November 16, 2012

A Sad End

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You may have seen the note at the bottom of the article on the O-line on Darius Patton being dead. Patton signed with Pitt in 2011. Patton was a speedy, undersized receiver expected to have a significant role down the line in FraudGraham’s offense. While he did see some action as a freshman, his most notable incident was collapsing in training camp — for reasons never disclosed. He left the team this past spring for –again — undisclosed reasons. The reasonable assumption being that he decided that he wouldn’t fit in the offense Chryst was running. Yet he did not end up at another school.

Sadly, it appears that it was a suicide.

The death was confirmed a suicide by Southwest Regional Police Chief Riley Smoot, who said police were called to the residence at 7:13 a.m.

The official time of death was 8:06 a.m. Mercer County Coroner J. Bradley McGonigle ruled the cause of death asphyxiation by hanging.

Patton was a 2011 graduate of Poland High School where he played football and basketball, and ran track for two years. Considered the Mahoning Valley’s top football prospect for the 2011 class, Patton earned a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

In his mother’s house, which had to be unbelievably tragic if she was the one to find him.

The reasons for his suicide are unknown. Obviously things have been a mess for him if he did not even transfer to a MAC school or YSU.

His father, who was a running back under Jim Tressel at YSU, is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute a variety of drugs. That wouldn’t help matters.

I AM A TOOL. Glad I kept watching. All heart.

Comment by TonyC 11.17.12 @ 9:29 pm

TonyC, what no further comments? Dan72, pathetic commentary. How about that “astounding loss” care to comment!!!

Comment by TMG Panther 11.17.12 @ 9:34 pm

As a MD resident I cannot believe that MD can come up with 50 million to leave ACC. They just dropped several sports because of money. How can they compete in B10. B10 must be willing to fork up the 50 million maybe but that is a big mistake. I just attended a MD football game and the crowd (like Pitt) was maybe 20,000.

Comment by Frank MD 11.17.12 @ 9:40 pm

I eat my words. But I’m glad you knew we would win the whole time. I was 100% wrong and I couldn’t be happier

Comment by TonyC 11.17.12 @ 9:46 pm

I never saw the maryland thing comeing that knocks me on my ass.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.17.12 @ 9:58 pm

well the ACC will take u conn they are the only team that fits.
and once agein the big east will take it in the shorts they will be down 2 teams agein.
so were does big east go next

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.17.12 @ 10:08 pm

But does UConn really fit? Would be taking an academic hit, but don’t see another option.

Comment by panther94 11.17.12 @ 10:16 pm

I think the ACC will look at several other teams, not only CT.

Comment by Frank MD 11.17.12 @ 10:24 pm

Interesting tidbit on the Maryland rumors…

link to

In this post dated for this past Tuesday, Kevin Plank – UMD grad and UnderArmour CEO – is selling some 1.3 million shares of UnderArmour stock. As this post mentions, if it was sold at market rate last week, the shares were worth about $65 million.

The timing is interesting, and it’s touched off tons of rumors that Plank may have sold the stock to help foot part of the bill for the conference move. Nothing has been confirmed and even if this was the case, Plank may still draw tons of criticism for it because as Frank MD noted above, University of Maryland just dropped a number of other sports.

Comment by Stoosh 11.17.12 @ 10:25 pm

we will have fun with this who will be the big east next 2 teams who takes maryland place in the ACC
Academics plays a large part in who gets in the ACC that is why L VILLE wont be brought on board.
but U CONN has no major tv market.
i think chas or reed needs to give us a new post for this subject.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.17.12 @ 10:44 pm

Actually CT ranked high by US News but there is also Vandy, Tulane, NW, etc.

Comment by Frank MD 11.17.12 @ 10:56 pm

Heard UConn not an AAU school, which is important to ACC. I agree Frakcan, we need another thread, especially given what this thread was meant for.

Comment by panther94 11.17.12 @ 11:16 pm

panther 94 last year u conn was a aau school and
was rated all most has high as pitt did they lose there standing.
when pitt went to acc u conn and retgurs were the only outher schools ACC would consider.
so when did u conn lose it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.17.12 @ 11:30 pm

They say the Maryland chancellor is not on board, he’s an ACC guy. However, I guess the guy with under armour and the money talks.

What a shame. Really, I know it’s about the money these days.

60 years with Duke, NC, NC St Clemson, a lot of fantastic hoops years and rivalries, and some really good football years. (Yes, I know, not the past couple), but, they have had.

Now, Maryland vs. Minnesota, Maryland vs. Iowa????

How’s this move going to get them better???

The guy has allready thrown them all the money they need, hasn’t worked.

They’ll get a couple more million a year. How will that help??? Why doesn’t this guy just give them the 65 million he’s selling his stock for??

This really looks like one guy with money, running a whole sports department.

He allready ruined any sense of tradition with those hideous uniforms, that most Maryland fans don’t even like.

Guess you might as well just burn it all down!!!

That’s the way it is these days???

Ya, maybe, doesn’t mean I have to like it!!!!

Maryland vs Illinois???????

Comment by Dan 11.18.12 @ 12:04 am

MD to big ten.
RU to ACC.
Edge goes to ACC.
MD will be bottom feeder but they bring DC and Blt Tv sets.
ACC should bring both RU and UCONN.
espn did report Pitt loss. Maybe they can’t count.
Lastly…thousands of empty seats in Morganhole to watch the lousiest 50-49 game ever played.

Comment by SFPitt 11.18.12 @ 12:12 am

That last link was to show they weren’t in it in 2010 and the first is to show they’re not in it now.

Comment by panther94 11.18.12 @ 12:21 am

Although, I see now that many current ACC schools are not members.

Comment by panther94 11.18.12 @ 12:44 am

I think the wvu and Oklahoma game was a awesome game to watch that came down to the wire.

Comment by Upittbaseball 11.18.12 @ 1:25 am

I rather have Louisville in ACC over uconn but hope md stays to build a local rivalry .

Comment by KRF 11.18.12 @ 7:07 am

After last night, it looks like we took the #1 football team to overtime. Let’s all show up Saturday and try to create a home field advantage – weather should be good, senior day, ranked team – there’s no excuse!

Comment by KeyboardKev 11.18.12 @ 9:29 am

chas or reed we need a new post to deal with this

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.18.12 @ 9:29 am

If the ACC really wants to play hard ball … let MD go and try for PSU and Navy. PSU has been a Big Tenwelve outsider since they’ve been in the league and even more so now after the reprehensible actions that have come to light. PSU may want a fresh start.

PSU and Navy both fit the academics and together make up the loss of MD’s geographical patch. Basketball would take a hit but football would improve. With the addition of Pitt and ‘Cuse, the basketball in the league will still improve overall. UCONN does not bring much to the table in my opinion in either sport. Football does not have a natural recruiting ground and once the Calhoun ties to the basketball program fade you have to wonder if it will still succeed.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 11.18.12 @ 9:41 am

Any chance of getting the Pitt basketball team to speak to the football team prior to the Rutgers game on Saturday concerning playing hard until the final buzzer?

On another note, Tavon Austin is wearing the correct number on his jersey. I have not seen such a dazzling combination of speed and juking since the Dorsett days. Austin runs for 344 yards, WHAT?!?!?!? Now the down side of course is that WVU still lose the game in the whaning seconds and then the final slap in the face for Tavon is that Montel Harris, from Temple no less, runs for 351 yards, WHAT, WHAT!?!?!?!?!? AND SEVEN TDs to eclipse his performance. This morning, Austin doesn’t even get any headline press for his efforts in the Washington Post down here in DC because of Harris’s numbers. See it could be worst, we could all be West Virginia football fans. Win the first 5, lose the last 5, UGH.

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.18.12 @ 9:43 am

Anyone know how to access the last minute and overtime of the game? Followed it on my iphone, cried when ESPN claimed Pitt lost.

Comment by Gas 11.18.12 @ 9:50 am shows replays of the games..I watched the last 3 mins last night after I got back from the game….amazing’s a shame it wasn’t on tv because I don’t think people are going to realize how incredible the comeback was. Hillgrove called the most best he’s seen in 40 years of broadcasting.

Tossing Thabeets..PSU to leave Big Ten for ACC?? Only if they want to lose money…payout for Big Ten is 23 million+ per school…ACC is I think about 12 million per school…there is a reason Maryland wants to leave and might pay 50 million to do so.

Comment by milobloom 11.18.12 @ 10:10 am

@Tossing Thabeets….I was at the Penn St game yesterday and funny you mentioned that about grabbing Penn St because a lot of their fans want to move to the ACC. they think it’s a more natural fit and builds better rivalries. Penn St athletics is in a place where a move could be made if there was ever a time it would be now. I say go for it if Maryland leaves

Comment by Wd 11.18.12 @ 10:14 am

Not sure about that last minute, Gas, but well worth watching! Not sure who your Internet provide us, but I have recently discovered ESPN3 on my iPhone. It’s a separate app, and definitely works better over wireless, but what a great find for someone outside the greater Pittsburgh viewing area!

For all intents and purposes, is the Big East conference pretty much dissolved after this season?

Comment by Lou 11.18.12 @ 10:15 am

I don’t think there is a buy out for the Big 10 … the issue is the revenue from the Big 10 network and the connectedness of the academic research shared within the conference. Not saying it’s plausible or feasible but something to look at. I’m not the first to bring it up – it’s been discussed previously with conference expansion.

ACC is $50 million per school – just approved this summer. Md and FSU were the only dissenters.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 11.18.12 @ 10:15 am

… if the ACC got PSU, the ESPN TV deal would go up just as it increased with the addition of ND. Adding PSU may even convince ND to join full time.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 11.18.12 @ 10:17 am

9:30 pm Wednesday ESPN2 PITT – MI

Comment by Frank MD 11.18.12 @ 11:59 am

Chris Peak is reporting he spoke directly to Johnson who confirmed his commitment.

Comment by Hoopzebra 11.18.12 @ 7:38 pm

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