November 28, 2012

ACC Takes Louisville

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Oh, lord the expansiopocolypse just keeps rolling. Let’s start with the latest and work backwards to Tulane.

There was a sense of inevitability that the ACC was going to take another team after Maryland decided to depart. In theory, the ACC could have stayed at 13 for football and 14 everywhere else with ND. But, that just isn’t how expansiopocolypse works.

It seemed that UConn would be the obvious choice. Actually on the East Coast. With BC’s obstinate AD Gene DiFillipo retired, that barrier was done. Including Hartford, Connecticut actually gives UConn a bigger TV market than Louisville. Better academic ranking. All the things that go into present-day conference realignment.

Plus, when you put UConn in there with Syracuse and BC, there’s a strong argument that the ACC would have some real market penetration in both NYC and Boston — at least insofar as there is interest in college sports in those markets. Cable outlets like SNY might be much more inclined to align with ACC interests with both Cuse and UConn part of the package — especially since they will have to worry about YES becoming aligned with Rutgers and the Big Ten.


Louisville is simply the stronger athletic program. The grumblings from Clemson and FSU (and VT as well) have been quite loud about the need to improve the football in the conference. Louisville offers that along with a great basketball tradition. Additionally, there is a clear and very firm commitment to the athletics.

Plus, and this is important, Louisville may not have been there when the ACC would have needed them if they waited.

A source with knowledge of the ACC’s discussions said a big reason that the ACC moved so quickly to add Louisville was that the Big 12 was interested as well.

“This is a unique reset moment,” said a person with direct knowledge of the move. “Schools that weren’t in the mix may come into the mix. Some schools on the sidelines now seem more relevant, especially if we going to start about 16.”

The ACC has also been also contacted by UConn, USF, Cincinnati and Navy. None of those schools are being sought after by other leagues, meaning that if the ACC moves to 16 schools there’s no rush to add one of them now.

That wasn’t the case with Louisville.

Last year when the ACC invited Pitt and Cuse, the Big 12 (or at least the Texas mouthpiece) was making a bit of noise about being interested in Pitt. If the ACC had grabbed Cuse and UConn (or even Rutgers as an example), there is no doubt that Pitt would have had no choice but to go to the Big 12. That played a role. The ACC couldn’t count on Pitt being there in the next round of expansiopocolypse the same way they could with UConn. Maybe not the deciding factor, but another check on the Pitt side of things over UConn.

That was a definite factor once more. And once more UConn got left behind.

UConn is relatively isolated geographically in terms of other conferences. Given the shifts it is conceivable that they could still end up in the Big 12, but unlikely. The ACC or Big East are their only destinations. UConn could wait last year. And when the ACC decided it wanted to replace Maryland, it quickly realized it could still wait on UConn.

Now this should be one more chance for the ACC to fix the divisions alignment. Virginia Tech will object but the chance to geographically fix the divisions.

North: Pitt, Syracuse, BC, VT, UVa, Louisville, Wake Forest

South: FSU, Clemson, GT, Miami, Duke, UNC, NC St.

Assuming the “protected rivalries” are kept for a 6-1-1 schedule, VT could still get Miami which could placate them a bit.

Of course there was greater urgency from UConn, Louisville and Cinci to somehow get out of the Big East. After yesterday’s news of adding Tulane in all sports and East Carolina in football only.

A move that not only smacked of desperation all around, but further drove home the point that the Big East simply lacks other options to bring to their conference.

Villanova fans are bemoaning all the “what ifs” dating back to when the Big East tried to get them to move to 1-A football at the same time UConn did so.

USF fans are wondering what the hell their AD and president are doing.

Cinci fans are out there somewhere.

The basketball schools are doing the math and grimly reaching the same conclusion that was there last year. That they still need even the crappy football-side if they want to make any money. That going off on their own is still not financially viable

i applaude the choice to take louisville. it appeared their academics would prevent their inclusion to the acc. but they have shown that they are committed to athletics. bball is terrificand footballkeeps getting better. and the big 12 was sure to take them. i’ll bet both uconn and cinci will be available if the conference decides to add more teams.
(hate this work machine. it doesn’t like the space bar. or maybe i should get back to work.)

keep calm

hail to pitt

Comment by pittkeith 11.28.12 @ 10:31 am

The next move will be… the Big East catholic schools creating their own league.
Big East basketball has gotten watered down with the recent addon’s of mid-majors.
Teams such as Georgetown, Villinova, Seton Hall, St. Johns, etc will have a tough time recruiting and their basketball programs will go downhill. Time for them to leave now.

ACC just got stronger as Louisville is an upgrade to Maryland in football and basketball.

Comment by Joe D 11.28.12 @ 10:32 am

Um..yay? Is this good or bad – who even knows?

Does academics matter? proximity? basketball as opposed to football? I thought football was everything today. I know tradition and rivalries are stone dead.

If I understand the situation correctly, all that matters is ratings. No wait it’s not even that – it’s the number of cable-bundle packages that can be pawned off in a given market? Is that right?

This is all pretty dismal. Makes it hard to be a fan of college sports.

Comment by BATR 11.28.12 @ 10:33 am

ACC should just go to 16 teams now..that’s where all this headed.

So now that the Big East is going to become third rate…does Madison Square Garden cancel their contract with BE for the BE tourney and thus open the door to the ACC tourney coming to NYC. (It couldn’t before 2016 though since next 3 ACC tourney’s are in Greensboro).

I serious doubt the ‘new’ BE is going to sell out MSG or be anything like the past tourneys. (Big Ten could even try to play there tourney there now.) With Barclays arena in Brooklyn now the BE can move across town.

Comment by milobloom 11.28.12 @ 10:40 am

Hopefully this keeps Strong around Louisville. The ACC had a BAD year. It’s all about perception these days, and we need to help raise this conference’s profile. It’s on US. We can be a good team, we need to become consistent! ACC has the potential to have 5 to 6 ranked teams a year. It needs to happen or it will forever be in trouble

Comment by Timmeh 11.28.12 @ 10:47 am

I can’t see them agreeing to that North/South division alignment. Too unbalanced

Comment by Jamie H 11.28.12 @ 10:58 am

Louisville is the right pick and a decisive move done with the correct timing by the ACC to counteract the decision of Maryland to go to the Big 10. This will prove to be a strategic move that will only further strengthen the ACC in the long run.

Football pays the bills but just look at the quality of this conference now when basketball is considered. With Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville now in the mix for BB, will the Refs have to rethink the way they call ACC games. These three teams are going to bring a more smash mouth BE style of play into the conference for sure. Move over Duke and NC, you’re going to have some company showing up at the top of the BB heap in the near future.

I’m really looking forward to the move to the ACC if for no other reason than I now feel that we are going into a conference that actually knows how to run their business. Maryland shows their hand and just like that the ACC trumps that move by grabbing a better future fit for the conference in Louisville than Maryland has been.

There is NO argument in looking at the TV market or the fan support between the two either. I live in Northern VA and Maryland gets no respect from the major TV and newspaper outlets down here. They are on the par with other schools like Georgetown, Howard, American and George Mason and even get less press than schools like VaTech and Virginia when it concerns the football programs. Maryland’s fan base is also non committed and are much more aligned by the pro sports in town with the Redskins and the Wizards support being far superior to that of the Maryland fan base.

I’m just glad to be leaving the Big East before the lifeboats are launched. Now with both Rutgers and Louisville gone and other schools reconsidering their previous decisions to join and then Notre Dame’s also abandoning the BE, it is just a sinking ship.

No offense to either school, but bringing in East Carolina and Tulane is nothing more than the first signal flare being fired by the BE leadership before the ship actually goes down.

Now I’m sure who I’m rooting for to win the game tomorrow night between Rutgers and Louisville. Go Ville!

Hopefully, now we can refocus on what is important THIS week for Pitt football. Beat USF!

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.28.12 @ 10:59 am

I agree with milo, acc should just get ahead of the curve and get to a solid 16 teams while there are still some decent options available out there. I wouldn’t mind seeing Uconn and/or Cinci in the ACC. Both have good academics, solid basketball and football teams that always seem to beat Pitt so why not snag them now?

Comment by Coach Ditka 11.28.12 @ 11:02 am

Dr. Tom, one of the things that I like about our new conference is how swiftly they’ve acted in all of this realignment bullshit. Maryland leaves on Monday and the next day the ACC picks up a better team. The Big East and its stooges are still trying to strategize how to recover from the ACC raid in 2003. i am so glad to be done with that weak leadership and constant threat of teams leaving and losing the football bcs bid.

Comment by Coach Ditka 11.28.12 @ 11:06 am

You got that right Coach!

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.28.12 @ 11:19 am

This is indeed a huge upgrade for the conference. As Chaz pointed out the big dogs get a football schedule boost, and the country’s best basketball conference just got even better. Oh and a huge win for Louisville too. They are already profitable, even with the paltry sums that the current Big East contract is paying out. The extra millions from the ACC will go a long way to sustaining their sports excellence.

Now lets see if Pederson can parlay our extra millions into some sustained success as well…

Comment by Atlanta Panther 11.28.12 @ 11:41 am

I seriously have to wonder why any C USA school would accept a BE offer knowing that it is falling apart…?

Comment by JoeP 11.28.12 @ 11:42 am

Smart move, beat the Big 12 to the punch, Big12 and Louisville have been flirting since this expansicrapola started.

I don’t think jumping to 16 so quickly is the smart play.

I believe Cincy, and definitely UCONN will be there in the future if we need them.

Big10 isn’t going to take either to get to 16. If the Big10 is ever going to 16, they’re thinking of trying to raid the ACC, or if wanna go west Kansas and KSU.

Big12 could think of Cincy down the road, but now that Louisville (their top choice with BYU) is off the table, I don’t think Texas will want anyone, unless, again, it’s a raid on the ACC.

Getting Louisville and making Maryland pay as much as lawyerly possible are the big items now.

Comment by Dan 11.28.12 @ 11:44 am

Not a fan of the North/South alignment. I like being in with some new teams and fresh faces personally.

Comment by Dan 11.28.12 @ 11:44 am

It’s hard to say this but I feel bad for UConn. Their academics are getting better, but a mediocre football team and an academically-challenged basketball program sans Calhoun probably disqualified them at least for now.

Comment by steve1 11.28.12 @ 11:51 am

What happens when FSU leaves for the Big 12? I eventually see the ACC as the Big East 2.0. Miami, Clemson and Va Tech could also bolt. Am I being pessimistic or practical?

Comment by Brian 11.28.12 @ 12:20 pm

I’m happy about this. ACC got a school that people might watch on TV, rather than a school that happens to be surrounded by a lot of TVs.

Comment by Chris 11.28.12 @ 12:23 pm

More reason to root for Louisville to beat up on Buttgers and Sponge Bob SchianoPANTS’ leftovers.

And on another note – it’ll be nice to make return visits to P.T.’s gentlemen’s club in Louisville. Not to mention the Louisville La Quinta Inn and the downtown White Castle which both rank as top establishments to visit for “hospitality”.

Comment by Flip2Script 11.28.12 @ 12:24 pm

Yes, but does Louisville actually have a better football program than UCONN? I guess the potential is there, but the Cardinals have been a bottom feeder since Petrino left. Last season they started showing signs of life, but Heck, they just lost to UCONN last week.

Comment by Chuck Morris 11.28.12 @ 12:29 pm

Why would FSU, VTech, and/or Clemson leave the ACC.
There chances of winning Big12 is slim to none…
Wheras… there chances of winning ACC is 50/50. Look at WVU and what happened to them when they go and play BigBoy football…
The fans in the stands will start to diminish when they start losing… then count the extra money it will cost for ALL teams in all sports to travel alll over kingdom come… The more money from the league would be offset by higher costs and less income from attendance.

Comment by Joe D 11.28.12 @ 12:30 pm

Hardly an innovative or bold move on the ACC’s part. If the ACC wants to make a stand and show that its a destination confernece and not just the future BE, it needs to go after another college from either the B10, ACC, or Big12. To do this they have to (1) get ESPN to pony up and increase the ACC’s per team TV revenue to be more competitive, and (2) re-open negotiations with ND and say they are either “all in” or “all out”.
If ACC allows ND to keep all their NBC TV revenue in exchange for forfeiting its share of any ESPN football revenue and also allows ND to keep all their bowl revenue and forfeit their share of the ACC’s shared bowl revneue, in exchange for going “all in” including football, I bet ND takes the bait.
If ACC somehow gets ND all-in, it now becomes the predominant confernece and will be one of the big 4 conferences with 16 teams. Now, the ACC looks like the odd man out with the B10, Big12, Pac12 and SEC surviving.
Swafford better grow a pair and start thinking outside the box or in 3 years Pitt/Syr/Lou will find themselves in the same place they were when they abandoned the BE. As much as I dislike ND nation you don’t need R2D2 to tell you they are the ACC’s only hope.

Comment by Taxing Matters 11.28.12 @ 12:30 pm

Louisville takes Maryland’s old spot and
Pitt’s crossover rival. The north-south split
feels too much like the BE vs the ACC. It
is important to avoid that senario.

Comment by JR 11.28.12 @ 12:36 pm

If academics and TV market size are secondary, invite the Hoopies back to the ACC. Their are a geographic fit and have a better athletic program than any of the remaining available schools. I’m curious how the Big 12 TV share per school compares with the ACC. If its better, why would Louisville join the ACC if the Big 12 was also courting them?

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 12:37 pm

Louisville wins the prize for the first double upgrade: CUSA->BE->ACC.

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 11.28.12 @ 12:42 pm

There is a big difference with courting and an actual invite. The Big East is a sinking ship, and teams want out. At least the ACC took a football team in hopes of keeping FSU and Miami happy. If the courts rule the 50 million dollar exit fee is a penalty, which is likely, the ACC is in trouble. I see the Florida teams ending up in the SEC and Big 12, and Va Tech and Clemson moving on also. The ACC should not rest at 14. It should try its hardest to entice a game-changer from another BCS league and go to 16. Why delay the inevitable? Notre Dame isn’t joining…

Comment by Brian 11.28.12 @ 12:47 pm

Louisville is a good addition. ACC football has a long way to go but the hoops will be ferocious.

Instead of putting down the new Big East, we should root for their success, at least those of us who have decried the greed of Jim Delaney, Notre Dame, Texas, etc. A basketball league with Cincy, UConn, Memphis, Temple, and Georgetown will still be good.

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.28.12 @ 12:59 pm

That’s Delany not Delaney.

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.28.12 @ 1:00 pm

Big 12 TV contract averages $20 million per school per year, ACC is $17.1 million per school per year. Good point Brian – perhaps the Big 12 was never really serious about Louisville.

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 1:01 pm

The Big 12 (er, 10, whatever) is actually the conference in trouble…the PAC 12 can only go east to get to 16 and who are the only worthwhile programs between them and the Mississippi River – Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech) the SEC may also pursue the same teams from the east…

I think that the ACC made the best move available to them at the moment…and I too would like to see WVU added to the ACC when the Big 12 collapses…it makes geographic sense and would upgrade the football profile of the conference without compromising basketball or other sports…

Comment by Leaseman 11.28.12 @ 1:01 pm

How do we the ACC didn’t allready re-visit Notre Dame and the all in???

I doubt FSU, Clemson, Miami or GT will be going to the SEC… Florida, South Carolina and Georgia will not allow another team in from the same state.

To the Big 12??? More likely than SEC.

Comment by Dan 11.28.12 @ 1:04 pm

I’m okay with Louisville replacing MD, but as a DC region resident I am pissed not to be living in an ACC market now… I actually feel bad for UConn, but appreciate the quick decision making by the ACC leadership.

And most importantly, I’m feeling very happy and relieved that Pitt is not still aboard the Titanic that is the Big East…

Comment by CJK 11.28.12 @ 1:09 pm

I don’t think the ACC will lose any more teams. The money difference between the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 is not that great. My guess is that ESPN steps up and closes some of the payout gap between these leagues. I just don’t see the Big 10, who does pay each team big bucks, going after any ACC schools.

Comment by HbgFrank 11.28.12 @ 1:11 pm

It will be funny to hear what little Ricky Pitino will have to say now.

Since he thought losing Pitt & Syracuse wasn’t a big deal to the BigEast in basketball. And that Temple & Memphis brought as much to the table.

Hope the Zoo remembers when little Ricky comes to town !

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 1:15 pm

There’s like 9 new schools entering the BIgLeast in the next couple years. It’s like a collection of drunken sailors being Shanghaied.

And just like those Shanghaied drunken sailors, they have no idea where the SS BigLeast is headed.

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 1:19 pm

Fully agree with this move by the ACC. It was exactly for the reasons you stated, UConn will always be there in the future. I am also thankful we will be in the ACC and not the Texas dominated Big 12. Still ambivalent about the Notre Dame to partial ACC member though.

Comment by John In South Carolina 11.28.12 @ 1:30 pm

I disagree with the premise that ND is never joining a conference. If we assume 4 conferences with 16 teams is inevitable and a playoff between winners of those conferences, ND will have no choice. Agree with you, ND won’t voluntarily join, but I believe they will ultimately be strong-armed into it.
Also, if you assume the 4 conference arrangement for basketball (with ACC dropping its stupid concession to ND), then ND finds itself adrift with no chance for a meaningful game for most of Dec through early March when conference schedules kick in. TV won’t pay for ND basketball games against no-name teams willing to fit them in.
Ultimately, I believe ND falls into a conference, why not the ACC?
I think that is why the B10 will stay at 14 until ND chooses. I hate that ND has the power that they do, but facts are facts.

Comment by Taxing Matters 11.28.12 @ 1:33 pm

IMO it won’t go to the 16 team SuperConference alignment until Texas decides what they’re going to do, go out west to the PAC 12 or do they expand the Big 12 (10).

Actually by taking L-Ville, the ACC might have put two of their teams in “play” if the Big 12 decides to go to 12. So I hope that isn’t the case but L-Ville is no longer on the chess board.
And that also probably eliminates Cincy for the Big 12, as they would have been the stable mate for L-Ville.

So just as taking ND off the chess board prompted a response from the conference that desperately wanted ND, that being the BIg 10. This latest move might prompt a response from the Big 12.
Like going after FSU & Clemson, ouch !

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 1:34 pm

If academics and TV market size are secondary, invite the Hoopies back to the ACC. Their are a geographic fit and have a better athletic program than any of the remaining available schools. Iā€™m curious how the Big 12 TV share per school compares with the ACC. If its better, why would Louisville join the ACC if the Big 12 was also courting them?

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 12:37 pm

I would imagine the Big 12 ran the numbers on adding L-Ville & Cincy and it didn’t significantly increase the revenue for each school.

If you remember the Big 12 wanted PITT, before WVU because we are still a Top 25 TV market and of course because of our glorious history in Football and recently basketball. šŸ™‚

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 1:44 pm

I still think if Penn State or Texas joins, the Domers will go all in. I’d like to see Penn State, Texas, and Vandy get invites before Cincy, UConn or WVU.

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.12 @ 2:27 pm

Emel, I was thinking the same thing when I read this. What will spew from Ricky P now?

Comment by Barvo 11.28.12 @ 2:30 pm

The stumbling block before with Texas + 3 going to the PAC 12 was the LongHorn Network, as the PAC 12 wasn’t going to go for that. I think they wanted it as a regional 3rd tier shared with Texas Tech.

From what I’ve been reading the LongHorn Network hasn’t exactly been a big success, (as of yet) as only 3 million or so ATT cable subscribers have signed on.

The key to ACC survivability is dependent on what Texas does. It either goes out West (PAC12) with her 3 consorts to become the PAC 16 or it stays put and expands the Big 12 (which has only 10 teams, lol). But the Big 10 has 14 now and the BigEast is only eastern in name(Boise State, Houston, SMU, Tulane, San Diego State, Memphis) and mainly basketball, this is as crazy as the country and the world have become. Oy Vey !

Sports is a reflection of society, I think someone once said.

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 2:51 pm

Little Ricky Pitino will just come out and do coach speak, be overwhelmingly in support of the move, and never even mention his words before.

As for the Zoo getting on him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think after Little Ricky’s sex romp in the restaurant, with a wife and kids at home, I believe Smug Smile Steve came down and addressed the zoo before the game to remain honorable and classy.

I don’t know, screwing a bimbo at a restaurant table with a family at home, maybe a little public ridicule wouldn’t be so bad.

That’s just me though.

Comment by Dan 11.28.12 @ 2:51 pm

The ACC won’t be safe until they figure out a way to generate significantly more revenue. I don’t think that is by redoing the ESPN contract.

They need to form some sort of network. Pretty difficult to do given their lack of overall football appeal, but maybe something can be worked out with the ND -NBC/Comcast deal plus a way to poach PSU.

Highly unlikely and never going to happen, so let’s see what the next big move is.

Comment by Nabil 11.28.12 @ 3:15 pm

Of course though the SEC would still need two schools to get to 16. That would be easier if the Big 12 fell apart with Texas + 3 leaving.

SEC could then add Kansas & K State (as they’re a package deal I believe) and would give Mizzou back her big rival in Kansas. Plus those 2 would bolster SEC hoops. Also keeps the SEC from poaching the ACC.

Now for who the Big 10 (14) takes to get to 16, that is a large question mark.

Schools still left on the chessboard would be:
Iowa State
Plus a whole consortium of teams at various stages of entering or exiting the BigEast lol

Can’t see the Big 10 being interested in any of these schools listed above. Which means they’ll probably do some more poaching. Do they go west or south or maybe even east again ? Not much out west to poach. Maybe they take Baylor & TCU to get the BTN into Texas, as actually these two schools have better football programs than RU & Maryland and Baylor is very good in basketball now as well. But as we’ve seen with the Big 10, it’s cable subscribers they’re interested in and would Baylor & TCU be able to get the BTN on basic cable in Dallas, etc. Seems far fetched.

Be interesting to see how this all plays out.
Nerve racking but interesting !

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 3:35 pm

Some interesting stats behind the money grab that is conference re-alignment. Annual per school TV $ in millions:

Big 10 – 24.6 (note Rutgers and Md only get partial $ for 6yrs)
PAC 12 – 21 guaranteed, up to 30 possible
Big 12 – 20 (+ Longhorn network for Texas)
ACC – 17.1
SEC – I’ve seen everywhere from $15-20, but renegotiating currently, and creating upgraded SEC network; will easily be at the top when all said and done.

Avg. Viewership 2011-12 seasons (in thousand):

CONF. Hoops. Football Total
SEC 1,272 4,447 5,669
Big 10 1,496 3,267 4,763
ACC 1,247 2,650 3,897
Big 12 1,069 2,347 3,416
Big East 1,049 1,884 2,933
PAC 12 783 2,108 2,891

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 3:58 pm

Sorry the numbers ran together on that post…

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 3:59 pm

@Iron Duke,

Wow the PAC 12 commissioner based on those numbers (which are behind those of the ACC in football) did an incredible job on getting those number$. Also based on those numbers ACC outdraws Big 12 in football as well as the PAC 12.

I think he put it out to bid, which is something the ACC didn’t do, I believe. And I believe the Big 12 put theirs up for bid as well. So that begs the question, why didn’t Swofford put the ACC contract up for bid ?

Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 4:33 pm

One word – Raycom

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.12 @ 4:39 pm

I think the ACC should do nothing else at this point. I don’t think any of the other conferences pursue any of the teams remaining in the Big East (these teams will always be there). To prevent the Big X, SEC or Big XII from poaching the ACC in the future, the ACC has to figure out how to get ND and another big fish into the conference. If they can convince ND to go all in, they will be able to lure a Penn State or possibly even a Texas. But ND is key.

Comment by Floyd 11.28.12 @ 5:12 pm

I enjoy these posts, but those who think the ACC is simply going to pick up Penn State, Texas or ND are hilarious. Never say never, but why would any of those schools join the ACC? Notre Dame will hold out forever, and the fact the Irish will play in the national championship game will provide them with evidence that they do not need a conference. If things are headed to 16, which seems inevitable if the experts (whoever they are) are right, the ACC is in trouble.

I would still rather be Pitt and UConn, but I have to wonder if the Panthers would have been better off jumping at the Big 12 like the Hoopies did. I would hate to see the ACC become the Big East with a new name.

Penn State and Texas joining the ACC?!? Maybe the conference can add USC, Oregon, Florida and Ohio State too…

Comment by Brian 11.28.12 @ 6:13 pm

I meant to write “Pitt than UConn.” Fail.

Comment by Brian 11.28.12 @ 6:14 pm

I guess I was one the last to hear about the ACC decieding on Louisville. THIS MUST REALLY PISS OFF THE WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS! Particularily after that stupid WVU blog rant detailing the colapse of the ACC. I thought the ACC moved rather decisively. They got the best football-basketball combination available, that still worked geographically. They added a school that is an up-grade over Maryland in both of the major sports.

Comment by Justinian 11.28.12 @ 6:20 pm

Chas,I don’t think I can pronounce EXPANIOPOCOLYPSE!

Comment by Justinian 11.28.12 @ 6:27 pm

As I posted yesterday, all the ACC Presidents signed on to the lawsuit against Maryland in obtaining the $50 Million exit fee, even Florida State.


Comment by Emel 11.28.12 @ 6:50 pm

I was surprised to see the ACC with better football viewership than the PAC 12 and even the Big 12. Really, other than the Big 10, the ACC has the most attractive combo of football and basketball (yes I know BB doesn’t matter for TV $). I don’t what this all means, but it seems that there is no reason for the ACC to a) have the smallest per school TV revenue and b) be in a position to lose teams to other conferences other than maybe the SEC.

Comment by Iron Duke 11.28.12 @ 7:05 pm

Don’t be shocked if the ACC goes after one of the Texas schools. And as far as the Big 12 payout, they were able to take the money vacated by Missouri and Colorado and add it to the pie for the remaining 10 – the contract they have keeps the money the same unless they went to less than 10 achools – which is why WVU got in so fast.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 11.28.12 @ 7:36 pm

omg…this basketball confrence is sick!!!

Comment by Keith 11.28.12 @ 8:11 pm

How soon before we see the qualifier “now defunct” as we describe the Big East?

I like the Louisville move to ACC…as an Indianapolis resident, I can make the short drive down I-65 to watch Pitt when they play the Cardinals.

Comment by Lou 11.28.12 @ 8:34 pm

Emel – your point about the presidents is very very important. I don’t think any of them would vote to go after the full $50 million from Maryland if they were looking to get out themselves. That would just be stupid. I am not as worried about losing teams anymore. Anything is possible, but I think the only conference we could lose FSU or Clemson to is the SEC, and since they already have a presence in those states, I think the SEC will look elsewhere. People underestimate the travel costs a move to the Big 12 will cost FSU and Clemson as well.

Comment by Mac 11.28.12 @ 8:45 pm

I agree that the whole Penn State to ACC talk is crazy, but the speculation is fun.

I guess the best argument is this- PSU is going to feel the full brunt of the sanctions over the next 4-8 years. Maybe time for a change of scenery and the opening of a new era. If you can get ND as well, you have a conference that is stronger than the Big 10 and can ultimately be just as profitable in a new TV deal.

Maybe Tennessee would feel the same way and consider a jump to a conference it can better compete in, so long as ND was in. Knoxville is only 3.5 hours from Clemson, 4 hours from VT, and about 5 to 6 hours from all 4 tobacco road schools- Duke, UNC, NC State and Wake.

Comment by Dan35 11.28.12 @ 9:48 pm

ND is only going to join either the Big X or the ACC. ND will be forced to join one of these conferences sooner or later in order to have a place for all their other sports. We will see if ND is really committed to the ACC if and when the ACC’s premier football schools start to be courted by the Big X, Big XII or SEC. Maryland was only a loss from a perspective standpoint (casts a shadow of vulnerability but no real damage to the conference). ND will not want to be a part of a watered down ACC just like they wanted no part of a watered down Big East. If ND does not move into the ACC when there is a real threat to losing the Florida and/or Virginia Schools, then we will know that all that talk about the ACC being a better fit then the Big X was a bunch of smoke and mirrors. ND will be resigned to moving into the Big X at that point as the Big X will hold all the cards and only accept full membership as ND will not want to move all their other sports into the Big XII (only other option). It will be interesting to see how this will all play out. And if ND picks the ACC, a big time dance partner will follow. It won’t be Cincy or Uconn.

Comment by Floyd 11.28.12 @ 9:50 pm

Just found this old article speculating about possibility of Tennessee to ACC. The more I think about it the more I think this is the best possible target for the ACC. Though I admittedly don’t know jack about the TV money ins and outs, which coincidentally happens to be everything in this new era…

link to

Comment by Dan35 11.28.12 @ 10:38 pm

If you remember Notre Dame’s AD was highly critical of Pitt and Syracuse for leaving the Big East. They were fine with the Big East, because it provided a conference for all the non revenue sports and allowed them to remain an independent in football, while giving them the opportunities to play in the eastern metropolitan areas where they have large followings. They stayed as long as they could. When things with the Big East fell apart, the ACC provided the next best thing.

Comment by Justinian 11.28.12 @ 10:43 pm

Precedent has been made. I agree with Joe D. (sound of trumpets blaring).
The BE Catholic Schools need to move for their own good. Grab X, Dayton, maybe even St. Joes and Duquesne from the A10 and you have a generally cohesive league. Pretty damn good one too.
As for the ACC, I still shoot for the stars and court PSU. But I will take UC and UCONN. I like the way UCONN’s Prez responds to things. She has chutzpah.

Comment by SFPitt 11.28.12 @ 11:14 pm

If academics are less of a priority this round over athletic commitment, makes you wonder what would have happened if WVU had not made the panic move to the Big 12. They might have been asked to the ACC this round after all!

Comment by JCE 11.29.12 @ 8:36 am

I couldn’t see Tenn leaving the ACC. I like the idea of working with ND to get a NBC deal for the ACC if possible… not sure given contracts with ESPN, but clearly they need to show that they can generate more revenue.

Comment by JoeP 11.29.12 @ 9:37 am

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