December 26, 2011

I read a poll the other day which showed that the Green Bay Packers were now “America’s Team” beating out the Steelers in popularity across the U.S.  I bah humbug that.  However, I can say without hesitation that the University of Wisconsin’s football team just picked up thousands of new fans prior to their bowl game.  As our AD said “On Wisconsin, baby

The reason for that is our hiring of Paul Chryst, ex- Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator.

Pitt fans seem to have feelings ranging from “like but will withhold judgment” to being ecstatic that PITT hired him as the Panther’s new head coach.  I haven’t read or heard one negative thought about him since his initial press conference when he was introduced as the HC.  On paper it looks like a good hire and Paul Chryst himself looks to be the type of guy we want leading the football program.  He’s got some real work ahead of him though.

First off, he must reassure his returning players that he is both sincere about his wanting to be their coach and secondly he must allay their worries about the effects of what has hit them like a runaway freight train over the last 12 months.

Any change in a coaching staff is tough to deal with but these players are experiencing a string of events which may be unprecedented in college football.  The current roster members, less true freshman, have had, in essence, six head coaches in the last 384 days.  Unfreakinbelivable!

Wannstedt, Bennett, Haywood, Graham, Patterson and now Chryst.  I’d call in a Murder’s Row but the first five couldn’t shoot straight and the jury is out on the sixth.

Chryst has to be able to convince the players that things are going to be different going forward.  He has to be honest with them and with himself in acknowledging that it isn’t going to be either smooth or easy.  We PITT fans need to acknowledge that also else we set ourselves up for a big disappointment.

Secondly, he has to hire a competent and loyal staff.

In a large sense I feel that any program wanting to move from average to consistently successful is all about the things that happen off the field of play anyway.

It must hire the right HC then he has to pick a complementary staff that knows their business and can execute the HC’s orders; the staff being real educators and good coaches and having loyalty to the HC are what is needed.

It isn’t always best to hire old friends or people who he has worked with in the past to be your staff coaches.  It is the safest course of action sometimes but in eliminating other candidates who don’t have those ties right off the bat severely limits your talent pool to choose from.

I remember watching an interview years ago, I believe it was with Vince Dooley, on this issue.  He said that what he did sometimes was to call three of four established and successful HCs and ask them “if you were assembling a new staff today, who would it be?  Then he looked for names that showed up twice.

Third, he and his staff must identify and convince prospective recruits who fit their overall philosophy to come play football for the University of Pittsburgh.  I used the formal title for PITT because he has to get kids who are not only comfortable with him personally but who want to be PITT student athletes and represent the school in the best possible light.  This is a real tightrope for PC as he will have to sometimes balance talent and character when offering a HS student a football scholarship.

It isn’t possible to bat 1.000 when doing this type of recruiting but it is possible to do your best, with no short cuts, in finding this balance.  Believe me, there are those kids out there to be had.  From what he said, convincingly I may add, at his press conference I believe that Paul Chryst takes his role of an educator and as a role model as seriously as he does the head coach of the football team.

His recruiting pitch to the HS players and their parents has got to have as a main point his wanting these young men to have “the best four years of their life” at the University of Pittsburgh as he stated in his conference.  Notice that Chryst didn’t say the best four years of their football career.  He said best four years of their life.  That is a powerful promise to make to these kids and parents but it will sway a lot of quality athletes our way and they will be the type of person who others will want as a teammate.

Some problem children will slip through the cracks, that always happens but Chryst has to set getting ‘the best and the brightest’ as his goal.  Remember, PITT has already stated that we will honor all the scholarships offered to committed recruits.  However, the players who Graham targeted for the rest of the open scholarships may not be the same kids Chryst wants.  He has to be ready to fire off the starting line when the NCAA mandated ‘Quiet Period’ ends.

Some have asked why Chryst isn’t skipping the Rose Bowl to be here as soon as possible to start getting his PITT career going. PITT would never ask him to do that for a variety of ethical reasons.  But the biggest logical concern is, why set the new HC up for failure 11 days into his hire?

There is no upside doing that whatsoever.  We absolutely do not want his first PITT game to be a defeat with a following eight month wait until he can get a win to offset it. Besides, it is way more important that he and whoever he has on staff by that time are doing other necessary work in preparation for the off season.

A fact that people have overlooked is that a team is only allowed so many assistant coaches; the HC plus eight others for a total of nine (I believe).  We have five holdover coaches working from now until the bowl game is over.  So Chryst can have only himself and three others doing actual football work while on salary until the Jan 8th,  the day after own bowl game.  Those four guys are going to be busy as hell from Jan 3rd  to Jan 8th  and it’s more important that gets done correctly then it is to thrust him into what is basically a no-win situation coaching our bowl game

So, all that said, where does our new head coach stand right now?

IMO Chryst has an uphill struggle is one sense in that he has the last 30 years of PITT history, where the valleys outweigh the peaks, to shake free of before he’s able to raise this program up to the standards we all want to him to meet.  He has an administration that, contrary to some fan’s beliefs, are more than willing to support him in this.  He has a group of alumni and donors who love PITT football and support it but who also do not demand a say in what goes on within the program, which is vitally necessary for the HC’s comfort.   That’s a lot of help right there.

The winning recipe is to get a guy, keep him and his staff in place for a few years and give him the resources to get the job done.  It may not be national championship quality in the first few years but it will be a team that competes for conference championships on a regular basis.

So,  all in all it is a good thing that we hired Paul Chryst.  Now we wait to see what he can do for us.


very nice post reed. I think chrysts likable personality and successful career at every level will go a long way in terms of recruiting. there have been articles on scout and rivals that include interviews with local high school coaches who have relationships with Chryst and they pretty much said that the way Chryst coaches, the style of play that he runs, and his personality is such that the local coaches feel comfortable having their players play for him. that may have founded odd but it means in a nutshell local high school coaches love pc haha.

Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 1:52 pm


Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 1:53 pm

I will give the coach all the time he needs i think he is the right man for the job as far as coaching the rose bowl that is something he should do.
but i would like to see some movement on his staff the only worry i had abought his hire was sence he had never been a HC was could he put a staff together fast and i am still worried abought the there is not a lot of time left to recurit.
so i hope we hear some movement on the staff soon if the staff is not hired before the rose bowl that could be a problem at least some of them need to be the kids will want to know who there postion coachs are not just the head coach.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.26.11 @ 1:58 pm

Wanny was loved by most of the HS coaches, however, the Haywood debacle and now the Graham fiasco will clearly cause many of them to step back a bit. We are VERY LUCKY that our “good friends” in Unhappy Valley are in the midst of their own BIG TIME mess.
I believe that once exposed to Chryst and the type
of high quality assistants that he will hire our recruiting fortunes will take a maked turn for the better.
Another factor not to be overlooked is that we will be entering the ACC, a conference with a reputation that far surpasses the Big Least.
2012 will be the start of a new golden era (Pitt
mustard gold). Bring back the script and the alumni will be in Panther Heaven.

Comment by isnore 12.26.11 @ 2:04 pm

How bad do you think Patterson is jonesin’ to get through the bowl game too? Fraud already hired a defensive coach from WSU, but now that he knows he isn’t going to be here next year, Patterson has probably been on the phone with his best buddy trying to get another co-defensive coordinator gig.

It’s a shame for Pitt, but I can’t imagine Patterson isn’t eying his own potential future in Tempe now. Focusing on these kids and the bowl game is probably the last thing on his mind right now.

Comment by BCPITT 12.26.11 @ 2:23 pm

Strength and Conditioning is an absolute MUST for Pitt to have any chance to win with the type of hard hitting football that will come with Chryst.

The OBVIOUS question is who will be our coach to harden the Panthers? I have the feeling (no way to prove it) that many of our injuries this past year were as a direct result of a team that was not in shape. It is also possible that Grahamass’s HURRY>RUN>RUSH offense was
responsible for some of our problems.
Buddy Morris???

Comment by isnore 12.26.11 @ 2:25 pm

isnore we dontknow that they will be high quality assistants till thay are hired we can hope they are but we dont know new HC some times have trouble with there first staff.
we will have know better when we see there names and i hope we hear some soon i dont expect them to be here working . but i think it is important that the players know who they are soon.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.26.11 @ 2:26 pm

as far as competition goes, while Pitts still in the big east I’d like them to schedule tougher ooc games. Virginia tech is on their scedule next year but I think if Pitt wants respect they need to play better teams. anyways, I am more excited for next year than I’ve ever been for a Pitt season. I have a gut feeling that cryst is going to kill it in the recruiting world. I hope I’m right

Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 2:29 pm

Just this morning I’ve been reading up on Coach Chryst, mainly out of town newpapers(Madison, Milwaukee, other cheesehead papers), and I’ve come to the conclusion that he will be a fine recruiter as a Head Coach. I don’t get where this rumor started that he is horrible at recruiting. I think it’s just the fact that he wasn’t required to recruit much at Wisconsin. Also, I’m happy to see how open he is about putting together a solid coaching staff. He has a few guys already in mind, and lined up I assume, it’s just a matter of timing in announcing who they are. But Coach Chryst is also on record stating that he will interview any current coach on staff at Pitt that wants one, and wants to interview guys he’s never even heard of yet. I can’t wait til more rumors start leaking on the staff he’s trying to assemble. I have a feeling that Pitt is in good hands for the foreseeable future.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.26.11 @ 2:36 pm

isnore, I can see Buddy Morris coming back to Pitt. Our teams under him were very well conditioned, and obviously in better shape than most teams we faced when it got late into games.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.26.11 @ 2:38 pm

Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) I hope you are right.

Comment by isnore 12.26.11 @ 2:43 pm

Couple Questions and/or Observations.

1) Is Chryst going to be his won OC. I hope so, for that is his strength. I would be ok with him bring in his brother Geep, as OC, as long as PC was the real OC.

2) Frankcan is right, I hope PC has some coaches already committed. One would think SP (one never knows with him) would have had a main topic discussion with PC on who his asst’s would be.

3) We need a hoops article to comment on, since BigEast play is starting tomorrow night guys.
Notre Dame on the road and coming off that Wagner debacle, there’s lots to be discussed. Saw a report on the PG Plus, that Dixon is considering playing Woodall tomorrow night. Is he panicking? because NO-ONE last week was suggesting Woody was anywhere close to be ready to play. We don’t want to play him too soon if he’s not ready, thereby aggravating the injury further and more games lost. All this stuff is very much subject for discussion. There is something wrong with this team, I can’t put my finger on it, but something is amiss.

4) Somebody at PITT has to be held responsible(accountable) for the events of the last 12 months, that if it wasn’t for the bigger problems at Ped State and Ohio Fake would have put PITT football in a very precarious situation.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 2:45 pm

digdug, where were you reading about Chryst? I’m trying to read up also but I’ve only seen reports from local media entities.

Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 2:46 pm

And I think it’s safe to say Morris’ conditioning program is very well suited for pro-style, smash mouth teams.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.26.11 @ 2:47 pm

pk, I just did a Google search, “Paul Chryst”, then used the news filter link on the left hand side. And I just clicked on the links that popped up that were out of Wisconsin.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.26.11 @ 2:49 pm

EMel let’s talk hoops, I actually think ND is great matchup to begin conference play with, they are not especially athletic and without Abromitis there’s not that guy who can take over and carry them.

And I’m actually worried about the Cincy game, even without Gates. If you’ve watched how Crinin has adapted since the suspensions they are a completely spread, dribble-drive motion, kick-to-3 offense, pretty tough defense. Especially if we’re without Woodall all of a sudden that one worries me.

Comment by JW 12.26.11 @ 2:53 pm

This is shaping up to be a down year for Pitt hoops, but still a decent season. I see us finishing just where the media predicted preseason, upper half of the middle of the pack. I think we still make the tourney though.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.26.11 @ 2:56 pm

I really don’t get the Buddy Morris stuff. He’s a strength and conditioning coach. Besides his connections to Pittsburgh, it’s not an important hire. I’ve never heard a loss blamed on conditioning…maybe an individual player after an injury but never an entire team.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.26.11 @ 2:57 pm

Unfortunately, as Reed said, we probably won’t see much movement on coaches until after the 2nd. Pitt can’t hire more than 3 more coaches until after our bowl game and I doubt Chryst is going to announce any prospects until after the bowl games so those coaches are not publically distracted.

Anyone hoping for a quick staff announcement is going to be very frustrated.

Comment by Cnorwood 12.26.11 @ 2:59 pm

First of all, let me say that I believe Chryst will be a very successful coach. If he were to fail, I think it would be for one of two reasons.

He is considered a “player’s coach”, as was Wanny. While being likeable has many advantages, remember that Pitt football had severe disciplinary problems under Wanny. It may be the main reason he was let go, and why Peterson hired Haywood followed by Graham. Graham could chew people out with the best of them, and you didn’t hear about shenanigans on his watch.

Secondly, there’s the Peter Principle. An assistant coach has to realize that the Head Coach position is a different job. The best engineer in a department is often promoted to Engineering Manager, where he fails to delegate and tries to do the engineering himself, thereby wasting the talent of everybody else.

Comment by 66Goat 12.26.11 @ 3:00 pm

66goat. yea Chryst is a players coach but in terms of x’s and o’s he’s lightyears ahead of wanny.

Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 3:08 pm

@JW Worried about ND, as is Coach if he’s contemplating play Woody. We never play that well in South Bend. Only good thing, their student body will be on break. But if Wagner can beat us at home, in The Pete, anybody can beat us this year.
Remember we almost lost to Rider(3-10) at home as well as barely beat a middling LaSalle team which just lost to Deleware, and we struggled with a MEAC team (S.C. State) at home.

The ‘marquee’ wins so far have been over Okla State (6-5) having lost to New Mexico(by10) and getting trounced by Alabama (52-69) after the PITT game (68-74).
And I really hate piling on here but Tennessee (5-6), after losing to Pitt, lost to Austin Peay, yes Austin Peay (3-10) and lost to Charleston and struggled mightily to beat NC-Ashville (72-68) and East Tennessee State(66-63) both at home.

So are two ‘marquee’ wins are over lousy teams.
Somehow we’re still in this weeks’ Top 25, dropping from #13 to #22. Probably because of conference affiliation. It’s not because of RPI, because that’s a pathetic #69, even Wagner is ahead of us. As well as Fairfield U and even Norfolk State and Iona. Wowza.

Cincy, yes could be a problem, but like I said, they’re ALL going to a problem with this team.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 3:13 pm

not true abought the number of coachs you can get a waver ohio state did one group the old staff does the bowl game new staff does recruting ,

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.26.11 @ 3:28 pm

Emel, if you remember Chryst stated at his presser that he had a core group of guys ready to go but he wasn’t going to disclose who they were yet. It could he that he had already hired guys to fill those three open coaching slots and they have been working since the 22nd in that capacity.

Believe me, things are not stagnant on that front just because Chryst is going to be with UW until the Rose Bowl.

Comment by Reed 12.26.11 @ 3:33 pm

I have no opinion on Chryst yet!!!!!!!. At this time last yr everyone was raving about Todd Graham. See where that got us. Give it a little time boys. Just because former players, coaches, and high school teachers liked him as an assistant coach,dosen’t mean he will suceed as the head man.

Comment by alcofan 12.26.11 @ 3:37 pm

Pitt’s opponents(those that have already been played) have a combined record of 79-77, this year which does not bode well for the BigEast schedule.

Pitt’s upcoming opponents in the BIgEast have a combined record of 140-41.

We have a stretch of 5 opponents in a row have a combined record of 57-3. There is nobody left on the schedule with a losing record. Even Seton Hall is 11-1 and Providence is 11-2.

This team better get it’s act straightened out or our NCAA streak will be in serious jeopardy !

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 3:38 pm


Anything said about PC being his own OC ?

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 3:40 pm

I have a idea abought the basketball as we all know JD used to recruit kids that the very top schools did not want but the kids were tough and had a chip on there shoulder a kind of we will show you how wrong you were atutde.
well as time went bye we got more and more talented kids some with out the chip on there shoulder kids with talent but with less HEART
i just think these kids dont have the drive that the outhers had they dont have the heart the outher kids were proud that they dident lose at home i dont think these kids care abought that enough they are not hungry for respect like all the outherss it some times happens if you win a lot and dont have kids with heart.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.26.11 @ 3:51 pm

Reed coach Chryst made two offers to two wisconsin coachs joe rudolph and bob bostad
but the problem is that the HC at wisconsin has said that he is goin to name one of thoes two to take chryst old job which means they cant commit to chryst untill they see who he picks and then wisconsin will try to give the loser a raise to stay with them so the most pitt could get is one and maybe none. and he wont know till after the bowl game which he has a shot at . so they are working at nothing to help pitt.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.26.11 @ 4:10 pm


Not sure that you are accurate when you say “the first five couldn’t shoot straight.” If TG had not quit, I think a majority would still be supporting him and anxiously waiting for news on a new QB. I also don’t understand your inclusion of Bennett and Patterson; I never heard anyone criticize their performances as assistants.

Comment by matt42 12.26.11 @ 4:28 pm

On Pitt Basketball – I have re-watched our last 5 games (great way to get away from relatives while sipping a great scotch)and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing “wrong” with this team. They are simply very ordinary, talent wise. Our guards are slow and sloppy with the ball on the perimeter (save for JJ). Patterson is our only real scoring threat outside of Gibbs.
Our inside game is non existant with Zanna -athletic but no offensive moves/Taylor – a statue
Robinson – OK offense but a turn over machine handling the ball / etc. The foul shooting form that looked so good starting the season has all but disappeared. Naz is now shot putting the ball from his right shoulder and Taylor is lucky to hit the rim with that form.

Many of my alum friends are all for erecting a statue of Jamie Dixon now outside the Pete based on his loyalty to Pitt and success as a coach.

If this team makes even the NIT, I will personally start building it! This is going to be a very long year for Pitt Basketball.

Comment by Dan 72 12.26.11 @ 4:28 pm

“I read a poll the other day which showed that the Green Bay Packers were now “America’s Team” beating out the Steelers in popularity across the U.S. I bah humbug that.”

Of course it’s nonsense, Green Bay’s national support is based on media attention and won’t last longer than Green Bay winning. Steeler support is eternal.

Comment by deepelemblues 12.26.11 @ 4:37 pm

Last night final score:
K State 77 — Long Beach State 60

Make no mistake about it beating Robert Morris, Penn, SC State, St. Francis and a very week Ok State and Tennessee does not mean that we are ready for the Big East. If this team makes it into the NCAA’s it will be Jamie’s biggest coaching achievement.

Comment by isnore 12.26.11 @ 4:40 pm

Wisconsin tanks as one of the top party schools each year. The fans are a bunch of hooligans that would make a Mountaineer jealous. It made news when “Arrests and citations at Badger football games down”. Even the band made national news with their shenanigans a few years ago. I searched for “badger football arrested” and was pleasantly surprised to find only one in the last 5 or 6 years. Says a lot for their program.

Comment by OhHowIHateOhioState 12.26.11 @ 4:44 pm

That could be what’s wrong Dan 72.
Too little talent. Thanks for pointing that out.

Seriously thought, this team has way more talent than Wagner and lost, and way more than Rider and LaSalle and struggled mightily. And even more talent than Long Beach, as they creamed by Kansas State yesterday on a neutral court, 77-60.

So if you have more talent, and you’re not beating the likes of Wagner at your place and barely beating scrub teams, which has been the majority of Pitt’s opponents. I still contend there is something else wrong with this team.

Agree with you guy, this is going to a very long year for Pitt hoops.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 4:45 pm

Sorry, that’s “ranks”, not “tanks”.

Comment by OhHowIHateOhioState 12.26.11 @ 4:45 pm

In the last week or so we’ve morphed from a basketball school back to a football school.

Comment by steve 12.26.11 @ 4:51 pm

By the way, strength and conditioning under Toad Graham was not at all the problem.

Comment by steve 12.26.11 @ 4:56 pm

Oh forgot, God Bless you Dan 72 if you re-watched Pitt’s last 5 games against Wagner, St. Francis, SC State, Okie State and Virginia Military Institute.
I think you might need some stronger, better liquor, like some 127 proof Bookers.

link to

And you’re relatives must be a trip. :-) haha

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 5:00 pm

Agree, steve, Sunseri was.

Lots of revisionism going on with Dokish and the PG and some other sites. Sunseri stunk pre-Graham as well, as that team in 2010 was a middling 7-5 with 6 NFL players on it and several NFL starters.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 5:02 pm

Bball has same issue as last season, no real ball handlers. Woodall is average at best andt rest are below the line. Quick pressing teams cause major problems. New guys don’t seem to be answer either. Epps looks very unsure and is disapointing.
Team is good enough to make tourney but will not go far. Really need recruit or two that are press breakers.

Comment by Jimbo 12.26.11 @ 5:02 pm

MattN – man, you are a tough proof reader. Obviously (except to you I guess) I was grouping them together in a figurative way. My point was that under those six coaches PITT has been stumbling and bumbling along.

But if you don’t think that Todd (Mr. Long Gone) Graham hasn’t done things that fall under the ‘can’t shoot straight’ label then I beg to differ. I consider lying to his players, the donors, alumni, fans and administration about honor, loyalty and commitment then leaving the program after one year to be qualification enough.

After already writing 1300+ words I wasn’t about to detail the quality of work for each and every one of the coaches I named. Why don’t you go ahead and write an essay on the subject and post it – I’m curious as to what your thoughts are.

Comment by Reed 12.26.11 @ 5:02 pm

With all this revisionism going on about Sunseri, one would almost believe……

to what extremes won’t these people go to.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 5:06 pm

Your right Jimbo.

Same problems as last year but worse. Since at least Wannamaker was a matchup problem size wise for other PG’s and Gilbert Brown was a better ball handler than anything we have on the wing now. And they understood our system as Seniors.
Something you wonder with Gibbs and Nas sometimes.

One thing that is very curious, Dixon knew from last year, since he played Wanny as a PG, that Woodall & Gibbs were loose with the ball, yet really didn’t bring in a true PG or have one waiting in the wings. Epps got no playing time last year and John Johnson and Cameron Wright are not PG’s, although JJ I guess, they’re thinking he might become one.

So now even next year we’ll be depending on a true freshmen, James Robinson to play PG. Or will he be on the pines watching as so many freshmen do at PItt, while he and we watch the turnover machine, Woody. Either way it’s not an optimum situation because Adams might only stay for that one year, next year.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 5:16 pm

@PK. I agree with you.

On recruiting, Wanny was excellent (except for some positions), as evidenced by the number of future NFL players. He sold his NFL contacts. Graham was also good, he could sell snow to Eskimos. Chryst – too early to tell.

On player development/training, Wanny was poor – missed tackles, blown assignments, etc. Graham not much better. I suspect Cryst will be excellent at this (stars at Wisconsin).

On x’s and o’s, Wanny was terrible. Could never adjust to opponent’s adjustments – one plan fits all. Graham just as bad – no time management with big leads, etc. Cryst will excel at this.

Comment by 66Goat 12.26.11 @ 5:19 pm

EMel – I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on this. Even though I though Sunseri was going to do much better in this his 2nd season under Graham, I’ve never glossed over just how poorly Sunseri played when you take the whole of 2010 into account.

Comment by Reed 12.26.11 @ 5:22 pm


While I agree in the DW era, adjustments during games was usually dismal. Doesn’t that generally fall under the OC or the DC’s duties?

@ Reed,

Thanks, I do remember your lengthy piece on the 2010 season and that Sunseri’s stats that year were basically heavily weighted by 2 games against scrub teams. Syracuse and Rutgers and they were back to back. This year it was Uconn and USF. All these teams had one thing in common, all were ecrub teams with terrible defenses.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 5:32 pm

@66goat – it was somewhat shocking to me just how poorly Graham managed the game, especially in his use of timeouts and his love of the quick kick. I would have thought, given the aggressiveness of his offenses and along with the promises he made to us, that he’d take some necessary risks.

Comment by Reed 12.26.11 @ 5:36 pm


As they told us in the army, the company commander is responsible for everything the company does or fails to do.

Comment by 66Goat 12.26.11 @ 7:56 pm

some FACTS about possible conditioning differences between 2010 and 2011:

4th quarter scoring:

2010 – Pitt 62 opponents – 100
2011 – Pitt 114 oppoenents – 65

not only was the offense better in 2010 WITH THE SAME QB .. the defense was apparently much better

Comment by wbb 12.26.11 @ 8:03 pm

obviouslt the above data was in error — here is the correct data:

2010: Pitt outscored opponents 114 to 65
2011: Pitt was outscored 100 to 62

thus, while Pitt scored 52 more points in 2010 in 2010, it also gave up 35 less points

Comment by wbb 12.26.11 @ 8:06 pm

excuse my typing errors but bottom line … both the offense and defense was much better in the 4th quarter in 2010 than 2011 .. and with the same QB

Comment by wbb 12.26.11 @ 8:09 pm

Good point WBB thanks.

Comment by Reed 12.26.11 @ 8:43 pm

Johnny Major’s teams in the ’70s used to hold up 4 fingers at the start of the 4th quarter. They were coached that games are won or lost in that quarter. That’s when extra effort is needed.

Comment by 66Goat 12.26.11 @ 8:49 pm

Dokish tweeting that Bob Bostad is new offensive coordinator. Quite a score. The guy is big time.

Comment by Mike 12.26.11 @ 9:45 pm

That’s good news since it will really be PC.(i’m hoping)
I’d rather have the Joe Rudolph guy from Belle Vernon who was the Recruiting director for Wisky.

Hopefully we get Rudolph as well.

The Company commander of a company has to rely on his platoon leaders, if they f*ck up the Company is going to be in real trouble. Much like HC’s with his Coordinators.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 10:00 pm

My bottom line is this:

Sunseri was terrible in 2010.
Sunseri was terrible in 2011.

Two different systems, same QB.

Which is why he’s known as Terrible Tino.

And that’s the bottom line !

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 10:05 pm

Bostad coached four all-americans in the last two years. Holy crap.

Comment by Mike 12.26.11 @ 10:06 pm

But don’t be surprised if Terrible Tino is the MVP of the Sunseri Compass Bowl.

SMU has a terrible defense.

I posted this like a month ago. Still think it will happen. But at that time I thought they might make Sal & Roxy travel to Beef O’Brady’s. Apparently Sal can’t leave Bama due to NC game.

Comment by Emel 12.26.11 @ 10:10 pm

Mike, I’m impressed. Beilma mentioned promoting Bostad to offensive coordinater and I assumed that being the OC for the Big Ten champion Badgers might be too good a deal for him to pass up. That’s good news. As long as Chryst can get a nucleus of the right guys that he wants around him, he will be in good shape.

Comment by Justinian 12.26.11 @ 10:15 pm

Wbb, those #’s are skewed and don’t reflect the terrible 4th quarters at the beginning of the season. The defense actually played quite well down the stretch despite Pitt’s offense’s lack of time possession. Conditioning did not play a part on this team’s record. Poor execution did. #’s never tell the whole story and always can be manipulated to make a point.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.26.11 @ 10:27 pm

66goat, yea one of the praises I’ve read of Chryst is that he’s developed the two and three star recruits into very good role players and in some cases, all Americans. I’m confident that he’ll do the same at Pitt.

Comment by pk 12.26.11 @ 10:49 pm

“it was somewhat shocking to me just how poorly Graham managed the game, especially in his use of timeouts”

Reed, I learn a lot by reading this board. One thing I learned is “playing not to lose” is bad. DW played not to lose. Understandably, Pitt fans were upset. The guy probably would have run off a lot of the clock against Iowa in the 4th Q. He probably also would have played not to lose against ND, WVU, and, possibly, Cinci. Bad. Just ask this board. When Pitt has a lead in the 4th Q, Pitt should try to squeeze in as many plays as it can and get away from this playing not to lose nonsense.

Comment by BigGuy 12.26.11 @ 11:22 pm

Chryst really seems like the right hire and should get the program back on track. It is true that the mess at Penn State will help with recruiting, but I don’t see Chryst beating out Urban Meyer for top recruits in the area. The type of kids you need to put you over the top.

Comment by Mike C 12.27.11 @ 12:02 am

Urban Meyer is going to be recruiting all over the country. It’s not like he’s just going to recruit PA. There’s only so much room for players to sign there. Chryst will get more top PA players than Meyer, guaranteed.

Comment by Mike 12.27.11 @ 12:28 am

Apologies in advance for not reading any of the comments first, but let’s not forget the advantage of having a fantastic showing by Chryst and the Badgers on the national stage in the Rose Bowl. The exposure would be pretty nice as I’m sure plenty of potential recruits will be tuned into the game. Pitt gets plenty of free publicity during that game and I would argue that is worth much more than getting him in place any earlier.


Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 12.27.11 @ 2:23 am

I wish I was as excited as the rest… I just don’t like hiring someone who’s been around this long and had no HC experience. My opinion is that we’ve struggled primarily due to recruiting and I think Pitt is big enough to expect a track record in this area. Hope I’m wrong.

Comment by Catz27 12.27.11 @ 3:06 am

bIgGuy – My thoughts on the Iowa game align with yours. I feel there is some revisionist history going on there when thinking about that fourth quarter.

In the beginning of the quarter we had a 27-10 lead and let’s remember that PITT fans everywhere had been screaming “Finish off the games” at DW for years – meaning keep scoring points to win games. The first three quarters the fans were “Go Graham”, “Go Graham”, “Go Graham” and in the fourth quarter it was “Go Wannstedt”.

Our last four drives in the Iowa game consisted of this:

– 3rd and goal: Sunseri fumble – FG

– 6 play drive for 27 yards; TO on downs

– 3 play drive for 5 yards; Punt

– 6 play drive for 28 yards; INT

Sunseri had both a fumble and an INT in that quarter.

Here is the play-by-play for that quarter:

link to

Prior to that, over the first 50 minutes of play Sunseri was 16/23 for 213 yards and 2 TDs. That is pretty darn good so it wasn’t any surprise that Graham saw his offense, which had put up 27 points on a B10 team, as a weapon to use in the 4th quarter.

But then something interesting happened. Sunseri was 7/10 on those last three drives when we needed first downs to help score points and run out the clock, but he gained only 42 yards passing. I say again – 42 yards for a 4.2 yards per attempt.

What he didn’t factor in was Sunseri’s play in the latter parts of games. After the 9:55 minute mark He only had two 1st downs passing in those three series… both of them in our last possession where he lost the game on an INT. We went 0 for 3 on third down conversions; 0 for 1 on fourth down conversions in crunch time.

At some point you just have to be able to trust your QB to get first downs for you with his arm. But Sunseri got that 4.2 ypa when he kept dumping the ball off to his ‘safety valve’ short receivers because he was scared to go deeper than ten yards. If you remember Graham was staring daggers at Sunseri after these series.

Fans who point to Graham’s not running out the clock have a valid point – but Graham was giving the PITT fans what they wanted and what he said he’d do – keep the pedal down in the left lane.

IMO Sunseri shoulders the blame for that loss because of his poor play and his poor decision making when back to pass.

Notice that after that game Graham had his eyes opened and truly realized what he had at QB and played much more conservatively in the remaining nine games.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 6:32 am

Ashton Gibbs was the starting point guard last year and brought the ball up court. He passed to Wanamaker, who de facto, ran the halfcourt offense. Gibbs covered the opposing point guard. Woodall subbed and played straight point. This year we have two experienced PGs- Gibbs and Woodall. This is pretty standard for any program.

Comment by SilverPanther at NYC 12.27.11 @ 6:57 am

well, whether it’s conditioning or execution, the numbers are much better on both side of the ball in the 4th quarter in 2010 than in 2011.

As reported above, UW OL coach is a great get for Pitt although he may be the only assistant coming. link to

I’m hoping that he is able to get a pretty decent DC .. Orlando would be a great hire and is a Wisconsin grad. Patterson is still into play, but not sure Austin is

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 7:07 am

As an aside, the classless New Orlean’s Saints let DrewBrees brake Dan Marino’s single season yardage completion record by throwing a 9 yard TD with little more than two minutes to go in the game with the game safely in hand. Talk about running up the score for individual reward. I thought football was a team sport. The Falcons players should put this classless act into their long-term memory.

Comment by MariettaMike 12.27.11 @ 7:27 am

The PG experience isn’t the issue as much as effectiveness. And really, I think when Woodall returns healthy it will look much better. The big issues come against defenses that pressure the point — once the ball is in Patterson’s hands or Woodall’s, things look better. SilverP you’re right, Gibbs “brought up” the ball last year but I don’t remember an opposing team attacking him defensively the way Wagner did. Even Louisville’s pressure is more trap-focused, which Pitt usually handles just fine.

Comment by JW 12.27.11 @ 8:33 am

My point was it would have been a more fair comparison to look at Wanny’s first year to last year. Wanny had a sample size of 6 seasons. Last year was a dysfunctional season where the team had to learn a new system on offense and defense plus crippling injuries on the o line coupled with our star rb going down and incompetent qb play.

The strength and conditioning coach is the least important hire on the team.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 8:46 am

Reed, your analysis of the Iowa game is impressive.

Comment by BigGuy 12.27.11 @ 8:57 am

Maybe the many posters on this board have a point. How can one have an interest in a Pitt – ND basketball game when ND does not have a football team in the BE? Having some schools without FB teams in the league makes the BE dysfunctional, and who can get interested in a game played by two teams in a dysfunctional league? I will have to wait a couple of years. Then I can really get revved up over the Pitt – Wake Forest basketball game because in the back of my mind, I have the assurance that WF has a football team in the league.

Comment by BigGuy 12.27.11 @ 9:10 am

Bob Bostad that means we will soon have a great OL . This is very good.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 9:34 am

FRANKCAN–Hopefully Bostad means Pankey goes from soft verbal back to solid commit and he land perhaps one more quality OL for the current class and do a great job of OL recruiting fro the class of 2013.

Comment by pitt1972 12.27.11 @ 10:34 am

catz, until last year Pitt has had top 25 recruiting classes since wanny’s first year. recruiting has been the least of Pitts problems for at least 5 years

Comment by pk 12.27.11 @ 10:56 am

Seriously, give it up BigGuy. The BE is dysfunctional and the ACC is better. ND is an exception. I’m sure you are going to be so excited for that HUUUUGE game against DePaul.

There were some rumblings about Woodall being back earlier a week or so ago. Clearly, the team needs him at the 1. Like others have pointed out Gibbs can’t play the 1 effectively without Wannamaker doing all the playmaking. Last year the team won without this Gibbs and with Woodall, this year the team lost to Wagner at home without Woodall and with Gibbs.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.27.11 @ 11:00 am

Tossing, I understand your reasoning but the reasoning for my posting 4th quarter numbers of 2010-11 are twofold:

1) there was much previous discussion above about conditioning and bringing back Buddy Morris, thus, if conditioning does matter … then the 4th numbers are relevant to the discussion,

2) on the other hand, if execution is the issue, then maybe the QB shouldn’t be the sole blame as a few posters inferred since he was so much better in the 4th quarter his 1st year than his 2nd year.

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 11:22 am

conditioning under Graham wasn’t an issue. during camp all of Pitts players said they were in the best shape of their lives. it was the teams/Tinos ability to finish games due to a lack of confidence and knowledge of the system.

Comment by pk 12.27.11 @ 11:42 am

“The BE is dysfunctional”

I agree with you, Wardapalooza. How can we enjoy or take an interest in these conference games, knowing that the BE is dysfunctional? Can’t wait until Pitt joins the ACC so that we can start enjoying the games. We can then all relax knowing that the basketball team that we are playing also has a football team in the conference.

Comment by BigGuy 12.27.11 @ 11:46 am

OK, take those 21 pts Iowa scored in the 4th quarter entirely off the board (forget about them) .. even without that, still the defense gave up 50% more points this year than last

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 11:51 am

wbb, I think I’m just getting cabin fever and trying to pick a fight. I’ve been stuck with my in-laws for the last 4 days plus I’ve had my kids crawling into bed the last few nights depriving me of my beauty sleep.

I really don’t think that the Strength and Conditioning coach are essential elements of the staff. Morris would be a good fit with this staff but they could hire a number of people who would be just as effective. He was not a good fit for what Graham had envisioned so I think it was wise to go another route. At the end of the season, I’m pretty sure we won’t be talking about how well conditioned the team was.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 11:56 am

BigGuy, you need to move on, We are joining the ACC and Wanny was 5 coaches ago. While I remember fondly the days of Dorsett, Marino, Hugh Green and company, I won’t shed any nostalgia for the last twenty years. Sure, the hoops were great in the Big East and Madison Square Garden, we’ve had our share of stars in both sports, but sometimes you have to move on.

WBB, while I respect your opinions as much as anyone on this site, unless you are a relative, I don’t get your defense of Tino. I get that it is a team sport and he would be better with a better line, receivers, coaches etc. I don’t think he will ever be a winner. In any case he will have one more year and one more coach to change my opinion.

You were 100% correct about Graham, maybe Tino will justify your support. I will be very surprised if he does.

Comment by gc 12.27.11 @ 12:24 pm

Put the pigskin away for the day. ND tonight. Need a little payback.

Comment by alcofan 12.27.11 @ 12:36 pm

My defense of Tino is simply this (and has always been) … it is not just his fault for everything that went wrong this year .. the OLine missed blocking assignments galre, and the receivers were not getting open and were running incorrect routes .. plus the coaching refused to adjust.

If you look back, I wrote the following phrase more than a handful of time …. “I don’t care if Tino ever takes another snap” I know he is not that good but it’s a freaking insult to my intellgence for what he has been blamed for.

Consider this … both Myers and Gonzalez had the same amount of exposure to this offense that Tino had .. yet each only threw 1 pass this year. Anderson was supposedly much more experienced in this offense, yet he completely bombed out.

Graham had this entire site believing that Tino was the sole blame … and even in the few occasions when the offense was clicking, the QB’s performance was rated as average.

P.S. — but after all of this, in the end who turned out to be the classiest of everybody??

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 12:36 pm

Our Defense was not our issue last year. It took a couple of games for them to get a gasp of the new system but Our Offense (or lack of any) was the issue last year. Between the sacks and the turnovers and the 3 & outs our defense was on the field and in bad field position more times than they should have been.

I don’t think you can look at points scored against that unit as a gauge of how well they played.

Our corners played much better and our d line looked good, our linebacker were ok at best but look to have a huge upside with the rookies having a year under their belts and getting more playing time in 2012.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 12.27.11 @ 12:55 pm

from Zeise’s latest blog written on Dec 25:

Pitt slogs through an awful 6-6 season in which Graham blames his quarterback for just about everything that ails the team. This alienates him further from a large portion of the media and fan base, who were skeptical of him to begin with.

and this from Dokish’s recent blog written on 12/23:

Wide receiver: This group was a disaster this season, as they never took to the spread, and even though they should be better back in a conventional offense, it’s still a unit that needs an influx of talent.

Quarterback: I know a lot of Panthers fans don’t want to hear this, but my guess is that Tino Sunseri will start again next year. The difference is, he will now be put in a much better position to succeed.

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 12:59 pm

wbb…not just the people on this site, but he clearly got the AD and folks at Arizona State to believe it was all Tino’s fault too…why else would they hire a “high octane” dirtbag with an “explosive” offense who takes a team with quality talent to a 6-6 record in a the Big East?!?!

Comment by BCPITT 12.27.11 @ 1:12 pm

I don’t trust Tino with the keys to any offense. Let’s hope we have a run first mentality. I’m pretty sure that Tino will be o.k. in just handing the ball off to Shell.

Comment by TX Panther 12.27.11 @ 1:21 pm

@ TX…what about Ray Graham? Has everyone seriously just written him off at this point? I can’t imagine that Shell will be able to completely bury Graham if he is even close to the form he had at the beginning of this year.

Comment by BCPITT 12.27.11 @ 1:26 pm

I don’t see Graham getting back into form until the latter third of the season. He also in all likelihood won’t be close to being 100%, but I’ll take Ray at 70-80%. Until then, I see Shell and Bennett getting the bulk of carries. I also don’t see Tino completing a pass longer than 30 yards in this new offense either. I just hope the sack totals get cut in half. That will be huge progress.

Comment by TX Panther 12.27.11 @ 1:38 pm

FTG!!! thank goodness for Chrystmas == we received a Fullback & TE all in one package == don’t give up on Tino == gut feeling that he will manage this offense well next year == the OL is built for power run game == defense propbably going to a 4-3 == bringing back the pride & power. Hail to Pitt!!

Comment by DC33 12.27.11 @ 1:49 pm

plus the coaching refused to adjust.
Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 12:36 pm

Come on wbb, you can’t be serious. Graham was only running 66% of the playbook in the beginning of the year. And after the Utah game they adjusted the offense even further to lessen the effect of the weaknesses of Sunseri. They even quit running plays in 15-17 seconds. By the time of the Louisville game the offense had been watered down to about 30% of what it was supposed to be. Which is why we scored only in the 20’s in the last 3 games, the Cuse game was 33, but the last TD was a defensive TD, so that was really 26 points. Even against that horrid team, Cuse, that had lost like 5 games in a row, we could only score 26 points on offense, if I remember we had a bunch of unfinished drives resulting in FG’s.

So I would say, they (the coaches) adjusted a lot during the season. In fact after the Iowa game they were constantly adjusting. Not only did they adjust the offense, they even adjusted the defense, going from a 3-4 look to a 4-3 to better fit Lindsay.

While I was critical of some of the in-game decisions by Graham, their adjusting their game plans and schemes was not one of them.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 2:00 pm

ray grahams supposed to back to full health by the end of camp.

Chryst does have a run first mentality and tbh I think all of you are setting yourselves up for disappointment by thinking rushel shell will just be able to come into major college football and be able to produce right away. if ray Graham is healthy shell is third on the rb depth chart behind rg and bennett

Comment by pk 12.27.11 @ 2:01 pm

This whole revisionism and delusion that somehow Sunseri is going to become a good QB in Chryst’s offensive system is really an utter joke.

And if I was a coach, why on Earth would I want to start my coaching career at a new university, by playing a guy that is a lightning rod and has so fractionalized the Pitt fan base. This is a new era in PITT football, do we have to start it with the same horrid qb who ended the last two era’s in PITT football.

And it’s interesting, there was some buzz about Chryst bringing in a Dayne Crist as a 5th year senior on the day he was hired. Since we lost him to Kansas, let’s go get another 5th year senior. Let’s not get the Chryst era off to a bad start.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 2:12 pm

Pitt slogs through an awful 6-6 season in which Graham blames his quarterback for just about everything that ails the team. This alienates him further from a large portion of the media and fan base, who were skeptical of him to begin with.

If Zeise wrote this he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is just an apologist for Sunseri.

And yes the media and Zeise also had everyone believing in August camp that Sunseri could make all the throws, was very accurate and was much improved from last year.

And we all know, what a bunch of horsecrap that was. For a while now Zeise has been floating the idea and now Dokish, that Voytik will redshit next year.

Let’s get Voytik into camp and see what he can do, before we start handing the job back to Sir Tino. (for the 3rd year in a row)

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 2:20 pm

It’s funny. Those same media folks defended the way Graham treated the QB thru the season. Dokish, btw, still thinks Tino is awful. Zeise, on the otherhand, has done a complete 180. Dokish, the entire season, called out the WR’s. The o-line improved throughout the season. Tino did not. I’m hoping Meyers gets a legit shot in camp.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 2:27 pm

Exactly Tossing,

Most bloggers on this site(90%),as well from what I’ve read on Zeise’s blog thruout the season, suggested that IF PITT EVEN HAD AN AVERAGE D1 QB, we would have finished anywhere from 8-4 to 10-2.

For we lost 4 games by a combined total of 11 points.

Myers should get a real fair shot, as should Gonzalez. Let’s just have a real legitimate competition for the job BEFORE ANNOINTING someone as the starter for next year, BEFORE THIS YEAR IS EVEN OVER. And saying this one or that one should redshirt. There were and are plenty of good D1 teams who have started true freshmen QB’s, if Voytik is up to it, why can’t we be one of them.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 2:36 pm

All we can hope for is a true open QB competition. Hopefully Chryst and his staff can evaluate them all fairly and choose wisely. That being said, I don’t think Tino should be in thr running.

Comment by Pittastic 12.27.11 @ 2:37 pm

meant “the”

Comment by Pittastic 12.27.11 @ 2:37 pm

wbb: In response to your PS question I believe it is a tie between Chas and Reed.

Comment by Pitt Letterman 12.27.11 @ 2:47 pm

I think we need to pull back here and at least wait until Chryst is officially the HC. We haven’t (nor does coach Chryst) clue one to what is going to happen with the QB situation going into the ’12 season. It can be debated til the cows come home, but there’s no use getting worked up about it yet. ‘Tebow’ knows we’ll have enough time for that soon enough.

Maybe Myers steps up, puts in the work and throws the heck out of the ball in the spring. Maybe Sunseri improves as well. Maybe Chryst turns them both into Dan Marino and we have a full-blown QB controversy on our hands.

And I’d like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy/Merry Kwansa, Happy Diwali and Merry to everyone on the board. I was away the past couple days and missed the ‘happy holiday’s’ post.

***I only get to post once or twice a week, but I do enjoy reading Reed and Chas along with the replies from the regulars. The main thing I really like about the blather is that everyone treats everyone else with respect. There is the occasional disagreement (sometimes heated), but I’ve never read anything I can remotely consider malicious from the regulars.

Here’s hoping to a prosperous New Year for our Panthers!!!!


Comment by pghFred 12.27.11 @ 2:51 pm

Wbb – Of course all the ills of the offense can’t be put 100% on Sunseri’s shoulders but he was the pivotal point to make that offense work and he didn’t do it.

If you start with the fact that Graham was not only going to run the offense he brought with him but he was going to stick with it through all of 2011 come hell or high water – and I’ll acknowledge that Sunseri was put in the position only because he possessed the qualities Graham wanted in his QB out there, experience as a starter and the ability to run and pass.

What other adjustments could he make for Sunseri?

I get that the “adjustment” other fans wanted to see was playing Myers, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Graham cut down the play book, got rid of the 18 second snap goal, in some cases got rid of the no-huddle all together. Graham also cut the deep pass almost completely out of the game plan because Sunseri just can’t throw one. They called it one time per game just to see if the world would stop turning.

When was the last time you saw Sunseri actually hit a receiver in stride? I can probably count the number of times he did it on one hand. In our last game Sunseri had Brinson wide open on a crossing pattern at the five yard line and tossed the ball on the ground behind him. Hell, even Ronald Jones threw the best in-stride pass all year to Saddler for that TD.

But the killer aspect of Sunseri’s play was his poor decision making and panic under pressure. Graham could do nothing with that no matter how hard he tried to accommodate Sunseri. Sure, the OL being better at pass blocking sure would have helped but Sunseri was required to get that ball out on a three count. It was holding onto the ball too long on almost every pass play that allowed half of those sacks.

Tell me what else he could have done to make Sunseri more productive out there?

I too won’t be surprised it PC goes with Sunseri next year and maybe Sunseri can progress enough in a different offense, but you can’t look back over our 2011 season and think that Sunseri wasn’t the biggest problem we had on offense.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 2:57 pm

I assure you that it wouldn’t bother me in the least if Myers, Gonzalez, Voytik or a JUCO comes in and wins the starting job this year. But remember two things:

1) Pitt won 8 games in Tino’s 1st season under a coach perceived to be a mental moron by many on this site. (BTW, his passer rating last year was 15 points higher than this year — even with the 419 yard game)

2) Tino didn’t want to run the Graham’s offense every bit as much as Graham didn’t want him to run it. He would have never have comitted to Pitt nor would Graham have recruited him … yet Graham continued to play him (and disparage him.)

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 2:58 pm

Reed, then Graham should have benched him .. pure and simple

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 2:59 pm

Chryst starts 0 and 0 and does not have a tough act to follow. Once again, Pitt will be hard to scout. If there is anything I expect out of the gate is for Pitt to hit harder and more often.

That alone should set Pitt apart from both the BE and the ACC.

As for recruiting, I expect WVU to shift recruiting base to FL and south. Not sure that many from WPA/Ohio want to play in Big 12. PSU and how it fares is anyone’s guess and I mean guess. Maybe they pull a rabbit out of the hat, but see them losing in the short term…long term is far from a sure thing and also is not lost. The next HC there is not going to be a national name. In Columbus, Meyer will recruit nicely but mostly at PSU’s expense.

The door is open…it is up to Pitt to man up, show up and kick butt.


Comment by SFPitt 12.27.11 @ 3:07 pm

PITT letterman. The answer to “who is the classiest” would be Mark Myers in my book.

He was all set to transfer before Gonzales got arrested and suspended back in May. Remember this was before Anderson was invited to camp in late July.

Myers knew that PITT would be in trouble with only one QB (Sunseri) eligible for the first two games of the year if he left… and he decided to stay.

Seeing that he may have a shot at playing came into it I’m sure, but the kid changed his plans and stuck with PITT when we needed him. I would love to see him get an actual shot at QB1 not just because of his talent but because he deserves it.

Not too many PITT fans think about that but it is a case of the lesser players doing what they can do to help the program.

We see it in the kids who know they are never going to be NFL players, college stars or maybe not even starters in their four years but they stick it out and bust ass on the in practices, scout teams, etc…

We overlook these kinds of things too much.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 3:11 pm

and BTW, how about the point I made the other day.

2 years ago, Tulsa went 5-7 sandwiched between 2 10 win seasons. Not so coincidentally, it wwas Kinne’s 1st year at QB (who was a soph then).

Not only did Kinnne have at least one year of practicing the system, all the upperclassmen knew the system a heck of lot more than this Pitt team .

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 3:13 pm

And during the 2010 season, Tino had Baldwin to throw to, Pinkston, Nix, and Jacobson blocking for him the entire season, and some combo of Dion Lewis/Ray Graham running for him the entire season.

No surprise his passer rating was higher because he had a better supporting cast. And as Reed has pointed out numerous times, he wasn’t very good that season also, regressing as the season went on.

Comment by OriginalEther 12.27.11 @ 3:14 pm

He should after the Maine game. At the least, Pitt goes 6-6 anyway and Tino time is effectively ended.

Now we have to relive this nightmare, yet another season. Louisville should have done a better job of recruiting him and maybe Clarion and Edinboro.

(I couldn’t help but answering that, :-))

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 3:14 pm

I hope Myers recognizes the opportunity he now has and works hard in the off season.

A strong power running game with all the horses we have in the backfield should open up the passing game. Even Tino will be more successful if his O-line blocks better and we just got a big upgrade in coaching O-lines. Shanahan and Street will play better. Less decision making and reads to make should slow the game down for less dependence on the position.

I just hope we have a real competition to be the starting Q-B. Then let the chips fall. It would be nice to have a deep threat some day.

Comment by gc 12.27.11 @ 3:18 pm

^^^ That is a good point but Kinne’s high school sweetheart broke up with him the day before the opening game and midway through the season he wrecked his Carmen Ghia.

That’s a lot of stress on anyone and it showed.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 3:20 pm

actually, Shanahan and Street did not have reads in Graham’s system …. his system calls for no improvising. He made that perfectly clear after the ND game.

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 3:21 pm

then Graham should have benched Kinne

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 3:22 pm

Emel, I’m cool with Voytik winning the job. I have my doubts that a rookie head coach would go with a true freshman at QB after the year Pitt just had though. I, personally, am pulling for Gonzalez but I think Meyers is more realistic competition to Tino.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 3:27 pm

For better or worse, I think Tino got a get-out-of-jail-free card along with Pitt with the coaching change. The good news is that we should have more confidence in Chryst’s system and willingness to adjust. How can we assume he’ll be more willing to adjust? Well, I’m not sure there’s much room to be worse than Wanny and Graham on that aspect.


Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 12.27.11 @ 3:29 pm

If I’m Patterson & Todd Dodge, why would I even consider starting Sunseri for this Bowl game.
Unless they’re under orders to do so.

I mean they’re still friends with Graham, might even end up on his staff, if not this year, sometime in the future.

They’ve had a full month of practice to get someone else enough reps with the first team to get him prepared. Gonzo ran the spread very well when he finally got his chance, IN THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON. Let’s go with him. And if they want to mix it up a bit, and throw some deep passes or out routes, bring in Myers for a few series.

I see no reason at all to play the guy who helped contribute to the frustration all season and could have played a major role in Graham leaving.

Correct OriginalEther, Baldwin made Sunseri look a lot better last year, with his incredible one handed catches and such. And he had Dion to throw to out of the backfield, as well as RG and this is the biggest thing, he wasn’t asked to make as many decisions. Which is why they hurried up in and brought in Anderson, when they saw what they had with Sunseri. Too bad Shanahan didn’t make that catch against ND, or the wind wasn’t blowing 45mph against Utah. We could have been done with it by now.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 3:31 pm

There was always competition for the starting QB spot last year. Fraud Graham clearly hated the guy and would have started anyone else if they were even remotely competent. Graham wasn’t trying to develop a QB like Myers because he was trying to leave Pittsburgh as early as possible. His only concern was to win right away and Tino was just competent enough.

My big thing with Tino is that he doesn’t make plays when you need him. How many games did Tino have a chance to win a game with the ball in his hands the past two years and then didn’t come through? Off the top of my head I have Iowa, Utah twice, Cinci, WVU, ND twice and UConn. I’m not saying he was the sole reason for his losses. Tino isn’t getting better either, see the end of this years WVU game.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.27.11 @ 3:32 pm

BTW, I expect Tino to start – I choose not to accept it yet and will be in denial thru spring ball.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 3:33 pm

I meant the Q-B had to make the read which Sunseri didn’t do well while staring down his primary receiver. This should be easier in a low octane offense.

Comment by gc 12.27.11 @ 3:34 pm

EMel Dan and outhers on Bob Bostad list of who he was to recruit for wisconsin were 12 OL men.
now wisconsin has there 4 OL COMMITS.
Only one of thoes that he was recuting was got bye him the outher 3 were goting bye outher coachs and you usely only take 4 OL per class.
which means that the outher 11 OLthat he was recruting are fair game so now he can go back and recurit them for PITT.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 3:55 pm

Well the only one who got any time at QB other than Sir Tino was a walk-on true freshmen, Trey.
While Trey played well against Maine and saved PITT from a real embarrassing possible loss to a D2 team, he seemed in ‘over his head’ against Rutgers and Utah. Now, was his wrist an issue in these games, because he did run the ball pretty well. But his passing was not close to what he did against Maine where I think he was 7/10 and led PITT to 10 points in the 4rth quarter.

Gonzo finally got on the field as a QB in the Cuse game as strickly a running qb. Trey had the mysterious wrist injury and was never seen again after the Utah game.
It was right after that game, that the media came down on Graham for having the nerve to yank Sir Tino from the game. Granted Anderson didn’t play well, but he was only in the game because after PITT took a 14-0 lead, Sir Tino did absolutely nothing. Couldn’t throw in the strong wind. Same thing happened at Rutgers. Weak arm, strong wind gusts equals inept performance.

Yet we were told repeatedly by the media, that Sir Tino had/has a strong arm. Apparently only if the wind is less than 5 mph. :-)

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 3:57 pm

Sounds good Frankcan,

I guess the Joe Rudolph asst. coach of Wisky is not going to happen. Believe he’s the recruiting coordinator for them.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 4:01 pm

Hey fellas!! Sounds good Frank!!

At Big Guy, I’m still buying you a beer, but, I do feel better, I see above, it’s not only me who you antagonize!!!!! Ha ha Lol

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 4:10 pm

Emel – Anderson had wrist problems going back into his senior year in HS. That wasn’t fabricated.

I still think, given he’s healthy, if you gave Anderson QB1 snaps through the spring and summer he would have done well for Graham in 2012. Better than Sunseri did I think.

We’ll never know.

I think it will be a horse race between Sunseri and Myers. Gonzalez just can’t pass well enough at this level.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 4:16 pm

I always forget about Anderson as a viable option. He was the backup this year and is a winner. Who knows? Maybe he plays himself into the competition too. I can’t remember, I know he came off the bench against Maine and Rutgers…did he start the Utah game? If you’re not getting first team reps it’s tough to play effectively – especially as a walk-on true freshman. It sounds ridiculous that he even played this season.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.27.11 @ 4:17 pm

Woodall to dress tonight … game-time decision to start

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 4:20 pm

emel. gonzo passed like 2 times in the Syracuse game so dint make it sound like he came outta nowhere and lit up the stat sheet. as for the qb situation, I think the best case scenario for Pitt is that Meyers steps up and wins the job. he’s still young and would give voytik time to adjust because cv will most likely be Pitts future qb. I’ll be honest, I’d love Meyers to get the job but all in all I’ll support, as a fan, whichever qb wins Pitt the most games.

Comment by pk 12.27.11 @ 4:36 pm

“I’m still buying you a beer”

Dan, I notice that you did not put an expiration date on the promised purchase. That is good.

Now with the start of the BE conference games tonight and getting back to a subject near and dear to some (well, very few at this point), I’m excited about Pitt moving to the ACC; however, I am doing an internal evaluation to determine why I am so excited. I think that you are excited because you perceive that the ACC is a much better conference for football and, possibly, basketball. If so, that would make it a double win for Pitt instead of a win (football) and a loss or tie (basketball).

We have other posters on this board who were euphoric because Pitt was leaving a conference where not all of the basketball teams fielded a conference football team. This makes the BE dysfunctional, and we certainly don’t want Pitt playing in a dysfunctional conference. Who is interested in watching anyone play in a dysfunctional conference? Probably no one will post a comment on the ND game tonight. I can understand these posters euphoria that Pitt is leaving the BE. Let’s just hope that Pitt can get out of the BE sooner rather than later. Then I can start enjoying the athletic contests sooner.

Comment by BigGuy 12.27.11 @ 5:14 pm

If you watched Myers in the high school all star game before coming to Pitt you had to be impressed. Very strong arm, accurate, made all the throws. I don’t know what factors soured Graham on him – not in shape, some injury, didn’t work hard enough, didn’t fit the high octane look, didn’t feed the coaches ego, some combination of those issues. He would seem to be a better fit for Chryst.

Comment by 66Goat 12.27.11 @ 5:18 pm

Emel – Anderson had wrist problems going back into his senior year in HS. That wasn’t fabricated.

I still think, given he’s healthy, if you gave Anderson QB1 snaps through the spring and summer he would have done well for Graham in 2012. Better than Sunseri did I think.
Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 4:16 pm

Didn’t know that Reed. Never saw that he had this wrist injury in HS for Zeise never mentioned it. We never got to know Trey very well, for whatever reason. Seemed like a good kid.
Wish him well !

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 5:29 pm

Zeise gives good info this is true the thing i dont like abought him is he gets lost for days at a time.
i think it was on the 24th he said he would have info on the asst coachs never happened he had a x mas post not a lot of info there today is the 27th no new post sence the 25
on the 28 he will probley post that bob bostad is our new OC but we new that on the 26th and we hard it for sure to day which is the 27th i am sure he knew also but he has been lost for 2 days.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 5:36 pm

Good thing PITT didn’t get an invite from the Belk Bowl (formerly the Meineke Muffler, Tire Bowl, Plug in any car part Bowl). For we have 40 mph wind gusts and that would have meant our passing game would have been Rutgersesque or Utahesque.

Of course that could of also meant, they would have had to play Gonzo to run the running spread.

Comment by Emel 12.27.11 @ 6:05 pm

My take on the QB spot for next year. I actually think I was the first to bring up the subject when it was announce that Chryst was our next head coach. I said something like, “Does this make Mark Myers a valid option at QB again?” Anyway, it’s a two horse race, Tino and Myers. Gonzalez is going to stay at TE, and get plenty of playing time, he’s too good of an athlete. Trey will be relegated to back-up and scout team. Even though he’s a 4 star, and quite possibly a Blue Chipper in many people’s minds, Voytik will have his redshirt kept, barring a major emergency.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.27.11 @ 6:22 pm

Tonight…ND is awful with little post precensce and only 2 good shooters. They have lost to a very bad Maryland team and a few others. Pitt is simply average talent wise and needs to improve in all areas but especially on being “smart” with the game choices they make. Lazy passes to the top of the key, bounce passes inside that hit off ankles, not know the time clock, no look passes to others that are also not looking, standing around while the ball is on the rim, etc etc…has to stop! Trey can right a good many of those wrongs. I will be shocked if Pitt wins this game!

Comment by Dan 72 12.27.11 @ 6:29 pm

“it’s a two horse race, Tino and Myers”

Digdug, following spring practices, do you think that one of these QB’s will transfer? Do you think that both will transfer? I would be suprised if both of them were at Pitt next September.

Comment by BigGuy 12.27.11 @ 6:32 pm

Really, I don’t think either will transfer. Chryst is going to want to get a fresh look at both of these guys, then make them compete come Fall.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.27.11 @ 6:39 pm

@BigGuy Then again, I can see your side to the question too, one of them may take off after Spring ball.

Comment by Digdug(Formerly Dugdog) 12.27.11 @ 6:40 pm

BigGuy – I really don’t think we’ll see either of those two transfer. Think about it.

Sunseri has already started for two straight years and it’s obvious to everyone that he isn’t NFL material. What good would a transfer do him at this point? He’d be sitting out a full year to go to a Div I school and for what reason? If he chooses a Div II school he’d get PT next year but he’s already had that here. Regardless of who wins coming out of the camps he’ll be second string at worse and a snap away from playing as the Vice-QB.

Meyers shouldn’t want to transfer now and has alluded to that in his ‘tweets’. This is the best thing that could happen to him as far as football at PITT goes. He’s going to be a rsSO in 2012 and has a good chance to win the starting job. Plus, in 2013 Sunseri will be gone and Myers will be a rsJR. There is no guarantee at all that Voytik wins the starting job in 2013 so at the very least Myers’ in the mix, probably in the lead given his one year with Chryst under his belt. Plus he loves the university.

66Goat – I think Myers’ passing abilities may be a tad bit overrated by PITT fans. He’s got a strong arm but when I watched him in practices I didn’t think his accuracy was any better than Sunseri’s – except for the deep ball. He can throw deep well. He does have more zip on the out patterns and can throw the intermediate passes OK.

I saw some INTs that just made me shake my head though, but there was a reason for those and that was that he wasn’t picking up the new offense well – which lasted going into the season. Graham’s was a very complicated offense for QBs and I give Sunseri credit for picking it up so well.

If there was any one factor for Graham’s reluctance to put Myers in it was that the staff didn’t think Myers knew the offense well enough to play any substantial amount of time. A few other things came into play in the spring also but this was the main reason.

All that said about Myers – I think that if you give him a real shot at winning the job and he gets his fair share of snaps with the 1st string in camps then he can do a very good job for Chryst. I doubt very much that Chryst’s offenses are as layered and hard to decipher as Graham’s was.

But the bottom line with this is that Chryst may very well have an open competition and stick with Sunseri. you have to think that every OC has the idea that he can make players better and Sunseri has the physical tools and experience to succeed… regardless of what 99% of PITT fandom thinks.

I think its a crap shoot at this point and will be until opening game.

Comment by Reed 12.27.11 @ 6:56 pm

a (long?) look ahead

link to

Comment by wbb 12.27.11 @ 7:40 pm

Bring back a DC like Bill McGovern from Boston College. Top recruiter, proven and loves the city. I hear he is going to be interviewed….

Comment by Coach G 12.27.11 @ 9:20 pm

Ha ha, yes, Big Guy, I would buy you many beers with exceitement!!! I’m glad you know what LOL is, some people do not know it stands for Laughing Out Loud, and shows that you are being good natured.

Your response was good natured also, we’re off to a good start for 2012, and it’s not even the new year yet!!!

Well, from the beginning, my biggest hope was to get the Big East to 12 team football conference, so we could have had a championship game, and had enough games in the conference to establish ourselves as a “real” conference.

If that wouldn’t happen, then ACC or Big Ten.

So, I am happy we’re going to the ACC, but I wished the Big East would have moved quicker to get to twelve to save us. Didn’t happen, so I’m thrilled Pitt ended up in a “Big” conference.

As for hoops, bias aside, I would say the Big East has been the much better hoops conference the past 3-4 years. Toss up for a few years between ACC and Big East for a few years, and probably the ACC had a slight edge for a few years at the beginning of the 2000’s.

With Syracuse and Pitt going to the ACC, WVU leaving, the ACC will be the premier league in hoops.

As for this year, I have no opinion. I still think it’s too early to give up on this team, and hope Coach Dixon can do some coaching.

With that being said, they have looked horrible, no getting around that.

I think one of the biggest things, is an intangible…….there is absolutely no leadership qualities in the whole lot.

The past couple years, oh, many years now, in crunch time, you always said to yourself “give to “x” or give it to “y”, I really don’t know whose hands we want the ball in.

No chest thumping, no fire, no “I’m in charge”.

Coach has a huge job on his hands.

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 9:44 pm

Dan EMel some one posted on here that after the bowl game on jan 2 that coach chryst would hit the ground runing and get recruits to commit.
i do belive the dead period ends very close to that date but i think you only have a week to talk to them than you have another short dead time than another 2 weeks to talk to them.

i would like to know with only 5 days till the rose bowl which is on jan 2 and with only one coach besides him self how he is going to recruit all these kids in a week he better move fast and hire some outher coachs to help it seams he is haveing a little trouble puting togther a staff fast enough to help him
what do you think.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 9:46 pm

Good link WBB, there may be a few Hokie fans that would like a shot at us every year.

Didn’t we have their number several times a few years back???

Ya, it’s in the distance, but, no reason not to talk about it.

“where does time go”, I believe the truest of all cliches’. It moves. Be here before we know it.

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 9:48 pm

Frank, how was Christmas for you and your family, hope it was wonderful.

Here’s my thoughts Frank, and I’m certainly no expert.

Even with the time period being a problem, sure, maybe we could lose someone because of this.

But, if a kid was thinking about going somewhere because of Chyrst or other coach, they would certainly not say to themselves “I decided on Minnesota” because coach Chryst isn’t available for another week.

I also think, Coach Chyrst and assistant and anyone other coach he knows will be on his staff, have the phone numbers and addresses of the recruits.

If they like Coach Chyrst, the other coach, and or Pitt or Pittsburgh, etc. etc. I think a phone call by one of those guys……

“Hello, we want you, but I’m coaching in the Rose Bowl, I’ll be there the day after” will go a long way to assure the kids.

Also, you want smart kids, good kids, kids that hopefully have some family behind them that want to do the right thing and think things out.

If it was my son, and my possible future coach needed a week, because he’s involved in one the biggest bowls, I would be telling him, “you’re not making any decision until you talk to Coach Chryst”. I would hope my son wouldn’t even need to be told that.

Overall, sure, it may hurt a little, but, if you miss out on anyone because they couldn’t wait a week, were they really that “high” on Pitt or PC anyways??????

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 9:56 pm

Plus, Frank, how many times have you watched bowl games, where a coach was changing teams, and the announcers have said, “he has a plane waiting for him after the game”

Well, I guess it’s not that often LOL, but, I’ve seen that scenario before.

I would imagine, Coach Chryst will leaving Pasadena pretty quickly after the game!!!

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 10:00 pm

Dan you missed my point i was talking abought the period after the rose bowl and the fact he has only one coach to help him recruit i was saying he seams to be slow geting a staff together

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 10:12 pm

Oh, sorry. Ahh, I don’t know, how long does it usually take to get a staff together?? I don’t know.

I would think he has some other people on his mind, that will be here. I think those people probably allready have the recruits numbers.

Ya, I guess that could hurt a bit.

Even if we get a hurt a little this year, I’m glad he’s coaching the game. He’s doing things the right way. I’m all for that.

It will help in the long run to have a guy like that. Hopefully, the kids he has targeted, understand the situation.

I think someone else above, said, other coaches are being interviewed as we speak???????

Comment by Dan 12.27.11 @ 10:29 pm

DAN yes i want himm to coach the rose bowl to i never said i dident.
but i am worryed because after the game he has one week to recurit before a nother dead time and as of now there is only him and his OC TO DO IT.
the commits to keep on bord and new kids to talk to with only the two of them.
just saying he needs to hire people.
i could be wrong but did not TG have like 5 or 6 coachs in a week or so.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.27.11 @ 10:49 pm

You’re probably right Frank. No , I wasn’t saying you didn’t want him to coach, I was just metntioning it.

I really don’t know, I guess I’ve never noticed that before.

I really don’t know what the usual time is in putting together a staff????

I agree, the sooner the better for the recruiting, you’re right.

Like I said, hopefully he has a bunch of people lined up that can help, as soon as they get the go ahead to be hired. Hopefully he has some more on board by the end of the week.

Comment by Dan 12.28.11 @ 3:31 am

Dan and Frank, I believe that Chryst isn’t even under contract with PITT yet. Otherwise how could he still be on UW’s staff for the Rose Bowl? I would think his contract will start 12:01 am on Jan 3rd. All the articles we have read about Bostad are stating “He is coming” not that “He’s been hired”

That said, there is nothing stopping he and Chryst from calling recruits as per Dan’s comment above. But he’s in Pasadena now with the UW team I believe, or at least splitting his time.

One other thing about this is that at this point PITT can have administrative staff recruiting and calling recruits. Just like last year, Bob Junko, who is a legend around PITT and the local HS football scene, and Director of football operations Chris LaSala can act as recruiters until Chryst gets here and he & his staff can actually knock on recruits doors for PITT.

You just know that Junko is burning up the phone lines getting in touch with all his HS coaching contacts and letting them know Chryst is the real deal.

The above is what I think is happening in some form or another, it would be nice if a local beat writer would look into the logistics of what is happening with this issue now.

Frank – I wouldn’t worry too much about this years recruiting class. Even if the worst case scenario is that our commitments stay intact and we swing and miss at some others we are still in very good shape. You always have to assume that you’ll experience some recruiting chaos when you have a complete staff change.

What is really unusual though is that this class, so far, seems intent on staying together and attending PITT.

But it isn’t unusual at all for recruits to wait until right up to the Letter of Intent week (ending on Feb 2 this year), before committing somewhere. It isn’t just four and five star kids who do that either… Jabaal Sheard was a three star and chose PITT on LOI Day and others have done the same.

Click on this link to our 2009 recruiting class and then click on “Commit Date” to get the latest ones on top.

Here’s who committed after Jan 1st:


Schlieper- 2/03 – LOI Day
Gordon – 1/30
Mason – 1/22
Nunez – 1/20
Hendricks – 1/11
Gray – 1/11

2008 – 6 players

2007 – 6 players

2006 – 5 players

2010 was a weird recruiting class with all the defections after DW’s firing so we had 17 kids verbal after Jan 1st – and that turned out to be a pretty good class which may actually be a great one in a year or two.

So, don’t worry too much about how late in the game it’s getting – Chryst and staff have more than enough time to close deals with the recruits they want.

Dan – you wrote “Ha ha, yes, Big Guy, I would buy you many beers with exceitement!!!” Are you Albanian or something – that sounds just like the 30+ spam emails I get every day.

Comment by Reed 12.28.11 @ 7:43 am

As Chas touched on last week, there seems to be a number of Pitt commits that are willing to stay .. including some key ones (Shell, Voytick to name only two).

One key possible commit who according to both Pantherlair and Pantherdigest continues to have High interest in Pitt is Ryan Watson. Funny thing is that has him as a 4-star OG while Rivals has him as a 4-star DE.

Wherever he plays, I’m sure he will be very welcome.

Comment by wbb 12.28.11 @ 9:33 am

I guess because everyone appears to be happy with PC (which IMO appears to be a good hire), I guess everyone is now ready to give Slimy Steve a pass. First, I don’t think this was all his hire, second, he has to go. I know Beano and respect Beano, but I’m sorry, The Pete was going to get built no matter what, so were the other facilities. Sorry, Steve is another TG and he has to go.

Comment by 13-9 12.28.11 @ 9:42 am

Zeise is he lost in the wilds of pa no new post in 3 days.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.28.11 @ 10:14 am

13-9, I not sure you can say that the Pedersen Sports Complex would have been built without SP. The initial planning and fundraising was started in 1999 – three years before Pederson left for Nebraska.

You don’t take any forward actions on a project as large as this without having funding donations firmly in your pocket – and this is exactly what the AD is responsible for. I know for a fact that SP got that private money $$ obligated by the three main donors – Cost, Vartabedian and Urbanic, by his hard work.

These things don’t magically appear. the athletic department is just about solely responsible for it from start to finish. The Chancellor and the BOT really remain pretty hands off.

I don’t think you can say the events center would have been built either. Just as with the Sports Complex above all the initial planning and construction funding was done back in 1998 & 1999 when Pederson was the PITT AD.

link to

Look at the timeline of project contained in the link above. All the major checkpoints happen during SP’s first tenure here. The main this is that he got the Petersens to pony up $10M – which at the time was the largest gift ever to PITT.

Say what you will about SP’s hiring of Haywood and Graham and those are two black eyes, if Nordenberg thinks that is enough to warrant his dismissal I won’t argue too much.

But PITT football fans have real tunnel vision when it come to the Athletic department. Lets not wonder why he’s still at PITT and why Nordenberg wants to keep him on staff. Do not underestimate how well Pederson does in the 360 degrees of his job. He gets things done and we have some state of the art and beautiful facilities to prove it. Those things don’t just happen with the AD as a passive bystander, they just don’t.

Comment by Reed 12.28.11 @ 10:58 am

Reed can we have a new post abought football thi one is to long thank you

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.28.11 @ 11:53 am

There is absolutely no question that Pedersen’s first term here qualified him for being re-hired; he did many good things. However, since his return on 11/30/07, his record is much worst than the guy he fired (28-12 since Pedersen’s return.)

He must be credited for Pitt’s pending inclusion in the ACC, but I refuse to believe that it was more his doing than the ACC wanting Pitt .. the ACC held all of the cards.

I think Nordenburg should force Pedersen to resign and take an admin job .. possibly in fundraising.

Comment by wbb 12.28.11 @ 12:15 pm

Reed, more of a Baboo from Seinfeld.

I see one on the basketball post from “Alexander”.

“I’ve learned a lot from your blog here. Keep on going my friend, I will keep an eye on it”

LMAO, Reed, you and Chas have now have every reason to keep blogging, Alexander has given his approval, and, from time to time, he’ll do you the service of checking it out!!!!!!

Comment by Dan 12.28.11 @ 12:20 pm

Reed, thanks for the effort and insights. One last thought on QB’s for next year. Tino may suck, but he’s still the starter until someone else proves they are any better.

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 12.28.11 @ 4:07 pm

I haven¡¦t checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I¡¦ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend

Comment by Terra Cirino 01.01.12 @ 8:25 pm


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