March 15, 2013

I sat down to watch the game around 10 pm last night. It’s been that kind of a week. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Where to begin.

First, it has to be recognized just how on James Southerland was in this game. Perfect from outside. Yes, the defense — especially in the first half — was a step slow. But he was knocking everything down regardless. He was 6-9 the day before against Seton Hall. It was infectious. Syracuse finished the game shooting 12-19 on 3s. Everywhere else they were 10-28.

The three point shooting made the difference, that could not quite be overcome. The effects of the double-bye were once more readily apparent in the first half. Pitt was just not as ready at the start of the game. Syracuse had more energy. They were getting rebounds and extra chances. They outrebounded Pitt 18-14 in the first half. Something that might be simply explained as having more chances at defensive rebounds since Pitt shot  35% to their 53%. That wasn’t it.

Even shooting that well, the Orange grabbed 7 offensive rebounds in the first half. Getting the extra chances early coupled with getting very hot late in the first half. Pitt put itself into a hole.

It wasn’t like Syracuse came out and blitzed Pitt. For the first 10 minutes the game was tight. The teams swapped the lead eight times. Then Syracuse and Southerland went red hot shooting and Pitt was the exact opposite.

And even as it appeared that Pitt could at least close the half with a little surge, Syracuse got the friendly bounce on the rim to drop one more 3 before the half. Again, Pitt was a step late and not able to foul early enough when they had one to give. Dixon was visibly pissed in his rather curt halftime interview with Andy Katz.

I have to harp on the first half difference in energy. Syracuse had it, and Pitt looked like a team that was still just getting up to game speed. The Orange were more active, their zone looked much sharper than it has in a few weeks. They were much better at keeping the middle bottled up and not letting Pitt get to soft spots that Pitt typically exploits. Some of that has to do with Pitt having less energy to get to the spots faster, but you do have to give Syracuse credit as well.

In the second half, Pitt dominated the boards. They had a 26-10 advantage in the second half, including limiting Syracuse to 1 offensive rebound. Their energy and effort was clearly there. They just put themselves in too deep a hole.

Syracuse was able to keep Pitt at bay for most of the second half. Even as the shots didn’t fall as frequently, their inside presence was in foul trouble and Pitt’s energy was noticeably higher.

The final five minutes just had Syracuse hanging on, barely. A couple missed free throws, some errant shots, and a turnover on a simply terrible, telegraphed, soft pass kept Pitt from making the comeback.

Okay some individual thoughts.

James Robinson. So he found his shot. Unfortunately, he’s lost some strength on his passes. Right from the start, his passes lacked any umph. They were soft, slow bouncers that led to three early turnovers by him. As much as his well-placed shooting and free throws gave Pitt a chance in the second half, that turnover while down 3 with 25 seconds left was the killer.

Tray Woodall. Not far off what was expected offensively. It seemed that he was just slightly off at times. His biggest error was trying to rush a 3 before the half down 10. If I had to guess, I’d say he was hoping that Pitt could go 2-for-1 on chances to cut into the lead. Just not a smart play there. There wouldn’t have been enough time, even if it went. Pitt wasn’t in any position to rebound, and it led instead to a by Cuse to end the half (with the friendliest bounce possible). Pitt needed a bigger game from him or the next guy.

Lamar Patterson. The numbers look about right: 14 points, 11 rebounds. But he was also just off. Only 1-5 on his 3s. The biggest problem when he and Robinson are on the floor together is that it sometimes seems that they are playing a game of who can refuse to shoot longest.

Talib Zanna. He brought effort and is still scoring. When he was in a funk, he would merely bend for a loose ball. Last night he was diving at them. Wish he was still shooting 60-70% on free throws rather than the 50% he’s been at in Big East play.

Steven Adams. With Dante Taylor’s early foul trouble followed by the profuse bleeding the officials failed to see, Adams got 31 minutes. That’s the high point. Len Elmore was accurately critical of Adams last night. It’s one thing to put a hand up to wave for the ball. It’s something else, to actually put yourself in position to receive the pass and do something with it. Despite all the foul troubles that the Orange big men were in, Adams was largely ineffective for most of the game. He continues to struggle to field passes cleanly inside. Taking too much time to gather and put it up. Again, Elmore was all over him for not going hard at the basket when he did have the ball. Letting himself get stuffed or settling for tossing up the ball at the basket.

Trey Zeigler. Why is he allowed to play? I’m not giving up on the kid for next year, but he cannot be allowed to play 13 minutes at this point. His defense remains atrocious and he is back to being lost and tentative on offense. Give Moore some more minutes at that spot. Or Johnson. I’m even fine with Cam Wright because I know he will play better defense with no worse offense. The last time Zeigler scored more than 2 minutes in a game: February 2 — versus Syracuse.

Earlier this week, the Penguins entertained the Bruins ina batlle of arguably the 2 best teams in the Eastern Conference. The Pens had been off for a few days while the Bruins played the night before and arrived in Pgh about 1 a.m.

The Bruins, with the momentum of the previous night’s win, dominated the 1st period and the Pens were lucky that they were only down 2-0. The scored remained that way until the Pens scored 3 goals in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd Period over a peteed out Bruins team.

Yes, this game followed the exact same pattern as yesterday’s game where the team who recently played came out smoking while the rusty team played better towards the end … the difference probably being that hockey is a much more physical game (although Dante may need convincing about that.)

Comment by wbb 03.15.13 @ 9:13 am

Chs, Despite everything, if Talib Zanna makes the free throw the game is tied in last 35 seconds. The officials not making the call when he blatently fouled on previous basket was inexcusable. It was just blantent and obvious not to call. He should have had the opportunity to go to the line for a potential 3 point play. The orher reasons that the Panthers lost were the missed free thows by Lamar Patterson and the Syracuse three point shot the bounced off the front of the rim, bounced up and went in, as time expired. The Panthers still had one foul to give, and they needed to make Syracuse inbound the ball one more time. On the Fan this morning, they asked, “Was anyone was standing in front of the Pitt players when they shouting free thows.” because Syracuse shot a lot higher percentage of three point shots with hands in their faces, than Pitt shot from the foul line.

Comment by Justinian 03.15.13 @ 9:21 am

Typical Pitt March performance. Nobody shows up when it counts.

Comment by Coach Ditka 03.15.13 @ 9:44 am

From game one, many, including me, have been dreading Pitt’s FT shooting and warning it would cost us a close game somewhere. It was not the sole factor but one of them.

“If you don’t learn from history,you are doomed to repeat it”. Don’t know who said it but Pitt must learn that in (one loss and you are out)tourneys, you have to play hard from the opening jump, just as hard as in the second half. It’s been a year of slow starts and then hot second halfs. You don’t get that luxury against good teams.

I think this Cuse team easily beats G’town and wins the BET. No less than a 3 seed.

Pitt a 5 at best maybe a 6. Imagine the hardest team Pitt could possibly face in the first two rounds…write it down….then Sunday night watch as we face at least one of those teams next week.
Mine are VCU and Belmont!

Comment by Dan 72 03.15.13 @ 9:51 am

Dan 72, note that Cuse has stunk up the floor in the 2 games vs Georgetown ths year (maybe a matchup problem.) But who knows, Cuse may be getting hot at the right time

Comment by wbb 03.15.13 @ 9:58 am

I’ve been harping on the Zeigler issue for weeks thanks for making the same observation. He should not play Wright should play more. Is he playing because Dixson coached with hid dad?

Comment by steve 03.15.13 @ 9:59 am

It is pretty obvious that Ziegler is not cut out to be on the floor at this level.

Maybe his production would improve if Jamie took the keys to his Hummer? I doubt it.

Comment by PittofDreams 03.15.13 @ 10:10 am

I think Gtown is a mortal lock today.Pitt had the Orange on the ropes yesterday and the Orange are by no means deep.There is no way they continue to sink 3’s at that rate and when they stop falling the Hoyas will easily cover the 2 pt spread.We pushed them to an extreme yesterday and that game was brutal,Georgetown will be fresher and stronger and are likely to advance easily in my oppinion.I only wish we were playing the Hoyas because our team can beat them,and it would have been a classic BE war.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 10:10 am

A lot of good to take away from the game but a lot of bad as well. Both sides of the coin have been explained well so I won’t go there.

Agree with Chas that I am not giving up on the kid for next year but I can’t understand why Ziegler played yesterday. For starters, he’s bad on D – plain and simple. Next, he’s suppose to be best in transition but we didn’t run much and when we did he missed a dunk. Lastly, you need good decision making and the ability to be crafty in the middle of the SU zone – he provides neither.

Not sure why Moore, Johnson or Cam didn’t receive more minutes.

I liked the energy in the 2nd half. Sutherland was on fire (might have tried Cam on him even with the height difference because he seemed like he just roamed around the 3 point line most of the game) but was contained a little better in the second half. Pitt has to make FT’s (50% won’t cut it). Like it or not Adams is still figuring things out and maybe not as dominant as a lot of us would like but he has a positive impact on the game and we’ll need him to find some aggressiveness real fast for the tourney.

Comment by JAM05PITT 03.15.13 @ 10:17 am

PO’d to continue our debate from last night, you used Chuck Noll as your example. Perhaps my response was a bit hyperbolic, but he did lose to Miami on a trick play when he had them beat and was clearly the better team. He also lost when Franco and Rocky went down when he had the best team ever. I don’t believe he was not the favorite in any of the Super Bowls? He also had more Hall of Famers than anyone ever.

Sure we lost some we should have won. But when has Jamie ever had dominant players other than Blair, who by the way is a marginal Pro. This year Woodall was third team all Big East and Adams all freshman team.

Yesterday, we got beat by a hot hand, a 6’9″ forward who made 6 3’s in a row. A strong Syracuse team that has been underperforming, a team that has a strong home field advantage at MSG.

I just don’t get why many think that it is a given that we should win.

I have never read a positive in any of your postings. I get it, it’s your persona. You said you couldn’t watch yesterday’s game, I wonder why you watch any when they make you this miserable. If I were you, I’d find a new team to root for, maybe the Pirates, or just a new hobby that gives you more joy.

As Pitt fans we are all frustrated when we lose, but I don’t remember you celebrating a win, just saying.

Comment by gc 03.15.13 @ 10:23 am

Younz underestimate Syracuse. With Southerland they are a much better team. And Georgetown sure isn’t a mortal lock.

Good post chas. you got it.

Comment by Velvil 03.15.13 @ 10:40 am

Pitt made a few key adjustments in the second half.

*They were much more aggressive in getting the ball into the paint. Either passing inside to a big for a shot/or a kick out OR dribble driving the ball into the lane. You have to attack the zone, throwing the ball around the perimeter and jacking up a three is recipe for getting beat.

*Actually defending Southerland for the 3-pt jumper.

*Turning up the overall energy, sense of urgency.

My question:


I understand that they were forced to turn it up and Syracuse got a little careful with a lead. But still, there’s no excuse for appearing to be so unprepared for the zone and Syracuse’s best shooter.

To me it comes down to leadership and intensity both of which have been issues all year.

Comment by boubacar aw 03.15.13 @ 11:06 am

Vevil, Even though they may be better with him, they still only won by a few points, and he was 6 of 6 form three point range. AND Syracuse beat the buzzard with a shot that bounced off the front of the rim and bounced up an in. Yes and despite all that, Pitt was one missed free throw from tieing the game at the end. Syracuse won because they had a guy shot 6 of 6 from 3 point range, bebause they hit 12 3 pointers as a team, and because Pitt missed too many free throws.

Comment by Justinian 03.15.13 @ 11:06 am

Southerland was good in the first half against Seton Hall and us. Each game he scored 20 points but in each game he had 17 at the end of the first half. I’m not sure if we and the Hall adjusted to make it tougher for him or if he’s just one of those players who can’t come out of the locker room at half time because he’s spent it all in the first 20.

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.15.13 @ 11:27 am

There have been more than a few mentions of the friendly bounce three-pointer Syracuse got at the buzzer in the first half. But to be fair, Pitt got a break when D. Johnson chucked up an NBA trey and banked it in so those pretty much cancel each other out. Now, the non call on Zanna was as egregious as they come and sometimes when a call is missed that badly it does make you wonder. As for Zanna’s later miss at the free throw line when Pitt was down one, did anybody really expect him to make it? Aside from Zeigler there’s probably no one on this team I’d rather not have shooting that free throw. As a team, Pitt’s effort can rarely be questioned but I do believe the players feel the weight of the program’s past postseason failures. Unfortunately, most of those failures seem to have the same story line: Future NBA guard rips Pitt a new one or Pitt doesn’t make free throws or both. Toss in a few Barry Goheens, Scottie Reynolds, and a Nasir Robinson brain fart, etc and there you have it. Here’s to hoping for a good seed and region for the Panthers. A little good luck wouldn’t hurt either…….

Comment by WorkinOnMyPittness 03.15.13 @ 11:35 am

Maybe its just me, but I thought the team played last night the same way they did most games this season…A sluggish first half, follwed by a strong finish in the second half. I think it has to do with us playing 9 or 10 people. A lot of the time, at least on paper, we are not the most talented team on the floor. We just have more energy at the end of games. I was all prepared to be hacked off at Zeigler for missing a dunk, or Robinson for lazy passes, or the missed free throws, but really, bad perimiter defense against a team that was shooting lights out from 3 was the killer. A lot of those 3’s resulted from clean open looks at the basket. And some of them were just great “catch and shoot” 3’s…You know, like the type we will see on a regular basis as we move into the ACC.

Comment by HbgFrank 03.15.13 @ 11:37 am

dixon did not have them ready to play it is on him
had they been ready from the tip off it might have been a different game.
just saying you would be blind not to see that.

Comment by FRANKCAN 03.15.13 @ 1:08 pm

Velvil,Cuse had Southerland last week when they lost to the Hoyas by about 20 at home.The Orange will be playing their 3rd game in a row with a short bench further strained by being physically and emotionally stretched by Pitt.They will be in for another very physical game tonite and that isn’t their domain.I stand by my mortal lock comment and I am amazed Gorgetown isn’t favored by at least6.What are the chances they continue to shoot rediculous numbers from beyond the arc?With some decent officiating or a break or 2 at the stripe the Orange would already be back in Syracuse.Live by the 3 and die by the 3,the dream will meet with arude awakening tonite.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 1:08 pm

i hope gorgetown is beaten i want the last big east title to be won bye one of the football schools
screw the catholic 7 .
i want them to start there new big east knowing the football schools played better basketball then them
hell there is 3 football schools in the semiround
ND syracuse louisville.

Comment by FRANKCAN 03.15.13 @ 1:22 pm

I was feeling bad about the loss until I watched part of the Miami/BC game earlier today. Miami, the ACC champ and projected 2 seed, scored a whopping 7 points in the final 10-plus minutes of the first half. If that’s a 2 seed and the cream of the ACC we’re not in such bad shape after all.

Comment by midwest panther 03.15.13 @ 1:34 pm

“dixon did not have them ready to play it is on him”…that’s a pretty weak excuse …what exactly is he suppose to do to get them more ready perhaps play different music in the locker room before the game…tell a story about Timmy Lupus’s injury..serve hot peppers at pregame meal. If they weren’t ready to play then that is on the players not the coach.

Not going to get too worked up over this loss..Syracuse has better players and they showed up last night. It’s no knock on Pitt..Pitt constantly over achieves in the regular season and then we see what appears to be a let down in the tourney’s when in fact it’s not a let down but rather they end up where they belong.

If somebody would of had a bet on Nov 1st that Pitt would be a 5 or 6 seed in tourney and went to quarterfinals of BE tourney I probably would of bet against it.
Next year though I will be wanting to see a little more.

Comment by milo bloom 03.15.13 @ 1:58 pm

For whatever reason Syracuse went away from Sutherland in the 2nd half as he only took a couple shots. And it wasn’t because they couldn’t have gotten him open. And at 6’8″, he doesn’t really have to be open, he can shoot over most little perimeter guards. They could have continued to run him off a screen since Pitt’s defenders were continuously running below the screen.
That style of playing off the screen against better teams with good outside shooters, WILL ALWAYS FAIL. And we have plenty examples of it, especially in the Big Dance.

And if they really wanted to, they could run have a double screen for Sutherland and he would have been wide wide open.

imo Pitt’s scoring defense numbers were vastly inflated due to the lightweights we played in the non-con. As a lot of those teams were in the bottom of the barrel of the bottom of the barrel, like Kennasaw State and North Florida to name two.
Plus overall scoring as we noted before was the worst since 1952.

I find the posts about Adams somehow becoming offensively proficient and leading us to Nirvana in the Big Dance kind of delusional. If he hasn’t learned how to play Center after 33 games and over 130 practices, he isn’t. He is no better offensively at Center than he was against Mount St. Mary’s in game numero uno.

He will make it to the NBA, only because of his height, athleticism and potential. Although at this point he is not a lottery pick. And if he keeps getting more comments from ppl like Elmore, based on lackluster play, he won’t even be a 1rst rounder.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 2:29 pm

Well, at least nobody is talking about Adams being “one and done” anymore…

Comment by TOURMAN 03.15.13 @ 2:32 pm

milo, Your point about being ready is pretty legit,but I don’t think Dixon had one of his better days yesterday.Between the gaffe right before the half and our poor execution during our last posession I think he looked pretty bad.I really think he could have worked the refs a little harder too,Dante took 6 stitches off an elbow without a whistle.I am still waiting on the makeup call.His tactic of a huge smile in response to bad nocalls could use a little strategic improvement as well.I’ve seen him have great pressure games as well but yesterday wasn’t one of them.Please don’t confuse my criticism as a call for his replacement like Pittisit and some other radical posters,but I definitely thought Jamie had a bad day against the Orange.I hope he has some good ones coming next week.I really think this off season he needs to consider hiring a freethrow expert to work with our kids because we just don’t seem to ever get over that hump.What is it that causes us to fail so often in this area? Why do teams like Arizona and Villanova always seem to shoot fouls better than us? I really don’t know how to fix it,but I have accepted the reality it doesn’t look like Jamie does either..

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 2:40 pm

Emel,You have to be kidding,Adams has improved immensely over the season and although he is not a finished product you know darn well that big men often take time to grow into their game.Elmore isn’t exactly what I would call somekind of respected authority either.He is 3rd rate announcer who only got this quarterfinal game because it was going up against soap operas.Tourman although you might not agree I can assure you Adams is being considered by NBA experts as a this year 1st round pick,no matter how humorous you find the idea.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 2:51 pm

Projected 5 seed against 12th seed St Marys or Kentucky w/potential 2nd rd game against Okla St. Thank goodness for the pre-season wins because this is a 12-8 team.

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 2:55 pm

@spirit of section..I know from your other posts your not calling for Dixon’s departure from Pitt…..since a loss I’ll agree bad coaching day by Dixon overall..but have to give him some credit for adjustments that had them out score Syracuse by 10 in 2nd half.

Pretty sure Dante’s cut was an accidental head butt and not an elbow.

I with you that Adams has gotten better (sorry Emel) and he’ll continue to get’s his confidence that has to start to can see a number of times in games where he hesitates a half of second before taking a shot..or goes up weakly for a shot or to get a rebound. I do blame Dixon a little bit for that..he has them thinking about finding open man or positioning which overall is good but sometimes you have to just let them play. Patterson suffers from same problem at times…too many extra passes and in doing so he passes up open shots that he should be taking.

Comment by milobloom 03.15.13 @ 3:06 pm

Whats wrong w/questioning JD? Sure he has won a lot of games but that offense runs like a square peg in a round hole. Am I wrong when i look @ this offense & see a system that does not adapt to the players but rather forces the system onto the player?? HTP.

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 3:06 pm

dc What do you mean by a 12-8 team? A 5 seed is reasonable as it indicates you are top 20 and that is a nice step forward off of the bad year.I think we might make the sweet 16 and find that more likely than a 1st game exit.In hindsight with 2 freshman and not much of a senior class we haven’t done that bad,and maybe working out on all those softies early kept us from having a bad year.A few non\con losses and we might be worrying about getting in now.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 3:11 pm

@spirit – what I don’t get about the refs is that they go to the replay almost constantly for little things. I saw an article last week that said it can now take in excess of 10 min to play the last minute of a CBB game since replay has been added. That being said, when they saw a player BLEEDING profusely why didn’t they go to the replay to see WTF happened?

Comment by Pitt Dad 03.15.13 @ 3:20 pm

I did not see the game so that is my admission.
Down 13 at half tells me we were not ready to play…hot or not…we weren’t ready to play…no one in the Big East is that much better IF we are ready to play.
That is on the coaches.
We miss a free throw to tie the game with 30 seconds left!! One helluva comeback…would have been talked about for years had they pulled it off.
Zanna manned up afterward. Robinson always improves after mistakes.
I am going with the glass half full but JAMIE has got to get this team ready from the tip off!!
That is on him and his coaches.
I think Pitt will do well in the tourney IF they take this lessen and learn from it.

Comment by sfpitt 03.15.13 @ 3:21 pm


Adams has improved defensively and no I’m not kidding he hasn’t improved much.. if any offensively at all.

First game he had 8 points and 8 rebounds in 26 minutes.

2nd game he had 13 points and 5 rebounds in 19 min

3rd game he had 6 & 4 in 22 minutes

4rth game he had 4 & 5 in 17 minutes.

Last 4 games:

He had 8 points & 3 rebounds in 23 minutes.
He had 5 & 6 in 16 minutes.
He had 8 & 4 in 21 minutes.
He had 6 & 7 in 31 minutes.

If you see some immense improvement offensively, we must be watching different games.
He looked as lost on offense most of the game yesterday as he did in the first game.

He needs to moved to the 4 (well next year, too late this year) or he’ll be the 2nd coming of Sleepy. Just like Sleepy didn’t and for the most part still doesn’t, Adams has no low post game.
He is not going to be DeJuan Blair or even Aaron Gray in the low post.

Kid is playing out of position. World & Euro players (he would qualify as a World Player) do NOT play a physical style of play. Their big men roam the perimeter, shoot 3’s, aren’t confined to the paint. If one doesn’t watch the NBA, they are now full of these type Euro/World players.
(see Dirk Nowitzki & Andrea Bargnani. both 7 footers, I could list 20-30 more)

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 3:22 pm

Steve Adams is praying you but an NBA Team Section 22. No GM should be willing to spend guaranteed money on a 3yr project right now. Blair was a monster & not a top 10 pick. Adams hasn’t had a dominant HALF of basketball. Adams has become more comfortable on the floor but what part of his game has improved dramatically?? He’s a defender only right now == Granted this offense does not feed the post. Hoping for more in the future. HTP!

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 3:22 pm

My point about Adams is, I don’t think he himself wants to go this year. I think he stays at Pitt. Nothing definite to go on…..just my feeling.

Comment by TOURMAN 03.15.13 @ 3:22 pm

dc,If I see one more square peg analogy I think I will start following girls basketball or dogshows.I think milo makes some sense though as we do seem to overthink on the court rather than just flow.Maybe what we need is a psycotherapist on the order of the gal in tincup to get rid of our demons.On the positive side I thought JR started to show some signs of improvement yesterday and liked the way he confidently popped the one 3.It wasn’t all bad and Milo you are correct Dixon did guide them back into it.We were so close to getting it together that it is easy to notice and get hung up on the failures.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 3:25 pm

Section 22 == The pre season schedule was weak! PITT played 18 conference games + Michigan & Syracuse in BET. Hence 12-8 realistic record. I’ve read a number of your posts & appreciate your loyalty to PITT. I hope PITT makes the Sweet 16 also & more. But I don’t think PITT will get past their first game. Hope I’m wrong!! HTP

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 3:31 pm

btw the team that plays the most similar to the PITT in the ACC, that would be the plodding Virginia Cavaliers of Tony Bennett. Who just like PITT are overachievers during the regular season, where it’s not one & done, are getting their clock cleaned by NC State in the ACC Tourney.

Final 75 – 56 .

That style of play only works in the regular season, largely. In most cases in a one & done game, the team with the better talent wins. As those teams can always ratchet up their defense to match the intensity of the lesser talented team.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 3:32 pm

Emel,You often make some great points but you are way off on this one.I once had 40 points in agame against my little sister,so if I play you and only score 10 have I gone backwards.He is way better now and somebody has to play center so he gets my vote.Yes he has a long way to go and he hasn’t improved to anyway near what he needs to but if you haven’t seen the improvement over the season you weren’t watching close enough.He was totally lost at first.He has gone toe to toe in the Big East and he isn’t any more familiar with European hoop play than I am.New Zealand is about as far away from any type of real basketball as one can get and Madison Square Garden isn’t.He is getting a great education in the game and he is quite possibly going to be here again next year as dc notes.I am curious who you think should be playing center?

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 3:41 pm

Our RPI has dropped to #45.

We are a poor, 4 wins & 7 losses against teams ranked in the Top 50 of the RPI.

For those that complained about the weak non-con.
Now you know why it was scheduled that way.

I see a 7 or 8 seed.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 3:43 pm

Thanks Section 22. I’ll try to see things more positively. But the one thing PITT consistantly does is under-achieve. Drives me crazy & wears on me to the point where all I see becomes negative.

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 3:44 pm

Down goes Michigan….
Emel I do agree he hasn’t improved much offensively…my bad I had thought you had said he hadn’t improved much overall..let’s wait to have this conversation next year in Jan/Feb…if he’s still at same point in his game then an issue.

SFPitt see my earlier post on not ready to play…stupid excuse…if you had watched the game you would know it was basically tied until 8 min TV time out then Syracuse went on a run to go up by 12..(Sunderland made 2 contested 3’s along with Triche’s baskets).that was 12 minutes into the game…guessing Dizon only got them ready for the first 12 minutes and not the entire 1st half…..Pit then they cut the lead to 5 with a 1:30 left and Sunderland hit another 3 and then the lucky bounce 3 at the buzzer…basically it was just a total of 5 minutes of game time where Pitt broke down that cost them the game…I hardly call that ‘not being ready to play’.

Looking back at how the game played out…they lost the game in the last 1:30 of the first half. Inexcusable giving up those last 7 points at the end of the half in 1:30.

Comment by milobloom 03.15.13 @ 3:46 pm

dc,You could be right depending on the draw.Since you are bracketing the season though we did start 1 and 3 so the 12 conference wins seem to indicate otherwise.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 3:46 pm

dc,I was refering to my negativity not anything you posted.You make a lot of sense from my perspective.CRAZY|WEARS the best discription I have seen this year.Lay off the square peg stuff though as Emel uses it twice a day.In case anyone hasn’t noticed he wants Adams at the 4.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 3:52 pm

Right on need NBA players to go far in the tourney consistently..something Pitt has only had once.

I’m thinking a 6 seed..or 7 seed I don’t see them dropping to an 8 seed..but 6 or 7 means they’ll probably be traveling a distance to their game.

Looking forward to watching GT and Syracuse and then Howland vs Miller right after.

link to

Comment by milobloom 03.15.13 @ 3:56 pm

Section 22 >> Thats positive!! I shouldn’t lessen the conference wins. Sweet 16 & beyond!! HTP!

Comment by DC33 03.15.13 @ 3:56 pm


New Zealand is quite near Australia and both have played Olympic basketball and participated in the World games for a long time.

While I agree they are both quite far from Europe they are still more European than anything else, wouldn’t you say. You know they are both populated with mostly ppl of European descent. They play the same style of play as Euro basketball. Lots of Aussies have played in the NCAA but you might not know that since they tend to play on the West Coast, go figure.

Ok now that the correlation between NZ, Australia and Europe has been explained. Who should be playing Center? A quick answer, anybody but Adams. For this year, Sleepy would have been the logical choice since they’ve asked him to bulk up over the years to play Center.

More importantly for next year, as it’s too late for this year, if this Mike Young has a real low post game, he would be my candidate.

One of the big problems with PITT this year, is ALL 3 of their biggest players, have no low post game. They all play better facing the hoop.

Where they score the majority of their points is on putbacks. Although in the non-con, Zanna was knocking down 15 foot jump shots, but that dried up as we got into conf play, again and that already has been much discussed.

Again if Mike Young has a low post game he would be the only one next year that has one. So at 6’9″ or so and 230 lbs that would work.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 4:03 pm

Dc,Your mouth to Gods ears. Milo I could live with a 7 seed and think we would do just as well from there.I think it would be super if they screw up and put us in Dayton because I would love to go.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 4:06 pm

I’m all in for Arizona tonite.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 4:07 pm

Dixon has changed in one aspect of his defense. He almost switches every screen so (EMel) it appears as if we are defending below the play.
This would have been unheard of just 3 years ago when we would burst thru concrete to fight thru a screen.

Let’s face it though. Southerland was completely on fire. He is a streak shooter and his form is not great. When he hit that 31 foot jumper over Adams, you knew he was hot beyond words.

Not blaming Jamie because in a loss, every head coaches decisions are questioned but I would have stopped switching screens about 11 minutes into the game when Southerland had hit his first 3 shots and we were within 4 points. Also, if Wright is our shut down defender…get him in there on the hot shooter. He is little worse than Patterson on offense and at least will take the open jumper if it presents itself.

Dread Sunday evening and fear with some on this site a 7 or 8 seed and tough early games. Of the

Comment by Dan 72 03.15.13 @ 4:09 pm

I think we got more out of Dante this year than I thought pssible and you might be right about about Adams but I think most people would think saying he hasn’t improved on offense and should play the 4 on this team overly critical and abstract.The fact remains that someone has to play center even in Europe so if you are going to play in the Big East he had better be big, strong ,and tough.Adams will be all 3 in time in my oppinion.I am open to trying it next year but I think Zanna has earned a senior year at the position and might do pretty well there too.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 4:16 pm


Coach’s game plan seemed not to take into account Syracuse had Sutherland for this game, especially in the first half. It seemed to be based that only Triche was a 3 point threat, as in Game 1.

Before the Seton Hall game, Syracuse had been shooting horribly for 2-3 weeks as even my Cuse friend down here was able to admit. His words,
“they are just not a good shooting team”.

I think they’re hot shooting ends tonite.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 4:22 pm

That was a terrible way for Sleepy’s career to end at MSG, getting literally mugged, cut, bloodied and basically knocked out of the game.

And not a foul, blatant or otherwise was called.

It almost seemed like some kind of message was being sent to a NY McDonald’s All-American who had the audacity to go to Pitt.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 4:26 pm

Maybe Dante will have a great moment or two next week,he certainly has a couple breaks due.I agree the Hoyas are a mortal lock giving 1.5 last I looked.I think they will pound the orange into pulp.I still can’t swallow that Dante got called for such tickytack crap and they let him get abused without a hint of a whistle.I swear if the blood got any deeper they would have needed to call a janitor.Still say Dixon should have gone balistic.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.15.13 @ 4:41 pm

@ spirit…ikr

If one does not go ballistic at that point, when does one ??

The refs wanted Sleepy off the floor.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 5:12 pm

So Georgetown was going to kill Syracuse? Orange 29 GT 20 at the half which ended on a Cuse 15-3 run. Watch those Terps up 7 on Duke at the half. Boy I wish Pitt was playing tonight but I think the Orange will win it all and be a 3 seed. GT also a 3. Louisville a 2/ ND a 5. Long way to go in both games. Hey, when is the year when Pitt gets hot???

Comment by Dan 72 03.15.13 @ 7:08 pm

idk wasn’t watching it. I lose interest in all these other games once PITT gets knocked out.

I did see in the first 10 mins. of that Cuse game(via boxscore), they were shooting poorly and G-town did not take advantage. They still are only shooting 39%, G-Town is just worse at 38%.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 7:39 pm

They both have 15 FG’s…..difference is Cuse has 4 more 3’s and couple more FT’s.

G-Town is 40% FT …sound familiar.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 7:42 pm

Duke pulls a Pitt…….lose to the Twerps.

Shoot a Pittlike 4 of 25 from 3 16%

Yikes !

Twerps might be off the Bubble….lol

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 8:18 pm

Orange tries to give it away..G town will not take it. Orange to win it all tomorrow.

Comment by Dan 72 03.15.13 @ 8:25 pm

So much for Georgetown being a mortal lock.

Comment by Velvil 03.15.13 @ 8:25 pm

They shot their previously crappy self (37%) and still managed to win. Got a career game from the Senegal guy. 13 & 7 Another crummy game by M. Carter-Williams (3 pts) still doesn’t matter.

Must be in the cards…

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 8:29 pm

One thing..

didn’t predict a winner, but said :

I think they’re hot shooting ends tonite.
Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 4:22 pm

Sure did ! They lucked out as G-Town was 11 for 20 FT….55% Got to make your freebies or you have no one to blame but yourself.

Comment by EMel 03.15.13 @ 8:32 pm

Amazing how Pitt often seems to lose to the hot team or the team of destiny. It’s a curse.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 03.15.13 @ 8:38 pm

Syracuse had plenty to do with that poor shooting. It wasn’t an accident.

Pitt is a better team than cuse. But they are a hot team right now.

Comment by Velvil 03.15.13 @ 8:47 pm

i got my wish it will be a big east football team champ in the last big east playoff.
the hell with the catholic 7.

Comment by FRANKCAN 03.15.13 @ 9:10 pm

God that was terrible. Obnoxious cuse fans everywhere. I have tickets for tomorrow, but I think I might just dish em off to some lucky Orange fan who wants to pay me an extra few hundred bills a ticket.

Comment by Chris 03.15.13 @ 9:54 pm

As I wrote, I did not see the game. So if you are trying to persuade me by calling me stupid, you missed the mark.
To the contrary.
Thanks for the heads up though. I wont waste my time entering any pools this year. You’re a lock.

Comment by SFPitt 03.15.13 @ 10:41 pm

Few thoughts on my end:

1) I don’t believe it is JD’s job to “get them up for it”— that’s a player thing and typical fan and non athlete excuse for lack of preparation and intensity that comes innately. It’s one and done & MSG—spare me on getting psyched for the game. That’s crap to me. That doesn’t fall on JD.

2) As goes Woodall, as goes this team. Until he comes out with the onions to lead our team for two halves, we are never going to be at our highest potential. It’s no coincidence that our best wins are when he scores and plays the best.

3) JD is very resistant to change as we know, but we all must agree, he has used the 23 zone more strategically than he ever has this year (rather than a last ditch resort); therefore, he is willing to change scheme and in essence willing to change himself. Might he consider a looser flow to start a game?

4) FTs are always bad— why are people shocked? I’ve given up and expect our guys to miss every time, frankly. In all of Gibbs’ critics, boy could actually shoot at the line. Only Pitt guard of modern run that was money >85%. Rest were sub 70s% Bigs sub 60s%.

5) Since the departure of Fields, we have not had a backcourt player that can effectively place an entry pass down to a big. Gibbs never even looked, Wanny did in a slash and dump only, Woodall usually passes it up, and JRs are very lazy.

6) you got to be in it to win it— and I like being in it as opposed to last year where the tourney was non existent in our house!

Comment by Pauly P 03.16.13 @ 5:35 am

I was dead solid positive sure Georgetown would beat Syracuse by at least 5 last night.Every once in awhile I get confused and actually think I know something about basketball.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 8:19 am

I have to give Boeheim some serious credit for picking the Orange up off the dump they were in last week and getting them in position for a huge step forward.i am torn between feeling better about our close miss and being jealous of what could have been.I hope our kids are paying attention because we can fix a lot of perceptions with a few wins from here.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 8:46 am

I think Cuse was a lock to get to the final. It is a home game for them at MSG. ACC not so much next year and Boeheim knows it.

Big factor is how NCAA officials call fouls against Pitt just like next year how ACC officials call Pitt games.

Comment by Frank MD 03.16.13 @ 9:21 am

Adams does not have the experience of 4 years of high school ball, AAU, and summer camp. But anyone who says he’s soft or lacks offensive skills has not seen his talent exhibited before coming to Pitt.
Defensively anyone raping him does not know basketball. He was a monster against Syracuse.
He is twice the defender Blair was because he is so much quicker. At 7′ ft stops the guards yet gets back in time to stop nay entry passes inside (Christmas 0 pts. 5 fouls). You do not measure defense inside by blocks (Pitt 17-16 last year 25 and 8 this yeaar/must be Woodall 4 for 14 from 3’s).

Obviously Adams has confidence problems because of his new enviornment (he is the savior/ but the press berate him Dixon feels he must apologize for him instead of being honest and saying we do not run our offense through Adams and we would prefer he stay inside and not take many shots from the lane (his strongest part of his game/against Syracuse he missed 3 of those shots and passed up another 3 because he was afraid to take them). His other strength is his ability to handle the ball, steal out dribbling 2 guards from half court and laying it over ther rim.
Another major problem Adams has that the other big men at Indiana, Duke, and Kentucky do not have is substantially better plerss who can penetrate, spread the court by shooting over low 30% from outside and who can make sharp entry chest high or above rather than bounce passes to his shins. Try to bring the ball up from your shins at 7′ surround by 2 to 3 players.
Of course he is weak at 7′ 250 lbs. 20 with defined upper body strength.
Adams is not a typical american player. He has more skill as Olajawon did when he came to Houston, but he red shirted and had Moses Malone work with him. Adams is probably working with Brandon Knight.
Further Olijawon played with 4 players drafted in the NBA and before the 3 point line.
Southerline unlesss he lerns to create his own shot will be a role player in the NBA.
Dixon has to convince Adams he is the man. Take the jump shot, drive to the basket. He also has to get better blocking out from Zanna (a waste) and the other players on the defensive end.
Another consideration. Adams rebounds are going to be lower than his predecessors because Pitt is playing alot of Zone that leads to rebounding difficulty on the defensive end because of lanes and boxing out.
I never played football but I make many statements about players and strategy.
If you have not played at least highschool basketball or college, coached, or refreed basketball it is difficult to see what contributions Adams is making.
Further watch videos of him against Noels or at Addidas against the best centers in the country and you will wonder why he is limiting his offense game.
Confidence is everything in sports and Adams is not yet accustom to the enormity of playing Dic. I basketball. He is questioning himself and by nature wanting to fit in with his teamates counting on them to win the game. Dixon needs to let him know in no uncertain terms you are the best player on our roster by far so you need to take charge and not be afraid to make a mistake that is how you learn and improve.
As I said before in response to someone suggesting Woodall and Patterson will determine how far we go, perhaps in the CBI tournament, but it’s the 2 freshman who will determine how far we go in the NCAA’s.
Robinson needs to get it in his head to that he is the man not Woodall. He has a better shot and can penetrate but like Adams he has no confidence and he is thinking and apprehensive before shotting and chocking off his stroke.

Comment by pittisit 03.16.13 @ 9:29 am

One thing I have a hard time understanding when it comes to Dixon concerning confidence building is his fear of fouls.Adams gets 1 foul he sits.Dante picks up a second cheap one out he goes.Dante could foul out and we would be fine and I certainly don’t think Adams is foul prone.Is it about time Dixon let the boys loose a little bit in this area.I couldn’t help but notice in last nights game both teams had guards playing with 2 fouls in the first half.Dixon would never do that.Doesn’t that hurt a players confidence level to get a quick hook off fouls?Certainly our backup center can give a few can’t he?I would rather see that than allow easy hoops and think it is having a negative effect in our overall game.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 10:04 am

frankmd, What do you think the refs will be like for Pitt in the NCAA? It can’t be much worse than what we faced in NY.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 10:21 am

Lunardi has us a 5 seed playing Kansas St in Kansas City.Maybe we should save the airfare.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 10:31 am

@Pittisit I agree that Adams is by far the only NBA player on the team and his value is not understood by most fans because they do not understand how the scheme of the opposing team when the presence of a legitimate 7footer with long and athletic skills on the court.

However, I will respectfully disagree with you — this year’s team goes as far as Woodall will lead them. Robinson et al may run the efficient, Dixon style of high efficient basketball that will keep us mostly competitive style that will work against good teams. However, the ability to make clutch 3pt. shots, mid range jumpers, manufactured FTs from drives and streaks when plays break down will be key for beating great teams and fending off those pesky good teams early in the tourney.

Woodall needs to lead this team by example: average 15+ points and 4+assists and >80%FT; Fields or Brandin Knight would have ave this team in the Sweet 16 and with the not-so-strong upper tier of teams, possibly further.

JR will be the man in coming years, but this year, it is up to Woodall.

Comment by Pauly P 03.16.13 @ 10:36 am

I have seen some early round NCAA games where the officials (mainly out west) where hand checks, minor bumps that do not affect a players direction, etc. have killed Pitt’s style. As for ACC refs I have read where they prefer that officiating style. Of course in NBA anything goes including muggings.

Comment by Frank MD 03.16.13 @ 10:42 am

gc – I think Bradshaw was out for that same year, also, and came back in the championship game, but was clearly not himself against Oakland, if my memory serves me. And those Hall of Famers in many cases were not high draft picks, but were drafted and molded into a dynasty, and Chuck Noll played no small part in that.

But I will give you your two super bowls. 4 out of 6 in the premier sports league in the world ain’t bad. I would settle for a 1 year out of 10 trip to the Elite 8. Even the Duquesne of Cincinnati and VCU have made it to the Elite 8 in the last 10 years. Even West by god Virginia.

Point is, Pitt always seems to be on the short end of the hot shooter, the lack of foul calls, the ball just nicking the sidelines, the incredible full court drive and layup, etc. Bad luck, for about 10 years? Maybe, but the odds are against that.

Comment by PO'd Panther 03.16.13 @ 10:56 am

Pauly,I think you are right and I think Krauser would have been a monster with these guys inside.Woodall can have his moments and I don’t think it’s likely he can carry us for 3 or 4 games but can’t rule out the possibility either.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 10:58 am

Here is my point about Adams. It certainly is not a question of talent. Actually the kid has so much athletic talent at 7′ it can overcome his lack of experience that is why many scouts said he had the highest ceiling of all freshman in 2013.
Consider your from the other end of the world. You hung out with gangs until you were 16 and had no parental supervision. At 16 someone mentors you teaches you some basketball because of your height. In New Zealand basketball is not popular and you play in front of 50 to 100 people.
You are discovered come to U.S. play in summer camps against the best players in small gyms in front of maybe 100 interested people.
Next you go to Prep school play against quality competition again dominanat but small schools maybe 200 in the stands.
You are a shy kid 4,000 miles from home wanting to please everyone. You come to the big city as the savior. You just want to fit in with your teammeates and please your coach. You do not want to bring attention to yourself.
Holly shit you are now a gladiator in the colosuim in Rome and thousands are expecting you to kill all the lions. You would rather let your teamates do that although deep inside you know they do not have the ability. Also your coach shelters you and you welcome it nad hide behind his excuses/ He asks little and that’s what you give him.
Here is what Adams said before the Syracuse game. For Adams, that came at the start of the game. The New Zealand native was awestruck by the crowd of 20,057 at Madison Square Garden, a good percentage of which was pro-Orange, and failed to dominate the paint in the first half against foul-prone Rakeem Christmas.
“The first half, I guess, we were just taken aback by the crowd, the whole atmosphere,” Adams said. “Well, I was. I’m not going to speak for them, but I was kind of taken away by it.”
It’s not me individually. It’s the whole team,” Adams said. “We have to make that bond. We ain’t going to win a championship if one of us just tries to take it all. If we work as a team, that’s much better than our individual styles.
“Do I think I can bring more? Yeah. I guess so. Honestly, I’m working hard. I’m just trying to do what Jamie says — I’m sorry, Coach Dixon — and do it to the best of my abilities. I’m not trying to change his system. If you look at it, the postseason ain’t time to experiment. You have to go with what works. That’s one of the tough things, trying not to stray away from your system.” coach speak
I understand his anxiety but it does not bother me as much that it hurts the team but that he is not fulfilling the potential and gifts he has.
If he is not getting counseling to help his confidence then the coaching staff is shorting changing the kid and holding back the program because they will go as far as he takes them.

Comment by pittisit 03.16.13 @ 11:54 am

Pittisit,You seem to take every shot at Dixon you can think of.That isn’t to say some of your points don’t have merit just that you are a consistant critic.I trust Dixon to do what is right for Adams and Pitt.I don’t always agree with him either but He knows more than us and I think his integrity is of the highest calibre.It will be extremely interesting to see where this unique and amazing biographical oddity leads both Adams,Pitt hoops and Dixon.My guess it will prove to be a win for all involved.It certainly has been fun so far.Lighten up on the replace Dixon reteric though as it doesn’t become you and is too extreme.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 12:08 pm

Sorry, I’m not buying it. Maybe for the first minute, but then the game is on and the crowd is simply a crowd. He has been in 35 games so far– the jitters are hardly an excuse.

I will concede, however, that a poor entry pass for a big man is tremendously limiting to the offensive move when back to the hoop– and certainly has stunted Adams’ maturation as an offensive player. A catchable entry pass in a location that minimizes movement and allows the big to maintain position is critical. I don’t know if I buy that a bigger passer gets it in a better spot, I think it is a matter of technique and delivery. Brandin and LeVance were vertically challenged and they were great at it.

Don’t get me wrong a big has to work to retrieve and recover from sometimes off kiltered passes– but that takes a tremendous amount of lower body mass and desire (reference Blair) for someone to overcome…. But, it is the backcourt’s job to put the ball in a position for a play to happen for the big.

I used to feel sorry for Gary McGhee and Sleepy because Woodall, Gibbs and present company of guards could never put the entry pass in a position for the bigs to make a play. Brandin was the master. LeVance was very good also. Krauser was underrated on that front. This current crop of guards are awful at the entry pass. JR might be pretty good when it’s all said and done.

Comment by Pauly P 03.16.13 @ 2:40 pm

Pauly,I have been crying all year for lob passes,whenever they deliver one we score,or get fouled.Zanna is really challenged at catching and securing a bounce pass.Sometimes I think our guys have weak hands because they really struggle with anything low.Adams has hands like Andre the giant too.

Comment by spiritofsection22 03.16.13 @ 3:38 pm

Last word on Adams 2 points above one I mentioned his problems with nerves and concentration but the other point he made slipped past me.
“Do I think I can bring more? Yeah. I guess so. Honestly, I’m working hard. I’m just trying to do what Jamie says — I’m sorry, Coach Dixon — and do it to the best of my abilities. I’m not trying to change his system. If you look at it, the postseason ain’t time to experiment. You have to go with what works. That’s one of the tough things, trying not to stray away from your system.”
Here Adams is telling us what I suspected Dixon’s game plan does not revolve around his talented 7′ player. From his statement you get the feeling that this is one of his points of frustration and limiting his confidence. He is not blind he knows that now he is far better than his teammates and that he could regain his confidence if his coach showed some in him.
Here again we see why Dixon will never attract elite atheletes or if they come they will leave. The system is paramount (Fraud Graham) not that once in a decade player who can if you build the system (Calipri, Boehiem, Pinto, Calhoun) around your stud when you get one.
Adams would be better off going pro playing back up for a couple of years getting quality coaching and mentoring. Unless as our astute Pitt fan from Dallas pointed out Dixon has to go for Pitt to get further. Of course he needs to be replaced not by a nobody like Brandon Knight but by a nationally respected coach who already attracts top players.
But Pitt has no recruiting base. Does Syracuse, UCONN, Kentucky (SEC only plays football) or Arizona. Quality of life were would you rather live Storrs, Syracuse, Tucson God forbide. Pitt is forttunate to have it’s own Boehiem, Sean Miller (salary 2.5 mill/ Dixon 1.5 mill.) give Miller 2 mill. and a parade down Liberty Avenue welcoming the family home.
Bye Dixon, stay Adams.

Comment by pittisit 03.16.13 @ 3:54 pm

I know gc will criticize for the Chuck Noll analogy. But there is nothing wrong with the “my way or the highway” approach to coaching, if your system works. It worked pretty well for him. Very, very disturbing remarks from Steven Adams. This kid was so ecstatic about being at Pitt, it was refreshing. And now, no surprise if this kid bolts for the NBA. And Gilbert, Johnson, Birch, and a point guard transfer in a one year period. You need to question the kids for sure. They grow up talented in an environment that few can relate to. But at some point, you need to question something else.

Dixon knows how to coach one way. It succeeds against certain teams, doesn’t against others. It stinks in the tournament, CBI aside.

Bad vibrations all around.

Comment by PO'd Panther 03.16.13 @ 8:42 pm

Updated bracketology: Lunardi just bumped Pitt down to a No. 6 seed squaring off against No. 11 California. Just food for thought….

Comment by WorkinOnMyPittness 03.16.13 @ 8:50 pm


Adams was not ready this year to have the offense run through him, as Blair was his freshman year, when Jamie ran the o through him. Also as was stated our current guards are nowhere near as adroit as Knight and Fields were at getting the ball inside. Knight was a magician.

Next year Adams will be the man. He will be ready and Robinson will be too. They have a whole year to prepare.

Do you have special inside information on Sean Miller? Why in the world would he take a pay cut to come to Pitt? I think he is much more likely to end up in the pro’s making 4-5 mil.

PO’d, Only you and a few others wish to spread the “Bad Vibrations”

Comment by gc 03.16.13 @ 9:44 pm

Who appointed you as the thought police? Maybe you Dixon lovers are trying way too hard. Don’t lecture anyone on this board about bad vibrations. Maybe you’re spreading stupid vibrations, huh?

Comment by TonyinHouston 03.16.13 @ 10:35 pm

Tony another Dixon hater heard from. PO’d is the one that said the Bad Vibrations are all around, doesn’t surprise me that there are some emanating from Houston.

By the way I’m self appointed. If disagreeing with those that only bitch and moan makes me stupid so be it.

Comment by gc 03.16.13 @ 11:23 pm

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