March 12, 2012


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Not sure how close Pitt came to making the NIT. I’m guessing upsets like St. Bonaventure over Xavier had a trickle-down effect as NCAA bubble teams that were left out knocked out NIT bubble teams. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

The game will not be televised, it seems. The CBI has its deal with HDNet (which is channel 306 on DirecTV), and they are showing the Delaware-Butler game that night.

So be it. It’s still one more basketball game. Aside from spring practice for the next month we are seeing the dead period loom large in front of us.

The time of year when the only excitement is recruiting trail stuff. Summer league play. Blind speculative pieces. It can get rough.

Here’s the bracket for the CBI (PDF). Pick your bracket below, I guess.

Just because Pitt NEEDS Adams and Robinson to step in and lead the team right away doesn’t mean we should EXPECT it to happen.

Be very careful of reading too much into well edited YouTube clips. I remember seeing some highlight videos a few years back that made Isaiah Epps look like Kenny Anderson.

Those clips of Adams playing against the Noel Nergens (or whatever his name is) look good, but I saw NONE of the away from the basket stuff in the game in Ambridge. I won’t re-post my assessment, but my conclusion was, he is far from being a freshman phenom savior.

Robinson looks to be exactly what Pitts needs at the point, a good ball handler, excellent decision maker, natural passer/facilitator with a very high basketball IQ. His athletic ability (quickness) and defense are still TBD. Will Jamie trust an 18 year old at the point with a 22 year old fifth year guy already in place?

Woodall is just never going to be consistent enough to be a 35 minute a game point guard for a big east championship contender. When he played well this year, Pitt won. When he didn’t Pitt lost. He didn’t play well in enough games (both due to injury and due to ability level and decision making).

Jamie has shown a reluctance to let talented freshmen learn on job. He did slowly start to give Birch some run, but had him on short leash. I do HOPE Jamie gives this incoming freshman class more latitude than he’s given previous freshmen. I would rather gamble that they’ll get better, live with some mistakes, than go with the guys we know can’t get it done.

But we shouldn’t expect too much, too early.

I fear that Taylor and Woodall will be next year’s Gibbs and Robinson and Pitt will be playing the in CBI again next year.

Comment by boubacar aw 03.13.12 @ 11:47 am

Drw, we’re gonna have to ease Robinson. There’s no way around it. Its a team without leaders as of now and you can NOT expect a freshman to ocme in and take over. This kids probably very very good, but he’s not Derrick Rose. He needs to ease in or else you may burn him out.

Also, your point that he went to Dematha and no other guards incl woodall did, well it falls on deaf ears. Woodall went to St. Anthony’s, one of the best 3 programs in the country and coached by the legendary Coach Hurley. No lesser authority than Hurley has said of Woodall that he was one of the most mature players he’s ever had. Woodall was a PG on the undefeated team (that happened to have Kemba Walker, but still).

Woodall needs to cut down on TOs, sure. If he does that (and he very well may because he’s mature/smart enough to know he has to and because the offence will better and he won’t be hurt) he absolutely should be the starting PG and get starters minutes, Robinson will get 10-15min.

Adams, I agree, is the real deal. His outside shot may not be used often if ever in BE play, but its there. It doesn’t matter. He’s doing everything else right.

Comment by PantherP 03.13.12 @ 12:03 pm

Before we pass final judgement on the BB team this year we need to know about the injury to Woodall and the lasting effectes. Frankly, I believe that had Woodall not been hurt (and possibly not still hurting) PITT would have had 4 to 5 more winsand been a bubble team for the NCAAs. The mislead freshman who left had a ripple effect on the team then the injuries and I was glad to see Dixon did not lose the team (although one player seemed to give up). This coming year Adams (if he is not drafted by the NBA) will be a god-send, as there will be a true center and perhaps Taylor can get an opportunity to play the 4, and Gilbert gets his redshirt and can step in when Adams leaves. By the way if Adams can shoot from 10 to 15′ and it seems so from all accounts then driving will be easier for the guards because if he moves out then the opposing center has to follow. Not worried about the future Dixon has shown the ability to coach a team- next year no Birch distractions and hoepfully no major injuries.

Comment by jim 03.13.12 @ 2:16 pm

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