January 21, 2012

LiveBlog: Primetime GameDay

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Thanks to Volvo and the Biggest Fan in the Big East contest, I’m at the Louisville-Pitt game (hint, go vote for me). Went to the morning GameDay telecast. If you are going to the game, be sure to stop by Hemingway’s to say hi beforehand. I’ve got some Volvo/Big East schwag to give away.

There will be a liveblog for tonight. Silver Panther in NYC has offered to run and moderate things. I really don’t think he knows what he has decided to do to himself. Not that I don’t appreciate it, running liveblogs this season has not exactly been rainbows and unicorns. Help is much appreciated.

You will see comments from me from Twitter during the game, but I won’t be able to respond. I may try to check in on things during halftime.


Just to remind everyone about how this works. It is a moderated chat. Not every comment will go through. Not because of bias, but because of redundancy or insanity. Get abusive or too insane and blocking is always an option. You won’t even know it, other than the fact that your comments won’t be posted. The point of the liveblog is to share the game with other Pitt fans — not to make it your personal soapbox (that’s why you start your own blog).

As always, if you need to break the liveblog from the blog, Click Here.

Otherwise, it is just a little lower.

Dixon has been going through stretches where Patterson plays the 4 and Moore plays the 3, with either Zanna or Taylor at 5. The guards vary or sometimes he’ll have Wright playing 3 guard. I like this line up. It’s small and not great at rebounding, but usually spreads the court well, is athletic, and can shoot. I don’t think Dixon will not start Robinson, but I’d like to see this lineup for longer stretches. During the one momentum point in the second half that Pitt enjoyed, this was Pitt’s lineup.

Comment by SilverPanther in NYC 01.22.12 @ 2:05 pm

Hey guys, I’ve finally given my blog a name.

View from the Zoo

Louisville game recap (I was very angry while writing it)
link to
Hail to Pitt,

Comment by Jordan 01.23.12 @ 4:50 am

I didn’t like JoePa before he died and I am not changing my mind, but he achieved alot for PSU no doubt about it.

May he rest in peace.

Comment by SFPitt 01.23.12 @ 1:18 pm

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