June 17, 2013

Well, Pitt has essentially traded J.J. Moore to Rutgers for Derrick Randall.

“It felt like a new home and a new start and I need to get away and start clean.”

The 6-foot-8, 240-pound Randall also considered Iona and Minnesota. He visited Pittsburgh last Thursday.

Randall, a Bronx native who played at South Kent (Conn.) and Paterson (N.J.) Catholic, averaged 2.1 points and 1.5 rebounds as a sophomore at Rutgers.

He opted to transfer in the wake of the Mike Rice scandal and could obtain a waiver to play immediately.

Randall was a 3-star center coming out of prep/high school. He’s got two years of eligibility remaining.

His minutes and numbers went down from his freshman to sophomore year.

2012-13 RUTG 8.2 0.8-1.5 .500 0.0-0.0 .000 0.5-0.8 .667 1.5 0.0 0.4 0.3 1.0 0.3 2.1
2011-12 RUTG 11.3 1.0-1.8 .561 0.0-0.0 .000 0.5-0.7 .609 2.4 0.1 0.4 0.3 1.4 0.6 2.5

That was something of a surprise to see his numbers decrease, since the minutes for him were supposed to be increasing.

Prior to the season, head coach Mike Rice told the Blue Ribbon Yearbook that he was one of the most improved players on the team, and that he had a future as a big time rebounder. Then his minutes declined from his freshman year. All told, he only played double-digit minutes in 10 games.


Part of the reason he didn’t play is because he didn’t rebound. He was fine on the offensive end, but only grabbed 7.7% of the boards on the defensive end. To put that into perspective for Pitt fans, 6-0 point guard Tray Woodall’s defensive rebound % was over 10%.

But Randall has the size, and he has the athleticism.

So that potential is still there. As is the very chance of seeing minutes right away with a waiver. Obviously, Pitt could use another extra body to absorb some minutes in the frontcourt for the coming year. As it stands it is Young, Zanna and Uchebo are the only true centers and power forwards on the roster.

Run the Floor, makes a point that I can’t entirely disagree with regards to Randall. That the kid — and maybe Pitt for the future — might benefit from him not getting a waiver. Obviously he needs work and it might be more beneficial for him to not be forced into the rotation. Still, my money is on him getting a waiver and getting around 10 minutes a game.

Then there is guard Trevor Lacey. The transfer from Alabama. There was a brief flare of a rumor last week that he had committed to NC State. Lacey directly extinguished the rumor on Twitter. As it stands, he all indications are that he is deciding between Pitt and NC State.

NC State under Mark Gottfried has been fantastic at reeling in the talent. Gottfried was a hell of a recruiter when he worked for Jim Harrick at UCLA in the 90s and even at Alabama when he was the head coach (1998-2009). So, from that perspective he is hard to bet against. His ability to coach the talented players to any consistency is something entirely different.

Still no indication as to when he will make a decision. Since both Pitt and NC State have multiple scholarship openings, there is no real chance one school would run out of scholarships before the end of the summer (hopefully Lacey won’t take that long).

UPDATE: So much for waiting on Lacey. He’s now made it official with the Wolfpack. Damn.

Still two weeks until the ACC becomes official and I have a strong distaste for Gottfried. He’s beaten Pitt for Beejay Anya, Linnard Freeman and now Lacey. Of course, no one ever disputed his skill as a recruiter.

When Dixon coached the U18 team, did he use his same plodding style? He won those games. Is it the talent at Pitt or Jamie’s style?

Comment by Caw Miller 06.18.13 @ 6:19 am

@Emel, now you’re beginning to sound like the ANTIUpittbaseball. Pleeaase, the Heisman talk begins already????? @ Upittbaseball, now THAT is the “Koolaid” talking!

Boyd sure did show his skill set in the Big 33 Classic game but a Heisman candidate he isn’t, at least not yet. And BTW, “the who is going to be better at the next level” debate between Foster and Boyd is nothing more than who can throw the BS the best at this juncture. There are waaaay too many variables that will effect each player to even guess what will become of either player into the future, although a lot of bad things would have to transpire to keep either one from making a significant impact on the game. But less we forget, didn’t we all jump up and down with excitement at Rushel Shell’s coming out party at the Vt Tech game. Hell, he was going to be a beast for us going forward. Now how did that work out?

As I always say, we’ll see.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.18.13 @ 6:20 am

panther94, what’s the temperature / humidity like in August in NC?

I’ve always wanted to go to Research Triangle and have some time in mid August, but don’t want to spend all my time in a sauna

Comment by wbb 06.18.13 @ 6:26 am

Adams is climbing the mock draft boards. A couple reputable NBA draft sites( if there is such a thing) have Adams going #10 to Portland.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 06.18.13 @ 6:29 am

Wbb the weather is very nice in RAleigh Durham. Its not like many southern cities because you have 4 seasons. I do a lot of work at NC state and like the area. The research triangle area is awesome and think about how many universities are within an hour of each other. The 2 girls schools, meredith and peace and nc state, unc, wake forest, duke. When archie played for nc state i went to watch him as i was living north of relaleigh. Its kind of like a mini pittsburgh of the south. Lots of pa folks moves there. Panther 94 lets go to the Pit anytime. My treat love it there for barbacue

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.18.13 @ 7:40 am

wbb, you’re probably looking at close to 10 degrees hotter than the ‘Burgh on the average in August + higher humidity. August, I think, has the highest humidity and it’s close to as hot as July.

Comment by panther94 06.18.13 @ 7:47 am

ACC BB hasn’t been that good for awhile. Those who think Pitt will have big adjustments are wrong. Duke and maybe NC are very good. NC ST is coming along but really the others are up and down. Actually as to ACC BB, Swafford can’t be more happy with the new guys who bring really good BB to the ACC.

Comment by chethejet 06.18.13 @ 8:32 am

Dan 72, I would be amazed if we were only favored in 4 ACC games this year, in fact I think that scenario is extremely unlikely. We win at home and even when we stink get some wagering respect. I think you overlook the possible benefits that come from the house cleaning. I admit we could be a mess but I think it is a lot more likely we are way better than you are forecasting.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 06.18.13 @ 8:38 am

Hey Doc Tom

I can wish right.

When was the last time a Pitt recruit scored 5 TD’s in the Big 33 game ?

And I wasn’t one who was jumping up & down over Shell and Va Tech. For I knew Va Tech wasn’t that good. Both before and after the Pitt game.

We got screwed on Fitz not getting the Heisman (maybe Upittbaseball will agree), when that terrible QB from Choklahoma got it instead.

Perhaps Boyd will right that terrible wrong !

Comment by EMel 06.18.13 @ 9:29 am

@ upittbaseball

I didn’t say Raleigh was a craphole, I said NC State’s stadium ( Carter-Finly) was a craphole compared to Heinz Field.

@ everyone else.
As far as the weather in the Carolina’s in the summertime (outside of Asheville) it sucks, it’s usually above 90 degrees with 80-90% humidity.

I’ve lived in the Carolinas for 20 years and when we go out for a walk later in the day or evening, there is absolutely no one outside doing anything.
It’s that hot & humid. There’s even not a single sole on their decks or patios, unless they’re enclosed and air conditioned. It’s way too hot & humid to enjoy a round of golf or play tennis.

I would take the summers in Pittsburgh in a heartbeat of those in the Carolinas, outside of say again the Asheville-Hendersonville area, which is in the mountains and it’s 10 degrees or more cooler up there and way less humid. Also it’s not flat as a board like the rest of NC & SC.

Comment by EMel 06.18.13 @ 9:39 am

upittbasrball this was in the pitt paper before
foster or boyd had picked a school. i dont remmber if it was trib or post they were asking some talking heads sports people.
who was best they all picked boyd.
and that was when we were to get foster and they thought boyd was going to WVU.
just saying look it up i am to lazy to go back
and find it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.18.13 @ 9:52 am

btw that heat & humidity is why Golf season at the Golf Capital of the South (Myrtle Beach) is in the Spring & Fall.

Comment by EMel 06.18.13 @ 9:54 am

right Frankcan

Tyler Boyd was selected the Post Gazette 2012 Player of the Year, not Mr. Alabami.

link to

Comment by EMel 06.18.13 @ 9:59 am

Emel – The kid played single A. As you may or may not know it’s pretty bad football vs. Triple/Quad A. I’m over the argument about Boyd vs. Foster. I take Foster all day long and so did the National Rankings. He was the 4th vs. 12th best receiver. We may be splitting hairs just my opinion. As far as Fitzgerald I agree 1000%. i saw him in person vs. Texas AM and he was a badass. Two TD’s and one was a sickening catch. Having lived in Louisiana for 7 years Raleigh is like winter time to LA’s Heat and Humidity. As I get older I actully like the warmer weather. When I go home to visit Mom and Dad I’m like a little girl when it gets below 40. Haha

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.18.13 @ 10:10 am

Check it out.

In the Big 33 game, the Pennsylvania team was wearing Pitt’s colors. Must have killed them in Creepy Valley. haha

link to

Comment by EMel 06.18.13 @ 10:11 am

@Upitt, sure that sounds good.

Comment by panther94 06.18.13 @ 10:37 am

Wish away EMel, I’m right there wishing with ya. I wish that we had a dozen recruits for 2014 already, I wish that Chapman had never been charged with girlfriend abuse, I wish that Foster gets homesick for Pittsburgh and transfers to Pitt after a year of eatin grits and being referred to as boy, down south, I wish that Heinz Field sells out for every game this season,I wish that Stevie P. will have an epiphany and roll out the “Script” throwback unis for the FSU game, and I wish that I wasn’t going on an Alaskan cruise over the Labor Day weekend so that I could go to the FSU game. Actually I’d still rather be going on the cruise, I’ll catch the game on TV at the sports bar on ship.

So keep on wishing.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.18.13 @ 10:52 am

Dr. Tom – You act like we are living in 1954 down here. LOL

By the way bought a night guard, said I grind my teeth. What a rip off that $600 was for a piece of plastic. Haha

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.18.13 @ 10:56 am

That’s a little pricey, but it sure is a better investment than $20,000 to do a full rehab with crowns AFTER you’ve ground down all your teeth to nubs!

You must be stressed out if you’re grinding your teeth, probably status quo for a Northern having to constantly deal with the “good ol boys” network down South. Ha Ha.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.18.13 @ 11:14 am

Doc, i am starting to think I’m one of them. LOL. I’m in Texas now and man there are no more legit Texans… Everyone here is from the North or Mid-West coming for work. Hope you are well and Hope We can get some kids signed!

Good Point on the Crowns. I have 4

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.18.13 @ 12:23 pm

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