October 22, 2012

A Game of Meh

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It was a win. It snapped a 2-game losing streak. It was the first road win of the season. Pitt didn’t lose to a MAC team.

Really not a lot to say about this game. There was a lack of energy from both sides. It permeated the small Buffalo crowd and the announcing crew for the game. Everything and everyone seemed to be going through the motions. Pitt wasn’t particularly impressive, but a win is a win.

The O-line continues to make me cringe. The D-line struggles to contain. The lack of available linebackers has me thinking Pitt might have to stick with a nickel package as their primary defense.

Coach Chryst seemed to echo the sentiment that it was a win and little else.

“It was good to get a win, obviously there’s a lot of things as we look at the tape that we have to clean up and get a lot better at,” Chryst said

To put it mildly.

Even the “we can build on this” spin was tentative.

“We’ll see if it carries over,” he said after Pitt improved to 3-4, still three victories from bowl eligibility with five games left. “By no means was it a perfect game. Seldom are they. Hopefully we can grow from that.”

There’s the rally cry for the rest of the season.

Pitt struggled to run the ball well. The passing game was minimized. The one good thing was that Kevin Harper had a good game kicking.

There just wasn’t much to the game. Not really negative or positive. There was nothing that made me think this team is coming together or falling apart. To have a game that empty midway through the season. When there should have been a bit more of a sense of desperation or urgency after the past two losses, was a little disappointing.

That there wasn’t more emotion. At least some frustration and anger by the offense after being forced to settle for field goals in two of the first three chances on offense. Especially when Pitt had first and goal from the 6. Yes, Buffalo is bad and there was no real sense of fear that Pitt could lose the game. It just seemed that Pitt never really showed up for the game.

If this had been the first game of the season, it would have been fine. Chalk it up to everyone getting used to the new coaches in a game. Learning as they go. If it had been the end of the season, it would have been a bit understandable.

FRANKCAN, Emel was not picking on us with the pity party comment, he was having a laugh. He knows how we feel, and I believe we all agree with each other most of the time. He’s actually sticking up for us, but having a laugh.

I think what pisses me off the most, is the fact, that I would guess, between 85-95% (if I had to pull numbers out of the air for arguments sake) are very pro, positive, Pitt.

Then, you make a couple comments about the crowds at Heinz, or recruiting, and suddenly someone sees those comments, and tries to hang a “negative” tag on you.

For God’s sake, just a day ago I posted before anyone, something to the effect of,

“big game against Temple, let’s get a win, and hopefully, Notre Dame beats Oklahoma, so we can sneak up on them and pull out an upset over a #4 or so Notre Dame, nothing would be sweeter especially with some ND fans in my family”

“could be another 13-9!!!”

I mean, what could be more friggin’ more positive than that????

Also, was pro Tino, going to better this year, because I believed Coach Chryst would help him devlop a little more.

Promoting and cheering for Tino Sunseri to have a good year, and someone’s gone throw “negative” at me?????

Hence, my comment, about reading the whole book, before mouthing off at people.

Wanna pull my finger???

Comment by Dan 10.23.12 @ 12:23 am

No problem Floyd, not you, not anyone really, not even the fella I was battling the other day.

Just frustrated. I know there can be some negativity on here, but, look at the past 30 years, and even more to the point, the past few, it’s hard brother.

No, nothing against you, or Burgh72 from the other day.

We’re all Pitt fans, and should enjoy this site.

I was being childish. Again, though, when your comments are mostly positive, then you make a couple negatives, and get tossed into the whole category of being a “negative”, it’s frustrating.

I apologize to anyone I’ve offended.

I feel I’m mostly postive, been gung ho for the ACC ad nauseum, have stated Paul Chryst and any coach for that matter gets several years before we should be jumping on him.

If I make a comment about the crowd or the uniforms, please don’t toss me into the negative group. Make sure you know everything I’ve posted.

I also apologize to any fans that didn’t go to Pitt, Lord knows we need all of you, and if you grew up hear loving Pitt and didn’t go to college or didn’t go to Pitt, but still love Pitt, you have every right to enjoy Pitt as much as anyone that went there. Maybe even more, if you’ve lived here all of your life, and someone only spent 4 years there. We need you!!

Those were a couple cheap shots, and I apologize.

Also, allthough pretty cheap, I know everyone can’t afford season tickets, but, at least try to get to a game or two if you can to support the program.

I allready stated, those that are ill, very elderly or live out of town are excluded.

Guess I’m just used to dealing with some people in the office who dis Pitt all the time (Pitt fans), but never go. Even if I offer them some tickets, they have excuses not to go.

So, no problem Floyd, and Burgh72 wherever you are, I publicly apologize for my poor banter with you.

Comment by Dan 10.23.12 @ 12:35 am

It’s amazing how you read through old blog posts and you go through good and bad times. The mood of the comments say it all. This is a bad time right now, but guys I know things will eventually get better. Gotta keep our chins up as fans too. There is still much to look forward too, even if it is a foggy view right now. It’ll eventually clear up.

Comment by Timmeh 10.23.12 @ 1:01 am

Timmeh, when I see you post, I can’t help but think of George Costanza double dipping chips.

“look Timmeh, I’ll dip the way I want, and you dip the way you want” LOL!!!

Hey, your schedule above, other than the dates, is that going to be the schedule for the most part???

Sweet schedule if so!! ND, VA, UNC, FSU adn Miami all at home???

Comment by Dan 10.23.12 @ 1:08 am

@Dan – that schedule is pretty much on the money but there are a couple of unresolved but related issues. There will only be 8 conference games not 9 so we probably lose the game @ Wake. That means Pitt needs another non-con game to fill out the schedule. ND’s ACC rotation also has yet to be resolved but it’s unlikely to effect next year.

Comment by TheHoopZebra 10.23.12 @ 2:02 am

@ Emel, you remember that 76-0 ass whoopin Pitt put on Temple in Veterens Staduim, way back in the day??? I was there in person along with 2,000 others watching that steamroller happen ( back in my dental school days). This weekend is what I’m calling my Schizophrenic Football Weekend.

I’m going to both the Pitt and Steelers games this week. Now I live in DC, & graduated from Temple Dental School, so I have game day clothing for ALL the teams. I get to cheer every play no matter what occurs. I still can’t decide Redskins hat/Steelers jersey or the other way around. Just kidding, my heart is 100% Pittsburgh all the way.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Dr. Tom 10.23.12 @ 7:38 am

DAN i knew what EMel was up to i would never be mad at him or you or mad at outhers very long i am
as upset as you all are at how things have going
if you remmber i thoght we would be 10 and 2 this year. it is just killing me the way things have turnrd out.

Comment by FRANKCAN 10.23.12 @ 10:08 am

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