May 22, 2013

Sheldon Jeter wanted Pitt to recruit him when he was a senior at Beaver Falls. He wanted to be a Panther. Pitt didn’t have a scholarship in the fall of his senior year. And after Khem Birch left abruptly, Coach Dixon looked long and hard at Jeter before going with Chris Jones. When more scholarship opened after the season, there was some interest in Jeter but it still seemed cool. Ultimately Pitt landed (what seemed like a great transfer at the time Trey Zeigler) and Jeter chose Vanderbilt. Still there was this mix of coy interest from Pitt even after the class was filled (and while Pitt was even pursuing Savon Goodman).

A year later Sheldon Jeter had a solid freshman year for Vandy. Well liked by the coaches and fans. Looked to be a promising player. But Jeter felt that family reasons needed him back home and he opted to transfer. He even appeared to get Vandy Coach Kevin Stallings blessing. By all accounts he still wanted to attend Pitt, and now Pitt wanted him. Even if he would have to sit out the year before being eligible.

It seemed that Jeter would announce over this past weekend. Instead he just tweeted that he was leaving Vandy and would be looking at options. Mildly surprising since everyone seemed to know what he wanted to do.  Now we know why the delay.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Vanderbilt is blocking Beaver Falls High School graduate Sheldon Jeter from transferring to Pitt.

Jeter, who played his freshman season at Vanderbilt last season, announced on Friday that he was transferring to a school closer to home.

Jeter has several options to deal with the situation. He can appeal to the Vanderbilt athletics department to overturn coach Kevin Stallings’ ruling. He can enroll at Pitt and pay tuition for one year before being put on scholarship. Or he can transfer to a school other than Pitt.

It quickly was learned that Pitt was the only school that Vandy/Stallings was blocking Jeter. Duquesne and Robert Morris would be fine. But not Pitt. Jeter can and is appealling this to Vandy directly. Taking Stallings out of the picture.

Naturally no reason was given, but when a specific school is blocked. And it is one that the blocking school doesn’t play or have any history; then it is assumed that the blocked school is suspected of “tampering” with the player by the blocking school.

When Khem Birch was looking to transfer, Pitt initially blocked a transfer to Mizzou because they suspected some of Birch’s people were talking to Mizzou even before Birch’s decision. Pitt ultimately lifted the restriction — aided in no small part by Dixon talking to Mizzou head coach Frank Haith and especially Missouri declining any interest in Birch.

It’s something of a coward approach, though. You suspect but have no proof of tampering. So you just restrict. The fact is coaches — assistants and heads — stay in contact with former recruits all the time just in case. Is it tampering? Hard to say.

As we saw last year when Phil Martelli at St. John’s blocked a recruit from transferring anywhere, and then Bo Ryan at Wisconsin tried the same; reaction by college basketball writers was rather fierce in decrying the practice.

So it isn’t a surprise to see that dynamic in action once more.

Mike DeCourcy at the Sporting News.

The tactic of declining a release often results in horrible publicity for the school—and, more specifically, the coach—that takes such an action. Saint Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli was widely lambasted for declining to support a graduate transfer to UAB for center Todd O’Brien.

Wisconsin and Bo Ryan got it about as bad last spring when he initially restricted Jared Uthoff from transferring to 25 schools, including the entire Atlantic Coast Conference.

In the end, it didn’t matter that Ryan later told Sporting News he merely wanted to have a meeting with Uthoff before issuing a wider release.

The damaging publicity was out there.

So Vandy and Stallings reportedly are taking the same chance here, and exactly why they would is most puzzling. Stallings even acknowledged initially that Jeter wanted to be close to home.

Eammon Brennan at

People get mad when they hear these stories, and for good reason. College basketball coaches are not only wildly compensated, but able to jump from job to job essentially at will, each new buyout clause superseded by the last. College players, meanwhile, must wait a year to play for a new school as a baseline, even if — as is usually the case — their request to transfer is granted and their desired school is approved. The fact that coaches have such tight control over the release and eventual destination of a player on a renewable but non-guaranteed one-year scholarship — a player who can be run off at a moment’s notice and still have to sit out a year — reeks of the NCAA’s antiquated patriarchy in its most odious form.

There may be a valid reason for Stallings’ decision, at least by his own reckoning. Or maybe the coach just doesn’t want to lose a key piece of his rebuilding effort. Maybe he feels betrayed — “wronged,” as Martelli famously put it.

Unfortunately, none of it matters. All we see from the outside is a college coach telling a player he can’t go somewhere based on what amounts to a whim. It is the worst possible look.

Jeff Eisenberg at Yahoo!’s The Dagger.

The irony is unmistakable.

Vanderbilt football fans were irate this week over Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s decision to block quarterback Wes Lunt from transferring to any school in the SEC. Now Commodores basketball coach Kevin Stallings appears to be doing the same thing to a transfer from his own program.

That Stallings would attempt to block Jeter’s transfer only reinforces how disappointed the Vanderbilt coach was to lose a key piece of the Commodores’ rebuilding efforts. Jeter averaged 5.5 points and 3.4 rebounds as a freshman, showing comfort in the paint and on the perimeter and emerging as a likely starter next season had he remained.

Nonetheless, just because Stallings is frustrated at losing a key player doesn’t make it right for him to impede Jeter’s quest to find a school that’s a better fit, especially if there’s no evidence Pittsburgh tampered in this instance.

And you can expect more of this. This hurts Stallings more than anyone else. Especially when he hides behind a “no comment.

Stallings could not be reached for comment, but Vanderbilt athletic director David Williams told the Tennessean Stallings “was concerned about releasing Sheldon Jeter to one of the schools.” He declined to identify the school.

Concern, but not the actual courage to file a complaint or publicly say a word.

It creates a perception of vindictiveness and hypocrisy.

So why is Kevin Stallings blocking Sheldon Jeter’s transfer to Pitt? Because he’s an asshole. That’s why.

Now switching gears, slightly to the football side. Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State is getting the same treatment because he has set loads of restrictions on a QB who wants to transfer. Including Southern Miss because OSU’s former offensive coordinator is now the head coach there.

Really, by comparison, Pitt got off pretty lightly with regards to the restrictions it placed on Rushel Shell. There was some hyperbole from’s Pac-12 writer but not much else. Mainly because Fraud Graham is such an extreme case of assholery that no one else was going to rush to support Graham.

Yet, keep in mind Pitt also blocked Shell from going to WVU and Arizona. Teams Pitt does not and very likely will not face in the next few years. The apparent reason, the relationship Shell might have had with former coaches.

Arizona State coach Todd Graham, assistants Mike Norvell, Paul Randolph and Bo Graham and strength coach Shawn Griswold were part of the staff that initially lured Shell to Pitt. Same goes for Arizona assistants Calvin Magee and Tony Dews and on-campus recruiting director Matt Dudek.

Coaches and staff often maintain relationships with recruits, even if they end up going somewhere else. To allow those coaches to take their pick when a player is unhappy isn’t wise. Where does it stop?

Would other Pitt players who have maintained ties to Graham or Dews try to transfer to their schools after they saw Shell do it? Maybe.

In any case, it sets a bad precedent.

Why? I didn’t post on it at the time, because I was bogged down at the time with other things. Still it struck me as a weak justification.

Pitt benefited in no small part with that prior relationship with WR Mannasseh Gardner when he left Wisconsin. Or Cullen Christian when he left Michigan. He came to Pitt in no small part because of his prior relationship with Pitt coaches that had recruited him at Michigan. And remember when we were hoping Denard Robinson might transfer because of Calvin Magee? Now that isn’t a good idea because it goes the other way?

What about Chavas Rawlins? Should WVU block him from coming to Pitt if he wants to? Or should Pitt stop Deaysean Rippy from going to WVU if he wanted to transfer there?

It’s easy to say those are different situations and should be treated individually with their own particular circumstances. I’m sure that’s what Wisconsin thought last year and Vandy would say right now.

What goes around, comes around. That is why I thought the proper approach was to allow him to transfer where he wanted.

I guess if there was definite evdidence of tampering, but I don’t consider it to be tampering if the player himself makes the 1st step and contacts the people from other schools that he may be interested in.

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 6:51 am

I’m referring to Shell above.

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 6:51 am

First of all, Dixon jerked Jeter around last year and opted for Chris Jones instead.
It seems Dixon does not want wpial players going back to his relation with JOTS AAU club and that is why he spurned Jeter.

Secondly, media was out there making it sound like it was a done deal of Jeter transfering to Pitt before Jeter even announced. People like Fittipaldo of PG, Steinbrink of Rivals, etc. For it to get that far to media, people were talking and it was obvious Dixon was talking to Jeter.
Dixon is desparate for players.
It appeared to me that there was tampering. It is easy to prove, just ask for cell phone records of Jeter, his parents, his former BF coach, etc.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 7:02 am

Jamie doesnt recruit the WPIAL heavily, not because of bad relationship with AAU coaches, but because the level of basketball is very poor in Western PA and for fringe recruits, like Jeter was, it was very hard to project how good he can be at the ACC level.

And I believe the article is a little inaccurate. The Jeters may be trying to appeal with the Vanderbilt Athletic Department but if they dont grant his release, he can still appeal to the NCAA, which he’d easily win unless the tampering charge could be proven.

Comment by SMF 05.22.13 @ 7:12 am


To imply JD doesn’t recruit local
players is ludicrous. Lots of unsubstantial
info as usual mentioned above.

Comment by JR 05.22.13 @ 7:30 am

SMF, sorry, Jeter was VERY good in HS. Better than Chris Jones. Jones only had offers from Mid-Majors. Jeter had offers from KSU, FSU, SC, Wisky to name a few. Jeter was the better choice out of HS.

JR, you obviously don’t know of the feud between JD and JOTS. Pryor originally committed to Pitt as frosh and Jots told him to rescind. Head case Pope committed to Pitt and Jots told him to rescind. I’m sure you can find the articles if you google. Jots was king of AAU basketball in wpial for the elite. Lots of D1 players came out of Jots.

Blair was an after-thought by Dixon.
I’m not saying wpial is a powerhouse in basketball, but there are some players that are better than what Dixon is recruiting and the wpial kids probably won’t transfer away!!

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 7:47 am

Here is a link to 1 article I quickly found on JOTS and Pitt. There are others.

link to

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 8:16 am

Shell simply didn’t do the things required of him to become a more productive player and in fact was somewhat petulant in his behavior. Jeter and others seem to leave due to other reasons. Jones may be a good player but 6-5 swing guys are a dime a dozen. Dixon should recruit local players who can perform at a very good level.

Comment by chethejet 05.22.13 @ 8:24 am

OMG!!! Now it’s Dixon’s fault Vandy blocked the transfer to Pitt!! Excuse me while I laugh my @SS off………..BBBWWWWWWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!


What a joke.

Comment by pghFred 05.22.13 @ 8:44 am

They guy who coached JOTS back in the days of Pryor and Pope was J O Stright (he may still be involved for all I know.) While he was a Panther booster, he was also Bob Huggins’ best friend. While he will deny it (I know it for a fact since I had a long discussion with him back in 06), he is no friend of Dixon.

Here is a very revealing story of him

link to

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 9:06 am

sorry PittDan83 — didn’t notice your link

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 9:07 am

wbb, JOTS shutdown soon have the Blair, Pope, Pryor, Kennedy dynasty team. Many other AAU clubs in wpial got started but haven’t come near the elite of Jots. AAU in wpial is watered down with no “go to” elite club for boys.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 9:16 am

Vandy doesn’t have to do any of that. All they have to do is ask Jeter to produce them.
Blame the media for wanting to be the first with the story. It was all over that Jeter to Pitt was a done deal and Jeter didn’t even ask Vandy for a transfer yet.
Sorry, but there is clearly a tampering odor here.
Don’t blame Vandy at all quite frankly. I would want Dixon to do the same if the shoe was on the other foot like Birch.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 9:18 am

I don’t think Dixon doesn’t recruit locally; there just aren’t that many prospects around. He did go after Blair, Bryant, Pryor, Pope, and Marshall …. not sure how hard he went after McCullough and Kennedy, but he did take a long look at them and others.

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 9:21 am

Western PA basketball is not good. It is the last place Dixon needs to recruit.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.22.13 @ 9:43 am

Im not saying wpial is a top area for basketball but it clearly has a few top notch D1 prospects every year.
It seems to me that Dixon turns his nose to wpial due to Jots. Just an opinion.
2013 class. Thorpe to PSU, Wilson to Vtech, Anderson to Navy are a few.
2014 class has lots of D1 prospects. Luther brothers, Minnie, Skovranko, Porter, Pierce.
Whenever Calipari goes to LP games/practices to check out a few recruits kinda tells you something doesn’t it.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 10:04 am

@wbb, we had this discussion a few years ago. Did some business with J.O.. Very affable, engaging guy, always liked him.

Did lunch a few times, but always with a group. Could never really delve deep into the Pitt and JOTS thing.

Always said the right thing about Pitt, and Pitt hoops, but, he always had that shit eaten grin, that, “you don’t know the whole story”.

Always wanted to ask him what’s up with all the stories that you won’t send kids to Pitt, then I walk up to get a coke at a game, and there you are attending all the games as a fan.

Never understood it, don’t know what’s true or not true. Does seem to have steered a lot of good ball players away from Pitt. Maybe not, but if you’re a top AAU coach, and you’re alma mater has a great program, seems like some of those kids should have been slam dunks (no pun intended) to come to Pitt.

I know him and Huggy Bear are tight. Still, Huggy didn’t get them all.

Maybe I was naive back then. Looking back, have the Pitt coaches not played ball (again, no pun intended) with J.O. and the “handlers”.

Always perplexing too me.

Comment by Dan 05.22.13 @ 10:31 am

@wbb, no “what goes around comes around” for me.

I think it’s ridiculous that coaches can move and players can’t, they need to change the rules, I understand that. Have always thought coaches should have to sit out too.

However, kids committ to schools, then they want to transfer, I think the school should be able to block some schools.

If the Vandy coach has a reason, I have no problem with it.

Brennan and Eisenberg articles above, laughable.

Saying it looks bad on the school and the coach.

Too who, and for how long??

In the cesspool of college athletics, did any of us even know Bo Ryan put some restrictions on one of his players last year. Did anyone care, besides those directly effected??

This will effect Stallings reputation to who, and for how long?? I’ll answer. To almost no one, and for about a week.

Also, if there is some smell of impropriety, these writers think they should come forward and make charges?? Are they out of their minds.

For what?? For a bunch of bad attention and trouble, for things that are almost entirely unprovable.

I thought we should block Shell from UofA, ASU, PSU and WVU and the ACC.

That still left him with about 105 other schools to attend.

Not a hypocrite. If Vandy wants to block him from Pitt, that’s their prerogitive.

Anyhow, that’s how I see it.

I’m all for some rule changes. Until they do….

Comment by Dan 05.22.13 @ 10:43 am

Dan, if you’re responding to Smizik’s blog to day, there are some innacurracies taht need to be noted.

He clsims that coaches can ‘transfer’ without restriction. My response is a $2 million buyout is quite a restriction. Also, if a coach can be fired in the middle of his contract, then why can’t he leave for a better opportunity … in either case, there are financial reparations.

My view is that if a player wants to transfer, then he has every right to …. aren’t most scholarships a one year deal anyway that the school unilaterally renews? (BTW, there are 4 year scholarships but very few schools grant them.)

I would not want a player who doesn’t want to be here to stay … and would send him on his merry way without restriction (although I can see an argument if there was definite evdience of tampering.)

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 11:14 am

No, didn’t see Smizik. Was referencing the couple guys above that Chas has in the middle of his article.

Ya, I got ya. It’s a free market and the players and coaches should be free to go where they want.

Something just seems a little different in college coaching though.

When you tell a kid and a family that you, and your staff will be there for them for four years.

I don’t know, I have no answers, just my thoughts.

Comment by Dan 05.22.13 @ 11:22 am

Wow, I’ve never seen Matt Steinbrink sooooo defensive over this Jeter transfer thing.

He was the one taking kudos for calling it. He practically said several weeks ago, Jeter to Pitt was a lock and Jeter had yet to submit transfer papers.
His answer, all of Beaver County was talking about it?? just interesting.

I don’t know what constitutes tampering however it is naive to think there wasn’t any contact between Jeter and Pitt whether directly or indirectly. Whether that is tampering I don’t know.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 12:18 pm

I’ve felt the answer should be 2 types of scholarships that all schools must have on the table: 4 year and year to year.

A school can offer a player a 4 year, guaranteed scholarship (with morals clause for arrests and such). The downside is the player cannot transfer without permission from the school.

With a year to year scholarship, the player is free to leave at any point with no restrictions, but the school is free to rescind the scholarship for no cause as well.

A huge upside is in football and basketball, it would make smaller schools more competitive. They could offer a player the scholarship he wants as opposed to which one the school wants. If a player wants a guaranteed ride, he can take the 4 year deal. If he wants to show his stuff then leave to a different school, he can take a 1 year deal.

Comment by Justin 05.22.13 @ 12:56 pm

Thats a good thought Justin. What are they now, year to year?? I think wbb mentioned that.

Hey, from the you learn something new everyday files. I always considered myself a pretty good sports fan and especially a good college football and hoops fan. Like all of us are on here.

You know what, I only heard about the year to year scholarships last year sometime.

I always thought once you got a scholarship, unless you violate the law or code of conduct, you had a scholarship for all 4 years.

Comment by Dan 05.22.13 @ 1:05 pm

10 – 2, Pitt over the Johnnies in round 1

Comment by steve1 05.22.13 @ 1:32 pm

Justin, Dan, ask and ye shall receive

link to

Comment by wbb 05.22.13 @ 1:46 pm

Okay, I was out all day so there was some activity in here. Some things I have to address. First for Pitt.Dan83

Starting with Chris Jones. Jones committed at the end of February in 2012. Sheldon Jeter waited until May to make a decision. His power conference offers came late in the recruiting. Much like Jon Severe, his best offers didn’t come in until many other players came off the board. Personally I find that kind of comparisons based on offers absurd. Plus, like Jones, Jeter was a 2 or 3-star recruit depending on which service you like (Scout & ESPN had 2-stars; Rivals & 247 said 3).

“Blair was an afterthought by Dixon”

Holy shit! Where the hell do you even find that in reality? DeJuan Blair was a very important player Dixon pursued. He had to beat out Tennessee with Bruce Pearl (who Blair actually favored) and Indiana with Kelvin Sampson (and Blair was one of the recruits that Sampson made excessive phone calls to that got him fired) to get him.

Dixon went hard after the entire Schenley group. D.J. Kennedy just wanted out of Pittsburgh. DeAndre Kane struggled badly to get the grades yet Pitt kept the interest in him even after he went to prep school.

The J.O. Stright stuff is old and overblown. That was much more with the fans because of the Terrelle Pryor and Herb Pope stuff plus what he admitted to doing back when Paul Evans was at Pitt.
link to
link to
link to
link to

Pitt went after Herb Pope for some time, but had to give up because of his grades — remember how he struggled to even get eligible at New Mexico State?

Plus, Jeter didn’t even play for JOTS. He played for an Ohio AAU program.
link to

The whole doesn’t recruit WPIAL/local stuff still? Geno Thorpe is a nice player, but he’s a 3-star guard. Devin Wilson (VT) is a 2-3 star guard. Exactly what makes these players so special or so vital to Pitt other than being local?

Dan, you ask who cares about coaches actions when they block transfers? How about negative recruiting? Or the high school and AAU Coaches who help kids make their decisions? It may not be crucial, but it matters and plays a role.

Steven Adams rising on NBA draft boards as arguments that he was not used well at Pitt. /sigh

Comment by Chas 05.22.13 @ 9:51 pm

Nice work men, particularly Mildren for his 4 hitter over 8! Congrats to Coach Jordano for the BEast COY award. Get’em ready for Thursday! H2P! UPone

Comment by UPone 05.22.13 @ 2:09 pm


I just had to respond to your “Adams has a great jump shot” comment from a different post. He shot 43% from the line! He’s athletic and has good shooting form, but he was awful on everything but dunks last year.

Comment by Denny 05.22.13 @ 2:16 pm

Adams was playing with a jammed sprained thumb.

If you’ve ever played, you would know how much that would effect your shooting.

He should have been sat for awhile to let it heal, however JD needed him in there for the defense and rebounding he provided.

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 2:30 pm

No way shape or form do you pitch Mildren in game 1 if you want to win it all over L’Ville. We don’t have enough arms to blow him against St. Johns. It will bite us against L’ville just wait and see.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.22.13 @ 2:59 pm


I’m sure that makes it tough to shoot. And perhaps Jamie should have sat him for a while. But to say his offensive talents were hidden by Dixon is ridiculous — not your words I know. I’ve read on here from several people that the offense should have been run through Adams and I think those people watch a different game than me.

On top of that, half the time he put the ball on the floor he turned it over.

Comment by Denny 05.22.13 @ 3:33 pm


No – in double elimination baseball tournaments, you always start with your best pitchers. You do not want to be in the loser’s bracket after 1 game. You may end up out of the tournament before you even play one of the best teams like Louisville. Now that would suck.

Comment by rayhpgh 05.22.13 @ 3:42 pm

Vanderbilt? Don’t they make ladies purses?
Hypocrisy in college athletics? Oh, the horror of it all.
JO the Pitt fan and contributor who knows by that status alone can land Pitt on probation.
The day I worry about losing WPIAL recruits in hoops is the day Mike “Yinzer” White wins a Pulitzer and Stan Savran stops spitting while talking.

Comment by SFPitt 05.22.13 @ 3:59 pm

Absolutely want to send your best in game 1. Now we are playing in the winners brakcet and I would say at most 1 more win is needed to make the regionals.

Comment by Pantherman 05.22.13 @ 4:20 pm

Gotta win the Big East to get a regional inmo.

I would have saved Mildren, call me crazy.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.22.13 @ 4:43 pm

How many “at-large” bids are there for regionals? 64 teams, right? How many projected from Big EAst?

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.22.13 @ 4:49 pm

Emil, Yesterday Frankcan used me to bolster his argument that Dixon misused Adams. Although I agree with him that Dixon has had more success with 3 star types than 5 stars I side with you defending Dixon and agree that Dixon wasn’t hiding his talent. I still maintain that JD was about the best thing that ever happened to Steve Adams. Zanna showed a jump shot as good if not better than Adams early last year ,and we saw how that worked out. Dixon must have been hiding his talent too. He better quit hiding all this talent when we get in the ACC ,oh that’s right we don’t have any talent left, he chased it all away. At least he won’t get accused of hiding talent this year.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 05.22.13 @ 6:26 pm

Denny go read adams at nba combine there are at
least 10 storys out there.
that is the point he did not show that at pitt becuse of his role in the system,
just read the posts stop talking sabought what he did at pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.22.13 @ 6:27 pm


The Big East is very possibly a 4 bid league this year. Louisville and Seton Hall are locks. Pitt and South Florida are bubble…. Notre Dame has some nice wins and a strong RPI but they finished 7th in the league and may need to win the tourney.

Perfect Game had us as the first team out entering the tourney…

link to

I think if we knock Notre Dame off tomorrow that we are a lock to make the tourney.

Comment by Pantherman 05.22.13 @ 6:51 pm

Yup, if you must hate on HCJD then hate on. BUT you are dead wrong to think he limited SA. The “data” he generated at the combine was in the vacuum of the NBA’s laboratory. Between a thumb injury and playing against real ballers for the first time (many 4 + years older than him) – we saw the real SA (dont get me wrong I am bullish on him!). Oh, and please dont bring up the fact that he ran up & down the court with Noel at some adidas aau showcase. Check your head! HCJD gave the kid all he could handle & then some. Consider being in the U.S. for the first time as a 19 yo, playing “limited” organized ball tipping off against Michigan at the mecca of the sport within the first 9 months being stateside – CRAZY. The NBA guys know all of this, they have the context & they are moving him up because of all of it.

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.22.13 @ 6:51 pm

you all must know more then NBA GMS adams has
moved up from the 28 pick to 10 becuse of a offence
game that they did not know he had.
becuse of a skill set that was not shown all year.
i wont talk abought it with any of you any more but
i think the NBA GM know what they are talking abought.
if you all wont read the posts abought adams
at NBA COMBINE. that is up to you but iam done with it.
i wont waste time with people who wont look at
facts and they are not my facts they are what NBA
people say but you all know more then themi get it
but i will have no more to say abought it so dont ask me.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.22.13 @ 6:52 pm

FRANK – Im reading all the same articles, cant get enough of them. But, you dont think SA is going to step in & average 10 points a night do you? He’s 2-3 years away from being the guy – in games- that some may think he is now. I have to check but I dont think I missed more than 3 home games last year in total (& I saw 3 games in greentree). He got all the run he could handle & between the nagging injury & acclimating to the pace of the game & the size/strength of his competition he was what we saw (facing the bucket or not).

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.22.13 @ 7:03 pm

The SG achraf yacoubou from seton hall will vist PITT on sunday.even if we sign him he will have to sit out a year.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.22.13 @ 7:29 pm

Please don’t give me the “NBA GMs know all” talk. They make mistakes drafting all the time. Especially 7-footers. Recent examples are Yi Jianlian (6th overall) and Hasheem Thabeet (2nd overall). They draft on potential. Hopefully Adams fulfills that potential but I seem to remember a lot of passes clanging off of his hands. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t ready to be a focal point of the offense (even though I agreed he should have gotten a few more touches).

Comment by Chet Masterson 05.22.13 @ 7:46 pm

NBA drafts on potential, not current skill level. He’s a nineteen year old, athletic seven-footer. What’s not to love? But that in no way means he was ready to be a first or second option on a top 25 team. He’s got a lot of developing to do. As Chas said, Andre Drummond is a good comparison — did Calhoun hold him back?

Comment by Denny 05.22.13 @ 9:33 pm

Winners & Losers of the NBA Combine per SI.

link to

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 9:41 pm

More superlatives for Kiwi Steve.

link to

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 9:49 pm

“Great in workouts,” one Western Conference GM told “More skilled facing the hoop than he showed at Pitt. Probably going 15-23? in the Draft.”

As I blogged several dozen times since January, Adams wasn’t put in a position to show us his ‘face up game’. He was buried in the Paint with his back to the basket. I suggested they move him to PF and put Sleepy and/or Zanna at Center. I also suggested they try to isolate Adams on one side of the floor instead of him trying to bang bodies and being double teamed in the middle, as he mentions in this article.

But what do I know (this is for you Frankie)

link to

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 10:02 pm

Chad Ford, an NBA insider for ESPN, said the 19-year-old Wellington centre was the big winner of the just completed draft combine in Chicago.

Before the combine most mock boards had Adams slated to be picked in the 20s, but Ford was impressed enough to propel him to No 13.

link to

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 10:13 pm

Finally a voice of reason.

Comment by panther94 05.22.13 @ 10:15 pm

Obviously moving up on NBA draft boards is subjective since the NBA drafts based on potential quite a lot, especially among big men.

However it’s nice to know, paid experts saw what a lot of us saw several months ago.

Adams last game was probably his best, 13 & 10.

He was actually fed the ball correctly by JR for some easy hoops.

Comment by EMel 05.22.13 @ 10:33 pm

If you read Chad Ford, he said Adams is still raw and is going to be paying in the D-league next year. He showed skills and potential. He’s getting drafted high on potential and not his current in game ability. Read what I said again. Adams is going to play in the D-league next year. Does that sound like guy who could carry a college basketball team? No. He’s D league bound for his first year cause he needs to get minutes and learn to be a good PLAYER and not just be height with skills and potential. He’s not going from Pitt to NBA rookie of the year. So stop acting like he was misused so much.

Comment by Wardapalooza 05.22.13 @ 11:32 pm

Wuurd. I mean Waaard.

Comment by panther94 05.22.13 @ 11:45 pm

So here we go again.

Applause to Blather’s sales-marketing team..

Cougars to LEARCAPITAL, and now we hit rock-bottom low In: San Diego Christian Colleges..

— wait..

Oh Sh*t.. Immediate Update @3a EST:
Sudden complete turn of events @right column. Aldo Shoes Sl*t makes entrance.

I am again a sponsor and donor to blog..

And for all you out there who cannot keep your heads from doing 360z over Dixon & Chryst. Let me remind that we’re in the midst of the annual DEAD PERIOD so far as sporting news goes.

Cue EDSBS (lighten up)

Rightfully, though, supposing one of our teammates gets arrested et al., permissions exist to go ballistic and sound off accordingly.


Comment by Neil 05.23.13 @ 2:33 am

Adams certainly has the potential to be a top NBA Center, and that is what the team that drafts him will be banking on. He had plenty of game time and opportunities at Pitt to showcase his game on offense, he is just not there yet. As I have said before, defensively, he was everything as advertised; offensively, he is a work in process. By the way, what team’s center plays facing the basket? Surely you can’t be suggesting that he has the skills to beat a player off the dribble, or catch and shoot? I did not see a Forward. He is a true center. He belongs as close to the basket as possible on both ends of the floor.

Comment by HbgFrank 05.23.13 @ 11:41 am

Is Neil posting drunk?

Comment by Justin 05.23.13 @ 12:48 pm

Because Steve Adams was so raw when he arrived at Pitt his best chance of contributing last year was to play D, rebound and force the ball up inside. I would have like to see a lot more force it up inside than we got but as it was I thought Dixon brought him along nicely as the season progressed. He was really hindered at the line by the bad thumb or he might have built a little more confidence sooner. How that equates to mishandled by the coach is an absurd stretch no matter how much he has improved at NBA camp. He left because they pay big money to do what he can do. I think if you ask Steve Adams what he thinks of JD he would give him high praise. Some of you guys make it sound like JD tied him up in handcuffs and didn’t let him play.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 05.23.13 @ 1:39 pm

Adams showed his offensive game in Addidas and against Noels. When he got to Pitt Dixon put and end to that.
With a 2 guard like Woodall Pitt did not need to use the best offensive center in college. As the year before with Gibbs Birch was despensible.
Taylor could be played at the 5 if he spent most of his time at McDonalds.
Adams left because of Dixon not his family.
Woodall played over 30 minutes against W.S. shot 1 for 20, 5 here you take the ball. For
A player of Adams quality this last foot up the ass of favortism was enough.
He did not throw Jamie under the truck because he felt he owed it to Dixon.
Under different circumstances he would of stayed [circumstance would not have changed]. Robinson, Adamss, Young and most importantly Wooddall graduated that’s a final 4 or National Championship team (make Robinson captain/continue to let him coach the guards).

Comment by pittisit 05.26.13 @ 7:00 pm

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