December 14, 2012

Huxtable Moves On

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The defensive coordinator position is open. Dave Huxtable has moved on to take the DC spot at NC State.

How do I feel about that? Eh. I can’t say it is a huge loss. It would have been nice to have full coaching staff continuity for two seasons, but it beats changing head coaches once more.

Some of the obvious names being bandied about are Charlie Partridge (serving presently as DC at Wisconsin, but also spent a few years as a Pitt assistant), Todd Orlando (former UConn and FIU DC), along with the usual Pitt guys names like Teryl Austin and Sal Sunseri. Tom Bradley’s name has been mentioned — with tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek.

(Seriously. Tom Bradley will not be the next DC. He remains unhireable  as a college coach. His supporters and agent tried to float his name out there for the open Temple job and that sank quickly and quietly. No program is willing to take that chance. Please do not even try to make the case.)

As for Sal Sunseri, I doubt it. Some SEC team will probably pay him a lot of money to help with their recruiting while keeping his coaching duties to a minimum. His DC tenure at Tennessee was not pretty. Yes, there were injuries. Yes, there were issues with the talent. That said, 110th out of 120 among 1-A defenses. Not a good look.

Besides, there is a bit of Sunseri fatigue at the moment. Conspiracists would lose their minds if Sunseri got hired. And god forbid, the defense struggles under Sunseri. The blind rage that would ensue from some quarters… Best not to travel that path.

Partridge is a glaringly obvious choice. We know Chryst loves those personal connections. Plus Partridge is a Florida native, and Pitt does need someone to recruit down there. And with Pitt’s bowl being so late, both sides can probably wait on this. Partridge still doesn’t know if he’ll have a job at Wisconsin after they finally make a hire.


Tomsula would be awesome because he has a rad Ron Jeremy stache

Comment by usd121 12.16.12 @ 1:44 pm

If reports are true about Huxtable’s brash style conflicting with the laid back approach of Chryst, not sure if Tomsula would be a good fit as I think he is known to have a similar coaching style to Huxtable. Personality wise, it would appear that Bradley would be a good fit with Chryst. Unfortunately as many have already pointed out, probably not realistic due to his attachment to the PS scandal.

Comment by Floyd 12.16.12 @ 2:31 pm

Off topic but we picked up an OL commit today. Welcome to Pitt Alexander Officer. Frank – what’s the scoop on this guy?

Comment by Atlanta Panther 12.16.12 @ 2:42 pm

Atlanta Panther he is raw but has a good up side will be ready in two years 6 foot 4 300 pounda a
I had thought we might get him right after the vist.

he moves well he will be good just not the first year maybe a red shirt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.16.12 @ 4:04 pm

@ Atlantic Panther. Alexander Officer is a great recruit, typical offensive lineman in the Chryst image of how he likes them. 6’3″ at 322 lbs and described as having the frame that could support more weight as he matures, WHAT??? He’s from Rochester, NY and had multiple offers from the likes of the BE and MAC plus Boston College.

Officer is rated 3* by ESPN but I don’t really follow those ratings very closely. He should be just what the OL ordered.

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.16.12 @ 4:04 pm

Last year i found a ton of info when i looked
for pitt coachs asst some of it was wrong
most of it was right but i found it.

so far this year nothing so i have fogot how i have got worse at finding the info or

pitt and chryst have got better at hideing things
all lips must be sealed

i can find not a hint of a name except the names you and i post.

and i am pissed be cause i like to find what they dont want you to find.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.16.12 @ 4:56 pm

@Mark Mahalovich: Maybe not SEC material. Tennessee set all kinds of defensive records this year.

Ah, not the good kind. Most yards given up in a game at Tennessee. Most points given up in a year at Tennessee. Most yards given up in a year at Tennessee.

Tennessee absolutely got torched on ‘D’ this year. Saw them several times. Looked like they were in a cotinual fog.

Sal, great Pitt guy. Coach, nah, he can go his way and we’ll go ours.

Comment by Dan 12.16.12 @ 6:19 pm

Sal did go his way new DL coach at FSU. Are wish list grows ever so thin. Like the Officer commit, I wish Wisconsin would pick a damn coach already, I don’t want Alvarez hanging around for a year or 2 will make the coaching situation at Pitt very unstable (of course not like we aren’t used to it).Foster chooses in 4 days, getting nervous his commitment or lack there of will make or crush my December 21st, don’t know about the rest of you. H2P.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 12.17.12 @ 12:57 am

Beantown-Sean, I’m with you. Really hoping Foster will choose Pitt. I believe with some better recruits there is hope for the program, but we need some kids with real talent. I am concerned that there will be fallout from Huxtable leaving in terms of the messages this is the coaching staff, we are committed to Pitt, your future and building the program. We will see what happens. It would be nice to have some good luck once in a while.

Comment by LUV PITTBULLS 12.17.12 @ 7:26 am

There is a reason Sal is a life long position coach.

Huxtables stlye conflicting with Chryst is a joke and rumor. They coached together before Pitt.

Saying Partridge had more FL ties than Huxtable is not true. Huxtable was a D coordinator and coached in FL for years.

Don’t be surprised if some D coaches leave with Huxtable.

Hopefully the DC hire runs the same D. My God this team needs some continuity from year to year. We all saw how many weeks it took the D to adjust this year

Comment by notrocketscience 12.17.12 @ 9:56 am

I think PITT fans are forgetting that Chryst will be the one selecting the new DC and he has no “PITT ties” to Sunseri or Austin… or any other PITT ex-alumni at all.

It is much more reasonable for him to select someone that HE is familiar with and trusts to get the job done.

Agree 100% with Chas in that PITT will never, and should never, hire Tom Bradley.

Comment by Reed 12.17.12 @ 12:19 pm

Huxtable’s D was pretty good the last few games, but it was rather bad for most of the season. I think the good games were due more to great individual efforts by the players rather than the schemes. So, I’m not that sorry to see him go.

On the other topic, I’m not advocating Bradley for DC, but people here are being incredibly unfair to the guy.

First, destroying his career because of Sandusky, even though he was not that connected to him and had no role in the crimes, is completely off-base. Any of the rest of us could conceivebaly be at the wrong place at the wrong time in the same way. Declaring him “toxic” because of it is really inconsistent with his actual role in the situation.

Second, dismissing him for any coaching job because he was at PSU for so long and will still “bleed blue and white” is ridiculous. Most fans seem clueless to the fact that coaches don’t have the same fanatical devotion to one school like they do. It’s their job. They are not going to purposely screw themselves to help their old school win. They’re all competitors, they want to win where ever they are. Even Paterno would have given 100% to beating PSU if he had taken a job at some other school.

So, I don’t think Bradley should be Pitt’s next DC, but not for the silly reasons some people are giving here. However, the guy is an excellent coach, and we could do a lot worse. (And we have done a lot worse.) I’d take Bradley over Sunseri anyday.

Comment by SteveS 12.17.12 @ 1:34 pm


I agree and Bradley will be hired this year or next by some program. I would not have a problem if Pitt hired him.

Comment by notrocketscience 12.17.12 @ 1:46 pm

What happened to the recruiting madman on Pitt’s Wanny staff who made all those inroads into NJ and then left to coach at Rutgers. If not DC material yet, maybe a promotion from within Pitt’s existing staff, and hire this guy back as a position coach. I thought he was a DB coach if my memory serves me. The one problem may be that Pitt may not have a DC qualified guy on its staff.
If not, love to see Austin since he seems to have a real interest in Pitt’s program and he certainly has good experience.

Comment by Taxing Matters 12.17.12 @ 2:10 pm

@Taxing Matters, the guy you are talking about is in the NFL. Jeff Hafley

link to

Comment by Why me 12.17.12 @ 2:17 pm

I don’t personally have a problem with Bradley, he has not been directly involved in the discussions revolving the scandal. To be honest, he was the only coach I had some respect for on the PSU side of things. From my perspective, although uninformed, over the past 10 years or so had seen to be more and more withdrawn from the program in a sense during his realization he would never go any further in the organization.

I honestly have no idea who they will pick, it seriously could be anyone, I just hope they pick the right man for the job.

Comment by Benzene 12.17.12 @ 2:51 pm

notrocketscience i am with you on that
bradley was DC of the year in 2005
he was DC of the year in 2008
rival ranked him 2nd best DC in the nation
he lives in pittsburgh.
but you dont want him i cant see us geting any one better

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.17.12 @ 3:10 pm

that should read they dont want hin

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.17.12 @ 3:36 pm

If Chryst is leaving within 2 years, the Austin makes sense. If he is successful as DC then you can probably squeeze 5 good years out of him before he bolts to the NFL or a higher paying job. I know he is a Pitt guy, but 5 years is considered pretty damn loyal these days.

Comment by Nabil 12.17.12 @ 3:56 pm

With respect to Bradley, no one knows if he knew anything regarding Sandusky or if he didn’t. Is that fair to him? I don’t know. What I do know is that there has already been a fair amount of coach and DC movement within the college ranks so far this off season, and I haven’t heard his name mentioned in connection with any of them. I have to believe that no school wants to take the chance that someday he sits on a witness stand and says something to the effect that he may have had some suspicions but no actual proof and therefor took no action. By all accounts he is said to be a decent guy. Maybe he gets his chance once all of the legal machinations are complete.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 12.17.12 @ 4:24 pm

Bradley would be a recruiting nightmare outside of central PA. As I’ve mentioned several times, he was roommates with McQueary at the time of the shower incident and was 2nd in charge on defense during at the end of Sandusky’s reign. Did he know something? I don’t know but I can certainly speculate that he did.

It the pro’s or bust for Bradley … big time college ball will never happen. Maybe Pitt Johnstown can hire him – he’s still popular in central PA.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.17.12 @ 7:52 pm

There is much collateral damage from the Paterno era. Selfish people are well, uh, selfish.
Bradley is one of many. Heck, the damn janitors were afraid of losing their jobs. Life isn’t fair. But the ones who have the most to complain about are the kids.
Last week, a killer mowed down little kids. Little kids and brave adults. If all of Sandusky’s victims had occurred over a two day period there would be that type of reaction.
I don’t know Bradley from Adam, but I do know that all I wish for him is justice. Whatever that is.
Now, there are alot of retreads and one and done DC’s out there.
Here is a novel idea. Find the best DC in FCS (where they put up bug numbers) and hire him.

Comment by SFPitt 12.17.12 @ 7:52 pm

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