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July 23, 2012

NCAA On PSU Open Thread

Filed under: Football,NCAA,Police Blotter,Scandal — Chas @ 7:47 am

Well, it has been an active 24 hours or so, hasn’t it?

The Joe Paterno statue has been removed. Reports swirl of unprecedented sanctions from the NCAA — that Penn State won’t fight — and quickly verbal commits start hedging on their future.

NCAA President Mark Emmert is going to be conducting a press conference this morning at 9am to lay things out on Penn State. This is all uncharted territory, but everything about this Penn State scandal is uncharted territory for college athletics and the NCAA.

Yahoo Sports reported on Sunday, citing two sources, that Mr. Emmert has been able to skip the normal enforcement procedure as part of a provision allowed in the NCAA constitution by getting permission from the NCAA’s board of directors. The board comprises 18 university presidents and chancellors.

Coincidentally, former Penn State president Graham Spanier endorsed the need for swift decisions by the board, like the type it has reportedly taken, at a summit of NCAA presidents last August.

“The board needs to be prepared to take stronger actions directly,” he said.

We’ll all find out in just a short while. Twitter may break on this one.



Espn just had ex-player B Noble do a interview, and boy are the Pedo State football alum clueless.

Comment by Bones 07.23.12 @ 10:50 am

Dan 72 is correct. NCAA should have shut down the progran for @ least 1 year along w/current sanctions.

Comment by DC33 07.23.12 @ 10:50 am

“a victory for pedophiles everywhere”

Surely you can’t be serious? I mean really. Sandusky is off in prison, probably for the rest of his miserable life and hopefully Curley, Schultz and Spanier will more than likely spend some time in prison.

Comment by Pitt Is It!!! 07.23.12 @ 10:50 am

Bones, Michael Robinson was on espn yesterday, again…no clue.

its really amazing how people see right past the severity of the situation and refuse to accept that their God was a sleeze bag.

Comment by Coach Ditka 07.23.12 @ 10:55 am

Franco Harris needs to bend over and remove his head from his ass too.

Comment by Coach Ditka 07.23.12 @ 10:57 am

Best part of all of this is PSU CONSENTED to the sanctions….and I don’t blame them, because these sanctions are a lot lighter than I initially thought.

Only exception that was harsher than I thought was the vacating of 112 wins….so when it was all said and done Walt Harris beat PSU 3 times…good for him!

Comment by Marco 07.23.12 @ 10:57 am

I agree that this worse than the death penalty. These sanctions will cripple the program for many years to come.

Comment by velvil 07.23.12 @ 11:01 am

Now the number 1 question will any player transfer from penn state and will we pick any of them up if they do.
and can we call them to ask or not what are the rules.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.23.12 @ 11:02 am

I would like to see half the money go to the victims. The other half into the research of what makes a pedophile. What makes a grown man crave young boys??

You can’t just sit around and say, “well, we’ll deal with it when it happens, and help the victims”.

You have to stop the pedophile before it happens.

Comment by Dan 07.23.12 @ 11:02 am

Think they should have banned all PSU televised games and not allow to play at home for two years. The Big 10 teams would want them gone from conference.
Who cares about previous wins? That’s history!

Comment by T 07.23.12 @ 11:04 am

Bones, I, too, heard the ESPN interview of B Noble, WHAT A NEANDERTHAL HE IS! These knucklehead PSU football players don’t get the fact that they had the throne handed to them while playing there while boys were being raped and the football coach and the university president stood by and kept silent so that these football players could be idolized by the PSU cult and exalted by the sports media as the “model” of what a moral, upstanding football program looks like.

What utter blind, self-centered, arrogant knuckleneads these PSU “Lettermen” are in society today.

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 07.23.12 @ 11:05 am

looks like the Big Ten basically said no bowl money for four years which equals about $13 mil.

Comment by Coach Ditka 07.23.12 @ 11:15 am

I am in agreeance tha these sanctions may impact the program worse than the death penalty. The Death Penalty would be like ripping off a band-aid…Painful but overwith quickly. These sanctions will slowly compound the pain for the program over the next four-six years. The Death Penalty also has financial and economic ramfifications for the entire State College area. The 60MM fine makes sure PSU pays financially without having a crippling impact on small businesses in the area.

I am interested to see if this “Us against the world” mentality all of the coaches, players, and recruits were touting erodes in the coming months.

As far as PSU accepting the penalties…can you imagine the absolute PR NIGHTMARE if they started challenging the NCAA??

Comment by BCPITT 07.23.12 @ 11:15 am

I am keenly interested in how the Big 10 punishes Pedo State.

Most likely, they won’t share bowl revenues from the conference for those 4 years. And, they may ban their football games from being shown locally on the BTN. TV revenues could be cut as well.

I doubt many Nitter players will transfer or decommit. They love Creepy Valley and are drunk on the Kool Aid.

Comment by TX Panther 07.23.12 @ 11:16 am

Man did Des Howard hit the nail on the head referring to people saying they are punishing the players. He said they have a choice to stay or go. The victims never had a choice.

Comment by Bones 07.23.12 @ 11:20 am

Big 10 ruling is in:

1) they up hold NCAA sanctions
2) prohibited from participating in Big Ten championship for 4 years
3) forfeit bowl money share from B10 for 4 years (approx 13M per yr) with proceed going to charitable fund set up by b10

Reality is that the NCAA sanctions trumped anything that the B10 could impose. It was obvious that depriving them of bowl share was going to occur. The B10 could have shown more courage and taken TV contract money as well. In that sense the B10 protected their own and slapped PSU on the wrist

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 07.23.12 @ 11:21 am

BC, the attitude will change over the coming years, as the losses pile up.

Comment by Justinian 07.23.12 @ 11:23 am

Only time will tell if PSU has learned the lessons. I will keep my beliefs on whether they do to myself.
On another note, I laid into Chris Peak last night on his show. He claimed the NCAA did not have “jurisdiction” over the matter and those who urged harsh punishment from the NCAA were merely trying to pile on PSU.
Peak forgot to mention the NCAA constitution and ability of the NCAA to enforce its own laws.
He also opined that anyone who cares about college sports should be worried if the NCAA levied any type of sanction.
I replied that we should be worried if they did not.
You cannot look past the protection of the football program as the motivating factor for the cover up. It involved the AD, the head coach, an assistant coach (Sandusky was still on staff for a time) and the University President among others.
Scratch me off the Panthair Lair radio listening audience.
Some people just don’t get it and some of the people have nothing to do with PSU.
As for PSU, the process continues and more revelations await.

Comment by sfpitt 07.23.12 @ 11:26 am

What is telling to me is the reaction of the PSU faithful. You can start to understand why there was a cover-up, because the faithful are clueless to anything outside their football team. So you can say the faithful are at fault for creating the environment as well.

Comment by Bones 07.23.12 @ 11:27 am

Penn State essentially took a plea bargain, IMO.

The death penalty would have likely done a better job in cleaning up the culture. Though, it may have also enboldened them, also.

I think this will actually hurt the competitiveness of the football team more than a one-year death penalty would have. They’ll be an I-AA team for 4 years, and then a I-AA team moving to I-A for at least 2 years after that.

Comment by originalether 07.23.12 @ 11:30 am

I get that the whole crime itself was not a football issue, but sfpitt hit the nail on the head!! The cover up and continued abuses were allowed for one and only one purpose, the preservation of the football program. The football culture and program inarguably were involved and greatly impacted the situation. The NCAA isn’t punishing PSU because of what Sandusky did, they are punishing PSU because of what EVERYONE ELSE DID NOT DO.

Comment by BCPITT 07.23.12 @ 11:33 am

My take on the scholarship math….

If they have 15 incoming freshman this fall AND the total scholarships for this fall would be 85 (the normal max), it means the following:

– all 15 incoming scholarships need to be withdrawn AND they have to release 5 more current players from scholarship.

– on the other end of the spectrum, they could keep the incoming (hypothetical ) 15 and then would need to release 20 current players from scholarship.

Just wondering what their actual situation is… how many incoming and what hat would put the total at?

Comment by JLawrence 07.23.12 @ 11:42 am

The cult created Paterno. Paterno is dead but the cult still lives on.

Comment by TX Panther 07.23.12 @ 11:44 am

Glad I can go to Pitt at PSU and not see the statue. Maybe get a good seat as well.

One of my best friends is PSU fan and he is embarressed.

Not surprised if pre 1998 stuff comes out.

Comment by Frank 07.23.12 @ 11:50 am

The Big10 should have banned home television as that will turn into a media circus and trivialize this whole mess. More importantly, they will get air time which is often important with recruiting.

Scholarship limits are a crock. The one year scholly will be implemented to cut players off scholly that won’t contribute. See ohio state as an example. Two starters recently arrested, lose their summer only scholly. Back-up linebacker also arrested, booted off team, makes another open scholly. It’s a manipulation of scholarships and that wasn’t addressed.

Bowl ban should be for 5 years and schollies reduced for 5 years which would be one full recruiting cycle to change the culture. So I think the ncaa was “light” there. Vacated wins are stupid. Listen, when USC recruits, they still tell the recruits that they won the national title on the field and the recruits that drink the juice believe it. Same situation here, so although I think Joe got his in the “end”, pun intended, it’s not fatal to the program.

I expect them back in less than 5 years, but would prefer never to hear a story about them in the news at all. I am sure Smizik and Cook are figuring out how to spin this and to be candid, they should be in peril for their juice drinking stance on this, but only the public complaining, through boycott of a product will get that done.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 07.23.12 @ 11:59 am

@JLawrence…from the jargon I have read it looks like the 15 scholly per year limit begins with this current recruiting class (2013-2014 academic year), but the 65 max scholly begins NEXT year(2014-2015) academic year.

Basically they can sign 15 for this recruiting class, but need to make sure there are “cuts” the next year. Either a lot of people graduate/transfer/move-on or they won’t be able to recruit a 2014 class. Let’s look at the math (with some assumptions)

Assume PSU had 85 scholly players this year (2012-2013 academic year). Let’s say 25 graduate/transfer/move on leaves them with 60 players. The 2013 recruiting class signs 15 players moving them up to 75 (this is okay because the 65 doesn’t take effect until 2014 academic year). Now at the end of the year 25 more players leave the program leaving them with 50 players…if they sign another 15 in 2014 recruiting class they are at the 65 limit in time. Doesn’t look like it should be too hard for them to meet that.

Comment by BCPITT 07.23.12 @ 12:01 pm

dhuff…that makes sense as far as the 65 limit is concerned, but if they cannot offer more than 15 new scholarships per year they would have trouble filling those empty scholarships. Only way to get around that is to get a player to pay his own way as a walk on for a semester and then give him a scholarship. How many 4-5 star recruits want to deal with that? If they are willing to manipulate scholarships like that it wouldn’t leave me with a warm and fuzzy when they tell me “walk on one semester and then we promise a scholarship as soon as we can dump some RS soph who isn’t panning out”

Comment by BCPITT 07.23.12 @ 12:05 pm

I believe that for the most part, this is a fair punishment. When the question of punishment first came up, I said to anyone who would listen “death penalty, without a doubt.” However, after hearing the press conference today and reviewing the sanctions, I believe this to be far worse than the death penalty. This will have a more significant impact for a far greater period of time than the death penalty would have.

That being said, I am critical of one decision- that is, to not implement some sort of TV ban. In our society, scandals, whether right or wrong, make for “must see TV.” I firmly believe that ESPN/ABC will be clamoring to show Penn State games on TV, because they know that right now, Penn State is like a car wreck- you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself. Advertisers will pay premium dollars for those games, knowing fully well that people will tune in, just out of curiousity. I looked at their schedule this year, and per ESPN’s website, their first 3 games (Ohio, Virginia and Navy) are all scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN/ABC stations. They also have an 8pm game with Iowa, which you know will be televised by someone since it’s starting at 8pm. The networks will benefit from this and the team will benefit from this. So to me, they should have been banned from television for a period equal to their post-season ban (4 years).

Comment by hacky3 07.23.12 @ 12:43 pm

Advertisers need to boycott Penn State. That will take them off the air.

Comment by TX Panther 07.23.12 @ 12:55 pm

@BCPITT – thanks…had not paid attention to when the cuts began.

Comment by JLawrence 07.23.12 @ 1:01 pm

Wisconsin can finish third in the Leaders Division and be in the Big 10 Title game.

Comment by Mailman 07.23.12 @ 1:33 pm

The thing about all this that floors me, is that Penn State has never been renagade program like SMU or Miami. I thought the NCAA, in it’s eagerness for politicl correctness, absolutely hammered them. The NCAA looks the other way on way too many things to suddenly become the guardian of truth, integrety, and the academic interests of the students. I have a problem with them professing the high ground, they are more interested in protecting their image. That’s exactly the same motivation that let the Penn State administrators, not to call the authorities. This case needed to proceed through the court system, no matter how long it takes. The penalties handed out by the NCAA hurt the athletes and the fans, not the men who opted to cover things up.

Comment by Justinian 07.23.12 @ 5:56 pm

Justinian–The players are protected because they are free to transfer without loss of eligibility.

The term “fan” comes from fanatic. Fans are those who have a fanatical devotion to a favorite sports team. They choose to follow that team for recreation and for enjoyment. Their enjoyment typically is greater if the team they have chosen as the object of their devotion is winning.

Fans have no inherent right or entitlement to a winning team. PSU fans still will have a team even if it will not be as successful in the next few years and will not, as a result, give them as much pleasure. They weren’t and aren’t “entitled” to even that much in the grand scheme of things. No fan of any sports team is “entitled” to anything. Life and what really matters in life (and its not sports) will go on as before for PSU fans.

Comment by pitt1972 07.24.12 @ 12:28 am

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