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November 3, 2012

Quickly Before the Road

Filed under: Football — Chas @ 7:02 am

Leaving in just a few minutes for South Bend.

Quick links.

Rumors are that the charges against Street, Graham and Pitts will be dropped, but no confirmation.

Are Domer bloggers worried about this game? Not really.

P-G’s Sam Werner talks Pitt to the Irish Network NBC. ND guy talks ND to Werner.

Notre Dame’s MLB is good.

Dejan Kovacevic sees this as an early opportunity for this to be Chryst’s 13-9.

Brother, can you spare a linebacker? Joe Trebitz gets his first start.

Come on Arthur Doakes. Don’t forget your roots, you’re a Cedar (yeep).

Take some inspiration from Derrick Burns.

Have a good trip. ND is an inspiring campus.

I have to go to Ebensburg (actually between Ebensburg and Carroltown) today.

I want to listen to coverage on the radio with Bill Hillgrove et al rather than the TV guys.

Does anyone recommend a radio station for that neck of the woods that will cover the game as well as the pre-and post-game stuff? I can’t get the Pittsburgh station because I’m behind a hill which blocks the signal.

Thanks and Hail to Pitt!

Comment by 17YearsAtPitt 11.03.12 @ 7:31 am

GO PITT! Win one for the Pitt Faithfull!!

I think we deserve it at this point.

Comment by PittofDreams 11.03.12 @ 8:26 am

Nice article on recruit, Shakir Soto, in the Citizens Voice newspaper (Nov 2) in Wilkes-Barre. He is the kind of kid I’m looking forward to watching in the future. I’m proud to have him representing our City. Don’t like the distractions of the day but looking forward to what will be a surprisingly good game! HTP!

Comment by barreman 11.03.12 @ 8:33 am

I can see the charges being dropped against Graham and Pitts. But concerning Street, that is a little different, not because he is accused of taking a punch at a guy, but because as far as this year goes anything thrown his way has seldom been dropped. LOL

What is the saying in the entertainment business? “There is no such thing as bad publicity”? So Pitt football gets some air time out of this one way or another.

Getting serious for a moment, I hope that these charges end up being found baseless, but even if they are valid, both Pitts and Graham are going to beat this simply because they are not accused of touching anyone. A third year law student could get them out of that rap. Devin may have a little steeper hill to climb however to get his butt out of this considering he is fingered as actually slugging the accuser. This will be nothing more than plea bargain down the road however, even if it stands up in court, although I doubt that will transpire.

Remember that we still live in the US of A and although the media has decided to transform itself over the last few years into the both the Judge and the Jury as soon as any negative news hits the airwaves, we must continue to remind ourselves that people in this country remain innocent until PROVEN guilty.

This whole situation appears very suspect at this point, and since bodily injury is absent and solid evidence appears slim, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt might be a tough sell with only “he said, she said” testimony. Time will tell.

In the meantime, life goes on.

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.03.12 @ 9:08 am

Superb blog by Dr. Tom. Right on!! Astute!! Of course, as a cleric, I concur. Rev. George from Columbus, Ohio

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.03.12 @ 9:25 am

To me, the peculiar thing about the whole matter is “Why did authorities bring the charges before police took the step of talking with Street, Graham and Pitts?”

Simple bungling by the cops? Normal Process? Or perhaps a “convenient loophole” that has provided the University the opportunity to put off having to suspend the players until they have the chance to meet in person with investigators as alluded in the Pitt Press Release.

Interesting that this all seems to point to a date in January which will be long after the season has ended and after BOWL SEASON $$$$$$$$

Very, very interesting!

Comment by PittofDreams 11.03.12 @ 10:14 am

With the multitude of cell phones out there and the propensity of folks to record and post any activity that is the least bit unusual or embarassing, I’m surprised that a video of the alleged assault has not surfaced on Youtube.

I support the University’s decision to hold their judgement until the facts are determined. It may appear self-serving to some, but if an athlete is to be suspended based solely on an allegation by a supposed victim, with no physical evidence or police presence or independent witnesses, then how does an athlete protect himself from erroneous charges and suspension short of moving into a monastery?

If these charges prove to be true then the hammer should come down, but until then lets be fair.

Comment by Dinosaur 71 11.03.12 @ 12:59 pm

for a talented dentist, you make one helluva legal argument, Dr. Tom. As a crim defense atty who has rep Pitt players in the past I concur with your analysis. Remember Jaabal threw a dude thru a glass door and resolved the matter at his prelim hrg. This will go the same route. As far as the police not talking to the 3 accused prior to filing charges, that is par for the course PODreams. Their D. atty probably advised them NOT to talk, as charges are rarely dropped based on what defendants tell police and it is often used against them. Or the PGH police simply filed the charges late based solely on what the “victim” told them that night, without bothering to contact the players accused. Delays in filing are not unusual in misdemeanor cases in City Court.Regardless, it ends at the prelim hrg in JAN.
HTP in South Bend today. With Mason out and Tino facing the best front 7 in the country, it could be brutal, but the beauty of college football is that you just never know.

Comment by Bossdaws 11.03.12 @ 1:14 pm

What was Dejan thinking, not listing the 1975 win over the Domers with TD going for 303 yards as #1 game in PITT-ND storied games.

#2 has to be the 4 OT win in 2008.

It’s tough to take the Pittsburgh media most of the time.

Comment by EMel 11.03.12 @ 2:06 pm


Appreciate your response, but it sounds a little shakey to me.

If I were the police investigator or prosecutor whatever, and I was handed information and a possible recommendation for charges to be made against some Pitt football players… I would absolutely want to meet with them to get their side of the story before soiling their reputations.

Given the nature of the alleged crime involving students out late night walking the streets of Oakland on a party night, I would place a priority on hearing the players side of the story first before charging. Alibi is a word that comes to mind.

This looks more like a situation where the case, whether merited or not, is supported by some strong evidence in the form of witness testimony and maybe a video shot from a smart phone… who knows?

It’s also looking like a situation where University Admin and the the authorities and possibly attorneys for the players got together and worked an arrangement whereby justice would ultimately be served.

In this case justice also might mean not costing Street and Graham their senior years or Pitt a possible Bowl Game for an alleged misdemeanor in which no one was seriously injured and the alleged victim was apparently not initially interested in filing charges.

Without question the setting of January as a hearing date suggests there was some motivatino to put this matter aside until long after the season or any possible Bowl Game.

Comment by PittofDreams 11.03.12 @ 3:03 pm

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