January 11, 2013

Street Returns for 2013

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I’ll understand if you thought it was a no-brainer that Devin Street would return for his senior year. I know I leaned that way. That doesn’t necessarily mean, he would (*cough* Greg Lee *cough*). Street made it official yesterday.

Wide receiver Devin Street considered a jump to the NFL but decided it was best to return to Pitt for his redshirt senior season. He announced Thursday on his Twitter account that he will return to school.

“My heart is at Pitt and with my teammates,” he wrote. “I want to grow as a person and player. Therefore I‘ll be staying my senior year.”

It’s not something Pitt fans should take for granted. The offense would have been in big trouble next year if Street wasn’t coming back. As less-than-good the O-line was this past season, try to imagine it if Chris Jacobson hadn’t been given a sixth year. That’s the sort of situation the passing game could have found itself.

Street hauled in the most passes of any receiver this year, he finished 8 yards behind Mike Shanahan in receiving yards. (983 to 975). More importantly, look at how much Pitt is losing from the offense. Shanahan, Ray Graham, Hubie Graham, and Cam Saddle. There are 8 other players who caught passes last year that are returning in 2013. In total they accounted for 60 receptions and 687 yards.

Tyler Boyd is a stud WR and will make an immediate impact, but he can’t do it alone. Not having Street would have put whoever the starting QB is next year in a bad spot, and too much pressure on Boyd to be perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to like about some of the receivers and TEs, beyond simply Boyd and Street. Holtz and Carswell will have more of an impact. Ed Tinker took advantage of his opportunities to show something. Demetrious Davis and Brendon Felder still have a chance to make an impact.

But for depth and talent, Street coming back for his senior year was vital.

I think Boyd will struggle to see the field as a freshman. He needs to bulk up a little, didn’t really play WR in high school and you have to assume he never blocked which is a big part of being a wide receiver in a pro style offense.
PC needs to pull in some more WRs

Comment by notrocketscience 01.11.13 @ 8:45 am

Ed Tinker could be solid. What about Ronald Jones? Sure he’s a little guy but he’s atheltic, he’s seen the field and and he’s fast. Somebody on another board mentioned Brandon Ifil as well. One of the great things about college football is watching somebody completely unexpected step up. Engram is too good a coach for that not to happen.


Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 8:58 am

bottom line, the kid is a 1,000yd receiver and extremely valuable to the team next year.

just think, he may even have a qb who can chuck the long ball !!!!!!

Comment by HLandPitt 01.11.13 @ 9:07 am

Day 28 no DC

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.11.13 @ 9:16 am


Have you heard anything about Mike Elko @ BG?

Comment by HLandPitt 01.11.13 @ 9:25 am

HlandPitt ,
How come I always see you asking about Mike Elko on twitter and every blog. What are you related to the guy or something.

Comment by Say what 01.11.13 @ 9:34 am

Say what,

do you sit in sec515 at every home game?

Comment by HLandPitt 01.11.13 @ 9:37 am

I also think Ronald jones can be an exciting player as a slot receiver. Hopefully he steps up.
They will have Chris Wuestner(walk on that got press from camp) and Challingsworth also. Sorry if I butchered the spelling on those names.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.11.13 @ 9:41 am

I like this year’s recruiting class and it seems as though the Pitt football program is gaining traction in minds of the local prospects. I think with the large incoming class, the future looks brighter than it has in a few years.

Comment by Justinian 01.11.13 @ 9:47 am

I think we’ll see more elite WR’s come Pitt’s way when they see the stud QB’s on the roster. But, results will have to speak first.

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 9:50 am

I used to. Had to move cause of a crazy guy named Joe C.

Comment by Say what 01.11.13 @ 9:53 am

Interesting tidbid…

Buffalo Bills new OC is Nathaniel Hackett. Yes, it is Paul’s son.

I can see why it is taking PC so long to name a DC. There are so many candidates. Literally hundreds of coaches change jobs each year between college and the pros. You have to assume he has to go through an interview process, then offers. Some may turn it down or find better opportunities so he may go through the process several times.
So relax FRANKCAN, lol

Comment by notrocketscience 01.11.13 @ 9:54 am


He used to go with this other crazy guy who always got there early to watch warm ups. Then there was a guy who never showed up for games and Pitt went 3-0 in that stretch.

Hahaaa. Im seeing Mike’s name more now than ever for pitt but that might be because there is seemingly not many candidates.

I have a strong feeling he is our next DC

Comment by HLandPitt 01.11.13 @ 10:10 am

Hope he does get it, but might not be able to sit you anymore. Won’t be able to critique the d anymore. Maybe he could get us good seats for our road trip.

Comment by Say what 01.11.13 @ 10:20 am

Once again no mention of Garner. He’s the darkhorse in the WR race. I could see him starting next to Street.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 01.11.13 @ 10:45 am

Looks like Pitt is announcing 2013 football schedule at 11am this morning.

Comment by Why me 01.11.13 @ 10:48 am

Big help for the offense for Street to return. Sounds like a mature decision by a kid who seems mature for his years outside of the altercation that made news in the fall.

Shanahan was Mr. Reliable. Was a safety valve that Chryst positioned to help bail Tino out more times than once.

Shanahan will be missed. But the receiving corps as a whole should be capable of making big plays more often.

Boyd and Wuestner will both see the field. Boyd is capable of making a big impact immediately.

Having two receivers on the field with speed (Street and Boyd) and a QB who can get the ball to them deep will be fun to watch.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.11.13 @ 10:59 am

Pitt currently has a few positions that lack talent, depth and/or experience but now with Street confirming his return for his senior season, the receiving corps is not one of them.

As so many above have itemized, with this incoming recruiting class plus those who are on roster already, Pitt finds itself deep with POTENTIAL talent and depth at both the WR & the TE positions next year.

Now if we can only develop a quarterback with talented arms and legs that actually possesses the sense of pocket awareness, then my fellow Pitt Faithful, what could the future hold??????

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.11.13 @ 11:00 am

Watch what you wish for. Two yrs ago we were thrilled when Gibbs came back.

Comment by alcofan 01.11.13 @ 11:05 am

Home ACC – Miami; Florida State; North Carolina; Virginia

Away ACC – Georgia Tech; Syracuse; Duke; Virginia Tech

Comment by Hoopzebra 01.11.13 @ 11:07 am

How sweet is it that we got Florida State as the rotating crossover in the first year?! The bad news it is wont happen again (at home) for another 12 years the way the conference is currently setup. Heres to hoping there this is an ACC and FSU in the ACC at that time!!

Comment by Matt D 01.11.13 @ 11:12 am

That’s a solid home schedule. I was kind of hoping they would give us the U at home, and either FSU or Clemson on the road, so that in ’14, it would reverse. So if my understanding is correct, ’14 would see us @ the U and FSU. Tough!

Comment by hacky3 01.11.13 @ 11:12 am

That’s not a terrible schedule. Too bad about drawing Florida State though.

Best case: 3/4 at home, 4/4 on the road. 7-1 ACC record.

Well within the real of possibility: 2/4 at home, 3/4 on the road. 5-3 ACC record.

Worst case: 1/4 at home, 2/4 on the road. 3-4 ACC record.

It all depends on the QB, Offensive line, #2 WR and the new Defensive Coordinator. Nothing to worry about here…

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 11:12 am

The new Pitt ACC schedule looks a lot tougher to me than last year’s schedule. Don’t forget to add Notre Dame to that, even though it not an official ACC conference game. There is no question that they have to get better.

Comment by Justinian 01.11.13 @ 11:26 am

Yeah, with FSU, Miami, ND at home, that beats last season’s home schedule.

Comment by gdodson 01.11.13 @ 11:33 am

@hacky3 – FSU won’t be back on Pitt’s schedule for an away game in 6 years (2019)

Comment by Hoopzebra 01.11.13 @ 11:46 am

Finally a home schedule to be excited about. That said, they are gonna have to step it up. As of today, Pitt would be the underdog in at least 5 of those 8 conference games, maybe 6 or 7. Throw in ND and that looks like another 6-6 season at best. The good news is, the season doesn’t start today.

Comment by Iron Duke 01.11.13 @ 12:05 pm

What a breath of fresh air!!!!

Can’t wait to see the Carolina Blue here!!!!

Comment by Dan 01.11.13 @ 12:05 pm

They did forget one game,

v. Clemson in the Championship Game!!!

Comment by Dan 01.11.13 @ 12:06 pm

Dan, I like the way you think. I’m just waiting until we can utter those comments and ACTUALLY mean it without tongue in cheek optimism being the only thing backing it up.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.11.13 @ 12:13 pm

So in effect,

we’re switching out Louisville for Florida State
Rutgers for Miami
Temple for North Carolina
Gardner Webb for Virginia

On the road: Cincinnati for Va. Tech
Syracuse for Syracuse
Uconn for Georgia Tech
USF for Duke

That’s a substantially tougher schedule, without question. PC better get better at game day coaching, motivation & in game decisions.

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 12:14 pm

Nice schedule! Anyone have an idea of the odds that Keller Chryst accepts offer from PITT? Top QB recruit for 2014. Offers from USC & Stanford.

Comment by DC33 01.11.13 @ 12:19 pm

After seeing the schedule I feel excitment but fear. Agree with Emel, FSU, ND, and The U are three losses.

I am worried about a 3 and campaign with wins against Navy, New Mexico, and Nova. Possible wins could be UVA and Syracuse depending on the composure of Savage and field goal kicking.

Comment by AJ 01.11.13 @ 12:20 pm

All the road games made Bowl games.

And 3 of the 4 home games would have, if not for Miami’s self imposed bowl penalty and UNC(8-4) being on probation.

That’s 7 of 8 opponents. With a brand new QB, no Ray Ray to make big plays and a whole lot of question marks on the O-line. ACC teams score a lot of points. Will we ?

Oy vey !

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 12:20 pm

Oh yea and some kid named Blewitt to attempt FG’s

Yikes !!!

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 12:22 pm

No excuses for poor attendance in 2013.

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 12:24 pm

I would think unless Savage is head & shoulders better than Chapman or Voytik, you gotta go with the younger QB, since we’ll have to start from square 1 again the following year with a new QB if you don’t.

Unless that is…..PC has plans for the nephew to come in and therefore he goes with Savage for one year. 😉

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 12:28 pm

Somebody in the AD needs to figure out in a hurry how to give Pitt a home field advantage at Heinz. No blaring PA system, but Pitt cheers and noise. Maybe mike up the Pitt Band. The “Zoo” better create their football contigent and the AD better figure out how to involve them in the game. There will be nothing worse than a bunch of people in the stands either sitting on their hands or holding them over their ears (as opposed to standing and screaming Pitt cheers. Ala gane’ ganack!

Comment by CompLit 01.11.13 @ 12:31 pm

Miami; Florida State; North Carolina; Virginia; Notre Dame

I believe this to be possibly the most attractive home schedule in some time, if not ever …. even with New Mexico and Villanova added.

Comment by wbb 01.11.13 @ 12:32 pm

Savage is going to be the real deal. *I hope*

Bisnowaty is going to be the real deal. *I hope*

Juantez Hollins has been socially rehabilitated and is going to be the real-deal. *I hope*

But yea if Savage doesn’t show anything in the first four games I’d be in favor of getting the youngsters some playing time.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 12:44 pm

awesome schedule! i’ll be seeing pitt in person 10 times this fall. DC to pitt for all 7 home games, plus day trip over to annapolis for navy and road trips to blacksburg and durham. the tahoe is gonna get a workout!

Comment by scott 01.11.13 @ 12:47 pm

With this schedule… I believe we are going to see a season ticket and gameday ticket LEAP in sales.

I will be purchasing season tickets for sure, and I have only gotten single passes before in the past.

Comment by Benzene 01.11.13 @ 12:52 pm

agree CompLit

That blaring PA system drowns out any attempted fan spontaneous cheering. Plus that garbage RAP music they play does the same thing.

Since we’re entering a ‘new era’ in Pitt football, the game experience at Heinz needs to also launch a ‘new era’.

Does anyone work in that AD office that only needs to see how other home college fields create a college atmosphere.


Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 12:53 pm

Great I can now watch Pitt get their brains bashed in by Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, and North Carolina….can’t wait! I’ll start early I’m auctioning my tickets off to the highest bidder.

Section 110…name your price…I’m done supporting this team until they prove something to me like maybe having a winning season or better yet going to a relevant bowl game or maybe even winning a big game at home!

Comment by Marco 01.11.13 @ 12:58 pm

@ hoopzebra…my bad. I wasn’t aware of the scheduling criteria, but I think I’ve figured it out.

Correct me if I’m wrong then- our divisional opponents should flip in ’14, and we will NOT play Cuse or FSU, but rather some combo of Clemson, Wake, BC, NCSt, and I assume Louisville.

Comment by hacky3 01.11.13 @ 12:59 pm

and by flip I mean play at home rather than the road.

Comment by hacky3 01.11.13 @ 1:00 pm

LOL I’m anticipating see the University of New Mexico Lobos.

It’s one of the few for sure wins. Don’t know about Navy or Villanova.

I hate going, to only see Pitt lose. Very depressing. I think we can handle the perennial
doormat of the Mountain West and before that the WAC.

We’ll definitely make the 3 hour drive to Durham to see us take on the Blue Devils, who suddenly are not the cupcake they were for the last 30 years.


Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 1:00 pm


I believe we play Syracuse every year, as them being our …wait…..’designated rival’. haha

FSU will be switched out in 2014 for someone else in the Atlantic Division. (BC, NC State, Wake, Clemson or L-ville)

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 1:04 pm

one thing … the away games are mostly very pleasant locations, not to mention Annaplois this year which is a pure delight

Comment by wbb 01.11.13 @ 1:11 pm

@ Emel….I thought they eliminated the “designated rival” when they went to an 8 game schedule rather than 9?

Comment by hacky3 01.11.13 @ 1:13 pm

@DR. TOM : )

@EMEL Ya, figures, overall ACC, finally did win their bowl games, and most seem to be improving, perfect timing for Pitt!!! You wouldn’t expect anything else for us would you??

@wbb, without question, my favorite away trip.
Anyone who hasn’t done Annapolis, do yourself a favor.

Comment by Dan 01.11.13 @ 1:18 pm

@hacky3 FWIW

On February 3, 2012, the ACC announced a new regular-season scheduling format which added Syracuse to the Atlantic division and Pittsburgh to the Coastal division. These new teams will be cross-divisional rivals. This change will take effect once Pitt and Syracuse officially enter the conference in July 2013. On October 3, 2012 it was announced that the extra in division game will result in one fewer cross-division game.[22]

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 1:33 pm

It’s going to be kind of strange not playing some of the Atlantic Division schools for like 6 years in football.

I think they need to come up with a better system, than that. IMO

Comment by Emel 01.11.13 @ 1:36 pm

Thank you Emel.

Can’t say I agree with this policy, but that’s why I’m working where I am, I suppose.

Comment by hacky3 01.11.13 @ 1:37 pm

Marco, I would much rather see Pitt lose a game to likes of Florida State or Notre Dame than to Youngstown State! Of course, I expect them to beat Notre Dame in 2013. Looking at the schedule, a 7 and 5 season would be BIG improvement, considering the difficulty of the Pitt 2013 opponents. I think the interest will improve as much as the schedule has. Go Panthers, and………Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Justinian 01.11.13 @ 1:37 pm

Yes the Annapolis trip is very doable. That’s a nice roadtrip to consider making. If you think about even Blacksburg, would be worth making, to play Virginia Tech.

Comment by Justinian 01.11.13 @ 1:42 pm

Has anybody else noticed we play three option teams?

Yep, New Mexico, Navy and Georgia Tech.

Here’s to hoping Dan Mason comes back strong. That man is a tackling machine.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 1:46 pm

They need to get rid of the designated rival. There need to be more frequent cross-divisional games.

Comment by Chris 01.11.13 @ 1:59 pm

I hope it’s New Mexico first, followed by Navy and then Georgia Tech

Comment by wbb 01.11.13 @ 2:00 pm

All college FB teams are getting tougher schedules because the new playoff counts tougher schedules much like the BB selection.

At least that is what they are saying. Of course they are humans.

Comment by Frank MD 01.11.13 @ 2:00 pm

great news and highlights something you read a lot of in these articles by recruits and current players… they really speak very highly of Chryst and coaches. And quietly the players that will be around next year/beyond keeps growing!

Comment by Pittscript 01.11.13 @ 2:01 pm

@Chris I agree with you. However, I think they put that in there for the Mia-FSU game to make sure they always played each other. Especially when they joined, in the 90’s, when it was one of the top national games.

Probably some others wanted to make sure they played someone, but, I think that game had a lot to do with it.

So, I don’t know how they’d ever get away from it.

Ya, I’d rather play a mix, than Syracuse every year. No real rivalry there.

Hoops, yes, of course, football, not so much.

Comment by Dan 01.11.13 @ 2:18 pm

I hope many of these recruits actually stay on the team, play, stay healthy and out of trouble, and make an impact. And, I hope their talents are developed by the coaching staff over time. That should translate into more wins on the field. Very good thing that Chryst is able to recruit 29 players this year.

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 2:22 pm

I’m really impressed with Chryst so far. Yes he had some growing pains this season but he seems like a guy that learns pretty quickly. I think we can all agree that player development has improved and I can’t wait to get a look at the redshirt guys this spring. I also think that he’s legitimately building the right culture on the team. He’s really pulled a nice recruiting class together this year as well.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 2:26 pm

Awesome schedule….can’t wait.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.11.13 @ 3:06 pm

@DC33, the QB position continues to get more crowded in 2014 with the recruit from Blackhawk, Chandler Kincade already committed. So if Keller Chryst goes with Pitt we would have at least 5 QB’s on scholarship in 2014.

@ Emel, don’t be dissing on Blewitt, one of our kicker recruits. I know of this guy’s talents. In a couple years we will all be singing his praises I believe. His HS stats are impressive, with 50+ FG’s already on his resume.

Marco brings up a valid point Tx Panther, on why Heinz Field may still be showing empty yellow seats with this schedule, we are going to loss some games to this crowd initially!!! Now Marco is whining a little too much for my taste but throw into the mix the usual Yinzer pessimism, of which he demonstrates, and I could see only a sell out for the ND game with good, not great, crowds for the likes of Miami and Florida State. We HAVE TO WIN to fill up Heinz Field consistantly.

@ Justinian, I agree completely with you, thank God Youngstown State isn’t carried over to this next season, thsy are just too tough! It was a great win for YSU though, soundly beat us, we tatally sucked in that game.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.11.13 @ 3:12 pm

Yes Doc a good schedule helps but Pitt needs to compete in those games and maybe upset Fl State or the Domers to build some real excitement and to keep bringing fans back. Just not sure how to make the atmosphere at Heinz great. Winning will definitely help with an aggressive D and high scoring O. And, not getting embarrassed by the other team. But, there is something about Heinz that just isn’t intimate. Maybe because it’s a sterile pro stadium. Maybe because the Rooney’s built it on the cheap. Maybe because it’s not connected to Oakland and the campus. Maybe beer sales will help???

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 3:30 pm

I don’t think you can blame lack of fan enthusiasm on the stadium not being intimate. Yes, it’s not intimate. But a good fan is going to be into their team, stand up, make noise and go to the games no matter where they are held.

Granted a shiny new on-campus stadium that seats about 45,000, perhaps neslted into a hillside somewhere near Panther Hollow wouldn’t hurt…

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.11.13 @ 4:14 pm

It also doesn’t help when some old geezer behind you yells sit down. The seats make it too comfortable for fans. Bring back the bleachers.

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 4:23 pm

Is there anyway Pitt could shoehorn a football field into the Peterson Event Center? Now that would be an intimate setting.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.11.13 @ 5:11 pm

Carnegie Mellon has a stadium very near Pitt but it is small.

link to

It it possible that two universities could work together?

Comment by Frank MD 01.11.13 @ 6:58 pm

Pitt can still use the upmc practice facilities as that is where the “carrot” is with recruiting and interactions.

CMU stadium is too small with little to no room for expansion. Pitt just needs a leadership change to pull athletics up to get it close to the academic success.

This schedule is nice, but slightly more difficult. Look, football has a lot to do with who you play and when, injuries and off dates (i.e. easier to play FSU the weekend after they play oklahomer)versus playing coastal carolina. Will look at complete schedules of all teams before commenting on w-l’s.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 01.11.13 @ 7:35 pm

Its easier to play those florida schools in late november as well.

Comment by TX Panther 01.11.13 @ 8:16 pm

The problem is not so much the off campus stadium IMHO. The problems are (1) It is not our stadium and (2) The location of the stadium (just as hard to get to as Pitt Stadium and now the tailgating is about the same. If Pitt were to build a new stadium, they should think fans first. That means easy to get to with plenty of parking. Think Mintoeville not Oakland. Sorry Casino!

Comment by HbgFrank 01.11.13 @ 10:19 pm

Or that little town near Mintoeville called Monroeville!

Comment by HbgFrank 01.11.13 @ 10:26 pm

The crossover game is def for UNC and nc state. No chance NCSU would be ok with not playing Carolina every year. Same goes for Duke and Wake, well almost.

Comment by panther94 01.12.13 @ 1:18 am

Frank MD – that will never happen. First off CMU doesn’t want or need anything associated with PITT football.

Secondly, the neighborhood where CMU’s Gesling stadium will never stand for it being rebuilt with the associated problems. They just won’t. There is big old money in that area bounded by Morewood, 5th Ave, Wilkins and Forbes and they have huge pull with both CMU, PITT and the City.

Comment by Reed 01.13.13 @ 9:43 am

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