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April 9, 2012

An interesting move by TCU to get Trent Johnson from LSU. Johnson had built a solid resume/reputation going from Nevada to Stanford and having success. He’s had mixed results at LSU at best. It was initially believed Johnson would make roughly what he made at LSU, though, his salary pool for assistants would be smaller.


The reports came out that Johnson was going to be earning close to $2 million. What? That seemed crazy. Turned out that the $2 million numberĀ  was bogus. More likely that the number was the total package for Johnson with incentives and his pool for assistants.

The move as whole has brought shrugs from both sides. It is also interesting in that Q&A between TCU and LSU about Trent Johnson that the LSU side views it as a Penn State-Ed DeChellis-Navy situation. Where the coach sees what could be happening after next year (and only one year left on the contract) and goes for another job before being fired. That actually seems more like what Jim Christian did at TCU. He saw the situation at TCU — in terms of the team, talent, time left on his contract, and step-up in conference difficulty — and made a move downward to the MAC.

Trent Johnson’s move, to me, seems to be one where he gets a little closer to his recruiting comfort zone. He had his best success at Nevada and Stanford. His more natural recruiting area is in the West and Southwest. That will work better for him.

Johnson’s biggest problem will be recruiting good enough talent to compete in the Big 12. He’s a good coach in terms of developing players and game strategy. But he has never had a big recruiting rep. He’s going to a place with next to zero basketball tradition — outside of Jamie Dixon — and facilities in need of a major upgrade. It will be a question of how much time he is given to try and build something.

The good news is the “TEAM X is pursuing Jamie Dixon” stuff was brief and never rose past the level of highly improbable. Considering Coach Dixon spent the week recruiting and bringing in Trey Zeigler, any rumors that Dixon did more than listen politely to his alma mater were not much more than bunk.

any news on goodmen

Comment by Frankcan 04.09.12 @ 10:58 am

If zeigler signs on LOI day does he count in how high the class is rated this year.
and would he be a 4 star or a 5 star
any info please.

Comment by Frankcan 04.09.12 @ 11:04 am

frank, i dont think transfers make any impact on recruiting rankings. they never did for football, anyways

Comment by pk 04.09.12 @ 11:08 am

Well, thank God that is over with. Whew!

Hail To Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 04.09.12 @ 5:24 pm

pk but if he signs a lettr of intent with this class it might. what would be the difference you red shirt people and they count on signing day we dont know if he will have to sit out or not any one know for sure.

Comment by Frankcan 04.09.12 @ 6:28 pm

Truth be told… this year exposed Dixon to be a “not ready for prime time” Head Coach.

The belief that Jamie was uniquely able to make lemonade out of lemons was fully exposed this year to be nothing more than an urban legend.

While a very good coach, he has yet to show he has what it takes to recruit and game-day coach at the high level needed to warrant the investment that Pitt has made into its basketball program.

Jamie has obviously suffered as a result of the loss of assistant coaches who may have played an equal or even larger role in making the lemonade we’ve come to know as Pitt Basketball.

Comment by PittofDreams 04.09.12 @ 7:56 pm

pittodreams you jump to quick if this happens next year you may say that but not after one bad year he has been wonderful and any school would hire him in splet second

Comment by Frankcan 04.09.12 @ 8:21 pm

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