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November 27, 2012

Open Thread: Howard-Pitt

Filed under: Basketball,Open Thread — Chas @ 5:28 pm

In something of a sign that Pitt is catching people’s fancy (or that the NHL lockout has some media outlets starved for extra content), a game that would otherwise be subject to only being available on the Comcast-Pitt channel in Western PA (Ch. 188). A game that is a pure patsy game. This game is being picked up elsewhere. SNY (NY/NJ area) and TCN (Philly) are going to offer the game tonight at 7 pm.

This should be an easy win for Pitt. Howard is 1-5. They have lost to Gardner-Webb, West Carolina and Lincoln University (Pennsylvania). Expect a lot of substituting and I will be shocked if any of the starters play more than 25 minutes.

Ben howland has been getting some ellite talent lately,how’s that working out? Dixon is a very good coach and the best pitt has ever had, I am more concerned with how we do overall than how we ‘develop elite talent’. We could have hired calipari and I am glad we didn’t.wait and see our day will come.

Comment by michael g miles 11.28.12 @ 1:22 pm

This is just another example of selective amnesia. Forgetting what might counter a pet theory but cuddling tight that which supports it. Chris Taft, Dejuan Blair, and Levance Fields were all major recruits that had superb collegiate careers. Taft’s injuries sidelined his potential, but Blair was an All-American and is in the NBA. Fields graduated as the winningest player in school history at the time and captained the team to the Final 8. James Robinson is a highly touted recruit in his own right. All of these guys started or played and contributed significantly as freshman. And frankly in regards to Adams, he was recruited and signed long before he was on anyone’s radar and it has been in fact because of Dixon’s interest and invitation to play in the United States that Steven has been put in a position to garner the attention he has- camps and a short prep school season. Good on him. But it’s been consistenly noted that his natural athletic ability is his prime attraction. And more to the point, learning to play in a motion offense and learning how to play team defense under Jamie Dixon are considerably better preperation for an NBA career then being let lose to hog the ball and chuck it up.

Lastly, from a pure basketball perspective (not tailgating football dumbspeak) let’s open the floor for someone to come in and explain how an offense works so that an individual can dominate the system and not be “held back”. Please provide examples and explain how the other four players fit into the scheme.

Comment by SilverPanther in NYC 11.28.12 @ 2:09 pm

Fellas, easy on FRANKCAN, he has admitted his typing skills are not up to par with how fast his thoughts go.

One of Pitt’s most loyal sons. Give him a break.

Comment by Dan 11.28.12 @ 3:38 pm

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