December 1, 2012

Open Thread A: Detroit-Pitt

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There’s just no way to avoid one game or the other. Well, I could watch the basketball game and not check e-mail, twitter, texts and everything else for the roughly two hours. But that just isn’t realistic.

Detroit is the third team from Michigan that Pitt will play in the first 8 games. The Titans are only 2-3, but it looks like a good 2-3. They lost by only 3 to St. John’s. Miami beat them soundly, but Miami is actually a pretty good team this year. I expect them to give Pitt a game. Especially since PittĀ  will be trying to work on getting the ball inside.


It was Robinson and Wright that McCallum lit up. They did better in the second half, mostly thanks to team efforts. Woodall is not a great defensive player by any means, but he’s not a liability. He’s a solid contributor when he plays in control and doesn’t try to do too much. Managing his minutes along with the other guards is still a work in progress because he brings attributes the others do not.

Zanna at center and Moore at power forward seems to be Dixon’s preferred late game frontcourt.

Comment by SilverPanther in NYC 12.02.12 @ 1:03 pm

I agree that offensively Woodall can do some good things but defensively is completely another issue. He is a defensive mismatch any way you look at it. Small guards his size just blow right past him. He is too small and weak to guard athletic shooting guards. One of the big issues last year was that Woodall and Gibbs could not man up on anyone. Pitt suffered when they had both of these guys in there at the same time.

Comment by Floyd 12.02.12 @ 1:17 pm

I think Pitt plays better when Woodall is NOT on the floor… you can see it. Especially when Woodall is playing the SG position… it’s like watching last year where players seemed to just pass to Gibbs to take the shot… now they are passing to Woodall.
However, Woodall as backup PG is fine…
I just have a problem with Woodall as SG…
Robinson is a great PG… for a frosh.. wow.

Comment by Joe D 12.02.12 @ 1:17 pm

Im fine with Woodall at sg…i’d rather have him there than at the many turnovers..i love the development of!! Roinson is sooo good, can you imagine when he develops a 3 point shot??..what do we do with Adams?..He doesn’t even look comfortable out there

Comment by Keith 12.02.12 @ 2:11 pm

was at the Pete too. As guards go, Robinson is the best overall we have. With Cam, you get good D but very limited O. Trey is inconsistent, but kept us in the game in the first half with his shooting. Their quick guards blew by him on D. Robinson is so clutch. Very poised, confident for a true frosh. Durand Johnson hit two nice shots last night and continues to improve. Much better outside shot than penetrator.
The disappointment last night was with Adams and Dante. Need more RBs from those two. Talib bounced back from a shaky start to star. His block at one end and 3 pt play was a key sequence. and he was making his FT! As noted, Jamie went with JJ and Talib down the stretch and it was his best 4-5 combo. Detroit was very physical and hacked away all night. The intentional foul on JJ was a mauling.

Unlike our FB team, this team comes from behind and wins. Jamie makes great adjustments and our depth gives him alot of options. A good win against a physical team with a very good guard. Will need better play from Adams/Taylor once the BE schedule starts and we see better bigs. HTP

Comment by Bossdaws 12.02.12 @ 2:13 pm

and…this team is gonna be real good next year!!

Comment by Keith 12.02.12 @ 2:14 pm

Joe D
What is it in Woodall’s game that causes Adams and Dante to omit rebounding and scoring from their games?

Comment by SFPitt 12.02.12 @ 3:27 pm

Woodall’s playing 30 min per game, second in scoring and first in assists. Unfortunately, he hasn’t resolved the situation in Egypt, stopped the North Koreans from developing missiles, and resolved the NHL lockout. Other than that and a poor outing vs. Michigan, he’s certainly pulling his weight so far. You can see it.

Comment by SilverPanther in NYC 12.02.12 @ 4:25 pm

Woodall is fine as a PG…
but not as a SG…
He can’t play defense as SG… he is 5’11 going against 6’2″min SG’s…
and when he plays SG… the team just stands around and doesn’t play the same when he is not SG… reminds me of last year with Gibbs.

Comment by Joe D 12.02.12 @ 5:27 pm

@Joe D
Woodall tends play defense with his upper body as if he were playing low, so he loses the first half step.
But whether he plays SG or PG, he will still be matched up with someone on defense. If Dixon wanted, he could put Trey on the center, so call me crazy but isn’t a solution to have him defend the the lesser threat of the opposition?
I see so much else in his game to make him a starter, that while I agree he is not our best defender, he is one of our best players.
But let’s see how the season goes…I see him better at playing off the PG as they tend to pass first, but if the PG is a penetrating guard and the scorer is a spot up shooter, then maybe he plays the spot up shooter.
But considering all around play and the fact that Robinson, while giving every sign of being a curt general of the highest order, has not yet played 10 D1 games, I am going to stick with Trey.

Comment by sfpitt 12.02.12 @ 7:47 pm

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