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February 26, 2012

It really is strange as a fan to feel like it is just playing out the string at this point. Not the team. I am sure most of them haven’t checked out on the season yet. They want to keep playing. Trying to prove that it was more about nagging injuries and bad luck that made this such a frustrating and disappointing season.

Yet, as a fan, it’s different. We know the NCAA Tournament is out. The NIT is weak consolation — and even that is guaranteed at the moment. Maybe there’s some excitement for the Big East Tournament. After all, it has been a while since Pitt even won a game at it. But these final three games. Who knows? At this point I want to see Nas and Gibbs finish with some good. I want to see more of Moore and Gilbert for the future. Maybe even a little more time for John Johnson.

The game is 2pm on CBS. A really odd scheduling quirk this year. No Saturday games for the entire month of February. Instead, four straight Sunday games.

The rules are well known by now. Moderated chat. Not a free-for-all. Yada, yada, yada. It’s been a frustrating year. A lot of negativity that usually doesn’t show up until the NCAA Tournament. Try and keep it sane.

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Otherwise, just a little lower.

@upiitbaseball. Where exactly did you get these expectations from?? We’ve never been a basketball power, hell, we’ve never even been a basketball school.

We had a great year in 74, some fun teams with Sam Clancy, and a couple good teams with Charles Smith et al.

We hadn’t even been to the tournament since 93′.

Most coaches don’t get to the elite 8, less the final four, and very few a NC. What’d it take Boeheim, 23 years or something???

I’d be interested to know where you got your expectations from??

I know we have blue in our color scheme, but we’re not Duke, UNC, Kentucky or Kansas.

Nor, do we get the recruits they do. You know DeJuan Blair, Khem Birch, Steve Adams????? Those teams get 4 or 5 of those type of players every year. They have players like that, sitting on their bench!!!!!!!!!

He’s expected to make the tournament? Ya, only because he has made the tournament so often. That could be the only place that expectation comes from, they hadn’t been there for 10 years until Howland/Dixon.

You do know there are 351 Division One college basketball teams, right?? Out of all of those, only 7 of those have made the tournament for 10 straight years. And, Pitt and Dixon are one of those 7.

Ya, I want to win a National Championship, hope it happens one day.

Suggesting replacing the coach after one bad year borders on insanity. Very troubling.

Comment by Dan 02.28.12 @ 9:45 am

And he is one of my favorite Pitt players, what exactly has Sean Miller done coaching that would make you want to bring him here??

He’s missed the tournament twice the past 7 years. He only got to one elite 8, his Arizona team lost this year to a team called Hawaii Southern Shore or something like that.

He get the local recruits??? We don’t have any!!!

I would suggest your expectations are very low on coaching replacements.

Comment by Dan 02.28.12 @ 9:49 am

Entitlement, Dan — it’s a sad state of affairs these days that so many people think they are “entitled” to incredible success. Whereas, like you correctly point out, most fans should be terribly disappointed by this season but still understand the leaps and bounds the program has made during the past 10.
Fans like that poster are the ones who barely paid attention — or were alive — before “The Pete” years.

Comment by JW 02.28.12 @ 10:37 am

Upittbaseball always loves hating on Dixon. He doesn’t like Dixon and he places way too much value on flukey tournament success (I’m not going to elaborate on it for the millionth time). And you know what, every single coach consistently loses in the NCAA tournament.

Sean Miller is a “Pitt guy” so that is what the fascination stems from. I think after coaching for over 10 years, Dixon is also a Pitt guy.

The only people suggesting Dixon should be fired are either trolls or over entitled yinzers who don’t understand the nature of college basketball. Dixon would have to have at least three straight seasons like the current one before he would even be close to being in the hot seat.

Woodall isn’t close to being healthy at this point. I think he’s more like 60%. Woodall will be solid when healthy.

Also someone mentioned who would recruit Nasir, I’m not a fan of Nasir’s game but he was recruited by other big programs and had offers from schools like Nova. Tyreke Evans said Nasir was the best player he played against in high school. So recruiting him was in not a mistake. It just shows how it is really hard to project how a player will develop after High School. Some players just have different max levels.

Comment by Wardapalooza 02.28.12 @ 11:02 am

link to

new shooting guard in the 2012 class…..

Comment by PantherP 02.28.12 @ 11:28 am

@JW-nail on the head.

@Ward, yes years of failure before it is even mentioned. To even talk about it is ridiculous.

It’s really silly to even mention, because even if someone as a fan thinks about it, guess what, it hasn’t even entered Nordy or Pedersons thoughts, and won’t, like you said, unless several bad years. So, why even mention it???

@PantherP. Good link. Was wondering, and I am one that usually isn’t that big on details, but, is he a sg or sf?? They have him listed as sf on scout. I’d love to have a 6’5″ shooting guard!!!

Comment by Dan 02.28.12 @ 11:58 am

There is a shooting guard in the 2012 class james Robinson. Robinson played shooting guard at DeMatha until for the good of the team he moved to PG this year. According to his coach he could score 25 points a game if that is what the team neeed but now they need from to set up the offense.

Watching him in videos take outside shots I agree with his coach he has great mechanics, unlike Woodall or the line drive shots of Gibbs (no margin for error). Also he is a deft penetrator using his body to fend of defenders when attacking the hoop.

If Woodal could handle the PG than Robinson could play the 2. However the way Pitt tries to break presses I want Robinson at PG so we do not go into the game 10 to 14 points down off of steals in the backcourt and consequent layups.

Take away Woodalls strips in the Louisville game and Pitt wins by 10.

Comment by drw 02.28.12 @ 12:25 pm

James Robinson 6’3″, Chris Jones 6’4″, guards.

I like it.

Comment by Dan 02.28.12 @ 12:41 pm

Robinson has a physical stature, too. I especially like that about him. Will help defensively and offensively. Woodall’s height isn’t as much a detriment as his size — he gets too easily bumped/pushed off the ball at times, leading to off-balance shots and passes, etc. Give him credit though, he scraps and fights even when he gets posted up down low.

Comment by JW 02.28.12 @ 12:53 pm

Chris Jones 6’5″, for what it’s worth, my mistake.

Comment by Dan 02.28.12 @ 2:28 pm

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