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July 22, 2013

But the Money’s All Right

Filed under: ACC,Conference,Money — Chas @ 10:56 am

Sorry. Busy weekend, and we had a big deluge that kept internet access wonky. Completely out for the last 12 hours, aside from my cell service. But it’s back now, and it will be catch-up time with recruiting, good stories and the whole ACC Media Days.

This, though is worth sharing right away.

Huge. Most of the time — and it was so for BC, VT and Miami when they joined — you don’t get a full share right away. They slowly give you the cut. Like

Louisville will also get a full cut when they join next year.

I can attest that we had one major league storm overnight Friday. Emergency response type vehicles were plentiful this past weekend.

What a windfall Pitt will get this year … we’ll see what the admin will do with it.

Comment by wbb 07.22.13 @ 11:38 am

This is great news. I never got the whole notion of inviting a team to your conference and then saying “Welcome to our conference, and enjoy your second class financial membership for the next few years!” The justification has been that the new members did not fully contribute to income being generated by the conference. But, without the new members, their future TV Contracts would be worth less.

Comment by HbgFrank 07.22.13 @ 11:52 am

We are in business with the right people financially, geographically, academically, and athletically.

Comment by JR 07.22.13 @ 12:27 pm

This is a great move by the ACC in providing full shares to new member schools. I’m hoping the University puts the delta to good use – maybe Pederson will by new uniforms with the Pitt script…Sorry I just passed out.

Comment by Pitt it IS 07.22.13 @ 12:33 pm

Big deal! So Pitt gets 5 times more money then when they were in the Big East, in real dollars that’s only an additional 16 million. The other power conference teams all make more, when fully vested, plus the ACC has the weakest bowl lineup both in numbers and money when compared to the other big boy conferences.

Sorry, I wanted to try out the pessimistic POV, just like some of our tranditional naysayers who post on here, to get a feel of what its like. Kinda of sucks!

Think I like the optimistic POV much better. This particular batch of Pitt Koolaid is colored green and tastes just like money, yummie!

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Dr. Tom 07.22.13 @ 12:58 pm

Don’t worry Dr Tom, ‘JoeDanPittD83’ will be on in a minute telling us Coach Chryst won’t be around to enjoy the benefits from the financial windfall after the 2014 season…………

Comment by pghFred 07.22.13 @ 1:19 pm

Dr Tom … must admit you make a fine pessimist

Comment by wbb 07.22.13 @ 1:40 pm

big money i like it but i dont get MARYLAND they have to wait 7 years the big 10 only pays 25 million
i think so that means maryland will make less then the rest of the acc for a few years before they get 25 million i wonder if they had known the acc was going to get 20 million if they would have left

becuse 7 years is a long time to wait for your money.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.22.13 @ 6:10 pm

Good News…..PITT gets Full Share, Year 1

Bad News…..Does this mean Cornhole gets a raise ?

Comment by EMel 07.23.13 @ 12:35 am

Maryland must be run by a bunch of nitwits.

We ALREADY know Rutgers is !

Comment by EMel 07.23.13 @ 12:36 am

At the end of the day, you have to put pencil to paper. Now, I know that can be a challenge in places like Morgantown, but I suspect Oliva learned reeding, riting and rithmatic up there in Cleveland.
Not just wait until the fans begin to resemble empty seats in Morgantown.
Then the stuff will hit the fan and Oliva will be onto to his next job…he is going to manage his son’s career.
Who cares about Maryland? Not their new conference…not their old one either.

Comment by SFPitt 07.23.13 @ 10:01 am

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