June 15, 2013

Jalen Williams became verbal #2 yesterday when he committed to Coach Chryst and company. Williams is a Safety from Newburgh, New York (maybe the h after the burg closed the deal) and a 3 star prospect on both Rivals and Scout. Rivals also has him ranked as the 6th best prospect in New York. While New York isn’t exactly a football hotbed, it’s still impressive to be a top 10 prospect in the state. One quote from an interview with PantherLair jumped out at me and really affirms the recruiting philosophy:

When they were recruiting me, they weren’t arrogant about anything, they weren’t lying to me; they were being honest with me. They’re just a good staff.

Williams is listed at 6’2 180 and had offers from Syracuse, Temple, Buffalo, and a few others. He was on an unofficial visit and was here to participate in an invite only workout with 10 or 11 other players.  His primary recruiter was DE/LB coach John Palermo.

I know a lot of people aren’t pleased with the lack of results thus far and a few of the players we haven’t landed, but as I mentioned on the Optimistic portion of my OvP column on recruiting: it’s an end game. It’s not over a player chisels his name into stone faxes over his Herbie Hancock. Sorry, I forgot which antiquated method of communication is used to submit a verbal.

One chiseled stone we’re eager to get is Washington, PA RB Shai McKenzie. McKenzie released his top 5 in order of preference yesterday. Right now, the list is Florida State, Pitt, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Arkansas. Local paper the Observer Reporter had an interview with Shai and he told Jason Mackey how he narrowed his list down.

“Who was honest,” McKenzie answered. “Relationships. What did I like about a lot of these schools. Which coaches kept in contact with me and showed their interest. If I was a priority or not.”

That seems to bode well for us. If we aren’t showing McKenzie that he’s a top priority something is very wrong. Given that we’re #2 on his list it’s safe to assume he knows how desperately he’s wanted. If Chryst and company land McKenzie and Keller Chryst, no one will complain about recruiting for a few months.

Who the hell am I kidding? Yinz will always find something to complain about; it’s Pitt sports. There’s always a reason. On a personal note, sorry for the lack of posts from me lately. I’ve been busy and had some personal issues to deal with (sorry for the twitter whining, followers) but hopefully things will ease up a little bit soon.

ESPN still lists Shane Roy for some reason even.

Comment by Frank MD 06.15.13 @ 9:30 am

Hence why ESPN is not a source I trust for anything, especially recruiting. At least for Pitt, it’s

1) Rivals
2) Everyone else.

Comment by Justin 06.15.13 @ 9:34 am

The stakes for the FSU game just went way up.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 06.15.13 @ 9:44 am

‘faxes over his Herbie Hancock’ ….. I like it!

The good news is that we’re #2 with McKenzie; the bad news is we’re #2 with Mckenzie.

and if there is an appropriate word for Pitt in the recent past, it’s ‘Bridesmaids’ … whether in reference to top recruits, critical games or final standings.

Guess I’m a P …. but really don’t want to be

Comment by wbb 06.15.13 @ 9:48 am

“Guess I’m a P…”

You may want to rephrase that. LOL

Comment by Justin 06.15.13 @ 10:10 am

No disrespect, but Sal Sunseri is recruiting McKenzie to FSU.
Sal didn’t get recruiting awards for nothing!
Pitt’s chances are not so good.
There is no 2nd place prize in recruiting. Being on the final list is meaningless. Getting a player to commit and sign is all that counts!!

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.15.13 @ 10:11 am

If Pitt was good enough for Sal’s own kid…..

It is great to be #2 and not see PSU or Ohio State or WVU on the list…

because it’s all about how this season goes in terms of how the team plays (vibe, energy, toughness, focus) and enough wins to get to bowl game and meet/exceed expectation.

If Pitt does that this season then things will go well.

Also, all this stuff about Chryst/staff not being communicators, and how they suck at recruiting and that their ‘being honest’ approach won’t work… and then I just keep reading quotes from real players and HS coaches like the above…

What really strikes me is how the kid listed his priorities and what they are!

and at the end of the day if a top player does pick Alabama or FSU… it may just simply be because it was Alabama or FSU…

Thanks for the info and good posts by others above.

Comment by Pittscript 06.15.13 @ 11:07 am

Not that I like losing recruits, but when you lose a guy to FSU, Stanford, Michigan, tOSU, etc. it’s easier to handle. When we lose to PSU or WVU it sucks big time.

Comment by Justin 06.15.13 @ 11:12 am

if we have sell outs at the games even fifty thousand plus and the fans really come to the games it might change some players ideas abought pitt

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.15.13 @ 11:13 am

The Martin kid out of Harrisburg (RB), Pitt had little contact with and he chose Rutgers because Rutgers pursued heavily. He was the #2 RB in PA.
The Williams kid out of Newburgh, go look at his ESPN profile which lists his stats from Nike combine. NY is a terrible place to be looking for players. Go south!
4.99 in 40, 4.60 in shuttle for a safety!
C’mon man! We need some team speed especially at that position!

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.15.13 @ 11:31 am

Pirr will never have sellouts unless they win and are competitive. If FSU blows us out 54-7, the crowd for VA and N Mexico will be ugly.

That’s just the way it is at Pitt. But them, if we claim there are only 45M seats for football, ala SPed, we could sell out at least 1 other game.

Comment by Dan 72 06.15.13 @ 11:55 am

@pittdan–I suspect that’s bad data being reported–either contains a typo or two (like that DT Pitt’s interested in being incorrectly listed at 180 vs 280 on Scout)–or the kid was sick the day he was at the Nike combine. I strongly suspect the staff has better data on him–I am certain they actually timed him themselves when he visited the invite camp.

Comment by pitt1972 06.15.13 @ 12:23 pm

Dan 72 i guess you missed the post but we have sold over fifty four thousand season season tickets all ready for the first year in the ACC

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.15.13 @ 12:33 pm

Beating out buffalo, temple and syracuse. Juggernauts of the NCAA’s.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.15.13 @ 1:03 pm

@Upittbaseball, I can visualize you in your computer room right now, wearing your PITT T shirt while doing the arm rowing, quick footed shuffle chanting, YEAH, WE BAD, WE BAD! Take a frickin Prozac and lighten up pal. LOL

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.15.13 @ 1:15 pm

Tom, sorry im not excited about MAC Caliber kids. We arent in the big Least anymore. Whats arm rowing? I may have to do some soon. Lol

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.15.13 @ 1:18 pm

@FRANKIE, what Dan72 is saying, and is completley correct, is not about the number sold, it’s about how many will attend.

It’s great that we’ve sold that many, and I’ll even give some credit to SP and the Ath Dept.
That is excellent work. (still hoping 10k or 20k ND fans didn’t buy season tix just to get the Pitt-ND game)

The second part of the equation, is winning consistently.

If we get blown out, and don’t look so hot the first couple of games, the 30K yellow seats will show their ugly selves immediately.

That’s not positive or negative. That’s reality.

Comment by Dan 06.15.13 @ 1:30 pm

pitt72. Most ridiculous most made.
Making excuses for a kid that is SLOW. It’s not typo. That was the best time after 2 attempts! It was a Nike Combine!
Bottom line, Williams is another Mac level recruit.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.15.13 @ 1:33 pm

YOU know how hard i am on pitt football recruiting
but i think we should lay off the bitching untill after 3 or 4 games becuse bye then we will be able to see how the recruits from last year look.
and if they look good these kids will to if they stink these kids will to but we have to wait and see

but if last years class look bad then we can get on him for this years class

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.15.13 @ 2:08 pm

Kind of like recruiting. That’s a two part equation.

SRB had some good posts and info on recruiting yesterday. he was also upset about people not being thrilled with the one guy.

Well, first, we have got to get some recruits. I’m not as worried about this one. I will wait until February to see what the class looks like.

The second, and I understand him being upset, but, at the same time, IN THE FUTURE, we have got to start recruiting kids where the other teams we beat out are not U.Buffalo, Old Dominion and Kent State.

I’m ok with that now. I understand we’re still early in PC’s tenure. But, if we’re ever to be a top 20 team again, in the next couple years we can’t be competing consistenly with the MAC and Colonial Athletic League for recruits.

I don’t expect us to beat out Alabama, LSU, Texas or USC either.

But, we have to see, for the most part, Pitt getting recruits that have other offers from Virginia, NC State, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Louisville etc. etc.
(other BCS conference schools)

It’s imperative in the future, if we’re going to be a top 25 team to be getting and losing kids to other BCS conference teams.

I don’t care how good of a teacher a coach is, to become a consistent top 25 team, you cannot be battling Akron and Bowling Green for recruits.

You just can’t.

I also know it’s only PC’s 2nd year, and I have for the most part not been critical of him.

I’m talking about as we hopefully progress, in a couple years, we may have a few recruits that are “also offered” by MAC schools, but we have got to get to the point where for the most part we’re fighting other BCS teams for players.

And winning some of those battles.

Hopefully with winning some games, the recruit level will rise.

Comment by Dan 06.15.13 @ 2:30 pm

btw, john palermo went to williams` HS.

gotta push for shai..I think depth will land him at pitt.

Comment by Yup 06.15.13 @ 2:40 pm

This kid from NY sort of fits the bill to what I posted the other day.

Yes he’s excited to come to Pitt and wants to be here. Why.

If you look at his offers, you know.

Nobody else on there, is on par with Pitt.

If his speed is correct, that is really slow for a safety. Could he even cover a fast TE.

But then could you afford to let him play Free Safety. Or deep centerfield, as the last possible tackler, on the field. Usually by the time a WR or a RB reach the FS, they’ve built up a head of steam, are in high gear. Could this kid close on them ?

The Syracuse offer was probably out of politeness since he’s rated a Top 10 prospect in Syracuse’s home state. And Cuse is billing itself now, as New York’s team.

We shall hope for the best. ( as we always do)

Comment by EMel 06.15.13 @ 3:20 pm

Saw the kids high light film he doesn’t look slow in the least–certainly not lineman slow which is what a 4.99 means. Even in HS you don’t get behind the secondary coverage and catch a TD if that’s your true speed. I know Pitt timed him in the 40 at the invite camp and the coaches liked him well enough to offer so I will trust their judgment over any poster’s opinion on a blog.

Comment by pitt1972 06.15.13 @ 3:52 pm

Big 33 game, which features a few incoming Pitt players, is on the NFL Network at 7pm tonight. Pennsylvania vs. Maryland. Tyler Boyd is probably the feature guy. Pitt also has a guy on the Maryland team.

Comment by Mailman 06.15.13 @ 3:58 pm

Boyd gets two TDs early.

Comment by Frank MD 06.15.13 @ 6:54 pm

If a safety is running a 4.9 40 in the game, it would mean he is chasing a guy! Not good. Rarely does a football player run a straight line 40. It is about quickness, anticipation and explosiveness. It’s game speed.

A 4.9 could just mean poor technique. Antonio Bryant ran a consistent 4.7; Greg Lee was a 4.9 guy. With a year in the weight room and proper training, going from a 4.9 to a 4.65 is not that difficult. This is all under the assumption that the time is correct…now!

The doomsdayers are out in full force as usual. To them I say, look at the nfl draft. There are plenty of first rounders that went to lesser schools than Pitt. Look, w currently have two solid players. Would be great to see a couple of the highly ranked OL’s make the choice as I think that would help land a McKenzie and even potentially, a Chryst! Momentum fellers, momentum.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.15.13 @ 8:16 pm

Boyd with 5 TDs…so far

Comment by steve1 06.15.13 @ 8:25 pm

Wish boyd was taller.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.15.13 @ 8:29 pm

Same height as Tony Dorsett

Comment by steve1 06.15.13 @ 8:39 pm

@Upittbaseball — Boyd plays football not basketball. He’s tall enough. Did you watch the Big33 game? :)

Comment by MariettaMike 06.15.13 @ 8:49 pm

Boyd is 6-1 wtf do you want. Typical Pitt yinzer.

Comment by chethejet 06.15.13 @ 9:08 pm

FWIW, ESPN listed Robert Foster’s 40 time at 4.8 last spring. You can’t take their recruiting info seriously.

Comment by srb 06.15.13 @ 9:33 pm

He’s a receiver not a RB. He did great against Maryland High School Kids. Don’t crown him yet. Chet you probably had a party Pederson was extended…Talking about a typical Yinzer..Keep drinking the cool aid. You guys are aware DB’s are now 6’0 avg now.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.15.13 @ 9:45 pm

UPITTBASEBALL i never ever say any thing bad abought what say you know that
but come on man he scores 5 td and you wish he were taller you are comeing off bad here like the grinch
who stole xmas.
give it a brake for once the kid is good and you know it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.15.13 @ 10:11 pm

Frank, my comments and i watched some of the game is i wish he was bigger. He looks small for a big time receiver. 5 TD’s is awesome no matter who the competition. Im just saying lets not go crazy yet.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.15.13 @ 10:47 pm

@pitt.dan83 I think the other comments covered it. I mean if they recruit the kid and he accepts they must have seen something… they know the league they are going to play in and this kid is going to play safety… I just don’t think they are suicidal at this point or desperate.

Like Frankcan said if we get off ok to the year things are going to trend up for the program.

Comment by Pittscript 06.15.13 @ 11:00 pm

you said taller not bigger. He is a legit 6-1 and is really good. You are a yinzer for not only being wrong, but typical Pitt yinzer who want perfection or else. Kids a stud and you find something to bit** about. Incredible.

Comment by chethejet 06.15.13 @ 11:31 pm

@Upitt…holy crap. He’s got 5 TDs and you’re wishing he was taller! How about a little praise?! Do you ever do that? BTW, good to see you’re back. 😉

Comment by panther94 06.16.13 @ 12:45 am

Here is the article on the Big 33 game…

link to

Comment by Reed 06.16.13 @ 5:02 am

Complain about the lack of recruits, complain about the recruit that commits, complain about the in coming freshmen, complain about the coaches , and the one that really takes the cake …the lack of good seats now that the ticket sales are high!
BTW – Arkansas only has 4 commits and the coach isn’t worried either, must be the Wisci philosophy .

Comment by markup 06.16.13 @ 6:20 am

@Upittbaseball — I agree, let’s not get crazy. 😉

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 06.16.13 @ 6:41 am

@ P Small, well said!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.16.13 @ 7:16 am

I agree with Upittbaseball, let’s not heap any praise on Tyler Boyd’s performance in the Big 33 Classic last night. As he mentioned, the competition was only a bunch of all star high school football players assembled from the entire state of Maryland. And come on, Boyd is a slow starter, it took him sixteen seconds to finally score a TD. What the hell was he doing in all those other 15 seconds, dogger!

He has absolutely NO consistancy, the guy can’t even keep his head in the game to score his 5 TDs the same way. For Christ’s sake, he was recruited as a WR for crying out loud. So catch the ball for touchdowns, total BS running them in on kick off returns an@.

Plus he has little staying power, did you notice how his performance dropped off in the second half? The slouch scored 4 TD’s in the first half but only one in the entire second half, what a joke! No endurance.

Then they try to cover up ALL of this deficencies by giving him the MVP award for the PA team just because nobody else scored 5 TDs. Now if that’s not backing into an award, I don’t know what is.

That’s the problem with Pitt recruiting, they get these kids from local single A football programs and they HOPE that they can coach them up to finally be productive by maybe their senior year. No wonder people constantly complain about Pitt football, there’s no hope for the future of the Panthers, they suck!

So Upittbaseball has got it right on this one, this Boyd character will be lucky to ever see the field, too short, too small, too slow, etc. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.16.13 @ 7:18 am

Dr Tom–LOL Well done

Comment by NYPanther 06.16.13 @ 8:22 am

Dr. Tom,
You should have said for “Chryst’s” sake.

“For Christ’s sake, he was recruited as a WR for crying out loud. So catch the ball for touchdowns, total BS running them in on kick off returns an@.”

Otherwise, another top notch post!

Comment by tedsptman 06.16.13 @ 8:47 am

Holy sulfer breath Batman, what would the Blather Faithful have written about Boyd if he didn’t score?
I am glad as Hell he has a chip on his shoulder and Pitt on his chest.
All complainers about him have won a free mullet haircut from “Yinz guys n’at Hair Cuts” for a full year!

Comment by sfpitt 06.16.13 @ 9:00 am

Foster did run 4.82 40

2011 Nike combine in Pgh

Comment by anonymous 06.16.13 @ 9:13 am

To bad some kids did not take the opportunity to play in the game. Granted injuries can occur but it is an honor and includes many activities that help disadvantaged children.

Comment by Frank MD 06.16.13 @ 9:22 am

Very interesting discussion & it shows what a crap shoot recruting can be. Does someone on here remember how many stars Jon Baldwin had coming out of high school and Ray Graham? How many BCS-level programs offered Tino?

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.16.13 @ 9:23 am

Dr. Tom,
Brilliant! I’m a connoisseur of cynical humor and your post touches every base. Well done.

Comment by 66Goat 06.16.13 @ 10:13 am

Chandler Kincade just committed to Akron. Cue the outrage.

Comment by PatMac 06.16.13 @ 11:07 am

Another Panther in the Big 33 game, Matt Galambos a LB, blocked an XP, and returned it for a TD

Comment by HbgFrank 06.16.13 @ 11:41 am

Sorry, I am going to heap praise on Boyd. Whether you score 5 TDs vs FSU or FIU, you were either the best or near the best player on the field of talented players

Comment by wbb 06.16.13 @ 12:19 pm

Returned for *2 PT*, but still a long return. Not bad for a 6-2 228lb LB!

Comment by HbgFrank 06.16.13 @ 1:03 pm

My good Doctor… Brilliantly communicated.

Question… has anyone ever dominated a Big 33 game as Boyd did yesterday?

A man among boys would be an apt description.

And not bad for a kid from a lowly Class A WPIAL school.

Boyd could play in any classification, said Pennsylvania coach Art Walker, who led North Allegheny to the Class AAAA title in December.

“He could have played for or against anybody and excelled,” Walker said. “Pitt has got a weapon; we used him a bunch of different ways.”

Trib Review


Hopefully, Paul Chryst will do the same come fall.

Said it before so might as well say it again… Boyd may look like a wide receiver but he runs like a running back.

Big night for Pitt all the way around at the Big 33.

Titus Howard and Matt Galambos also showed themselves to be playmakers.

I think it’s safe to get a little crazy.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.16.13 @ 1:32 pm

I am a little crazy but sane enough not to drink Upitt’s and others pessimistic laced kool aid flavor…

Comment by Kenny 06.16.13 @ 2:26 pm

I am hoping that Boyd’s performance last night will open the eyes of some 2013 recruits that Pitt football has some real talent.

Comment by SW 06.16.13 @ 3:15 pm

@ Dr. Tom… LMAO…. great way to start a Sunday with a laugh. And as SFPitt said…. what would people have said if didn’t score 5 TDs… LOL… that is 35 points… basically more than the other entire team combined…

but hey, if only if Chryst was a good “communicator”,… and if he didn’t suck at recruting… then maybe he could have successfully recruited some of the stars from last night’s PA, all-star team…

… oh, wait a minute… Boyd, Howard, Glambos… the diiiid pick Pitt???

Yeah… but they didn’t commit to Pitt in May/June when it really counts….

well, but all the recent quotes from players and HS coaches… (you know, actual quotes from real people)… talk about the great relationship they have with Pitt and how they respect the coaches…

… yeah, but that last kid is from NY state… I mean its only one of the largest populations in the country, and the kid is ranked #2 at his position in the entire state… but the “Internet” says he runs slow… as sooo few stars, and NY football sucks anyway….

well, but now the starting safety as Wisconsin… you know the one who is only a sophomore and that the coaches have been raving about… is transferring back to Pittsburgh… from a team that plays in Rose Bowls, in front of 80K fans and such… because of his relationship with the coaches…

yeah… but that is because is Mom wants him home…

Well, didn’t Foster’s mom want him to play at Pitt?

yeah, see… exactly, I told you Chryst can’t communicate or recruit!!

Happy Father’s day everyone!

Comment by Pittscript 06.16.13 @ 3:15 pm

Pittofdreams, Steve Breaston had a really good game vs OH in Big 33

link to

Comment by wbb 06.16.13 @ 3:26 pm

The Big 33 game has been against Ohio and Pa lost the last 3 games. This game was against Maryland. 5 tds is awesome no matter who you play but keep things in perspective was my point. Laugh all you want. We will see in the fall when it actually matters. I hope the kid does great but dont jump tk conclusions claiming he is the next larry Fitzgerald.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.16.13 @ 4:27 pm

UPitt, I don’t recall anyone claiming that. I think we’re just a bit hopeful after quite a down period that we may actually have recruited some good players.

Comment by panther94 06.16.13 @ 5:47 pm

Panther94. No doubt boyd is the best we have coming. Would have preferred foster but boyd is still really good.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.16.13 @ 6:19 pm

@ wbb – Steve Breaston? He’s only 6′ tall. He’ll never amount to anything.

Comment by atlanta panther 06.16.13 @ 6:21 pm

Comment by panther94 06.16.13 @ 7:05 pm

I think I read somewhere that Saban does not want his recruits playing in all star games. It would have been nice to see Foster play.

Comment by Frank MD 06.16.13 @ 7:05 pm

randell the 6 foot 8 center from rutgers has commited to pitt he will be able to play this year

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 7:06 pm

panther94 you beat me bye one

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 7:08 pm

PittDan 83 things looking better we have 11 players now.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 7:11 pm

Frankcan, that has to be a first.

Comment by panther94 06.16.13 @ 7:11 pm

I think he has to sit out a year.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.16.13 @ 7:26 pm

For those that like to complain about the “other” offers out there for some of the kids that choose Pitt, try this one on for size.

Andrew Ford verballed to Virginia Tech yet he only had offers from UMass and Temple. VT obviously doesn’t look at other offers as their yardstick. Pitt fans need to trust the coaches and quit whining about other offers. Whining separates winners from losers.

And for the mountainweird fans that come on here and post negative things about Boyd, keep posting, and enjoy your time on gilligan’s island! You will remain on an island until such time as the AAC makes a comeback and you need to join that conference.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.16.13 @ 7:26 pm

this was like a late season waiver deal in MLB.

They got JJ Moore; we got Derrick Randall. You would think they got the better of the deal but Randall has 2 years eligibility.

The story on the link above says that Randall received a waiver to play asap

Comment by wbb 06.16.13 @ 7:36 pm

Atlanta panther, I agree

Comment by wbb 06.16.13 @ 7:36 pm

QB’s are very difficult to evaluate and project.
Typically, QB’s do not have as many offers as other position players.

Regarding offers, a lot depends on how and if the player “marketed” himself. Do they have the stats? Do they have the “measurables”? Do they have lots of game film online? Have they done camps? etc to back them up to get an offer.
Most Players just can’t wait for coaches to discover them. They have to market themselves.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.16.13 @ 7:39 pm

pittDan becuse of the mike rice thing is why he
should get the waver.
i think we did all right in the deal randell was recruited to rutgers as a 5 even though he is 6 foot 8.
jj was a small foward playing power foward and not doeing it well.
plus randell as was said has 2 years.
not a bad deal

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 8:15 pm

dhuffdaddy – Actually Andrew Ford choose Virginia Tech over Pitt. According to the Harrisburg paper (near where Ford goes to high school)Pitt came in 2nd. Which is the usual Pitt MO when it comes to recruits.

link to

Comment by oliviapitt 06.16.13 @ 8:21 pm

Elsewhere (eg Dokish) I read Pitt did not offer to Ford.

Comment by auggiefrom latrobe 06.16.13 @ 8:31 pm

awesome….pitt gets a dude from Rutgers(Randall) His minutes went done as a sophomore with a bad team…I’m suppose to be excited about this?…please!!

Comment by Keith 06.16.13 @ 9:21 pm

EMel you will like this if you are on randell
is the second player we took away from little
rickeys little boy rickey jr.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 9:21 pm

Keith it gives us 11 players we had 10 depth was
needed plus he is 6 foot 8 240 pounds we need size
we only had one center now we have 2 he played center at rutgers i think he was there tallest player.
he came out of high school listed as a center bye
rival as 3 star he will give us D
when you dont have a lot every bit helps plus
he is dixons type of player he will just need a little work.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.16.13 @ 9:37 pm

No one cares if you’re excited, Keith.

Comment by panther94 06.16.13 @ 11:25 pm

Good weekend for the Gold & Blue (vegas or old gold)

Our top recruit stole the show at the Big 33 game.
Boy did he ever ! This kid Boyd is better than the kid who went to hicksville, Alabami.

And we finally got another hoop recruit:

Pitt landed a transfer when former Rutgers forward/center Derrick Randall committed to the Panthers. Randall (6 feet 8, 240 pounds) played two seasons for the Scarlet Knights and averaged 2.1 points in 8.2 minutes per game in 2012-13.

This kid has nice size and good potential. Say what you about Mike Rice, but the guy knows talent.

Vev !

Comment by EMel 06.17.13 @ 5:42 am

Buccos took 2 of 3 from the Dodgers, beating two of the best pitchers in MLB. After taking 2 of 3 from the 2012 World Champion SF Giants.

This all with Burnett, McDonald, Gomez, Karstens and Rodriguez on the DL.

Let’s go Bucs !
Let’s go Pitt !

Comment by EMel 06.17.13 @ 5:53 am

It’s actually 6:53 am DST

Comment by EMel 06.17.13 @ 5:54 am

Lets hope Boyd is as good as advertised because he’ll be desperately needed in the coming years, starting with this season.

I’m pretty worried about what our offense will be able to do. I’m not sold that either of our two leading QBs can carry the team and the jury is out regarding how well our current RBs will play as starters. I’m more optimistic about the running game then the passing game though.

I’d really like to see Boyd put on 20+ pounds over the next year and switch to RB. We’d still be able to get the ball to him in the air and I think he’d be a very good college RB.

Comment by Reed 06.17.13 @ 6:47 am


You are spot on about Boyd bulking up(in general)..but in no way should he convert to rb…maybe in a HIGH OCTANE OFFENSE that would fit.

Comment by yup 06.17.13 @ 7:33 am

RE: Ford choosing Va Tech over Pitt:

Maybe he did actually do that; or maybe Pitt wasn’t so interested in the end. The article linked above says the decision was VA Tech over both Pitt and Virginia it doesn’t say Pitt was 2nd.

I do know this first hand (I was there)–Ford arrived late at Pitt’s June 7 prospect camp (he missed the morning sessions). This was not an “invite only” camp but rather the open to all HS footballers (grades 9-12) camp; but, maybe he was unable to make one of the invite camps. I heard he had been at some other camp the previous day and that is why he was late to the Pitt camp. He worked out during the afternoon session with about 12-15 other QBs and, at least IMHO, he didn’t stand out as far superior to many/most of the others in the group. It is certainly a possibility that Pitt’s interest in him may have dropped off based on his performance that day. Do I know that is what happened or did not happen? Absolutely not.

However, I wasn’t very impressed by what I saw of his performance and I was focusing on him a bit because my nephew pointed him out as a player he had competed against in an elite 11 regional camp competition. Ford had finished in the top 2 in that (Northeast Region) elite 11 camp (vs the nephew finishing a tier below–in the top 6) in that same camp.

Comment by pitt1972 06.17.13 @ 8:20 am

Upitbaseball, you are losing all creditability with your post. You ALWAYS are the first to question or doubt the validity of any good things happening at Pitt, but ALWAYS the first to pile on when any bad thing happens. Boyd is technically still a HS kid, who just had the game of his career. If you can’t see the half full glass after that performance, then just admit that absolutely nothing will ever be good enough for you except an undefeated, national championship season.
Its not Kool-aid drinking to simply acknowledge the obvious fact, a Pitt recruit had one of the greatest performances of all time in an all-star game. Will he do this in the ACC, neither you, nor anyone else knows this, but honestly complaining about his height is like complaining that winning the lottery sucks because you have to pay taxes on the winnings.

Comment by Taxing Matters 06.17.13 @ 9:41 am

@ Reed, I think that Boyd will prove his true value in the open field as a WR. It will be the responsibility of Bennett and Crockett to carry the load in the back field this season. I’m also optimistic that the running game will come through and remain productive without the services of Graham/Shell duo this season. If that happens Boyd stays at WR for sure. Talking RBs, I was impressed by the development of our walk on RB, Brown in the Spring. I kind of hope that he rides the bench all season, since that would infer that the other two stay healthy and are productive, but Brown might not be “just” a scout RB based on his recent development. Another guy that may end up providing some depth at the RB position this year is our true Freshman James Conner. He could end up being our third down RB of choice at 225 lbs coming out of HS. He’s just the kind of “3 yards and a cloud of dust” type inside the tackles running back that gets those critical short yardage third downs to keep drives going.

Concerning the offense, the only thing that I’m really worried about is how the newly arranged OL will gel. And if the injury bug hits the OL hard this season, then we may actually see true Freshmen in a tough place before their time because of the obvious lack of depth still plaguing that position. We’ll see.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.17.13 @ 9:52 am

Panther Lair reports Bollinger is close to offers for QBs…I’m not subscriber – does anyone know who this is referring to?

Comment by markp 06.17.13 @ 10:01 am

markp//// For some reason i cannot figure out how to unsubscribe to lair, so i might as well share info on the qb’s from this am…Per Peak:

Another quarterback to watch is Davie (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas three-star Wade Freebeck. He was one of the quarterbacks we featured in the QB Big Board we ran a month ago. Quarterbacks coach Brooks Bollinger visited Freebeck and evaluated him this spring; Freebeck will be making a trip to Pittsburgh this week for an unofficial visit on Thursday.

I have had limited communication with Freebeck – only enough to gather the info I presented in that paragraph – so I haven’t confirmed that he has an offer, but I hope to speak with him on Monday to clarify things. In the meantime, here are Freebeck’s junior highlights.

One quarterback I have spoken with – who was also featured in the QB Big Board – is Maria Stein (Oh.) Marion’s Adam Bertke. And when I spoke with Bertke, he confirmed that he does have an offer from Pitt.

Now, Bertke has not been rated by, and his only other BCS offer is from Illinois, so before everyone gets upset about the offer, at least look at his junior highlights.

Pitt has been recruiting Bertke since the spring, and it seems like the coaches liked him quite a bit. They wanted him to come to the prospect camp primarily to spend time around the staff and make sure everyone’s personalities meshed; they did, and Bertke walked away with an offer.

I’ll have an article on Bertke Monday morning, but here’s the meat of it:

Bertke will be visiting Pitt on Tuesday. Before that happens, he’ll probably be making a call to Purdue to see if the coaches there have rendered a verdict on his camp performance in West Lafayette. If Purdue offers, Bertke will have a tough decision, since he is, by his own admission from a small town full of cornfields, which is kind of a good description for the state of Indiana.

But if Purdue doesn’t offer, there is a fairly good chance he will commit to Pitt on his visit Tuesday.

I have heard there are four quarterback recruits with offers from Pitt right now. Keller Chryst is one. Andrew Ford appears to be another. Adam Bertke is a third. Wade Freebeck could be the fourth; I hope to confirm that (one way or the other) on Monday.

Comment by yup 06.17.13 @ 10:05 am

@dhuffdaddy. Good point. Myself, personally, was not complaining. I specifically said “in the future”, and referenced “as time goes on” several times.

I stand by my comments, and find them hard to be disproved as a whole.

Yes, you can get some recruits that slip by who not many teams want. Some over-achievers.

That does happen, no question.

I also admit, like the star system, “other offers” is no science by any means and is only a barometer. No question about that, understood.

However, going forward for Pitt recruiting, in the future, 2 or 3 years from now, the recruiting level must rise if we’re to be winning program.

If two teams, each get 20 or so recruits for a period of 3 or 4 years in a row……..

I will take the team that has recruits that for the most part, received other offers from

( NC St., UVA, Va.Tech, Penn St., WVU, Iowa, Illinois, Ga. Tech, Purdue, North Carolina).

as opposed to the team that has their roster filled with players that for the most part received offers from

(Villanova, UMass, Ohio, Kent St., Temple, Akron, Bowling Green, and Buffalo).

Can you have some of these type players in your recruiting class, sure, you can have a couple or even 3, 4 or 5 or so.

But, you can’t build your team, if you want them to be a top 20, top 25 team around them.

The caliber of athlete Pitt recruits has got to step up as a whole if we’re to be a consistent top 20 team.

Your Va.Tech example is an excellent example of a player making it, and how you have to look at all players. You never know. I understand that.

I would bet however, if you looked at Va.Tech’s roster, most of their players “other offers” are loaded with

(Clemson, Fla. St., Penn St., S.Carolina, N. Carolina, Miami, Virginia) and not

(Wofford, James Madison, App.St., Coastal Carolina, UAB and FIU).

I think I’m overstating the obvious. Chryst has a few years in my book, but going forward, you can’t make a living battling Temple and Akron for recruits.

Comment by Dan 06.17.13 @ 10:12 am

the only QB besides chryst that i know of is
sean white from FL. A 6 FOOT 3 180 POUND 3 STAR
i think they will be sorry they let kincadie get away.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.17.13 @ 10:14 am

I’ve said, Pitt needs 5 committs by today.
It doesn’t. It doesn’t look good.

Right now, of the 14 ACC teams, Pitt is ranked dead last and also has the least amount of commits.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.17.13 @ 10:28 am

HCPC has a couple years to get his win-loss situation organized before he sees the villagers coming with the pitch forks and torches but the win-loss formula is baked from a recipe that consists of solid recruiting classes from previous years. I think that 2013 will prove to be a good one! That being said, without following it up with another class that is just as good, if not better in 2014, then the Panthers will soon find themselves in a heap of trouble come 2015 and 2016 when 6 or 7 wins a season in the ACC just won’t be acceptable any longer.

This grand experiment of Coach Chryst’s recruiting style has still not concluded but, like many other Pitt fans, I’m also concerned with the early results, or lack there of. I hope that patience will prevail and that we will see our 2014 recruiting class flush with 3 and 4 star players who have had a lot of interest from other BCS type programs filling up our roster when it counts come Feb 2014, but for right now, i’m just down right nervous with the lack of early verbal commitments. my question to anyone with an opposing POV is, “why shouldn’t we be nervous”????

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.17.13 @ 11:07 am

YUP/ thanks – getting 1 of the 4 to commit would be good!

Comment by markp 06.17.13 @ 11:41 am


Thanks for the good info. I can attest to the quality of player in QB Adam Bertke. His high school is local to me and they actually beat my high school in the state semifinals last year.

Don’t let his small school (Ohio Div. 6)or lack of offers fool you. He is a beast of an athlete. Very similar in build to Kinkaide (6-5, 200 lbs) but with excellent results on the field. Marion Local is a town in the cornfields with about 2,000 people, but they are an atheltic powerhouse. 6 state titles in football and favored to win their 3rd straight this fall. Bertke has all the tools of a great qb but will need a year or 2 to develop in a pro-style offense.

Bertke has offers from Illinos, Cincinnati and Toledo but has had contact from Purdue, OSU and Michigan in addition to Pitt. I see little chance Pitt has with him IF Ohio State or Michigan offer. Purdue & Pitt seems about 50/50.

If I had to choose between Bertke & Kinkaide I would defintley pick Bertke. But I don’t think there’s anything Pitt can do to win him from OSU or Michigan IF they offer.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 06.17.13 @ 12:01 pm

Whats up with Chapman? Any update?
The last update didn’t look good for Chapman.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.17.13 @ 12:46 pm

here is the Rivals page on Bertke

link to

Comment by wbb 06.17.13 @ 12:57 pm

i know nothing but i think he is gone how can you fire a coach for that then keep him.
i dont see it i think he is history.
that QB from FL sean white has a offer from pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.17.13 @ 1:00 pm

link to

Scout page for Bertke … 3 star. Doesn’t have Pitt listed but he is supposed to come for a visit

Sean White, also a 3 star, has many more (big name) offers

Comment by wbb 06.17.13 @ 1:05 pm

60 Sean White
(University School of Nova S.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 6-3/180 Med Interest:

Yes Boston College, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Hawaii, Houston, Miami (Fl), Miami (Oh), North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Syracuse, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Comment by wbb 06.17.13 @ 1:07 pm

@yup, great info brother!!

Comment by Dan 06.17.13 @ 1:50 pm

Id take as many of the Lauderdale kids as we can can get. Aquinas and kids from Dade County and or from the muck bowl. WVU recruits there heavily with their old qb from there on the staff.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.17.13 @ 1:53 pm

HCPC’s recruiting can’t be totally on him imo, with the recent history of losing, disarray, etc. it would be a miracle if he pulled out a top class so soon in his tenure. I don’t think he nor anyone else could do it.
It may just take some time.

Comment by frankarms 06.17.13 @ 2:04 pm

frankarms the second year coach at kentucky has a top 10 recruting class in football he was never
a head coach any were.
it is not going to take him some time and kentucky
has less going for football then pitt they dont have the history pitt does in football
and in the last 7 years they have won way less games then pitt.
they have been in less bowls then pitt but in his second year he has a top 10 class
so why should chryst get all this time if there coach can do that in 2 years chryst should do it to

give me a brake.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.17.13 @ 2:43 pm

No, give me a brake. In fact brakes for both front wheels.

Thanks for the reminder Frank

Comment by steve1 06.17.13 @ 2:46 pm

Sorry frankarms I’m with FRANKCAN on this recruiting subject. IMHO, it is ALL on HCPC and Co. regarding his recruiting results. True, you can’t change history and you’ve got to live with that, both the good and the bad.

However, a great head football coach has to have the ability to “SELL” his vision for the future of his football program to the potential recruits, no matter what the past has shown to be reality. In fact sometimes it is easier for a new head coach to sell his vision because he’s not burdened with his own historical baggage at his current institution because there is none. At this point, Coach Chryst is at liberty to paint the picture of the future of Pitt Football ashe envisions it as elaborately as he chooses to do so at this point in his Pitt career, and my suggestion to him would be to get crackin!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.17.13 @ 3:35 pm

I assume Kincaid’s commitment to Akron is verbal. If Chryst makes verbal at Stanford as we all expect him to do certainly Kincaid can decommit to Akron, he has done it before, and come back to Pitt.
Any comments regarding this scenario with Kincaid. (Chyrist is a long shot)

Comment by pittisit 06.17.13 @ 3:39 pm

ESPN says Chryst leaning to Stanford but Pitt a possibility.

Comment by Frank MD 06.17.13 @ 3:52 pm

rival has pitt football recruiting ranked 80 that
is the lowest ranking of any BCS school
i dont think i like that i need 2 asprin
and a stiff drink

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.17.13 @ 4:03 pm

I’m going to opt for a stiff aspirin and two drinks!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.17.13 @ 4:31 pm

Relax… Keller Chryst is coming to Pitt.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.17.13 @ 4:35 pm

However, I would have liked to have seen Kincaid also at Pitt.

But that’s in a perfect world.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.17.13 @ 4:36 pm

What’s goin’ on here? Seems to be a lot of talk about stiff things on here.

This is a sports blog right??

Comment by Dan 06.17.13 @ 4:37 pm

@ Dan, are you refering to the original sport?, as I hear yelled from the gallery, “it’s in the hole”! I’m ready to get started on that 1st drink.LOL

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.17.13 @ 5:08 pm


Comment by Dan 06.17.13 @ 5:49 pm

Dan you are a funny man i needed that laugh .

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.17.13 @ 5:55 pm

You are right. Justin: lighten up. Appears you are a big Yinzer yourself.

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.17.13 @ 5:56 pm

With LOI day coming next week, I am REALLY concerned about PCs 2014 class………what?………not next week??……..huh?…….it’s actually 8 MONTHS FROM NOW?!?!?!…..really?

It’s true recruiting is all on PC and staff. HIs 2013 class (his first true class) rank was very good for a program coming off turmoil and a mediocre season. It is a long process and there’s 2/3 of a year until signing day.

I’ll wait until the faxes start humming before evaluating him and his staff in regards to 2014 recruiting.

Comment by pghFred 06.18.13 @ 8:58 am

I’m with you Fred.

Chryst is going to attract the kind of recruits he wants. High character kids with enough athletic ability to do what he needs them to do and win as a team. Smart, Tough, Dependable. Take a look at rivals. They have a ton of offers out to solid three-star recruits. I’d be perfectly happy with a class made up of all three stars with good character and solid upside, and that anticipate the needs of our program. With the right coaching these kinds of classes are the building blocks for a strong program.

Now if it was September and we only had two recruits then I’d be worried.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.18.13 @ 9:29 am

This thread may or may not be dead…but here’s a good take coaching vs. recruiting

link to

Take the survey as well…surprising result.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.18.13 @ 10:55 am

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