January 28, 2012

LiveBlog: Georgetown-Pitt

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Sorry about the lateness of getting this out. Guests coming this evening so a frenzied day of cleaning. I’m already catching plenty of grief for taking 2+ hours out to watch the game at 4pm on ESPN. But, really, the wife should be used to it.

Georgetown has been a bit of surprise team this year. Not too much was expected from the Hoyas except middle of the pack, bubble team. Lots of youth and John Thompson III has not had his young players do too much in the past. This year, is different. Lots of early contributions and the Hoyas are in the upper quadrant of the Big East.

Tray Woodall being back has the offense looking a lot sharper. The defense still leaves a lot to be desired. Probably going to have to live with that, this late in the season.

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Steve, the sf position is deep right now. Theyre better off redshirting him. I still think the best comparison for steven adams is pau gasol. Adams looks more muscular but they have virtually identical games.

Comment by Pk 01.29.12 @ 8:45 pm

Carmen – ditto on Greentree. And I would add there were major yellow flags on Birch there too.

Steve – the simple answer on Durand Johnson, he is a skinny, 18 year old, 6’6″ SF/wing on a team loaded with SF/wings who don’t have a redshirt available and who are physically more mature. Numbers game. FWIW – He is going to be a major contributer during his career, dude can shoot the rock.

Comment by boubacar aw 01.29.12 @ 9:26 pm

Jimbo, I was saying that two weeks ago. I’m with ya.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 01.29.12 @ 10:59 pm

Don’t let Dokish cloud your judgement…scouting is always going to have its hits and misses (The Dion Lewis’s and Shayne Hale’s of the world so to say). Who’s to say these guys (* scouts) don’t take things into account or don’t know what they’re talking about…in fact, many of them do. Sounds more like the guy (Dokish) has an axe to grind having worked at scout/rival or whatever and isn’t with them anymore. (why is that? hmmm) They’re also in the private sector so I would imagine the avg scout on rivals makes more $ than the avg scout at a state univ. Furthermore, if you look at the schools getting the 4/5 stars, they’re the ones that continually churn out great teams…look at the SEC…look at Tx Ok USC FSU MI OSU etc. Coaches know how to scout talent too and know what players fit their system. Obviously character and work ethic matter a ton and they may not be always reflected in the star system, but point is, there is some validity to sites like rivals…Dokish is just outta the game and is bitter. So much easier to cover 1 school than an entire region.

Comment by Gordo 01.29.12 @ 11:29 pm

one more thing…I don’t mean to sound overly critical of Doke, I check out his blog, he has good scoop, seems to care about Pittsburgh…I just happen to completely disagree with him on this subject.

Comment by Gordo 01.29.12 @ 11:39 pm

From Mike White’s blog this morning: “Also,Sto-Rox linebacker Deaysean Rippy tweeted that he will decide between Pitt and WVU.”

Thus, if anything, Pitt letting go of Geter may have helped.

Dokish doess has have more insider info than we have but he is also a very paasionate fan … which sometimes clouds his judgements (like mots of us).

Comment by wbb 01.30.12 @ 7:10 am

Chas, can we get a pregame post for discussing Pitt-WVU tonight? The past two games make me think we at least have a shot tonight; would be a great road win if we could pull it off!

Comment by Lou 01.30.12 @ 9:19 am

Gordo, if you think these idiots at Rivals or Scouts wouldn’t kill to be an assistant coach at a college and know just as much as those assistants then you are delusional. These people know nothing..LOL

Comment by Mike 01.30.12 @ 10:02 am

WVU is a 6.5 point favorite.

They played well in the dome. Should have beaten ‘cuse.

Kevin Jones and the big Turk will be tough matchups for us. Jones will eat up Patterson and Robinson.

Not too optimistic.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 01.30.12 @ 1:11 pm

Mike, to infer that a job at rivals/scout is the same job as an assistant coach with the same responsibilities is delusional.

Comment by gordo 01.30.12 @ 1:22 pm

Ive also been hearing the same thing about Durand Johnson sources from a insider told me that Durand is a better shooter than Ashton but Durand body is not yet physically ready.

Comment by James Joyner 02.02.12 @ 12:01 pm

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