November 26, 2012

The details of Trey Zeigler’s DUI are still unknown. The consequences, however, are. Zeigler is suspended indefinitely following the incident of Saturday night/Sunday morning. Not really surprising. This suspension was a no-brainer.

“The incident involving Trey Zeigler is not only surprising, but incredibly disappointing,” Dixon said in a statement. “Although I believe it was out of character for Trey, he has been immediately suspended until further notice. Trey has expressed his deep regret to me and understands and respects the importance of accountability for one’s actions.”

Zeigler also issued a statement that reads: “I want to apologize to my family, the University of Pittsburgh, my teammates and coaches and the entire Pittsburgh community. This is not indicative of the kind of person I am, nor the kind of person I want to be.”

This is the first incident where Zeigler has gotten in any sort of trouble like this. It was a big screw-up, and hopefully his only one.

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Pitt’s in the top 25!

Comment by PantherP 11.27.12 @ 12:09 pm

Granted its only the ESP top 25, but we are also on the cusp in both the AP and USA today polls.

Sorry — i know polls are sort of silly this early but dont have anything to add to the Zeigler conversation or about Howard.

Comment by PantherP 11.27.12 @ 12:11 pm

Geez. Who knew there was such a wealth of legal knowledge on this board! Anybody know a good real estate/land development lawyer in the ‘burgh who can offer some advice to a group of pissed off suburbanites dealing with a zoning thing, please let me know!

Comment by Carmen 11.27.12 @ 12:14 pm

@Joe D
Ohio Northern is located in Ada Ohio. Known as “oh no U!”
Decent school but judges are elected not selected on merit in PA state courts.
Write your state legislators if you want to see that changed.

Comment by SFPitt 11.27.12 @ 9:13 pm

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