March 8, 2012

I’m so, f***in proud of those Pitt fans.

In the waning seconds of Pittburgh’s 64-52 loss to Georgetown, Hoyas fans began chanting, ‘NIT! NIT!’ Pitt fans responded with, “ACC! ACC!’

It was something of a given anyways. Pitt had to cancel a home game with UCF — at the behest of the Big East — with the expectation of having TCU coming in 2012. Then they got a better offer to go straight to the Big 12. That was followed by losing the Backyard Brawl after WVU fled to the Big 12, and the Big East caved as expected. That left Pitt two holes to fill on the home slate at a very late point.

We knew Pitt wasn’t going to get a good team to go on the road that late. There just weren’t any other 1-A teams that had an open date — especially at the price Pitt could/would pay. And even if the Big East had somehow managed to get Boise St. to join this year — instead of the desperate Temple — you know part of the deal would have sent Pitt to the Smurf Turf.

So, now Pitt has a full schedule. Such as it is.


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