November 23, 2012

Open Thread: Consolation NIT Game

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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It’s been hectic, but no major family dysfunction that spilled into the open. No resulting fights or ongoing passive-aggressive behavior that makes everyone miserable.

No real chance to get to a recap. And now there is the early afternoon game on ESPN at 2:30 or so.

Hopefully no lingering hangover from the close, but no cigar loss on Wednesday. The Blue Hens beat Virginia to get to MSG. They gave K-State plenty to fear.

what pitt needs is a shooter or two, who are also ball security specialist. we have the makings of a good, and sometimes very good ball club. however, travon woodall is a human turnover machine in big games and he has the ball alot in those games which is a recipe for defeat. I know some of you will point out his assist to turnover rate and how good it is , check it and watch how it get worse as the competiton gets tougher. The whole pitt team aside from james robinson is very poor in ball consciousness. Pitt players continue bad habits under dixon that they did not do under howland, they get stripped after rebounds, too much, they passed the ball very unsoundly with careless one handed weak passes, and they give up drives to the basket like there opponent has cooties. toughen up pitt , or it will be another disappointment to a team you should beat in the tourney.

Comment by greg 11.24.12 @ 8:33 pm

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