January 7, 2013

At Least It Is Over

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Thank goodness Tyler Boyd verballed to Pitt on Saturday. Otherwise I don’t want to think about how angst-ridden we Pitt fans would have been Saturday night. As it was, it wasn’t pretty.

Starting with some football. Because, at least it means the season is officially finished.

Let’s face it, the signs and portents were there from the start. Doakes being suspended to make an already weak link spot on a weak O-line that much worse. With Ray Graham and a couple others unable to go, it was even less promising. I know Graham would never have done it, but if I were Graham and watching the O-line during the week. I might have been grabbing my hamstring and gimping up to avoid any stupid chances in this game.

And on the fifth play, the interception-free streak of Sunseri came to an end to at least try and snuff out hope early.

It was almost a distillation of everything we’ve seen bad from this team in 2012. The O-line was horrid -as feared/expected. Sunseri held the ball too long. The defense slept-walked through the first quarter. Then had their end-of-the-half-does-not-mean-halftime moment to allow Ole Miss one more score. Not to mention being unable to get off the field on 3d and 4th down plays (Ole Miss converted on those downs 12 out of 23 tries). Questionable special teams play.

Then to see Hubie Graham go down once again, because he hasn’t had anything but bad luck this year.

Any (very, very, very faint) hope there was that Pitt might make a game of it in the second half was excruciatingly snuffed out by Ole Miss never getting off the field. Pitt had two 3-and-outs, but Ole Miss had two drives that ate up over 11 minutes of the quarter. Yes, they only managed one TD out of it. But up 21 with one quarter left. Versus this Pitt team. That was more than enough.

As so often this year, the game was lost on the lines. Pitt’s undermanned O-line was overmatched, and only exacerbated the known issues on offense. On defense, the D-line couldn’t get any real pressure on Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace — who has shoulder and hamstring issues — but rarely had to worry about getting hit.

Pitt‘s defense, forced to retool after the pre-bowl departure of defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable to North Carolina State, allowed Ole Miss to rush for 224 yards while sacking Wallace (22 for 32, 151 yards) only once.

“They beat us in almost every phase,” coach Paul Chryst said. “They were clearly the better team today. I thought the guys prepared well, but they outexecuted us.”

Flashing back to the first couple games of the season where Pitt was not ready to play. That’s what it felt like when watching this one. Just not ready. Slow to react.

“We knew they were going to go up-tempo all game,” Pitt safety Jarred Holley said. “Ole Miss did a great job getting ready to play.”

Couldn’t do anything about it, but they knew what they were going to do.

This had be the last time Pitt makes a trip to Birmingham in January. So, there’s that.

Explain to me why Tino took every snap this season at qb, would seem to me one of the two that stood around all year might have benefited with some action. We may have found someone with a little talent in case the transfer qb doesn’t payout for next year.
In addition I understand a top rated recruit is also coming on board, so I guess it was important to save the eligibility of Anderson and Chad as they must be good note takers and having them for an extra year is important.

Comment by Jimbo 01.07.13 @ 10:29 am

Trey Anderson has no shot to be anything more than a #2 at best. As much as I hated seeing Tino out there every game I trust the coaches that he was the best option we had – and as sad as that is I guess its the cold reality. At least Chad has 4 years of eligibility and we have Savage here next year along with a top level recruit so hopefully things are turning around.

Comment by Coach Ditka 01.07.13 @ 10:38 am

voytik was a us army all american, why wast a red shirt yr for a 6-7 team. let him learn, we should have 3 qb’s next yr that should be able to play better then tino. not sure y uthink chad will sit on the sidelines the next 4 yrs?

Comment by mike 01.07.13 @ 10:40 am

Always amazing to see arm chair no it alls complain about a 20 TD and 3 INT season.

Comment by Ghost of Pete Gonzalez 01.07.13 @ 10:43 am

I would rather see 10 tds and 15 interceptions if it meant winning 10 games.

Comment by Coach Ditka 01.07.13 @ 10:47 am

On to the next play. No one can do anything about the past. Let’s move on. This is a BIG recruiting year. When you get blocking up front, the quarter back and running backs look better. I know Paul Chryst is bringing in more linemen. Hopefully we’ll see some encourging things in spring football.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 10:50 am

20 TD’s and 3 INT’s against Gannon, Gardner Webb, Geneva and Edinboro mean something to you? Not me ghost of Pete Gonzalez

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 10:56 am

Sorry but I can’t stand when people use the stats to defend Tino’s inability to lead a team. At some point your QB has to be able to win a few games on his own. A 10 point deficit at any point in the game and you knew it was over for Pitt. If I’m correct Pitt has never won a game under Tino when trailing at halftime.

OK lets move on…

Comment by Coach Ditka 01.07.13 @ 11:01 am

In moving on we need fast recruits even if they are one and two star recruits. All recruits have to learn how to play college FB and some develop and LEARN (Stanford, Vandy, etc) regardless of the stars.

Thank goodness ACC has no ties to BBVA.

Comment by frank MD 01.07.13 @ 11:11 am

The Ole Miss coach really wanted to win the game – home town crowd, fiery pre-game speech, focus.

Chryst viewed the bowl experience as a reward for the season, a party, not something to work hard to win. With a 6 & 6, no ranking to fight for, knowing his team has lots of holes, why bother? Basically rest the seniors and use this an an extra practice before spring.

Under the circumstances, I can sort of understand, but I hope in the future this won’t be standard operating practice or we won’t win another bowl game.

Comment by 66Goat 01.07.13 @ 11:17 am

random question for everyone on here. does anyone have the letters HTP in the pitt script font? or know of a font that is close to it?

Comment by usd121 01.07.13 @ 11:21 am

I see a 6-7 W-L QB this season. Stats mean nothing. Wins are the only thing that matters and Tino the Terrible is no winner. I will no longer speak or type his abominable name.

I hope Pitt finishes strong on the recruiting front and actually hires a big time D coordinator who not only knows how to coach aggressive D but is also a dynamic recruiter with ties to the south.

But, Chryst will probably chose someone who he knows and is comfortable with and given that Pitt is cheap, we’ll get someone less qualified.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 11:22 am

TX Panther, We will probably see who the DC is soon enough. With the bowl season now over and the new head coaching hires soon to determined. There may be some good people looking for a job.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 12:03 pm

That sums up the last 30 years TX Panther “Pitt is CHEAP.”
Having checks that are 3 to 4 times higher in revenue I hope will change that policy.

Yes this season over.
switch all the Logos to ACC.

Comment by Tackle made by Hugh 01.07.13 @ 12:03 pm

Pretty good read from the Cardiac Hill blog on some guys in the 2013 class who have already early-enrolled:

link to

Great stuff on Chapman and Soto, who seem like really high-character guys and good students to go with being solid football players. Always great to see guys like this find their way into the program…just as refreshing to hear Tyler Boyd and the other Clairton kids talk about building something here.

It’s nice to see this is the type of character that Chryst is bringing into this program.

Comment by Stoosh 01.07.13 @ 12:09 pm

I believe we are supposed to be getting Justin Moody’s decision this week. We need another DT/DE for depth. I hope we get Terrish Webb’s commitment this weekend. It should help us keep Boyd. I would like to round off this years class with JoJo Kemp at RB, JJ Smith at OT and the OLB Nigel Harris. It would be nice if Foster changed his mind, but I dont see it happening. Nick Jacobson and L Tulimasealii and Kenton Gibbs are also possibilities at DT.
Go Pitt!! Lets finish recruiting strong…

Comment by Rex 01.07.13 @ 12:20 pm

Unless and until there is a sense of urgency and increased expectations at Pitt, things will not change.
Closing your eyes and hoping things will get better because they can’t any worse is the business model this athletic department has adopted.
Here is a question for the board. Assume for the moment that our recruiting class is ranked # 30, do you expect the team, in the Jr and sr years to reach the same ranking, lower or higher?
I love Pitt, but before the Dodgers were the “Dodgers”, they were “Them Bums”. We are still in the loveable loser category and I, for one, am sick of losing.
Is Chryst a good coach? I think so.
Will Pitt keep him if and when others come calling? 50/50 IMO.
Is Pitt, as the atheltic department is comprised right now, capable of surviving another direct hit whether it be delivered from the outside or the typical self-imposed disaster? 100% No.
We remain a highly fragile program because we lack the correct foundation. 1 good season does not a program make.
There are fundamental changes required at Pitt for success to take root. It can be done, but not by the people who run it now. We’ve seen what they are capable of and it ain’t pretty.

Comment by sfpitt 01.07.13 @ 12:22 pm

Stoosh, I checked out the article. It said the with early enrollment players counting as 2012, Chryst will be able to bring as many as 29 players. The players enrolling early in January will be elegible for spring football so they will have more time to learn the system. Coming into summer camp they should a good jump on things. Also bringing in a total of 29 new players, regradless of what class they classified as, should be a big boost. Especially since a few will have already had the benefit of an extra camp.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 12:23 pm

At the end of the 3rd quarter our QB was 8 for 19 for 98 yards. Pitt was down by 21 points and we all knew the game was over. Actually most of us knew when it was 14-0 in the 1rst quarter. For I don’t believe we’ve EVER come from behind down 2 TD’s in this woebegone era. Which I’ll call the “lost years”

So 98 yards, the almost 100 yards accumulated by said QB in the 4rth quarter were totally meaningless. Why he was even playing in a game down 38-10 at that point is beyond me. Unless this was all just to accumulate stats for the knighted one. No other reason is rational or logical since Ole Miss was playing it’s backups by then, why not us. Game was finito !

Speaking of meaningless 4rth quarter stats in a blowout, so were most of said QB stats during the course of the year and his career. If you go back and look more closely at the games.

While he might only trail a couple Pitt QB’s in yardage, he’ll be remembered as Pitt’s worst 3 year starting QB ever.

In most rational scenarios someone with his talent level would have NEVER started one whole season, let alone 3. But this was not a rational situation. Some say, that his play was effected by having 3 different coaches, but I would suggest this WAS the ONLY reason he was able to play 3 seasons. For no one coach would have kept such a low talent QB and no talent QB, when any game was on the line or even the slightest degree of pressure was applied by the opposing team, in the lineup as starting Qb for 3 years of what amounted to as 3 years of missed opportunities, missed plays, missed wide-open touchdowns and most importantly MISSED WINS !

Truly the worst 3 year starting QB I have ever seen in Division 1 football. For nobody that bad would have EVER gotten a chance to play 39 straight games, with the same results, failings, bad decisions and inability to perform under pressure. In most normal, logical, rational situations after losing to a D-2 team (Pitt’s 1rst EVER such loss) and getting blown out in game 2, said QB would have been given a nice seat on the pines. Clearly something was amiss here.

Well it’s over now and we did survive it, albeit the liver and our lives have certainly been shortened by the whole sordid mess.

Good Bye and Good Riddance !!

Veritas et Virtus

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 12:25 pm

These fundamental changes won’t begin happening until Nordy retires unfortunately. It appears that Stevie is protected for another 2-3 years. Caveat – If things remain as they are…no revolution.

I’m just so sick of the attitude we can’t do better or we get what we deserve or we are cursed. All these pathetic excuses when we lose or don’t get that 4 star kid, etc. We have allowed Pitt to be the same old Pitt. It’s up to us to demand change. But money talks so be prepared to open up your pocket books if you want that change to come.

Who are the big time boosters that can lead this change? Little guys like myself can only do so much but if a bunch of little guys threw support around some prominent booster(s) willing to take charge and make things unpleasant, we could be on to something.

I’m prepared to paint myself as an Indian and throw Stevie over USS Nordy but I need booster help and some other Indians to join me.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 12:44 pm

Emel….. It isn’t over yet… Tonight when Vinny Sunseri makes a tackle we are going to hear the name again. So hearing Sunseri on the national tv tonight will still make me cringe. LOL…. 8 for 19 98 yards and still in the game says it all. I don’t think Chryst has any balls. That’s just me. FYI fraud a graham had a very good first season at AZ ST. The system works…. With Tino at QB it was like putting ice tea in a car instead of gasoline. AZ State was 8-5 and averaged 38 points per game. We averaged 26 against a substantially lower level of competition.

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 12:46 pm

A must get next year.

link to

Comment by frank MD 01.07.13 @ 12:50 pm

Bad lose to a very mediocre team. What positives are there from this season? PC remains an enigma to me. This team played w/zero passion all year. I hate being negative but I can’t think of one area (always hopeful regarding recruits) that could “fire you up.” Please forgive my negativity but PC appears to be going through the motions coaching w/no sense of urgency & certainly no pressure. I know it was his first year BUT this schedule was weak & this team under-achieved!!!

Comment by DC33 01.07.13 @ 12:55 pm

And please don’t pull this 20 TD’s and 3 interceptions crap.

That is something some writer will put in a ‘fluff piece’ next fall, when some unsuspecting and unknowing city will read that garbage as to why he made and NFL roster.

We witnessed this crap for 3 years, and we’re not in say Seattle and would just accept at face value and say. “Wow this kid had 20 TD’s and only 3 picks he must be pretty good.” The poor schmuck having never even seen at Pitt game on TV.

And very few will know how truly misleading those stats are. Upon closer scrutiny, of those 20 TD passes, 50% of them were against two (2), yes two D-2 teams (Youngstown State and something called Gardiner Webb) and the other were against among the worst D1 teams on the planet (USF, Uconn & Temple). Also 1,441 meangingless yardage were accumulated against this pathetic group of opponents of whom we EVEN LOST TO TWO OF THEM. lmao

So please don’t quote stats to those of us that have witnessed firsthand just how truly meaningless stats can be.

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 1:04 pm

It all comes back to the Quarterback. A good QB can make the team greater than the sum of its parts. Here’s to hoping somebody steps up next spring. Hopefully Savage is a leader and not just a strong arm.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.07.13 @ 1:04 pm

20 td 2 int, didnt even get all big east…
stats dont matter…

Comment by mike 01.07.13 @ 1:09 pm

He is clearing out all the dead wood. Get the right players, the right mix and they will be motivated all by themselves.
No more players who just show up because it is fun, but players with desires to be the best they can be.

Comment by frankarms 01.07.13 @ 1:14 pm

agree Upittbaseball.

PITT had it’s easiest schedule in decades. Not only one D-2 team on the schedule, but two. And the second is among one of the worst D-2 teams over the last decade. If you will the:
The Quintessential Rent-A-Win.


Over the last 3 years in this horrid BigLeast, we went 20-19 overall and a very ugly 17-18, below .500, against legit competition. If you can say teams like USF, Temple, Uconn, SMU are legit that is.

PITT was trending upward in 2009, coming off our best 3 year run since the early 1980’s. We finished 2009 ranked #15 in the polls, our highest end of season ranking since 1983. Big things were expected, CBS Sports had PITT as one of the Top 5 Football/Basketball combo programs in ALL of College Sports.

All that momentum was doused in 2010 by two torpedoes to Pitt football. One being Stevie Cornhole and the other being, Tino the Terrible.

And that my friends is quite a lot to try and overcome.

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 1:23 pm

Tino was his usual incompetent self, but what was so disappointing was the poor play by the defense. OL was decimated and it showed. The D couldn’t make a play to get off the field and where was Aaron Donald all day? Except for Todd Thomas (and Mason for only two games) this had to be one of the worst D1 LB corps in the country. I know the DL is thin next year, but if PC doesn’t find some LBs who can make plays, the D will not be a strength of this team. A QB who can make a clutch play just once(early or late in games) would also be something we haven’t seen in 3 years.
As for recruiting, with Boyd accepting (when he was considered “unlikely” by most gurus) and Foster declining (a “likely” Panther) it goes to show how silly it is to try to predict the decision of 18-year olds.

Comment by Taxing Matters 01.07.13 @ 1:26 pm

True… all about winning games. And right now, the jury is out on Chryst.

He does get a pass because of Tino. But just one.

Going forward, it’s all on him. It starts with his choice of DC. He better pick well for his sake.

Keep in mind that I have been one of the most ardent Chryst supporters going back to when he was chosen, through the early debacles, and right up to Virginia Tech which I predicted last spring would serve as his signature win in his first year.

There are some things I’ve seen that are concerning… but for now he gets the pass.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.07.13 @ 1:31 pm

I went to the game and witnessed it firsthand, the crowd was announced at 59,000 must have been 57,000 Ole Miss fans.

The Ole Miss fans were great, too bad we flopped, this team was beaten soundly in all phases of the game.

I went to the pregame alumni festivities, Steve was smiling and Nordy, well he was the politician as he is.

There were a lot of pissed off alumni who drop a lot of cash on the football program after the game, I mean really pissed off.

Comment by WLAT and The Big Beat 01.07.13 @ 1:38 pm


Underachieved is an Understatement, :-)

I’m not sold on PC either. Team came out flat way too often. EVEN IN THE VERY FIRST GAME OF HIS COACHING ERA. What does that say.

If a team isn’t going to be excited to play for a coach in his very first game, when are they ????

Any team gets excited to play Notre Dame at South Bend.

For all this senior rah rah business, the team played with no edge at all Saturday, in some of these players last game EVER. Since 95% will never play organized football again.

The only guy on the sidelines with any Fire in his belly at all was Huxtable, with him gone, it seemed like the team took a holiday. Like if they’re parents weren’t home or the teacher left the room. Nobody around to scold them.

Very disappointing end to another disappointing season. And the beat goes on…….

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 1:40 pm

hey WLAT,

I forget who it was, but someone said he was at the game and there were 7k to 10K Pitt fans there.

Maybe it was Stevie Cornhole posting under a fake name. lol

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 1:42 pm

Can’t say I’m too surprised, but mighty irritated that PC gave up on the game with an entire quarter remaining. Early in the 4th he was content to just run the ball with Shell instead of trying to come back. I knew that the defense would not take kindly to that …next thing you know Ole Miss gets off a 67 yrd TD run to ice the game.

Comment by Chuck Morris 01.07.13 @ 2:12 pm

first things firat who is the new DC that will tell us alot.
is he good or some one they got on the cheap
can he recruit the south does he have ties to the ACC or is he from the north and no use to us.
we should hear some names soon.

i wait this is a important hire dont fuck it up.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 2:14 pm

From the previous thread to Dan72, I’m never claiming Pederson is good or even deserves a job, but saying the poor performances on Saturday were due to him isn’t right and just deflects the criticism and the blame from those who deserve it. The football and basketball teams are run by Chryst and Dixon, they are the CEOs that set the tone not the athletic director. Do you think that Tino Sunseri, Tray Woodall or J.J. Moore pay attention to anything that Steve Pederson does? No. It is all on the coach when the football team doesn’t show up. Almost everyone loved the Chryst hire, he coaches the football team, when the football team is flat and doesn’t show up it is his and his team’s fault not Steve Pederson’s fault. When the basketball team loses a road game to Rutgers, it is Jamie Dixon and the basketball teams fault.

To me the football season was a failure, not only did the team play worse than the previous year, which some on here said was the worst football they have ever seen, the team also failed to show up on multiple occasions. Also was Tino really that much better? His completion percentage was not even 1% better than the previous year, about 5 of his TDs came either against Gardener Web or in junk time when the game was over and he wasn’t better at closing out games. Not sure how PC doesn’t at least try Anderson during the season. Even if Anderson doesn’t figure to be the starting QB doesn’t hurt to throw him in there and see what he can do.

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.07.13 @ 2:33 pm

Stevie wasn’t the reason why we lost this past Saturday, but he is one of the major reasons why the overall athletic program at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is mediocre and shows little signs of improvement. The football program won’t take off with obstructionists on the run way. How is it that Nebraska was able to fire his ass so fast while Pitt is still stuck with this guy? One word – Nordy.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 2:43 pm

Also was Tino really that much better?
Comment by Wardapalooza 01.07.13 @ 2:33 pm

Is this a trick question, lol

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 2:44 pm

The BBVA Compass Bowl is about to sign a deal with the ACC. Well, that is the rumor I heard, or maybe just started…lol

Comment by dcpinpgh 01.07.13 @ 2:45 pm

We need to stop all the Tino talk. Aside from Boyd signing this weekend, that was what I was looking forward to most about the future was forgetting who he was. Lets focus on the future and the good things to come. Maybe our next QB will be able to handle pressure and be a leader. Chryst is going to be a great HC. Lets get our DC and finish up on this strong class. In a few years we should be competing to win the ACC. Thank goodness the ABT days are behind us!

Comment by Rex 01.07.13 @ 2:48 pm

Completion % in 2012 was nearly identical to both 2010 & 2011 which means he was efficient completing dink passes. (and only those between the 30’s)

Even though 2012 had changed out two scrub teams on the schedule for WVU & TCU. Those being Gardner Webby and Temple. So I would imagine given that…. plus the other lame teams on the schedule ANYBODY’S STATS WOULD HAVE IMPROVED.

This team could have gone 6-7 or 5-7, who cares which one, with Anderson or Voytik being the starter as well.
And at least one of those would be ready for next season if called on or if Savage gets hurt or is a flop.

So if next season is a flop because of this, that’s all on PC. So he better hope Savage is up to the task.

Comment by Emel 01.07.13 @ 2:57 pm

Here is a name for you dont know if chryst will talk to him but Jeremy Rowell was just fired today

in 2010 he was voted one of the 10 most underrated assistant coachs in the usa.

he was the DC of troy in alabama for 8 years
from the south good experince well thought of
was at the school for at least 13 years did a good job in the past i could live with a pick like that if i cant have a big name.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 3:11 pm

Please name 1to 3 things that Paul Chryst has done in 12 months to prove he will be a good coach. I saw no energy, no game plans, kids getting in trouble, etc. I saw no good signs. Sorry.

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 3:17 pm

Not to rag on Stevie but he makes $600k a year. WSJ says Pitt is ranked 65th in terms of the value of its football program. That would place Pitt last in the ACC. We won’t be winning anything in the ACC until the ABS days are over.

link to

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 3:22 pm

Why would Boyd make a verbal to PITT if he intends to make 2 other visits??

Comment by DC33 01.07.13 @ 3:31 pm

Defensive needs for next year:

More LBs like Todd Thomas. Pitt needs to find two more LBs that are fast and physical out of Grigsby, Bradley, Price, Caprara, Rippy, Porchia, Gordan, Williams. There seems to be enough to pick from.

Safties like Jason Hendricks. He is fast enough and a ball hawk. Stop trying to play slow DBs like Ryan Vinopal and Taglianetti.

Top rated DLs or switch to a 3-4. I recently heard Greg Guttuso interviewed and he was questioned about the 4-3 vs the 3-4. He said if you don’t have dominate DLs in the 4-3 you are screwed. I don’t see Pitt having that in years to come. Recruiting that kind of DL was Wannstedts strength. That strength is gone.

Offensive needs for next year.

Please please please….a mobile QB.

Depth at RB.

Speed speed speed at receiver.

Tons of OL for depth and more talent.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.07.13 @ 3:32 pm

Does PITT only have 4 plays in their playbook? 2 off tackle runs,1 run up the middle & the 5yd pass in the flat?

Comment by DC33 01.07.13 @ 3:36 pm


Yes, when the Oline and QB both suck, yes, you only have 4 plays to run.

Comment by HLandPitt 01.07.13 @ 3:44 pm

DC33, i’d say pitt displayed plenty of passion thru the first 3 quarters at ND (and for the entire Va Tech game to be sure).

Comment by scott 01.07.13 @ 4:02 pm

Scott, Add Rutgers game. 3 out of 13 games PITT came to play. No offense, but you can’t defend this team based on the ND or VaTech games. Please tell me you don’t think bring’n the juice 23% of the season is sufficient. Mason Up == 8-5 is minimum acceptable record for 2012 season.

Comment by DC33 01.07.13 @ 4:31 pm

Pitt will be getting more money when they join ACC. It would be nice to know where it is spent. Some should go to make the student experience a lot better at FB games, some for recruiting, some for coaches, etc.

Any ideas on priorities?

Comment by frank MD 01.07.13 @ 4:41 pm

Rag on all that shit that is in the past if you want to. rag on what should have been could have been it means nothing now.

what means something now is are we to get a good DC or are we to get one that is cheap.
are we to get one who knows the ACC or not that is were we are at now that is what is important

not that old shit were are we heading this hire will tell us alot abought next year.

this is what you should be focused on.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 4:44 pm

How about spending none of that money on our current AD and earmarking some of that money for a new one.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 4:48 pm

Chryst is defined by the company he keeps…those coordinators and assistant coaches who surround him and form his leadership team. FRANKCAN is 100% correct. This better not be the same old Pitt bullshit card being pulled from the hat. I’m so tired of it. If Chryst chooses one of his cronies from Wisky who has no ties to the ACC and limited experience and is not innovative, and is a dull recruiter and will only serve as a yes man, I think monkies will fly out of my butt.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 4:53 pm

DC33, If you were from Clairton, you would take as many of those free visits/vacations as well.

Believe me, Boyd is solid with Pitt.

Comment by srb 01.07.13 @ 4:55 pm

srb i hope you are right but i have fear that he just wanted pick a hat on national tv i know he likes pitt but untill he signs his LOI i will worry remmber clement he liked pitt untill he visted wisconsin i have fear.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 5:11 pm

TX PANTHER the next DC needs to have contacts in the south the state of FL would be best he needs to be top notch.
not a wisconsin buddy from the big ten he needs
to be a good recruiter with some fire in his belly.
like you say if we get some old buddy from denver or ohio i think i will be pissed off
he needs to know the south the ACC

not some one who is cheap and is a yes man.

we want this program to be on the up swing not on a flat line we need some life some get and go.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 5:29 pm

As long as the new defensive coordinator is a good defensive coach and he can recruit, I don’t care if he’s from Timbuktu. Recruiting has more to do with beinging able to relate with the kids and be able to win their confidence. Although it can help, being from the area is not a necessity. Some guys have the interpersonal skills and are just good recruiters. John Calperi could recruit anywhere.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 6:00 pm

TX Panther – I was having a good day until I read your post. Are you F’n kidding me? Stevie P makes $600M/yr? To do crosswords all day in his office?

I would equate him to a government employee but I don’t want to demean Government employee’s!

Comment by Dan 72 01.07.13 @ 6:23 pm

On a basketball note,we match up with Georgetown a little better than others as they cannot score either but….they will dominate us inside. Somebody on Pitt needs to make a basket.

Comment by Dan 72 01.07.13 @ 6:25 pm

DC33, my comment was in response to this: “This team played w/zero passion all year.” i do agree that pitt came out flat and/or laid an egg in far too many games this year. way too inconsistent. that’s ultimately on PC. unlike NFL, in college it’s absolutely coaches’ responsibility to motivate players each week. given PC’s generally laid back personality, i hope he hires a real energetic/fire breather as DC(dare I say a paul rhodes type?!)

Comment by scott 01.07.13 @ 6:28 pm

Rumor I heard is Wanny accepted the position… Waiting to announce it at halftime of BCS Game. Peterson will hung him and say were friends.

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 6:50 pm

with this administration, nothing would surprise me anymore…

Comment by goalie44 01.07.13 @ 7:09 pm

I quoted without verifying but I will this evening instead of this lazy reporting of mine. But from what I understand, he is highly compensated. Like top 30 of all directors. Pitt is in the bottom ten percent of football brand value…see my link from today above. Moreover, overall pitt sports ranks in the bottom quarter in the directors cup standings and it has consistently throughout his tenure. I just haven’t seen the results to comp the man to this degree. Shit our football brand is barely valued above Temples. That’s on stevie and nordy. Those cheap ass monkey bastards with no sports acumen.

I do want some competent coaches, dynamic personalities and established pipelines to southern high schools. Hello new fire in the belly DC. I do want Pitt to stop being cheap. I do want Pitt to emphasize the pursuit of a championship in the ACC and will do what it takes to reach that next level. I do want more booster involvement. And above all, I do want a new AD. Santa didn’t give me any of those things in my stocking this year. I got the same ole Pitt shit as last year.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 7:15 pm

Has Todd Orlando landed a job yet ? He would make a great DC . Having Florida connections, Wisconsin Grad, Central Catholic Grad and he had several top 10 defenses while at Connecticut.
During Edzel years UCONN’s defense kept them in every game.
Orlando seems like a good fit at Pitt.

Comment by spindler's spirit 01.07.13 @ 7:35 pm

I still want to throw the Stadium boat in the water and see if it floats…

Comment by CompLit 01.07.13 @ 7:36 pm

Oct 6 2011 usa today reported by cardiac hill. Stevie is 24 ranked in salary. Slightly under 600k. Real good money for a phuckin moron. You see why I won’t donate a friggin penny until he and his buddy nordy are gone. The man who razed pitt stadium and removed the script and can’t hire a football coach to save his ass is paid like he runs Texas, a multi billion dollar assessed sports program. If I had to guess, Pitt would amount to no more than 100 million since football is sitting under 70 million and pitts other sports besides wraslin are pathetic. Thanks stevie for the view from the toilet. Is there any booster who reads this and is listening? What do I need to do to remove the obstructionist? Blathers, Pitt won’t succeed until there is fundamental change at the top. SFPitt is soooo right!

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 7:45 pm

I love the stadium boat. Just make sure to christen her USS Pitt script.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 7:47 pm

Orlando is too good to be true. Would love the hire but hear he is a 3-4 guy. That may prove problematic.

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 7:50 pm

Here’s to Notre Dame pulling the upset.

Not just an upset, but pummeling the Crimson Tide to the point that Robert Foster starts to have second thoughts.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.07.13 @ 8:28 pm

PittofDreams, As much as I dislike Alabama, I cannot root for Notre Dame. That my friend would be like routing for West Virginia or Penn State. Besides, I am still pissed off from Pitt getting homered in South Bend, on the 4th down “Phantom Interference” call.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 8:32 pm

Cincy Bearcats has now lost 3 out of their last 4 games, and all losses were at home. Don’t have to tell you the team they beat

Comment by wbb 01.07.13 @ 8:45 pm

Wbb i said it is miller time.
head coach of delaware K C Keeler was fired to day never thought i would see that hell he won a div 2 national title and abought 5 div title
who knew.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 8:52 pm

St. John’s even beat Cincy….we must be pathetic…

Comment by Jackagain 01.07.13 @ 8:55 pm

what have you done for me lately? as we know, some ADs can be pretty inpatient. Mike Heywood is looking for a job

Comment by wbb 01.07.13 @ 8:57 pm

Looking at the ND beating in the BCS NC game, I wonder how future Alabama recruits feel about siting on the bench for a long time.

Comment by Frank MD 01.07.13 @ 9:18 pm

ND getting hosed with calls and dominated on the field. No sympathy from me. They should’nt be there anyways..

Comment by goalie44 01.07.13 @ 9:24 pm

Pitt did Alabama such a favor by letting them off the hook.

Otherwise, Bama would be playing who? Oregon?

Comment by PittofDreams 01.07.13 @ 9:26 pm

this is probley bull shit but on a site called lets go pens a man says ND kerry cooks will be named pitt DC on tuesday maybe bull shit but i did read it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 9:28 pm

goalie44, No, Notre Dame don’t belong in this game, which incidently, they aren’t in anyway. The team that Alabama should be playing is Oregon. Oregon is the team that got screwed

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 9:34 pm

We would lose by 105 points if we played Bama.

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 9:39 pm

Oregon and the Aggies deserve a shot as well. I’m glad the domers are being rolled. TOSU if not on probation would have a seat at the table. I’d be surprised if it was KC although quite the steal if true. Any truth to the rumor that Stevie is lost in some Nebraska corn field and won’t be able to find his way back to Pittsburgh?

Comment by TX Panther 01.07.13 @ 9:44 pm

THE jets fire matt cavanaugh

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.07.13 @ 9:58 pm

Imagine you are Foster. You watch Pitt Bowl and the Bama Bowl. I think he made the right choice. Lol

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 10:01 pm

I wonder if Kelly from ND will ask Saban to keep the clock running in the second half?

Comment by Dan 72 01.07.13 @ 10:06 pm

The real joke is that there SHOULD BE a playoff THIS YEAR. The whole bowl set-up as it stands is antiquated. Everyone’s been clamoring for a play-off for years. They agree to do a modified 4 game BCS playoff, but not this year. It’s bullshit.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 10:08 pm

link to

I know most of you will scoff at some of the positive things written here …. but so be it

Comment by wbb 01.07.13 @ 10:10 pm

Upittbaseball, Notre Dame looks worse than Pitt did in the BBVA Compus Bowl. As bad as the Panthers looked, at least they played some defence in the 1st half.

Comment by Justinian 01.07.13 @ 10:12 pm

Did Tino’s parents write that article

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 10:15 pm

KC Keeler got canned because delaware hired a new AD in october 2012 and they had a conflict. Not about what he did for them lately. The Delawware leadership screwed Keeler by not protecting him. Shows you that leaders don’t know squat. They are academicians.

This championship game shows how soiled the nd schedule was this year. It was a joke. ND over-rated and always have been. Kelly goes pro because he now realizes how far away they are from actually competing.

Pederson has to go. Look at top 20 programs and compare our guy to theirs. What a joke the Board of Trustees are right now. The more you all support my longstanding position that Pederson must go, the more angst I feel. I like the Orlando call and because I like it, we will surely go a different direction!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 01.07.13 @ 10:20 pm

Maybe Steelers draft AL RB Lacy but I doubt he will be there..

Comment by Frank MD 01.07.13 @ 10:30 pm

After seeing what I’ve seen tonight… Notre Dame can keep Kerry Cooks.

How could anyone get excited about this hire, if it were to happen, after seeing Notre Dame’s defense get completely exposed… the worst of which was the secondary which is Cook’s responsibility?

PC, say it ain’t so.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.07.13 @ 10:49 pm

Easy bet tonight…. Pitt plays anyone tight and that teams plays Bama….. Take Bama

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 10:54 pm

Easy bet tonight…. Pitt plays anyone tight and that teams plays Bama….. Take Bama

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.07.13 @ 10:54 pm

With Foster he’d be starting at WR at Pitt next year, which is great exposure. Doesn’t Bama have like 7 freshman WRs? It’s going to be a battle for him to get snaps. Some think he will change hs mind.

ND actually had a tougher schedule than Alabama according to some. It’s just that it is nearly impossible to beat Saban when he has a month to prepare. He’s the best coach in college football.

Kerry Cooks was good at getting 2 and 3 stars at Wiscy. Sounds like a perfect choice for PC. Pitt needs to act like a modern college footballl team and not like Wisconsin light. Never going to compete in the ACC with the subpar offense we saw all year.

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.08.13 @ 12:21 am

What a joke of a NC game. Not since Ohio Fake got rolled by Florida was the NC game such a farce.

ND got much help thruout the year in games against BYU, Stanford and your beloved Panthers.

ND’s best weapon in that game was Sir Tino in the 4rth quarter, who couldn’t even take a clean snap
when it counted. Those are the stats that don’t show up, you stat tools.

Oregon, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Stanford and several other teams would have given Bama a better game. ND’s offense was pathetic. Only phantom interference calls and Sir Tino saved ND from losing to us.

It was hard to choose between Little Nicky Saban and a-hole Brian Kelly. It was kinda fun to see Kelly handed his ass after the Pitt-Cincy fix because they wanted to hire him, as an undefeated coach in 2009. Which is why he didn’t coach them in the bowl game.

Comment by Emel 01.08.13 @ 1:14 am

Funny i didn’t watch the game intently as I was involved with several attractive women, but I don’t remember too many shots of Kelly on the sidelines.

No doubt he had to be fuming. lol

As for me I’m being beckoned. 😉

Comment by Emel 01.08.13 @ 1:17 am

ND’s scheme did not get exposed, they were exposed as 90 lb weaklings and were manhandled by the brutes on ‘Bama’s Lines.
You can scheme all you want: ND was in way over their head.

Comment by SFPitt 01.08.13 @ 7:19 am

Will saban go pro? Can bama stay at the top? Will bama be able to consistently get into the playoffs and have a chance at a NC? Will Foster be able to start and contribute? Will bamas game showcase his skills? Will his parents be able to see him play?

I think bama will be fine as long as saban stays. I think foster will find it difficult to play and contribute early in his career at bama. That may retard his growth. I think momma still wants him closer to home. I think the competition in the ACC will be close enough to the SEC

I think Pitt has a very good chance to get into those playoffs with foster and boyd.

Foster why don’t you reconsider and be the hometown hero and make your momma happy. Your mom, not your father, cooks the meals. Everyones got to eat and that fried food down south will make you sick.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 7:28 am

So Pederson makes near 600k.
For what?

Comment by SFPitt 01.08.13 @ 7:42 am

For alienating alumni and boosters, for football coach hiring fiascos, for being told by boosters and the wisky ad who to hire, for poor fundraising, for smiling a lot, for being smug, for making up attendance numbers, for picking up the phone when the acc called, for accepting being mediocre, for being nordys bud, for being an obstructionist, for taking up space.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 8:10 am

wow TX, you’re on a roll! 😉

Comment by pittbluegold 01.08.13 @ 8:35 am

I don’t mind paying my AD a million dollars but it should be contingent on certain goals. Although not directly responsible for championships, the AD hires the coaches, provides the money for assistants and recruiting budget, provides overall strategic vision for the entire sports program, raises funds. I would tie his performance to wins and losses, directors cup rankings, graduation rates and grade point averages of athletes, fundraising goals, discipline and integrity of coaches and athletes, and economic value of sports programs. On these factors, Stevie fails with exception of scandals and graduation rates. But it all starts with fundraising. Funds buy good coaches. Funds pay for good facilities. Funds help support olympic sports. Funds increase the economic value of the brand. All this should in theory generate wins. Wins drive attendance numbers. Revenue increases. Cycle repeats.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 8:35 am

dosen’t ala team say it all. we are not even close nor same league,is it me or are we done

Comment by paul shannon 01.08.13 @ 8:47 am

There’s been some talk that Chryst is considering naming Notre Dame’s Kerry Cooks as his new Defensive Coordinator.

After last night, that is not a hire that anyone should get excited about.

Alabama put a beat down on Notre Dame and contrary to how it looked, it had little to do with size and far more to do with scheme and execution… and Notre Dame’s cornerbacks who Cooks oversees found themselves totally exposed.

If you look at the size comparisons between Notre Dame and Alabama, you’ll find them pretty comparable. In fact, when Alabama had the ball, Notre Dame had the slight advantage.

Alabama OL (6’5, 314.2) vs. Notre Dame OL (6’4, 304.4)

Alabama DL (6’4, 299.3) vs. Notre Dame DL (6’4, 311.7

Alabama LB (6’3, 246.4) vs. Notre Dame LB (6’2, 247.5)

Rather than size, the difference was really scheme and execution which of course reflects talent.

Passing… McCarron 9.4 YPA… Golson 7.5

Rushing… Alabama 5.9 YPA… Notre Dame 1.7

Yes, Bama runningbacks Lacy and Yeldon were factors. But Alabama also threw the ball to eight different receivers. And specific to Cooks, Bama’s top three receivers averaged 19.8 yards a catch with Cooper catching 6 for 105.

Bottom Line… I have my fingers crossed that Chryst has a better name than Cooks to name as DC.

Too much riding to entrust Pitt’s defensive future to someone who was part of a Notre Dame coaching staff that failed to put their players in a position to compete in the biggest game of their careers.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 8:51 am

Not many teams can play with Alabama

Get over Foster already. He is one kid out of thousands and we all know PIAL isn’t what it use to be.

No use whining over SP, not something in our control unless someone wants to take up a campaign to get him fired. Like a web site.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.08.13 @ 9:03 am

Always nice to see our friend Brian Kelly get a nice smack down on national tv. That was fun to watch.

Comment by Coach Ditka 01.08.13 @ 9:14 am

Guys, guys, guys…

I understand we all want to cheer for a national championship football team, but let’s not get ridiculous.

If it is Kerry Cooks, let’s realize that ND’s defense was above avergae all year. And let’s face the facts. We are not, nor will we be anytime soon, anywhere CLOSE to ALABAMA’s level.

A good QB vs. non-existent pass-rush, with 5* receivers all over the field BETTER be able to humiliate a defense. A lot more goes into this than just what Kerry Cooks did with his defensive secondary. As a group, they had an excellent season, and while they were dismantled in 1 game, they also had some other big games where they performed quite well (see Oklahoma).

I don’t know that this is who we are going to hire, nor do I know much about him. But I cant believe, we as Pitt fans, have the audacity to suggest he isn’t good enough for us. Especially after the product we’ve put on the field the last 30 years.

If it is Kerry Cooks, maybe Chryst knows a little more about him than we do. Not every coach succeeds in the very first big opportunity they have. Bill Belichek coached the Cleveland Browns for chryst sake (sorry I had to)… Though that didn’t work out, I think New England is glad they made that hire…

All I’m trying to get across is my point that we need to keep our expectations in check…

Comment by Big Bill 01.08.13 @ 9:28 am

I will always think that the idea of playing every week and then taking a month off before playing a bowl game is insane. Would they ever think about having 4 weeks between the conference finals and the Super Bowl? No.

Saban has been proven to be awesome when you give him a month to prep. Look at last year, LSU wins at Alabama and then when it comes to a neutral site game after a month off Alabama blows them out. That’s scheming and coaching.

Pittofdreams, I don’t think you can just throw out the entire regular season when you talk about Cooks. Even though I hate ND, I have to admit their D was really good this year. But go onto rivals and look up Cooks and see who he has recruited in the past. That will get you plenty worried.

Saban is

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.08.13 @ 9:33 am

“But I cant believe, we as Pitt fans, have the audacity to suggest he isn’t good enough for us.”


Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 9:35 am

So the Irish smoke and mirrors season came crashing down. I’m happy – We got job against them. They wouldn’t have played in the game if the officials didn’t call the phatom pass interference.

Comment by Pittastic 01.08.13 @ 9:40 am

Comparing the size of players from each team means nothing. Neither does the performance of a team in one game.
….and a cornerbacks coach does not call the defensive plays for God’s sake.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.08.13 @ 9:54 am

Thanks notrocketscience.

Pittofdreams… Pitt is not a ‘market maker’… unfortunately we are a low-level consumer these days…
hopefully that changes, but those are the facts right now. We dont have guys beating out door down, waiting for the opportunity to be Pitt’s DC…

Comment by Big Bill 01.08.13 @ 10:03 am

Anybody surprised that Teryl Austin’s name isn’t being pushed for DC? Were his previous interviews that poor or could it be a function of the Ravens still being active in the playoffs?

Comment by ECH 01.08.13 @ 10:30 am

Obviously it is rocketscience… Cooks is Co-Defensive Coordinator in addition to cornerbacks.

Last time I checked… that mean you are a part of the gameplanning.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 10:41 am

Not necessarily. Look at WVU, Patterson was a Co-Defensive Coordinator at WVU but wasn’t calling plays till they made the switch. I think it is more of a scheme thing but they don’t always necessarily call the plays.

Comment by tedsptman 01.08.13 @ 10:54 am

some info for you all make off it what you will
there is a site i go to it will tell you what
coach is talking to who abought what job and
how many he has talked to etc.

i called this site becuse for 2 weeks it has
had nothing abought the pitt DC coach search
and this site will even list a div 3 hire
they dont miss any thing.

i was told in that if pitt chryst had talked
to any one abought the DC job they would have listed it.

so does that mean he is not looking for one yet
is he going to wait till next xmas
i know the man moves slow but really.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 11:11 am

I’m with Coach Ditka,I liked seeing Brian Kelley and Notre Dame getting their butts kicked.

About the Pitt opening at defensive coordinator, I imagine it someone who is either in a state of flus over coaching changes or someone who’s team was still in a bowl or playoffs. Not that it should matter, as long as he coach and recruit.

Comment by Justinian 01.08.13 @ 11:50 am

Who’s go to the game tonight, holla, meet up at RFD bar at 7.

Comment by Justin 01.08.13 @ 12:02 pm

pittofdreams, your comparison of sizes may show that even more than girth, speed matters. If you didn’t notice on Saturday, (and most of seem to be totally focused on just the QB)Ole Miss was much faster than Pitt

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 12:14 pm

Clearly the top SEC schools continue to be head and shoulders above all others for overall talent and depth at all positions, but they win primarily because of the strength of their linemen, and that was evident again tonight. Of the recent SEC national champs, only Auburn had an NFL quality QB. Brodie Croyle, Greg McElroy, AJ McCarron, all serviceable QBs, but not making anyone think of Bart Starr or Ken Stabler or Joe Namath. McCarron was not touched in the pocket last night, and all the throws were timing throws with minimal coverage reads. Even Tino looks good behind that line.

Wanny and his staff, and Walt before him did a pretty acceptable job of pulling in talent at skill positions, but neither excelled at recruiting offensive linemen (Wanny did do well with d-line). If Chryst knows anything, he should know how to build and offensive line. Talk all you want about Boyd and Foster, Johnson was the most important get thus far in the 2013 class. We need about 4 more of him. Our O line play was absolutely brutal the last 2 years, and the Ole Miss game was a good summary of that. We get better linemen, we’ll win more games.

Comment by Iron Duke 01.08.13 @ 12:21 pm

How isn’t there a DC yet? The guy should be already in town and be ready to hit recruiting hard.

It can’t be assumed Chryst knows how to build an offensive line. Bob Bostad knows how to build an offensive line and he’s not here, he’s in the NFL.

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.08.13 @ 12:33 pm

Give PC at least a year with his own guys.

Offensively.. we will finally be without Tino, but who will be the next QB behind swiss cheese offensive line. Granted hopefully this new QB doesn’t overthrow wide open receivers.

Adam B and Dorian J.. are big helps on that line.. but can we have a few more studs ? (TJ clemmings?)

Also we get Ejuan Price back at LB, along with Todd Thomas, and Dan Mason. So that should help a lot.

Comment by Snala The Panther 01.08.13 @ 12:44 pm

Not assuming Chryst does know how to build a line, saying he SHOULD know how – that is Wisconsin’s meal ticket and he spent, what 8 years there?

Pitt currently has more skill players on NFL rosters (8) than Alabama (7). Nice to have RBs and WRs but not the key to success in college.

Comment by Iron Duke 01.08.13 @ 12:59 pm

Good article by Dokish and how the future could be very bright.

link to

Comment by Mike 01.08.13 @ 1:05 pm

PITT ranke 6 in ESPN power rannkings for ACC next year..

Comment by rhyno527 01.08.13 @ 1:06 pm

I think the future is bright and 2014 will be make or break. Chryst must continue to learn as a coach and leader. Pitt must step up in recruiting (need more speed). Pitt must find and keep very good assistants who are also good recruiters. Pitt must find ways to win. Because 8-9 win seasons without conference titles will get you fired.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 1:20 pm

One reason to like Chryst and his staff is because of their background with linemen and the history of their past programs with linemen.

As for DC I will be fired up about whoever Chryst hires.. .why?

Because Chryst picked him and hired who he wanted!

Amazing how some people are just all over him and everything he is doing, or supposedly not doing.

I have confidence in him so I have confidence in what he chooses to do, and not to do, right now.

And let’s see how the next season goes!

Let’s Go Pitt!!

Comment by PittScript 01.08.13 @ 1:35 pm

Bottom line on the last few years: (1) no decent QB because Wannstedt was never able to land one (2) senior leaders that came from Wannstedt’s unmotivated, bad attitude team culture, and (3) terrible choices to replace him (Heywood, Graham) completely screw recruiting and team spirit.

Hopefully, we are now moving past those things. I’m not completely sold on PC yet, but given the mess he inherited, there’s no way to judge him or his motivational skills based on this year. I think it’s going to take a couple of more seasons to know for sure. It will be interesting to see what happens next year, when the culture and leadership of the team should change drastically.

What gives me hope is that he did great things at Wisconsin, and he’s already put together a more balanced recruiting class than we’ve had here in a long time. The thing I think is most important is not the number of 4-star guys, but the fact that he’s gotten good players to fill the needs we have. We had problems at QB, and we’ve got 3 good ones on the roster next year, not to mention all the O-lineman coming in to build depth there. Wanny could never do that – he just kind of got the players he got and never seemed to effectively fill the teams needs or fix a lack of depth anywhere. It all starts with getting the right players and having depth everywhere on the field – we haven’t had that for a very long time, and PC seems to be capable of achieving it with the next few classes.

Comment by SteveS 01.08.13 @ 1:38 pm

Justin, We’ll be at RFD tonight before the game. Look for an old fart and a woman who doesn’t look so old. Dick and Bev

Comment by OPFIM 01.08.13 @ 1:45 pm

Any early favorite for starting QB next year?

Comment by Chris 01.08.13 @ 2:21 pm

Savage looks like the favorite so far.. with his experience…

Comment by Snala The Panther 01.08.13 @ 2:26 pm

wbb… No, I didn’t notice that Ole Miss had some speed. They had speed. You’re kidding me?

And by the way, Sunseri stunk up the joint.

How about bringing some facts to the table when you assail somebody else’s point… or take the time to really read what they post first.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 2:31 pm

Justin Moody in the house. Hail 2 Pitt recruiting is starting to look good not just ok but very solid. *** Star D lineman.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 01.08.13 @ 2:56 pm

PittofDreams, you compared the sizes of ND and Bama, then said the difference between the two were schemes and execution …. but the word SPEED did not appear in your posting.

Am I telling you that exceution and schemes work a hell of a lot better when you have more speed and better athletes.

And if you think all we need is a better QB for us to play with the SEC, then you need to be assailed.

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 2:57 pm

Funny how some seemed determined to overlook the fact that Notre Dame had some talent on the field last night. Notre Dame, commonly regarded as one of the top recruiting programs in the country.

Is is possible Alabama had a slight edge in talent? Asolutely. But it looked like Alabama was playing Youngstown State and the edge in talent simply does not explain that.

The bigest difference in the game was coaching and planning. Last night, Alabama clearly trumped Notre Dame in the coaching department. One area that stood out was the playcalling by Bama’s OC which kept ND totally off balance.

Here’s an idea. Rather than hire Kerry Cooks or the other Co-Defensive Coordinator from Notre Dame, how about Chryst consider talking to one of the defensive contributors from Bama.

And it does not have to be Bama. Any team where it’s evident that good coaching and not just talent was the difference maker throughout the season.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 3:01 pm

I’ll guarantee if the ND coaches had the Bama players and visa versa, the game would have turned out much differently

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 3:03 pm

solid 3 star. #30 strongside DE nationally. good pick-up. other offers included Cuse and Rutgers among others.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 3:08 pm

Tennessee took one of Bama’s defnesive coaces who was also Asst Head coach to Saban for Defensive Coordinator … and the Vols defense stunk.

It’s the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s … not the Xs and the Os

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 3:10 pm

Just no Tino’s

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 3:15 pm

OK, wbb… you go ahead and guarantee that.

And what about Tino’s chances of making an NFL roster?

If I remember correctly, you have a pretty high opinion of Tino as a QB.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.13 @ 3:17 pm

pitt 247 says moody is a panther we need him a DT
# 23
6 more to go to reach 29

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 3:18 pm

Doke says he’s quick as a cat. We got some speed. Hooray!

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 3:20 pm

pitt up to #23 on scout team recruiting rankings

Comment by rhyno527 01.08.13 @ 3:25 pm

and it shows PSU with 17 recruits?

thought they were only aloud 15 a year

Comment by rhyno527 01.08.13 @ 3:28 pm

rhyno i think that starts next year for penn

well brothers only 6 more to give to get to 29
terris webb should committ soon only 6 more to give if you want to come to pitt come on down .

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 3:34 pm

Avg star rating for Pitt is ~2.85 using Scout and Rivals. If we want to compete with the Big Boyz, we’ll need to average around 3.50. Bama sitting around 3.70. USC at 4.40. Fl St, Va Tech and Clemson all around 3.35.

But, it does appear that this class is shaping up nicely and the WPIAL is loaded in future years so only place to go is up.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 3:37 pm

TX Panther–It’s not a big deal–but,if you exclude the kicking specialists from the math(both rated as 2-stars although #5/#6 nationally as kickers) the rating goes a little higher–right around 3.00, I think.

Comment by pitt1972 01.08.13 @ 3:47 pm

this is a good day it would be better if i read we hired a frist rate DC.
BUT we need D LINE men so this is very good day.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 3:57 pm

Moody = 3-star #38 DT per Scout; 3-star #58 DT per ESPN. FWIW–ESPN says expect his eventual college position to be DT not DE (although he may play DE early).

Comment by pitt1972 01.08.13 @ 3:57 pm

pittofdreams, you do not remember correctly —

(1) I have said time and again that Pitt has more problems than Tino, which seems to the ony focus of quite a few on this site. The Oline is not very good much of the time, and was even worse last year, yet everyone thinks all the issues will be resolved with another QB.

(2) The other point I tried to make is to blame the other QBs and/or the coaches than blaming everything on Tino. All he has done was prepare for every game, and take a beating the last 2 years like I’ve never seen a QB take in my 40 years of watching FB.

(3) If he is not good enough, then replace him … yet 3 coaches did not except for the utah game last year when Anderson went 5 for 19 with 2 interceptions.

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 4:07 pm

Rhyno, FWIW, PSU had 7 players start in Jan which may count against this past year … not sure

Comment by wbb 01.08.13 @ 4:09 pm

Bama more talented and speedy than ND to be sure, but ND is perennially a top 25 recruiter and did absolutely nothing with it in the last 25 years. Coaching matters too. Brian Kelly is no slouch – he has already done better at ND than every coach since Holtz…but much like Belichick, despise him if you must, but Saban is the best HC going right now, bar none. How much of the credit goes to his staff is open to debate. Some coaches are great position coaches but lousy coordinators, or great coordinators but lousy HCs. i.e. great engineers don’t necessarily make great managers.

Moody nice get. Someone mentioned earlier I like the breadth of this class, little something for everyone, not ten 5’9″ 175lb. Receiver/athletes with speed speed speed.

Comment by Iron Duke 01.08.13 @ 4:16 pm

penn state will have and play with just 65 scholarship players beginning with the 2014 season
and it will last till the 2018 season

there will be a only 15 per year but my take is
they dont have to be to that till 2014

but what is clear is that in 2014 they must be at 65 every one else has 85

if you sign with them now will you have a place
on the team when they must go down to 65.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 4:34 pm

@wbb, Cincy losing 3 or 4??? That’s impossible. I came on hear last week and said that whether I am a Pitt or not, I can only say, what I saw, and that Pitt looked absolutely horrible, losing to Cincy at home. (I was far from the only one.)

I was ambushed by a couple blue and gold colored only glass wearers that told me that Pitt had just fought tough against a top 10 powerhouse.

Your info, I must object too.

Comment by Dan 01.08.13 @ 4:44 pm

@wbb i love how you mentioned that UT took one of Sabans Defensive contributors and stunk but left out the forbidden Sunseri name…

I’d like to see a DC come in with some experience as a DC. I don’t want some SEC position coach who has top flight talent year in and year out. Give me someone who can coach up talent and work with schemes to get this team going.

I know ND is used to having top recruiting classes, but I think it’s clear that Bama is heads and shoulders above almost every team as far as talent, size, and speed are concerned.

Comment by BCPITT 01.08.13 @ 6:22 pm

@TX Panther
Given the high rating of USC recruits, how long do you see Kiffin keeping that job?
Ask me, he is a younger, creepier version of Paul Hackett.
Haden will not sacrifice his job for Kiffin.
Point being you can can coach talent up AND down.
Plus, I think Kiffin looks like a golf caddie wearing those silly hats.

Comment by SFPitt 01.08.13 @ 6:33 pm

Frankcan, Pitt can actually 10 more if they choose to – at least as I understand it. Four of the recruits signed LOI and are enrolled, thus counting against last year.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 01.08.13 @ 6:33 pm

I liked Dokish’s “State of Pitt Football” address. He did an excellent job running through each area and detailing the progress. Dispite his earlier criticism of Paul Chryst’s recruiting, he gives the Pitt staff credit for doing a good job. It’s really a nice detailed commentary. He seems more positive than at any time since Paul Chryst’s hiring.

Comment by Justinian 01.08.13 @ 7:02 pm

If USC blows away other schools on the recruiting front and believe me they do based on avg stars, those stars had better translate into wins and championships. Just wonder what type of ceilings these kids have or if they are already there. I think there is more a danger in coaching down that type of recruit. I would much rather have a few 4 and 5 star players in a few key positions than an entire team of them. Can’t see how a high school all star team can play together. That’s what USC has got. Is there a thing as too much talent?

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.13 @ 7:50 pm

Looking forward, my only question is Tino who???

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.13 @ 9:03 pm

25 days and no DC for pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 01.08.13 @ 9:44 pm

Maybe the DC is with a pro team that is still playing…

Comment by markp 01.08.13 @ 10:08 pm

Wondering if Tim Lewis might be under consideration for DC? He is defensive backs coach for Atlanta. Does he have any connection to PC?

Comment by DJS 01.08.13 @ 10:21 pm

What about Rob Ryan? Talk about bringing some passion and attention to a program desperately in need of some headlines and more NFL connections. Haha.

Comment by tedsptman 01.08.13 @ 11:13 pm

@ FRANKCAN, can you provide any insight on this new Pitt commit’s mental attiude, I’m concerned because, I glanced at at recruiting website’s headline on the matter and it said that our most recent recruit was Moody?

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.09.13 @ 11:26 am

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