April 10, 2013

Interview with Pitt offer Rasaan Stewart

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A friend of mine, Matt Alkire of Upper Hand Promotions, introduced me to a recent Pitt offer. Matt’s work at Upper Hand Promotions helps student-athletes gain a competitive advantage in the recruiting process. For any parent or athlete who has gone through the process I’m sure that sounds like a godsend. When I saw on twitter that one of his clients is Rasaan Stewart of Perkiomen Valley, I begged for an interview. Thankfully Rasaan was ready and willing. Here’s what the 6’1 athlete had to say about Pitt, his ideal position, and a few off topic subjects.

First off, congratulations on the Pitt offer. I see you also have an offer from Buffalo and Temple. Which school was the first to offer you?

Buffalo was the first.

You just got your Pitt offer 3 or 4 days ago?

Yeah that sounds about right.

Who has been your main recruiter at Pitt?

No one has come to my school to actually talk to me yet but Dann Kabala (Player Personnel Director) has been talking to me on Facebook a lot and he’s the one that invited me out to go visit.

When are you headed out for the visit?

I have once already but I think I’m going again for an official visit in the summer.

Oakland is beautiful in the summer, you’ll love it. The Cathedral of Learning is surrounded by trees, it’s cool to have class inside.

I went into the Cathedral it’s pretty nice. It’s like a museum

You’re being recruited as an athlete. In an ideal world, what position would you like to play?

I guess I would prefer offense, but i’m the type of person I just like to play football; whatever position I have I want to help my team. I want the opportunity to play. I prefer offense because I like scoring but whatever will help the team.

That’s always the right attitude to have. Before you started interacting with the coaches, did you have an opinion of Pitt, whether it be the school, football or did you really not have an opinion until you started talking to them?

I always thought Pitt was a good school but I wasn’t into it until they started talking to me and that’s when I started looking into it and that’s when i started finding things about it.

If you could tell Pitt fans one thing you would bring to the table what would that be?

I put on a show in high school, so I guess you could say I’d bring electricity and a spark to the program.

How much interaction have you had with other schools recruiting you? Have you visited Temple or Buffalo yet?

I went to Temple to watch one of their spring practices and that was about it. I talked to the coaches. Villanova is another school that has been really close with me but they haven’t offered me yet. They’re the closest to me out of all the schools, they’re right down the street from my school. Their recruiter visits me all the time.

Are you an NFL fan at all?

I like the Saints since I was born in Louisiana. They had a rough season last year but they’ll bounce back.

Well, when you have Drew Brees at QB you never have to fear being out of a game. One other thing I wanted to touch on is that Pitt has unfortunately had a bit of negative publicity with Rushel Shell recently. Do stories like that affect your opinion of a school or is it more that each player is his own man?

I don’t really pay much attention to that stuff. It’s different for each player. They have different paths they want to take for their future, things that they like. You have to look at what an individual person likes about a college. You can’t base your decisions off of other people’s things. It’s trial and error, it’s something you have to experience yourself until you make a sound judgement on it.

Would you prefer a rural campus out in the country and spread out or an urban campus?

I like the city. I don’t want anything in the middle of nowhere.

You don’t want a cow pasture next to your practice field?

*laughs* No, I don’t want that. I want something that’s like a lively campus where you can do stuff on campus and not have to drive.

Do you play any other sports?

I play basketball.

What’s your position? Did you watch the championship game last night?

I play the 3 guard but big guy as well. I’m like the most physical on my team so I guard the big guys and stuff like that. I had Michigan winning last night but I know they played good until the 4th quarter I don’t know what happened.

I watch a lot of Big East Basketball and Louisville just finds a way to close. About 5-10 minutes left in the game they just flip this switch and are like “it’s our game now” and that’s exactly what happened. They flipped that switch.

Both teams were even, it was just whoever showed up at the end of the game.

Rasaan was definitely better at being interviewed than I am at interviewing. He has a good head on his shoulders and will be an asset to whatever school he chooses. It’s always crazy for me to interact with student-athletes like Rasaan and realize how much more mature they are than I recall anyone being at that age. You have all these new people suddenly wanting to talk to you, pulling you in different directions, and he’s taking it in stride. No matter where he goes, he has a fan in me. Maybe I’ll get to see him catch a pass from Drew Brees in 5 or 6 years…or intercept him.

Here is Rasaan’s highlight tape.

Nice piece — it’s cool to hear from someone on the receiving end of the recruiting. Rasaan sounds like a level-headed guy, and I wish him the best even if he doesn’t end up at Pitt.

Comment by Four One Two 04.10.13 @ 9:27 pm

“You don’t want a cow pasture next to your practice field?”

Please include this in every interview you ever give from this point out. Probably no potential player will ever get it, but I love it.

Comment by Benzene 04.11.13 @ 1:08 am

The best stat in his profile, IMO was the 3.52 GPA. It’s difficult to coach stupid players towards their full potentials.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.11.13 @ 7:10 am

I second the cow pasture comment.

Comment by Yeti 04.11.13 @ 7:42 am

Benzene: I have no idea what you’re talking about *whistles*

Dr. Tom: Recruiting athletes who could get into Pitt without being an athlete certainly makes it easy on coaches to only have to judge athletic ability. Given that he has an offer, they’re obviously high on him. I think Rasaan fits the mold of a Chryst recruit. Bright, high character, and team focused. I have a feeling he’ll get more interest as his senior year goes on and getting in early on rising talent is what this staff does.

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 7:53 am

Sounds like a great kid. But he is being recruited by Buffalo and Temple. You don’t win in a better conference with this kind of talent.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 8:24 am


link to

link to

Also, this class at Wisconsin won 3 straight Big 10 titles:

link to

Five 4* players and a bunch of 2s and 3s. For comparison, the 2010 class had 0 4* players and the 2008 class had 3. Three classes with 8 total 4* players. Talent has not been an issue at Pitt, coachability has. Chryst is building a program with team oriented players. Give him 2 more years and you’ll see the results.

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 8:33 am

Upittbaseball, don’t you know stars and talent don’t matter when you have a neat head coach?

Comment by Wardapalooza 04.11.13 @ 8:52 am

Best of luck in his school search. Does sound like a good kid. I myself prefer the smell of urine and vomit on a Sunday morning in Oakland than the smell of cow poo at Pedo State.

Comment by TX_Panther 04.11.13 @ 8:58 am

Stars and talent didn’t get us anything under Wanny and with a FG kicker who doesn’t choke we’re probably 9-3 last season (Cuse, ND, show up against UConn in the 1st half).

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 8:58 am

Justin great point in respect to DW. His coaching deficiencies negated the star rating factor of those teams. It was exceedingly frustrating to leave so many attainable wins along with BE championships/FBS bowls unfulfilled due to his inability/unwillingness/stubbornness to adapt his overall football philosophies with the talent he had…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 9:47 am

I don’t think we can realistically judge Chryst’s talent evaluation for another 3 years. His first REAL recruits are incoming freshmen right now. We have to wait until they’re at least RS sophomores or juniors before we can know anything. I know that’s a long time away, but very few players are ready to contribute immediately and need a year or two. If half of this gigantic 2013 class ends up starting in 3 years and we win 9 games, it’ll be safe to trust his process.

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 10:00 am

Justin. If he doesn’t win over the next year or two he will be back in Wisconsin on a cheese farm. Even Peterson isn’t going to waste 3 years on a coach with a losing record. My opinion but you will and you win quick or you are out. This isn’t 9th grade.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 10:09 am

@ UPBB – Are you kidding ? That would mean SP would have to make a “unforced” decision (LOL)

Comment by CompLit 04.11.13 @ 10:18 am

Why is Pitt wasting 3 years on Peterson?

Comment by TX_Panther 04.11.13 @ 10:31 am

Justin, if you are going to play the ‘what if’ game with Chryst, then what if the extra-point holder doesn’t fumble the snap in ’09 vs Cincy and what if Ray Graham doesn’t fumble the kick-off in the 4th quarter in 010 vs UConn? Wanny gets back-to-back BCS bowls (the 2nd one with 1st year starter Tino as QB)

And for that matter .. What if Nova doesn’t make 21 of 22 free throws against us in Elire 8 in 09, and what if Gil Brown makes the 2nd FT vs Butler in 011?

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 10:32 am

Eagles trade Dion Lewis to Browns ,,, Browns now have Lewis, Sheard and Pinkston

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 10:45 am

I’m not playing the what if game to justify a 6-7 record. I’m simply saying Chryst inherited a hot mess and the team wasn’t far away from having a respectable season. Failing to give Chryst time to get his style of players on this team would be a huge mistake. I think too many fans have become enamored with quick turnarounds. You can only “coach up” players who want to be coached up and unfortunately Pitt has had a lot of bad attitudes on the team. The teams who have quick turnarounds normally didn’t have an awful culture.

If Wannstedt ran a clean program with players who weren’t getting in trouble (A LOT didn’t go public), he’s not fired as quickly. There were (and still are) a few players that were never fully “in.” Some have turned it around, some haven’t.

But one thing NO ONE can say right now is if the less heralded recruits we’re targetting will pan out. I’m willing to give Chryst the benefit of the doubt on finding talent until he proves otherwise. We’ve seen plenty of 4/5* guys turn out to be nothing and plenty of 2/3* guys go to the NFL.

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 10:49 am

Chryst certainly has to be given time before proper judgement can be made … but making a 9-3 team out of this past year is a bit ridiculous.

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 10:54 am

I could easily see Chryst gone in 3 years. Here is the scenario: upcoming season is a disaster in the ACC with Pitt winning 3 games, recruits bail on Pitt and Pitt ends up with a class in the 40s and Pitt has another losing season. Chryst is gone for sure in that scenario. I don’t care how bad an AD Pederson is, he would definitely fire Chryst then.

Comment by Wardapalooza 04.11.13 @ 11:03 am

By the way the team Chryst inheritted wasn’t nearly as bad as most of you like to think it was. If there had been any sort of servicable QB on the Todd Graham Pitt team, Pitt wins 9 or 10 games and goes to a BCS game.

Comment by Wardapalooza 04.11.13 @ 11:07 am

I’m all for recruiting smart kids and good citizens if they have the talent to play in the ACC. Give me Andrew Luck or RG3 any day. But the Ivy League is the place for future attorneys and investment bankers and orthopedic surgeons with 3.8 GPA’s… and 4.9 40’s.

Comment by Iron Duke 04.11.13 @ 11:19 am

Tino won 8 games in his 1st year as a starter … so why did he regress the next year?

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 11:40 am

chryst went 6 and 7 first year if he goes 6 and 6
next year then he gets one more year.
his recruits will have benn on year 2 bye then and he should have his freshmen top recruits right.
if he goes 6 and 6 in year 3 he should be gone.

Comment by FRANKCAN 04.11.13 @ 12:05 pm

@wbb, do you eat with that mouth? I never want to hear you utter that “T” word again in my presence, young man.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.11.13 @ 12:07 pm

Dr. Tom,

On message boards you can filter bad words by replacing them with something else. Perhaps we can change “rhymes with Vino” to something else? Chas?

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 12:10 pm

But come it isn’t the ‘F’ word (for Fraud)?

All Tino did was to play behind the worst offensive lineplay (especially his jr year) and take the biggest beating I’ve ever seen a QB take in my 40 years of watching FB … and then pick himself up and go back to the huddle.

All Fraud did (1) was to put an unathletic QB behind an unathletic line, both unsuited for his style of play, (2) and defer all blame because his massive ego wouldn’t have it any other way, and (3) then take the money and ran

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 12:15 pm

Lets look at DDubs record for the first three years’ record of record of 16-19: 2005 (5-6), 2006 (6-6), 2007 (5-7) and bowl appearances.

HCPC first year record with mostly Ddubs/Frauds recruits, some with undeniable selfish, non-team/buy in program first attitudes record was 6-7 with a bowl appearance…

It is not only premature to judge HCPC’s future season records based on last season but illogical as well. Making judgments based on things which have not transpired yet is beyond proper reason. The use of somewhat “prophetic” predictions doe not substantiate these prophecies of doom for HCPC and Pitt football…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 12:23 pm

Meant to say no bowl appearances for Ddub…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 12:26 pm

All very valid points wbb, but our previos QB could have taken a lot less abuse if he had had even the most rudamentary pocket presence and possessed just a basic ability to scramble in the pocket. Add to that, that he never had a chance when trying to bring his team back from a deficit and there you have it an offensive situation anywy you cut it.

Lets please look forward, those old memories of our previous QB’s exploits just make by bowels rumble in dispair.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.11.13 @ 12:26 pm

He actually brought his team back from a 10 point 4th quarter deficit in his very first game as a starter to get the game into OT (in a hostile environment) … but the critism of ‘rhymes with vino’ of not being a clutch performer is obviously very valid. I just think he was way too much of the fall guy in his junior season.

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 12:40 pm

Kenny, to continue the ‘what ifs” … what if for Ddub’s first 3 seasons, WVU, Louisville, USF and Rutgers don’t have the best 3 year runs in the history of their programs?

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 12:43 pm

wbb, 2011 was a disaster and no offensive player can be judged for what happened. Fraud jammed too many square pegs into round holes.

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 1:00 pm

Justin, that has been my point since November of 2011 .. most people on this site seem to disagree

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 1:01 pm

We used to say, if your aunt had ______ she’d be your uncle.

Comment by Justinian 04.11.13 @ 2:05 pm

WBB great point…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 2:31 pm

a little help please pitt 247 says dixon is looking at PF from a utah JC but the name is behind the pay wall if you belong could you give me the name
so i can look him up.

i know this much there is no PF from a school in
utah in the JC top 100.

but there are unsigned pf in the jc 100
just not from utah.

Comment by FRANKCAN 04.11.13 @ 3:28 pm

@wbb, if you’re referring to the Utah game where Pitt’s QB forced a bad pass into over/under coverage for the game ending interception in OT, then I would hardly call THAT a come from behind victory. That episode was just served as the prelude to the novel that all Pitt fans would have to endure for the next three years while that QB solidified his tendencies to gag when it mattered at the end, again and again and again,,,,,,,,,,

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.11.13 @ 3:43 pm

A pox on all your houses if anyone utters the ‘T’ word.

Comment by TX_Panther 04.11.13 @ 3:49 pm

AP reports Tino Sunseri hired as QB Coach for Pittsburgh Panthers. I can’t get the link to post. JK!

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 3:56 pm

Chryst needs to show progress and he is putting this together right and he gets a few years until his recruits mature. Sure if everything implodes he is gone.

How long is W. gone now? He was given years and an extension to get it done and he didn’t… and he was never going to and that is why he was gone.

In addition to all the stuff off field and under the rug… this locker room toxic waste dump stuff didn’t start the day he left and he sure made sure he left in a way to nuke the place as much as possible.

He was not a game day coach even after decades of coaching.. didn’t win in Miami and was never going to win-to-expectation here at Pitt… too much an ‘old boy’ Pitt guy which is why Flacco took off… his dad was not a good ol’ boy here slapping W. on the back and playing golf here… oh, Flacco just happen to have elite level QB talent… but hey, that is just a detail.

He got his fair shot.

It’s just like Tino… stats, etc etc etc. These guys just had a knack for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time… as opposed to those coaches/players who get the right thing done at the right time.

If W. had played his exit differently… instead of fire bombing his way out the door… he would have been a viable candidate for AD here and actually had the skill set to do that job well.

They are both good people, and they are just in the rear view mirror now… bye bye.

Comment by Pittscript 04.11.13 @ 4:55 pm

Frankcan, his name is Sai Tummala (6’7″) per Doke’s latest post…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 4:57 pm

Here is a youtube vid of him:

link to

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 5:00 pm

kenny thanks he is not in the jc 100,
i wonder why dixon likes him over outher fowards who are in the jc 100 and are un signed.

Comment by FRANKCAN 04.11.13 @ 5:03 pm

In the old days of College football the players were the guys who happened to be enrolled in the university. W&J played in the 1922 Rose Bowl. Pitt played in the Rose Bowl four times 1928, 1930, 1933, and 1937. In 1937 when Pitt was in the Rose Bowl, Duquesne was in the Orange Bowl. Carnegie Tech was in the Sugar Bowl in 1939.

Comment by Justinian 04.11.13 @ 5:07 pm

Frankcan check out his workout vid…

link to

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 5:10 pm

yes kenny he looks good but i just wonder why
you pass up players who are ranked in the top 50 of 100 for a man who is not ranked.
may be becuse he played at a big 10 school before he want to JC.
i just wondered that is all.

Comment by FRANKCAN 04.11.13 @ 5:35 pm

tars and talent didn’t get us anything under Wanny and with a FG kicker who doesn’t choke we’re probably 9-3 last season (Cuse, ND, show up against UConn in the 1st half).

Comment by Justin 04.11.13 @ 8:58 am

Well…..DW did give us our best 3 year run in over 30 years at Pitt. Nothing to sneeze about, I know, Ppl that just didn’t like Wanny won’t even give him credit for that.

And OUR HIGHEST END OF SEASON RANKING AT #15 in 2009, SINCE Dan Marino’s senior year.

Again I know, but he lost to Cincinnati.

Yea well we had the Brian Kelly & Notre Dame effect that year.

But DW did go 10-3 that year. Last time Pitt won 10 games or more, was Marino’s junior year.

Ikr, don’t mean a thing. lol

If you want to consider that nothing,

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 5:41 pm

I’d take 9-4 & 10-3 over the next several years in a heartbeat !!!

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 5:44 pm

It’s because his initial recruitment offers were not high majors, was a freshman preferred walk on at UM and transferred for playing time. I like him because he is athletic and can shoot lights out. He has played the 4 in HC but would be nice at the 3…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 5:46 pm

Hell DW even managed somehow to go 8-5 with a RS sophomore worst 3 year QB in Pitt history.

Ikr he can’t coach.

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 5:46 pm

And that was with Utah & Miami on the non-con.

Not Youngstown State and Gardner Del Webb.

And let’s not forget Temple.

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 5:50 pm

Give em hell Emel. I agree those were some pretty good years. I love the Panthers but Chryst will be gone in 2 years. There is no way he smells 5 wins this year and the ACC is down.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 5:58 pm

Aaaaaaaaaa Sorry

Had a Flashback !

Thought is was early January 2011.

Never Mind !!!

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 6:00 pm

Frankcan, if you haven’t done so already, click on the Panther’s Prey link. Dokish gives details on 6 prime targets for Dixon

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 6:18 pm

Emel pleas tell me what games of significance did Ddub win..

Uppittbaseball you might as well answer the question and if HCPC is not gone in two years I will get back to you for some crow and I am a man will eat crow myself if wrong. Also please clarify your 5 win total because your post was ambiguous…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 6:22 pm

Looks like Adams is going in the 1st round and as of now high as 17th over all…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 6:31 pm

@ Kenny

Will this due ?

Pitt 13 #2 Wvu 9 December 1rst 2007

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 6:58 pm

Only Pitt’s biggest win Since December 31rst 1981.

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 7:00 pm

That would be great if Adams went that high.

As some of you might know, the big Center from Indiana, Zeller declared for the NBA yesterday and a few days before him their other star player Oladipo. Also Michael Carter Williams, the 6’6″ PG from Cuse declared and Paul Pressy’s kid from Mizzou as well.

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 7:04 pm

Did it help us win a BE championship or FBS bowl?

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 7:05 pm

I seem to remember that Blair was going to be a lottery pick in 2009.

When it comes to the NBA and Pitt players I will take a wait & see attitude.

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 7:09 pm

@ Kenny

Are you saying 13-9 wasn’t a significant win ??

Comment by EMel 04.11.13 @ 7:10 pm

I am saying what did it win us but bragging rights?

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 8:34 pm

that win (1) prevented WVU from playing in national chammpionship, (2) led to LSU playing the title game and winning the title, (3) prevented Les Miles from leaving LSU for his alma mater michigan, and (4) led to Rich Rod leaving and suing his alma mater. It may well have been the most significant win in recent NCAA history

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 8:39 pm

Kenny I’m o ig time fan of Wanny but the facts are facts. He won 10 games and didn’t have D2 schools like Chryst has had. Fact is I don’t like anyone the coaches we have had. I have hired Charlie Strong. Direct ties to Florida! As far as 5 wins I think we will win 3 or 4 maybe this upcoming year. Go pens!

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 8:43 pm

I get both sides of the W era. I soured on him at the end with how he handled the exit… and I know there is a rationale on how poor W. was screwed by bad ol’ SP.

Talking about W is like talking about Tino… stats, stats, stats… bottom line is put the statistics into context. It was never really enjoyable to watch those teams, they provided the heartbreak at all the wrong times… and they lost at all those key moments.

then all the off the field stuff starting hitting the press (again how much never made it to the press??). Add it all up and his time was up.

W era started with the famous ND game… the big taddoo… brought back all of Pitt history, big deal at the stadium… and then we got our A#$ kicked… embarrassing humiliation after making a big deal about it… that was the karma of his era.

big win at WVU was majestic (although we were out of any running for anything)… big hope for the future… pssssssst…. air out of the balloon again.

any yeah Cinnci… what was bad about that game wasn’t that we lost… it was that as soon as the 4th quarter started you just knew in the Pit of your Stomach that it was oooover… hopelessness, despair. inability to do anything (and the look on his face on the sideline exemplified it)

That is the point.

it was always like that… no big east titles are major significant bowl wins in a weak Big east.

stats don’t mean shit. and Tino proves it. Just the wrong thing and the wrong time.

Good people, just not winners, and sooner or later at D 1… its about winning when expected (and when not expected!… Wichita state anyone??? when has a Pitt team done anything like this in recent memory??)

W. is a good guy, and the man was given his shot. He had his years.

meanwhile posts above are almost gleeful in saying Chryst is gone in 2 years… gee really? What, like that is going to prove a point about W??

W has been gone over 2 seasons +. And yet some folks here sound like they basically are waiting for our current coach to fail to prove some point about this guy.

If Chryst does S$%^ the bed we are totally screwed as a football program. That is why I want him to win and win big… for the Pitt football program.

Comment by Pittscript 04.11.13 @ 8:44 pm

Webb. LSU fans still thanks me for that win against WVU.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 8:44 pm

– had the best 3 year run in the last 30 years of Pitt FB,
– put Pitt players in the NFL which led to many prospects being interested in Pitt,
– graduated well over 90% of his players, and
– raised expectations so high that he was fired despite tying for the BE title (and after the best 3 year run listed above.)

In retrospect, it doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

Comment by wbb 04.11.13 @ 8:50 pm

My post has zero to do with Wanny. I’m saying Chryst is a OC and has no in game coaching clue. He never should have been hired. He has no energy and is boring and has no recruiting ties. Wisconsin has zero talent at the high school level.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 8:52 pm

hindsight is 20/20 and did not address my key point. It was that in his era they lost the wrong game at the wrong time and never won the big game at the big moment… consistently.

what would have the trajectory been? At the time it looked flat at best… that he could not progress the program further.

He had his shot.

If Chryst is that pathetic, then time for me to just get interested in soccer or something… woman’s swimming. Crew.

Comment by Pittscript 04.11.13 @ 9:05 pm

Pitt script – just calling it as I see it. Hope I’m wrong. How many games do you think we will next year honestly? Thx

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 9:21 pm

upittbaseball… I hear you, it’s just man I hope you are wrong.

I guess its the same standard as I mentioned for W. Somehow this team has to do something above standard expectation. “Oh gee, they only won 4 games but what more can we hope for”…

As a ‘pro-Chryst’ guy I would say that is not good enough.

We have to win all the games we are expected to (against the scrubs), win some against the midlevel ACC teams… and have one upset (or darn close to it… down to the wire).

6-6 and a bowl. anything less there is just no excuse and you are right in that this guy will not get the time that Wanny got or that others might have gotten under different circumstances.

Comment by Pittscript 04.11.13 @ 9:44 pm

Calling it like you see it on a 2nd year first time head coach whom could not meet your expectations last year.compared with a man whom was fired from the three HC jobs he had and whom you like. Now I understand…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 9:45 pm

HCPC will here at least 3 years and you can take it to the bank…

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 9:46 pm

Kenny what part of I didn’t like Wanstache don’t you understand. I’m with pitt script he didn’t win the big one. As far as Chryst we need all the help we can get.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.11.13 @ 9:50 pm

Upittbaseball, big surprise from you. As far as you Wanny guys, start living in the present. He’s gone so get over it!! I mean, holy crap! Stop f’n whining already!! And finally, all you guys who are hating on Chryst already, f u. Give him a freakin’ chance, assholes. Trivia question: who’s the one person on this blog who hates everything and will never be happy?

Comment by panther94 04.11.13 @ 10:06 pm

It don’t matter what part because you are biased against HCPC and your posts confirm it.

As for your post had to go back and translate “Kenny I’m o ig time fan of Wanny” I get it now due to you not being a big fan of any coaches hired.

At the same time I did not like the Wanny hire because he is a bad x and o guy who never made in game adjustments. I knew he was never going to win championships at Pitt and history has validated it and earlier in the Pros.

It just boggles my mind a man whom never could win any championships is being lauded for having two seasons with 9 and 10 wins with no CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS OR FBS BOWLS.

Comment by Kenny 04.11.13 @ 10:18 pm

wannys off field incidents put him on the hit list,shell would still be in apitt uniform if he was still here and so would be foster, not to say he would have coached better or we would be a better team ,just athought nova would be our qb

Comment by paul shannon 04.12.13 @ 6:21 am

Off-field incidents gave Pederson the window for firing a guy he never got along with. He didn’t hire Wanny and was threatened by him.

When Pederson claimed that it was the off-field incidents that propelled his decision, columnists from both Pgh papers blasted him for being so shallow as to use this as the criterion for his decision. It should be known that both of these columnists had advocated the firing but it had nothing to do with the off-the-field incidents.

Sadly, we have come to learn that main incompetence in Pitt athletics comes from the top and not from the FB program.

Yes, Wanny lost a lot of menaingful, close games … but at least we had meaningful games to play then, especially late in the season.

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 6:38 am

Off field incidents made it easy for steve to fire wanny. Wanny also got blown out on national tv as well. And the close games he lost was as much on him as the players. Wanny deserved it but the way steve handled it was wrong. Then steve bungled his search by not having a bird in hand. Then he got the wrong bird. Then he got another foul bird. Now he has chryst and we don’t know if he is any good yet but the first year he seemed more like a turkey than a hawk. What is the common denominator? And why are things the way they are? Do I have to spell it out to you? I’ll spot you with the first 4 letters stev.

Comment by TX Panther 04.12.13 @ 7:01 am

Emel – that 2010 season had Dion Lewis (1061 yds) Ray Graham (922 yds) and Jon Baldwin (822 yds) on offense… DW didn’t have to do much coaching to get results with that. Sorry, but I don’t see DW’s X&Os coaching as much of a positive at all.

Honestly I can’t remember one single game other than 13-9 where I felt our game planning of halftime adjustments won the game for us back in the DW days.

What I think DW’s strength was was getting his better players to play to their maximum and carry the team that way.

Yes, we won more games under him and it can be debated forever whether or not it was a good move to get rid of him. However, it is ridiculous for any PITT fan to compare Paul Chryst’s coaching ability with DW’s until Chryst has at least a few years body of work to point to.

As to how short a leash Chryst is on I’d say his fourth year would be his make or break year.

Comment by Reed 04.12.13 @ 7:07 am

@panther94, that must be a rhetorical question because how in the world could you expect anybody to wittle that list down to just one person on this blog sight???? I totally agree with you though, a Prozac salesman could make a killing off of our crew here. There is never a lack of pessimism on the Pitt Blather. Gloom and Doom is always on the daily menu. Although considering the past two to three years in Pitt football, there is a good amount of rational reasoning for feeling that way as a fan.

The thing that I like about Chryst is that he is quietly tearing the program down to it’s bare bones in order to build it back up. I now understand when he first came in why he answered the question about his goals for a BE championship as that he really didn’t have any goals like that in the first place. He was just surveying the current situation at that point and I think that he assessed that there were a lot of things that needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. And apparently he is not afraid of making some waves in the process of doing that. The transfer of Shell is one of those repercussions, IMO, get with the program or else and Shell chose “or else”.

Therefore, I agree with Reed’s opinion above. Chryst is in the midst of a process that will take years. I think that he gets another pass this season as long as he wins 5 to six games, but he has to show that this team is playing hard and has a spirit that it has lacked in the past. We’ll see by 2015 if the rebuilding process has been successful or not. That is the time Coach Chryst’s seat will start getting hot if results are not apparent on the field.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.12.13 @ 7:44 am

whether you do it by acquired talent, or by Xs and Os … and usually a combination, wins are wins. Recruiting is as much of college FB as are gameplans.

It is too early to judge Chryst but the fact remains that a coach got fired after the FB team had its best 3 year run in 3 decades.

As I said before … for Pitt nowadays, the question may not be “can we do better?” … the question probably should be “will we do better?”

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 7:59 am

I’m not in the Crown Chryst Camp. When we have 4 wins next year I hope you guys stay committed to him. I’m on the record that he was a bad hire along with the other gypsies a person hired. 6 wins in the Big Least was bad and that’s with D 2 gimmes. No such gimmes except 1 this upcoming year.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 8:21 am

Peterson is a disaster and the worst AD in sports.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 8:22 am

One thing I omitted from my post …

…. but the fact remained that a coach got fired after the FB team had its best 3 year run in 3 decades “and that coach was the lowest paid in the entire confernce.”

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 8:32 am

For all those asking for another HC. Who? Who would you have picked? Christobal? Hiring head coaches has so much to do with the time in which you need to hire. Your pool is only so large.

In my opinion we got the best for Pitt at that time. Yeah, you can blame SP all you want for not being able to drag a coach out of another U, but could you blame them for not wanting to come? Our program was beat down, in the national news for not being managed AT ALL. You want a program that you feel you can do something with.

PC wants to do something with it, he may fail, whatever, but it’s clear he isn’t going to Fraudg us out of existence. People were asking for DW’s head, noone actually liked Graham, now people seem to think PC will be our next failure.

We all want the best of every world, we aren’t comfortable with just winning, if you win, you have to do it the right way. We aren’t comfortable with just being a high class institution with a football team. We want it all, and it’s hard, especially when we don’t want to have a football culture which involves brainwashing children like PSU.

Comment by Benzene 04.12.13 @ 8:35 am

Charlie Strong was an option after Wanny was canned. Kevin Sumlin was an option. Both great guys and great leaders of men. Oh and great coaches as you see. There are more names. We actually looked for a new coach 3 times in 3 years. Many good ones were available but it actually involves work and having contacts none of which Peterson does.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 9:00 am

Sumlin was summoned but showed no interest .. he was also over the budget. I believe Pederson knew he made a mistake within 5 days after firing Wanny, when he realized just what the salary market was for head coaches. I believe he hired Haywood for $1.4m which still would have made him the lowest paid BE HC at the time of Wanny’s firing.

BTW .. maybe Pederson just fell into something. The Fan is hinting that McConnell-Serio may become new women’s coach.

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 9:09 am

Is that supposed to be a good women’s coach. I’m not in the loop on women’s b ball. Lol. As far as Sumlin he would have had interest if we paid what the good programs pay. Both strong and Sumlin make 3.1M and 3.4M. Watts Chryst make? 1.4M? That’s a lot for a OC

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 9:24 am

@ Upittbaseball, I’m glad that you enjoyed my previous “Peterson is a cancer” joke that I shot back to you a couple days ago, but part of that joke revolved around the name “Peterson”.

If you want a guy fired, at least spell his name correctly so that some poor slob name Peterson who mops floors in the Pitt traning center doesn’t lose his job while our athletic director, Steve PEDERSON continues his smiley ways unaffected.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.12.13 @ 9:42 am

I like the spelling of Pederson as Peterson. We are know what a Peter is.

Comment by TX_Panther 04.12.13 @ 9:47 am

I would think Chryst is making over$1.4m … Fraud was making around $2m here … but I really don’t know.

Looks like McConnell-Serio is official. Looks to be a good hire since she is accomplished and has a name (former Olympian Gold Medalist and former WNBA player and coach.)

Will this be the first PSU alum hired as a HC at Pitt?

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 9:48 am

are = all

But Peter is still Peter

Comment by TX_Panther 04.12.13 @ 9:48 am

LOL. Doc must of been spellcheck. He is a big Peder though! Chryst was making 500k at UW. No way they are paying him or at least shouldn’t be paying him over 1.4M with zero HC experience. If L’Ville pays Strong 3.4M and Petino a ton then they invest unlike cheapskate Pederson.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 9:55 am

Well if we’re going to go that route TX_Panther then I think that our new nickname for Steve should be Dick. Then we could affectionately refer to our AD as our “Cock”sure Tricky Dicky Peterson just to cover all the bases.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.12.13 @ 9:58 am

Dick Pederson coming to ruin an AD near you. Coming soon!

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.12.13 @ 10:04 am

I like that Doc :)

Comment by TX_Panther 04.12.13 @ 10:29 am

Dick Pederson could catch on.

Comment by Justin 04.12.13 @ 11:31 am

Tino Sunseri’s biggest flaw had nothing to do with his character, drive, toughness, etc… He was a perfectly average quarterback who gave his heart and soul to Pitt football during his time there. Please stop going out of your way to bash this kid. There are so many other worthwhile things to discuss concerning Pitt athletics. I guess every school in the country has “fans” like you, we should strive to have the fewest. THAT would be an accomplishment. Grown ups, please show a little class.

Comment by towerbabbo 04.12.13 @ 11:54 am

I read this site every day and almost never comment, but I’ve had it with those of you who insult this kid and think it’s funny. It is not.

Comment by towerbabbo 04.12.13 @ 11:58 am

Oh btw we did win a BigEast Championship in 2010 under DW, granted it was a Co-Championship.

But it’s still a championship.

And if you didn’t think 13-9 was significant, I don’t know what to say. lol

If nothing else it kept our most hated recent main rival from playing for the National Championship. Which would have been a huge boon for their program & recruiting.

Not to mention Dick Rod would have never left and they might have been 11-1 or 10-2 or even 12-0 just about every year.

That 13-9 win was also a launching pad for our next season, in 2008 where we went 9-4. And actually had a chance to have double digit victories for the first time since 1981.

And then the next season, Pitt football was actually relevant NATIONALLY for the first time in 30 frickin years. As we moved up to #8 in the country after beat Notre Dame.

So that 13-9 victory laid the foundation for ALL of that.

Sheesh !

Comment by EMel 04.12.13 @ 12:13 pm

It absolutely amazes people’s hate of DW, so thoroughly clouds what he accomplished at PITT.

I have no clue when this team will EVER be ranked #15 at the end of season again.

And neither does anyone of this board or on the coaching staff.

Maybe when you wait 30 years again for another Nationally relevant team, you’ll embrace whoever the Head Coach is who achieves it.

Maybe not, by the way some think (sic).

Comment by EMel 04.12.13 @ 12:18 pm

Emel, after all this FB program has been thru since 12/7/10 … it now seems those were the good old days

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 12:21 pm

Certainly were wbb.

Wow, to think how we could have capitalized on the problems in Creepy Valley had DW still been coach.
Given his and his staff’s recruiting skills and the relationships he had built with all the HS coaches in PA, NJ, MD & OH.

We could have actually had the chance to wrest back being the top football program in PA and the East. As we were from ’76 to ’83.

That was a once in a lifetime opportunity(to capitalize on PSU), and we just threw it away.

Oy Vey

Comment by EMel 04.12.13 @ 12:28 pm

Emel – that 2010 season had Dion Lewis (1061 yds) Ray Graham (922 yds) and Jon Baldwin (822 yds) on offense… DW didn’t have to do much coaching to get results with that. Sorry, but I don’t see DW’s X&Os coaching as much of a positive at all.
Comment by Reed 04.12.13 @ 7:07 am

Yes we did have talent on that team certainly.
However imo the biggest problem of that team was DW passing over an upperclassman, named Pat Bostick at QB for his friends’ son.
And the team knew Bostick should have been playing and that started some disgruntlement on that team among many players.

They showed though that they wanted to play for DW, as discouraged as they were, they came out and layed a whipping on an SEC team in the Bowl Game in honor of DW.

Comment by EMel 04.12.13 @ 12:38 pm

Anyway DW wasn’t drawing up the X’s & O’s, his OC & DC were.

And if you didn’t like Wanny ball, well I think the 2009 team was very exciting. You had Dion running for over 1700 yards and Stull throwing for over 200ypg with 21 TD’s with Baldwin at WR.. That was a pretty fun team to watch.

And what we have now is Wanny Ball, just like Wisconsin.

Comment by EMel 04.12.13 @ 12:44 pm

Reed has to understand that recruiting is just as, and probably more, important than the Xs and Os. And boy wouldn’t we relish a stable program nowadays.

I do agree that Chryst needs a couple more years before proper judgement can be made, so let’s hope he does prove to be a really good hire.

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 12:46 pm

Yey, another short guard who is an average outside shooter! That is just what this team needs.

Comment by Marco 04.12.13 @ 1:36 pm

DW’s downfall was his blind loyalty and stubbornness. His stupid refusal to accept that Cavanagh was not a good OC and the Palko didn’t have the talent to be any better than an average to below average college QB cost him so many games it was terrible.
Losting 3-0 in the Sun Bowl was a national disgrace, and then to state that Cavanagh forgot more about offense than most coaches will ever know. Sheesh indeed. Loyalty clouded almost every decision he made and what made it worse is he was stubborn to boot. He maxed out and would never take Pitt beyond an also ran. But the reason I was glad to see him go was that his character judgement with recuits would have soiled Pitt’s reputation and they would have been nationally known as a school without discipline and players who brought mostly embarrassment to the university.
He’ll never get another shot at being a head coach again, and there’s lots of reasons this is fact not unwarranted criticism. Please let it go.

Comment by Taxing Matters 04.12.13 @ 3:44 pm

People pointing out DW reasons for being let go don’t ‘hate him’. Come on. The guy had his chance, got his years and plenty of posts above indicate why it was completely valid to part ways with the guy… particularly the last few posts.

The way he handled things at the end was his decision. He decided to burn bridges.

He had a great skill set to be an AD, associate AD or something and there could have been a role now for him at Pitt. All the SP haters here could be promoting him to replace SP as AD.

After the Graham debacle he would have been in the conversation for coach… and again pressing perhaps as an AD replacement.

If Chryst blows up… he could have been again in the mix.

we are two years + down the road. He is done and gone forever. He is a chapter of Pitt history.

Comment by Pittscript 04.12.13 @ 5:14 pm

He did not burn bridges … just propaganda from the anti-Wanny faction.

If Wanny was a distraction then why was Pederson able to hire a head coach with 10 days from Wanny’s firing, and why did Pitt win the bowl game 27-10?

There was friction before Wanny’s firing and of course after, epecially when Pederson didn’t man up and outright fire him. The distractions were by the players who voluntarily showed up at Wanny’s presser, and by all of the alums who raised holy hell (especially Fralic).

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 5:22 pm

It just dawned me …. Pederson axes Wanny froma job he loves and some of you are blaming Wanny for burning bridges?????????????

That just proves the anti-Wanny sentiment from many of you. Wanny didn’t quit to go on to another opportunity .. he was let go!!

Who burned the bridges??

Comment by wbb 04.12.13 @ 5:34 pm

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