go for the 5 game sweep tomorrow!!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:35 pm

Wow, what a beginning of Fall it could be.
Pitt football, Steelers, Pens starting up……

and throw baseball playoffs possibly into the mix after all these years??? I wouldn’t know what to do!!

Comment by Dan 07.31.13 @ 9:37 pm

Ha, well, perhaps Pitt can hang in after all on the cheerleader front…

… found this link talking about the same thing!

link to

but still going to need more “4 stars”…

Comment by Pittscript 07.31.13 @ 10:22 pm

@PittStadiumShuffle: I requested 3 and was also told can only get 2. Can still purchase tickets through Navy for $45 apiece. Almost paid close to $300 on Stub-Hub. Glad I called Navy ticket office before i pulled the trigger. Hope we get a nice Pitt showing there and really hope were not 1-5 rolling into Annapolis…

Comment by pap76 07.31.13 @ 10:36 pm

What if Clint Hurdle leaves a tied game after Sweet Caroline?
Comment by wbb 07.31.13 @ 9:02 pm

Yea but half the student body does.

They really need to put a stop to that. No campus bus leaves until the game is over !

By Order of Smiley

Me Buccos won again……arghhhhh…!

Comment by EMel 07.31.13 @ 11:15 pm

When the hell does camp start?

Comment by notrocketscience 08.01.13 @ 6:40 am

We’re heading off on a family vacation to the Rockies and scored some tickets to see the Bucs in Coors Field. I’ll give yinz a stadium report.

Comment by KeyboardKev 08.01.13 @ 6:41 am

Cool. Look forward to it coming from near dawntawn Denver and what not!

Comment by wbb 08.01.13 @ 6:51 am

Chas – good point you made about the two alternative punishments for Chapman, however there is no set policy that Chapman wouldn’t still be involved with the program and the team. Juantez Hollins was suspended for a full year and this was the situation with him.

“Even though he will not play in any games, Juantez will remain an active and valuable member of our program and be accountable every day in practice and in the classroom,” Chryst said.

Read more: link to

Comment by Reed 08.01.13 @ 6:53 am

TX Panther – I’m in …. Been to 2 games this year so I’m for sure going to catch 1-2 of the 3. Email me.

Comment by Upittbaseball 08.01.13 @ 7:29 am

Juantez was for smoking pot and failed drug test.
He didn’t go to jail.
Chapman is a much different situation.
Media nightmare to keep Chapman on scholarship.

What is the punishment if the kid is sitting out the year on scholarship???

We will know later today as Chapman gets out of jail and Chryst will have a talk with him. That is why the delay in the announcement.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 08.01.13 @ 7:40 am

It was great watching the Pirates last night and seeing the fans going crazy. Graduated in 76 and those were the days. Hopefully some day soon Pitt football will get the city buzzing. it doesn’t matter how long you have sucked in sports once you start winning the band wagon gets full.

Comment by oklahomeboy 08.01.13 @ 8:16 am

Not – Aug. 6th

Comment by Reed 08.01.13 @ 8:36 am

Chas, please end this misery. Something more positive.

I hope Hollins has made the best of his second chance.

Comment by gc 08.01.13 @ 8:54 am

Just checked out Pitt Script’s link. We are so totally screwed.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 08.01.13 @ 8:58 am

Asked for 6 for Navy at $45 and got all six. I will be making a trip to Annapolis to get 3 more as I have a good many Pitt Fans visising for the game. I will post several days before in case anyone on this site wants a ticket.

Great to discuss anything else but Travon

Comment by Dan 72 08.01.13 @ 9:01 am

I was in school in 71 when the Buccos won the series. Forbes Ave was a wall to wall party. Open containers, bumper to bumper traffic with horns blaring. A PAT bus with twenty people on it’s roof. It was glorious, spontaneous.

From that high, Clemente died a few months later. He had put the team on his back as Stargell would in ’79.

This year will have to be a team effort like 1960.

Comment by gc 08.01.13 @ 9:03 am

Dan83 – I agree with you. However, if you read my actual post it was in referral to the scenarios offer forth by Chas – and any variation on discipline in Chapman’s case isn’t etched in stone.

Comment by Reed 08.01.13 @ 9:05 am

The Summer of 2013 will always be known as:


“The Summer of the Tra(‘)(y)vons”

Oy Vey !

Comment by EMel 08.01.13 @ 9:18 am

Hey check this out.

What do they know they we don’t ???

“2013 Weaknesses: Pitt is bringing in a new quarterback and running back since Rushel Shell is transferring to West Virginia. The offensive line does return key players so maybe the Panthers can offset the loss of its starting quarterback and running back. Chryst has also not named a starting quarterback just yet but it is likely to be Chad Voytik, and the sooner the better would be the mantra for Pitt to help the offense get going early on. Also, the move to the ACC from the Big East will be a fairly sizable adjustment. ”

link to

Comment by EMel 08.01.13 @ 9:33 am

@ notrocketscience, NOT SOON ENOUGH!

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.01.13 @ 10:34 am

In general, most publications put little to no effort into proper research. Unless the author is a content expert on that team, they’re most likely going to make stupid mistakes. People will just look at rosters and stats and go off of that. I’m pretty sure NCAA 14 has Juantez Hollins as one of our best players.

Comment by Justin 08.01.13 @ 10:41 am

I’ve got some free time at work. Any football related articles yinz want at the moment to get away from the Chapman stuff?

Comment by Justin 08.01.13 @ 10:41 am

@ pap76, bite your tongue on that, “hoepfully NOT 1-5″ comment. Trust me, Pitt will probably be 4-2 going into the NAVY game, 3-3 at worst. If not, the villagers will already being totting the pitch forks and torches calling for Chryst’s head on a stake because the fat easy part of our schedule ENDS with the NAVY game. After that the hill gets much steeper real quick! We got to get out of the starting blocks well. Even though the FSU game is already penciled in as a loss, many of the next 5 can be in the win column for Pitt with just a little good fortune.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.01.13 @ 10:45 am

Only a couple of ACC teams in pre-season Coaches poll. FSU and Clemson.

Polls are for media to talk about.

Comment by Frank MD 08.01.13 @ 11:13 am

@ Justin – Pro’s and Con’s of Heinz Field as the Panthers Home. The biggest CON is that the opponents are more excited to play there as it is usually the only time in their careers most will get to suit up in a NFL stadium. Thanks man!!!

Comment by Upittbaseball 08.01.13 @ 11:32 am


I think I read somewhere that Pitt camp opens up next Monday !!!

Hey Justin, what’s our RB situation going to look like beyond Sir Isaac and Malcolm on the Move ??

Comment by EMel 08.01.13 @ 11:34 am

The Blue Ribbon Basketball Guide from the mid to late 80s was the only pre-season publication that was worth the price of purchase. There was principally just one person behind this (forgot his name), and it was his full-time job and only source of income. He would come on sports radio shows and talk about the local team in that area with an uncanny knowledge, and give an address for which to subscribe … not available at newstands or bookstores.

It had details about every player on every team .. amazing the amount of research this guy did.

Then, he became a part-time contributor on ESPN, and they bought him ou and started to publish it, but it was never close to being the same .. and believe they quit publishing it just a few years later.

Comment by wbb 08.01.13 @ 11:43 am

gues it may still be available .. but the guy who started it (Chris Wallace) is no longer involved

link to

Comment by wbb 08.01.13 @ 11:46 am

Hi Justin, one thing I’ve always felt was that Pitt started slow, looked sloppy when they had cupcakes early on the schedule. Once they played a real team, and lost, Pitt toughened up and played better. Can you look into that? It would be great if Pitt got smashed in the mouth against FSU then came out ready to play. Thanks, Caw

Comment by Caw Miller 08.01.13 @ 11:47 am

Justin, what positions do you see real competition for starting jobs and/or significant playing time for some backups?

Comment by rayhpgh 08.01.13 @ 11:50 am

Saw Coach Calipari at the Pirate game last night on TV. He was with the guy that runs the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Summer leagues.
Nice to see Coach Cal in town.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 08.01.13 @ 11:53 am

Caw, coaches frequently say that teams improve the most between Game 1 and 2, and next between Game 2 & 3. In college FB, with no pre-season (not even scrimmages against other teams) there is a very steep learning curve especially with new starters … and the veteran team usually have a decided advantage.

Pitt’s defense got decidedly better after the 2nd game last year (although they struggled vs speed — Lousiville and Miss St)

This is why that if we have a chance of playing FSU close, it would be the opener since they have to replace so many.

Comment by wbb 08.01.13 @ 12:03 pm

Q&A session it is! I’ll start now.

Comment by Justin 08.01.13 @ 12:16 pm

Phil Steele’s mag is good.

Information overload though.

Heard him on College Sports Network on Sirius radio. He was on for an hour.

They would say a team, say, Colorado State, he would know who their linebackers were, who the back ups were.

Must have taked about 20 or 30 teams. The guys were absolutely amazed, he had no briefcase with him, not even his own magazine.

Like I said though, more like hardcore info.

Not something you really sit and peruse with a beer in the lazy boy.

At least for me. I like the other ones with just some general information.

Comment by Dan 08.01.13 @ 12:16 pm

His mag may have some mistakes I would imagine too.

Just saying, I was taken aback when I listened to him. I thought, “this guys a college football junkie, he’s not distributing the work, he’s definitely hands on”.

I mean, someone would mention Georgia Tech’s running game, and he would say, “well, they averaged about 195 yds per game last year, they did lose a tackle and guard, but they have two soph’s coming right in”.

And about my Georgia Tech comment above, he knew all of their friggin’ names, including the back ups.

He’s got to be college football 24/7, eat, drink and sleep it.

Comment by Dan 08.01.13 @ 12:27 pm

@EMel, concerning your question on what’s the status of our depth in the running game after we go beyond our top two RBs. I’m high on this guy from McDowell HS, James Conner in this incoming Freshman class. This is a kid with the size to be the kind of running back that Pitt hasn’t had for DECADES. At 6’4″ and 235lbs he still has quickness.
Conner only really played running back just last year and totally blew the lid off! His stats for the season were 1,680yds on just 115 carries. If you’re not good with numbers that is 14.5yds/carry and that produced 21 rushing TDs. He added another 4 TDs through the air.

This kid was a sleeper, since he changed positions his senior year to the RB position. Watch his game video against State College HS on a slick field and tell me that he doesn’t look like a man amoungst boys in that game!

link to

I expect to see him on the field this season.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.01.13 @ 12:37 pm

wbb – I remember seasons when Pitt played patsies for four games, looked like hell, then got pushed around by a big school (Big Ten, Big East). Then Pitt played much better, less missed tackles, less dropped balls, better o-line play. It’s like Pitt forgot how to push people around in the off season and only remembered how after they got pushed around. I wish Pitt could remember how to be a bully without having to be reminded every fall. I also always wondered what those other schools did in practice that they never forgot how to push other teams around. Pitt might lose to FSU but I bet Pitt won’t get pushed around by NM or Duke.

Comment by Caw Miller 08.01.13 @ 1:05 pm

On the thread of away game tickets: ordered extra tickets for the Tech game. Looking forward to watching my two alma maters fight it out on the Flats. It’s Tech’s homecoming weekend. Looking forward to this game.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 08.01.13 @ 1:24 pm

Comment by Justin 08.01.13 @ 3:01 pm

I’m gonna wear my “Free Chapman” hat and post it on Twitter.

Comment by Panther Pride 08.01.13 @ 6:55 pm

Agree in principle that Pitt has been slow starting. Some of that occurs from a lack of star leadership. If the Pitt team put 14 4 stars out there, the talent usually wins, but Pitt hasn’t put that type of talent out there consistently and as such, the talent becomes balanced against a lesser named opponent. Once the talent is equal, the team that wants it more and worked harder in the off-season typically wins. The primadonna 4 stars didn’t show up to lead and play. This is one reason I like the recruiting of kids that want to be here, are extremely smart, and actually have some talent that can be coached….up!

I will take the opposite approach on Chapman, well because the blog allows it. Look, every kid, 17, 18, 19 and 20, makes mistakes. Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. Having had clients who were abusive towards each other physically, and yes, physical abuse comes from both the male and female, this incident could be as simple as a young man and young girl, trying to learn how to have a relationship. Chapman has learned a most serious lesson here.

As a coach, Paul Chryst has a teaching opportunity to one kid and a whole team. PC should allow Chapman to stay, suspend him for the entire season (redshirt year) and his first two games of his RS Freshman year. We have to look at the totality of the circumstances when making judgments. Although I abhor the event as reported and would be livid if it was my daughter, there are always two sides to each story. As a father of a daughter I would have handled this with Chapman, one on one…in private. There was no report that said he just came up and pulled her hair for no reason. For all we know, this was the first time that each of them were in a hostile situation and just didn’t know how to handle or diffuse it properly. Look how many adults still can’t!!

Take it outside of football. Would a college student be dismissed from college for this type of offense? NO! They would be on probation from the student disciplinary committee. Why? Because everyone gets a second chance, regardless of status at a university. This isn’t being soft and for all those believing this would be a PR nightmare, you have no idea about how this works at major universities, let alone at Pitt. That is a hogwash statement. Pitt generates very little national PR as it is. We are not on that level so don’t go confusing us with the likes of Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, etc. Sorry for the rant, but the decision is easy in my mind.

No PR nightmare at PSU if you want a case study. Applications are not down. Enrollment is not down. Endowment is not down. Quite the contrary. Have they lost a couple hundred million in the process, yes, but it is just money and they may only end up paying about 100M from their own pockets.

PSU will be hit with the largest Cleary Act violation fine in the history of DOJ penalties. I expect that to be around $6M at a max of $27.5k per violation.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 08.01.13 @ 7:18 pm

@DR. Tom: Thanks for the link on the Conner kid. When they landed him i was impressed with the numbers he put up, but was not aware that was his 1st year at RB or was that big. Hope the coaches don’t think he’s “too big” to be a RB and give him a chance there…Starting to really get excited now as the calender has switched to August, one month away from that HUGE Labor Day showdown. Hail To Pitt!!

Comment by pap76 08.02.13 @ 3:15 pm

Does anyone know if there has ever been a case of a kid serving actual jail time and remaining on a team? Sure there has been, but no particular case comes to mind. Such a sad situation with Chapman. i was so impressed with everything about this kid prior to this incident…

Comment by pap76 08.02.13 @ 3:19 pm

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