August 27, 2012

Two-Deep for YSU Announced

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This will take some getting used to with Coach Paul Chryst. He’s not one for giving out a lot of information on injuries and apparently setting the 2-deep. Unlike the NFL, there is no hard rules regarding transparency with injuries or even how quickly 2-deeps are put out by the programs.

So, while last week beat writers mentioned seeing Jarred Holley in a walking boot because of some sort of foot injury, the extent or type of injury was not known. This was the case for several players who were known to have injuries, but the type and severity were vague to unknown.

At some point, though, a 2-deep had to be published. Like today with the game notes for the YSU (PDF) game.

So let’s take a look at it.


Wide Receiver
87 MIKE SHANAHAN (6-5, 225, SR*)
14 Ronald Jones (5-8, 170, SO)

Wide Receiver
15 DEVIN STREET (6-4, 190, JR*)
5 Cameron Saddler (5-7, 160, SR*)

Left Tackle
78 CORY KING (6-6, 325, JR*)
69 Adam Bisnowaty (6-6, 275, FR)

Left Guard
54 CHRIS JACOBSON (6-3, 295, SR*)
56 Arthur Doakes (6-6, 340, SO*)

75 RYAN TURNLEY (6-6, 320, SR*)
57 Artie Rowell (6-2, 300, FR*)

Right Guard
76 RYAN SCHLIEPER (6-5, 310, JR*)
64 Shane Johnson (6-5, 325, SO*)

Right Tackle
74 MATT ROTHERAM (6-6, 335, SO*)
52 Zenel Demhasaj (6-7, 325, JR*)

Tight End
83 HUBIE GRAHAM (6-4, 255, SR*)
6 Drew Carswell (6-4, 220, SO*)

12 TINO SUNSERI (6-2, 215, SR*)
10 Trey Anderson (6-0, 185, SO)

1 RAY GRAHAM (5-9, 190, SR)
34 Isaac Bennett (5-11, 205, SO)
4 Rushel Shell (6-0, 215, FR)

43 MARK GIUBILATO (6-2, 230, SO*)
46 Adam Lazenga (6-0, 235, SO*)

Overall, no major surprises. Yes, Ray Graham is listed as the starter for YSU, but I don’t think he plays much more than a series. Rushel Shell has already passed Malcolm Crockett, so any talk of redshirt with him kind of looks silly now.

Surprised not to see J.P. Holtz at least listed on the 2-deep as the 3d TE. But, he’ll be out there.

Probably can read into this that Chad Voytik is heading for a redshirt if at all possible. Seeing Trey Anderson as the No. 2 QB despite a hand injury that cost him a lot of practice time, coupled with Voytik opening some eyes by the end of camp might be considered a hint.


Defensive End
90 T.J. CLEMMINGS (6-6, 290, SO*)
93 Bryan Murphy (6-3, 255, SO*)

Defensive Tackle
97 AARON DONALD (6-0, 275, JR)
91 Darryl Render (6-2, 270, FR)

Nose Tackle
50 TYRONE EZELL (6-4, 300, JR*)
95 Khaynin Mosley-Smith (6-0, 305, SO)

Defensive End
72 JACK LIPPERT (6-4, 280, JR*)
45 Shayne Hale (6-4, 260, SR*)

Middle Linebacker
44 SHANE GORDON (6-1, 220, JR*)
53 Joe Trebitz (6-3, 220, SR*)

Sam Linebacker
49 ERIC WILLIAMS (6-3, 215, SO*)
59 Emanuel Rackard (6-0, 220, JR*)

Will Linebacker
3 NICHOLAS GRIGSBY (6-1, 220, FR*)
36 Manny Williams (6-1, 235, SR*)

23 LAFAYETTE PITTS (5-11, 195, FR*)
24 Cullen Christian (6-0, 195, SO*)

2 K’WAUN WILLIAMS (5-10, 190, JR)
10 Jahmahl Pardner (5-11, 170, FR)

Strong Safety
9 RAY VINOPAL (5-10, 190, SO*)
25 Jason Hendricks (6-0, 180, JR*)

Free Safety
18 JARRED HOLLEY (5-10, 190, SR*)

There is no way around it. The linebacker situation is precarious at best. I can’t remember the capsule preview I read on Pitt’s defense, but it mentioned how with Pitt switching back to a 4-3 defense after last year, that the D-line lacked depth. I don’t even want to think about what the 2-deep of a 3-4 would have looked like.

A little bit of a surprise/shake-up at the safeties. Jarred Holley is listed as the co-starter — yet second on the chart — with Andrew Taglianetti. As noted, Holley was injured last week, so that may play into it.

Ray Vinopal beat out incumbent Jason Hendricks for the Strong Safety spot. Vinopal has been making an impression in both the spring and fall practices. Having to sit a year after transferring from Michigan seems to have been a very good thing for his development. Hendricks has been struggling to get back to full health after being hurt last season. He missed the spring while recovering and then suffered other injury setbacks in camp.


92 MATT YOKLIC (6-4, 215, JR*)
48 Drake Greer (6-4, 200, SO*)

39 KEVIN HARPER (5-10, 175, SR*)
48 Drake Greer (6-4, 200, SO*)

92 MATT YOKLIC (6-4, 215, JR*)
41 Andrew Taglianetti (5-11, 185, SR*)

Long Snapper
58 KEVIN BARTHELEMY (6-3, 245, JR*)
67 David Murphy (6-1, 230, FR*)

Kickoff Returner
5 CAMERON SADDLER (5-7, 160, SR*)
14 Ronald Jones (5-8, 170, SO)

Punt Returner
5 CAMERON SADDLER (5-7, 160, SR*)
14 Ronald Jones (5-8, 170, SO)

Cam Saddler and Ronald Jones back to handle punts and kicks. Saddler has not been explosive since his ACL injury as a freshman. Jones may supplant him as the primary — assuming he doesn’t have fumble issues.

Yes–the Voytik absence really stands out.

Comment by pitt1972 08.27.12 @ 11:09 am

Tino and Trey Anderson… might as well head to the liquor store today and stock up for a long season.

Trey Anderson couldnt even start for most high schools in Pittsburgh and hes our next man up??

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.27.12 @ 11:46 am

Very disappointed that Voytik is not on there.

Comment by H.LandPitt 08.27.12 @ 12:04 pm

See that Lippert is starting … good for him considering all of the positions he’s been tried at

Comment by wbb 08.27.12 @ 12:09 pm


I’m with you on loading up on the booze with Tino back at the helm — gonna join Sam’s Club for bourbon alone. However, I really think Anderson is pretty talented and looks like a gamer. He usually got chucked into a pretty rough situation when replacing Tino and was a walk-on true freshman last year…and apparently picked up the hand injury along the way. That’s a tough way to start your college career but despite that, I thought I saw something there. Maybe wishful thinking? At least Voytik turns out to be as talented as people said and probably has 3-4 games to watch before the ship really starts sinking and we have to go to plan C. I’m okay with starting a true freshman…if its the right kind of kid.

Comment by Matt N. 08.27.12 @ 12:20 pm

Listing Graham as a starter is pure PR.
I see us in a nickel defense against teams lime ND that throw alot or run a spread. That should get us some false depth.
Face facts, injuries will have us looking to 2013.

Comment by SFPitt 08.27.12 @ 12:35 pm

Anyone know the kamikaze guys on special teams are?

Comment by alcofan 08.27.12 @ 12:44 pm

A redshirt for voytik would be smart – next year won’t be his year either with Tom Savage taking the reigns for a 1 year stop gap. Then, we’ll have an excellent qb derby between voytik and Tra’von Chapman in 2014. If, and it’s a big if with Pitt’s recent head coaching tenures, Chryst is still around then Voytik will be poised to take over in his 3rd year in the system and 3 years of eligibility.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 08.27.12 @ 1:05 pm

Just because Voytik isn’t listed as #2 doesn’t mean he isn’t the real #2. The staff probably doesn’t want to play Voytik unless he is absolutely needed.

So if Tino is injured for a couple plays, Anderson will go in to preserve Voytik’s redshirt. However, if Tino is seriously injured and lost for a significant amount of games, my guess is that Voytik will get the call.

Comment by srb 08.27.12 @ 1:12 pm

Our linebackers are going to be quicker than any group of LBs that we’ve had since back in the days of Blades. Their inexperience is not going to hold them back from showing their mettle this season. By season’s end this group will have proved themselves as a strength rather than a weakness, especially if Todd Thomas gets back into the rotation soon.

Wish I could say the same for our QB situation. Sure would like to see the light come on for Sunseri this season. If he decides to have a great season, this team could surprise a lot of doubters. Besides injuries, his play at QB is the most important factor in Pitt’s success this season. So what’s new??????

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.27.12 @ 1:25 pm

Is Shell ahead of Crockett??
or is that due to injury of Crockett… I seem to remember he has been out the past week.

Comment by Joe D 08.27.12 @ 2:01 pm

Shell is ahead of Crockett

Comment by PittofDreams 08.27.12 @ 2:11 pm

I think people are reading to much into Trey Anderson’s name being on the two-deep. Ideally Voytik will be able to take a red shirt his freshman year, be allowed to develop over the next year or two, and become a player that can really lead this team in 2013-2014. To burn a promising kid’s red shirt for mop up duty as a backup in his freshman year should be a coaching felony.

Now with that being said….If all goes to hell at the QB position, Chryst still has the ability to burn his red shirt later in the year if he feels as though that is the right decision.

Comment by BCPITT 08.27.12 @ 2:26 pm

To those who still have this thing to bash Trey Anderson.

Maybe you deserve the benefit of a doubt and you just don’t know that Anderson lead his high school team to an undefeated state champtonship in the largest division in Texas?

And that he owns most if not all of the passing records there?

I would think that would qualify him as being good enough to start for most Pittsburgh High School teams.

You also must be unaware that after starting out pretty well last year after being thrown to the wolves as a true freshman his problems came only after developing severe tendonitis in his wrist?

And of course you must not know that before suffering a recurrence of tendonitis this year in camp he was solidly ahead of Voytik and likely would be pressing Tino right now for the starting job?

The fact is, Anderson may still yet come back to surprise people as to just how well he can play quarterback even at this level.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.27.12 @ 2:32 pm

Once a player steps on campus, what he did in HS is irrelevant. May the best guys play and win for Pitt.

Comment by rayhpgh 08.27.12 @ 2:38 pm

Tendonitis is much better than a torn/partially torn tendon I think. You can treat it and rest it — I tore my ankle tendon and that took some months to get back on my feet and another year or so till I felt my old self. I would guess rest and maybe anti-inflammatories, then he could be right back at it — just limit his non-necessary throwing in practice. I agree, he could really be pushing Tino when healthy…which would give us the luxury of red-shirting Voytik.

Comment by Matt N. 08.27.12 @ 2:46 pm

Now, dealing with reality.

It surprises me that Anderson is listed as No. 2.

Unless there’s something we don’t know, there would seem to be real concern about being able to count on Anderson to be ready when called given his continued problems with tendonitis.

The fact that he is listed No. 2 tells me that it has less to do with any concern over a redshirt for Voytik… but more to do with the fact that everyone might have read a little to much into the late prograss Chad showed in the final week of camp.

By the way, Voytik’s replacement at Cleveland High continues to put up better numbers as a junior than Voytik did last year as a senior.

Afer passing for more than 300 yards last week in his first game as a starter, Austin Herink threw for 235 yards and three touchdowns in his second start.

And it’s not that he has a better team than Voytik had last year.

Cleveland High is 0 and 2.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.27.12 @ 2:46 pm

I’ll hold off bashing Tino for now. We started 2009 with YSU. That year turned out to be pretty good for Pitt Fans. I remember Billy Stull getting booed every incomplete pass against YSU. Stull still put together a pretty good year and got invited to a NFL camp. I would take a 10-3 record with a bowl win for Chryst first year.

Comment by why me 08.27.12 @ 2:49 pm


My emphais on Anderson’s high school exploits above were directed at Ditka who seems to think Pittsburgh high school football is not on par with Texas.

Of course, once they hit campus it’s what have you done for me lately.

And how many high school stars have we seen never make it as a starter once they’re in college.

My continued support for Trey Anderson is based not so much on what he did in Texas, but the composure he showed when thrown to the wolves last year, his ability to run effectively, and the strong arm he shows and tight spirals he throws when not nagged with tendonitis.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.27.12 @ 3:16 pm

PSU axes Sweet Caroline due to lyrics..
“touching me… touching you”…
you just can’t make this stuff up!!–ncaaf.html

Comment by Joe D 08.27.12 @ 3:49 pm

does composure mean 2 game changing interceptions, lets hope everyone has got the right playbook

Comment by paul shannon 08.27.12 @ 3:51 pm

I think its a mistake to read too much into this 2-deep chart at the QB position. If the question is will PC waste Voytik’s redshirt with nothing but mop-up duty, the answer is no, that would be crazy. That will be Anderson’s role on the team.
However, if the question is what happens if Tino is injured/or falls flat on his face again, early in the season, I think Voytik will be the next man up who gives Pitt the best to win because Voytik is at a completely different talent level than Anderson. If he’s not, then this is the best example of the total worthlessness of the star-rating system.
With Savage, Chapman and Kincaide in the wings, it only makes sense to redshirt Voytik if “practice Tino” suddenly and inexplicably becomes “game Tino”. In which case, they better start accepting resumes for Bollinger’s replacement because he’ll be considered a miracle worker.

Comment by Taxing Matters 08.27.12 @ 4:02 pm

I like how a-lot of Chryst’s true freshmen competed and some of them ended up on the two deep whether it was for depth issues or not. Ryan Lewis, Gabe Roberts, Terrell Jackson, Rippy, Bam Bradley,and Voytik all saw reps. Pardner, Render, Bisnowaty, Holtz, and Shell made the 2 deep or will play. I haven’t heard much about the Davis Twins (except for the suspension)Caparra, Coles,and Porchia.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 08.27.12 @ 4:29 pm

Good Idea to redshirt Voytik.. This yr we go as far as Tino and Anderson take us.. Chryst is taking the long correct view for the program.. Hail to Pitt.

Comment by 63Team 08.27.12 @ 4:45 pm

Seemed like Crockett was always fumbling the ball during camp. I am not worried about the future; what can you do about it anyway? So don’t play an inferior players just to save a redshirt

Comment by Gas 08.27.12 @ 5:20 pm

Pitt should ax Sweet Caroline.

Nothing like fabricating a phony tradition by copying what someone else does… i.e. the Red Sox and others.

How about Borghetti and his crew coming up with something original with meaning to Pitt or Pittsburgh.

Based on a lot of other copycat things they do games… seriously doubt they have the kind of talent it would take.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.27.12 @ 5:49 pm

PittofDreams – you and I were watching 2 different QBs. trey displayed one the weakest arms ever in D1. Maybe it was tendonitis, maybe not.

Comment by RayHpgh 08.27.12 @ 5:54 pm

Let’s hear your suggestions PittofDreams.

I can’t stand Sweet Caroline either, but ripping people, like Borghetti, who care and help the university as much as possible is idiotic.

So let’s hear your suggestions about something with a meaning to Pitt or Pittsburgh.

Comment by srb 08.27.12 @ 5:58 pm

*BREAKING NEWS* State Penn bans Sweet Caroline from being played at Beaver Stadium, because of the line, “touching you, touching me.” Unreal… Anyway.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 08.27.12 @ 6:15 pm

pittofdreams, if you think that the wpial is in the same realm as texas you need to see a phsyciatrist.

this is clearly an attempt to rs chad. as for the linebackers, the starting 3 are good. they are fast and athletic. the fact that nick grigsby is starting as a freshman is impressive, regardless of this depth.

Comment by pk 08.27.12 @ 6:19 pm

I think PittofDreams got crossed up in one of his posts. I think he was trying to say that Texas HS football>WPIAL football, in reference Coach Ditka’s comment that Texas AAAAA State Champ QB Trey Anderson wouldn’t have played for most WPIAL teams.

As for Sweet Caroline, so many of you crack me up on this. Pederson has so many people criticize him for “not listening to the fans”, yet Sweet Caroline came about because the student fans wanted it. Wannstedt gave it his approval also.

I’m neutral on the choice of the song itself, but – outside of a Pitt touchdown or a forced turnover – Sweet Caroline is the loudest that the stadium gets. Louder than when the band comes out, louder than when the team is introduced, louder than when the team makes a 1st down, louder even than 3rd down, etc. That is why Pitt still has it , and should keep it.

Comment by originalether 08.27.12 @ 7:05 pm

If you guys are into trashing the antics that surround the actual game, then please, please, please agree with me that the pathetic “Lets” “Go” “Pitt” cheer that the cheerleaders do when holding up those Lets & Go & Pitt signs is the numero uno offender to Pitt Fans at the game.

It takes about 10 seconds for them to run through those 3 words and that’s supposed to be a cheer???? I always envision a bunch of old farts hunched over in wheelchairs belting that one out when they drag that cheer out onto the field. Yeah, that gets me excited. Leeetss,,,,,,,,,Gooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,Piiittttttt,,,,,,,.

Back in my day it was LETSGOPITT, LETSGOPITT, LETSGOPITT, about 30 times in a minute yelled at the top of your lungs until you started to get white spots in front of your eyes and you weren’t quite sure if you should fall over or puke first (could have been the Southern Comfort talkin) but I’m sure you must know of what I speak of. Please retire that awful rendition of the “Lets Go Pitt” and replace it with the original fist pumping, megaphone wielding, acrobatic flips performing cheerleading corps doing that cheer up right the way it was intended in the first place. PLEASE! Nuff Said.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.27.12 @ 7:50 pm

Beautifully said Doc, and I agree wholeheartedly

Comment by steve1 08.27.12 @ 8:15 pm

I suggest “why don’t we do it in the road” in place of Sweet Caroline.
EJ Borghetti is a shining star in a sky of mediocrity.
Redshirt decisions will be based on injuries I suspect and that includes Chad.
WPIAL football isn’t even on par with Tarrant county let alone the entire state of Texas…a big state so there is no shame in that comparison.
My gripes with Heinz on Saturday are feeding the damn blaring music AND Joe Distillo stating the glaringly obvious over the PA.
I expect Pitt to play 6 or 7 running backs on Saturday.
Look for a “set up” game plan for the Cincy game.
We beat Cincy….

Comment by SFPitt 08.27.12 @ 8:20 pm

DR. TOM you are so right dont change things if they worked 30 years ago that was the way they were ment to be.
make up a new thing and try it but dont change the old ways tradition is important.

Comment by FRANKCAN 08.27.12 @ 9:04 pm

Sweet Caroline reminds the student section that it’s time to leave and get drunk. However, BR lists this as one of the top 25 Most Fun in-Game College Football Traditions. link to

Comment by OhHowIHateOhioState 08.27.12 @ 9:55 pm

In 1968 Dave Hart put out a list of Pitt Cheers to be done by cheerleaders and memorized by Pitt Fans….my fav “fumble, fumble,fumble,fumble, Pitt recover, Pitt recover” and repeat!

Of course Alla ki ne ke nak ke nak…will always be there.

We used to break up in the stands watching the cheerleaders try to rouse the crowd with such awful lyrics.especially when we were usually down by 38 pts….we wouldn’t even make our pledges do them..

Comment by Dan 72 08.27.12 @ 10:43 pm

This gets back to the college gameday experience and tradition. Steve P has killed much of it at Pitt. What do we have that separates Pitt from other colleges. It used to be we had the Pitt Script and the mustard and blue. Easily identifiable. Now we sport the same colors as many collegiate teams. What about the players and the gameday experience.Do we rub the “rock”, does chief crazyhorse come out with a flaming spear? NO!!! We are heading into a conference steeped with traditions and we have none, zilch, nada.Yet we want to sing about sweet caroline…a!! Great, flippin great! Pitt needs an identity and Steve has taken that away from us. Stadium? Colors? Tradition? Anything? The sound of crickets…..

Comment by dhuffdaddy 08.27.12 @ 11:16 pm

yes, they just canned neil diamond sweet caroline at state penn games. In a quick move to cover, they replaced it with James Taylor’s shower the people ….as well as clarence carter’s strokin…

Comment by dhuffdaddy 08.27.12 @ 11:26 pm

Yeah, but I used to f one of the cheer leaders to lead that cheer. So maybe I’m biased but, yeah, “Let’s Go Pitt,” still gets a rise out of me and it’s tradition for f sake. Leave it be why don’t you, Tom..
Also, along these same lines, let’s talk about a chronic tendinitis affecting one’s wrist at the throwing arm. Dr. Tom, I think it’s time we dial Dr. Ruth.

Comment by Neil 08.28.12 @ 12:13 am

So name some real traditions that have been taken away.

Now don’t include stuff like a delapidated stadium, or a logo that was invented in 1972.

Best I can think is the fight song. Except, oh yeah, the fans were the first to change the lyrics (ironically, chanting Penn State sucks at non-PSU opponents sounds a whole lot like Red Sox fans jeering the Yankees regardless of the opponent).

You want Pitt to have an identity? There’s really only one that people notice: winning. Plain and simple.

No one sees Clemson and thinks Oh they rub a rock, that’s fantastic! No, they see a team that has underacheived for the past dozen+ years. Same with Florida State with the spear. Does anyone care that Purdue has the biggest drum of all? Most people just mock Play Like a Champion Today, etc..

Comment by originalether 08.28.12 @ 12:34 am

I heard PSU has added
“I’m a Creep” by Radiohead,
“Rape me” by Nirvana,
“Pour Some Sugar on Me (I’m hot, sticky sweet”) by Def Leopard,
“Shower me with your love” by Surface
“Look Away” by Chicago
and “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt

and now for something completely different – or not – how do I cope with another year of Tino?
2 years ago I turned to beer – lots of it
1 year ago, watching Tino made me try wiskey and moonshine
This year? Definately will nee to try a crack pipe for the first time!

Comment by dish 08.28.12 @ 12:36 am

Oh no. Hurricane Issac may be visiting this weekend.

Comment by alcofan 08.28.12 @ 7:31 am

@ dish, here’s hoping that Tino’s play is greatly improved from last year and that the O line stays healthy so we don’t see anything close to the 60+ sacks that we had to endure last season, just for your sake. A repeat of that debacle and you’ll be mainlining by the Buffalo game.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.28.12 @ 7:35 am

New song?

Joe Greshecky(sp?) and the House Rockers – ‘Pumpin’ Iron’.

Comment by pghFred 08.28.12 @ 9:06 am

Dish – you made my day with the disc jockey PSU playlist!

Comment by Dan 72 08.28.12 @ 9:09 am


Thanks for spotting my error in comparing Texas high school football to Pittsburgh.

Obvoiusly, you are among those on this blog who actually try to understand someone’s point in the context of which it is made.

Regarding Sweet Caroline… the song doesn’t exactly create an atmosphere for getting the stadium rocking for winning a football game in the fourth quarter.

If you feel compelled to use Sweet Caroline… my suggestion is to play it sometime during halftime or better yet after the game is over if you’re worried about keeping the students from headng to the exits.

By the way, Borghetti actually takes credit for coming up with the song.

The fact they got the idea from the Red Sox should tell you something. The song is much better suited for baseball where it can be played with other heavy duty rockers like “Take me out to the Ballpark.”

Probably the best example of the right song for the right occasion in college football is Wisconsin and its use of “Jump Around.”

If Borghetti can’t come up with something on his own… maybe he should outsource it.

If replacing or moving Sweet Caroline sounds a little too drastic… then my suggestion would be to try out some other songs… say toward the end of halftimes… and gauge the crowd reaction.

You’ll know when you got a winner.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.28.12 @ 9:27 am

Re: Voytik v Anderson.

This two-deep isn’t surprising at all and, contrary to some statements above, it may not be the case of Voytik being the “real QB2″. I suspect that isn’t true.

You have to remember that Voytik had basically two good practices then, as reported by the beat writers who watched the last week of practice after the camp ended, Voytik came back to earth and had some more problems.

Which is what I wrote earlier about him. It’s harder to determine exactly who the ‘best player’ is at the QB spot than any other because of the integral part of the offense the QB plays. Other positions can be sorted by physical ability only but QB can’t.

I watched the scrimmages and am not surprised at all that Anderson is listed as QB2 at this point in time because it would be better for the team if he went in before Voytik. While Voytik made some nice throws and had good practices in the last week of camp he also had some troubles out there as any true FR QB does. Having a good arm doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to play college football.

PITT fans may not see that because we are mostly concerned with his ranking and physical attributes, which are good and because we always want the next best thing.

I agree that this staff probably wants Voytik to be ready as possible to take over should Sunseri go down with a serious, long term, injury and that is why they haven’t come out and said they would definitely redshirt him. But if you have followed what Chryst and Rudolph have said publicly you would know that they have talked about wanting to redshirt Voytik if possible many times. They haven’t once said they wanted to have him play this season.

What the staff wants in the long run may differ from what the fans want. I’d say there is certainly a chance we don’t see Voytik this season if Sunseri stays healthy and doesn’t tank out there and I think the staff would prefer it happen that way.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 9:33 am

@DISH, great list!! LMAO!!

Comment by Dan 08.28.12 @ 9:40 am

I asked Borghetti about the music played at the stadium last season – that isn’t the SID department’s responsibility.

It may be Chris Ferris in marketing.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 9:44 am

By my count there are eight players starting on Saturday where this will be the first game they have started in their careers.

Eight out of 22. With seven FR sprinkled into the two-deep. This is why some of us are worried about this season.

In addition, while others may feel differently, I don’t think we have the overall talent level in the two-deep that most PITT fans have been talking about. We’ve got some real talent at certain positions like RB and Safety, maybe even WR (if the two starters can bounce back) and TE also but if you look at the other units you can see we are lacking.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 9:47 am

Taxing Matters – I think you are off base if you think “Voytik is at a completely different talent level than Anderson”. That isn’t true at all.

Anderson is a much better athlete than PITT fans think. He has a strong and pretty accurate arm (yes, I know he threw three INTs) and is probably the best runner of all three QBs, and both Sunseri and Voytik can run also so that’s saying something.

I’d say that as a passer Voytik may be a bit better physically but at this point Anderson is much more consistent with his throws. Voytik has a lot of talent but that doesn’t mean he’s a better QB right now.

That last point is important when viewing the QB two deep. Voytik was inconsistent from the 1st day of camp until the end of practices. He was up and down on a weekly and daily basis and even from one pass to another. In that 2nd scrimmage he made two real nice throws on roll outs then dropped back and threw one of the worst passes I’ve ever seen the next play.

But that is how true freshmen play in their first camp, next year – or even a few months from now – will be a different story. So, what does every head coach, especially one who was an OC prior, hate more than anything else? Interceptions. Voytik was throwing them in camp and I think that has to do with Anderson being #2 also.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 10:13 am


That’s for clearing up Sweet Caroline.

According to Zeise at Post Gazette… it was Ferris responding to a group of students who had the song as “one of the suggestions.”

If that’s the way it went down… my bad.

Comment by PittofDreams 08.28.12 @ 10:26 am

Reed, I agree with your assesment. I remember when Trey Anderson first came in last year he initially looked pretty good. Of course being a freshman that quickly changed. Quarterback with all the complexities of the position makes it difficicult for freshmen to master. Particulaily when they are making the transition from the high school to the college game. The back and forth stuff last season, under Todd Graham certainlly didn’t help. He threw Tino and Trey under the bus. Voytik will benefit from a transition year, if they do not need to play him in before he’s ready.

Comment by Justinian 08.28.12 @ 11:08 am

Let’s go Tino!! That’s right. I’m giving him a blank slate.

It’s up to you. You’re a senior, no excuses. Don’t want to hear about the line or the receivers, there are college qb’s all over America dealing with the same thing.

Make some plays. Keep self-inflicted mistakes to a bare minimum. No throws two yards into the dirt in front of a wide open wr. No three yards over the head of a wide open wr on the sideline, and no ridiculous sacks.

I am not being sarcastic, I am cheering for him and Pitt. Hoping we start off strong.

I will reserve the right however, to call a spade a spade.

Let’s Go Pitt!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 08.28.12 @ 11:21 am

Dan– hopefully “spade” will be the worst of names Tino gets called this season!
Hail to optimism!

Comment by JW 08.28.12 @ 11:36 am

POD – Borghetti is the go-to guy for almost everything but he was pretty quick to make sure I knew that music had nothing to do with him – I gather its a running joke at PITT.

Justinian – I’d much rather see Voytik have a good shot at success without the pressure of having to play as a true freshman. i don’t care how physically talented anyone is – it is a crapshoot as to how well a true FR QB will play.

It would be a completely different story had he been here in the spring then named a starter at the beginning of summer camp – as happens with some true FR. That way he’d have four weeks of QB1 snaps under his belt and the rest of the offense would be used to him.

That makes a big difference. The number of true FR QBs who are pushed into action unexpectedly and falter is way bigger than the ones who succeed like Bridgewater at UL.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 11:37 am

PittofDreams, Yes, Andersen may have some great high school credentials but if I remember correctly he didn’t have one single scholarship offer when Fraud Graham signed him??? That speaks volumes about his true level of talent and ability. Not to mention he was far from impressive in the few opportunities he had to play. Yes I know he was put into a bad situation but he showed very little accuracy or arm strength. He’s listed at 6’0, 180. My guess is he’s 5’10 and 180 with his pads on.

I did some research and Andersens only other offer was from the Bryant Bulldogs…yes Bryant. Never heard of it??? Me either but apparently its a University in Rhode Island that started playing football in 1999.

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.28.12 @ 12:03 pm

I see the xanax is working Dan

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.28.12 @ 12:05 pm

@ya Coach Ditka, they’d smell the Scotch at work!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 08.28.12 @ 12:19 pm

I actually love your spirit Dan. I am just not sure I can completely forget about Tino’s last two years. I do however hope that Tino proves me completely wrong, nothing would please me more than to see Tino have an All American year but I’d settle for just an above average season if thats the best he’s capable of.

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.28.12 @ 12:22 pm

How ’bout a scotch and chocolate sundae, with xanax sprinkles?

Comment by Matt N. 08.28.12 @ 12:53 pm

Hey! Tino has 7 tds and Ray ran for 300 yards and its only halftime…hey man, I can’t feel my arms!

Comment by Matt N. 08.28.12 @ 12:56 pm

Come on guys cut Dan some slack. I feel exactly the same way as he does!

College football, especially with this team, considering all of the variables that have taken place over the last few months with the coaching change, systems back to Pro set, etc., should be viewed just like playing a match in golf. “Yeah, I sucked on the last hole, sliced my drive into trouble and missed a putt to lose the hole but forget about it, next hole new game”. Previous horrendous performance can still evolve into a victory in the match if you just keep grinding away and keep your mental attiude positive and get your game back on track before the match gets away from you. So using that golfing analogy, you have to give Tino Sunseri just enough rope to at least let him hang himself again this year.

You gotta give him the benefit of the doubt, I think we have to let him prove to us, once again, that he still makes the same poor decisions and that he still chokes under the pressure, yet again.

How long should that take, I’d say after the Syracuse game on 10/5 we’ll know pretty well if Coach Chryst is a miracle worker or not. The guy is supposedly an offensive genius, lets just wait to find out if Tino can make him look as dumb as a rock, or not.

If we don’t have a winning record after 5 games (2 of which were against FSC opponents) then we can start clammoring for Tino’s head on a stake. Until then gentlemen, I’m sorry to inform you all that once again,,,”it’s Tino time”!!!!

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.28.12 @ 1:38 pm

A friend of mine will remember this not-so-fondly, scotch and hot chocolate at an army game many moons ago.

Comment by steve1 08.28.12 @ 1:42 pm

@ steve1, what color is that concoction when it comes back up again? LOL.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.28.12 @ 1:49 pm

Caramel. It was so cold that day that it froze on expulsion.

And Pitt lost to boot…so to speak.

Comment by steve1 08.28.12 @ 1:56 pm

@DR TOM, and some others, you’re too kind. I’m giving a blank slate, to alleve my own frustrations. Some of you are better than me giving him till Syracuse.

Yes, I’m starting with a blank slate, but a couple balls into the dirt, I could be calling on that spade in the YSU game!!!! LOL

Yes, Scotch is a funny fella. Once you acquire the taste, not much can come close, however, Scotch does not like to be friends with the mixer crowd. A little soda from the old days, or maybe a little water, but, mostly, he likes to play alone!!!

Comment by Dan 08.28.12 @ 2:16 pm

Reed – You may have misunderstood my point regarding the backup QB. I agree from all that I’ve heard that Anderson is likely the best option to be the backup at the beginning of the year. However, it sounded from reports written here and other blogs that Voytik’s trend line was markedly on the rise. If this continued over the next 3-4 weeks, I would imagine that he could become a better option.
Talented QBs don’t usually get ignored and for Anderson to have no significant D1 offers has to at least imply something. Is it possible that every D1 school simply missed on the kid and he’s got talent well beyond that of Voytik, I guess so, but that seems pretty improbable.
Frankly, I think its as much about his physical limitations (ie can’t teach someone to grow) as it is anything else. From my seat in the stands, he looked to be having a difficult time seeing over pass rushers and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

Comment by Taxing Matters 08.28.12 @ 2:47 pm

@ steve1, yep, kinda thought so.
@ Dan, no balls in the “dirt” until December at Heinz Field. It always looks sooo nice and green in September, then by season’s end you wonder if they had a demolition derby at the fifty yard line the night before.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.28.12 @ 3:20 pm

Seriously Trey couldn’t start on most WPIAL HS teams. Are we dipping into the liquor cabinet earlier in the day, lol. (don’t blame ya Coach with another season of Sir Tino staring at us, ….. smack dab,,in the middle of the face.)

But again, Anderson led his HS team to the 5A Texas State championship. That’s Texas mind you, not Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa or even (I’ll say it) Pennsylvania. Texas puts out 10 times as many D1 players than PA. Maybe 20 times. Texas is one of the Big 3 (TX. FLA & CA.) If Anderson could start in Texas and win the 5A title, he could surely start for ANYONE in the WPIAL. This isn’t the 1970’s when players like Marino, Montana and Jim Kelly were playing in Western PA. Even states like North Carolina & South Carolina are putting out more D1 players than PA, due to demographics.

The kid performed very well the first time he played, when he was injury free, and kept PITT from a Major home embarrassment against D2 Maine, leading PITT to 10 4rth Q points. Yes it was Maine, but our starter was benched, after throwing 2 picks and Maine could have very easily been added to that infamous list of Ohio U, Toledo, etc.

Then he was thrown in on the road against a pretty good Rutgers team who had eaten Tino’s lunch
up to that point. Trey developed his injury either before that game or during it, as he clearly had trouble throwing with authority after that, although he did manage to drop in a nicely thrown 35-40 yd pass to Shanahan against Notre Dame who promptly dropped it (that could have been a huge play). He was then thrown in against Utah after another Sunseri dreadful performance in the 40-50 mph winds game. Clearly Trey’s injury bothered him in that game, as that was his last appearance of the season. He probably shouldn’t have even played that game, but Graham was desperate after Tino showed absolutely nothing in the 1rst half of that game.

Again I feel like Sunseri was quite fortunate Trey developed tendinitis in his throwing hand, for Graham had lost total confidence in him(rightly so) and had Trey not been injured, Sir Tino’s starting days would have been a thing of the past.

But alas that was not meant to be and here we are again, at the beginning of yet another season. And yes, one Santino Sunseri has once again won another so-called QB competition. Yikes !

Pass the bottle Coach Ditka :-)

Comment by Emel 08.28.12 @ 4:07 pm

Pitt 48 YSU 17

Comment by Pitt it IS 08.28.12 @ 5:32 pm

dan. i agree. scotch doesn’t appreciate playmates.
it will turn on them and then you. that’s why i play with vodka for tailgating.

Comment by pittkeith 08.28.12 @ 6:24 pm

ps playing in green 23 again this year. and i bring the beer i didn’t drink after yard work each game until it’s gone. the beer makes a lot of lot friends for a game or 2 (at most 3).

Comment by pittkeith 08.28.12 @ 6:30 pm

Tino, Trey and Anthony Goznalez all led their teams to state championships — highest tier for all 3

Comment by wbb 08.28.12 @ 7:16 pm

wbb – last year we had four QBs who did that same thing.

Emel, I’ll agree that Anderson is better than most think. His camp was going very well prior to his wrist injury and he was holding onto that QB2 spot up to that point – and even now obviously.

I’d love to see what he could do given a chance to get out there in a normal way and play football. That most probably won’t happen though given the personnel we have now and wre getting next season.

Comment by Reed 08.28.12 @ 8:26 pm

Gin for this saturday

Comment by Pitt it IS 08.29.12 @ 8:58 am

Oooohhh, Pitt it IS, Gin. Our family favorite around the holidays, really never have it at the tail gates. Always refreshing, perhaps a new tradition for us. I can smell the fresh limes allready!!

Comment by Dan 08.29.12 @ 9:42 am

I give Anderson credit for being a tough kid. I saw some of the hits he took last season – he was getting crushed out there – and he was clearly not ready for the speed of the college game. But I’ll bet one thing, I’ll bet he’s resilient, and i’ll bet he’s a lot more ready this year. What a story it would be if he had to come in for a few games and lit it up. Not saying it’s going to happen, but hey, that’s a pretty good story. Lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt and hope his wrist heals up quickly.

Comment by The Atlanta Panther 08.29.12 @ 10:32 am

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