December 21, 2011

Not Every Coach is FraudGraham

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So much of this backlash (not all, but it sure gets tossed out there a lot) against the possibility of Mario Cristobal being named head coach at Pitt seems driven by the fact that reports say he is legitimately weighing the options of moving up the coaching ladder and money versus moving his family,  leaving his hometown, a job he is doing well and has solid relationships with his bosses. I’m not sure how this is considered a negative other than some of the usual provincialism that people in Pittsburgh display at time over anyone who doesn’t profess absolute love for the ‘Burgh and fully embraces it.

As has been pointed out in the comments, a lot of this seems to be driven by the fact that FraudGraham bolted. And part of the spin — the spin — was that he and his family never felt comfortable to not liking Pittsburgh. How dare they insult the ‘Burgh!

This is spin people. This is the absolute bullshit that a piece of excrement put out there to rationalize his actions. To hide behind “what’s best for his family” to chase the money. Stop buying into it. You are looking like idiots.

Now when FraudGraham has bolted all of his head coaching jobs, there were hard feelings in his wake. People trashing him.

Now with all the rumors of Cristobal, it is worth pointing out how media reaction in Miami is to the possibility. It seems to be, yeah, he’s earned the right and we hope he succeeds.

Judging strictly on what he has done in his five years at FIU and what opportunities are available for him at the moment, it’s time for Cristobal to move on.

It’s time for the former UM tackle to reap the benefits of a job well done here and take a more lucrative, more prestigious job with a major university. He simply deserves it.

If the reports are accurate and Cristobal is the leading candidate for the suddenly vacant Pittsburgh job, then not only should he make the move to the soon-to-be Atlantic Coast Conference school, but he also should be supported by the program and its fans, who were largely invisible when Cristobal first got to the school.

It’s almost as if Pittsburgh and Cristobal was a marriage meant to be. He interviewed for the vacant job last year, when the school eventually hired Michael Haywood, who was arrested on felony domestic-violence charges two weeks later and was dismissed. The school then went with Todd Graham, who recently left after one season to take his “dream job” at Arizona State.

That left Cristobal with another season at FIU to prove his team was no one-year wonder. It also left Pitt desperate for stability — the type of stability that an up-and-coming coach such as Cristobal can offer.

His AD admittedly hopes to keep him, but all but conceded there was little FIU could do to actually keep him.

Cristobal is pulling a Jamie Dixon when asked.

Asked in Spanish by a reporter about his future at FIU, head coach Mario Cristobal said in Spanish, “It’s not my policy to talk about anything that’s going on outside the program.”

We will see. At this point it is either Cristobal or Chryst. Personally, I lean a little more towards Cristobal, but I think either can succeed at Pitt.

Spent a little time today watching both of these guy’s on Youtube.

Got to say, I’m not really excited about either one.

I was expecting Cristobal to be more dynamic, as that is what the media, especially Zeise has been portraying him as. Didn’t see much dynamics in play on any of his Youtube videos.

I’m just thoroughly frustrated with this whole ordeal, both present and for 1 year now.
And I think my frustrations got the better of me last night. Didn’t mean to f-bomb the guy, since I don’t even know him or his wife. I just got a feeling whoever the worst pick is, Smiley and his cohorts will pick that person. Hope I am wrong !

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 2:45 pm

Maybe the Pitt inner circle aka Stevie P is lobbying for his old buddy Zook!

I hope not but you never know with this 3 ring circus !

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat 12.21.11 @ 2:51 pm

BTW, Colin Dunlap has sent out a couple of tweets indicating that Cristobal’s wife has indicated she is fine with moving to Pittsburgh. I exchanged comments with Zeise and he is insisting that the delay is on Pitt’s side, not Cristobal or Chryst’s side.

I guess it could be another red herring to throw him off the trail, as it is hard for me to fathom that the search committee hasn’t come to a decision 4 days after the last interview.

Comment by Pantherman13 12.21.11 @ 2:59 pm

I’m not so sure that bowl game helped Cristobal’s chances. His team looked undersized, his QB looked to not exactly fit the type of offense they were trying to run and the scrum at the end of the game showed a bit of a lack of discipline.

Comment by MelbaPlace 12.21.11 @ 3:03 pm

When was that giant football brawl between FIU & Miami.
When like 20 FIU players and 145 Miami players were suspended for games and some were dismissed from the team.

Was that under Cristobal’s watch or wasn’t he coach yet?

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 3:13 pm


That was before Cristobal. That was part of the 0-12 Don Strock debacle

Comment by Chas 12.21.11 @ 3:21 pm

I just read Zeise new post he wants to know at the end who you want as the new coach .
i did not count them but i read most of them and there are a lot.
i would say 8 out of 10 want chryst.
they are turned off bye cristobals not sure if he wants to live here and dont want to risk it

and some of the powers that be at PITT are of the same mind they dont want to risk it.
so it would seam to be smiling stevie on cristobal side and outher powers on chryst side

and the job steve has done means i am on the outher side the chryst side.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.21.11 @ 3:14 pm

lol, well not 145 Miami players they only have 110.
I think it was like 15 thug Miami players.

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 3:15 pm

Frank – the weird part is that Colin Dunlap has also tweeted that Cristobal’s wife is fine with moving to Pittsburgh, and Cristobal himself seems very interested in coming here. I guess my question is why they can’t make a decision at this point. There is no new data to discuss. Make a decision and move on.

Comment by Pantherman13 12.21.11 @ 3:18 pm

Thanks Chas, that’s a relief !

Perhaps PITT is waiting to make a decision when it would make the biggest splash on ESPN. Especially their bottom screen scroll, when a lot of folks are watching a bowl game or something.

Looks who playing tomorrow night.

Poinsettia Bowl
San Diego, CA
$500,000 12/21/11
MWC #2 vs.WAC TCU (10-2)Louisiana Tech (8-4)
Computer Pick: TCU by 10.20

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
MWC #1 vs.PAC-12 #5 Boise State (11-1) vs.
Arizona State (6-6)
Computer Pick: Boise State by 16.03

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 3:32 pm

If cristobal does not get the HC job it is his own fult.
all he had to do was say some thing like i have hard pittsburgh is a great place to live .
he had to know TGs spin on how he and his wife did not like it here.
but insted he or some one who works for him let the word get out that he wanted the job but wasent sure if he wanted to live hrere.
so he shot himself in the foot and now he is trying damage control

it may be to little to late and he can blame him self becuse doubt has ben raised and the red flags are flying. it is his own fult.
also the delay that he wanted till after the game in hind sight might not have been to smart.
you know the old saying strike while the iron is hot .

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.21.11 @ 3:48 pm

Good point FrankCan, that’s all he had to say.

I heard Pittsburgh is a great city and he is very honored to be in consideration for the HC job at such a fine institution as PITT.

Bad PR and his fault.

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 4:01 pm

Pitt might want to announce during or right before the Arizona State bowl game tomorrow vs. Boise State.

That way all this will be rehashed again and Fraud Graham will be again in the spotlight as a sleazy unprofessional coach. It just depends on how much PITT wants to nail Fraud again. ESPN might even want to participate in the Fraud bashing and play the role of the good cop.

Comment by Emel 12.21.11 @ 4:06 pm


Understand your point on this, but from a Booster/administrative standpoint you do have to be a bit more caustious after being burned like this…especially after the Haywood debacle.

This hire isn’t being made in a hermetically sealed lab.

potentially 2 lost recruiting classes, a team that will be very cynical of a high-motor coach, a likelihood of msajor defections from season ticket renewals (have you seen next year’s home schedule), boosters who are probably fed up putting in decent money for crap.

All of this is likely causing a delay…and in truth it’s not a wrong question to ask at this point of “How long do we really think he will stay?”

I think right now they are doing the right thing, and if they back off because they are risk averse and just aren’t sure, then I think it’s still the right move.


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Comment by scam 12.23.11 @ 11:09 pm

[…] fact that he would likely bolt at the first chance if the Miami job (his alma mater) came open.  It seemed to me that too many were using that as primarily in light of the nature and brevity of the Fraud Graham tenure. Especially in relation […]

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