December 22, 2012

Post-Foster Decision

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Not that it is healthy for anyone to have the decision of a high school senior on which college to attend (unless it’s your kid) affect your day, but that was the second-worst thing of my Friday. The first was slamming into a guardrail amidst gusting wind and ice/slush road conditions.

I really do wish Robert Foster the best at Alabama. It’s his decision, and by all accounts he went back-and-forth on it. At one point earlier in the week, letting his parents know he was probably choosing Pitt. But, then on Friday, he changed his mind once more.

Cynically, the fact that he had such a tough decision suggests it isn’t completely over until signing day.

[Pitt wide receivers Coach Bobby] Engram‘s phone call to [Robert Foster’s mother, Sherrice] Clements — only 45 minutes after the announcement — indicates Pitt will keep an eye on Foster through letter of intent signing day Feb. 6.

“This is a verbal,” said Central Valley coach Mark Lyons, who said Foster “probably” changed his mind multiple times Friday morning. “That‘s why I don‘t know if this is always the best thing to do it this early. But for him, it was the right thing to do.

“I‘m never going to say anything is over, but right now, he is comfortable with this.”

After all, if Saban gets lured to the Cleveland Browns, everything changes.

The fact that his high school coach is calling his decision, less than 2 months to signing day, “early,” is another factor saying that Pitt really can’t give up on Foster yet.

It also means that the attention turns even more strongly to getting Tyler Boyd. Like Foster, it seems Boyd has strong family ties that will encourage him to stay closer to home. Unlike Foster, Boyd has several teams, besides Pitt, that are reasonably close to home.

But football is most definitely Boyd’s No. 1 sport. He already has made a visit to Pitt and has January visits scheduled for Penn State, West Virginia, Rutgers and Michigan State. Schools are recruiting him as a receiver. Boyd was originally going to announce his college choice at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio Jan. 5. But he might wait to pick a school.

“The recruiting really is getting to be a pain,” Boyd said. “Schools want me to come visit. That’s why I’m not really sure what I want to do.”

Just a hunch, but I think Boyd is going to be a signing day decision. He may be sick of recruiting, but it sure doesn’t seem that he is any closer to a decision.

I don’t waste time worring about players who decide to go somewhere else. I don’t care if he’s successful. I care about the Pitt program. I would love to see Tyler Boyd in a Pitt uniform on Saturdays playing at Heinz Field. It’s the local western PA athletes who play here, who we watch play and who we root for.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 9:31 am

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A good article by Kevin Gorman in today’s Trib. For the 2nd time in a year, someone prayed for Divine Guidance which led to the decision to not be at Pitt ….. hmmmmm!!

We long suffering Pitt fans always thought we were snake-bitten but it now appears we are dealing with an even greater power

Comment by wbb 12.22.12 @ 9:34 am

This recruiting class is not going to fall on the shoulders of one player. There is still plenty of talent out there that can help this program. I think this staff is moving in the right direction and feel they will develop the talent they do get, let alone the players that now have a year in the system. One WR does not make or break a team, just look at Jon Baldwin.

Comment by Bones 12.22.12 @ 9:35 am

Case in point, I take great pleasure in seeing LaRod Stevens Howling, playing in the NFL. He’s a western PA guy, I watched him play at Pitt, and I continue to pride in his success. Stevens Howling continued to work hard eventhough Shady McCoy became the starting tailback. We’ve had a lot of terrific local guys who stayed here, played at Pit and went on to stare in the NFL. From Mike Ditka, to Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino, Darelle Revis, it’s an imposing list. Pitt is 2nd with the most players in the Pro football hall of fame. Let’s move on to the next guy.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 9:44 am

If you’re Nick Saban, would YOU take the NFL job with Cleveland? CLEVELAND?? Dude didn’t even stay in Miami.

Nick Saban is the undisputed King of College Foobtall. And in the words of Mel Brooks’s character in History of the World: “It’s GOOD to be the king!”

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.22.12 @ 10:01 am

When it comes to recruiting, you can’t play WITH the big boys until you can play LIKE the big boys.

Case in point: There was an interesting article in the Denver Post this week about Colo State landing a big-time OL recruit despite him having offers from more prominent programs.

Here’s what dude had to say about landing at CSU of all places, (quote): “I wanted to go where I felt wanted. CSU was my first offer. They talked to me the most. They visited with me the most. … I felt wanted by CSU.”

And on a related note: CSU’s first-yead head coach, Jim McElwain, was Alabama’s OC last season.

Okay, I concede that this story isn’t exactly the same situation as Foster choosing ‘bama over Pitt. Maybe it was as simple as Foster wanting to play in front of 90,000 fans for the NC every year.

However, Chryst’s policy of “We don’t sell” and “Just offer” and “Let the kid make up his own mind” is great, as long as everybody else is playing by those same rules. Problem is, in CFB nobody else is….

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.22.12 @ 10:05 am

It seems to me that Paul Chryst is doing a good job bringing in big strong linemen. Anyway you slice it, it’s the line play, or as Wolfly says, the big uglies up front, that make the difference.
The running backs will have room to run and the quarterbacks will have time to throw.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 10:05 am

Saban is going now where. He didn’t get fired from an NFL job he quit. He quit for a reason (only he knows). My guess is that the NFL isn’t his cup of tea.

As for recruiting, time to move on. The kid made his choice and we wish him well. Good luck to he and his family. A tough decision to make for a 17 year old who has everyone giving him their opinion.

We will land a few and lose a few. In the end we simply want a net gain positive. Dorian D. and Chapman were big pick ups. Now we lost one. Still net positive in my book.

Time to move on.


Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 12.22.12 @ 10:06 am

These young recruits have the opportunity to be part of something special at Pitt, to be a part of a rising program. In my opinion this is the most memorable time for athletes and fans. They have a chance to make a difference here and not simply carry-on at an “Alabama” type school. When you are at the top, you only have one way to go and anything less than #1 will be looked at as a failure. I like Pitt and hometown fans,which I expect to see many more in the future.

Comment by barreman 12.22.12 @ 10:07 am

The kids summed it up in his press conference.

“I felt in my heart they are the best in the country. For me to be the best player, I have to play for the best,” Foster said of the Crimson Tide. “I want to go to Alabama and change, to be forced to work and not just have it given to me.”

link to

Can’t begrudge a kid for making a decision for those reasons. This is probably why he is a high school all-american. He keeps pushing himself.

I think that Pitt woul have been great for him (see Larry Fitzgerald) but in the end he has to make his decision. It likely will be tough to regularly see the field until his Jr year (versus immediately at Pitt) but given his attitude it is likely that he will do well.

My guess is that it will be a long 45 day wait for Alabama and we might see this one flip. Let’s hope so. If not then I’m still rooting for the kid to do well!

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 12.22.12 @ 10:20 am

Nick Saban was over matched in the pros. He recognized it, and he bolted at the first opportunity, leaving the Miami Dolphins high and dry. He’s got a good gig at Alabama, but he’s got a big ego, so who knows if he’ll try the pros again. The young athletes aren’t typially savy enough to separate the bullshit from reality. Foster will be going to school where he will be competing with 4 and 5 star players for playing time. They will know the system better and he may not get on field for a few years. At Pitt, he would have had a better opportunity to play early.
Comining into the right situation, and having the oportunities can all the difference.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 10:32 am

Wish Foster success. He would play early
at Pitt. Losing him is painful however we need to
move on. Past performance is not a
guarantee of future success. Chryst
needs to win 8 or 10 games a year
and recruiting better players will happen.

Comment by JR 12.22.12 @ 10:33 am

While in our hearts we all love Pitt and want to see Pitt successful in football, c’mon now…If any of your sons were to get offers from both schools, they are going South to Bama. Bama is the best team in college football year in and out.

If any of you think this has to do with academics, you could not be more wrong.

I wish him luck and hope he changes his mind by signing day.

Last but not least, I don’t care what your selling style (pitch, tempo, enthusiasm level) is, you are going to win some and lose some.

Comment by Dan 72 12.22.12 @ 10:37 am

Ah, the five stages of grief. We’ve moved pretty quickly to acceptance. Good mental health fellas!

Comment by steve1 12.22.12 @ 10:46 am

Dan, While I appreciate your comments, I would encourage my kids to go where they have the best opportunity to play early, to consider the character of the coach they will be playing for, and to try to stay within a 4 to 6 hour drive away. One of the best comments I heard from a father was, “If you want to go to Indiana and play for Bob Knight, I don’t want to be getting calls at 10:00 or 11:00 at night about how you’re being treated.”

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 10:54 am

Let’s look at the bright side: at least dude didn’t pick (the three schools I despise the most, in descending order): the PUS nits, O-State Bugeyes, and ND Cheatin’ Irish. THAT wudda been too much to take…

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.22.12 @ 11:16 am

What part of Saban’s resume suggests that he will stay anwhere for a long time? He seems to enjoy new challenges.

Comment by wbb 12.22.12 @ 11:20 am

LOOK we are geting line men that is what counts
and i think we might get at least one more .
we wont get boyd but that is ok.
as long as coach gets thoes big men up front we will be ok.

some WR will step up we have the QBS for next year and for years after.

we have good RB but not enough of them we have
more depth at WR then at RB we only have 4 RB
loseing clement was more of a loss then foster
as far as depth goes.

we will be fine as long as we keep thoes big line comeing to pitt .

we have TE up the ass we have at least 10 WR
counting the transfer and the one from this
years commits.

but the RB we got this year is to play safty
so not counting walk ons we have 4 RB what if a couple get hurt

we need jo jo and some one elase for depth at

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 11:21 am

As one of my first supervisors used to say, and I now say when employees tell me they’ve found another job…Goodbye, Goodluck.

The world didn’t end.

Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick.

Where is Jason Gwaltney now?

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 12.22.12 @ 12:22 pm

Actual post below from

Hope he cuts his hair.
1 Hour Ago
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Robert, good luck (oh and goodbye)

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 12.22.12 @ 12:23 pm

I think getting a top notch DC is more important than 1 recruit, foster seems legit but not the Ned of the world. I’ve been a big critic of pc but I think his coaching hires are key especially on defense side.

Comment by KRF 12.22.12 @ 12:51 pm

Foster is going to excel at Bama. He’s a special talent.

While I agree with most of the posts above… Chryst’s style of recruiting is not the problem.

The problem is the fact that he went 6 and 6 in his first season.

However, with one year under his belt, finally some continuity for Pitt players, and a new quarterback taking the helm… I believe we’re going to see a far better representataion of a Chryst-coached Pitt team next year.

With 9 or more wins, Chryst’s character-driven aproach to recruiting can work just fine.

The new Mayan era is beginning… the start of the long-waited Age of Aquarius is here… all coinciding with the end of the era best known as “Tino.”

Blue skies are a comin’.

Comment by PittofDreams 12.22.12 @ 1:17 pm


– I still think he ends up at Pitt before it’s all done, he didn’t look like a kid who’s excited with his decision…. But if he does end up down there, best of luck young man cause you’re going to need it.

– People ask why Saban would go to Browns. Say 7-8m/yr. and the chance to prove that he can successful in the NFL. Thinking guys like him have huge egos and that past failure failure still bothers him as it detracts from his potential legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Comment by burgh1972 12.22.12 @ 1:19 pm

Forget Foster!! It’s hoops season and Pitt is up to #5 in Ken Pomeroy’s rankings….

Comment by MikePITT 12.22.12 @ 1:35 pm

Meanwhile back in the realm of those recruits who have actually committed to Pitt, Zach Challingsworth must be wondering if he has recently turned invisible or something as of late. Not only is he a solid get at wide receiver for Pitt but his HS resume includes his ability and endurance to play both ways in HS as well. He also possesses the speed and talent to do a pretty good imitation of our man “Tags” by having blocked multiple kicks, coming off the end, during his HS career.

Now if I was Bobby Ingram, come fall camp, I would be challenging Challingsworth right off the bat, for him to eclipse this current preoccupation with the “Foster Factor” by setting his sites on doing everything possible, so that in a couple years,Panther Nation will be asking each other “Foster who”?

Isn’t that just what happened with the performance of Dion Lewis after Shady McCoy went to the NFL? I say, play the cards in your hand and never whine about the draw that didn’t result in the full house that you were chasing.

Besides Devin Street, we have at least 7 other wide receivers already on the 2012 Pitt roster who will be coming back. So WR is really not a critical component in this recruiting class needed to provide depth at that position for the immediate future.

Yes, Foster WOULD have been a hugh boost for this recruiting class but NOT getting him doesn’t really leave a lasting mark either, exposing the vulnerability at that position due to a current lack of depth there at the WR position.

I agree with FRANKCAN in that the OL recruits that we have gotten ARE critical recruits. Now that that first priority issue has been covered, then the next position of need, this year, is a toss up between LB and RB.

But really, all I want for Christmas is a QB that can utilize the talents of the current WR corps that are already on the roster by showing up with a liget deep ball threat and/or legs that can hurt you with their scrambling talents. Neither talent of which Tino Sunseri ever gave us during his career. With the four QBs that will be competing for that job come Spring ball, things are looking up for Pitt to maximize the potential of whoever the WRs are that get the nod as the starters come 2013.

There is a lot to be excited about in the future of Pitt football. Foster made his pick, I hope he flip flops on his decision once more back to Pitt come LOI signing day, buy whatever,,,,,NEXT, we got an exciting Pitt football future to look forward to with or without Foster being a part of it.


Comment by Dr. Tom 12.22.12 @ 1:44 pm

A QB is more important than a WR. I would have been more upset if a stud quaterback chose Bamy over Pitt. Still I’m disappointed but its not over until its over. Pitt by 40 tonight.

Comment by TX Panther 12.22.12 @ 1:52 pm

I see that Alabama has 15 WR’s on their roster and only one is a senior and he doesn’t start. 3 of them are juniors, and Kevin Norwood has only 26 catches and 4 TD’s.

Kenny Bell has 17 catches and 3 TD’s. Amari Cooper looks like their top receiver and he’s a freshman.

link to

Pitt really needs to have a decent breakout year in the ACC next year and get 8 or more wins if we’re going to get the Fosters and Boyds in the area.

Comment by Jackagain 12.22.12 @ 1:54 pm

Pitt’s playing tomorrow night at 5:00.

Comment by Jackagain 12.22.12 @ 2:10 pm

Temple beat Cuse by 4

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.22.12 @ 2:17 pm

Well, at lst I gt to comment on something I know a WEE bit about. As to the comment on the blog about Pitt now having to deal with a “HIGHER POWER” in recruiting, I respond HUMBUG! It is my professionsl opinion(and I don’t believe I am alone) that the Sovereign of the universes is anti-Pitt or pro “Bama or is an alumnus of Notre Dame or Baylor or B.Y.U. for that matter. To even intimate such a thought indicates the commenter is jesting or perhaps lacking in the understanding of theology or church history or the major religions of the world. I wouls say the same about comments in the past about the Panthers being “cursed” or “snake bitten”. Balderdash!! This writer after 56 years as a cleric in a mainline denomiation believes the ALMIGHTY has another agenda. I submit this FWIW.of course, but also to correct an in justice circulated by some who need to consult other sources than the sports pages or the racing forms. So may the recruiters continue to recruit and the religious institutions continue to do what they do well. And, a parting shot” I believe athletes select colleges fot other reasons than DIVINE INTERVENTION. But, GO PITT!! Rev. George from Columbus

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 12.22.12 @ 2:36 pm

Tinker caught a TD (correct me if wrong) in his first or second game. The pass was Tino perfect.

Nice to get Foster (wish well) but Pitt needs to beat MS in Alabama. That’s important now.

Comment by frank MD 12.22.12 @ 2:54 pm

@ frank MD, agreed, the most important game in Pitt history is always, the next one. Even though the Compass Bowl gets consistantly dissed on my various sources, this bowl game matches up pretty evenly between the two teams and should be a good one to watch, when all is said and done. Doesn’t hurt that we up against the SEC either. Rout the Rebels, Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.22.12 @ 3:13 pm

Pitt by 50 if the game is tomorrow. Divine intervention accounts for an extra ten points. I do believe that God has some favorite teams. I don’t think Pitt is one of them. There’s already one team from the city gracing his halls. I wouldn’t say that Pitt is snakebitten or has rotten luck. You make your own luck with the right positive attitude, opportunity and hard work. But it does help when a bounce or two goes your way with a wink from above. I think we may now see an upswing with Pitt as the Steelers descend from the mountain top. That’s a new era that gets my blessing.

Comment by TX Panther 12.22.12 @ 3:14 pm

God is not a sports fan…trust me on this…and that includes ND. He is a “fan” of individuals who know and trust in Him.

The only “team” He’s pulling strings for is the future bride of Christ…..the body (church) of Christ. Merry Christmas…

Comment by Jackagain 12.22.12 @ 3:24 pm

His mom wanted him to choose Pitt (close to home, recruiting style) and his dad wanted Alabama (my kid is a star at Bamy). No wonder he kept flip-flopping. Watch for him to flip at the first excuse.

Comment by 66Goat 12.22.12 @ 3:25 pm

As I wrote on the previous blog, the SEC isn’t all that. Yes they’ve been on a roll the last several years as far as winning the supposed National Championship. It’s still not a playoff system, so we don’t really know if they still would have won had we had a playoff system.

This year, they had a bunch of terrible teams, like Kentucky, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. Vanderbilt usually stinks. One of the Mississippi’s usually stinks. Texas A& M who never won the Big 12 or even finished 2nd, went right into Alabama and beat them their first year in the conference and finished 2nd in their division tied with LSU.

And Alabama like Florida before them, won’t stay at the top. It all goes in cycles and Alabama’s cycle is most likely to end, which is why Saban is probably looking to get out, while he’s still on top. And BEFORE any NCAA probes.

If Texas A & M can beat them, so can Notre Dame.
Let’s hope so, cause I’m sick of hearing how great the SEC is.

against SEC teams !!!

Comment by Emel 12.22.12 @ 3:47 pm

Wait until he gets down there and realizes that Nick Saban isn’t such a nice guy when his isn’t recruiting you. Oh well, what did I know when I was 17 years old. As long Paul Chryst keeps bringing in the big uglies up front the Panthers will do just fine.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 3:51 pm

KRF you said it any one hear any new names for DC
TX PANTHER GAVE US KERRY COOK any one else hear a maybe name.
it kills me that the radio men and news paper men have given us nothing they suck.
all the names we have had on here come from posters.
my be they should pay us we find out more then them.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 3:57 pm

Reverend George, I apologize. Perhaps, I am a bit too tongue-in-cheek but I don’t believe Divine Intervention swayed Foster to Bama or Fraud to ASU any more than I believe in the Mayan calendar (I did go to work yesterday.)

Nonetheless, wouldn’t mind if you could put in a good word prior to prior to Boyd’s announcement.

Comment by wbb 12.22.12 @ 4:03 pm

Just read from espn that Foster told his close family that he was going to Pitt and changed his mind at the last second..

I have a feeling this saga just may not be over

Comment by rhyno527 12.22.12 @ 4:05 pm

FrankCan, It seams that Chryst is taking his time in looking for the new defensive coodinator. I hope he names one soon, because I want to get past recruits that we didn’t get.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 4:06 pm

Justinian, since you’re so politically correct, let me expound on your comment, “Nick Saban isn’t such a nice guy when his isn’t recruiting you”.

isn’t such a nice guy = PRICK

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.22.12 @ 4:10 pm

You guys that are angry at this kid for going to Alabama over Pitt need to grow up. Who cares at the end of the day and better yet why not choose Bama over Pitt. Pitt football as we know has been the laughing stock of NCAA football. Want to be mad???? Be mad at Steve Peterson for turning the entire AD into junk. 99 out of 100 kids would pick Bama over Pitt. They are the best college program out there and nothing compares to Pitt. It’s just a fact. Maybe things will change with Chryst maybe not but let the kid live his life and do what he thinks is best. Most of us here are 30, 40, 50 years old and bad mouthing a kid and hoping he fails is embarrassing.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.22.12 @ 4:12 pm

I, like Justinian , care only about the current players and commits , as well as the future of Pitts program . In my eyes , regardless of his reasons , foster chose another school over Pitt so therefore my interest in him and his career has ended . Of course I would love it if he flipped before signing day but as of right now he is bama’s and not Pitt’s. My loyalties and energy lie with the people who chose to become Pitt Panthers and not to those who chose elsewhere. Hail to Pitt

Comment by Duke 12.22.12 @ 4:23 pm

upittbaseball i heard no one bad mouthing the kid sure we put doen bama and we put down bamas head coach but not the kid.
bama may be better in football but if the kid and his mother want him to ge a degree that is worth something pitt is it a top 100 school and one of 65 in the aau so from that point pitt is better and if you are thinking NFL I THINK THEY

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 4:25 pm

Justinian, just in case you’re convinced Sabah is not a prick, read this

link to

Comment by wbb 12.22.12 @ 4:26 pm

He’s still a hometown kid so lets wish him success. If I was a parent of a 18 recruit I’d have a hard time recommending Pitt at this point. Peterson is the AD. How long will we have Chryst? Can he win? My point is there are a ton of issues that are cloudy. Better school for sure but if Foster is as good as you guys think then I’m sure his focus is the NFL. It would be my focus first and degree secondary.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.22.12 @ 4:30 pm

Saban’s future with Alabama is a much talked about topic right now, so I don’t know how much your point about how long Chryst stays factored into Foster’s decision. I for one would feel alot better knowing that my kid was in Chryst’s hands as opposed to Saban. I don’t care how good a football team Alabama is.

Comment by Floyd 12.22.12 @ 4:46 pm

If I had a kid 17 or 18 and he could go anywhere in the country. I’m sure as heck not sending him to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Are you serious ?

P.S. Unless Keith Jackson of ABC Sports is there upon his arrival to go….Whoa Nelly

Comment by Emel 12.22.12 @ 4:50 pm

Immaculate Reception. Don’t tell me that God doesn’t work in mysterious ways. Franco has become a prick however.

Comment by TX Panther 12.22.12 @ 4:50 pm

On the basketball front, big upset:

South Dakota State Jackrabbits (lol) 70

@ # 16 New Mexico Lobos 65

Which means in any reasonable poll UNM should fall OUT of the polls. And with #20 UNC losing to Texas the other night by 11, two spots should open up in the Top 25 next Monday. One has our name on it, I do believe.


Comment by Emel 12.22.12 @ 4:57 pm

INFO for you you wont like some of it
1 us news national universty ranking
HAS pitt ranked at the 58 best school
u conn at 66 and bama at 77 not that mutch difference.

But here is the part you wont like forbes
has ranked the universtys bye what the degree
from the school can do for you not bye the rep

and forbes has droped pitt to nummber 265
and bama comes in at 274 .

how the mighty have fallen.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 5:03 pm

1st off, Pitt and Bama are public institutions who take in many students that private schools wouldn’t even consider. Thus, they are going to falter in Forbes’ ratings compared to many private schools, especially if Forbes’ ranking are based on percentages instead of numbers.

US News rankings take in account areas such as research, community outreach and graduate programs while Forbes is solely based on employment and average income percentages of a school’s graduates.

Comment by wbb 12.22.12 @ 5:43 pm

After the Ivies and a few others, an undergraduate degree means bupkis.

How you rank bupkis is beyond me.

Comment by steve1 12.22.12 @ 5:43 pm

sikpub kisbup bupkis

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 6:10 pm

Beer and Football

Comment by PittofDreams 12.22.12 @ 6:12 pm

is larry the cable guy from bama or WVU or bupkis

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.22.12 @ 6:14 pm

link to

Ralph Cindrich Interview from July.

Comment by FLPOLE 12.22.12 @ 6:34 pm

All-Star recruits are great…….. and I’d luv to have them at Pitt……… but in the long run winning games is what counts. When coach PC wins ( and I believe he will win )……. I won’t care if all the recruits are 1 star. That means coach PC and his asst coaches are getting the max out of the talent they have. Saban wins because he’s a good coach and soon it will be Pitts turn. Bet the house on it…!!

Comment by mtoolmn 12.22.12 @ 6:34 pm

All SEC teams promise the world look at Urban Meyer and the problems with the other coaches in the Big Ten

Comment by FLPOLE 12.22.12 @ 6:35 pm

My friends in Alabama don’t think Saban will leave.
They said his wife loves it their. If the wife was unhappy, maybe he continues the coaching tour. Just a thought.

Comment by Gdodson 12.22.12 @ 6:56 pm

The guy is a skunk, There are reports he has already been interviewing assistant coaches for the Browns job.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 7:47 pm

@ upittbaseball, well aren’t you a debbie downer? “Pitt football as we know has been the laughing stock of NCAA football” would have come off better if you had put “IMO” in front of your quote.

Now, quite a few people in the know agree that Pitt football has gone through some hard times, as of late, with off the field players issues, the coaching turnover and less than stellar W L records, but I can’t seem to find much laughing at Pitt going on in any of my searches on this point.

According to Alex Callos from Bleacher Report, Pitt can’t even crack the bottom 25 of the worst football programs in the NCAA.
link to

In this “what have you done lately” world that we currently exist in, a proper historical perspective is often lost in the discussion about such subjects. The University of Pittsburgh’s long and storied football history alone should be a reason that a kid would choose to play football as a Panther. To be given the oppotunity to contribute to that history and possibly have his name mentioned along with the likes of the many college and pro football hall of fame legends that have played football at Pitt is not something that should be ignored in such debates.

Currently Pitt football is not an elite program, but it easily could be again with the correct mix of ingredients. One of those ingredients is a loyal fan base. They don’t have to be blindly faithful, just loyal.

Considering your mindset that you posted earlier, if you describe yourself as a Pitt fan, then I would have to question what being a “fan” means in your mind. But maybe it is just that you like to embellish your points of view. Or perhaps you just don’t know what you’re talking about in the first place.

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.22.12 @ 8:26 pm

wbb: No apology necessary. I Didn’t think you believed., seriously, what you wrote about the Sovereogn’s grid favorites. You are too intelligent and I am elated to have your comments on the”Blather”. As for Mr. Boyd, I have never seen him play so I am content to let him work out his football destination with his parents, his potential coaches and his own preferences. From what I read he would be a welcome addition to any team. Hence, give Pitt every consideration Mr. Boyd, and say a prayer that wherever you go it will be for the betterment of not just yoyrself, but for humankind, AND sir, a merry YULETIDE to you and yours. Rev. George from Columbus

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 12.22.12 @ 8:42 pm


That article definitely shed a different light on Saban. Count me out as ever allow my kid to play for Saban. A human being has to know when to turn it off and be human.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 12.22.12 @ 9:14 pm

Dr. Tom, Thank you for translating my comment, so my sentiments could be understood correctly. I consider your translation to be extremely accurate.

Comment by Justinian 12.22.12 @ 10:16 pm

Well said, Dr. Tom.

Comment by panther94 12.22.12 @ 10:19 pm

What do they call people who put falso arguments out there, or say something authoritatively that really hasn’t been spoken?? I know there is a word for it.

Anyhow, a couple people keep posting “I can’t believe you people are so angry” LOL

Who, who is ANGRY with this decision?

This is a Pitt sports blog, the article is about Robert Foster the wide receiver.

So, people are posting about it. When discussing things, you usually give your opinions.

Getting to know a lot of people on here, as best you can on a blog, and seeing how many are professionals, laborers, hard working family guys, with lots of interets and things they’ve done in their lives……………………

I seriously doubt a decision of an 18 year old has ruined anyones life.

As for me, I haven’t thought about Robert Foster since he made his decision yesterday, and looked on the Blather tonight.

I would think most others are the same.

Would have been great to get him, hope he does well at Alabama, there are a ton of other players out there that will come to Pitt and play football.

He may do great, he may be a bust. “he’s a can’t miss!” How many “can’t miss kids have we never heard of again”. Tons.

That’s why I don’t worry about it, and it’s not a big deal.

If someone says “he would have been better off at Pitt”, that’s not anger, that’s an opinion. He would definitely get more playing time, a chance to be in the limelight, be “the guy” and since he is so family oriented, would have been close to his family.

Alabama is a great oppurtunity, great football, great coach, pretty much a high school football players dream come true.

So, good for him, I have no animosity towards his decision what so ever…………

but, please don’t tell me I’m “angry” just because I don’t have a boner for him going somewhere else either!!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 12.22.12 @ 10:23 pm

Actually, the opposite, I had a lot of fun baiting that troll yesterday for an hour or so.

Below us?? Ya, but, sometimes you have to indulge yourself!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 12.22.12 @ 10:47 pm

Many mentioned Pitt will be fine and Chris Dokish states next year is a great year for PA wideouts. Kj Williams and Troy Apke in the WPIAL alone. Maybe boyd and we already have Reggie Green and Challingsworth in the fold. It hurts losing Foster and he would be a difference maker that would ultimately counted in the W’s column. But I’m certainly not mad at him. Let’s put a Pitt perspective on this it took the the reigning national champions and most likely repeat champs to take one of our prized recruits away. Also, despite that Pitt still almost landed him if the announcement was on Wednesday he’s a panther.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 12.22.12 @ 10:50 pm

Of course Beantown. Moved on.

Actually, pretty pumped up for the game against Ole Miss.

Well, more pumped up for it than the past few bowl games.

Looking forward to playing the Rebs!!!

Comment by Dan 12.22.12 @ 11:40 pm

Someone wrote it earlier: I will concern myself with the players we have and who want us. “Yes”, Pitt needs leaders. But not everyone is or wants to be a leader in regardless of their physical skills. Just the way it goes.
If Mr. Boyd is a leader, then I want him. Leaders lead and tend to add more than their physical skills.
As I recall, the young man from Central Valley was suspended by his coach for a playoff game a few weeks back. Pretty good sign that he isn’t the leader type when that happens to a senior.
Alot like Cam Saddler I am afraid.
So let’s get guys who bring their stats and more and wish the others well.

Comment by SFPitt 12.23.12 @ 12:59 am

Yes that was me, SFPitt

I want leaders at PITT not followers. (Foster doesn’t exhibit leadership qualities)

I want kids who don’t choose the easy path, I want the ones who choose the different path.

As it makes much stronger ppl therefore much stronger players.

This might be the reason why so many of these kids from the top programs NEVER make in the NFL.
They choose the easy path and that doesn’t cut it in the NFL. Well at least not beyond the obligatory 2-3 period after they get drafted.


Comment by Emel 12.23.12 @ 2:30 am

SF and Emel, I feel the same way. I have absolutely no interest in how Foster does at Alabama. I care about the guys who come to Pitt, and how the Panthers do. The connection I have is to the university. I take pride in western PA football and especially the players who go on to play at Pitt. We have a great tradition here and I care deeply about the success of the program. Programs succees, when the players buy in, work hard, and show leadership. But the guys who want to do those things, want to be here.

Comment by Justinian 12.23.12 @ 6:37 am

Apke (1) is local (Mt Lebanon), (2) is the son of a former Panther, (3) played for current Pitt asst coach (Haering)

If he goes elsewhere, then you know Chryst has recruiting issues

Comment by wbb 12.23.12 @ 6:46 am

Foster will be homesick and frustrated with a lack of playing time and transfer from Alabama in his second year.

Comment by move_on 12.23.12 @ 6:47 am

My apologies for lacking the proper attribution Emel: you are the author.
Emel & Justinian make the case completely. Larry Fitz is quoted as saying he came to Pitt because he wanted to make a difference and be someone who helped create.
If there is a more consummate pro than Larry Fitz, I have not seen him.
With Emel as Pres and Justinian as CEO I will gladly take the COO position in the ” Give me your leaders” association.

Comment by SFPitt 12.23.12 @ 7:25 am

Amen! There is time left in this recruiting season and frankly I’m looking forward to seeing a few more good commitments to finish up the class. I like what I’ve seen so far with the offensive linemen being brought on-board. We have good talent at the running back position with Shell and Bennett, and I like the defensive backs and things are looking up. Chryst recognizes that what goes on up front is the most important component and he doing a lot to address that.

Comment by Justinian 12.23.12 @ 7:44 am

I cover high school football and Foster these last two years. If he indeed does go to Bama, it is an indictment of Chryst’s failure to recruit. Foster was giftwraped for Pitt, and coach Engram put a lot of time into him.

The last time I spoke to Foster, after a game in which he scored two second-half touchdowns to push CV to a victory, he told me that it meant a lot to him to perform so well in front of Engram.

How is this kid not going to Pitt?

Comment by Brian 12.23.12 @ 9:44 am

Brian, This is not the end of the world. Bobby Engram did everything he could. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just don’t get everyone you want. That’s particularily true when you’re dealing with 17 years olds without the life experience, to filter out the bullshit. By all accounts, home and family were very important to Foster. Then he talks about having breakfast with Nick Saban. As a coach recruiting, you do the very best job you can, and then you move on the next one. You can’t let it effect you. I won’t fault Bobby Engram or Paul Chryst. It’s just like play, you can’t make them all. You have to put it behind you, and move on the the next play.

Comment by Justinian 12.23.12 @ 10:08 am

@ Emel, to be fair, I think you have to qualify your comment inferring that Foster took the “easy path” when giving his verbal to Bama. Logically, you would be hard pressed to define playing for Coach Saban, under the oppressive media microscope that naturally evolves around a program when it is at the top of the heap like Alabama currently is and of course being obliged to continue to produce the same product that the rabid fan base has become accustomed to, or else the natives get restless, as “the easy path”.

I’m hearing your intent however. Correct me if I’m off base but IMO, I hear you saying that Foster took the “secure” path. Am I right? And I suspect that he probably did so because he is apprehensive about the uncertainties surrounding Pitt’s current football program and feels that Bama gives him a sure bet for his success.

This is pure speculation, but when those kind of decisions are made, it often tends to imply that the individual needs that security to counterbalance other factors that produce insecurity in his own mind.

New coach, new conference, recent history of underachievement that has naturally created a national media impression of an “also ran” football program is hardly a “sure bet” decision if you are going to play for the University of Pittsburgh come 2013.

And IMO, that is why Foster’s decision is Bama. Now to state as fact that he has poor leadership qualities because he decided that he preferred not to accept that risk is also unfair to this kid. You might be right, and he might not want to be “the guy” coming into Pitt being the featured player with high expectations to live up to right out of the gate come Fall camp. Maybe he feels more comfortable blending in with a whole herd of 4 & 5 star players, that will give him the opportunity to blend into the mix gradually without sticking out in the crowd, who knows?

What I do know, for sure, however, is that if he HAD made the decision to come to Pitt, then he would have confirmed, at least in my mind, that he was a risk taker and was up the the challenge of creating something, by his own efforts, that was not there before his arrival on the scene.

That is what Shell did last year and he stated as much. He said he decided to come to Pitt to make a huge difference with his presence. That’s a confident statement, made by a guy who is saying in as many words, “who’s with me”? That is just the kind of kids that we need at Pitt at this juncture in the program.

My continued concern, however, is if Coach Chryst has the required personality to be able to sell that same vision to the recruits that we need to come here to make that vision a reality. When we see guys like Foster go elsewhere, I feel that a lot of the Pitt fan base sees that as an indication that maybe PC isn’t doing a good enough job in that department. And when we don’t get those local blue chippers to stay at home and play for Pitt it does insidiously, negatively effect the entire recruiting process.

Right now, I’m pretty optimistic about where Pitt’s program is headed but getting a guy like Foster on board could have really helped in swinging that recruting momentum in Pitt’s favor going forward. A lot of the angst that I’m hearing on this blog is all about that lost opportunity. Not so much ill will towards Foster, but rather the feeling that we missed out on a game changer that we could have really utilized. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, isn’t it?

I just hope that Chryst and company left it with Foster that there is no shame with changing your mind, AGAIN, and that he will remain welcomed if he decides that staying home is ultimely the right decision for him after all. God knows that we could use a whole stable of recruits with such great potential to get Pitt back in the mix of a top level program again.

Hail to Pitt.

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.23.12 @ 10:18 am

more than meets the eye with foster,take a close look at video and comments time will tell, and so will loose lips

Comment by paul shannon 12.23.12 @ 10:39 am

You could gift wrap it, put 20 bows on it, and curl little gold angels on it……………..

when the other choice is pretty much the #1 team the last 5 years or so, puts tons of people in the pros (yes, Pitt has it’s share too), plays pretty much in the national championship game every year, plays in front of 90K and has games against Florida, LSU, and Georgia every week,

Paul Chryst losing him doesn’t faze me a bit.

If we would have lost out to Kansas State or Oregon St or Texas Tech, ya, I be questioning.

Losing out to Alabama, have moved on allready.

Comment by Dan 12.23.12 @ 11:57 am

saban to clevland browns

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.23.12 @ 12:11 pm

saban to clevland browns will never happen
cat steped om key bord that is why the first post says what it does
he will never go back to the pros

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.23.12 @ 12:15 pm

I don’t know Frankcan, They just spoke about it on NFL Today and it’s sounds like he will at least listen, not ruling it out completely. My guess is it may be the money, usually is.

We can hope. If he beats ND, what is left to prove.

Comment by gc 12.23.12 @ 12:30 pm

I am fine losing recruits to Bamy. To the Nitters and Hoopies…no way. To other ACC teams…that would sting. Pitt just needs to start winning and bring an exciting brand of ball back into town. Aggressive on both sides of the ball. I’m not sold on Saban staying in college. These guys have huge egos. If he could get a coaching gig and some GM duties, I don’t think he would pass that up. Plus more money and dealing with adults and not having to abide by silly NCAA rules…not to say he doesn’t operate between the lines. Who’s Pitt’s next recruit to say I do or H2P?

Comment by TX Panther 12.23.12 @ 12:33 pm

new commit DB james julius go pitt go

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.23.12 @ 12:51 pm

PITT committ james julius is 5 foot 10 175 pound
CB from orlando fl
his outher offers were from cincinati and iowa state welcome to pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.23.12 @ 1:03 pm

Foster’s father wanted him to go to Alabama, to play for a national championship, his mother wanted Pitt…guess who won! I can’t believe people are blaming PC! It’s going to take PC 3 years to establish himself and then Pitt will be a place to go to – right now Pitt is a work in progress. Still would like to know what was behind Hux leaving!

Comment by markp 12.23.12 @ 1:18 pm

TEX PANTHER and outhers this is what i think
just me but here goes.

pitt will sign 27 players this year the have
21 commits now, they will save one for boyd.

That means they have 5 to give they are done
playing games i think they offer and move on
to the next man.
i think if you want to come to pitt you need to
say yes soon i think the commit start to come a
a lot faster now.

i think the only way that they go past 27 is if some one really special wants to come at the last second like foster or a relly good line men.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.23.12 @ 1:35 pm

Browns probably wait until after season to hire.

Looks like Chryst is picking recruits based on his system and needs – smart.

Long way to signing day.

Comment by frank MD 12.23.12 @ 1:38 pm

Anybody blaming Chryst for losing Foster is being ridiculous. If anything, Chryst deserves credit for battling with Alabama to the very end in spite of Foster’s father pushing Alabama the whole time.

Comment by Floyd 12.23.12 @ 1:39 pm

Floyd – you and I are seeing it the same way…I think the future looks bright under PC…he reminds me a lot of Noll (1-13 first year) in his approach to coaching the basics.

Comment by markp 12.23.12 @ 2:00 pm

markp, I can’t wait to see what Chryst will be able to do next year with Savage at quarterback. I couldn’t agree more that the future looks bright with Chryst. I think they are going to surprise alot of people in their first year in the ACC.

Comment by Floyd 12.23.12 @ 2:09 pm

I like their schedule (not from a cup cake point of view). Very competitive. UNM even though thry had a lousy record gave Boise St a great game and others.

Comment by markp 12.23.12 @ 3:35 pm

Saban the Snake just signed a big extension at Bama for 5 1/2 mil.

Comment by Jackagain 12.23.12 @ 11:27 pm

You know what I like about this blog? No one seems to be accusing the Foster family of being criminals accepting bribes. Fans who are doing that really piss me off.

The only consideration,and I don’t mean illegal, is that as a student-athlete Foster may find the going at Alabama a lot easier than at PITT, but I’m guessing at that.

As I said before – everyone seems to be looking at true FR Challingsworth but he won’t get PT over rsFR Chris Wuestner. He catches anything remotely near him and has decent speed. At 6’2″ and 210 he is the right size for a WR. Honestly I wouldn’t doubt that Wuestner either gets a ton of PT or even might start in Shanahan’s absence.

Comment by Reed 12.24.12 @ 10:37 am

whole reason Foster not coming to Pitt? doesn’t think he can beat out Challingsworth for playing time!!!
bank it!

Comment by Punxy Panther 12.25.12 @ 9:28 pm

@ Punxy Panther, I think somebody had one too many spiked egg nogs after his Christmas dinner. I’m liking Challingsworth’s potential as a Pitt WR recruit too, but REALLY? Foster sidesteps his committment to Pitt because he’s afraid of the competition at the WR position?????

Even a more absurd concept, is he takes the Alabama route so he can do what?? How about compete with a whole lot of talented WRs that are all just as good as Challingsworth, if not better.

Note to punxy Panther, remember not to post anymore on Panther Blather immediately after smoking my stoner brother’s Christmas present. LOL!

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.26.12 @ 10:05 am

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