May 13, 2013

Unsurprising Transfers

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Hope everyone had a good weekend and did something nice for their mom, grandma and/or mother of your child (children). We were down at the in-laws. Where there is no wi-fi and a poor internet connection.

On Sunday it finally became official that Deaysean Rippy was transferring from Pitt.

Rippy said he wasn’t totally sure about Pitt when he signed his letter of intent in February 2012.

“I was on the verge of being sure,” he said. “I was kind of overwhelmed. I was an 18-year-old kid at the time. That’s a lot of pressure.”

Rippy said he’s unsure where he will enroll this year, but he said he has been in contact with some Pac-12 schools, including Colorado.

And now he’s past the verge of being sure he wants to be somewhere else.

His transfer has been rumored/in the works for weeks. Making it a non-surprise. This post from Jerry DiPaola last month made it clear that while Rippy may have been torn on his choice of college, his family really wanted him to stay close.

When I heard several weeks ago that Rippy might transfer, the first thought that crossed my mind turned to monkey bread, the sweet, gooey pastry Rippy’s grandmother Marian Rowe served for Pitt coach Paul Chryst when he visited their home prior to signing day last year.

Rowe, I’m sure, doesn’t bake monkey bread for just anyone. But Chryst was special in her eyes. She called it the “wow” factor, and she believed the coach had her grandson’s best interests at heart.

She was right, but the coach/player relationship in college athletics is more complicated that just treating a player right. It’s never easy to keep players happy, especially those who are looking at a second consecutive season of inactivity.

Hate losing potential talent like Rippy. And make no mistake, he has potential. But the questions that dogged him out of high school regarding his motor and desire are only louder after redshirting and failing to have any impact in the spring.

For Rippy, maybe getting further away from family. From a comfortable place will be what he needs.

As for the Davis twins, Chris and Demitrious, their departures were also unsurprising.

Both were recruited by former coach Todd Graham, but signed as a part of Paul Chryst’s first recruiting class in 2012. These Austintown, Ohio, natives both started as receivers, but eventually changed positions. Demitrious moved to running back in 2012, and Chris transitioned to defensive back in the spring.

And both did not appear close to making it on the field for at least another year. The Davis twins simply were not a fit. They wanted to be in, and were built for a standard spread offense where they can do something in space. They were not big receivers. Hence their position switching.

As for the reason for why all three waited this long. Well, this is just my opinion based on the timing (especially with Rippy given how long it has been reported that he’s leaving), but I’m guessing they were waiting to get their second semester grades to be sure they would be academically eligible to transfer.

There are still more transfers rumored, but these three put Pitt below the 85 scholarship limit heading into the 2013 season.

but if we dont count kane it is 3 and there
is no offical notice on kane yet.
thanks that is what i thought.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.14.13 @ 7:42 pm

I’m with Stevie on this one …. as long as it’s home and away

link to

Comment by wbb 05.14.13 @ 8:23 pm

Chryst and Co. will be fine. A 2star junior recruit can be a 4 star post season senior recruit. It’s all about evaluating talent and I prefer Coach Chrysts methodology versus an “analyst” that hasn’t coached a day on the big field.

Would I prefer a stable of 5 star recruits, sure? He is setting up for another 20+ scholarship year, which is good. Let’s see where we are after year four which will be the redshirt junior year for his first class. We’ve waited impatiently for the last thirty, why not four more.

Steve Pederson, go sit in the corner.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.14.13 @ 8:49 pm

[…] the recent departures of Rippy and the Davis twins, the football team was under 85 scholarships. They wasted no time when they rewarded 5th year […]

Desmond Brown is now on scholarship

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.14.13 @ 8:58 pm

You better be productive this year then Dan, can you feel your computer seat warming up a bit?

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.14.13 @ 9:11 pm

Chryst is a OC and doesn’t have the personality or stones to be a HC.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.14.13 @ 10:08 pm

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