November 15, 2012

2013 Basketball Recruits Signed

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No official word from Pitt (yet), but yesterday was the start of the college basketball early signing period.

24/7 Sports is reporting (though the story is behind a paywall), that both Mike Young and Josh Newkirk have signed with Pitt.

Josh Newkirk also tweeted out a photo of his signing day late last night.

With John Johnson’s departure, Pitt will definitely have one extra scholarship available. Pitt is still pursuing center BeeJay Anya. Regardless of whether Pitt gets Anya or not, Coach Jamie Dixon has shown he won’t just sit on a scholarship for a year. So, expect it to be used for 2013.

Welcome to Pitt Mike and Josh!

Comment by longsufferingpittfan 11.15.12 @ 10:01 am

Pitt 247 also says they both signed last night.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 10:48 am

Glad to have them on board. Both appear to be solid players that will help Pitt in years to come. H2P

Comment by BCPITT 11.15.12 @ 10:52 am

Of the players pitt has benn recuiting.
there may be outhers we dont know abought there are not any highley rated big men to sign except BJ.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 10:53 am

Frankcan, who is BJ?

Comment by RayHpgh 11.15.12 @ 12:00 pm

Beejay Anya – Pitt recruit (DeMatha). I think a former team-mate of Robinson.

I believe he has crossed Pitt off his list though.

Comment by pittbluegold 11.15.12 @ 12:30 pm

Now… Pitt basketball is on the rise…
I would love to see Beejay Anya come to Pitt…
Pitt needs to replace J.Johnson with a “big”.. PF type preferably as I see 2 PF types playing in the ACC style of offense. And my definition of a PF is 6’8″, 240#, athletic and can run the floor.

Comment by Joe D 11.15.12 @ 1:00 pm

Anya narrowed his choices to Indiana and NC State a couple weeks ago (thereby removing Pitt from his list), but then Indiana announced that they were no longer recruiting him. That leaves NC State as the front runner, but since Anya has not signed yet, it is not clear if he is reconsidering his other “semi-finalists.”

Comment by Pantherman13 11.15.12 @ 1:33 pm

You’d think he’d want to play for PITT over NC State. Pittsburgh has it all over Raleigh as a city, there is no comparison.

Plus PITT is a much better, highly rated University than NC State, again not even close.

And we have his HS bud Robinson to feed him for easy hoops. And PITT has been head & shoulders over NCSU in hoops for a decade. They are always 2nd fiddle to UNC & Duke, even in their own city.

And we have Primanti Brothers, case closed.

Comment by Emel 11.15.12 @ 2:17 pm

Emel I feel bad like I’m picking on you but I am having trouble agreeing with you today…last I checked NC State has a top 10 basketball squad this year and will be looking to replace a SR. 6’8 forward next year.

I think Pitt gets back in the conversation, but if having Robinson on this Pitt squad was that big of a deal Beejay wouldn’t have chopped Pitt once before.

Comment by BCPITT 11.15.12 @ 3:00 pm

“my definition of a PF is 6’8?, 240#, athletic and can run the floor.”

I agree, but there aren’t many of these type of guys around.

Comment by pghFred 11.15.12 @ 3:21 pm

Here’s what I think: if Pitt ever recruits another 6′-3 PF who can’t dribble, somebody should be axed.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 11.15.12 @ 3:25 pm

Dixon is no fool.
Best Case: Adams stays through his soph year and turns pro. Meaning you had better get a C or big PF to sign this year. With Taylor graduating we would have 2 centers, and a guy we can play or redshirt.
Worst Case: Adams leaves after this year, and the only center we have is soph redshirt Gilbert, who’s played very little. We are then put into a bad situation with depth and we won’t be able to match up with any teams with size.

My guess is that Dixon will find a way to add a PF or C who’s 6’9+ to this class. That could mean a Juco or a transfer if need be. One way or another we can’t go into the ACC with Gilbert as our only Center.

Comment by ClarkLotTgate 11.15.12 @ 3:44 pm


I truly respect your opinions, however, in the case of NC State vs. Pitt it is not as easy as you make it out to be—

Yes, Pitt is better in the classroom, however, Anya might be going for an NBA degree, not a BA.

Yes, Pittsburgh is better than Raleigh, however, in Beejay’s eyes he might be looking at the beauty of the women in Carolina.

and…last but not least NC State is on the rise
in roundball and is surrounded with fans who would sell their kids for a winning season…they are NUTSO for basketball!!

Comment by isnore 11.15.12 @ 3:54 pm

Pitt is far superior to NC State.

Comment by Omar 11.15.12 @ 4:43 pm

here is the big man thing in a nut shell
good ones dont grow on trees you cant just say go sign a big man.
yes there are NR big men out there but they would not see the floor at pitt ever.
plus any player you sign will be one you have had contact with thru out the year.
there are SG that we have had been recruting all year.
and one who plays on a team with are top target for next year a 6 foot 11 center.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 4:43 pm

last year… Chris Jones out of NJ was out of no where… he didn’t have an offer until Jan or something like that..
I’d rather seem them try to get another PF type… not a center…
there are a few rated PF’s out there that have not committed.

For instance… Jordan Washington has an offer from Pitt and has not committed.
PF, 6’8″, 225…. from NYC… but playing at West Oaks Academy in Florida… 3star by Rivals

Comment by Joe D 11.15.12 @ 6:01 pm

Joe D pitt 247 is reporting that pitt is heavly
involved with a top 100 SG AT THIS TIME

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 7:40 pm

Dont get me wrong Joe D i to would like a big PF
but when i look at the landscape and go over the lists i see that they have been involved more with SG this year .

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 7:45 pm

The SG are jon severe
detrick mostella
rysheed jordan
they seam to be hot for detrick mostella at this time.
but have recrutied all 3 this year.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.15.12 @ 7:58 pm

Anya expected to announce for NC State tomorrow per Dave Telep.

link to

Comment by pitt1972 11.15.12 @ 9:47 pm

which former panther does Mike Young bring back memories of on this play?
link to

Comment by dish 11.15.12 @ 11:07 pm

dish – funny, but not good; he missed the dunk!

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 11.15.12 @ 11:35 pm

Yes, Pittsburgh is better than Raleigh, however, in Beejay’s eyes he might be looking at the beauty of the women in Carolina.
Comment by isnore 11.15.12 @ 3:54 pm

lmao, no way the women in Carolina are better looking than in Pittsburgh. There are very few nationalities represented down here as opposed to Pittsburgh and the Northeast as a whole. So it makes for very bland, all kinda look alike people all of basically 3 nationalities. Think Davis Love III. (for women with longer hair) So while the girls may be a little more tanner, there isn’t much variety. The girl I brought down here with me from Pittsburgh was by far the best looking girl ever seen in these parts. She would turn EVERY head in whatever restaurant I would take her in. And after being here for 20 years in the Carolinas I have yet to see any woman down here come close to her.

NC State might be on the rise a little, but with them it never lasts. So they’ll have a good season once in while then, have 4-5 mediocre or worse seasons.

PITT basketball has been one of the marquee programs in the BIg East for a decade. NC State is not a marque program in the ACC. Having a high preseason ranking for one year, (this year) doesn’t make them a marquee program. lol They’ve haven’t been marquee since David Thompson & Tom Burleson played way back in the mid 70’s and that team needed home cooking in the Elite 8 to beat Pitt in their championship year.

And don’t say Valvano’s team in ’83, as that team came out of nowhere to win it that year and were not thought of as a marquee program.

Can’t believe I’m arguing with other PITT fans (?) over whether PITT has a better basketball program than NC St. The record over the last 10 years speaks for itself. Not even close !

Comment by Emel 11.16.12 @ 12:34 am

With Mike Young being a Power Forward (great musical album by the way by Wayman Tisdale RIP, check it out), I would think Coach will be looking for a Center or a 2G. Since we’ll have Zanna & Young to man the PF next year. Adams will probably stay no longer for 2 years most likely, so you would definitely need another Center for 2014.

If Adams stays for 2013, you would have him and Gilbert, so you can Redshirt the new recruit. If Adams leaves after one season, then you have Gilbert and the new recruit to play Center. Optimally if you could find a talented enough player that could play both Center & PF, that would be the way to go. 2 Guard would then become a priority for next season’s class as Ziegler would be a Senior next year and unless Newkirk or Robinson develop an outside shot, they both are PG’s.

Comment by Emel 11.16.12 @ 12:59 am

NC State is the ACC’s version of WVU. Some kids like toothless women, moonshine classes, mediocre programs, and obnoxious fans. I guess BJ is one of them. Pitt can do better if a kid thinks this way. Wasn’t Pitt material anyway. Notice the State Penn complex rubbing off on me? Seriously, he if wants NC State, good for him. Jamie will find another.

Texas women on the other hand are hot. Yes, variety is lacking but quality is outstanding. NYC has the best however. That’s why a trip to the Garden is so much fun. Its Michigans first trip to the City. For Pitt, its like home. Watch Pitt to come out fast and furious. The Wolverines will be in awe for a while. I expect a close game with Pitt pulling it out in the end.

Comment by TX Panther 11.16.12 @ 7:35 am

SD Panther – I tried to overlook that he missed the dunk in the video! That part reminded me of Dante Taylor for some reason.

Comment by dish 11.16.12 @ 7:45 am

Pitt is definitely a better program than NC State. Not even sure why it is being argued. Lots of teams have a couple good years and then fall back to mediocre.

Was Pitt even heavily recruiting Beejay? Pitt had no open spots until a couple days ago.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.16.12 @ 9:16 am

Sad news about ex Pitt Panther football player – Darius Patton.

link to

Comment by winedogs 11.16.12 @ 11:14 am

Wardapalooza yes pitt would have signed him
before the players that they did sign.
but they found out he was looking a 2 outher schools.
so we signed who we did.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.16.12 @ 11:28 am

Thanks frank. So Pitt made a hard push for him? He said no and then they moved on. Makes sense.

Comment by Wardapalooza 11.16.12 @ 12:01 pm

I think people are misinterpreting the argument….is nc state even in the same league as a program past and likely futurelike pitt?? No!! Is Beejay worried about past and future??! Umm no he isnt!! he will be one and done he doesn’t want a great program to look back at 4 fine years, he wants a hot team to ride until he can make bank in the nba….

Comment by BCPITT 11.16.12 @ 12:42 pm

BCPITT–You may be correct about how Beejay Anya perceives things. But, he may be far from a one-and-done guy since he might not even go in the first round of the NBA draft. He won’t even sniff the lottery, IMHO. He is undersized at 6-8 for Center in the NBA and may not be quick enough for PF in that league. He will be lucky, IMO, if he eventually winds up about where D’Juan Blair has in the NBA.

Comment by pitt1972 11.16.12 @ 1:23 pm

What BJ might be looking at is this in the last 2 years counting this year.
they have signed 3 player who are 5 star and two who are 4 star that is some recruting may be he wants to be part of that.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.16.12 @ 1:32 pm

Rivals now lists both pitt players as signed loi

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.16.12 @ 1:40 pm

beej to nc state

Comment by steve1 11.16.12 @ 7:49 pm

DeMatha basketball standout BeeJay Anya will play for N.C. State. He averaged 13.3, 10.5 rebounds and 6.8 blocks last season.

Oh I thought he at least avg’d 20 ppg. They can have him. Cause those rebounding and block numbers will not be close to that against players his own size. Comparing him to Blair is a stretch, do not think he’ll come into the league as a freshmen with the ferocity of DeJuan. Haven’t seen many in decades that have !

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 2:56 am

So my bad, that was much ado about nothing !

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 2:57 am


Easy come easy go. Anya didn,t want Pitt. Why?
Who knows. NC State sucks as a program compared with Pitt over the last decade, however, he probably believes that he has a better chance for more playing time in his 1st year. Remember what I said Mr. Emel…BA degree NO!! Anya is thinking NBA.

Comment by isnore 11.17.12 @ 10:13 am

Hey guys we got a game tonight !

Against our neighborhood namesake to boot.

The Oakland Grizzlies. (last we played them in the Big Dance of 2010 I believe)

Took a look at their roster. Leading scorer transferred from Providence. Duke Mondy is a 6-4 guard averaging about 20 ppg. They have 4 players avg. in double figures. The 2nd leader scorer is a 6-5 Guard. So they have a very tall backcourt. Will be interesting to see how Jimmy R & Woody defend these guys.

They are 1-2, having lost to Boise State in their last game and LA-LaFayette in high scoring affairs. The Griz average 85 ppg, so this could be a track meet.

Let’s Go Pitt !

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 1:51 pm

Good info, Emel, thanks. We’ll see.

On SNY in NYC area.

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 5:13 pm

Maryland and butgers to the big ten. Wtf?

May those schools burn in the hottest hell.

Welcome uconn or louisville to the acc.

Comment by TX Panther 11.17.12 @ 5:45 pm

I highly doubt Lousiville would be on the radar

1 while the decent in football by ACC standards, they add little TV wise

2 They are removed from the ACC’s footprint

3 They don’t fit academically

UCONN would be a better fit of the two.

Comment by JoeP 11.17.12 @ 6:32 pm

UConn not in AAU, a probable dis-qualifier. I think MD going to Big Ten is stupid for both parties, geographically and historically. RU makes more sense.

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 6:41 pm

Uconn a better fit but louisville is very attractive at this point. Butgets will be a bottom feeder and will never deliver the nyc market. May Pitt put the gers up their but.

Comment by TX Panther 11.17.12 @ 6:51 pm

Buckeye and Wolverine subway alumni will be flocking to Piscataway

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 7:01 pm

Ugly first half. Playing not to lose.

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 7:48 pm

A Jamie Dixon offense is not built to come from behind. Got to let loose.

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 7:54 pm

Absolutely ridiculous that with all of the money that has graduated from Pitt, we have to put up with a football program that is behind Tulsa, UCF, UConn and Rutgers. And a basketball program that loses to Oakland f’ng Michigan. Dixon is an absolute disaster. His luck, and it has been luck, has run out. He has run out of assistant coaches to bail his incompetence out. It is Miller time.

Anyone that thinks the Butler loss was a fluke, please let this be your wake up call. We need a change, certainly someone that can compete in the
ACC. Dixon needs to go back to being Ben Howland’s lackey. He is terrible. The Dave Wannstedt of college basketball

Comment by PO'd Panther 11.17.12 @ 8:26 pm

WTF is going on.

Oakland has lost to Boise State and La Lafayette,
not exactly basketball powers.

Don’t tell me, this is going to start to slide downhill……….

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:35 pm

51-44, let’s go….6 minutes to go

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:36 pm is patterson doing shooting ..he’s O for the season…..oy vey

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:39 pm

gave up 2 layups in a row….!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:40 pm

F*CK…56-49..their Center is eating up Adams he has 19 points. OMG

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:42 pm

Why in the hell would the Little 11 want to split up their pie with Buttgers and Maryland.

Of course that would make sense why Buttgers is in 1rst place in the BIgLeast and ranked. Crap ass program that they ARE.

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:44 pm

dURAND Johnson playing during crunch time. Guy was the 10th man, not a good sign.

Comment by Emel 11.17.12 @ 8:45 pm

1st half shows how bad we can be when everyone shoots bricks. Rest of game shows how the game should have been played. HTP!

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 11.17.12 @ 9:15 pm

What fun!

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 9:17 pm

Since I don’t get PPTV, I can only judge by the box score. Woodall and Patterson shot a ton of bricks. Otherwise dominated about as expected. Gutsy but sloppy comeback regardless of the competition.

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 11.17.12 @ 9:22 pm

I LOVE Robinson. Brandin Knight redux.

Comment by steve1 11.17.12 @ 9:26 pm

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