December 3, 2012

Welp, It’s A Rumor

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Let me state how much I don’t believe this. That by even posting this, I am probably just trolling for hits on the site.

But what the hell.

Former Pitt Middle Linebacker Scott McKillop just put this out on Twitter. Take it for what it’s worth.

Uh, yeah. Not to be too cynical, but I’m not buying it. There’s probably a better chance of Pitt breaking out their 2010 Nike Pro Combat unis than the old blue-gold and script Pitt.

That’s right! Virginia and Georgia Tech are supposed to be in the Big 10 today.

i saw this on twitter as well, i had do to a double take, i sure hope they bring those helmets backs, thats would be awsome!…

Comment by mike 12.03.12 @ 1:49 pm

Makes sense to me- script on script (see Ole Miss logo)

Comment by Dan35 12.03.12 @ 1:57 pm

The only thing that makes me think this will not happen is that it’s a great idea that would make a large number of Pitt fans happy, excited, and looking forward to an otherwise unspectacular bowl game. The athletic department would never let that happen.

Comment by Dan35 12.03.12 @ 1:59 pm

If they were going to change it would make sense to do it when we enter the ACC.

Comment by Houston Panther 12.03.12 @ 2:03 pm

I actually liked the response by Lawrence Hall better… lmao

Comment by Joe D 12.03.12 @ 2:22 pm

You guys are like a bunch of women worrying about how you look. Let just win the damm game.

Comment by rayhpgh 12.03.12 @ 2:42 pm

What Dan35 said (2nd post)!

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 12.03.12 @ 2:51 pm

That helmet is now on my desktop at work!

Comment by oklahomeboy 12.03.12 @ 2:59 pm

Could care less about the script….but Pitt needs to change that God awful gold they are presently wearing.

Comment by notrocketscience 12.03.12 @ 3:18 pm

I don’t know anything is possible. Who would have thought the Steelers would wear the bumblebee outfits, from the old 1936 Pittsburgh Pirates football club.

Comment by Justinian 12.03.12 @ 3:52 pm

“It will feel good to wear the script before I take my talents to the next level” — Ray Graham

Comment by Chuck Morris 12.03.12 @ 3:55 pm

Man I thought you were going to tell me Bielma sp? left the badgers abd they were coming after PC! That I feared, this I love!

Comment by Dacs 12.03.12 @ 4:19 pm

That would be sweet! Oklahomeboy, my first thought was putting it on my desktop.

Comment by panther94 12.03.12 @ 4:20 pm

It’s not about worrying about what we wear.

It’s about tradition.

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 4:33 pm

Hope this is true, add a blue stripe and all is well. Chas, just curious, is there going to be the Pitt Blather bowl pick em again this year? Always look forward to that

Comment by Alex P 12.03.12 @ 4:37 pm

@Dan35 Ditto!!! LOL!!!

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 4:38 pm

If the athletic department truly wanted to create a buzz around this program, the script is an absolute no brainer. It bridges the gap to our most recent dominant era in Pitt football. Was talking to one of the vendors outside Heinz before the Rutgers game, and he said that they sell almost as much script now as they do the current merchandise. Tradition!

Comment by Outlaw 12.03.12 @ 4:51 pm

Hey it might be the only reason for me to tune in.

Other than to sing ,,,,So long…So long

to Sir Tino ! :-)

Comment by Emel 12.03.12 @ 5:06 pm

If this rumor is true, I will dislike Pederson only half as much.

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.03.12 @ 5:07 pm

Exactly this is about tradition.

hey rayhpgh. get that phone attached to your head away, only women spend so much time on a god d*mn phone. haha

Comment by Emel 12.03.12 @ 5:10 pm

Love it!!! And Keep It!!!

Comment by John 12.03.12 @ 5:15 pm


was thinking this might be some sort of ploy by Stevie Cornhole to ingratiate himself to a large segment of the alumni base who want him removed.

Comment by Emel 12.03.12 @ 5:19 pm

Why did I think the rumor was Paul Chryst being connected to some SEC job?!?

Comment by Brian 12.03.12 @ 5:26 pm

Brian… Lmao… Chryst being considered for SEC…

Comment by Joe D 12.03.12 @ 5:30 pm

@Joe – PC drove me crazy with his clock mismanagement at the half before the Lousiville game and at Notre Dame. It might be easier from the stands, but those moments were not his finest.

If Boyd and Foster come, the knock that he cannot recruit is simply false. I put Foster as a probably and Boyd as a longshot.

Love him or not, PC may have Pitt on the right path. Hopefully he provides stability because he certainly does not provide personality.

Comment by Brian 12.03.12 @ 5:52 pm

Oops, before the half…. Yikes!

Comment by Brian 12.03.12 @ 5:52 pm

Just win baby, just win!

Comment by Justinian 12.03.12 @ 5:54 pm

I’m with Dan35– the fact that this would be brilliant, fan pleasing, player pleasing, and support interest in an otherwise awful bowl game is EXACTLY why Slippery Steve will never do this.

Comment by PaulyP 12.03.12 @ 5:58 pm

That is a new generation helmet in the picture…this could be a great way to exit the BE and hello to the ACC…in Pitt Script!


Comment by Pitt it IS 12.03.12 @ 6:09 pm

First thought I had when I saw this was:

Pitt was pulling a TCU and headed to the B1G or the Big 12.

Comment by Emel 12.03.12 @ 6:12 pm

Are we going to wear throwback helmets for the
Bowl Game ?

No Facemasks. lol

(would teach em how to tackle correctly and cutdown on all the woofing during the game)

Comment by Emel 12.03.12 @ 6:17 pm

If I had my pick, I’d prefer that the script be pulled out for Pitt’s first ACC home game and make it known before the game and watch the Pitt merchandise sales soar. ACC is a new era, what better way to bring back the tradition than when they initiate the new ACC tradition. The BBBVVVBBABVB bowl is an absolute nothing to the country and barely significant in Pittsburgh.
Stevie P wouldn’t be smart enough to figure out how to make this trip “Back to the Future” a truly great economic gain for the university so that makes me thing this could be true.

Comment by Taxing Matters 12.03.12 @ 6:19 pm

Please don’t remind me of that slogan, Back to the future…that didn’t pan out too well with Majors coming back.

Comment by panther94 12.03.12 @ 7:12 pm

Not gonna lie. I thought Paul Chryst was leaving when I first saw the headline.

Comment by Greg 12.03.12 @ 7:32 pm

My first thought was, “Oh no, someone’s hired Paul Chryst away from Pitt…”

Glad to see it’s just this script nonsense.

Comment by Brendan 12.03.12 @ 7:34 pm

Oh why not. College football is supposed to be fun.
The Big Ten is rumored to be in serious negotiations with Boston U and NYU.
No football teams yet, but plenty of TV’s.

Comment by SFPitt 12.03.12 @ 8:07 pm

Script won’t be back athletic dept does not own royalty rights to it , the University General Fund does so revenues made must be paid to University. Athletic dept owns block PITT .

Comment by spindler's spirit 12.03.12 @ 8:07 pm

I’m sure they could work something out.

Comment by panther94 12.03.12 @ 8:17 pm

BTW, I’ll be pulling for Navy in their bowl game.

Comment by panther94 12.03.12 @ 8:18 pm

When I was growing up we had a few of the old leather helmets in our basement. Maybe we can use them too. If you think about it the Jock Sutherland days were really the Pitt glory days.

On another subject, on Sunday as we were driving up I-77 from a weekend in North Carolina and we passed the Pitt football tractor trailor, with all equipment, returning from the South Florida game. The trailor has 9 National Championships painted on the side and Pitt players scenes. After exiting for lunch we got to pass it again 19 or I-79. Pretty cool!

Comment by Justinian 12.03.12 @ 8:18 pm

I’m giddy

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 12.03.12 @ 8:53 pm

A trifecta weekend and now this–its too much good stuff, we aren’t user to this. No wonder some of you guys were looking for something catastrophic. Actually I don’t care about the uniforms as long as they win. If they do that they can go back to leather helmets and canvas pants and fat footballs and the single wing. Just don’t subject us to something like the bumblebee uniforms or those ridiculous Under Armor Maryland outfits. Actually the Steelers bumble bee uniforms wouldn’t be too bad if you could wear clown shoes and play football. Lets win the bowl game! HTP!

Comment by opfim 12.03.12 @ 9:20 pm

Chas, How are your and Scott McKillop’s senses of humor? You guys wouldn’t be messin with us would you?

Comment by opfim 12.03.12 @ 9:57 pm

Sadly, I see this as a no go. This would be Peterson admitting he whiffed with the logo and colors back in 1997, he is way too smug for that.

Comment by John 12.03.12 @ 10:06 pm

How about the university President and the board of trustees tell the “universal general fund” to sell the license back to the friggin’ athletic department??? Should take about 1 phone call, maybe 2.

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 10:17 pm

Funny how folks complain about clock mis-management against some teams when it didn’t work out (Louisville) and remain quiet, when it did work out (Rutgers). Can’t have it both ways fellers. I like the aggressiveness a lot. Play to win!

Paul Chryst needs extended. Look bill o’brien has 9 years left on his deal. PSU is giving him every chance to succeed. Our AD doesn’t try to help his coach and is going to make it difficult to recruit if something doesn’t happen soon.

The script is a must. Had an opportunity to interact with some very high level big10 sports folks this week. They all think Pitt blew it by moving off campus. I also found out that the big10 network is majority owned by fox. That may already be out there, but it was the first i heard of it. Probably because it just wasn’t important. Rutgers and Md will bring each big10 school an additional $5M per year.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 12.03.12 @ 10:19 pm

I doubt this will happen too, too obvious of a good thing for marketing going into the ACC and making lots of fans happy.

However, if it is in the pipeline somehow, Steve, let me give you a simple, easy piece of advice……

Don’t OVERTHINK it!!! Easy stuff. Simply go back to the right colors and logo.

Sure, update the uniform as far as the fit of the jersey and the breathability of the material.

As for the colors and logo. Easy stuff, keep it the same. Just put it back right!!!

Don’t come out with alternate black pants and purple Pitt script.

Don’t come out with neon yellow and a powder blue alternate.

Don’t come out with a black helt with block Pitt on one side, and Pitt script on the other.

It’s tee ball Steve. Get the colors back, get the script back, get the striped on the helmet, and you can hit it out of the park.

Alas, very easy to photo shop things these days, so, I don’t know about this.

What really makes me question the whole thing???

Easy home run to hit, why the bowl game?? If you were gonna do it, why not next year going into the ACC?? Seems like the marketing exec’s ideal situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it in the bowl game.

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 10:30 pm

One other easy thing. Chas, you say you know some Pitt department people in fact do read this.

Athletic Department: Do not give it, then take it away. If you’d bring it for the bowl, make it our uniform again and be done with it.

Don’t make it some sort of “one of several or many different uniform combinations and color schemes that can be used”.

Go ahead and put those “combat” uniforms in storage and just simply make it right.

Seriously doubtful, but, ever hopeful!!!

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 10:34 pm

If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t…

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.03.12 @ 10:35 pm

Hell, if you bring back our colors and script, go ahead and wear the “combat” uniforms once a year to sell some more if you want.

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 10:35 pm

Dhuff, I loved watching the game at Pitt Stadium.
You were closer to action and even the top rows were much closer than the seats at the bottom of the upper deck, at Heinz Field. Unfortunately, none of us got a vote on that move. The biggest part of the arguement was the attendence and parking. As we can all see attendence hasn’t been very good at Heinz field either. The parking options are better, and amenities like the jumbo-tron and seats with backs are nicer. In any event, that ship has sailed. If the Big Ten uses that as an excuse, it’s a lame one. The bottom line is, if Pitt can win consistantly, they will fill the seats. We saw that with the baskeball program.

Comment by Justinian 12.03.12 @ 10:43 pm

You’re right Justinian.

We as Pitt fans should fell no slight from the Big Ten.

Pretty easy to see now, it’s about new markets and televison sets in the market.

Big Ten allready had the cable companies in W.Pa. locked in because of PSU.

I believe it’s that simple. Pretty obvious now, after the Maryland and Rutgers move.

As for the bowl game, I was looking forward to NYC and Yankee stadium, but, really, I’ve kinda left the backyard brawl. If it happened great, but, I’m pretty pumped up to be playing SEC Ole Miss!!!

I’m not gonna be able to make this years, so, as for being on the tube, I could care less where they play. Looking forward to the actual game.

Comment by Dan 12.03.12 @ 10:52 pm

The Big 10 won’t be poaching any schools from DFW. I already get that damn good for nothing network. Must of been due to all the bitchin by the Nitter cult down here. Nobody watches the BTN except for those Nitters and I do see them around town. Don’t see many fans from other Big 10 schools wearing their colors.

Love the script but I think it would be best to do it with the start of the ACC season. I would keep the colors the same for now. And if the Dude from WVU didn’t break this story, I’m not buying it.

Comment by TX Panther 12.03.12 @ 11:11 pm

@ Tex

Must be that Pedo’s are proud fold

WE ARE PED STATE ! (and damn proud)

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 12:11 am

We just got home a Buffalo Dub3.

63 TV sets and yet most were still not stimulated enough as they browsed their Dumb phones. lol

Talk about a room full of ppl on ADD & ADHD scripts.

Very strange place imo

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 12:16 am

I actually believe this.

The university is sending another disappointing team to Alabama for the 3rd season in a row. They need to do something to sell some of the 20,000 tickets they were forced to buy.

Or ESPN & BBVA might’ve told Pitt they’d get the invite if they wore the old uniforms, hoping to play up the tradition angle between two teams and generate some ratings from sentimental types.

Or maybe Pederson is just trying to cozy up to the fanbase, knowing Chancellor Nordenberg is retiring very soon, which may leave him with no allies and no cushy, overpaid job.

Who knows.

Comment by Ryan 12.04.12 @ 3:04 am

PittScript put out a pretty cool looking bowl game poster featuring the script
link to

Comment by MikePITT 12.04.12 @ 8:47 am

I’m wearing my script gear to the bowl game.

Comment by WLAT and The Big Beat 12.04.12 @ 9:14 am

Thats hot MikePitt!

Love the look along with the chrome face masks.

Got my tickets last night!

Comment by Pitt it IS 12.04.12 @ 9:40 am

If the alumni and fans got a vote on the AD, Steve Pederson would have been gone a long time ago. I for one, thought is was a mistake to being him back. I feel strongly about the Pitt name and I did not appreciate dumping it, for “Pittsburgh”, in his first go-around. It still bugs me when hear announcers on ESPN refer to the university as Pittsburgh. When you have a great athletic history, you don’t dump the brand.

Comment by Justinian 12.04.12 @ 9:47 am

I was worried that the rumor was that the NCAA was going to grant Tino another year of eligibility because he enrolled in a doctoral program in the College of Arts and Sciences with a focus on interpersonal communications after his bashing Mr. Harper and his great relationship with good ol High Octane.

Comment by AJ 12.04.12 @ 10:03 am

Here’s my final take on the subject and why I hope they bring it back, at least for the bowl game and maybe every year for homecoming:

Take a quick glance at the picture below. You really can’t see any player’s helmet logo- but do you have any doubt what team you are looking at?

link to

Comment by Dan35 12.04.12 @ 10:10 am


EXACTLY! I brought that up a couple of months ago. You KNEW it was PITT just by looking at the colors. College football is all about the BRAND now. Looking like Navy doesn’t help with the Pitt Brand.

It’s time to look like Pitt again.

Comment by pghFred 12.04.12 @ 10:15 am

@Dan35. Excellent. You wanna pay some advertising firm $200,000 for a gimmick???

I say, send them your photo and ask for a case of beer. Marketing brand, done!!!

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 11:06 am

I’ll believe when I see it on the field, although it would be “pretty neat”!

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.04.12 @ 11:23 am

It is great.I would prefer Fire Pederson on the helmet!

Comment by kman 12.04.12 @ 11:30 am

Hey, It’s also “pretty neat” that Ray Graham moved into the No. 2 rushing spot behind Tony Dorsett.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Justinian 12.04.12 @ 11:35 am


Yea that’s Youngstown State, see what u mean. lol

Comment by EMel 12.04.12 @ 12:02 pm

Actually those are the “2nd return” of Johnny uni’s. I and most of us prefer “the coming” of Johnny uni’s. The Gold doesn’t look like mustard jar crud.

Comment by EMel 12.04.12 @ 12:04 pm

Actually we got a win/win bowl situation guys.

If we win, it’s over an SEC team (and everyone recognizes rightly or wrongly the SEC is the best conf.)

If we lose, we’re supposed to. (we will be the underdog)

Unlike the Hoopies who got a lose/lose with Syracuse.

And the Nitters got pedo’d out.

And the Bucknuts got tatoo’d

Comment by EMel 12.04.12 @ 12:18 pm

Was searching Pitt Script & found a site known as the site shows several new uniforms for the 2012/2013 season. Script on helmet BUT<<< they are not traditional uniforms!!! Two helmet designs blue & yellow == pants w/Pitt written on each leg. Definitely not traditional!!!

Comment by DC33 12.04.12 @ 12:26 pm

I don’t think he HCPC should have a problem getting the guys fired up.

Playing an SEC team, letting em know we’re going against the “big boy” conference.

The players will have a blast anywhere. They’re gonna have food buffets beyond belief. They’ll take them to entertaining places, have things for them to do. Then play an SEC team.

St Pete would be a better place to go, but how would you even start to get them fired up for Tulsa???

I’m good with Johnny 1 or Johnny 2. Ya, gold better with 1. Like the white around the Pitt script during 2.

It’s Steve, ain’t gonna happen.

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 12:29 pm

So much talk about the colors. I like the blue and gold and the script would neat for the ACC. i think the blue and gold goes back quite a while.

Comment by frank MD 12.04.12 @ 12:38 pm

Actually emel, after thinking about it, I like the mustard as well.

Ya dc33, I’ve seen those. Looks like Maryland or Oregon.

No need to do that. Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio St., ND, PSU, Ala, Fla., LSU, USC, Wisky, Mich St., Iowa, FSU, Clemson, UVA., Miami, Ole Miss, Miss St., Georgia, Purdue, Illinois, Kansas St. and the list keeps going on.

Teams that have kept their uniforms in tact. Ya, they might have an occasional throwback, or an alternate, but 9 or 10 times a year, they were “THEIR” uniform.

Ya, I talk about this alot. Because I think it is a big deal.

You ask 100 college football fans, what is the first word they think of, when they think of college football, 95% of them will say….

TRADITION!!! Hands down.

It’s also not like it’s 40 years ago. Pitt could easily slip right back into Pitt script with no problem.

If they would ever consider this, I hope they don’t Maryland them up. Maryland sold some jerseys when they first came out.

They ain’t selling many now. Those uniforms are actually a joke when you’re 2-10.

Winning games is what would sell the most jerseys for Pitt.

Winning games and the Pitt script, home run.

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 12:41 pm

I’m ok with any version of blue and gold. I happen to like the navy with gold. I have good memories from the 1st Johny Majors era with the royal blue and rusty gold, and I’m ok with the Royal blue and yellow of the 1980s. Anything but the all-white uniforms. Oh my gosh, did the wind muss my hair?

Comment by Justinian 12.04.12 @ 1:46 pm

It really amazes me that there is such reluctance to switch back to the old colors and script. Just informally talking to other fans and alum there seems to be overwhelming support to go back. I have no idea what current students and recent alumni feel or if they even care?

It can’t be merchandise sales because I see Pitt royal blue and mustard all over the place even though there isnt a lot of old school merchandise out there for sale. If anything I think sales would increase. I would just like to hear SP make a public statement on why he would not consider this? if there is legitimate reasons than so be it but I think he owes it to alot of the fans and alum that have put up with his bullshit over the years…especially recently with the coaching debacles.

Comment by Coach Ditka 12.04.12 @ 2:25 pm

Maybe some are afraid we would be jinxed and fall back to Majors II. I love the old unis, however.

Comment by Palm Beach Panther 12.04.12 @ 2:36 pm

I think it would cost a significant amount of money to convert things to the old script and colors. Now granted it would be a one time hit but a hit nonetheless. That reason probably explains some of the reluctance. But, I think the biggest reason is that Stevie would have to admit he made a mistake in the first place and his ego will not allow him to do it.

I’m fine with mustard but I do prefer a darker blue.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 2:47 pm

Geez….I’m waiting for one of you guys to ask “does this jersey make me look fat?”

And the answer is yes, it does.

Comment by JLawrence 12.04.12 @ 2:59 pm

Bielema going to Arkansas. PLEASE – not another Pitt coaching change. I hope Chryst just uses this to wrangle some more money out of Pitt and ends up staying.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 3:14 pm

TX Panther-If Chryst leaves, I think that’s it for Pitt football. I just can’t seem them recovering from that. It would be a complete disaster. Fortunately, Chryst doesn’t seem like someone who would abandon a school that gave him an opportunity after one year-especially with a solid team coming back and what appears to be a solid incoming class. But with Pitt football, expect the unexpected.

Comment by PatMac 12.04.12 @ 3:19 pm

Chryst is not going anywhere.

Comment by SFPitt 12.04.12 @ 3:27 pm

I’m just sick of reliving Ground Hog Day. This Compass Bowl is cursed I say.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 3:32 pm

Let’s all chip in and buy homes in town for all of Mrs. Chryst’s relatives. Not letting that one happen again…

Comment by 85 12.04.12 @ 3:34 pm

ESPN reporting Wisconsin will indeed talk to Chryst.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 12.04.12 @ 3:38 pm

Nervous times in Panther Nation…didn’t see this coming. Chryst knowing all this program has been through. Would he go?

Comment by J Bizz 12.04.12 @ 3:39 pm

WI Coach Bielma headed to Arkansas. So the rumors will fly.

Comment by frank MD 12.04.12 @ 3:42 pm

I see that former Panther John Johnson has transferred to Penn State. He immediately becomes their best player!


Comment by Greg from State College 12.04.12 @ 3:43 pm

if chryst goes back to wisky, i would promote rudolph ASAP. same system should keep foster and boyd in the pipeline, maintain some continuity. take a chance…worked out w/ jamie.

Comment by scott 12.04.12 @ 3:44 pm


Comment by ECH 12.04.12 @ 3:45 pm

LOL!!!!! Are you guys friggin’ kiddin’ me???

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 3:49 pm

chryst is gone– 8 coaches in 3 years– could spell the end of the program

Comment by Brabbit 12.04.12 @ 3:50 pm

Time to get Petrino on the line… 100% serious. Tried the oil salesman, tried the good guy, now let’s try the guy who is shady but always wins…

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 3:52 pm

Coach Bradley holding on line 1.

Comment by DC33 12.04.12 @ 3:52 pm

Alvarez reached out to Pitt and strongly encouraged them to consider Coach Chryst. He’s not going to come back a year later and pluck him back. And I seriously doubt that PC is the kind of person that would do that knowing wht Pitt has been thru the past few years. He’s a solid guy.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 12.04.12 @ 3:52 pm

It would be his dream job given he is Whisky by birth and alma mater. But would Alvarez who begged Pitt to hire him, throw Pitt under the bus to get him back. Whisky has the money. Pitt is cheap. And, even if Pitt were to match, Whisky > Pitt. Here we go again.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 3:55 pm

Well this news put the kibash on the uniform talk……

WTF!!!!! I just want a GOOD coach who WANTS to be at PITT!!!!!! Is that too FUCKING MUCH to ask??

Comment by pghFred 12.04.12 @ 3:55 pm

Barry and Paul are both solid guys BUT it is in all likelihood his dream job. Would Barry deny a dream job to a friend? I would be surprised if Chryst didn’t at least interview.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 3:57 pm

Anyone liking Wanny more now?

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 12.04.12 @ 4:00 pm

Are there any Wanny’s out there BUT a better coach than he was?

I guess Pitt will hire Sal. OMG!

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 4:00 pm

Bring back the Wannstache!!!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!

^^^ This is me becoming mentally unstable over this latest news. Ugggh!!! NOOO!!!!

Comment by Panther Pride 12.04.12 @ 4:02 pm

Chryst is gone, if he doesnt get it then Bollinger might get it. Alvarez loves Chryst and Chryst loves Wisconsin. After coaching in an empty stadium he will jump at the chance to play in front of 100k every weekend. If he does leave then Pitt needs to pony up the money and start to get serious about football. Someone who can keep the recruiting class together as we start a ne ACC era. Its time to become serious and be a player in football. That takes $$$$$$.

Comment by wd 12.04.12 @ 4:02 pm

Agreed wd. But we have Nordy and Stevie in charge remember.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 4:04 pm

then there’s this from darren rovell: Would be interesting if Dave Doeren didn’t sign his deal at NC State. Coaches sometimes go months w/o signing actual contract.

Comment by scott 12.04.12 @ 4:05 pm


Sal?? I bet he’ll bring along Tino as QB coach.

Comment by pghFred 12.04.12 @ 4:06 pm

If that happens, I am truly living in Pitt HELL.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 4:08 pm

Pitt needs two coaches a year. One to lead us to a mediocre 6-7 win season, and then another to coach the BBVA Compass Bowl

Comment by Chris 12.04.12 @ 4:09 pm

Ya know what? I’m logging off, getting a drink and putting re-runs of Lost on the TV.

I just can’t think or hear about this now.

Bourbon, take me away……..

Comment by pghFred 12.04.12 @ 4:10 pm

Maybe someone can come up with the names of coaches with a Pitt background in case the unthinkable happens.

Christ has not left yet.

Comment by frank MD 12.04.12 @ 4:10 pm

I have to wonder why Bielema would want to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas?? Seems like a downgrade to me. By the way, the Arkansas AD is Jeff Long…

From the yahoo article “Details of Bielema’s contract at Arkansas are not yet known, but the school was said to have a major war chest for this coaching search.” sounds like they can go after quite a few bigger name coaches than Chryst. Do you dump the war chest on a one year head coach that went 6-6 in the Big East and lost to Youngstown State?? Not saying I am not a Chryst fan but if I’ve got lots of money to spend there are better options out there.

Comment by Coach Ditka 12.04.12 @ 4:12 pm

If Tom Bradley is hired as head coach I stop supporting Pitt football. That would be a joke of a hire.

SEC is a clear upgrade over B1G. I’m sure he’s getting paid a lot more too. Wiscy must not pay its coaches well.

I guess the real choice might end up being Austin eh?

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 4:14 pm

Tim Lewis maybe?

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 4:17 pm

Reply to Chris’s “Pitt needs two coaches a year. One to lead us to a mediocre 6-7 win season, and then another to coach the BBVA Compass Bowl.”

Now THAT was FUNNY!!!

Time for Super Booster Sam-A (what’s his face…) to open his wallet. Chryst was his guy, wouldn’t even be here otherwise. Time to sho’ bidness, this aint sho’ friends!

But if this goes south, there is a bright side this time: Pitt can reload while there are still guys worth getting, without having to pick thru the bargain basement or castoffs from the Island of Misfit Toys.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.04.12 @ 4:19 pm

Chryst, unlike Graham, actually DOES have family in Wisconsin.

So, if he leaves, I can’t totally begrudge him for going back to his actual home.

But damn… NOT AGAIN.

Comment by Jimbo Covert's My Dad 12.04.12 @ 4:20 pm

How about Sid and Marty Krofft for co-coaches!!!

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 4:20 pm

Lets start throwing out all those fun names again…

Tim Lewis
Sal Sunseri
Russ Grimm
Tom Bradley
Johnny Majors III
Bill Cowher
Teryl Austin
Todd Graham II (Todds second cousin moved to monroeville and penny wants to be closer so Todd grabs for a big raise to coach his “dream job” panthers” again)

any other names I missed that get brought up every year in December when Pitt loses a coach?

Comment by Coach Ditka 12.04.12 @ 4:21 pm

Wardapalooza, Why do you think Bradley hire would be a joke. (i get the psu/pedo st. stuff)

Comment by DC33 12.04.12 @ 4:22 pm

If PC would go back to Wisconsin will the press and Pitt fans accuse him of being a scum bag like Fraud Graham?

Comment by oklahomeboy 12.04.12 @ 4:22 pm

I mentioned in an earlier post that Pitt should try to protect their head coach. The good news: there are a lot of head coaches looking for work. My gut feeling, Chryst is going to his alma mater. Steve better begin planning for a replacement. How about Sal?

Comment by MariettaMike 12.04.12 @ 4:23 pm

I will believe that he’s leaving when I hear it from his own mouth. Not until then. He’s not going to lave via text message.

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 12.04.12 @ 4:24 pm

i think so long as he doesnt say dream job he would be ok

Comment by Dacs 12.04.12 @ 4:26 pm

QUICK – Someone call Wisconsin and tell them what a great job O’Brien did this year.

Comment by pghFred 12.04.12 @ 4:27 pm

Coach Ditka:
Tony Dorsett
Dan Marino

Comment by steve1 12.04.12 @ 4:27 pm

Oh, and of course, Coach Ditka!

Comment by steve1 12.04.12 @ 4:27 pm

Chryst was born and raised in Wisconson. His family lives in Wisconson. Alverez the Wisconson AD is his best friend. Their wives are best friends. Chryst played HS football and then played for Wisconson. It is his dream job and no-one expected it to open up.

Chryst will be gone by Friday.

I love Tom Bradley for the next Pitt HC. He will go no where.

Comment by Dan 72 12.04.12 @ 4:28 pm

Brian Schottenheimer. And he can bring Marty (Pitt 1965) as DC.

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.04.12 @ 4:29 pm

Tom Bradley will never coach college football again.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.04.12 @ 4:29 pm

How ’bout former Pitt assistant Jon Gruden? He was sniffing around Tennessee last month (the Vols, not Titans), why not here. I’d hand him a blank check.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.04.12 @ 4:30 pm

DC33, I’ve talked about Bradley a bunch before on here during the previous 3 coaching searches (wow that hurts to type). But basically it comes down to this, Bradley is a lifetime assistant coach who only coached at PSU and had no motivation to go elsewhere. That’s not the pedigree of a good head coach. And it’s not like PSU was a juggernaut when he was coaching. They hit their peak in the 90s. So it’s his resume more than anything that makes him unacceptable without the PSU stuff. But then you add in the fact that PSU sucks and the pedo stuff that’s way more than enough. There is no way he had no idea about the pedo and if he was truly clueless I don’t want that dim of a guy to run the program.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 4:33 pm

Cut out the Bradley talk already. He is so radioactive the UN is forcing him to relocate to the Chernobyl containment dome.

Comment by Chuck Morris 12.04.12 @ 4:35 pm

Would not be surprised if Chryst coaches the Badger’s in the Rose Bowl. Alvarez knew what he was doing using Pitt as a farm club for Wisconsin.

Comment by MariettaMike 12.04.12 @ 4:35 pm

All kidding aside, this is a tipping point for Pitt football.

If Chryst leaves, so will our recruits and potential recruits for years to come.

Comment by steve1 12.04.12 @ 4:36 pm

Thanks == good answer == logical

Comment by DC33 12.04.12 @ 4:37 pm

I don’t believe this.

We can’t play a Compass Bowl without an Interim Coach.

Jeff Long (Arkansas AD) must hate us.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 4:39 pm

Sal Sunseri? No way is that dude a viable candidate. He’s done a horrible job at Tennessee. They are 109 in team defense and at one point they were historically bad this year:
link to

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 4:40 pm

Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring.

I promise not to leave within 12 months.

Promise :-)

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 4:41 pm

I have a feeling Wisconsin may end up with Charlie Strong..

i just read an article about Sunseri talking about how important it was that Pitt would actually have a coach for consecutive years, and then comes this…

But if chryst does stay it could be huge, it would show a huge commitment to the program and maybe he could snag a few transfers, or sway clement into coming back 😉

Comment by rhyno527 12.04.12 @ 4:41 pm

Stevie destroyed the Pitt football program when he fired Wanny that day. It was the day Pitt football died. And, I’m no big Wanny apologist either. If Chryst does leave, Stevie must be fired, a new replacement found and then that replacement and that replacement alone should find the next coach. No BS search committee. Find the money. Find a big time coach. Pitt ties or not. But, a coach that can recruit in ACC territory.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 4:42 pm

Sal was the acting head coach for one game between Hackett and Walt. He coached against Hawai’i. Pitt lost 36-23.

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.04.12 @ 4:42 pm

I believe most of the “scum” bag, came from Fraud leaving, not telling his players the situation and not telling them goodbye, and saying he had to take a flight that morning, ASU wanted him there immediately, like it couldn’t wait a day or two.

Even with that said, ya, I’ll be disappointed in Coach Chryst.

Not at him per se, but the overall coaching carousel in college athletics, that allows coaches to just bolt on a contract.

Why even use the word contract in anything anymore??? There’s no such thing.

Just drop down to club football, move to the wolverena and end this farce!!

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 4:47 pm

So, who do you guys think is going to be the interim coach for the Compass Bowl?

Comment by Jimbo Covert's My Dad 12.04.12 @ 4:48 pm

If Chryst leaves, time to CLEAN HOUSE. I know Nordy and Cochran are prepping for retirement. I’d accelerate that. I’d fire Pederson. Hire from outside, no internal promotions. Dont be cheap. Come one Pitt.

Comment by pittbluegold 12.04.12 @ 4:49 pm

no to bradley.
but i think pc stays in spite of the wisky opening. won’t use creative language and sentence structure if i’m wrong.

keep calm
hail to pitt

Comment by pittkeith 12.04.12 @ 4:49 pm

If Chryst leaves one of the assistants who is left will be interim coach and maybe new head coach. Anyone for continuity?

Comment by frank MD 12.04.12 @ 4:49 pm

Wanny had to go for two reasons: 1. the team was running wild off the field and was highlight in SI and 2. the team wasn’t showing up to play on the field. The subsequent hirings were the failure and that’s why Pederson should be fired.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 4:50 pm

Who said it was Groundhogs day with the Compass bowl…
spot on!!! lmao…

Sal Sunseri is available!!!

Comment by Joe D 12.04.12 @ 4:53 pm

20K fans, 45K gold seats. compared to 80K fans in red and white jumping up and down most of the game. Plus a million or so more a year. Plus hometown, plus alma mater…

If he’s offered, and stays, he’s immediately a Pitt cult hero!!!

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 4:53 pm

This was posted at 4:19 yesterday by Dacs.

“Man I thought you were going to tell me Bielma sp? left the badgers abd they were coming after PC! That I feared, this I love!”

Who are you Dacs and why do you hate Pitt football? If (when) Chryst leaves, the program is toast.

Comment by PittStadiumShuffle 12.04.12 @ 4:54 pm

Bring back Wannstedt as AD and let him hire a PITT guy.

Or let him have both jobs until he wants to hire a PITT guy, like Terrel Austin or Tim Lewis or Alex Van Pelt. Somebody who want leave in less than 12 months. This is ridiculous.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 4:55 pm

I know Pederson is a lightning rod for a lot that goes wrong at Pitt but how would Chryst leaving be his fault. No way anyone could have predicted this event. And besides, a few moths ago many on here were screaming Chryst was in over his head and that SP should be fired for hiring him!

Comment by Pitt90 12.04.12 @ 4:55 pm

The Curse of the Compass Groundhog Day Bowl

I wake up every first Saturday of January in Birmingham at 9am

No Andie McDowell beside me and no Pitt Head Coach.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 4:58 pm

If Chryst stays, those of you in the Pittsburgh area go out and buy season tickets NOW if you don’t have them.

I live 1,000 miles away and even I’ll pledge to make it home for 2 games per year if he stays.

Comment by Jimbo Covert's My Dad 12.04.12 @ 4:58 pm

On the FAN after everyone was talking about the prospects of losing Chryst, they asked Chris Peak what he thought would happen. His comment was that he thought they would not go after Paul Chryst. He went on to say that Wisconson may leave him alone and go after someone already established, with more head coaching experience. None of us really know if that will happen, but it certainly sounds good to me.

Comment by Justinian 12.04.12 @ 5:00 pm

I’m having a really difficult time staying calm right now. A stiff drink will be in tall order when I get home tonight. But, the sooner Chryst responds the better. If he plans to interview, then say it. If he does go back to Whisky, the sooner the better in order to facilitate Pitt’s coaching search. Just don’t string Pitt along. I can understand the reasons for leaving. I can also understand why I’m experiencing another panic attack.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:02 pm

I just sent an email expressing my support to and came back undeliverable.

While i believe PC will stay this is scary as the first thing that gets done when someone leaves is deactivate their email.

Comment by giveitarest 12.04.12 @ 5:03 pm

Ahhhhh, Andie McDowell!!!

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 5:05 pm

Emel, I would like to second your motion, to offer Dave Wannstedt the AD position. I don’t think he would take it, but I am sure the thought of pushing Steve Pederson out the door would give him a bit of a smile. Dave understands college football and always was good with alumni and area coaches. Oh yes, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t he a Pitt guy.

Comment by Justinian 12.04.12 @ 5:08 pm

“Are you off to see the Groundhog?”

“Didn’t we do this yesterday?” “Don’t mess with me, Porkchop!”

Yes TX, drinking time.

Comment by pittbluegold 12.04.12 @ 5:08 pm

Pitt must have angered the football gods in some way. Rotten luck and results of this magnitude for this long have to be influenced by some unseen force. You can’t really flip a coin and have it come up heads 95 times in a row. This is insane.

Comment by Jeff 12.04.12 @ 5:10 pm

TX Panther, where are you in DFW? I recently just moved from the Burgh off 35W north of FW.

When do you guys think we should expect PC to make a statement or if he stays quiet is that bad news bears?

Comment by tedsptman 12.04.12 @ 5:13 pm

I think JoePa is in league with Satan. There can be no other explanation for these events.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:14 pm

The WVU board just announce Chryst accepting a job at Wisky… lmao

Comment by Joe D 12.04.12 @ 5:15 pm

If Chryst leaves we are toast we are fucked
let us hope he does the right thing and stays
at Pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.04.12 @ 5:16 pm

Somewhere in Arizona, Graham is laughing his ass off.

Comment by Joe D 12.04.12 @ 5:18 pm

yes Justinian.

The main advantage of hiring DW is his unlimited source of coaching contacts.

Which would have to be a prerequisite with any future AD at PITT. :-)

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 5:21 pm

Hope Pederson has Butch Jones on his speed dial.

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.04.12 @ 5:23 pm

From ESPN:
The two logical replacements for Bielema both accepted head coaching positions within the past year. Paul Chryst served as Bielema’s offensive coordinator for seven seasons before he got the opportunity to become the head coach at Pitt this past off season. Dave Doeren…

Wisconsin could commence a national search to find the right coach that would mesh with the school’s traditional style and system. Kent State head coach Darrell Hazell, Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco, Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart and Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton are coaches that would bring a smashmouth offense with an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball.

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.04.12 @ 5:26 pm

Hey what date in December was it when DW was forced to resign.

The Curse of Wannstache lives

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 5:26 pm

So how much cash does Stevie need to offer PC to stay after a 6-6 season?

Comment by TonyinHouston 12.04.12 @ 5:28 pm

You people are nuts. Many of you on here have been calling for Coach Chryst’s head (here’s to you, Joe D). Now there’s a possibility that he may go, and now you’re pleading for him to stay.

I’d go if I was him. He’s from there. He’s an alum. His best friend would be his boss. And most importantly, he would be dealing with a better fan base.

It’s the yinzers who frequent this site that are causing Pitt football to die. You all constantly complaining about whomever the coach is, rather than supporting him. Well many of you didn’t support him this year, so this is what you end up with.

Comment by hacky3 12.04.12 @ 5:28 pm

It’s either that (and btw it was on a Tuesday afternoon) or this:

“Senior quarterback Sunseri thinks Pitt football’s future bright”

Read more: link to

This is known as the Sunseri Whammy

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 5:29 pm

Pitt football:

“Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.”
—Robin Williams.

Anybody got some good jokes?

Comment by Gas 12.04.12 @ 5:29 pm

I think the vast majority on this site supported Chryst and were willing to give him time to get better at recruiting and game day coaching. Steve Penisson is causing Pitt football a long and painful death.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:31 pm

Does anyone think Brooks Bollinger would be ready for a had coaching job. Seems to on that path but I think it’s too early. We need to make a splash with the hire if goes that way. Don’t have time for a coaching project. Although it might be time to give Teryl Austin a shot.

Comment by Wd 12.04.12 @ 5:32 pm

If I remember correctly, Chryst’s contract has a huge buyout… I mean huge…

Chryst even talked about it at his opening pressor. He wanted an HC so bad, he told them in interviews to write it into the contract… that was his way of beating out Cristobal or others in the interview process.

It may cost Wisky $5million to buyout Chyrst… and if they were not willing to pay Bielema to stay… they are not going to cough up those bucks.

Comment by Joe D 12.04.12 @ 5:32 pm

Chryst will be out by the end of the week. Wannstedt anyone? I told you..he’s the best we can do. Best 3 year run since Marino, top 15 classes, another coming in before we fired him.

Comment by TonyC 12.04.12 @ 5:33 pm

OK lets cut all this Chryst is leaving BS – you guys are making me nervous AND I just bought my bowl tickets last night!!!!

Comment by Pitt it IS 12.04.12 @ 5:34 pm

Q: What do you get with a 500 record and a Compass Bowl invite?
A: A new Pitt football coach.

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:34 pm

Bielema is pretty smart to get out while on top.

Wisconsin is never going to go to 3 straight Rose Bowl games again.

Brooks Bollinger,,,,NO

We just went thru, “On the job training” with PC.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 5:35 pm

I’ve been critical of Chryst but I never said he should be fired. And I’m pretty sure no one has ever said he should be fired. Basically, he needs to prove himself as a head coach. That being said, Chryst leaving would be bad for the program, too many coaches in too many years.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.04.12 @ 5:37 pm

I’ve noted this before.

But it bears repeating.

Apparently when you play in the Compass Bowl,
it says that your program is in one of these 3 states:

Either in a Directionless State
Was in a Directionless State
Or will be in a Directionless State

Ie. As in Need of a Compass

Figured you wanted to know 😉

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 5:41 pm

I know that it is his school, his hometown and where he worked for 7 years. But Chryst knows all the crap that the Pitt kids have been through. They trusted him. Pitt gave him a chance to be a head coach. If he leaves these kids, he is lower than Todd Graham. He is lower than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean. I think he is a man of character and that he will stay.

Comment by Houston Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:43 pm

Chryst will do what is best for his family so we hope he makes it soon so Pitt can move on.

Comment by frank MD 12.04.12 @ 5:48 pm

Leading candidates to replace Bielema at Wis: Todd Graham, Barry Alvarez, Darrell Bevell, Cam Cameron, Butch Jones, Jon Gruden

— Dré (@Andy_Fenelon) December 4, 2012


Comment by tedsptman 12.04.12 @ 5:53 pm

Just saw that commits Tony Harper, Luke Maclean and Scott Orndorf are tweeting Coach Chryst isn’t going anyway>

Comment by giveitarest 12.04.12 @ 5:54 pm

isn’t going anywhere

Comment by giveitarest 12.04.12 @ 5:56 pm

time for a single malt!!!!!!!!

Comment by giveitarest 12.04.12 @ 5:56 pm

Buy out clause too high? Whisky wanting a coach with more experience? I hope Chryst stays and doesn’t put the kids through this again, but I don’t blame him for pursuing his dream job. But, how has that worked out for Howland?

Comment by TX Panther 12.04.12 @ 5:59 pm

At the risk of dodging more overripe tomatoes: can somebody please explain to me how it’d be Steve Pederson’s fault if (TBD) Paul Chryst goes home to accept his dream job, or why SP should be fired for it?

Any more than it wasn’t Jeff Long’s fault that Ben Howland took the UCLA job, saying at the time it was the only job he’dda left Pitt for?

Yes it would be nice for PC to hang around for awhile. But let’s be HONEST honest: it’s not like dude went 11-1 and just missed the NCG. At least two of our six losses lay right at his feet due to his OJT (bonehead QB or not): Syracuse and UConn. And maybe Notre Dame too (that run up the middle instead of setting up for the missed FG was boneheaded too).

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 12.04.12 @ 5:59 pm

Well it won’t be Steve Addazio. After two seasons at Temple, he’s going to BC.

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.04.12 @ 6:07 pm

Man this sucks. Well there’s a lot of reasons for Paul to stay. But there are a lot of reasons for him to go. Bottom line…and I say this in all seriousness…it’s probably going to come down to what his wife wants him to do. Hopefully she made more friends in Pittsburgh than Penny Graham.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 12.04.12 @ 6:10 pm

Joe d good call about the buyout. I forgot about that.
I wouldn’t care if he leaves besides the impact on recruits and continuity. He hasn’t proven anything. Maybe a few years from now after the next wisky coach fails and PC is leading the Pitt charge back to glory he will leave.

Comment by KRF 12.04.12 @ 6:10 pm

In other news…

Pitt +3.5 against Ole Miss.

Comment by Mailman 12.04.12 @ 6:12 pm

I’ve been one of PC’s harshest critics, but I just did send him an email. Well that was 30 minutes ago so it must have got delivered.

I’d be shocked, what with him being an alum of UW and having played QB there and basically built their offense the last 6 to 7 years and less than 12 months removed from Madison, that he would stay.

On the other hand he doesn’t seem like the type that wouldn’t honor his contract. We shall see if there is any sanity left in college football.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 6:15 pm

I’m not expecting HCPC to leave but, if he does, Steve P ought to assemble a blue ribbon committee of former Pitt greats – Ditka, Marino, Dorsett, May, among others – to find our next head coach.

Comment by Pitt Dad 12.04.12 @ 6:16 pm

@Imma Man
Steve gets canned because he isn’t making Pitt an attractive place to coach (if PC leaves) and because he isn’t hiring people who WANT TO BE HERE. Add the fact that we, the fanatics, will not stand for this downward spiral, nor will the $$$$football alumni.

The Chancellor will step in and do something fincially to secure PC staying.

If I’m up in Madison, I’m looking for an experienced coach with accomplishments. People like Al Golden (UM is gonna get massive sanctions and he knows it) or a variety of NFL coaches would probably all be a better choice.

Comment by ClarkLotTgate 12.04.12 @ 6:17 pm

Buyouts are meaningless. $5 mil is chump change when you are expecting a huge payout from a revised TV contract.

Comment by Chuck Morris 12.04.12 @ 6:18 pm

I think it comes down to Wisconsin and what other options are available for them. If they offer, he’s going. I dont however think he is a shoe in for the job. This is a one year head coach that managed just 6-6 in the weak ass Big East and lost to Youngstown State at home. Now granted he had to deal with the Tino factor but still no excuse. It was obvious though that the more time Chryst and Bollinger got to work with Tino the better he got and who knows what they could do with real talent at the QB slot?

This is just more bad luck for Pitt football. The one job that we know for sure Chryst would desire and unexpectedly it opens up after his first season. Somewhere in hell JoePa and Bill Stewart are having a good chuckle over this one.

Comment by Coach Ditka 12.04.12 @ 6:20 pm

There is absolutely no reason for PC to stay other than he feels bad. This is a no-brainer for him.

Comment by Chris 12.04.12 @ 6:23 pm

I just hope this doesn’t drag out for a Month, because I just read Bielema wants to Coach Wisky in the Rose Bowl.

Which means UW might not name a replacement till AFTER the Rose Bowl.

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 6:30 pm

Well, hot damn, I’ll be a monkeys uncle!!!

And here, I thought it was 30 years of lousy to mediocre at best football, a constant coaching carousel, and AD that quits, then gets rehired after being run out of Lincoln before he ruined one of the most storied football programs in the country, countless mis-hires etc. etc.

And here, I find out, the demise of Pitt football is because of 30-40 guys b.s.’ing on a sports blog about Pitt??

I mean, I’m sure Chas has hundreds if not thousands of people looking in, but, there’s a core of 30-40 regulars who post.

Hot damn, I didn’t know I was so powerful.

Another thing, as a Chryst supporter, I can honestly say, I haven’t seen anyone calling for his firing. I’ve seen some question some calls and things like that during the year, afterall, that would be the norm and expected on a sports blog.

And, almost everyone on here, has season tickets. There’s some older fellas, and some with some illness’ that can’t get to the games. That’s understood. Some that live in Ga., SC., Ca., Tx. etc. etc that can’t get to the games, understood.

But, a majority of us go to the games.

Hell, some would call us the die hards and thank God that we even exist for this university and football team.

Others say, we’re the problem. mmmm, huh.

Learn something new everyday.

Comment by Dan 12.04.12 @ 6:31 pm

click your heels 3 times turn in a circle 3 times
and say chryst is not leaveing chryst is not leaveing what the hell it worked in ozz.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.04.12 @ 6:41 pm

Me too Marietta Mike. Me too.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 12.04.12 @ 6:45 pm

I’ve felt all along, every single time I read one of Dan or EMEL’s posts filled with twisted humor, that these were potential coach killers, but I never thought they could bring down the whole program.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 12.04.12 @ 6:50 pm

Hey if PC leaves, this guy just became available:

Frank Spaziani,

IKR haha

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 7:02 pm

The Spazstache is the only one who can remove:

The Curse of Wannstache

(ongoing since Tuesday, 12/7/2010)

Pitt football did get Pearl Harbored that day.
A day that will live in infamy !

Comment by Emel 12.04.12 @ 7:18 pm

Arkansas will regret the hire. Bielema would not have sniffed the RB this year had OSU and PSU not been on probation.
His record has steadily gotten worse as his recruits take root.
With Meyer in his division, Wisky is on the short list to mid tier. He had mass detections from his staff.
To win at Arkansas you have to recruit out of state talent. Not as much as needed in WV, but not far removed.
He will do best in years 2 & 3 when kids recruited by petrino mature. After that it will drop off.
He is not anywhere near Saban, spurrier, miles or even Richt as a coach or recruiter.

Comment by SFPitt 12.04.12 @ 7:25 pm

Whoa! Hold your darn horses people!

Paul Chryst preaches integrity, building trust and developing these young men as football players. We all know he’s interviewed for HC positions in the past and Pitt is the U who gave him his first chance.

1. Do you think he’s happy with his job performance? I think he did his best but he grew as a HC and I think he knows he will keep growing here.
2. I think he has far more intestinal fortitude than Fraud and he’ll walk the talk he preaches, commitment.
3. After this ridiculous musical coaching carousel don’t you believe he everyone across the country would belittle him worse than Fraud for jumping ship? Well, perhaps the early hominids from Mountain queer U might be laughing but his character would take a very serious hit.
4. Everything I’ve heard about PC is he’s happy here at Pitt. Sure, we all know he wants to coach at back at UW someday but is he really ready right now?

We all graduated from a great university rich in tradition. I never made it to UW but I bet Pitt has a great deal more to offer. I’m from the other side of the state and was completely surprised with Pittsburgh the first time I visited and decided this was the U for me.

Have faith!

I bet PC does the right thing.

Comment by JD 12.04.12 @ 7:28 pm

Excellent points SF Pitt: if I’m PC’s agent, I say to consider Wisconsin’s conference position carefully before leaving a program after one solid C+ year, in terms of your career 5 years down the line.

The reality is, Wisconsin will have a HC opening again, probably in 3-6 years. They have lost all their minor league talent development to other positions, so there’s no easy internal solution, for hiring. And, considering whomever is hired will lose 2-3 times a year in conference, strong coaches who don’t need the leg up shouldn’t consider the role- unless they need money and/or a position fast. It’s a short term pay out now, to be fired in a few seasons, if you can’t figure out how to beat Michigan, Ohio State and/or Penn State consistently, starting in 2014. It’s tripping up the ladder otherwise.

I would advise Chryst to use the time he committed to Pitt, to strengthen his coaching skills, so he develops his own abilities to get hired in his dream job, so he can excel in the role, in 3-6 seasons, after this hire fails. He’s young enough where he can wait out this coaching cycle & take the position with more experience under his belt, for more money over the long run.

And then, he looks like a good guy now, staying at Pitt.
And Chryst gets to be a returning alumni hero a few years down the road, in a better position to negotiate for more money, for the same job. With more experience to actually do a good job for Wisconsin- and they won’t have to pay out his Pitt contract at that time.


Comment by Rieur1114 12.04.12 @ 8:45 pm

FRANKCAN, you have me laughing. Lets keep those ruby slippers away from PC. Don’t want to hear any “there’s no place like home” chants from the HC office. ….

Comment by Bossdaws 12.04.12 @ 8:51 pm

Wow….210 posts on the script?

Comment by Jackagain 12.04.12 @ 9:03 pm

EMEL, I hope you begged PC to stay, and asked for the return of the script and blue and yellow!

Comment by markp 12.04.12 @ 9:24 pm

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