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August 22, 2012

Graham “Unlikely”

Filed under: Football,Injury,Players — Chas @ 3:19 pm

Not exactly surprising

Pittsburgh starting running back Ray Graham is “unlikely to play” in the Panthers’ season opener against Youngstown State on Sept. 1, sources told ESPN.

Graham, a senior, is still recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee suffered against Connecticut on Oct. 26 and has been limited in fall drills. Before last year’s injury, he was the nation’s second-leading rusher, averaging 134.1 yards per game.

Still a little disappointing if so. As the article notes, Graham would also be unlikely for the Cinci game that is only 5 days later (Thursday night) as well. But better to keep him out, even for the Cinci game as well for Graham’s own good — as well as Pitt for the rest of the season.

Small factual error in the piece that says Rushel Shell is the back-up to Isaac Bennett. Reality is that Malcolm Crockett is almost certainly the back-up to Bennett.

don’t play him until he is close to 100% even if it means missing Cincy & Va Tech, etc

Comment by wbb 08.22.12 @ 4:17 pm

I think being cautious with Ray Graham’ s return is only way to go. I certainly wouldn’t want to see them rush him into service only to re-agravate the injury, and possibly jepordize his carreer. He is a terrific talent and it’s my hope that, given the proper amount of time to recover, he can get back his old form. Isaac Bennet and Malcom Crockett will do fine.

Comment by Justinian 08.22.12 @ 4:28 pm


I agree..if he cant go vs YSU, then Cincy is likely out..and the VT game is meaningless in the grand-scheme of winning the BE..that gives him 4 weeks until the gardner webb game..whi is also conceivably, we may not see him until Fri October 5th..not unrealistic

Comment by H.LandPitt 08.22.12 @ 4:42 pm

i thought it took a year or more to fully recover from an injury of his extent. sit him down till he is healed we will be fine, not worth risking his future. while we are at it sit tino as well

Comment by pittisit37 08.22.12 @ 5:16 pm

Given what happened to Greg Romeaus, playing Ray Graham before he is mentally and physically ready is stupid and irresponsible.

Comment by omar 08.22.12 @ 5:16 pm

Omar, That’s a good example of what could happen. Greg Romeaus was a heck of player too. Players want to play, but sometimes you have to make the call for them, if you think they are not yet ready.

Comment by Justinian 08.22.12 @ 5:23 pm

The Atlanta Panther supports this message.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 08.22.12 @ 5:37 pm


Comment by CompLit 08.22.12 @ 5:53 pm

He practiced today with full contact…so there goes that ESPN rumor.

Comment by Joe Bull 08.22.12 @ 6:27 pm

If we need Graham to play against YSU the season would be over in game #1.

I think that it is possible that Graham will see very limited action against Cincy, however, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him cheering from the sidelines all game.

I’m not concerned about our running game…I am scared stiff about Tino, et al.

Comment by isnore 08.22.12 @ 7:03 pm

Voytik is #2 per the trib

Comment by tedsptman 08.22.12 @ 7:53 pm

Speaking of Graham…Toad that is…it hasn’t taken AZ reporters long to realize his offense is predicated on QB pooch kicks, not high octane.

link to

What a BS’er. Can’t wait to see their butts kicked and him thumbing down RTE 66.

Comment by steve1 08.22.12 @ 8:13 pm

Todd Graham does not have a high football acquity, plain and simple.

Comment by Yup 08.22.12 @ 9:12 pm

Ray Graham will be his own worst enemy. Hopefully he will listen to his body and not let his emotions rule the day. Being the competitor he is I know he will be in the coaches ear to play against YSU.

If team #1 is to win the Big East, his services should not be required for sure until the Syracuse game on 10/5.

We’ll see, but I sure hope that Graham himself and the coaches continue to err on the side of precaution. Sir Isaac should be able to carry the rock adequately until then.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.22.12 @ 9:18 pm

When faced with disappointment this season (hopefully not), at least we will be able to grab an Old Frothingslosh. Pittsburgh Brewing Co announced today.

Comment by OhHowIHateOhioState 08.22.12 @ 10:10 pm

My guess is if he misses cincy, he’ll miss defensive minded tech…why risk injury in a non-con game?

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 08.22.12 @ 10:27 pm

manasseh garner has left the wisconsin football program a jr a native of pittsburgh will he transfer to pitt will chryst even want him a 6 foot WR 205 pounds.

Comment by FRANKCAN 08.22.12 @ 10:34 pm

If it’s true Voytik is #2, there is no way he redshirts. I don’t see Chryst keeping Tino in with the 2nd team against Young State and Gard Webb. Maybe i’m wrong but i don’t see it happening.

Comment by why me 08.22.12 @ 11:08 pm

Tino is not good enough to not have someone pushing him for time, so I’m glad Chad V is doing well and hopefully he keeps improving because WE ALL KNOW TINO IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH! I never had ulcers or reflux issues before Tino was our QB – the bad sacks and bad passes and turnovers are all signs of his panicking under pressure when the lights go on. So come on Chad V, keep stepping it up!!!!

Comment by dish 08.22.12 @ 11:52 pm

Weed, women, booze? What will make Tino relax while in the pocket? He’s very uncomfortable and panics. He hasn’t built the confidence yet. Maybe when and if that comes, things will improve. If not, we’re in for a very long season.

Comment by TX Panther 08.23.12 @ 7:02 am

My Rx advocated for Tino is still 10 mg valium 1 hr prior to game time followed by another 10 mg at the half. And I’m serious about that.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.23.12 @ 7:50 am

That’s too bad for PITT and Ray Ray, he’s worked very hard to get his knee back. If he’s not up to snuff by Game 4 or so, maybe they should put a medical Redshirt on him. Then he can come back next year, super strong. And the NFL would have less doubts about his recovery imo.

As far as what this means to the team. It’s devasting imo. Ray Ray was probably the best RB in the country last year, what with playing with a team with hardly any passing attack and having teams stuff the box with 8-9 players, knowing that Sir Tiny can’t complete a pass over 15 yards.
He still was on pace to break TD’s single season record and was #2 in the Nation. You just don’t replace a guy the calibre of Ray.

Ray Ray also just needed an instant of daylight or he could create his own. So the blocking didn’t have to be great,,,and it wasn’t. This is going to put more emphasis now on being able to pass the ball to an extent. And that does not bode well as we need to run the ball as much as possible to eliminate Sunseri and his errant throws as much as possible.

What a bummer 🙁

It’s too early to drink a stiff one or I would !

Veritas et virtus

Comment by Emel 08.23.12 @ 7:51 am

Emel, not so fast my friend, you can’t believe everything that you read. Ray will have his day, this season you can bet on that. It is just a matter of timing at this point. He even went live for one practice series yesterday and scored a TD. Not to worry.

BTW, TX Panther, I’m still seriously advocating that valium Rx for Tino, if you’re looking for that magic elixer to calm his mind and free his spirit in the pocket.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.23.12 @ 8:23 am

[…] big news is that right after reports surfaced that Ray Graham would be “unlikely” for the season opener, it was learned that he actually practiced for a series without the “do not touch” […]

lol Old Frothingslosh is back. Unf*cking believable.
My dad use to drink that at the Holidays.

Wonder if they’ll ship me some down here in Mid-Dixie ?? Hey you guys have to bring some of that to the Compass Bowl or Chumps Sports Bowl or whatever.

Thx for that wonderful info:
OhhowIhateOhioState (i was so depressed after reading Ray Ray isn’t going to play)

P.S >> thx Dr Tom for ur concern. Can u prescribe some meds for Sir Tino, to boost his performance. ha

Comment by Emel 08.23.12 @ 10:33 am

while we are at it sit tino as well
Comment by pittisit37 08.22.12 @ 5:16 pm

lmao, here here

Comment by Emel 08.23.12 @ 10:36 am

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