April 7, 2012

Zeigler Chooses Pitt

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Well Pitt has its first transfer of note since Mike Cook left East Carolina. One Trey Zeigler let the world know.

Big get for the shooting guard spot. That position just got a lot bigger and better.

Zeigler let UCLA and Duke know before tweeting the world, which is what you would hope he would do. It has been confirmed by his father.

The next step is to see if the NCAA will give him a waiver to play right away. No one really knows if he will get the waiver. I honestly don’t know what the mechanism would be to qualify.

Honestly, it seems Zeigler isn’t too sure either.

“I just think with all that’s going on there [at Pitt] it’s the best fit for me, a lot of opportunities,” Trey said. “Just knowing Coach Dixon from being at Pitt when I was little I thought it would be a good fit for me. Hopefully, it will lead to great things.”

Zeigler said he hoped to get a waiver and play immediately.

“I’m going to try to get a waiver,” he said. “If not I will have to sit out  a year.”

The Michigan native averaged 15.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists at Central Michigan and will provide wing help for the Panthers.

“I’ll probably play the 2 and the 3, playing on the wing,” he said. “Coach Dixon talked about that his weekend.”

If he doesn’t, then he sits out the year which is survivable.

Now if there is a way to get Savon Goodman as well, then this becomes a monster class.

Was Zeigler an absolute need for Pitt? No. But you don’t turn down a chance to get really good talent.

Yea Us!!!

Comment by Reed 04.07.12 @ 6:05 pm

Hes going to be a two. I doubt dixon will push a current player out, so unless he takes away chris jones’ scholly, pitts not going to get savon. If they do, however, saying this will be a monster class is a slight understatement

Comment by Pk 04.07.12 @ 6:12 pm

“The hardship transfer waiver is for student-athletes who are compelled to transfer because of financial hardship or an injury or illness to the student-athlete or a member of their family.”

That’s all I could find after some serious googling. Does anyone know what the language of the actual rule is?

Comment by Cavalier Panther 04.07.12 @ 6:18 pm

28% 3 point shooting, 49% free throw shooting, and we’re hailing this as a great get for a shooting guard?

Comment by Digdug 04.07.12 @ 6:35 pm

Dig, his game is attacking the basket and his midrange game is money. Plus hes 6’5″ and very athletic

Comment by Pk 04.07.12 @ 6:42 pm

hope I’m wrong but I’m not excited in the least

Comment by wbb 04.07.12 @ 6:46 pm

Very similar numbers to Nas Robinson. Maybe he will play PF?

Comment by pitt1972 04.07.12 @ 6:46 pm

If Goodman may come on board, who will follow Epps in transferring out?

Comment by pitt1972 04.07.12 @ 6:50 pm

Pitt, he weighs 190, hes a shooting guards

Comment by Pk 04.07.12 @ 6:54 pm

Unless Goodman commits, we’re set. I thought Goodman’s academics were shaky and he might reclassify to 2013.

Comment by Greg 04.07.12 @ 6:58 pm

Yeah, just a 6-5 shooting guard who chose Pitt over Duke and UCLA; and was a top 30 prospect out of high school. No reason to be excited. This is a great get for Pitt.

Comment by Tom 04.07.12 @ 7:01 pm

Ernie Ziegler says Trey is sitting out 2012-13. But Trey seems to be saying he’s applying for a waiver. Maybe Jamie will clarify. Big get either way. Top 30 in his high school class.

link to

Comment by velvil 04.07.12 @ 7:08 pm

Football related. If you haven’t seen it yet, another great Spring Insider Show.

link to

Comment by Digdug 04.07.12 @ 7:18 pm

He’s a former top 30 recruit who was also looking at UCLA and Duke. It’s a good get and you should be excited. It probably means that Patterson will be playing the 4 now (if the waiver is approved). To tell you the truth, it’s probably better if he does have to redshirt a year.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 04.07.12 @ 7:29 pm


Here are his stats…FT’s must improve. Poor 3pt shooter but barely took 1 per game so he didn’t hurt his team with it. Excellent rebounder at 6.7/game. A little high in the TO department but he was playing 32 mins a game and I’m willing to bet tried to do too much at times since he was the best player on the court. I’m excited.

2011-12 CMU 31.8 6.2-13.5 .462 0.3-1.2 .289 3.0-6.1 .495 6.7 2.5 0.7 1.1 2.5 2.6 15.8

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 04.07.12 @ 7:37 pm

We finally got ourselves a 2-guard who can drive, rebound, and handle the ball if he needs to. Check this dunk out in his HS game:
link to

and here are highlights from one HS game – he isn’t afraid to bang down low – I like him! Plus, he brings 16 ppg average and good rebounding from Central Michigan. A great win over UCLA and Duke!

Comment by dish 04.07.12 @ 7:47 pm

here’s the second link:
link to

Comment by dish 04.07.12 @ 7:48 pm

Thanks for the heads up, Digdug.

Am I the only one believing that the coaches wish they were elsewhere?

Comment by steve1 04.07.12 @ 8:17 pm

We got an athlete actually willing to drive and score!!

Comment by Tony C 04.07.12 @ 9:01 pm

FWIW he would’ve been our best player this year

Comment by Tony C 04.07.12 @ 9:12 pm

I like it way to go wish he could play next year

Comment by Frankcan 04.07.12 @ 9:22 pm

If goodman commits the next to go would be cameron wright
i dont like to do that sort of thing but i dont want a nother year like last year and wright cant score so he would need to go.

Comment by Frankcan 04.07.12 @ 9:42 pm

cameron wright could transfer to DUQUESNE they
would love to have him.

Comment by Frankcan 04.07.12 @ 9:46 pm

If you get rid of anyone you say thanks but no thanks to chris jones. Get goodman and call this class a wrap.

Comment by Pk 04.07.12 @ 11:07 pm

I agree it’s hard to imagine the team responding well to Jamie kicking off someone who started several games this year. If Zeigler takes away a scholarship and we get Goodman it should be Jones to go. If not, Jones can stay and Zeigler would be lumped into the 2013 class which will need a spot anyway if Adams goes pro.

Comment by TonyC 04.08.12 @ 1:39 am

Don’t know if anyone else has said it, but thank you CMU. We greatly appreciate your firing of Ernie Ziegler. Sincerely, Pitt fans.

Comment by Pitt Rob 04.08.12 @ 2:15 am

I think his numbers are amplified by how much he was ask to do at CMU. At Pitt he should play more within the system and with better players around him. His numbers should improve.

Comment by Pittastic 04.08.12 @ 6:39 am

As several people have mentioned, Duke and UCLA were pushing for him so I can look past some of the stats and see what they saw.
As far as scholarship numbers, two questions (one legitimate and one highly speculative):
1– If he must sit out per transfer rules, does his scholarship count against this year?
2– Any chance Jamie is going to hire big Ernie back as assistant? Not only would that enhance the staff but then maybe Trey could enroll without a scholarship? Again, very speculative but just a thought…

Comment by JW 04.08.12 @ 8:45 am

Great irony with a kid named Trey that can’t shoot a lick. Finally, Pitt has returned to its winning formula: guards that can’t make free throws. I think Trey Zeigler is really Mike Cook with plastic surgery and forged paperwork.

Comment by Denny 04.08.12 @ 9:26 am

With all the good talent out there, why does Pitt go for someone who can’t shoot free throws? 49% free throw percentage is not worthy of a scholarship in my book unless they pull down at least 10 rebounds/game.

Comment by MariettaMike 04.08.12 @ 9:43 am

I guess andre drummond and shaq wouldnt have been worth a scholarship then

Comment by Pk 04.08.12 @ 10:50 am

[…] Things really can change in a year. Last year Pitt basketball had its worst season in over a decade. Yet, the spring brought high optimism. A big-time Kiwi to man the middle. Depth all over the roster. Oh, and Pitt beat out the likes of Duke, UCLA and Michigan State for a transfer. […]

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