May 16, 2013

Hair Today

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Over at, some wonderful photoshopped hairswaps. All rivalry based. Paul Chryst with Holgorsen hair is just amazing. Peruse the rest, but special attention should be paid to the Arizona-Arizona State rivalry.

Check out May Day at the bottom of the page. He certainly nails the “surly lunchlady” look.

Comment by Chuck Morris 05.16.13 @ 3:28 pm

Now THAT made my day. Especially May Day.

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.16.13 @ 4:48 pm

Does this mean that May Day will now speak with a lisp?

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.16.13 @ 4:57 pm

Pitt83Dan from prior post I have no knowledge whatsoever about the our newcomers so anyone who predicts Pitt’s prowess next season can only reflect what they know about the returning cast. I based my comments on JR, Lamar, etc. and what I know about VT, Clemson, WF, GT and BC. They are not good men’s basketball teams. I stand by my prediction that we will be in every game on our ACC schedule. Never predicted NCAA bid! Just countering the ridiculous last place in the ACC bleating balony from Oscar Myer! GO PANTHER baseball beat the cardinals! UPone

Comment by UPone 05.16.13 @ 6:27 pm

Well… I guess Pitt Baseball is just like Pitt Hoops and Pitt Football…. Just cannot win in the big spot … Not ever… finally get in position for the big game, the opportunity… and nothing, just don’t show up.

I know the Hoops team can point to some nice wins.. wins over Top 5 teams at home a couple Big East tourney wins, the victory over Duke at MSG… but when it is time to really step up and announce ourselves, squat.

Just the way it is.

Comment by Pantherman 05.16.13 @ 7:37 pm

hey Pitt Baseball had a good run and I learned about them here on this site. It’s hard to get “there” and perform without having been “there” before.

I will take the great season which was perfect timing as they move in the ACC and let’s see how it grows from there.

LMAO on the hair swap… haha, now I really do see why they have a crazy man at WVU … see how long that lasts…

Comment by Pittscript 05.16.13 @ 7:59 pm

Never been there before? We won the Big East in 94 and went deep in regionals… I’d call that been there before and that was before we had a nice field, nice equipment and did our own groundskeeping at shitty trees field. L’vileis good and Mildren lost so the other 2 don’t look good. F they don’t when 2 of 2 no chance of regional. We don’t have the pitching depth to win Big East Championship… Need 4 to 6 great arms. We have 3. Hope we can pull it out but needed tonight’s win.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.16.13 @ 10:27 pm

Dick Rod and Fraud still look like the douches they are. Maybe they are from the same birth canal.


Comment by Pitt it IS 05.17.13 @ 1:43 pm

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